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The revolt of diplomats

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An edited Google translation from

A letter to Ukrainian diplomats in support of "Euromaidan" published in many places, and  prolific blogger varjag_2007 even already commented on this letter, rightly pointing out that "the Orange revolution also began with the revolt of Ukrainian diplomats against the legitimate President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma," and recalled the "jam scandal"  the Internet "leaked" excerpts of intra-SBU document marked "top secret" about the recruitment of Ukrainian diplomats by the American secret services".

Thus, I need not repeat what was already said. You can read about those issues elsewhere. I just made a a quick check of personalities involved. Not all of them has biographies published. I have found some "quick info" on only 16 of the 21 persons involved, but 79% for analysis enough.


(a) Almost all are the natives of the Western regions of Ukraine.

(b) the Vast majority are small and medium foreign Ministry of the fry", who worked in "secondary" areas without much hope for career.

(b) however, about half of the list (No. 6-10, 12-18) are secondary missions of Ukraine in Poland and the employees of the secondary mission of the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Lviv. How tightly the work was carried out with these people in specific regions where they worked is anyone's guess, but given the origin, the circle of friends and personal views, much can be understood without additional data.

(g) Almost all signees are  nominees of a certain Viktor Yushchenko, promoted  (as Maxim already pointed out ) or otherwise bestowed with favors (as Cornelia Luskalov) by Viktor Yushchenko for active participation in the "diplomatic coup" of 2004.

(d) Three "star diplomats" that adorn the list (Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary) include Andrew Deshitsa, Andrew Zayets and Miroslav Shcherbatyuk, are also natives of Galicia. All  also prospered in the era of Yushchenko (later moving to Klichko party)  and were the memebers of the entourage of Vladimir Ohryzko, former foreign Minister of Ukraine and one of the staunchest haters of Russia among Viktor Yushchenko close cycle.

(e) His son, Rostyslav Ogryzko - the most senior figure among the signatories. In addition, in all three in 2012, were removed from active diplomatic work (due to compromising circumstances) and were in the status of semi-exiled "of Ministers for special assignments".

(g) finally, Rita Chubarov, second Secretary of the political department of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine, is a daughter of Rifat Chubarov, the current head of the so-called Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people.


"Revolt of diplomats" from the perspective of propaganda is a very powerful weapon in the Arsenal of "soft coups". It can, if you want to ask Leonid Kuchma, that could confirm "the  Colonel Kaddafi", and Mr. Yanukovich. But in order for bomb to explode more powerfully you need that the revolt of diplomats  was (as in the era of Orange Revolution, in Libya and in Syria) is involve the diplomats of the highest rank, preferably the level of acting heads of diplomatic missions. In this case it produces an avalanche style affect de-legitimizing the current government. and then can serve as a starting point for the further de-legitimization.

Such "homemade diplomatic bombs" are being developed in deep secrecy, using standard methods of peaceful persuasion and bribery during a coffee break. The moment they signed the letter they are exposed and if the process of delegitimization fails that are are marked for retirement from foreign service

So typically this signify the start of really nasty events. This is "Rubicon crossed" message of modern coups.

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Old News ;-)

[Feb 5, 2014] УЖАСЫ НОЧИ

Взято тут.

В общем, час Х настал полчаса назад, так что, если началось, то уже началось.

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Feb. 4th, 2014 at 11:14 PM

Письмо украинских дипломатов в поддержку "Евромайдана" опубликовано уже много где, и дорогая varjag_2007 успела его даже прокомментировать, справедливо указав, что "оранжевая революция началась с бунта украинских дипломатов против легитимного президента Украины - еще действующего Леонида Кучмы" и напомнив о "замятом скандале, когда достоянием гласности стал Апокалипсис ющенковского СБУ, когда в интернет "утекли" отрывки внутриведомственного документа СБУ с грифом "Совершенно секретно" о вербовке украинских дипломатов американскими спецслужбами".

Таким образом, мне нет нужды повторять уже сказанное.
Можно сразу разбираться.

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Я наскоро проверил персоналии. Не все.
Какая-то "быстрая" информация есть только по 16 фигурантам из 21, но 79% для анализа достаточно.


(а) Практически все проверенные предатели уроженцы западных областей Украины.

(б) Подавляющее большинство (17 из 21) предателей - мелкая и средняя "мидовская сошка", трудившаяся на "второстепенных" направлениях без особой надежды на карьеру.

(в) При этом около половины списка (№№ 6-10, 12-18) являются второстепенными сотрудниками представительств Украины в Польше и сотрудниками второстепенного представительства МИД во Львове. Как плотно велась работа с этими персонами в специфических регионах, где они работали, остается только догадываться, но, учитывая происхождение, круг друзей и личные взгляды, многое можно понять и без дополнительных данных.

(г) Практически все предатели - выдвиженцы некоего Виктора Ющенко, повышенные (как Максим Кононученко) или иным образом обласканные (как Корнелія Лускалова) "Мессией" за активное участие в "дипломатическом путче" 2004 года.

(д) Три "звезды", украшающие список предателей, - полноценные Чрезвычайные и Полномочные (Андрій Дещиця, Андрий Заяць и Мирослава Щербатюк), - также уроженцы Галиции, также возвышены в эпоху Ющенко (доставшись по наследству Боксеру) и входили в окружение Владимира Огрызко, бывшего главы МИД Украины и одного из самых убежденных ненавистников России в окружении "Мессии",

(е) родной сын которого, Ростислав Огрызко - самая высокопоставленный фигура среди подписавших. Кроме того, в все трое в 2012-м были отстранены от активной работы (по компрометирующим обстоятельствам) и ныне пребывают в статусе мальчиков на побегушках "министров по особым поручениям".

(ж) И наконец, Ріта Чубарова, второй секретарь Політичного департаменту МИД України, - родная дочь Рифата Чубарова, нынешнего главы т. н. Меджлиса крымскотатарского народа.


"Дипломатический бунт" с точки зрения пропаганды - очень сильное оружие в арсенале "мягких переворотов". Это может, если захочет, подтвердить Леонид Кучма, это мог бы подтвердить Полковник, об этом более чем в курсе и г-н Янукович. Но для того, чтобы это оружие сработало как надо, необходимо чтобы "посольский мятеж" был (как в эпоху Майдана-I или с Ливией) представлен персонами высшего ранга, уровня действующих глав дипломатических миссий, и шел лавинообразно, создавая впечатление дегегитимации властей, причем, с самого начала событий и по нарастающей.

А в данном случае этого нет даже в зачатке. Даже хуже, чем в Сирии. Там все же уломали троих "первосортных" и даже одного и.о. премьера, - но все равно вышел пшик. А тут вообще, извините, горстка мелких клерков, - доля процента от аппарата МИД, - как бы усиленная кучкой "свадебных генералов" и персон, однозначно ангажированных политически, да еще и со стойкой репутацией "агентов влияния" (если только влияния). Это не выстрел. Это осечка, никого и ни в чем не способная убедить.

Более того.

Такие "домашние заготовки" прорабатываются в глубой тайне, методом тихих уговоров и подкупов за рюмочкой кофе, - и если "открытое письмо" заканчивается истерическим призывом к "желающим присоединяться", это говорит лишь о том, что за весь период подготовки и реализации путча инициатора мероприятия так и не смогли переманить на свою сторону ни хоть каких-то сколько-то знаковых в украинской дипломатии сановников, ни даже нарастить мясо.

В итоге старт не был дан ни в один из по-настоящему переломных моментов, - ни 1 декабря, ни 19 января, - а когда все-таки (ждать уже некуда) был дан, выставить на публику удалось всего лишь два десятка очень неубедительных подписантов из очень периферийных контор. И это при том, что обработка сотрудников снизу доверху в "звездных" посольствах и консульствах (США, UK, Франция, Италия, Япония и так далее) шла, - глупо сомневаться, - куда интенсивнее, чем во Львове или Польше (где, как мы видим, не удалось охмурить и самого посла).

Таким образом, учитывая особое устройство обоняния профессиональных дипломатов, общающихся в специфических кругах и с представителями специфических ведомств, и очень четко чуящих, куда ветер дует, это жалкое письмо, предназначенное показать общественности, что "режим рушится, рушится, рушится",

на самом деле, убедительнее некуда свидетельствует о том, что позиции законных властей Украины очень прочны.
И ни о чем больше.

[Jul 30, 2012] Top Syrian Diplomat In London Reportedly Defects

The British Foreign Office said today that Syrian charge d'affaires Khaled Ayoubi, the highest-ranking Syrian diplomat in London, has abandoned his post. Ayoubi "has told us that he is no longer willing to represent a regime that has committed such violent and oppressive acts against its own people, and is therefore unable to continue in his position," a Foreign Office spokesperson said in a statement. "His departure is another blow to the Assad regime."

[Mar 31, 2012] As crisis roils Syria, its diplomats stand firm with President Bashir al-Assad

For a short time last year, it looked as if the diplomatic facade of Assad's regime was about to crack. A French television network, France 24, reported over the summer that Syria's ambassador to Paris, Lamia Chakkour, had decided to defect in protest of her government's violent repression of protesters. But the Syrian envoy subsequently denied the assertion.

Another Syrian diplomat, Ahmed Salkini, who served as spokesman for the Syrian Embassy in Washington, resigned from the foreign service, citing concern about the bloodshed in Syria. "I have been pained by every drop of Syrian blood lost," Salkini wrote in an e-mail farewell to reporters in Washington. "Still, I am certain of, and comforted by, the fact that Syria will emerge from this crisis more democratic, unified, freer, and stronger than ever."

There have also been unconfirmed reports of unidentified diplomats breaking with the regime, including one Syrian diplomat cited in November in the Turkish press.

[Feb 22, 2011] Libyan pilots and diplomats defect

Diplomats side with protesters

Libya's ambassadors at several stations, including the US and the UN, have said that they are siding with protesters and have called for Gaddafi to quit.

Ali Aujali, the Libyan ambassador to the United States, called for the Libyan leader's resignation, telling the Associated Press news agency on Monday night that Gaddafi must step down and give Libyans a chance "to make their future".

He said he was not resigning, as he worked for the Libyan people.

On Tuesday, Ali el-Essawi, Libya's ambassador to India who has resigned in protest against the violence used against demonstrators, told Al Jazeera that warplanes had been used to bomb civilians, and that government forces, including "foreigners" were "killing Libyans". He described the violence as a "massacre", and called for the UN to declare a no-fly zone over Libya.

"Now [the UN security council] needs to prove that they believe in human rights ... and to prove to us that they really have these principles in their hearts," he said.

Late on Monday, A.H. Elimam, Libya's ambassador to Bangladesh, resigned to protest against the killing of his family members by government soldiers.

Earlier on Monday, diplomats at Libya's mission to the United Nations sided with the revolt against their country's leader and called on the Libyan army to help overthrow "the tyrant Muammar Gaddafi."

In a statement issued as protests erupted across Libya, the mission's deputy chief and other staff said they were serving the Libyan people, demanded "the removal of the regime immediately" and urged other Libyan embassies to follow suit.

[Nov 25, 2004] Ukrainian diplomats join protest

Dozens of diplomats have broken the traditional silence on domestic issues and condemned the outcome of the recent Ukrainian elections.

More than 150 Ukrainian diplomats have expressed support for opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko in an open letter.

Diplomat Oleksandr Potiekhin said he didn't want to live in a "dictatorship" under Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych - who election officials say won.

Deputy economics minister Oleh Hayduk has resigned over the disputed result.

He said he could not remain in government "when the results of the runoff presidential election have not been recognised by any civilised country".

"I have chosen to be with my people," he told the pro-opposition 5 Kanal TV.

Historic moment

The diplomats who have taken a stance had been urged by Foreign Minister Kostyantyn Hryshchenko not to get involved.

But the diplomats' statement was released and signed by the foreign ministry's official spokesman Markiyan Lubkivsky.

I don't want to live in a dictatorship under Mr Yanukovych
Oleksandr Potiekhin
"At this historic moment, the diplomats of Ukraine think that it is their professional and personal duty to clearly outline their civic stance," the statement said.

"We cannot silently watch these developments, when Ukraine's commitment to democracy is put in doubt, and it faces the threat of international isolation."

Mr Potiekhin was among a group of Ukrainian diplomats in the US who released their own criticism of Mr Yanukovych and the elections. He said the crisis was not simply "the choice between western or eastern orientation of Ukraine".

"It's the choice between the normal European democratic way for Ukraine and the Belarusian way for my country," he told the BBC's World Today programme.

"I don't want to live in a dictatorship under Mr Yanukovych."


He said Yanukovych supporters, mainly from the east of the country, had been starved of information and would not have voted for him had they been fully informed.

"They're completely 100% brainwashed by Dr Goebbels-style propaganda. Mr Yushchenko was pictured as a Nazi, as an anti-Russian, as anti-Semitic, as an American spy.

"Everything, all this nonsense, has nothing in common with the reality.

"So after the first opportunity to receive a free flow of information, these poor guys in eastern Ukraine will change their point of view."

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Libya's UN ambassador denounces Gaddafi 25 Feb 2011 Abdurrahman Shalgam, an ally of Gaddafi since the pair were teenage radicals in the late 1950s, compared the leader's actions to those of Pol Pot and Hitler and backed the protesters in Tripoli.

Libya's U.N. Diplomats Break With Qaddafi

Libyan pilots and diplomats defectic



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