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Congradulations ! You have reached the last page of Softpanorama

Thank you for visiting the Last Page. This is the final stop of the exciting journey from one link to another.  

You do not need any additional links ;-). Please Stop !

Remember how HAL supercomputer pleaded the astronaut Dave Bowman in a famous scene at the end of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey:

"Dave, stop. Stop, will you? Stop, Dave. Will you stop, Dave?”

It might be a good time to stop informing yourself to death. This is just a computer addition, or if not an addition,  then compulsive obsession.  People with "web browsing compulsion" tend to lose all sense of time when they are on-line. They are drawn so deeply into the world of bytes and bits that they do not notice entire days passing by. They forget to eat, sleep, go to school, communicate with family members and even care for their children.

Jokes aside, while we all spend tremendous amount of time online, sometimes a little bit of introspection is appropriate to see whether browsing became the "Art for art's sake" instead of a tool.

Please ask yourself five questions:

  1. Does the surfing become the activity that consumes significant amount of time spend on the computer?
  2. Does it replace reading books? 
  3. Do you typically read no more than one or two pages of a Web page  before you “bounce” out to another page/site.
  4. Do you save some articles which impressed you, and never ever re-read saved material? 
  5. Are you browsing the Web during lunch breaks, or meals in general? 

If you, like me, answer all five questions positively, you might wish to consider scaling down your browsing activities ;-).  Of course, this is easier said, then done.

- Dr. Nikolai Bezroukov

P.S. BTW, Shakespeare used a version of the phrase "Last but not least" in King Lear, 1605 along with the phase "this ample third of our fair kingdom". Following Shakespeare it makes sense to limit browsing to less then 1/3 of your Internet activities:


To thee and thine hereditary ever
Remain this ample third of our fair kingdom;
No less in space, validity, and pleasure,
Than that conferr'd on Goneril. Now, our joy,
the last, not least; to whose young love
The vines of France and milk of Burgundy
Strive to be interess'd; what can you say to draw
A third more opulent than your sisters? Speak.

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Last modified: March 12, 2019