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Guide for selecting Web hosting provider with SSH access

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Now getting ISP account is necessary not only for those who want to build a successful website. It is now desirable move for anybody who realized that for most "cloud providers" you are not a customer, but a product and all information about you will be sold to the highest bidder.

Only people completely unconcerned about their privacy (such as completely drunk ;-) can enjoy using Facebook and friends after recent revelations. Actually not only your emails, searches and web accesses, but even your address book is a legit target of surveillance. Combination of your phone calls metadata, Web browsing activities and address book provides the amount of information about you that is similar to amount which would result from to being invited for a friendly talk to Stasi office.

Using ISP account you can reclaim some bit of your privacy. While most people realized the free cheese is available only in mousetrap, few want to pay for such service a lot of money. It's better to find something reasonably cheap. But cheap is a very tricky concept. It's not monthly fee, it's the total cost of ownership that matters. If site is slow or unreliable it does not matter what ISP provider charges per month. This is a direct warning for those who want to squeeze the last dollar from the hosting fees :-).

Shared hosting with SSH access should probably cost more that "basic" (cPanel or whatever web interface only) as it double the troubles and headaches for the provider ;-). But it provides far better flexibility in creating your web site and maintaining it. That means that up to $10 a month is reasonable. Here I think it is simply dangerous to select the lowest cost provider (which is probably $4 per month). Promotions that cut cost in exchange for longer contract (for example three years contract) are OK as long as you know somebody who is using this provider. Otherwise this is a false move as if you are forced leave after 6 months due to low quality of service your money are wasted.

Please note that along with ssh you need Web interface too. For this reason we will limit ourselves to providers that supply cPanel. cPanel is a reasonably flexible Web site management interface and there is great consistency between Web hosting providers which use cPanel. That means that your skills of working with it are transferable. A good review of BlueHost cPanel is provided at BlueHost Control Panel Review – What’s Inside. For example, in any cPanel SSH access can be configured with the public RSA of DSA key from cPanel and they can generate public key for you too (not that I recommend doing this ;-)

Very important aspect is access to WEB logs. Many providers provide only one day access log if you need to analyze your traffic yourself you need to jump through the hoops.

Another notable aspect is absence of "hidden charges". One trick is that provider gives free DNS name for one year, but that charges slightly higher fee per year. Another is some "search engine submissions" charges that you might not even notice in your credit card statement. If caught they refund them.

For basic plan traffic should be "medium" and that means less the 100 GB a month or around 3 GB per day. The rule of thumb is that you can't get more the 10G of bandwidth per month per each dollar of monthly payment (or $0.1 per gigabyte). That means that for $6 per month you can't exceed $60G quota on a regular basis. If you double that limit, the chances are that are abusing hospitality of ISP and bumping you out is not unreasonable for the hosting provider :-).

Forget about traffic in the 1000G a month (30G a day). In this price range and this type of accounts that is simply a wet dream. That range needs a dedicated server (real or virtual) and traffic alone will cost you $0.1 per GB (or around $100 per month). If you truly want reliability and good uptime, you need either to raise your budget, or to lower your bandwidth requirements. Unlimited bandwidth advertisements are just a sign of cutthroat competition in this segment and you should not believe them one bit.

Unlimited bandwidth advertisements are just a sign of cutthroat competition in this segment and you should not believe them one bit.

Note that SSH access attracts various "deviant" users and to cater to this user segment is a dangerous decision. Requesting additional documents about you before providing SSH access is just a common sense. And the demand for this type accounts is high: it is really difficult to maintain a complex or large (over 100M of content or several similarly sized databases) website without shell access even if you do not need a lot of server side scripting; it is definitely close to impossible with cPanel or Vdeck). That means that a lot of successful sites quickly outgrow "basic" model and need an upgrade to "shared hosting with SSH access".

Among providers that you might wish to investigate further I would like to mention:


Bluehost offering a single plan with SSH that fit the needs of most "cheap" websites. It has A rating from local BBB bureau. Speed of serving of web pages is OK: even on high load serve is responsive enough for Web-site users. High reliability.

Speed and reliability became worse recently as they engaged in their cloud adventure.

Servers sometimes are clearly overloaded. To the extent that you might have difficulties with ssh session. On 8 core uptime measure of queue size sometimes reaches 100, which is an overkill (for a web server, queue size generally should be not be higher then 5 per core, which for 8 core server would be 40)

They used to charge $5.95 per month (you need to subscribe for three years). $8 per month after first three years. No set up fees.

They can provide up to 100 GB of monthly traffic on their basic plan. Free domain is provided and they do not charge explicitly for the domain. Although increase from $6 per month to $8 means additional $24 which should include $7 per year domain fee.

Standard cPanel is provided. A good review of BlueHost cPanel is provided at BlueHost Control Panel Review – What’s Inside

AWStats are updated each 24 hours but you have access to raw logs as well. Standard cPanel based domain managing features. Automatic backup of the site is a plus.

They use clever approach to preventing abuse from customers who want SSH access: you need to fax your driver license or similar document to get it. Also I noticed that Bluehost periodically gets into Netcraft top dozen of most reliable ISPs (not very often, but something like once a year).

On negative side it is clear that their ticketing system is weak and needs improvement. Recently reliability suffered. Sometimes SSH connection take up to a minute to establish due to server overload.

For more information see More about Bluehost

Optimum Online self hosting from $5 a month

If you live in the area with highly reliable electricity supply and use Optimum as your internet provider that might be a good option. That solution has flexibility far superior to any other if you know Linux well to maintain your own server. Broadband Internet Speeds Optimum Internet for both new & existing Optimum Online customers costs only $4.95 a month.

Faster internet speeds. With up to 50 Mbps for downloads and up to 25 Mbps for uploads, the wait is over. New & existing Optimum Online customers add Ultra 50 for only $4.95 a month.

What's Included:

Optimum Online Ultra 50 - When fast isn't enough, there's always faster. Enjoy speeds of up to 50 Mbps for downloads and up to 25 Mbps for uploads. Then with all that extra time we'll help you build your own shiny new website.

What's Included:

CoolHandle (not recommended anymore; information is only for reference)

CoolHandle provides plan with SSH for $3.95 if you subscribe for three years (after first year domain is another $14.95 or ~$1.20 a month, if you get domain from them). Recently their prices increased.

The main drawback is that they have horrible billing system. Often you simply can't pay via their Web interface and need to call billing. Which is not easy too as the number they provided if often busy and does not accept calls.  Not only this billing infrastructure sucks, but reaching billing department by phone is almost impossible. So you site can be disconnected for no fault of your own and you need to transfer DNS to some other provider.

Servers are overloaded to the extent that sometimes you can't open ssh connection, and if you manage to open you can't execute any commands.  Web site still works OK. CoolHandle In 2018 What Do CoolHandle Client Reviews Say We Asked 34 Users

CoolHandle’s servers are located in Los Angeles, USA. The CoolHandle site claims that the data centre is used by the 12 largest internet providers in the US, so it’s not their own facility. It utilises HVAC cooling systems, backup power systems, security monitoring and off-site network monitoring.

Recently prices were increased to 29.95 a month which excludes them from cheap hosting category.  So description below is for historical reasons only

They provide 30 days money back guarantee (not applicable to domain cost, if you bought from them). They also help with website transfers during the first 30 days of your web hosting service. They have lower A- rating from local BBB bureau.

The hidden trick is that domain is free only for the first year. After then you are charged annually but it adds less then a dollar per month to the cost so this is an "acceptable trick".

The problem with CoolHosting that sometimes they charge you for services you never subscribed to. For example I once saw the charge for "Search engine submission" ($74.95).

They started in 2001 and are located in Los Angeles, CA. In 2010 CoolHandle was acquired by

Please note that they provide a free domain name only for the first year with the hosting plan. After that they want $14.95 per year. See Terms of Service Web Hosting by

Like many other WEB hosting companies they have serious problems with account creation scripting. When I tried to register their PHP form was not working at all. After some tries it looks like their PHP forms for registration at the moment work only from existing account with valid credit card. Looks like PHP bugs. As always major credit card companies do not like Web providers so it make sense to call the bank before the transaction so that it come through. I forgot about this rule and paid the price -- transaction was declined. But tech support proved to be helpful and available on Saturday.

cPanel is provided. Account setup is completely separate from cPanel and despite bugs that I mentioned is well designed. You have a separate login (and can have a separate password) but there is a capability to open cPanel from the "account login". Generally this "dual personality" is confusing . What is nice is that they keep a separate copy of emails send to you from billing in "My Emails" folder, similar to how EBay does it.

Like BlueHost, Coolhandle has some nice touches in web site setup. One criteria for quality of setup is absence of special config files in public_html folder. In this case you can simply untar the archive and get the site running. Also they are running SSH on a port above 1024 which adds to security.

It is not easy to adapt to their setup the first time you encounter it. You need to read documentation they provide, or... They do have some unique setup features, for example they provide XML logging template for ftp access to the site via Filezilla. Also they provide a local copy of Perl modules and ability to install them from cPanel, the feature that I did not see at other providers.

It took me approximately 40 hours to activate the account (actually you need at least 24 hours to propagate your new or changed DNS records so this is not a big deal). They use an automated phone call to the phone number you provided to verify your identity. That's a nice touch but you need to be able to pick up the call. I was not able to do so the first time. So putting cell phone might be a better deal then your landline phone.

Reliability is OK and probably higher then in Bluehost.

At this price point it is unreasonable to expect prompt response of tech support. You are lucky to get any tech support and that's what they provide.

If you have problem, for example because your site was moved to a new server, you are completely hosed. You open ticket and nothing happens for a week or two. You try to escalate -- and its like banging your head against the wall. On one case they forgot to open passive ports range on a new server either in firewall or pure-ftpd configuration (you need both). And the next two weeks ftp was not working no matter what you try ;-). But that's typical for all cheap providers we discuss. Support is not their forte: they are slaves of a used cPanel configuration.

Their ticket system is a joke. You can't see progress on open tickets although you do get initial email that the ticket is opened. Something like:

[email protected]
Thank you for contacting us. This is an automated response confirming the receipt of your ticket. One of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible. For your records, the details of the ticket are listed below. When replying, please make sure that the ticket ID is kept in the subject line to ensure that your replies are tracked appropriately.

	Ticket ID: RMM-999999
	Subject: ftp broken for xxx.yyy.zzz
	Department: Support - Linux
	Priority: Urgent
	Status: Open

You can check the status of or reply to this ticket online at:
Kind regards,

CoolHandle Hosting
Provided link for checking ticket status does not work.

* The "no refunds" for remainder of term IS in their terms of service. Be careful though, because if your account accidentally renews before your cancellation goes through, you're stuck!


Arvixe is located in CA and has BBB rating A+. They provide 60-days money back guarantee. Plan with SSH access starts with $4 a month (2 years contract required). They also provide free domain for life with this plan. Up to April 2014 they used to have the fastest servers among the providers that I recommend. Hassle free (or almost hassle free if you want to use AWstats as you web log analyzer ;-) automated setup.

Servers are overloaded to the extent that sometimes you can't open ssh connection.  Web site still works OK.

Standard cPanel is provided and actually provides some additional capabilities (which I never used).

They have pretty transparent Linux hosting plan with SSH with quick and troubles free account setup including SSH setup. You can access your site in a couple of hours (using IP as DNS might not propagate that fast).

Reliability recently became worse as provider grew in size. I would says that reliability was high to very high up to April 2014. Since then it went downhill. That suggest that approximately from  November 2014 Arvixe became a victim of its own success and Arvixe quality of service might well suffer from too low price of its basic plan ($4 a month) which requires very large scale of operation. 

Service interruptions became more common. Sometimes server downtime reached several days. For example there were no service for customers who were using the server from 8 AM Nov 2, 2015 to morning of Nov 5, 2015 service interruption

We are getting in touch to provide you with a Hosting Status update. As of 08:40 EDT an issue was identified with Our System Administration team is actively working on this now and we will update this post as more information becomes available.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused. We take uptime extremely seriously and know it is absolutely vital to our customer's web presence. If you have any further questions please let us know and we will do our best to answer them!

 Servers used to be faster then competition, but now they are on par or worse. cPanel interface subjectively used to feel faster then at BlueHost in the past.

Support is the best among ISP used. Tickets are generally processed the same day. And some of them were actually resolved ;-)

Other possible choices

  1. HostGator is one of largest (by number of accounts) web hosting provider with SSH access. They have 45 day money back guarantee. Plans start $3.95 per month for three years contract (20% off). No free domain. They are BBB A+ rated provider based in Houston, TX. HostGator chooses The Planet as their data center and network provider. They claim to have high quality, responsive tech support which is not outsourced to India or Mexico but for cheap providers please take such claims with the grain of salt. There is no money to provide you with decent tech support on those accounts, no matter how you slice it. Along with SSH, they provide AWStats with real time updates. It looks like they are growing too fast and have growth pains associated with it.

    Their billing system is not the most reliable in the world, that's for sure. Another warning sign is that they use way too much advertising to get new customers.

  2. FastDomain provides both SSH access and free domain for life for $5.95 a month. They have A BBB rating. Like BlueHost they are located un Utah. They use cPanel.
  3. Crucial Paradigm Crucial Paradigm is an Australian hosting company that provides Forex VPS hosting, Basic Web Hosting, Virtual Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Servers, and High Traffic Clusters. They are the only one in my list which provides limits on data transfer. The latter in my opinion is better then deceiving users with the unlimited traffic offers, so this fact recommends them positively. I know nothing about them but I like the statement:

    If you are looking for the cheapest deal, with the most web space then you have come to the wrong place. We pride ourselves in offering a high level of technical support and providing our customers value in this way rather than ridiculous offerings of space which could under no circumstances be offered for that price. Don't get caught up in marketing gimmicks which offer large amounts of space just because they think you won't use it!

  4. Provides plans for $5.95 a month. SSH access costs an additional fee of $1/month
  5. HostRocket is a NJ provider which is important if you site caters to European customers. They ask reasonable $5.99 for SSH-enabled plan. They are not accredited, but still rated by Better Business Bureau. The rating is F, but the base is just 5 complains so it's not representative; of those for four complains they just did not get the response from the company; they might be resolved).
  6.,, actually belong to one company: Hosting Services, Inc located in Utah. They are rated A- by BBB (as of July 2012). See Hosting Services BBB Review Providence, UT

    Of them only Westhost and Ahhosting provide cheap plan with SSH access

    What I like about Westhost is that they do limit disk space and bandwidth for their $4 plan. They provide no more than 50GB of space and no more then 1000 GB a month. And I think the latter figure should be less.

  7. DreamHost offers 8.95 plan with SSH (this price comes with two years commitment). They use Debian. They have a good sense of humor and propose 5.99 a month plan if you sign for 10 years ;-). Recently they added Virtual private servers for approximately $25 a month. They have low rating (F) from local BBB bureau. Customer support looks problematic, so this provider is attractive if you know what you are doing. They are located in LA, CA. Never used it myself but my friend uses them for many years and like the service (he is a professional Unix sysadmin and web designer). In their blog entry The Official DreamHost Blog! » Blog Archive » A cautionary tale…The Official DreamHost Blog! I've found the following comment:
    Robert Love Says:

    July 13th, 2012 at 11:56 am

    When are you going to publish an ETA on the oranjestad server downtime.

    My key website has been down now since July 9th, it is now July 13th. Are you waiting for parts to arrive? Are you only working business hours or do you work 24/7 on problems like this? I have no idea, but you need to tell us when this going to be fixed.

  8. GreenGeeks provide plan with SSH for $4.95. There claim that they use wind power to power their datacenter is probably a fake claim as electricity is electricity and it is impossible to determine from which source you get it from the grid ;-). They also provide free Domain name for the life of account. They provide 30 days money back guarantee. Currently they have No BBB rating which is warning sign. Don't know much about them but they present various rewards on their site. They are several years in business.
  9. 1and1 Hosting. They provide SSH support on some of their plans starting with 1&1 Unlimited and Business. I have bad personal experience with this hosting provider so I do not recommend them. They are rated F by BBB and I think this is about right as for the quality of their service.


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Old News ;-)

[Jul 25, 2018] HostGator

Jul 25, 2018 |

Shared Hosting : They have three shared hosting plans:


30 / 100 -- April 30, 2018

WORST! Tech support has zero tech background

I signed up for Host Gator recommended by a friend and regret it soooooooo much.
1. Their customer service is TERRIBLE. None of their chat agents do actually have IT / industry knowledge. They simply send you pages to read and can never answer simple questions, like "what is my CNAME?" They will keep asking you if you want to upgrade to this and that, but without answering your first question. It is obvious that they only hire inexperienced people to read from a manual. It is also impossible to talk to a supervisor
2. I have not been able to set up a site with them, but logging into their customer portal is already terribly slow.

From sign up to trying to connect my domain, it took me 10 hours of chat (and waiting for chat response) and at the end it still cannot be connected.

Wish me luck on cancelling the service and getting my money back..

Hostgator is a joke

Don't even know where to begin. I was hosting a software with them and they are SLOW, UNRELIABLE, TERRIBLE HOSTS. Their agents have NO clue what they are talking about, and will tell you that your site is slow because of your code. Just can't stress enough how passionately I hate this company, I've lost likely thousands of dollars because of them.

[Jul 25, 2018] A2 Hosting

SSH & rsync are Free and available out of the box. No need to even turn it on.
Jul 25, 2018 |
A2 Hosting recognizes the need for SSH access to manage your website efficiently. Even better, SSH is included in all their hosting plans. You also don't have to ask for it separately; you will get all the login credentials you need in the welcome email.

Free SSL • 100% SSD drives • Choice of Datacenter (USA / Europe / Asia) • Unlimited RAID-10 Storage • 5 Databases • 1 Domain, 5 Sub-Domains, 25 Parked Domains (b2evolution can manage all 25 with a single install) • 25 Email Addresses• Free site transfer • Easy install & configuration of b2evolution at signup (many other scripts also available) • 24/7/365 US-Based Guru Crew Support • Green

A2 hosting is also fast! Contrary to many other hosting companies, they make a point of not overloading their servers. They also give you choice of datacenter, choice of PHP version as well as MariaDB support for best performance.

[Jul 25, 2018] A2 Hosting Reviews by 767 Users Expert Opinion - Jul 2018

Jul 25, 2018 |

There are not many bad points to mention about A2 Hosting, because they are generally a solid and reliable hosting provider that can help individuals, small, medium and even large companies with competitive hosting solutions and prices. The support, reliability and features offered are all above average, and the unique rollback tool in CPanel is definitely a massive plus point for those who have a keen interest in website backups and being able to easily and efficiently restore their website to a previous time.

[Jul 24, 2018] HostGator Review Why People Love-Hate HostGator (+stats)

Jul 24, 2018 |

HostGator has been around since 2002, originally founded by Brent Oxley before being acquired a decade later by Endurance International Group (EIG) who also owns Bluehost , Justhost , iPage , Fatcow , among others.

[Mar 22, 2015] Broadband Internet Speeds Optimum Internet

New & existing Optimum Online customers add Ultra 50 for only $4.95 a month.

Faster internet speeds. With up to 50 Mbps for downloads and up to 25 Mbps for uploads, the wait is over. New & existing Optimum Online customers add Ultra 50 for only $4.95 a month.

What's Included:

Optimum Online Ultra 50 - When fast isn't enough, there's always faster. Enjoy speeds of up to 50 Mbps for downloads and up to 25 Mbps for uploads. Then with all that extra time we'll help you build your own shiny new website.

What's Included:

[Mar 22, 2015] Optimum Web Hosting

Key Features Disk space and traffic Domain name E-commerce Site management tools Email Free Software/Scripts Security Features Multimedia Messaging Educational Services Server specifications Support and Backup

[Mar 20, 2015] Coolhangle problems with ssh

Reliability of Web services is very high. But sometimes you can't connect to the server using ssh. Ftp works.

Coolhandle never has down time

My site with Coolhandle is never down. I've seen it all when it comes to webhosting. Some companies throw you bits and pieces and are not quite interested at keeping your business after you've given them your credit card information. Coolhandle never has down time.

CoolHandle Reviews by 25 Users & Our Experts

Matthew Peters
Oct 30, 2014

★★★★★ Support★★★★★ Features★★★★★ Uptime★★★★★ Value★★★★★

I really, really like Coolhandle. They came at a time when my previous provider decided to jack up their fees to ridiculous levels. With Coolhandle, I got assurance of consistency in pricing plus a fully reliable phone support team that knows what they're doing.
Visit host

Matthias Peters
Oct 24, 2014

★★★★★ Support★★★★★ Features★★★★★ Uptime★★★★★ Value★★★★★

I do not get the complaints. I have never had an issue with their reliability once. Hosting ten different domains with my old provider proved to be a HUGE headache. Good thing I was referred to Coolhandle. Now, I host a dozen domains and Coolhandle has been nothing but fantastic. A+

[Feb 14, 2014] Coolhangle post charges on account for services you never subscribed to

An interesting idea: Search Engine Submission for $74.95
This is a notice that an invoice has been generated on 02/13/2014.

Your payment method is: Credit Card

Invoice #999999999
Amount Due: $74.95
Due Date: 02/20/2014

Invoice Items

Search Engine Submission (02/20/2014 - 05/19/2014) $74.95
Sub Total: $74.95
Credit: $0.00
Total: $74.95

[Jul 21, 2012] HostGator VS BlueHost – Comparison for Shared Web Hosting

June 06, 2012 releases the comparison between HostGator and BlueHost for their shared web hosting features, price, speed, reliability, customer cancellation rate and technical support, based on the BWH360 editors' real hosting experience.

As introduced by BWH360, BlueHost is the only shared web hosting company having their own dedicated data centers in Provo, Utah that invested 10+ million USD in 2010. By leveraging their own data centers, BlueHost efficiently cost down so that they could offer the compelling features and powerful web hosting for their customers for an affordable rate. Compared to BlueHost, HostGator chooses The Planet as their data center and network provider, and looks like a large web hosting reseller actually.

HostGator is bigger than BlueHost in size, but BlueHost shared web hosting is much more cost effective than HostGator, from the web hosting features, price, speed, reliability, customer cancellation rate and technical support.

HostGator has 3 web hosting packages: Hatchling, Baby and Business. The HostGator baby package provides the alike features as the BlueHost single all-in-one web hosting package, but it's starting at $7.96/mo that is 105% more expensive than the BlueHost one, even it doesn't include a free domain and it performs slower than the BlueHost web hosting in the performance comparison.

[Jan 18, 2012] Domain Registry of America Review - INTERNET SERVICES in Buffalo, NY - BBB Reliability Report - BBB serving Upstate NY

Those scamsters managed somehow to get rating D- instead of F from BBB :-)
Business Name:

Domain Registry of America

Domain Registry of Canada


Business Address: 2316 Delaware Ave
Ste 266
Buffalo, NY 14216
See the location on a Mapquest Map
See the location on a Google Map

Original Business Start Date: 9/9/2002 Type of Entity: Corporation Principal:

Alvin Chen, Relations Manager

Phone Number:

(866) 434-0212

(866) 434-0212

(905) 479-2533

Fax Number:

(866) 434-0211

BBB Accreditation: This business is not a BBB Accredited Business


Website Address:

[Jan 18, 2012] Domain Registry of America Scam

Today I got the second USPS mail from this scammer. Like one commenter to - Domain Registry of America Hosting Reviews Exposed noted: "I'm a fairly sophisticated in terms of domain name registration and hosting, and these notices almost fooled me. If they almost fooled me, then I can only imagine the incredible amounts of money they have made scamming tens of thousands of unsuspecting dupes." In my case they use a return address of 2316 Delaware Ave. #266, Buffalo, NY.
This is very deceptive letter domain transfer masked as a warning about domain expiration. I searched Google and found multiple notes about this scam. The earliest is from 2001. They were prosecuted by FTC in 2003 ( )
So they are still in business after more then a decade of scamming people. This is definitely mail fraud.
Domain Registry of America Scam

DROA serves as a reseller of domain name registration services for eNom, Inc. ("eNom"), an ICANN-accredited registrar of second level domain names. DROA's domain name registration services enable its customers to establish their identities on the web.

In the course of offering domain name services, DROA has engaged in a direct mail marketing campaign aimed at soliciting consumers in the United States to transfer their domain name registrations from their current registrar to eNom through DROA.

In many instances, consumers do not realize that by returning the invoices along with payment to "renew" their domain name registrations they are, in fact, transferring their domain name registrations from their then-current registrars to eNom. DROA's renewal notices/invoices do not clearly and conspicuously inform consumers of this material fact. 16. Defendant's renewal notices/invoices also fail to inform consumers that DROA charges a processing fee of $4.50 for any transfers of domain name registrations that are not completed, even if through no fault of the consumers. 17. In many instances, DROA promises credits to consumers who request them, but fails to transmit the credits to the consumers' credit card accounts in a timely manner.

Despite the FTC ruling again DRoA (located online at: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that, in connection with the advertising, marketing, promotion, offering for sale, selling, distribution, or provision of any domain name services, Defendant, its successors, assigns, officers, agents, servants, and employees, and those persons in active concert or participation with it who receive actual notice of this Order by personal service or otherwise are hereby permanently restrained and enjoined from making or from assisting in the making of, expressly or by implication, orally or in writing, any false or misleading statement or representation of material fact, including but not limited to any representation that the transfer of a domain name registration is a renewal. II. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that, in any written or oral communication where Defendant makes any representation that a domain name service is expiring or requires renewal, Defendant, its successors, assigns, officers, agents, servants, and employees, and those persons in active concert or participation with it who receive actual notice of this Order by personal service or otherwise are hereby permanently restrained and enjoined from failing to disclose, in a clear and conspicuous manner, in advance of receipt of any payment for services: A. Any cancellation or processing fees imposed prior to the effective date of any transfer or renewal; and B. Any limitations or restrictions on cancelling a request for domain name services.

June 27, 2010 | Website Design, Content Management System And SEO Blog
A few days ago we received a statement in the mail from Domain Registry of America. The invoice gives us the impression that a couple of our domain names are up for renewal and are about to expire. The letter actually states that, "Your domain name registrations will expire November 19, 2010!" Even though the dates they have on file are correct, we're not falling for this type of direct mail scam and you shouldn't either! This type of marketing scam is aimed at consumers who do not realize that by returning the invoices along with a payment, their domain names are in fact transferring from their current domain registrar to DROA.

If you received one of these letters, please ignore it! Do NOT complete the payment slip at the bottom or make any payments to this company. To add insult to injury, the letter has their address listed as: 2316 Delaware Avenue #266 Buffalo, New York. With some quick help from Google maps, the address comes up the same as the UPS Store, so guaranteed it's just a mail box!

July 7, 2006 | Lucid Design

We have discovered that a company called "Domain Registry of America" or "DROA" has been emailing domain name owners with deceptive messages about domain transfers. The goal of the emails is to trick people into transferring their domain names away from their existing domain name provider. The emails falsely claim to be a response to a transfer request made by the current owner and should NOT be acted upon. This has been going on for over a year and several of our clients have been duped by this scam. Once DROA takes over ownership it can be somewhat difficult to regain control of the domain. This is in addition to the phenomenally high prices they charge (they make it sound like you get a good deal with them).

This scam seems to be targeting .com domains only and I haven't seen any cases yet for other domains.

If people wish to express their concern, they can contact The Federal Trade Commission (in the US) at or the Ministry of Consumer Affairs' scam watch (NZ) at

[May 04, 2011] HostGator Web Hosting - FACT SHEET

HostGator (also known as Host Gator) is a world-leading provider of shared, reseller, and dedicated web hosting. Privately held and based in Houston, Texas with a full in-house support team of 150 industry veterans. Customers are not required to sign up for any contract longer than month-to-month service. There are no setup fees on any of their plans.

HostGator provides over 150,000 customers with innovative products and services to complement their existing businesses, from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies in more than 170 countries worldwide. In 2008, they were recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

... ... ...


Host Gator is worth considering for anyone looking for a web hosting service that offers a wide range of features at a reasonable price, along with superior customer service.

[Jul 7, 2007] 1&1 Internet Inc. - Sign up

It's average or worse provider. Bad if you need tech support. $10 per month with ssh access.

1&1 Business : Includes 3 domains; 250 GB web space; 2,500 e-mail accounts; 2,500 GB monthly transfer volume; 50 MySQL Database
Limited Time Offer! 50% off for 3 months with a 12 month minimum contract term

[Jul 6, 2007] Web Hosting, Unix Hosting and Dedicated Hosting by Aplus.Net

Solo XP $7.46/mo plan with ssh. BSD-based.

Aplus.Net is a facilities based provider located in San Diego, CA since 1995. We provide Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domain Names, Web Design, and E-Commerce solutions. We offer to our customers the power and stability of the FreeBSD Operating System with our Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers. Aplus.Net, everything for your online business.

[Jul 6, 2007] pair Networks - World Class Web Hosting - Web Hosting Plans - Basic

$10 per month - 24% off with one year prepayment option. SSH, but no CGI

[Jul 6, 2007] Starter Virtual Hosting Plan From

With the annual billing option you get two months free! You pay for 10 months at $14.95/month and get 12

[Jul 2, 2007] Hosting Reviews at - Blog 3500+ Dreamhost accounts exploited!

According to an e-mail sent out to many Dreamhost clientele earlier today there have been over 3,500+ hosting accounts exploited at Dreamhost.

The suspected entry point into the accounts was most likely password sniffing however there are many other rumors surrounding the event.

This exploit quickly followed a recent exploit of IPowerWeb that resulted in the defacement of over 35% of the IPowerWeb clientbase. Earlier this year exploits affected Hostgator & many other large providers whose systems were rooted.

A copy of the e-mail sent out by the dreamhost team is below:

From: DreamHost Security Team
Subject: URGENT: FTP Account Security Concerns…
This email is regarding a potential security concern related to your 'XXXX' FTP account.

We have detected what appears to be the exploit of a number of accounts belonging to DreamHost customers, and it appears that your account was one of those affected.

We're still working to determine how this occurred, but it appears that a 3rd party found a way to obtain the password information associated with approximately 3,500 separate FTP accounts and has used that information to append data to the index files of customer sites using automated scripts (primarily for search engine optimization purposes).

Our records indicate that only roughly 20% of the accounts accessed - less than 0.15% of the total accounts that we host - actually had any changes made to them. Most accounts were untouched.

We ask that you do the following as soon as possible:

Again, only about 20% of the exploited accounts showed any modifications, and of those the only known changes have been to site index documents (ie. 'index.php', 'index.html', etc - though we recommend looking for other changes as well).

It appears that the same intruder also attempted to gain direct access to our internal customer information database, but this was thwarted by protections we have in place to prevent such access. Similarly, we have seen no indication that the intruder accessed other customer account services such as email or MySQL databases.

In the last 24 hours we have made numerous significant behind-the-scenes changes to improve internal security, including the discovery and patching to prevent a handful of possible exploits.

We will, of course, continue to investigate the source of this particular security breach and keep customers apprised of what we find. Once we learn more, we will be sure to post updates as they become available to our status weblog:

Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

[Jul 2, 2007] Lies, Damn Lies and 99.9% Uptime Hosting by Glen Kendell

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics."

-Benjamin Disraeli, popularized by Mark Twain

... Convinced you can do better than 99.9%, you search for another hosting provider. You finally settle on one that offers an additional "nine" or 99.99% uptime per month. No more than 4 minutes of downtime.

Before you get too excited, let's see where that extra nine comes from by examining the concept of monitoring interval. The monitoring interval is how often your hosted server is checked to make sure everything is working A-OK. Think of it as the lines on a ruler. It's going to be pretty hard to measure down to one eighth of an inch if your ruler only has one inch lines on it.

Suppose your application is monitored every 15 minutes. Now say your server is rebooted. If the monitor runs while the server is down, your server will show as down for 15 minutes, even though it only takes 3 minutes to reboot. If the monitor misses the reboot window, it won't show as being down at all.

A provider that offers 99.99% must have a small enough monitoring interval that it can measure down to the nearest .01%. How small is that exactly? Let's break it down using the shortest month:

28 days x 24 hours/day x 60 minutes/hour x .0001 = 4.03 minutes

A service provider must provide a monitoring interval of no more than 4 minutes to provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

... ... ...

Always make a distinction between business hours and after hours. You should have different availability requirements for each period, even if your application is used 24x7. Next, create your goal using words and whole numbers, not percentages. For example:

After defining exactly what your availability goals are, you can now strive to achieve it. The difference now is that your goal is 100% achievable. That's a statistic you can count on.

Is good Community

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WestHost offers a lot more than "the resources of an average $4 shared account"... IMO, there's a difference between resources and features. Your VPS approach results in more features/control over the hosting environment (certainly a plus), but the $4 will (on average) entitle the customer to ~$4 worth of server resources.

Netcraft Rackspace and New York Internet Most Reliable Hosting Companies In May 2007

Ranking by Failed Requests and Connection time,
May 1st - 31st 2007

DreamHost Web Hosting Web Sites, Domain Registration, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, all on Debian Linux!

Mellow's Review of DreamHost - Web Hosting Unleashed

Dreamhost may look tempting, but their whole business model is a lie. In reality, you do not receive anything near the number of bandwidth or storage space they offer because they will start limiting you either
1) directly (by email and then placing a cap on you) or
2) indirectly (by moving you to another server where it's incredibly slow, it took upwards of 17 seconds for anything to appear. And then another 10 seconds just for you to finish downloading the page).

I have used the $9.95, $39.95, and $79.95 plan that dreamhost offered. If you try to contact support, they will just tell "everything's fine" as your site slowlyyyyyy loads up.

Dreamhost review (12+ months) - WebHostingTalk Forums

Well, I've been with Dreamhost for over a year now (almost 15 months I think) on their cheap "Crazy Domain Insane" program, and I never got around to thanking this forum for helping me find a host provider.

So I thought I would post my review of Dreamhost in hopes that it will be useful to someone out there, much like many of the posts were useful for me when I was searching for a host.

The summary: Dreamhost has been great for me, though I might not be your typical user. If you know what you are doing and don't have heavy MySQL (I've heard from others that can be slow) Dreamhost will likely be great for your needs.

OK on to the details...


Uptime has generally been great. They got hit with a huge DDoS attack the first few months I was there which took them down for 8+ (24+ maybe?) hours. Their response to this was what first made me think that these guys were great. Not only did they have a detailed explanation of what went wrong, they also listed the steps they were taking to prevent it from happening again and learning from the experience. Also, if nothing else, they haven't gone down due to a DDoS since.

One of the things they promised was an offsite status page so customers could get updates even if the main Dreamhost network was offline. Two days later, this site was up and running. Big deal, you say... getting a web site up is something I do in my sleep. Well, me too. But I'm not a big corporation with lots of red tape. I appreciated the fact that Dreamhost could implement changes quickly.

Other than that one period of extended downtime, uptime has generally been good. They had a problem at one point where my server was crashing every night, but that was resolved within a few days. I ssh into my account, and it's not too uncommon for my shell to remain connected for over a week. (Eventually something will come up, either general net latency, I need to reboot, etc.)

Customer Support

I haven't had much need for their customer support, but I have contacted them a few times. Here is the full list of why I contacted them, including initial (non-automated) response time. The first line is me to them. The second is them to me:

Feb 12th, 2004 - 11:59:04 :: My weblog stat script didn't run
Feb 12th, 2004 - 14:55:52 :: DB problem, should be fixed

Feb 26th, 2004 - 18:36:40 :: My server has been rebooted 4 times today
Feb 27th, 2004 - 05:32:17 :: We're looking into the problem

Mar 14th, 2004 - 17:13:55 :: My server is rebooting daily
Mar 14th, 2004 - 21:02:50 :: We know there is an issue, trying to fix

Mar 29th, 2004 - 17:46:18 :: I can't access my machine at all
Mar 29th, 2004 - 20:39:18 :: We got DDoS'd. Sorry about that.

Jan 21st, 2005 - 17:16:03 :: Billing question
Jan 21st, 2005 - 17:23:39 :: Billing answer

Jan 31st, 2005 - 16:39:18 :: Web server crashed
Jan 31st, 2005 - 17:03:11 :: It got rebooted and should be working now

Feb 7th, 2005 - 10:41:44 :: New site access logs aren't being written
Feb 7th, 2005 - 12:01:23 :: There was a synch issue, should be fixed now.

Feb 22nd, 2005 - 16:27:44 :: I need a perl module installed
Feb 22nd, 2005 - 16:31:40 :: OK, installed.

Looking at the customer support logs, you might wonder how I can say that uptime is great given the tickets I created. One of the things to realize is that I'm on that shell account almost all the time -- all during the day, and many nights as well. If it's on the weekend or while I'm asleep, I won't notice right away, but I'll notice the broken connection as soon as I get back to my computer. The Feb 26 and Mar 14 incidents didn't cause extended downtime. I was more annoyed at my shell being dropped and losing httpd for the 2 min or so it took the machine to reboot. The Jan 31 incident resulted in under 2 hours of downtime.

I'll leave it for you to judge whether the response time is adequate. It was fine for me, but I'm not the most impatient person out there.


This is where Dreamhost really shines. Their control panel is nice, but that's not what I cared about. Full shell account, emacs, cron, perl scripts, full .htaccess support -- everything I wanted to do I could do. When I needed a CPAN perl module installed, they installed it quickly with no hassle.

I did have a minor problem where after I created a DB user, I was unable to change the password via the control panel. But that's a pretty minor problem.

Reponse Time

None of my sites or scripts rely heavily on a MySQL database, and I've heard some people complain of MySQL slowness. Personally I haven't had any problems. I keep track of load average fairly often (especially when I am writing new scripts to make sure they aren't too draining on CPU), and even at peak the load average on my machine is around 2-3, spiking to 5 once in a while. I've never seen it sustained in the double digits, though of course, I might just be on a lucky machine.

Caveats / A Little about Me

I know there is a tendency to not trust people with low post counts (like me). I posted a bit a year or so ago when I was looking for a host... and then I found one, and didn't really have much of a reason to post again.

I run several different scripts/sites. Almost all of them are accessible by going to my domain at:

These scripts run either on PHP or Perl and many of them connect to a MySQL database in some way.

As a caveat, I don't come anywhere close to the 120gig limitation on bandwidth. I consider myself a "power-user" in terms of taking advantage of the features that dreamhost offers, but I'm also careful to play nice and not hog system resources. I don't need a lot of customer support (as an aside I did find Dreamhost's Knowledgebase very useful) and I'm happy to be just left alone with good connectivity.

In summary, I love Dreamhost. If you have similar needs to mine, I think you'll love it too. If you have different needs, I still hope this post has been informative for you. I won't go out there and proclaim that any one host is the end-all-be-all for all people. But I certainly have nothing negative to say about them.

I hope this helps someone. I'll monitor this thread for a few days, so if anyone has specific questions post away and I'll answer.

Thanks again for providing a great forum -- when I was searching for a host, the sheer number of host providers out there was seriously daunting, and this forum really helped me narrow down my choices.

Web Hosting Provider, Domain Hosting by

HostICan - Web Hosting - FREE Domain, PHP, 2,500GB of bandwidth, and more... -- ssh enabled hosting

They provide something like jails.

At WestHost, we provide SSH Web Hosting with each of our web hosting plans. Secure Shell (SSH), sometimes known as Secure Socket Shell, is a UNIX-based command interface and protocol for securely getting access to a remote computer. It is widely used by network administrators to control Web and other kinds of servers remotely. SSH commands are encrypted and secure in several ways. Both ends of the client/server connection are authenticated using a digital certificate, and passwords are protected by being encrypted.

With WestHost Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting) Technology, also known as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS Hosting) technology, a web server is divided into multiple isolated environments. Each environment has its own server software providing independence for that website. Any compromise to a site would only affect that WestHost VPS and could not affect any other site on the same server. As with a dedicated server, each WestHost VPS has its own independent operating system with it's own web server, mail server and independent software instances. A crashed application (Apache, Sendmail, MySQL etc.) in another client's WestHost VPS has no effect on your WestHost VPS.

What may be even more appealing is that with WestHost VPS web hosting, you have nearly full control over the most common areas of a website/server. This includes:

You also have access to other miscellaneous configuration files within your account and a greater ability to install and run custom software (should you choose to).

Uses jails or similar technology
- Administrative Control
- Independent Secure
- Dedicated Web Server
- Dedicated Mail Server
- Dedicated Database Server
- Dedicated FTP Server

Sell your product/service online! $7.99

Up to 20,000MB Disk Space!
Up to 300GB Bandwidth!
Host Multiple Web sites!
Personal E-mail w/Spam Protection!
E-commerce Hosting Solutions
Search Engine Tools
Web site Statistics
SSL Security
PHP, Ruby (RoR), Perl, CGI, MySQL
Secure Shell (SSH)
WestHost VPS Hosting Technology

RealMetrics - Performance reviews of online service providers

An important comparison site

The Fantastico Script Library is a collection of 37 commonly used scripts that can be auto installed in your control panel. Installation procedure takes seconds and can be performed by novices without the need of setting up MySQL databases, importing structure, chmoding files and without the need of other tasks usually associated with installations.

Following scripts can be auto installed using Fantastico:

pMachine Free

Mambo Open Source

Customer Support:
Crafty Syntax Live Help
Help Center Live
PHP Support Tickets
Support Logic Helpdesk
Support Services Manager

Discussion Boards:

OS Commerce


Image Galleries:
4images Gallery
Coppermine Photo Gallery

Mailing List:

Polls and Surveys:
Advanced Poll

Project Management:


Other Scripts:
Noah's Classifieds

Recommended Links

Google matched content

Softpanorama Recommended

Top articles


Hosting Reviews at - Home -- interesting information

SSH hosting provider selection

webmin - Web Search

The Web Hosting Guide looks like an advertising site.

More about Bluehost

Bluehost Review, User Reviews of Bluehost

Bluehost is a great service when it works, however it doesn't seem to have worked for me so far! ... Shortly afer I signed up with them (a few weeks ago) the server which was holding my account crashed, resulting in a fragmentation problem and a long period of downtime and broken stats. The stats problem still haven't been fixed over a week after bringing it to their attention, apparently they have "other issues that have taken precidence" (sic). If a company has a good customer service, then surely ALL customer problems should take precedence? ... Then I learn that people cannot send any messages with attachments to my bluehost account without having them returned by the bluehost mailserver, yet funnily enough, when someone attempts to send me a virus there, it gets through! ... Overall, very poor so far, hope it improves!

In fairness to them, they did solve my problems fairly swiftly initially, however that was before they received my payment!


Bluehost enters the arena by offering rich features and low pirce, just like what midPhase is doing, and trying to beat the top hosts like iPowerWeb , LunarPages , Globat, and StartLogic.

BlueHost offers 1 GB web space, 50 GB bandwidth trasnfer, 1000 pop accounts, 150 virtual hosts, 20 subdomains, 10 MySQL databases, PHP, CGI, SSI, cPanel control panel, Free search engine submission, Free domain name, free setup fee, and Toll-free support. All these features are only $6.95 per month.

Compare with LunarPages , startlogic has SSL offer, and shopping cart options, which does not offered in the Lunarpage's shuttle plan (but do offered in the Lunarpage Voyager plan which is must more expensive). And also offers sub-domain and domainn parking, just liek Lunarpage does.

Globat offers more space and bandwidth, but Globatlacks shopping cart, sub-domain, and shares SSL.

Bluehost also offers SSH access, which does not offered by most of the top hosts.

Disk Storage (NOW MORE!) 2 GB
Free Domain Name
Support International Domain Names
POP3 Email Accounts/Web Based 1000
Forwarding Email Accounts Unlimited
Email Autoresponder Unlimited
Gigs of Site Transfer (NOW MORE!) 75 GB/mo
Add-on Domains 5
Parked Domains 20
Subdomains 20
Additional FTP Accounts 1000
MySQL Databases 10
CGI Library
PHP Support
Perl Support
Server Side Includes
Frontpage 2000/2002/2003 Extensions
Account "Control Panel"
FTP Access
Shell Access (SSH)
Override .htaccess Support
Anonymous FTP
Webmail (Browser Based Email)
Log Files + Site Stats
Customizable Error Pages
Web File Manager
Custom Cronjobs
Hotlink Protection
Spam Assassin Protection
Fantastico Script Support
Bulletin Board (Message Forum)
Form-mail Script
PHP Nuke
Bloggers (Web Blogs)
Mailing Lists
Image Galleries
Web Auctions
Help Center/Support Ticket
Many, Many Others...
SSL Secure Server
OS Commerce Shopping Cart
Agora Shopping Cart
Free Generated Certificate
Password Protected Directories
OpenPGP / GPG Encryption
Supports Streaming Video
Supports Streaming Audio
Real Audio & Video Support
Flash Support
Macromedia Shockwave
MIDI File Support
Add Own MIME Types
High Performance Xeon Servers
Customized Apache Web Server
UPS Power Back-up, Diesel Back-up
24/7 Network Monitoring
Mirrored Storage Backups
OC-48 Backbone Connection
Search Engine Submission FREE
Search Keyword Analyzer FREE
Search Engine Position Report FREE

Hosting Comparison Popular Hosts Most Popular Web Hosting Providers

Bluehost offers everything I wanted at a low price. They give you 5 add-on domains but the downside with that is that only the main domain can have fantastico, email, and custom error pages. Another downpoint is that their online live support is never up. Also they only offer one plan.

Everything else is absolutely great! Overall they are better than Total Choice Hosting and startlogic.

This host is great. They let you host multiple domains under 1 account for no extra charge. They also answer their phone right away. No huge wait times like I got from Highly recommended.

Hosting Comparison BlueHost Review BlueHost Shared Unix Hosting

BlueHost takes a one-plan-fits-all approach to hosting, and it will certainly fit many. There are the usual ammenities (Perl, PHP, MySQL, SSI, etc.), the Fantastico script library, commerce features such as a choice of shopping cart and SSL support, and secure email. You also get a free domain registration with a one-year or longer pre-payment. On top of it all, BlueHost has a solid reputation for good service, unlike some other inexpensive providers out there.

If their plan fits your needs, BlueHost is a fantastic choice.



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