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Movies about marital infidelity

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While previously mainly men phenomenon, now infidelity became more common for married women too. Affairs can occur in happy marriages as well as in troubled ones, but they dramatically more frequent in troubled one. Although the involved spouse may not be getting enough from the marriage, often the "disgrunted" spouse is not giving enough. It take two for tango.  Among recommended movies that more or less realistically touch this theme we can mention:

Among other typical reasons is attempt to raise low self-esteem, relationship deficits (e.g., lack of affection), or a social context in which infidelity is condoned. It also may indicate an addiction to sex or romance. People addicted to romantic relationships are driven by the excitement and emotion which a new relationship temporary brings to them.

 Dishonesty is certainly always a part of an infidelity.

Seeking sex outside of the relationship can also be compared to seeking alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling; virtually any substance or behavior that provides a “quick fix,” a distraction from everyday life, something that makes you feel anticipation, intoxication, even fear of being caught doing something “bad”. It can also be difficult for some people who have sex with someone they have deep intimacy and connection with. The idea of “dirty” or playful sex with the same person you share so much of your life with can be a hard concept to reconcile. For some, built into their belief system of “hot” sex is the idea that the person you are having sex with doesn’t truly know you nor do you know them, allowing a certain freedom and separation from your real life.

Crossing the line from platonic friendships into romantic relationships is helped by modern communications, especially Internet, as well as high demand of time of a modern workplace.

Internet bring a new class of affairs called emotional affairs. The latter differ from platonic friendships by

Certain life cycle changes (midlife crisis in men, etc) also stimulates infidelity. Some associate infidelity with selfishness. Some dissatisfied spouses begin an extramarital relationship as a way of exiting from an unhappy marriage. More frequently, however, the marital history is re-written to justify an ongoing affair. It is unreasonable to compare a brief splash of intensity of feelings in an affair which is still at the stage of romantic idealization with the routine familiarity of spouses in a long-term marriage (The Causes of Marital Infidelity LIVESTRONG.COM)

The actual chances of infidelity might not be as high as many sources claim. In fact, Dr. John Grohol, founder and CEO of, suggests these chances could be less than six percent in a given year in his article, "How Common is Cheating and Infidelity Really?" However, he warns that this number could increase to about 25 percent, depending on how long the relationship runs. In either case, if you’re worried about infidelity in your relationship, learning the common causes of cheating can ease your fears or help you address potential problems.

  • Physical Desires. Sexual discontentment and desires often contribute to incidents of cheating, suggests Susan Whitbourne, professor of psychology, in her article, "The Eight Reasons that People Cheat on Their Partners." Some people expect that a new partner can serve their sexual needs better than his current spouse. This can especially true if the frequency or physical passion has diminished over the years. In other cases, a person might believe that in addition to sex with the spouse that she deserves more encounters.
  • Emotional Desires. Emotional needs contribute to incidents of cheating, as well. For example, feeling an emotional disconnect from a spouse might lead someone to pursue an affair, suggests Whitbourne. While this infidelity might initially be restricted to an emotional level, it could grow into a physical affair. In other cases, a partner might feel underappreciated by a spouse but praised by a third person, leading to cheating. Sometimes a spouse will feel completely satisfied with their partner, but an emotional desire to simply pursue new experiences could also lead to affairs.

  • Vengeful Desires. Affairs based on revenge are rare, despite over exaggerations in movies, notes Whitbourne. However, a husband and wife routinely face domestic disputes, it is possible that one member of the marriage might cheat out of spite. In cases like this, the cheater might make the affair known to cause his spouse emotional pain. On the other hand, the cheating spouse might still keep the affair a secret, as the satisfaction of secret payback could be rewarding enough.

  • Platonic Relationship or Affair? Platonic friendships have the potential to evolve into emotional affairs, warns the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. However, the line between these two types of relationships can run thin. A platonic friendship becomes an affair when three conditions are met, suggests the AAMFT. The first is that an emotional affair will have more emotional intimacy than the marriage itself. The second is that the affair will involve some level of secrecy. For example, perhaps a husband intentionally does not tell his wife that he has daily video chats with another woman online. The third trait of an affair is sexual chemistry.


In most people affairs cause feelings of shame and worthlessness. that's not true for sex addicts and philanderers. The latter perceive extramarital sex as an entitlement and status symbol (the more, the higher status is).  Infidelity is essentially a breach of trust, so it can be any action that violates an implicit or explicit agreement between two married people.

Jovelyn Garcia

I just can't stand cheating in any form. You better give up the relationship then cheat all you want. I quit on my marriage because my husband lied to me. I just can't accept deceit cause i've been honest since day one.

Life becomes polarized into "before" and "after". Some can raise above this breach of trust in the name of children or similar "higher level" considerations, but many can't. In this case the loss of trust being irreparable for one, the continued anger and blame intolerable for the other

A majority of respondents in Western society disapprove of extramarital relationships under all circumstances. Therefore, most persons who enter into extramarital affairs know their partners will disapprove. Disclosure at some later time, then, will trigger feelings of not only betrayal but also indignation over the deceit. Many negative feelings (e.g., guilt, fear, anxiety, conflict, fear of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease)  dissuade individuals from engaging in affairs and are often experienced by those who entered them.  Those experiencing guilt reported less satisfaction with the affair. The degree of disapproval has been found to be a function of the nature of the extramarital involvement. These feelings along with anger, sadness, and fear of other spouse may seriously disrupt or terminate the relationship. For instance, Thompson ( 1984) found that the combination of emotional and sexual extramarital involvement was viewed as more unacceptable than just sexual involvement.

Infidelity as a betray of trust

Formerly condemned in the name of good morals, infidelity is now condemned as a breach of trust. the common view is that instead of trying to pursue such a petty practice it is better to tell each other everything and get out of marriage that proved to be so unsatisfactory. And is you can't do that you need just shut up and behave yourself than to resort to the subterfuges.

Making people laugh at the misfortunes of cuckolded husbands was a mainspring of boulevard theater for almost a century, and the cuckold has always been a character in vaudeville.

However, adultery, even if it is discredited, is not dead: outdated as a genre, it remains current as a practice and is one of the main reasons for the breakdown of marriages. Adultery is practiced by both men and women who deceive one another to combat boredom, to respond to temptations, or to lead several lives at once; it is a symptom of an individualist society torn between the ideal of fidelity and a neoliberal thirst for unlimited and selfish individualism.

There is also a kind of betrayal with respect to relatives and friends: as Oscar Wilde noted we stab in the back only those who are close to us and whose weak.

We recall the stories that have run in American newspapers in recent years: the conservative judge Clarence Thomas, accused in 1991 of having made indecent remarks to one of his advisors at the Department of Education;  Clinton-Lewinsky affair; the tribulations in 2007 of the governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, a champion of the fight against prostitution who was caught with a ravishing twenty-two-year-old brunette whom he was paying for her services; the public confession made by his successor for fear that later on the press would reveal his own infidelities; and the attacks made in 2008 against the head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who had had intimate relations with one of his former employees.

 We can understand that political officials are called upon to be exemplary in their private behavior: a public man does not belong to himself; if he wants to exercise authority over others, he must be able to control his own instincts.

 Types of infidelity

There are   two types of fidelities: one a fidelity of convention, the other a fidelity of conviction. The former involves a mechanical observance of social norms, the second a free decision to be loyal to one’s beloved. Similarly there are a least to types of infidelity: with and without emotional bonds.

For example, accidental infidelities (“It just happened”) are  unplanned acts based on the situation that arose spontaneously, are are not expected to last more then a brief encounter. It not always that they develop as planned, so risk is typically underestimated (Fatal Attraction).  Such an encounter does not entail strong emotional bonds and are somewhat similar with sexual acts with prostitutes. 

Men might be vulnerable to a sexual encounter for several reasons. They may still remain curious about what they are missing.   The very things most men and women find so exotically attractive in the beginning often become irritating incompatibilities when you have to live with them.   In any case, once the “honeymoon is over” most couples are disappointed. In addition to the inevitable disenchantments of marriage, some men and women were unpopular as teenagers. Now as adults they can't believe that what they once longed for has become theirs for the asking. Some just can't say no, have had no practice in gracefully refusing a sexual invitation.  Ado Annie in Oklahoma! bemoaned the fact that she just “cain't say no.”  Women may be afraid that by refusing they might crush the man ego, especially if he is her boss.  Men are afraid “the Good Ole' boys” will think him a “wimp” if he declines. Thus they accept sexual overtures they don't really want. Sometimes, people tend to make impulsive decisions when they are drunk. Or maybe they have just had a bad (or good) day. Or else they are horny.

In any case, some men just slide into an affair, without really thinking about consequences. Such an adultery can be fairly harmless in a marriage — if the spouse doesn't find out (If the tree falls in the forest and no one sees or hears it, did it fall?). Later, they may be sorry. Laurie Colwin (1981) depicted the emotions after such a encounter pretty vividly (see also classic scene in the train in  Unfaithful)

I was not prepared for the aftermath of this affair. The distress I felt seemed uncontainable. At the shop I found myself in the bathroom in tears, running the faucets so that Pete would not hear me weeping. … I was beset by devils I had not known existed: grief, rage, longing and pure desire, (pp. 148-149)

Some couples may embark on an extramarital affair as an act of revenge. Other couples may be engaged in a power struggle. Having an affair gives them ammunition to use against one another. They can represent a flamboyant revenge affairs that keep stormy marriages in a state of intense passion and jealousy. The sex goes outside the marriage, but the emotion is still directed in.  Unhappily married couples may stay together for a variety of perfectly good reasons. They may decide to stay together “for the sake of the children,” to protect the couple's family, careers, or finances. Some people are in a permanent process of “getting a divorce.” Their state of prolonged separation protects them from having to get seriously involved with anyone else. Some are just “shopping around” to see if they can find more suitable mates. The secrecy of extramarital affairs may add to the erotic thrill. The strategies and deceptive practices they must adopt to maintain the secret naturally drive a wedge between them and their mates and cause the two secret lovers to become more obsessed with each other. After all, it is only to one another that they can speak mindlessly; tell all. Secrecy adds an extra thrill—which may vary from a shiver of delight to a rush of terror, depending on what is being risked — on each encounter.

Marital infidelity is not only about devaluing of the other spouse. It is also the breach of trust. A form of betrayal. The emotions that are connected with marital infidelity are the same as in case of betrayal.  The most challenging aspects of the healing process are the justifiable rage. So rebuilding trust is difficult unless couple agrees to stay together for the sake of wellbeing of their children or some other "common cause".  This emotional trauma fades with time but rarely completely. When couples seeking a divorce were asked what caused their breakup, many cited infidelity as the problem.

The US culture, especially movies has come to glamorize affairs rather than condemn, them but it not clear what social factors are in play, which is kind of the chicken the egg problem. As one Amazon reviewer put it:

  1. The same social forces act on ALL of us, but only SOME of us cheat. Thus, the social forces cannot explain why cheaters cheat. Differentiating cheaters from others requires looking at variables on which they differ from others, not on forces common to all.
  2. Ms. Vaughan's "evidence" that adultery has increased significantly in the last few decades, when sex has become more public and less closeted, depends to a great extent on generally-unrespected researchers like Shere Hite. Her figures on the rate of adultery are higher than others I've seen (and I've read a lot on this subject). So far as I can tell, we do not really know that there has been a meaningful rise in adultery to accompany the rise in glamorized sexuality (including glamorized icons of adultery).
  3. Even if there is a rising rate of adultery, and even if it correlates the social forces Ms. Vaughan mentions and a rising rate of adultery, it does not follow that one causes the other. Alternative hypotheses can explain both. One such alternative would be that both are results of increasing egoism and hedonism, which could result from any of a number of factors--consumerism, the decline of Heaven-oriented religious belief, decline of community life, commodity-centered views of the person growing out of capitalist ideology, etc. Another might be that both reflect the decline of patriarchal social structures. Surely others could be framed. The point is that we just don't know.

Minimizing the risk of infidelity

My Cheating Heart What Causes Infidelity - Psychology Tomorrow Magazine

Here are six things I believe everyone can do in order to minimize the risk of infidelity:

Do The Work It Takes To Know Yourself As A Sexual Person.

Read books, take a workshop, talk to a counselor. Study your sexuality as you would any other subject you were trying to master. Increase your own awareness about what you like and don’t like; what you fantasize about; how you like to be touched and where; what you would like to try.

Communicate To Your Partner Who You Are Sexually.

Don’t assume that they know! Have an honest conversation at a time when you both feel relaxed and close. If a tool would facilitate the conversation or if you need some structure around it, take a questionnaire together and compare answers.

Ask Questions And Listen To Who They Are As A Sexual Person.

Don’t assume that you know! Unless you have asked them and they feel safe in answering, you probably don’t know all of it. Keep in mind, it may be difficult for your partner to share their sexual desires and fantasies with you if they are not used to talking about sex or if they are fearful that their answers will hurt or offend you. Make sure that when you do ask, you are ready for whatever the answers may be. Do your best to be encouraging and supportive.

Keep An Open Mind And Heart. Be Willing To Try New Things Together.

Try not to judge! In the realm of sexuality, almost anything goes (I say “almost” because the one caveat is that “anything” must be consensual). People’s sexual desires and expressions are hugely varied, and you should avoid making assumptions about what they mean as it is unique to each individual. Many people fantasize about things they are actually not interested in trying in real life or are only willing to try within the safety of their relationship.

Instead Of Distracting Yourself And Avoiding The Problem, Try To Remain Present And Engaged.  

Affairs are distractions, and people distract themselves when they are bored or unhappy. An affair is a “quick fix” with a long-term consequence, even if not discovered. Do due diligence in your personal work. You owe it to yourself and to your partner.

Be Honest: Honest With Yourself And Honest With Your Partner.

Honesty early on (before an affair) about your concerns can create an opening for a new level of intimacy. It can be hard to talk about the fact that you are unhappy with the sex in your relationship or that you are finding yourself attracted to another person. Too many couples avoid the topic of sex, especially when it has been a long period of time since partners have had sex because the subject feels too tense and overwhelming. Honesty after an affair will demonstrate accountability and remorse. Many partners who “discover” an affair say that the discovery and the deception were the worst part.

So what happens when an infidelity has taken place? The bottom line is that some couples are able to make it through an affair and some aren’t. Those who do make it through tend to possess two qualities: a genuine commitment to the relationship and a willingness to show remorse and accountability on the part of the person who has acted outside of the implicit and explicit relationship agreements. Also necessary is a willingness to forgive (this may take some time) by the person who feels betrayed. For the person who had the affair, a first stance when faced with the discovery of the truth and the potential loss of their relationship may be defensiveness or blame, masking their true feelings of guilt, shame, and fear. This partner MUST acknowledge that it was their choice and their choice alone to have an affair, and that nothing, including a lack of sex or disconnection from their partner, justifies their betrayal. This partner can expect to be in for some rough times ahead. A betrayed partner will most likely want details; many details, ALL details, and be terrified of new information being discovered, leaving them in a locked place of terror, anger, and hurt. I believe that it is best to honor their request for information as it is the first step to rebuilding trust. They will also tend to question all aspects of what they believed to be true for the relationship, looking back over time with a view now clouded by the idea that what they believed to be truth in one area of their relationship was not truth, and so surely there are other areas in which similarly they were living a lie. Perhaps that even the whole relationship and who their partner presented themselves as being is a lie.

A couples counselor will be helpful in navigating these very difficult conversations. Both partners can also benefit from individual therapy to have a space that they can share their feelings without filter. Books such as After the Affair: Healing the Pain and Rebuilding Trust When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful by Janis Abrahms Spring, PhD, can also help couples navigate this trespass and gain comfort from hearing the stories of those who have been through a similar ordeal, as well as knowledge about what their partner may be feeling. Ultimately, it is rarely the act of sex outside of a relationship that makes or breaks a couple’s ability to survive an infidelity. It is the meaning we attach to the act and the way we proceed with the information once it has been made known.

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Old News ;-)

[Apr 13, 2016] American Beauty

Starring Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, Thora Birch, Chris Cooper Amazon Digital Services LLC

Mr. Cairene on April 22, 2000


I read somewhere that the overwelmingly red look of American Beauty is a symbol for blood and roses. Represented in the film by the flower petals in Lester Burnham's fantasies, and the blood spilt when the sadness that hovers beneath bears its face. The title of American Beauty does not refer to the pretty surfaces that hide the anguish of these people, but the beauty of their souls when dealing with that anguish. Many reviewers have considered the title to be ironic, it isn't.

I've heard Kevin Spacey say that this film is about context, because taken out of context the behaviour of these characters seem bizzare and even psychotic, but out with in the context of their messy lives or indeed anybody's life, it seems natural.

If I tell you that Kevin Spacey plays a character who is obsessed with the idea of sleeping with his daughter's best friend, a daughter who constantly announces her hatred of her parents, a woman so obsessed with appearances that happiness is but a memory to her, a loner who makes his living as a drug dealer with a firm rigid father living in denial about his son and himself, you would guess that there would be no one to like in this film.

You would be wrong. This film is magical in the way it lets identify with these characters, care for them and worry about their outcome. Infact the ideas of American Beauty are nothing new.

The pursuit of happiness through the abandoning of materialistic possessions and the satisfaction of primal, animal and natural desires was the exact same premise for Fight Club. This could be a middle aged version of that film. The family turmoil closely resembles Ang Lee's The Ice Storm 1998, and like that film, American Beauty ends in tragedy.

Read more ›


Michael Crane on February 4, 2004

And in a way, I am dead already."

"American Beauty" is a pure cinematic triumph that is both funny and sad. It's disturbing... and yet, it's extremely provocative and deep. The film is an extraordinary achievement that reveals a tragic and realistic story about a family that is anything but ordinary. It's a film with so many layers that it is almost impossible to dissect them all in one single thought.

Meet Lester Burnham; a man who feels like he's completely dead inside. His wife and daughter despise him and do not show him any signs of respect. On the surface, the family seems like a picture-perfect family that everybody dreams about--but inside is a completely different matter.

His wife is obsessed with material possessions and doesn't care for "petty" things like love or life, while his daughter resents herself because she isn't "perfect." Lester's mental coma is rudely interrupted when he meets his daughter's friend and starts fantasizing about her. The awakening might be due to a disturbing thought or feeling, but the wake-up call changes Lester and allows him to realize that there's always time to erase his "forced-image" and be the person he really is. This is all a set-up for a funny, disturbing and tragic movie.

I don't know about everybody else, but my mind was literally racing around when this movie was playing before my eyes. It's one of those films that allows you to pick up on something different upon each viewing. As I said in the beginning of the review, this film has a number of layers to it. There's so many different meanings and points to the film that it is nearly impossible to describe them all in one little review. Besides, the fun part of the movie is discovering these meanings and points for yourself. You know a film is successful when you totally lose yourself to it and allow it to challenge you in every way. The film is crafted flawlessly and doesn't have a wasted minute in it.

The acting from Kevin Spacey is really a sight to see. He gives his character all of the right needs and feelings that is necessary for the authenticity of his role. You don't even look at him as an actor--but as the real person he portrays. It is certainly a milestone in his acting career that will continue to be remembered throughout all cinematic history. Annette Bening is also superb in her role and brings life to her character, as well. Everybody in the film should be applauded, as they all make the film what it is.

The DVD has some neat features to offer. The picture quality is fantastic and the sound is more than great. You have the option of watching the movie in DTS if your system is able to play it. Extras included are commentary from the director and writer, a behind-the-scenes featurette, cast and crew biographies, trailers and more. While I wouldn't had mind a Two-Disc edition of the movie, this is a pretty impressive package overall.

"American Beauty" is a breath-taking masterpiece with a very high replay value. It's a terrific film on every front and does not disappoint for a single second. While it's not a movie that everybody will like, it's most certainly one to check out if you are a lover of films. If you're looking for something that isn't so ordinary, then this may be the chance that you are seeking. I feel that it is a unique and superb film that is very hard to express in words--you'll just have to experience it for yourself. -Michael Crane

Lisa C on March 21, 2000


My initial reaction, "That was weird," has changed to "How thought-provoking." What happens when characters who struggle to live authentically cross paths with those who struggle to do anything but?

Lester Burnham and the oddly compelling boy next door both discover the ability to see the true beauty in life, even in the most unlikely or mundane circumstances. Who is to be pitied more: Lester, whose life is snuffed out at the moment of pure joy and contentment, or his wife, who buys into the mantra that one must first attain the appearance of success in order to BE successful? She fiercely shuts down any intense emotion lest she be overwhelmed, and even her sexual encounters are comically farcical. "When did you become so joyless?" the soul-searching Lester asks his wife in a touching moment.

Ricky's character as the boy next door is haunting. He sees life as an artist and a poet; his serenity contrasts with the stark repression of his military father and soulless mother, and intrigues Lester's daughter Jane, who possesses Wednesday Addams' moon face and dour disposition. Her struggle of self-discovery contrasts with that of her best friend, the beautiful and perfect cheerleader Angela, whose insecurities are masked by sexual bravado.

This is a movie worth seeing . . . worth thinking about long after it's over . . . and a gentle reminder to live life authentically.

1 Comment

[Apr 13, 2016] Unfaithful

whirligig from Trinidad, West Indies, 12 May 2002
not quite what I expected!

First off, I was quite surprised to see the cinema so full for this movie, even on opening weekend. I guess not that many movies for women in their 30's plus exist these days!

I expected this movie, as I'm sure many people did, to be a Fatal Attraction but with the genders switched around.

I was pleasantly surprised and shocked by it NOT being what I expected, and I definitely enjoyed it alot more than Fatal Attraction.

The summary of this movie is that Diane Lane's character starts cheating on her husband (Richard Gere) with a beautiful French man(Olivier Martinez). Everything else should be left for surprise.

The pacing of this movie is perfect. We got a sense of Connie and Edward's home life before she met the dashing Paul. They have a darling son, Charlie, who adds alot of humour to the movie, but in a non precocious way. After the affair starts we see Connie's feelings range from excitement to complete disgust with herself. And of course Edward inevitably finds out. His reaction is interesting, to say the least, and perhaps very honest.

The acting is great, especially from Diane Lane. The sex scenes are pretty raunchy, and made me uncomfortable at certain points, but it's interesting to see how different sex with the lover and sex with the husband were.

At the end of this movie I didn't feel cheated or robbed with some contrived ending (although others may argue differently). This film dealt with how being in an affair must feel, and how finding out you're being cheated on could make your react in uncharacteristic ways.

As a movie critic said, this movie will indeed make you never have an affair!

[Apr 13, 2016] Intimate Strangers

Dennis Weaver, Sally Struthers, Tyne Daly, Larry Hagman Amazon Digital Services LLC

[Apr 13, 2016] Someone I Touched

Cloris Leachmane, James Olson, Lou Antonio

Shirley Sorenson on May 19, 2015

Sex Revolution

I enjoyed it! The elegance of Cloris, the fashion, the hair and her acting. I thought it was profound when the husband's secretary asked him if he would go to her home to stay the night or to "crash." He thought about it but refused because I am sure he learned his lesson not to go around and fool on his wife. Sex was casual, very much so back in the early 70's, the sex revolution. I also thought it was ironic when the girl's mother took the high road when she thought the girl may be pregnant but instead, she was told that her daughter had VD; and oh boy, that made her mad and trashed her daughter calling her a tramp.

Holly Kee on February 7, 2014

An Old Take on Kevin Bacon

I initially watched this movie because my friend, Les Lannom, had a role in it. I did enjoy the film, especially for its social value of showing the "Kevin Bacon" effect of casual sex. I also enjoyed the performances of several quality actors including (but not limited to) Cloris Leachman, Andy Robinson, and Les Lannom.

Runaway Father


By GLENDA TAYLOR on June 16, 2014

Format: Amazon Video

This movie was difficult for me to watch. One can understand when a woman becomes a single parent upon the death of her husband. It was gut wrenching to see a man walk away from his pregnant wife to selfishly live his life without any responsibility toward his wife or daughters. He was an uncaring, unfeeling cad.
As far as I'm concerned he did not deserve the family he was blessed with.
He played with the hearts and lives of women only to leave them broken and unfulfilled.

The most difficult moment of all was the his meeting with his younger daughter to offer 'a deal' to get their mother drop the law suit for child support. When asked if he knew a certain young lady in court he looked at his eldest daughter and saw no one but a stranger. he did not recognize his own flesh and blood.
The mother of this story is strong because she chooses to be, she just has to be strong for the sake of her three daughters. She went back to school and earned a degree and worked tirelessly to provide for herself and her children. Her determination to make the father of her daughters take responsibility for supporting his children has inspired many other women to hold the fathers of the children responsible for child support.

Careful who you marry

By Lee on February 18, 2015

Format: Amazon Video class="a-icon a-icon-text-separator"> Verified Purchase

It's an old story. Coming out of the 50s women were raised to believe that their knights in shining armor were going to sweep them off their feet, take care of them, and gleefully support a family. So many women did not have the skills to make it on their own. In this story a selfish man decided to desert his wife and children. He was incapable of parental or marital love. He was a luster. A self-gratifying piece of low humanity. However, after he left, this woman was eventually able to make something of herself and raise her daughters alone. Hopefully, she raised her daughters to take care of themselves and when they get married it would be with the expectation of being a full partner in the marriage instead of a dependent. At first watching this woman grovel as her husband was leaving was a bit unnerving; however, a person has to take into consideration what life was like during her time. Great acting, but the story was so typical of what happens when people marry with different expectations and one partner or the other, sometimes both, are incapable of love and commitment. The children suffer. So very sad.

Donna Mills, John Nicolella Amazon Digital Services LLC

The Sins of Madame Bovary Edwige Fenech, Gerhard Riedmann, Franco Ressel, Peter Carsten Amazon Digital Service

Naomi (With English Subtitles) Melanie Peres, Orna Porat, Eitan Tzur Amazon Digital Services LLC

Can life go on when love dies? Professor Ilan adores his beautiful wife, Naomi, more than anything. However, when he uncovers that Naomi's having an affair, Ilan's world is shattered. NAOMI is based on the best-selling novel by acclaimed Israeli playwright Edna Mazya.

Just Between Us (English Subtitled) Predrag Manojlovic, Bojan Navojec, Rajko Grlic Amazon Digital Services LLC

JUST BETWEEN US is a look at the complexities of relationships, of staying faithful and philandering, through the story of a playboy in a ruinous marriage. (Croatian with English Subtitles)

Lead Us Not into Temptation (English Subtitled)

Amour Fou (English Subtitled)

Just Between Us (English Subtitled)

One Night (English Subtitled)

Sins of a Marriage (English Subtitled)

Le Secret (English Subtitled)



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