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Sex, Lies And Videotape

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Sex, Lies And Videotape

Starring James Spader, Andie MacDowell, Peter Gallagher, Laura San Giacomo Amazon Digital Services

Sex, Lies and Videotape mixed marital infidelity, sibling rivalry and voyeurism and turns this mixture into dynamite. It has a classic line said by the main heroine "I think that sex is overrated" which is probably a powerful indictment of the US cinematography after, say, 1990.

Few chronicles of problem of infidelity in marriage were done in such way as in the movie. I think you will be impressed by enigmatic and outright hilarious, sometimes outstanding performances by Andie Macdowell (as Ann Bishop Mullany, wife of John Mullany), Peter Gallagher (as John Mullany, the husband of Ann), James Spader (as Graham Dalton, a former roommate of John Mullany), and Laura San Giacomo (as Cynthia Patrice Bishop  sister of Ann Bishop Mullany).  The plot with an important friend with obsession of recording woman talking about their sex life (which he uses for masturbation) is sleazy and somewhat perverted, but the movie as a whole is not. Sex scenes are present but without excessive details , which became so characteristic of Hollywood  and destroyed a lot of potentially good movies, converting them into soft-porn. Some scenes are outstanding and pretty educational. Among them:

It its core, it is about people in morality crises, and how they get out of them or linger with how they act is the point. Despite the lurid, voyeuristic title, this film is not really about sex at all. It's about intimacy and what it takes to reach that with another person.

John Mullany: You're lying to Ann, too.

Cynthia: Yeah, right, but I didn't take a vow in front of God and everyone to be faithful to Ann.

In a way it has some significant similarities with a later masterpiece, American Beauty, and in some ways Sex, Lies and videotape is even better than American Beauty.  Most of the characters felt superficial to me. Andie MacDowell's Anne seemed to have expressions over-amplified and she just didn't seem natural. She is way too self-conscious, almost like a lawyer , and always weighing her words before she speaks(unlke her husband, a layer ;-).

Cynthia (Laura San Giacomo) is an atypical 1980s character: she plays sister of the main heroine. She knows what she wants (financial independence, sex, her artwork, her plants) and she goes for what she wants. And gets it. Despite a horrendous betrayal of sibling, she even ends up on reasonably good terms with the sister with whom she probably has had problems dating back to their childhood.

And the resolution is slightly unrealistic: a suddenly (and illogically) galvanized Andie MacDowell forces Spader to unburden his own hang-ups on camera, after which he destoes all the takes and the camera itself and the two of them settle down to live happily ever after while her scum husband loses both his his wife (to divorce), and girlfriend. A well, presumably, his high-salary job.

James Spader is an enigmatic actor (who later stars in Secretary as a lawyer- masochist :-), who lays the role of Graham, John Mullany former buddy. Graham is an emotionally confused man whose hobby is videotaping sexual conversations with women. He plays Graham with such conviction n the innosence of this pretty skleasy chapracter, that you forget about questionable nature of what he is doing that you are not quite sure how to take his "hobby", despite being a clear perversion and in certain extent  a breach of trust in itlevf (he does not guar those incriminating take at all). Justfication he gives to his activities doe not stand any scrutiny:

Cynthia: If Ann got freaked out by these, there must be something sexual: are these tapes of you having sex with these girls?

Graham: No, not exactly.

Cynthia: Well, either you are or your aren't; which is it?

Graham: Why don't you let me tape you?

Cynthia: Doing what?

Graham: Talking.

Cynthia: About what?

Graham: About sex... your sexual history, sexual preferences.

Cynthia: What makes you think I'd discuss that with you?

Graham: Nothing.

Cynthia: Hmm. And you just want to ask me questions?

Graham: I just want to ask you questions.

Cynthia: That's all.

Graham: That's all.

Cynthia: Is this how you get off or something? Taping women talking about their sexual experiences?

Graham: Yes.

His performance counteracts the filthy behaviour of John and Cynthia as he tries his best to right wrongs from his past. When the tables are turned and he must finally confront himself, we are treated with the best acting in the movie. The ambush both on the video by MacDowell and by Gallagher during the playing of said video juxtapose perfectly the emotions everyone in this movie feels. Graham isn't very good at typical social chit-chat, as Ann quickly discovers. He is, however, quite intriguing and far more honest than anyone she's ever met before and that attract her to him. Graham is definitely different. For some reason the fact that he has a collection of videotapes of conversations/interviews he's had with various women on the topic of sex does not bother her, despite her puritanical nature. She way too quickly became open with Graham, shortly after helping him find an apartment (the scene in cafe when she said  her famous line "I think that sex is overrated"). Cynthia, however, is highly intrigued, when Ann tells her about it and volunteers to make a videotape, despite understanding possible consequences. That suggest almost sociopathic adventurism on her part.

The same as you learned in Sunday School, only the exemplars are different

Author: Casey Machula ([email protected]) from Flagstaff, AZ
25 July 2003

Sex, Lies and Videotape will probably strike the average viewer as irredeemably degenerate, maybe even perverted, since voyeurism is still considered aberrant behavior. But as far as this film is concerned, that's the appearance, not the reality. Whereas the drama revolves to a certain extent around the voyeuristic masturbation of an impotent man, the heart and soul of the film is an unrelenting, hard driving psychological siege on the biggest erogenous zone of all: the brain.

This film is about sex. But it's not about the frothy swapping of fluids and feelings. It's about honesty, without which one can't have intimacy, which is to sexual stimulation what the water valve is to the hydrant. From beginning to end, we see this theme brought into focus by the dramatic contrast between two different relationships – the one based on lies and deceit, the other based upon honesty. And guess which one wins out in the long run?

In a sense, it's what your mother and Sunday school teacher taught you all along. But what makes this movie way more interesting than your mother or Sunday school teacher is the level of honesty it suggests is necessary as the basis of a healthy relationship. Ann (Andy McDowell), for example, an acceptably moral person tells the voyeuristic masturbator `You got a problem.' He replies by adding that he has a lot of problems. But, he says, `They belong to me.'

Somehow, the openness about one's problems renders their bile and poison ineffective. `Lilies that fester,' said Shakespeare, `smell far worse than weeds.'

Exquisitely crafted, honest, minimalist and an almost perfect product

Author: ghanti from United Kingdom
23 September 2008

It is a film about relationships, dilemma, courage and more. What works in life and what does not. Honesty does and (crudely speaking) at a very basic level that is the message. At the very heart are the three protagonists who are stuck. The therapist is spectacularly wrong in his interpretation to the apparently frigid wife: 'If you think about it are obsessed about things you have no control over'. But she demonstrates at the end that she did have the control. All she needed was a better, more 'intimate' therapist; a catalyst : Graham ; who ends up uncluttering the cheating sister in law's mind and forces the husband to confront his problems in the process. It is a remarkably optimistic film in its content and therefore perhaps slightly unrealistic.

It is a film about masterful use of contrasts; the two women and the two men could not have been more opposite in every possible respect. In a way Graham is also a perfect contrast to the imperfect Psychoanalyst. This helps the director bring out the message clearly.

The whole film is crafted in a minimalist way, flows smoothly and does not carry much 'garbage'! Music, camera and the narrative are almost perfect in that they are almost invisible. So are the actors, especially James Spader and to a large extent Andie MacDowell. Gallegher is probably less than perfect but very good nonetheless. Laura Giacomo portrays a rather difficult character really well. It treats the audience with respect as the message is subtle and very personal, as it should be. My only grievance is the last office scene involving Gallegher was probably unnecessary.

Sex and the videotapes are incidental to the storey and perhaps misnomers therefore.

It is like reading a rather well written short storey and I would recommend 'Days And Nights In The Forest' (perhaps slightly more realistic and understated than this film) by Satyajit Ray to those who have enjoyed this film.

Fascinating Debut

Author: Galina from Virginia, USA
3 August 2007

Steven Soderbergh's now legendary debut was the first his film I saw. It was in 1989, during the Moscow International Film Festival. Only later I found out that Sodebergh was 29 when he wrote the screenplay in eight days during a trip to Los Angeles and made the film for $1.8 million. His independent movie was a real hit that was selected for Cannes Film Festival and won the Palme d'Or and the best actor prize for James Spader.

The film concerns four attractive and intelligent young people. Ann (Andy MacDowell in the best role I've ever seen her) is married to John (Gallagher) but their sexual life is practically non-existent since Ann finds sex over-rated, and to simply put it, she does not enjoy or even need it. John is having an affair with Ann's sexy younger sister, Cynthia (San Giacomo) who seems to resent Ann. Enters Graham (Spader), John's college friend with the unusual hobby of videotaping women while they describe their sexual fantasies and very important skill - he knows how to listen.

I had seen many movies before "sex, lies and videotape" and I've seen plenty since but it has a special place in my memory. It was the first film I had seen that dealt with and talked about very intimate topics of sexuality, satisfaction, jealousy, sisters' relationship, marital problems and loyalty, the secret longings in all of us, and the ever mysterious nature of erotic desire with such level of honesty, openness, and intelligence. The writing, the dialogs, and the acting are superb with James Spader and Laura San Giacomo simply outstanding and Andie McDowell very convincing.

Soderbergh's Debut Film Mesmerizes

Author: CitizenCaine from Las Vegas, Nevada
25 May 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Steven Soderbergh's Sex, Lies, And Videotape was all the rage at Cannes in 1989, winning the Golden Palm Award for Soderbergh and the Best Actor Award for James Spader. Soderbergh was also nominated for an Oscar for his screenplay. Despite the lurid, voyeuristic title, this film is not really about sex at all. It's about intimacy and what it takes to reach that with another person. Lies are always a barrier to that, but who would have thought that videotape would be so useful in revealing so much about people, although it actually shows little? James Spader, late of "The Practice" fame, is outstanding as the old college friend that returns to his friend's town, and stirs up the truth about each character. Peter Gallagher, currently in "The O.C.", is equally great as the lawyer, husband, who uses those in his orbit without regard to any consequences. Andie MacDowell is absolutely perfect as the conservative wife, who thinks that sex is overrated. Laura San Giacomo, from "Just Shoot Me", is also perfectly cast as the sexpot sister of MacDowell. All the actors, who weren't too well known at the time, give bull's eye performances. Rarely has any of them been as good since. Soderbergh's direction and screenplay are also responsible for the success of the film. Very little actually happens in the movie in terms of action, scene changes, and technical aspects of film in general. It's reminiscent of the many talky European films that are often very frank but where little happens. However, there is not a wasted moment in this film. Soderbergh gives us one of the most honest, mature depictions of the barriers to intimacy ever put on film. In doing so, he shows us that the characters are not free of their own ulterior motivations, even though some appear to change for the better. What is significant is that barriers to intimacy are just as difficult to face as the events that precipitate our facing them. The brief final shot speaks volumes with no dialog. ***1/2 of 4 stars.

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Calling All Proclivities

Author: dataconflossmoor from United States
18 August 2002

A classic case of where the mechanics of marriage become the insidious culprit to sexual indiscretion...John Millaney is the overly mortgaged white collar malcontent who is callous with his regard toward marital fidelity...He has an affair with his wife's sister, Cynthia Bishop, she is a morally bankrupt loner who resents her sister's relatively structured existence...Gram Dalton is the voyeuristic creep who preys on the dissatisfaction of married women with the seven year itch syndrome, and other disgruntled and socially misplaced women as well!! He perceives vulnerability in women to be sexually stimulating!! His ultimate undoing is his creative resolution to boredom, and this basically backfires in an absolutely horrendous way!!! Ann Millaney (John's wife) is torn between a perfect marriage and an emotional millennium.. She is convinced that not only does doing things her way work, IT MUST!!. It is not necessary to have all the missing pieces to the puzzle in her marriage because she realizes the ramifications of such a heinous plight!! What presses everyone's buttons? Is it kink, is it bi, or bi for the night, is it emotional nurturing?...James Spader's character (Gram Dalton) has a life that is based on comparative stability, everybody (mostly women) can expose their lewd nuances while he keeps his a secret, once someone has tampered with his quirkiness which is close to the vest, he has no ability to cope, thus, he exaggerates his mistakes!!!All of the characters in this film are hit with the grim reality that not accepting responsibility accomplishes nothing....They all engage in a form of permanent self destruction!! Being flippant about immorality has a definite rude awakening!! What seems complicated is really very simple, and the depraved intrigue of perversion merely brings out all of their most dreaded skeletons in the closet!!!! Seldom in a film is there such a precise poignancy about things that bother people that really should not bother them at all...This is what gets them into so much trouble!! Steven Soderbergh's production efforts in this film were merely a harbinger of things to come, as he has gone on to produce and direct fabulous movies ("Good Night and Good Luck", "Syrianna", and "Traffic", to name but a few!!) This film effectuates a noteworthy devotion to an unintentional and sordid sexual authenticity!! Sundance is a network for the non-conventional.."Sex Lies and Videotape" is testament to the fact that what appears gray flannel is not always the panacea people would like to believe it to be!! Marital upheaval is all about emotional affliction in this movie. Latent reactions are a manifestation of psychological insecurity. You are never going to get what you want out of a relationship because you don't know what that is!! This was the summon substance of what the film "Sex Lies and Videotape" was all about!! This film had a personal dedication to it as well!!

Excellent film!

Author: ([email protected]) from Mandeville, LA
10 February 2001

Once in a great while a motion picture comes along that surprises me. sex, lies, and videotape is one of them. 10-years had passed between the release of this picture and the time I saw it. Then another 2-years before I decided to write about just how wonderful it is. My only regret is that I didn't get to view it on the big screen. My commentary on this film will be terse and the reason for this is I admired the film so much that I could go on-and-on about how really good it is.

The first thing I noticed about the characters of Graham and Ann is that they are drawn to each other without realizing it. During their first scene together, I could tell there was some attraction between them. Ann is a sweet, innocent, very intelligent woman who is unfulfilled, yet doesn't realize her dilemma and is, therefore, in therapy. At first I thought my instinct was wrong in this incidence, but came to realize how right I had been when Ann arose to go upstairs just to look at Graham sleeping. Neither of them have a clue as to what is transpiring between them, but their future together seems set and often that can be the best kind.

Andie MacDowell is absolutely wonderful as Ann. She owned that role.

Graham is the character in search of closure to his past, which he regrets, probably due to his new-found moral code. His attraction to Ann isn't evident to him because most men seeking a higher moral plane don't think of other men's wives in that regard. Yet he openly discusses his impotence with her in a diner while the two of them are apartment-hunting for him. It's true that they are sharing secrets, but why something so personal a nature? Ann tells Graham that she thinks sex is overrated and gives him her reasons why. So, we have two comparative strangers, who had only met the day before, discussing things about their lives that they normally would keep to themselves and it is because they are comfortable with one-another and are still unaware of the deep-rooted attraction they share.

James Spader is one of my favorite actors and turns in his usual outstanding performance.

The character of Cynthia (Ann's sister) is the opposite of Ann. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it, even though it's her sister's husband. She doesn't want him on a permanent basis -- just when she needs him. Sort of like a light switch that you can flip on and off.

Good performance by Laura San Giacomo.

The toughest character to write about is John. Here is a guy on his way up the ladder of success who lets his hormones affect his job performance. He isn't entirely to blame, because he is in a loveless marriage and he doesn't realize the fact that he doesn't hold the key to Ann's heart.

Good performance by Peter Gallagher.

Mr. Soderbergh did an outstanding job of directing the four main characters to achieve the proper mix. Without his superb direction this would have been just another film, but it is so much more than that. I look forward to more of his writer-director creations, but sex, lies, and videotape will remain one of my all-time favorite films.

What is it about James Spader...?

Author: cpg-2 from Carlsbad, CA
14 April 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this movie when it came out years ago and loved it. I added it to my list of "must-see" movies that circulates among my family.

Then I saw Secretary on DVD just last week and recalled with the force of a cyclone exactly why James Spader is among my favorite character actors: he is different and real and....something elusively else.

I re-rented SL&V this weekend and watched it twice. He is subtle, a bit creepy, vulnerable, itchy...and something else...OUCH...really, painfully, oddly sexually attractive. I think I need to buy these two movies to watch in the wee hours.

My husband and I have had (SEMI-SPOILER!) long conversations about what we think went on after he turned off the camera with Ann.

So many of his other movies don't give Spader this range of opportunities (Secretary does, happily!), except maybe Less Than Zero (with another sexy-creepy favorite, Rob't Downey Jr).

It bears repeat watching, just for him.

On the DVD, the director's commentary with Soderberg, is insanely annoying and inane. Even in crucial scenes, he cannot stop talking about really inappropriate and uninteresting things.

See the movie, SKIP the commentary.

A great little film with a great little cast (Spoilers)

Author: domino1003 from United States
20 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Sex,Lies and Videotape" works well because the film is tightly structured around 4 people. Anyone else that comes into the picture (Ann's therapist, the landlord)seems to intruded into the tight group. John and Ann (Peter Gallagher and Andie MacDowell)looks like the perfect couple on the surface. Underneath...John is a scumbag, cheating on his wife with her own sister, Cynthia (Laura San Giacomo, who just smolders through the film). Ann refuses to let her husband touch her. Although she doesn't know about the affair, she senses something is wrong. Enter into the mix is Graham (James Spader, in a surprising role). Graham's presence brings changes into the lives of John, Ann and Cynthia, and it all has to do with his hobby: videotaping women talking about sex. From the moment he appears, nothing will ever be the same.

Amazing that Steven Soderbergh made an intimate film that deals with sex, and yet there is none to be seen (Only a few hot moments, but no nudity). But it is sex that fuels the movie (Graham can't have sex because he's impotent;the only way he can gratify himself is watching women talk about sex), Ann doesn't want to have sex, John is ruining his career and marriage because of sex, and Cynthia is ruining her relationship with her sister because of sex).

When the moment comes when Ann finds out that her world is a lie, she comes to Graham and tells him she wants to do a video. This causes the greatest change between the 2.

Kudos to the cast and Soderbergh, who made a huge film with a little budget (Nearly $2 million to make, and grossed nearly $25 million!).

Sex, Lies and Videotape

Author: sumantra roy from India
12 July 2013

The best thing that I can say about Sex, Lies and videotape is that the film lives up to the potential of its name. I remember watching trashes having spurring names. In a way it has some significant similarities with a later masterpiece, American Beauty, and in some ways Sex, Lies and videotape is even better than American Beauty. It has an amazing economy, brilliant script, wonderful performances from all the four major actors and superb cinematography. It has got almost everything that is wonderful about filmmaking.

John, a clever lawyer is having a sexual relationship with his wife's sister, Cynthia. His wife, Ann, is absolutely uninterested in sex and seems more concerned about waste management. She confesses to her therapist that she hardly has sex these days. But interestingly she is happy with her life, feels secured and comfortable with her husband; at least she is able to successfully pretend. Probably she doesn't even know whether she really love her husband or not. She is shy to talk about sex and feels it's not that important, at least this she wants to believe. Ann somehow also believes that even if she has no interest in having sex with her husband still he would not go to another woman. She tells John that it will absolutely break her down if she comes to know about something like that. On the other hand, John and Cynthia are having frequent and electrifying times in bed, something that Ann has no clue about. Cynthia is hot, seductive and according to Ann, loud and extrovert. She kind of finds having sex on her sister's bed a rousing proposition. Interestingly, john has a strong sense of possession about his wife and does not want to break his marriage, for whatever reasons.

In this already exciting scenario enters an even interesting pal, Graham, a friend of John, whom he hasn't seen for nine years. Graham is more interested in sex as a subject, than as a practice. He discusses sex with women he meets, about their experiences, desires, fantasies, and records those interviews in his camcorder, with their permission of course. It seems to be his favorite pastime. Now imagine a situation with all four of them having the chance to meet and talk to each other.

Though the film has some clichés like Ann, while visiting her sister's house, unknowingly taking a look at the small tree gifted to Cynthia by John, when last time he went there to have sex or Ann's lovely photograph at John's office table, shown at a predictable juncture of his conversation with Cynthia.

During an exchange at a restaurant with Ann, Graham says that he read it somewhere that, a man loves the woman he is attracted to and a woman gets attracted to a man she loves. Well, this has some value in terms of this film at least. After all Ann is not proved to be that uninterested in sex, and even if it kind of hurts John to hear Cynthia telling him that she doesn't trust him, he has to somehow swallow it.


Graham: I remember reading somewhere that men learn to love the person that they're attracted to, and that women become more and more attracted to the person that they love.

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Ann: So let me see, you said, um, you said that I should never take advice from someone that I haven't had sex with, right... right?

Graham: Basically.

Ann: Right. And, uh, *we* haven't had sex...


Ann: right?

Graham: So...

Ann: So, I, I, I guess from your own advice, I shouldn't take your advice.

Graham: I wouldn't.

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Cynthia: The organ itself seemed like a, a separate thing, um, a separate entity to me. I mean, when he finally pulled it out, and I could look at it and touch it, I completely forgot that there was a guy attached to it. I remember literally being startled when the guy spoke to me.

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John Mullany: I'm sorry?

Graham: No, it's just, I, you know, I just think - right now I have one key and everything I own is in the car, and I just... I like that, you know? I mean, I just, if I get an apartment, that two keys, if I... get a job, you know, I might have to open or close, that's more keys, you know, buy some stuff, I'm afraid it's gonna get ripped off, or something, and I get more keys, and I just, I, you know, I just like having the one key, it's clean.

Ann: You're not gonna worry in losing them, I always lose my keys, I hate that.

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Graham: So, I don't... I don't understand, uh, what made you want to come here. I can't imagine Ann painted a very flattering portrait of me.

Cynthia: Yeah, well, see, um, I don't really listen to Ann when it comes to men. I mean, look at John, for Christ's sake.

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Ann: Nothing's what I thought it was. John's a bastard. Let's make a videotape.

Graham: No, I... ahem... I don't think that's a good idea.

Ann: Why not?

Graham: Because I don't think it's a choice that you'd make in a normal frame of mind.

Ann: And what would you know about a normal frame of mind?

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Graham: You're right, I've got a lot of problems... But they belong to me.

Ann: You think they're yours, but they're not. Everybody that walks in that door becomes part of your problem. Anybody that comes in contact with you. I didn't want to be part of your problem, but I am. I'm leaving my husband, and maybe I would have anyway, but the fact is, is, I'm doing it now, and part of it's because of you. You've had an effect on my life.

Graham: This isn't supposed to happen. I've spent nine years structuring my life so this didn't happen.

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John Mullany: You're lying to Ann, too.

Cynthia: Yeah, right, but I didn't take a vow in front of God and everyone to be faithful to Ann.

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Ann: I think that um... I think that sex is overrated. I think that people place far too much importance on it, and I think that stuff about women wantin' it just as bad as men is crap. I mean I think that women want it, I just don't think that they want it for the same reason that men think they do.

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Ann: You know, my therapist...

Graham: You're in therapy?

Ann: Aren't you?

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Cynthia: [entering Graham's apartment uninvited and unannounced] I'm Cynthia Bishop

Graham: [looking confused] Who?

Cynthia: [interrupting] I'm Ann Mullaney's sister

Graham: The extrovert

Cynthia: She musta been in a good mood when she said that; she usually calls me 'loud.'

Graham: She called you that too!

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[Accepting John's claim that he's not cheating on her]

Ann: I've just got all this time on my hands, and I just sit around and start inventing these, like, intricate scenarios...


Ann: And then I don't want to have wasted all my time, so I want to believe in them.

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Ann: Did he touch you?

Cynthia: No.

Ann: Did you touch him?

Cynthia: No.

Ann: Did anybody touch anybody?

Cynthia: Well... yes.

Ann: Don't tell me... don't tell me... don't tell me. You didn't!

Cynthia: I did.

Ann: You didn't!

Cynthia: I did.

Ann: You didn't!

Cynthia: I did!

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Ann: So, all these are... are interviews, huh?

Graham: Uh, yes.

Ann: Can we watch one?

Graham: No, I'd - uh, no.

Ann: Why not?

Graham: Well, I... promised each of the subjects that no one would see the videotapes except for me.

Ann: What are the interviews about?

Graham: The interviews are about sex.

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Ann: Well, what did he ask exactly?

Cynthia: Well, I don't want to tell you exactly.

Ann: You let a total stranger record your sexual life on videotape, but you won't tell your own sister?

Cynthia: Apparently.

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Cynthia: If Ann got freaked out by these, there must be something sexual: are these tapes of you having sex with these girls?

Graham: No, not exactly.

Cynthia: Well, either you are or your aren't; which is it?

Graham: Why don't you let me tape you?

Cynthia: Doing what?

Graham: Talking.

Cynthia: About what?

Graham: About sex... your sexual history, sexual preferences.

Cynthia: What makes you think I'd discuss that with you?

Graham: Nothing.

Cynthia: Hmm. And you just want to ask me questions?

Graham: I just want to ask you questions.

Cynthia: That's all.

Graham: That's all.

Cynthia: Is this how you get off or something? Taping women talking about their sexual experiences?

Graham: Yes.

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Ann: I want out of this marriage.

John Mullany: What?

Ann: I. Want. Out. Of. This. *Marriage.*

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Ann: Anyway, being happy isn't all that great. I mean, the last time I was really happy... I got so fat. I must have put on 25 pounds. I thought John was gonna have a stroke.

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Ann: Being happy isn't all that great. I mean... the last time I was... really happy... I got really fat.

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[after doing a videotape, Cynthia is extremely horny]

Cynthia: [to John] Get your balls in the air and get your butt over here!

[after some wild, passionate sex]

John Mullany: Oh, God. You're on fire!

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Ann: I want to know why you are the way you are!

Graham: And I'm telling you it's not any one thing that I can point to and say "That's why!" It doesn't work that way with people who have problems, Ann, it's not that neat, it's not hat tidy! It's not a series of little boxes that you can line up and count. Things just don't happen that way.

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Barfly: This is too much. I'm wearing red, you're wearing red. That's quite a coincidence...

Ann: Look, I'm married.

Barfly: Really? Are you very married?

Ann: Married enough

Barfly: Oh. Oh. I see. Well, that shouldn't stop us...

Ann: I'm just here to see my sister. OK?

Barfly: Oh, really? Who's your sister?... Is she married?

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Barfly: It's a nice dress.

Ann: Thanks. I thought so, too.

Barfly: Looks like a tablecloth.

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Barfly: OK, now, you're wearing blue, I'm wearing blue. Is this some sort of weird coincidence?

Ann: I don't think so.

Barfly: I think it's something more.

Ann: Do you live here?

Barfly: No. I'm just passing through.

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Ann: What did you think?

Graham: I thought about what you would look like having an orgasm.

Ann: I'd like to know what I look like havin' an orgasm.

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[last lines]

Ann: I think it's gonna rain.

Graham: [chuckles] It is raining.

Ann: Yeah.

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Graham: One woman used up only 3 minutes, and another used three 2-hour tapes.

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Ann: I brought you this. I knew it was your birthday.

[Hands Cynthia a potted plant]

Cynthia: Thanks.

Barfly: It's a nice plant. Looks like a tablecloth.

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Ann: You can't possibly trust him. He's perverted.

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Ann: That's beautiful... That's really beautiful.

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Cynthia: I was eight years old, and, um, Michael Green, who was also eight, asked if he could watch me take a pee... And I said he could if I could watch him take one, too. So we went to the woods behind my house. And I got this feeling he was chickenin' out cos he kept sayin' "Ladies first!" So I pulled down my little panties and urinated, and he ran away before I even finished.

Graham: Was it a topic of conversation between you after that?

Cynthia: No! He kind of avoided me for the rest of the summer, and then his family moved away... To Cleveland, actually.

Graham: What a shame. When did you finally see a penis?

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Graham: Do you have orgasms?

Ann: I don't think so. I mean, I guess, since I'm not sure, that I've never had one.

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[to Ann, the first time they meet]

Graham: Have you ever been on television?

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[John said he wasn't fucking Cynthia]

Ann: You never used to say the word "fucking."

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Ann: What kind of "personal project"?

Graham: A personal project like anyone else's personal project. Mine's just a little more... personal, I guess.

Cynthia: Ann, I don't understand why this freaks you out so much. You didn't do it, I did. And if it doesn't bother me, why should it bother you?

Cynthia: You know, I'd like to do it at your house sometime. I must admit, the idea of doing it in my sister's bed gives me a perverse thrill.

John Mullany: Things are getting too complicated.

Cynthia: No... they're gettin' real simple.

[first lines]

Ann: Garbage. All I've been thinking about all week is garbage. I mean, I just can't stop thinking about it.

Ann: I always lose my keys. I hate that.

John Mullany: Ann, answer me. Answer me, god dammit. Did he?

Ann: Yes.

[Prepares to slap Ann but backs off]

John Mullany: That backstabbing son of a bitch! Oh, Mr. Honesty, huh!

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