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Divorcing borderliner bulletin, 2018

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[Oct 22, 2018] First off, the coercion "come back or else " flat out. The ruthlessness vis- -vis the victim, the complete disregard for that individual's life. The crassness of the methods applied. The carelessness concerning the risks and the half-assed way in which this exercise, by and large, was carried out. Followed by, of course, a sudden switch from ever-so-charming to furious rage

Such people sadly self-destruct. It's terrible when person became his/her own worst enemy.
Oct 22, 2018 |

Scotch Bingeington , Oct 22, 2018 5:00:53 PM | link

B, amazing work again, thrilling to read. Though this is a yet unfolding story, you manage to write about it in a profound way.

Regarding the manner in which MbS operates here and subsequently reacts towards other people's reactions is certainly telling, at least to me. First off, the coercion -- "come back or else " -- flat out. The ruthlessness vis-à-vis the victim, the complete disregard for that individual's life. The crassness of the methods applied. The carelessness concerning the risks and the half-assed way in which this exercise, by and large, was carried out. Once word got out, being utterly taken by surprise that this murder should draw so much attention and should shock and outrage people -- like, at all! Followed by, of course, a sudden switch from ever-so-charming to furious rage.

That's textbook psychopathic behavior. MbS is a psychopath. I don't mean that as an insult, but as the descriptive term and category that it is. It was already palpable in all the other incidents, which was duly pointed out here by people at the Moon. To me, it's also in his eyes.

But the thing is, as such, MbS is a befitting representation of his country. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the way that it works, how it's organized, its history, its outlook on the world -- it's the equivalent among states of a psychopath.

I certainly agree, the sooner MbS gets kicked off the stage, the better for them and for us. But he'll be replaced and SA will still be the equivalent among states of a psychopath -- and act accordingly. There's much more to be done than just put an end to MbS' games. In that vein, I'd be appalled if Russia were to seriously consider sucking up to SA should they break away from the US orbit.

[Oct 02, 2018] Narcissist, Psychopath, or Sociopath How to Spot the Differences - YouTube

Notable quotes:
"... get away from them fast as you can before they make you into another thing they own ..."
Oct 02, 2018 |

Robert Bright , 11 hours ago

I didn't bother to continue to listen to her exegesis when she stated that the main problem of a narcissist is low self-esteem. This is not true. The fundamental element of all forms of narcissism is the over-arching need to divert all social attention to their own agendum.

Pip's Channel , 1 day ago (edited)

Very clear explanation of the differences and well spoken by Dr. Ramani. However, the knowledge explained in this interview was already defined in the DSM-1 from 1952 and is nothing new. Hell, even Freud was trying to figure out narcisists more than a hundred years ago.. The danger of explaining these types of personality disorders this popular way, i.e. the behavior of the so called psychopath from the interviewer's story, is that people popularize these labels and tend to use them whenever they see fit, like for instance 'This guy hurt my feelings, he is a total psycho'. Please remember that a person's personality is a spectrum. They're not to be labeled by one disorder. Dr. Ramani's mistake in this interview is to put a label on this psycho-boyfriend-from-college-person, based on a story, transfered from like 4 people or more, so it might be full of bias. Of course there must be something really wrong with the guy for acting that way he did if this is actually a true story. However, this is not a remotely valid diagnosis of the actual person because, from the information I got from this interview both of them have never even seen this guy. These kind 'ghetto-diagnoses' have a tendency to become gossip or even slander, like 'We, the people have labeled you a total psychopath because your behaviour fits Dr. Ramani's description of a psychopath in a certain way, move to the Antarctic' (not talking from personal experience here haha) ;-) My point is: In actual science, measuring is knowing. Jumping to a conclusion like that: Not very professional in my humble opinion. Tends to pseudo science if you ask me. But I guess the good doctor knows this, being a professor..

Mary M , 1 week ago

I was in a 17 year relationship, 15 yr marriage with a sociopathic man. He was successful, he could read people like a book and played games with ppl to get his way. {He was the exact opposite of an e Empath. Reading people's visual cues is not the same as being attuned to what others around you are feeling.}

He would come home and brag about his manipulations. He knew just how to make anyone love him including doctors for whatever meds he wanted, or psychologists to check a box.

His mother always told me, "that man is not the same person I raised." He had absolutely no guilt or regret, but he had a strong black and white clarity of right and wrong.

It's a learned morality without intuition. He knew what he was-- he told me his father and uncle were sociopaths and he knew he was missing something inside. We got together in high school, so I didn't see it until years after we were married, and he was in his early 20's...he morfed into a different person. I knew I could not have children with him.

He was charming but it was a facade. His anger, control, power issues were under the surface of it all. I loved him deeply and believed he loved me deeply as well. (You will never feel a stronger connection to someone with narcissistic tendencies-they can make the earth stand still for you. They will also shatter your world in an instant if you're no longer useful to them.) {**Sociopaths do in fact care... They become incredibly ANGRY & FRUSTRATED when they're found out, when someone gets in their way, or when their power/control is threatened. If you're the target of their anger, WATCH OUT!!! }

In the final year, he was living a double life, engaged to another woman, and continued normal every day life with me. When I went to see my mother before her surgery, he moved his girlfriend into my house, and served me divorce pprs. (It was no big deal to him. I was merely an inconvenience.)

I never saw him again, never got most of my things back, and my service dog became another game for him to hurt me with. She died of a stroke just after. I never saw her again either. This was the worst... He spent 25k of our savings in one month taking her to our favorite places.

You kiss your husband goodbye one day, and the next day, your entire world falls apart. He played victim on social media, in court and with our friends, with a smear campaign and cyber stalking me.

It was absolutely brutal to watch, but I said nothing (until court). Truth comes out eventually--and it did. I had a great lawyer. It was very clear my ex hadn't thought through the most basic consequences of a divorce much less his actions. Typical narcissistic behavior is doing what you want, when you want, not thinking through the potential outcomes (hurting ppl, jail, losing a job, causing illness, etc.)

Part of the manipulation is to play the part of victim in any circumstance things don't go their way. They'll play the hero every other time- mind you it is all an act. I'm disabled and chronically ill, and he used the most fragile moments of my illness to publicly shame me as someone "pathetic" that "no one would want to be married to".

It was not a bad marriage at all, it was like a mother-child relationship, which can make it confusing for ppl when they turn into these spiteful monsters out of nowhere. It took years for the shock to wear off, for the feelings of love and protection to melt away and for me to see what family and friends had already known. I refuse to see myself as a victim.

I'm not angry, bc this is meant to be part of my story--certainly not the end, as I'm starting over at 35, lol.

This is the short version of my story, and if you suspect you are in a relationship with a sociopathic person, please get out. "You can't fix people, you can only love them..."

And you will be the one who needs fixing when they are through with you. Give them to God, pray for them, but get away from them fast as you can before they make you into another thing they own . xo

Holly Kendrick , 2 days ago

Most leaders in history also display characteristics of psychopathy, not just Trump. The fact is that any normal functioning person would be completely overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with running a country, including decisions that involve moral obligations and an emotional aspect way beyond the normal every day decisions that the average person has to make. It takes a narcissistic person to have that much confidence in themselves to believe they can run an entire country successfully - and to want that much power in the first place.

paula villegas , 3 days ago

I just dated a psychopath for 3 yrs on and off,hes in jail now but he has broken my house car windows beat me up because ive asked him to leave my house threatened me of were to leave him, I seen in hos eyes his motives were evil, totally different person around other people and very charming when my female friends were around, always came off like he had sexual desire for them by the way hed make eye contact,Id catch him doing certain actions then tell me I didnt see what I know I seen. He made me miserable and scared constantly,then when accused he'd go in a rage until I admitted I was wrong and apologized. He'd leave for a wk. Come back and accuse me constantly for cheating sometimes to the point of violence having no remorse for the pain he had caused I wouldn't dare question where he had been. Out of 3 yrs I dont believe hes ever answered any of my questions he'd always turned the tables and questions were being asked out of my guilt so to speak was a roller coaster ride.

Mark Gabl , 3 days ago

In the Story the man told of this Girl he knew and the Guy she dated... The Dr. got it right that this Guy is a Psychopath, but she is not seeing the whole picture, or doesn't realize one of the most important traits of a Psychopath... That is, that in ANY situation the psychopath will not allow someone else to "Best" them. After being dumped by this Girl, he became her "perfect boyfriend" and she took him back for another year. That entire year was a Deception Game for the psychopath, and after the year, probably on the exact date, he announced to the Girl, that he had "Played Her" for that entire year, just to "break her heart." This example will give one an idea of the dedication as well as the level of deceit this guy was willing to go through, just to Prove that He will not be "Bested"... by her or anyone else. This Girl is really lucky that this psychopath chose that route... as usually the psychopath would just Kill the Girl, in some meticulously planned out fashion, where not only does he get away with it, but he plants evidence on whoever the Girl is now dating, and takes care of Two Birds with one stone. Psychopath comes out on top. Psychopaths consider themselves Superior Beings... and something as simple as beating them in a game of Golf could end up costing you your life. Especially if there were others their who cheered on the winner, or made fun of the loser. He wouldn't just kill the guy right there in front of everyone like a schizophrenic person might. Instead he will take his time, plan his Revenge, and the right time and place to exact his revenge. It could be 15 years down the road, but the psychopath never let go of it, and he kills the guy... Probably either on the Golf Course, or in the Club Locker Room or in the showers, as he wants the victim to know why he is being killed, and that he can't "Best" the psychopath. Women get killed by their ex-husbands and ex-Boyfriends all the time, and the Cops always look at the New Husband or Boyfriend... They might interview the old Husband or Boyfriend, but find it hard to believe that someone would kill their ex-Wife or GF 12 years later. When they have had seemingly no contact for all that time. With a psychopath the length of time does not matter... what matters is that he got the "Best" of the situation.

5.56&9mm kindaguy , 7 hours ago

Damn! Listening to Dr. Ramani describing psychopaths and sociopaths was kind of chilling to be honest. Mostly because it made me start thinking about everyone I've ever met in my life and trying to figure out whether or not I know someone like this.

JuegosTheTitan , 4 days ago

What would be the diagnosis for a person with most sociopathic traits, except two things: they do think ahead, a lot, and do very heavy planning and considering potential consequences, and how to avoid the undesirable ones. And they feel fear. They do not take the risks where they dont stand a good chance of achieving their goals. Everything else is there, the lack of empathy, not feeling guilty or bad after hurting someone, superficial charm, lying, manipulating etc etc.

Mark Gabl , 3 days ago (edited)

The other thing this Dr. failed to mention, is that Psychopaths are so adept in the Disguise they have cultivated over their lifetime, that it is Very Common for a psychopath to fool even a trained psychologist or Dr.of psychiatry into believing they are the far less dangerous Sociopath. Quite often the Psychopath has a Higher IQ than the Doctor who is treating them, and they find it easy to fool and manipulate these people. There is a video here, made by a male Teen, that has just been diagnosed as a "Sociopath", but you can hear out of his own mouth that it is easy to see that he was mis-diagnosed. He tells everyone he was just diagnosed, and then goes on to describe how he has always known he was a "Sociopath"... and that "all of us know, and learn how to hide in plain sight." I hope his Doctor sees this video, and the re-diagnoses this kid, as just that statement alone gives himself away as a far more dangerous Psychopath. Most "Sociopaths" do not know they are sociopaths, and think they are just like everyone else. They mostly refuse to believe they are "different"... because they hang out with a bunch of other Sociopaths, all who think they are "normal"... They do not Cultivate a "Disguise", as they see no need, they are just like everyone else around them. The Sociopath is Made by his social background and the people he associates with. On the other hand, a Psychopath is Born... and realizes he is a psychopath, and starts cultivating his or her Disguise around age 5... By the time they are out of High School they have has a dozen or so years to perfect that disguise, and they are very good at "hiding in plain sight. Watch this video of this kid, and maybe you will see that he has been mis-diagnosed as is so often the case. Also... Just look at this kid, ad tell me he does not look like a psychopath. No Kidding, many psychopaths do have that "psychopath look"... just like it is so easy to spot someone with "Downs Syndrome". I almost wish it were possible to have the word "Psychopath" branded into his forehead, as a warning to other to Stay Far Away. Check it out...

Todd Cook , 2 days ago

Missed the boat on polygraphs. Psychopaths can't routinely pass polygraphs. They don't have empathy but they do usually care about getting caught. Murder may not make them feel sorrow or guilt but they will often don't want to get caught. Also, the domestic abuse is not usually done by sociopaths or psychopaths. You need to work with law enforcement and talk to senior detectives who have dealt with these people. You said that you have done research but haven't dealt with many because they don't come in for therapy.

Daniela Attison , 1 day ago

Hey guys this is very wrong. I dont know where she learned this but its actually the other way around. Psychopaths are the ones who end up in a looney bin. They are the ones who kill people because "a voice of god told them to do it", they are usually very disorganized when it comes to their crimes. Imagine a schizophrenic. And infact some psycopaths may feel guilt after they commit a crime as they do not know how to properly express their emotion. And sociopaths are actually very social creatures. The reason why it is very hard to catch these guys is because they never leave clues, they are organizied and incredibly intelligent. Sociopaths feel absolutely zero guilt or remorse, and they tend not have no emotional (romantic) attachments but do connect easily with others due to their high confidence and ego. And yes they are the ones who can lie on a test, the can compose themselves very well even in a stressful situation. I just did some digging and it seems many actual psychologists have it the other way around which is shocking to me. Psycopaths don't always know that what they doing are wrong and do it anyways (some think they are doing good i.e. cleansing streets of "sinful hookers"), meanwhile sociopaths know exactly what they are doing and that it is wrong but do it anyways.

wolvenwood , 5 hours ago

I was a psychotherapist for 20 yrs and i found numerous mistakes with this woman. First, psychopaths are NOT always born that way. Other things can make them that way such as serious abuse in childhood or illness that leave lesions on the brain. Weve known this since at least WW2. Stalin had lesions on the brain, that's what made him a psychopath, before that he was normal. This is a HUGE error, anyone educated in psychopathic disorder would know this. Also, stealing, skipping school could point to other problems that are not being a psychopath but setting fires as a child is a definite sign that needs to be addresssed asap. This woman is ignorant of these conditions in many ways nor does she explain in depth. The genetic factor seems to be a very low factor as it is inherited by about only 1% or less of psychopaths. I can think of far better psychologists to interview - also in her credentials, she is a professor but doesn't say where??? No one does that.

Nerdy Snailie , 2 hours ago (edited)

She forgot to include that sociopaths can mimic emotions highly and even switch on terms of emotions because they are good learning and manipulating victims. On other hand psychopaths are incapable of such emotional intelligence. They are able to trick your mind, be charming but they cannot mimic or display empathy because they don't see the emotional need to it in the society. That's what makes catching a psychopath easier than a sociopath. The sociopaths are the ones abuse bully and torture then kill their wives. The ones who keep their victims and develop Stockholm syndrome with them. Psychopaths develop fear based connection and no human emotion-based interactions. The example given by the interviewer is sociopathic. This lady has to make it clear and she failed. That's why people are confused.

G de Almeida , 4 hours ago (edited)

I was in a relationship with a Narcissistic Sociopath for 5 and a half years and it was terrible. It took me a long time to realize what was happening because he would be so fantastic for months at a time- he literally presented himself as my soul mate and it felt like we has everything in common: he was so charming and flattering and would shower me with gifts. Then he would suddenly just beak off ALL communication with me for anywhere from 3 days to 6 weeks and I would not have any idea why. He loved it when I would beg him to tell me what he was angry about, what I had done, how I could fix it. I would end up apologizing for everything but not actually know what I supposedly did. When when he was done "punishing me" (his own term) he would pretend to forgive me for whatever indiscretion he was supposedly punishing me for. I never knew what I had done, he would just say "you should know". I started keeping a detailed journal to try to figure out what was happening- I recorded details of every date, what the mood was, what we said and did, how he was acting... I never could find a trigger for the events but it helped a lot when I approached a psychologist to try to help me figure out what was happening and how to navigate the relationship. I began to be afraid to talk when we were together because I was afraid I would do something to anger him. As he only liked to talk about superficial things, this was good for him. I stayed so long because when times were good they were extremely good, way better than any prior relationships. He seemed to have an uncanny sense of knowing when to play his mind games, he knew just when to start and stop. I loved him and came to realize something was wrong, but I initially thought he was Bipolar. I wanted to help him and believed that he was suffering during the times he went Silent. I thought I would be able to help him and didn't want to abandon him. I was mistaken- it was just part of his game. He was very controlling. I developed what is called a trauma bond which is very hard to break. Even he knew something was wrong and also thought he may be Bipolar. He admitted to me that he never felt fear or stress, love or empathy. He did feel rage and he was extremely jealous, insanely so. Even though he was in his early 40's, he was extremely emotionally immature. He often accused me of ridiculous affairs (with a drummer from the band "Trooper", my 72 year old yoga instructor... etc...). After 3 years of pretty much living together I found out he was married and has a son (he told me he was divorced and had no children). I found a picture his wife had posted on Google one day when I searched his name. He was estranged from his wife and had no feelings at all for his son who he never visited and to this day has no contact with despite living just 10 minutes away. His son still does not even know where he lives or that he is in the same neighbourhood. I highly suspect he was cheating on me during some of the longer Silent periods. This may have even been a reason he imposed them. He absolutely did not love me- he actually told me this many times and said that he hated the word "Love". Even though he didn't love me, I was his possession and he did not want anyone else playing with his toys. When times were good (and they were good long enough to make me forget the terrible times) it SEEMED like he loved me. I always believed he would change. In the end it was not even me who ended the relationship, even though two psychologists told me very adamantly that I needed to get out of the relationship because I was in great danger. He got bored and dumped me, and to this day I still look back at the "good times" and miss those parts very much. However, when I am feeling low I reread my journals and reality hits me because I have to recall the really, really awful parts. I am grateful I am alone. Looking back, even his gifts were non-personal: lots of electronics that I didn't want. Sometimes he would give me food items, but never anything intimate or personal like jewelry or clothing. His home had no personal effects- here was not one item that gave any idea what he liked to do or what his hobbies were. When we had sex there was zero intimacy. He would touch me but I was not allowed to touch him- he said it was pointless because he didn't feel anything when I tried. I often felt like I was just filling a physical need for him (and that is very likely what I did and why he stayed in the relationship). I discovered that he watched a LOT of porn and I suspect he got his education that way, because he treated me a lot like the women get treated in those videos: like an object to be used. No touching, no kissing, no tenderness. He liked to bite me and he knew I hated it but did it anyways. It was so twisted and convoluted I lost myself and at one point, during a very lengthy Silent period, came very close to ending my life. If I had, he would have not cared (or been flattered but not cared). He really, really enjoyed playing mind games with me, and would constantly build me up then tear me down. When he was being cruel, his eyes were completely dead. It was creepy, like looking into the eyes of a snake. I've heard other people who have dated sociopaths and psychopaths also describe this and I know exactly what they mean. Dr. Ramani said that psychopaths and sociopaths have trouble keeping jobs- this was not true with my partner. He was extremely intelligent and Title-oriented: he was and still is in a very high position of power. I often wonder what the people working below him think of him... but can't ask because in 5 1/2 years I never met a single co-worker, friend or family member. I seemed to be his only friend. He works in public office and is slated for another very large promotion that will give him even more power and control. He thinks he is smarter than everyone, including the current Director who he is slated to replace. I fear for anyone who crosses him. Now that I am free I have been trying to get my belongings back from his home, but of course he has to use it as another way of keeping control. He makes a date then cancels at the last minute. It never ends.

Bar Bee , 1 day ago

I was in a long term relationship who was clinically diagnosed as a Sociopath w Narcissistic tendencies. as he explains about the guy getting even, they want revenge & never forget when they feel people do them wrong. Great actors. In the beginning, they figure out what the woman thinks is the perfect man, rushes to commitment & marriage, then the REAL them comes out.

They don't care if you catch them lying, cheating or whatever. break up with one? Will NEVER leave you b alone. U better ha v s bigger threat than a restraining order.

Also, they need power -- the money that comes w the fancy title is a bi-product. They crave power. Very dangerous!

If u date a guy & within 2 weeks he is your soul mate & wants to marry- run. He will do whatever it takes to get you back (actin, crying, flowers, big diamond ring- RUN.

linda parker , 13 hours ago (edited)

Familiar with all three, due to my professional. Yes a person is in trouble if involved with either one of these persons. I dated one narcissi-psyschopath combined. For an 18 months. Totally train wreck , disgusting , no respect for others. Just ...... Till this day he tries to be a part of my life! Sad,Sad........only to take advantage of me again !!!!

Neo Morpheus , 4 days ago

You guys are incorrect about psychopathy. Actually to not follow immoral man made precepts doesn't make you a psychopath. Nobody should experience fear because they make a mistake ie running a red light. There are a lot of statutes and codes put into effect that are BS. The average man or woman breaks 6 statutory law today. Should we be walking around in fear. Should we be afraid of the officers who allegedly protect and serve. Should we follow false doctrine. If there is no victim there is no crime. Actually, a lot of People spend time in prison and have never harmed anyone. I'll give an example. We have the right to travel in a car without license and registration . The Supreme Court of US had said so, driving is a commercial activity. It is the act of for profit business on the road. We could get a certificate to prove competency, but they want the people to be licensed because it's a contract that cedes jurisdicton to the state and it's agencies. New Hampshire wrote up bill NH HB1778 to point out how the corporate state has engaged in silent deception and inducement by fraud. That people are exempt from licensing and registration. Also court cases are Thompson v Smith 154, SE 579 and Chicago Motor Coach v Chicago, 169 NE 22. And those cases are shepardized. If anything these cops arresting People for victimless crimes and attorneys and judges ruining families and putting people in prison for 15 years and more for putting a chemical in their body. (Prosecuting attorneys win 98% of the time and and that's with the defendant having an attorney.) shouldn't it be obvious that we have something going on that is unequitable and adverse to justice in the "Court System". If you can't chose what to put in your body then your nothing but a slave. And you can't say that people that put certain substances in their body will cause crime because it's untrue, and even if it was true, we can't put people in jail because they may cause a crime. In other words, One should be able to eat a food or use a chemical, just because some one else may not act honorably with such things doesn't take away my right to consume them. if they were to do the same. BTW US has largest prison pop. Higher than China even though they have a bigger population. 85% of the prisoners in the system have never harmed anyone. I also have some good stats on how poor the cops are doing from protecting against actual male in se (crimes with a victim). You are 15 times more likely to be murdered by Law Enforcement then the general population. And cops are no more likely to be harmed in their jobs then the average worker. They are a little less likely to get killer on the job then men and a little more likely them women. And by the way, they are literal creating bonds of these prisoners and in the court cases then what they are doing is putting the defendants into default for not settling the bonds. They are drafting these people for performance because they use the statutes as an evidence of a debt and then bond the cases with SF 24, 25, and 25a,then federally with the Miller act bonds GSA 274, 275, 276. What they do is pool these bonds like the reits and remics in real estate, and sell them as investment securities on the market. So these bonds make about 10k a month, meanwhile the prisons spend about $2.50 a day for necessities. This is slavery in a new form. The peculiar institution of slavery was never abolished, just the term. Read the 14th ammendmebt. A federal citizen is a subject, granted privileges by the state. And the 13th amendment says you can be a slave if your convicted of a crime. Well if you believe in the statutory laws, which really only apply to legal Fictions, then the average American commits 6 statutory violations a day. you are saying that you, and all other men are nothing but slaves because if one wants to, they could find a statute for you to break Without you knowing what you did much less harming anyone or their Property. And by the way, anybody can learn to be a good salesmen and how to read People. VThat's ridiculous to say that selling is psycothapy. I agree that some People have been induced into a form of secondary psychothopy, which is basically outwardly psychopathic, but it's actually learned behavior. We're talk to collect as many federal reserve notes as possible even if we may hurt others. We're taught that it's ok to murder many people in war if it's in the name of Democracy (Democracy is a false doctrine and de facto law. The founding fathers disliked it because the majority could steal from the minority. It's mob rule. In a republic which is the only guaranteed corn of law in the usA Your rights are protected regardless of a majority vote. The only way you can give up a natural right is through contract. And the corporate state has been getting the People to do that under on way adhesion contracts since 1933 and even a little before. To a minor degree it started in 1871. I just think your definition of psychopath is scary because you base the definition on assumptions that may or may not be true. The prison population is higher in US than any other county so I think you should take a look at what's going on and not make assumptions. This country is no longer free, but I guess if we keep telling ourselves that it is it must be true. And I guess if our "therapist" tell us we're psycopaths just because we're not going to let a fear based system bully us, and we are willing to go to jail to stand up for what's right, and stand up to these officers who are clue less about the actual law. Not statutes and codes which are government and corporate policies. I can site 3 people who either spent a good amount of time in jail or killed for what's doing what's right. Martin Luther King. Muhatma Ghandi, and Jesus Christ. All the police ads is modern day Roman centurions. And if you don't believe Christ existed, the allegory is good enough. This People honor the Law with there lips, but there heart is far from it, in vain they honor the Law, holding the doctrines of the Commandments of men. I digress There's nothing new under the sun Those who have eyes will see; those who have ears will hear

Katja Lucin , 3 days ago

I'm sorry but this is just too much. She makes it seem like there is a lot of sociopaths out there and as we can hear they become that after they are hanging out with wrong kids...what??? I would think that her PhD would make her double think after saying something like that. People become sociopaths after they'we been abused so hard and for so long that their consciousness can't take it any longer and their body's reaction is to stop feeling anything... I just feel angry because she makes it look like everyone who was hanging out with "wrong people " can be a far away from the truth...

James Estelle , 2 days ago

One serious note: Dr. Martha Stout said in her book "The Sociopath Next Door" that sociopaths are often made through abuse trauma. These are people who put their sensibilities into 'hibernation' due to the pain they felt. The bad behavior afterward is a result of a learned protection mechanism where they have no feelings. They put their entire psyche into a box of "win and lose" scenarios where they 'have to' overcome everyone else or they will be hurt again. NOTE also IN REFERENCE TO THE PART OF THE VIDEO WHERE SHE SAYS THESE PEOPLE DO NOT SEEK THERAPY - There is a recent phenomenon of these personalities getting into therapy to "improve their game." This is how they learn to fake normal reactions to sew a seed of doubt about their behaviors - "Maybe he is just hurting inside, let's give him one more chance." I was told this was a major theme in "The Sopranos" series.

Isabella Jones , 4 days ago

Actually very few psychopaths are killers. Many many are successful CEO's - they have no blood lust, and know how to play by the rules. There might be a psychopath bank manager living next door to you. He isn't going to kill you, but if you get inot a bad situation and need help - he just wont care.

Mary Cahill , 1 month ago

I was a mental health RN for 17 years, 7 years in Forensic psychiatry. Dr. Ramani is spot on, and explains things quite well.

Robert Graham , 3 days ago

Licensed doctor... Still believes in lie detectors. I've lied on those things multiple times and I feel bad for all the people who get convicted by them

[Sep 11, 2018] A Victim's Guide to Surviving a Narcissist-Sociopath by Sereena Nightshade

This is rather weak, but still useful (eBook)
Narcissists built a wall between himself and truth and decency. One way to understand them is to look at mafia bosses
Notable quotes:
"... While the common wisdom dictates that the sociopath/sociopath type predator goes after only those who are of little or no worth, the stupid, the uneducated and perhaps the hopelessly poor/ignorant the reality is oftentimes the polar opposite. The average in-home/family man/family woman sociopath predator goes after someone who is not a predator while that someone does have a lot to offer the sociopath/sociopath type. ..."
"... The predator wants a partner or spouse that offers a great deal of value to strip-mine away ..."
Sep 11, 2018 |

"Pretty is as pretty does, and while it's true that money makes the world go round, nice is what makes it habitable." The Victim's Guide to Surviving the Narcissist/Sociopath is a quick guide book describing what a typical narcissist/sociopath is and what his/her typical victim is.

While the common wisdom dictates that the sociopath/sociopath type predator goes after only those who are of little or no worth, the stupid, the uneducated and perhaps the hopelessly poor/ignorant the reality is oftentimes the polar opposite. The average in-home/family man/family woman sociopath predator goes after someone who is not a predator while that someone does have a lot to offer the sociopath/sociopath type.

The predator wants a partner or spouse that offers a great deal of value to strip-mine away . An uneducated moron frequently does not appeal to a sociopath predator that is looking at more than an extremely short-term quick gain.

This book provides readers with a fast get-down-to-it look at what a narcissist/sociopath is, what one of these predators does and it gives readers some basic nutshell advice that is surprisingly hard to come by. A must read for victims and prospective victims alike whether not yet captured by a narcissist/sociopath or already captured and beginning to figure out, perhaps, that as a victim or prospective victim you may be in trouble.

This book tells all, for its brevity, starting with the warning signs to the final war plan with all most of the ugly details included. Photos herein are taken from more than one city location.

[Sep 11, 2018] 2018 US Open Highlights Serena Williams' dispute overshadows Naomi Osaka's final win ESPN

Video tutorial of narcissist rage.
Over the years, Serena has exhibited unpleasant and bizarre on-court behavior that may be attributed to "roid rage" - that caused her to forfeit a Wimbledon doubles match due to poor co-ordination, death threats that she aimed at a line judge during a 2009 US Open semifinal, breaking racquets, a tirade against an umpire during the 2011 US Open final etc. Some think that this might be the result of using performance enhancing drugs. See ROID RAGE -- #1 Question In Women's Tennis Has Serena Williams Been Doping With Steroids – The Millennium Report and Is Serena Williams on steroids - Quora and Serena Williams Denies Being Drunk or On Drugs During Wimbledon Meltdown The Fix
Notable quotes:
"... What an absolute bully. She consistently belittles and threatens the umpires, purposefully exasperates her opponents, shows no respect for the sporting venue/court or the equipment, hypes up the crowd to boost her self-image and personal views (fully aware that she is a crowd "favorite"), and has not an ounce of humility on the court or when being interviewed. I honestly believe she only put her arm around Ms. Osaka during the award ceremony so that she would appear more caring. There was nothing genuine about it. ..."
"... The Fact Serena Williams Didn't shake the umpires hand ..."
"... I love how she claims sexism, but she attacks him the entire time. Calling him a liar and saying he attacked her, using her power against him. ..."
Sep 11, 2018 |

Reddama , 4 hours ago

What an absolute bully. She consistently belittles and threatens the umpires, purposefully exasperates her opponents, shows no respect for the sporting venue/court or the equipment, hypes up the crowd to boost her self-image and personal views (fully aware that she is a crowd "favorite"), and has not an ounce of humility on the court or when being interviewed. I honestly believe she only put her arm around Ms. Osaka during the award ceremony so that she would appear more caring. There was nothing genuine about it.

Nancy Loaiza , 4 hours ago

It's funny to see how she says she was not receiving coaching and demanding an apology here... and then 10 mins later her coach accepted he was coaching her. Naomi was just better in EVERY way during this match... This was so classless from SW

alex atack , 5 hours ago

I feel really bad for Osaka... Serena ruined her first title

yaggle fraggle , 6 hours ago

"I have never cheated. Apologize!" *coach later admits he was coaching* dindu nuffin

MrMSouts , 3 hours ago

The Fact Serena Williams Didn't shake the umpires hand shows. she is ungrateful and a bad sport.

sassiebrat , 2 days ago

I hope SW watches this and realizes what an entitled fool she looks like and sounds like! More than happy Osaka won!

Amayzinone , 3 hours ago

I love how she claims sexism, but she attacks him the entire time. Calling him a liar and saying he attacked her, using her power against him.

She did get coaching, because the coach admitted to it. And she clearly broke her racket. What a poor display. I'm more distraught that she claimed sexism in a female game? Plus this ump has docked Nadal for the same thing? I'd get her out of tennis, what a drama queen. She makes tennis look bad

Get a Job , 1 hour ago

Nasty, spiteful, and childish

Andrew Rivas , 3 hours ago

What an entitled loser. Glad she got shown who's boss.

hurricane watcher , 4 hours ago

Most disgusting display of unsportsmanlike conduct I've ever seen in any sport. Despicable. Hopefully this is the highlight this embarrassment of a role model will be remembered for for the rest of her life. Thank God Osaka won

SquareEarth1 , 4 hours ago (edited)

Serena tried everything in the 'poor me' book. She was being outplayed, plain and simple! Other players do this sort of crap to unsettle their opponent. It is just a shame she ruined the match for Osaka who was extremely professional throughout. Well done to her on her first major win. I don't have anything good to say about the crowd either....the booing was pathetic.

travis bickel , 5 hours ago

Always playing the race card

duckduckmoose , 1 day ago (edited)

How is it that she's blaming the him cause she's a woman? With that logic the person they're helping which is Serena's oppenent IS A WOMAN.

Brian Clark , 6 hours ago

she went full ratchet.

Alex A. Gholizadeh , 5 hours ago

It's sad seeing SJWs defend this spoiled brat

City Grunt , 2 days ago (edited)

EVERYONE IS CAUGHT UP IN THIS MEDIA STORM. Serena was dominated plain and simple. Osaka won this plain and simple. Game over.

[Sep 11, 2018] Narcissists Tend to Become Leaders

Narcissism, destroys the ability of a person to form healthy, long term relationship. While initially seen as chanrming, narsissists can't stop from using person to his/her advantage and hurt the relationship, often destroying it in a long run.
Notable quotes:
"... Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin ..."
"... Another dimension of narcissism -- the desire for attention -- was not as strongly linked with leadership roles in the groups. ..."
Oct 07, 2008 |

Narcissists like to be in charge, so it stands to reason that a new study shows individuals who are overconfident about their abilities are most likely to step in as leaders, be they politicians or power brokers. However, their initiative doesn't mean they are the best leaders. The study also found narcissists don't outperform others in leadership roles.

Narcissists tend to be egotistical types who exaggerate their talents and abilities, and lack empathy for others. The researchers stress that narcissism is not the same as high self-esteem.

"A person with high self-esteem is confident and charming, but they also have a caring component and they want to develop intimacy with others," said lead researcher Amy Brunell, a psychologist at Ohio State University at Newark. "Narcissists have an inflated view of their talents and abilities and are all about themselves. They don't care as much about others."

She added, "It's not surprising that narcissists become leaders . They like power, they are egotistical, and they are usually charming and extraverted. But the problem is, they don't necessarily make better leaders."

Born leaders?

The results, which will be detailed in an upcoming issue of the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin , come from three studies, two with students and the other with business managers.

In one study, 432 undergraduate students completed surveys that measured various personality traits, including aspects of narcissism. Then, the students were put in groups of four and told to assume they were a committee of senior officers of the student union. Their task was to elect next year's director.

Results showed that students who scored higher on one dimension of narcissism -- the desire for power -- were more likely to say they wanted to lead the group. The narcissists were also more likely to say they did lead the group discussion and more likely to be viewed as leaders by the other group members.

Another dimension of narcissism -- the desire for attention -- was not as strongly linked with leadership roles in the groups.

... ... ...

"Many people have observed that it takes a narcissistic person to run for president of the United States," Brunell said. "I would be surprised if any of the candidates who have run weren't higher than average in narcissism."

Wall Street traders could also have a high dose of narcissism, she suggested. "There have been a lot of studies that have found narcissistic leaders tend to have volatile and risky decision-making performance and can be ineffective and potentially destructive leaders."

Brunell does hedge though, saying that not all troubles in Washington and Wall Street can be blamed on narcissists, and of course, you can't boil everything down to personalities.

[Sep 11, 2018] Have We Become a Nation of Narcissists by Ronald Pies, M.D

Notable quotes:
"... Rudeness and Civility ..."
"... The Culture of Narcissism ..."
"... The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement ..."
"... Journal of Personality ..."
"... Everything Has Two Handles: The Stoic's Guide to the Art of Living ..."
"... Ronald Pies MD is Professor of Psychiatry and Lecturer on Bioethics and Humanities at SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse NY; Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston; and Editor-in-Chief, Psychiatric Times. He is the author of Everything Has Two Handles: The Stoic's Guide to the Art of Living . This article was provided by . ..."
Sep 21, 2009 |
What do rapper Kanye West, tennis star Serena Williams, and Congressman Joe Wilson have in common, besides lots of publicity over their recent public outbursts?

It doesn't take a psychiatrist to conclude that all three individuals placed their momentary emotional needs over the feelings and wishes of others -- and that they failed to play by the proverbial rules of the game. Though their intrusive behavior may be rationalized as "off the cuff" or "from the heart," the fact remains that each of these individuals performed a calculation over a period of seconds, minutes, or perhaps hours: they calculated that their anger or resentment was more important than the decorum others expected of them.

Sure, we all "lose it" from time to time, and impolite outbursts have probably been with us since our Neanderthal forebears first learned to growl. Furthermore, the impression that manners have gotten worse and worse over the years may not be supported by historical data. John F. Kasson, in his book, Rudeness and Civility , points out that people in medieval times behaved far more boorishly than our modern-day, "It's all about me!" crowd. Citing the work of sociologist Norbert Elias, Kasson writes that, compared to more recent times, " people in the late Middle Ages expressed their emotions -- joy, rage, piety, fear, even the pleasure of torturing and killing enemies -- with astonishing directness and intensity."

Maybe so -- but the recent tripleheader of West, Williams and Wilson made many of us wonder if we are turning into a nation of self-absorbed boors. (A Boston Globe editorial on 9/15/09 proclaimed, "Shouting is the New Opining.") This thesis is hardly new. Thirty years ago, Christopher Lasch put forward essentially the same argument, in his book The Culture of Narcissism . But Lasch's claims were mainly impressionistic. Now, however, a number of researchers and mental health professionals point to studies showing that, indeed, excessive self-absorption is on the increase.

For example, in their book, The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement , Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D and W. Keith Campbell, Ph.D. provide ample evidence for what they term "the relentless rise of narcissism in our culture." Twenge and Campbell identify several social trends that have contributed to this problem, including what they term "the movement toward self-esteem " that began in the late 1960s; and the movement away from "community-oriented thinking" that began in the 1970s. But the root causes go far deeper. For example, in a chapter entitled "Raising Royalty," Twenge and Campbell point to " the new parenting culture that has fueled the narcissism epidemic." In effect, the authors argue, there has been a shift away from limit-setting toward letting the child get whatever he or she wants.

Twenge and her colleagues have empirical data to back up their claims. For example, in a paper published in the August 2008 Journal of Personality , the authors report on 85 samples of American college students, studied between 1979 and 2006. The subjects were evaluated using an instrument called the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI). Compared with their peers in the 1979-85 period, college students in 2006 showed a 30 percent increase in their NPI score. That's "the bad news.". If there is some good news, it might be this: Twenge and her colleagues Sara Konrath, Joshua D. Foster, W. Keith Campbell, and Brad J. Bushman point to a rise in several "positive traits" correlated with narcissism, such as self-esteem, extraversion, and assertiveness. Of course, a cynic might reply that these traits are "positive" only up to a point: When someone's idea of "assertiveness" involves jumping up on stage and grabbing the microphone from an award-winning singer, assertiveness has arguably crossed the line into loutishness.

Twenge and Campbell take pains to knock down the myth that all narcissists are basically insecure folks with very low self-esteem. Their research suggests otherwise -- most narcissists seem to have a heaping helping of self-esteem! But Twenge and Campbell focus mainly on individuals they call the "socially savvy narcissists who have the most influence on the culture." These high-fliers may be the sort one of my colleagues had in mind when he defined a narcissist as "somebody who, at the moment of peak sexual bliss, cries out his own name!"

These celebrity narcissists are not, for the most part, the kind of individuals I have treated in my own psychiatric practice. My patients tended to fall into the group Twenge and Campbell call "vulnerable narcissists." These unfortunate souls seem to cloak themselves in a mantle of gold, while feeling that, on the inside, they are nothing but rags. They suffer, to be sure -- but they also induce suffering in others, by acting out their insecurities in a thousand provocative ways. And, like some of their celebrity counterparts, these vulnerable narcissists are prone to outbursts of anger, verbal abuse, or just plain rudeness -- usually when they feel rejected, thwarted, or frustrated. They remind one of philosopher Eric Hoffer's observation that "rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength."

If we are indeed producing increasingly self-obsessed individuals in our society, what can we do about it? There is clearly no simple prescription for what are evidently deep-seated cultural and familial ills. There is almost certainly no "Prozac for Narcissists" anywhere on the pharmacy shelves. As Twenge and Campbell argue, there is much in the way that we raise our children that may need to change. In my view, it is not simply a matter of refusing to spoil or over-indulge our children. Rather, we must also instill positive values that will help inoculate our children against narcissism.

In my book, Everything Has Two Handles: The Stoic's Guide to the Art of Living , I argue that the values of the ancient Stoics can help us achieve personal happiness. I believe that these same values can help our children grow into strong, responsible, and resilient citizens. And what are Stoic values? It's not just a matter of keeping a stiff upper lip, nor does Stoicism hold that you should tamp down all your feelings. Rather, Stoics believed that the good life is one characterized by virtuous beliefs and actions -- in brief, a life based on duty, discipline, and moderation. The Stoics also believed in the importance of taking life on its own terms–what they would have described as "living in harmony with nature."

Stoics did not whine when they were passed over for an award, nor did they throw a hissy fit when they didn't get their way. As the Stoic philosopher, Seneca (106-43 BCE) put it, "All ferocity is born of weakness." Perhaps most important, Stoics understood the tremendous value of gratitude -- not only for the gifts we have received, but also for the grief we have been spared. Maybe if more children were inculcated with these teachings, we would find our celebrities showing more gratitude and less "attitude."

Ronald Pies MD is Professor of Psychiatry and Lecturer on Bioethics and Humanities at SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse NY; Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston; and Editor-in-Chief, Psychiatric Times. He is the author of Everything Has Two Handles: The Stoic's Guide to the Art of Living . This article was provided by .

[Sep 11, 2018] It's not easy to call out a complete narcissist. They're highly manipulative in turning the tables and making themselves the victim leaving the righteous accuser or critic holding the bag

Sep 11, 2018 |

Circe , Sep 11, 2018 12:06:20 PM | link


It's not easy to call out a complete narcissist. They're highly manipulative in turning the tables and making themselves the victim leaving the righteous accuser or critic holding the bag. It takes skill and gravitas not to fall into their trap but they should especially not be allowed to slither behind legitimate causes to excuse their nasty behaviour and then be glorified as a brave champion of the oppressed. Mostly it's how they twist the truth and get away with it that's scary. They'll inflate the minutest legitimacy to make their accuser appear like the ogre and so emerge vindicated by society. Imo that's a form of bullying. Again, it takes skill to expose them.

Circe , Sep 11, 2018 10:57:00 AM | link


Times have changed not just in tennis. Increasingly devious bad behavior is excused and I would even say even glorified in sports and everywhere else. Look how long it took for Americans to admit Armstrong, cancer survivor cycling hero, was cheating. There too the ego-worship and American public's denial of the truth was nauseating. What about the American student who probably got away with murder in Italy and was so portrayed as the victim of European justice? Even when kissing her boyfriend while the coroner took the real victim out in a body bag they were making excuses with her psychological state. Awh,poor was her way of cleansing/releasing the stress of the whole tragedy! There's also the basketball players who got away with a spree of theft and vandalism in Asia and hardly suffered any accountability.

Devious bad behavior is tolerated everywhere now and narcissism viewed as strength when it's only making society more and more ignorant, insensitive and intolerable. Humility and honor have become weaknesses and the truth a necessary casualty.

I would say Americans are the worst offenders, but the trend they're setting is becoming rampant and it's degrading society everywhere. Kids are emulating it. That's why it needs to be called out for what it really is, depraved; wherever, whenever, so it doesn't become the acceptable normal and the excusable new hip normal for kids.

[Sep 11, 2018] The Entitled and Narcissistic Petulance of Serena Williams (THE SAAD TRUTH_720)

Now we have a video tutorial how a narcissist behave when he/she is losing, a lesson how to identify a narcissistic bully. Anyone who has not experienced first hand the wrath of a narcissistic bully should watch this as a training session. Such a behaviour is triggered when he/she cannot manipulate people like they think they should be able to. The scenario is simple: if somebody disagrees with them, or worse yet, attempts to call the out for a wrongdoing, they will immediately ratchet things up by: insisting that the other person is wrong and try to influence their decision making in their favour (admin that you are wrong~); (2) becoming outraged that the person dares to accuse them of the wrongdoing; (3) instantly "turn the tables": portray yourself as the victim; (4) use "crocodile tears" to garner sympathy; (5) demand an apology (king of gaslighting, inducing feeling of a guild without any reason); (6) try to intimidate and threaten the person into giving in
Sep 09, 2018 |

I found out from the Twitter mob that it is forbidden to criticize Ms. Williams because bruh "sexism and racism." The Entitled and Narcissistic Petulance of Serena Williams (THE SAAD TRUTH_720)

The truth can hurt. The truth can set you free. But you can't hide from THE SAAD TRUTH. Why are men the majority of Ferrari owners? Why do women prefer tall men? What is evolutionary psychology? How does one apply biology in understanding consumer behaviour? What is the current state of intellectual diversity on university campuses? Are all religions equally violent/peaceful? What is at the root of political correctness and the thought police? These issues and countless others are addressed in my YouTube channel. My goal is to engage folks in a fun and informative manner. Please subscribe and spread the word. Cheers. Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

I found out from the Twitter mob that it is forbidden to criticize Ms. Williams because bruh "sexism and racism."

Support THE SAAD TRUTH via Patreon:

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Follow me on Twitter: (@GadSaad)

Marky Whitemale , 2 days ago

"Narcissistic Petulance" and "Self-Entitled" is such a perfect way of describing Princess Serena.

Molly Whipple

Does anyone else see the sort of behavior that Serena exhibited in this instance as a very public example of the same sort of ingrained entitled narcissism that seems to be part and parcel of the psychology of the SJW mindset?

H.J. Indy Nuding

The generation now coming out of Western schools is unable to distinguish good from bad. Even those words are unacceptable. This results in impaired thinking ability. ~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Gérard Mentor

Justin Hénin is a close cousin of mine, you wouldn't believe the stories I heard a bout the Williams sisters...these two are absolute scumbags who'll do anything to win.

Bode Etemadi

Agree with you 100%. This was not sexism nor racism. It was a matter of conduct and violation of rules. Serena acted poorly and stole the moment from Osaka. Shame on those who are celebrating her for her actions yesterday and shame on those who claim victimhood on her behalf. Lastly shame on Serena

Bronwyn Doyle

In her uncontrolled temper she broke her racket in three places, in the game and screamed herself into a state of hysterics. However, another athlete, Jose Bautista hit the ball out of the park and while running to first base he executed the Famous Bat Flip and he was criticized for over a year for that-he was in good spirits and it was a harmless bat flip but received no end of criticism. Williams should have been escorted from the court and penalized for her disgraceful behaviour and using the game for her Soapbox. She ruined the game for her opponent as well. Selfish, conceited woman.

Gad Saad , 2 days ago

I'm not sure why my latest SAAD TRUTH clip is solely audio. I taped it via my camera as an audiovisual video. In any case, I won't upload it again, as the message is perhaps better retained if you are not distracted by my outlandish good looks.

Feta Cheezz , 1 day ago

"Entitled" "Narcissistic Petulance".................sounds like the perfect candidate for the next Nike ad campaign.

Brian Donovan , 2 days ago

She actually accused the umpire of being SEXIST He's umpiring a match between two women so ???

Earl Greystoke , 2 days ago

Thank goodness Serena's opponent & tennis referee weren't "white", otherwise all hell would've broken loose! She played the woman card but couldn't really let loose with the poor oppressed black card.

Lttlemoi , 2 days ago (edited)

The whole ordeal was so sad for Osaka. As a child, Serena was one of her idols and she had always looked forward to playing against her. Today was the day that dream finally came true* after years of hard work and her (now former?) idol turned it into a total nightmare. Williams even refused to shake her hand after the match! She disrespected the umpire. She disrespected the audience. She disrespected the ideals of sportsmanship and above all, she greatly disrespected Osaka. *edit: Apparently this was the second game between the two, thanks Zeeker for pointing that out.

Michael Valenzuela , 2 days ago

I'm just happy she didn't lose to Maria Sharapova or some other lighter skinned tennis player. The MSM would be salivating at the mouth screaming,' WHITE PATRIARCHY!!!' And cue the new NIKE ads.

[Jul 06, 2018] Pathological lust for political power which afflicted so many is in itself a good indication of a borderline disorder.

Notable quotes:
"... Generally, the term "Russia scholar" when applied to most, in our particular case American, experts should be treated as a bad joke. This is not to mention that most of those "scholars" (with the exception of predominantly Jewish Soviet emigres, such as moron Max Boot) can not even speak, forget a complete command, Russian language. ..."
Jul 06, 2018 |

Andrei Martyanov , Website June 15, 2018 at 5:20 pm GMT


It's not over until it's over. This sentence of yours simply shows how misunderstood the Soviet period of the Russian history is in the West.

It is not "misunderstood"–it is a complete caricature which now blows into the faces of those who helped to create it. Western Russia "expertise" is pathetic and some exceptions merely confirm the rule. Generally, the term "Russia scholar" when applied to most, in our particular case American, experts should be treated as a bad joke. This is not to mention that most of those "scholars" (with the exception of predominantly Jewish Soviet emigres, such as moron Max Boot) can not even speak, forget a complete command, Russian language.

AnonFromTN , June 15, 2018 at 5:46 pm GMT
@Andrei Martyanov

Quite a few grant-eating "liberals" inside Russia speak the language, but this does not make them any more competent. Basically, they illustrate the saying that "he, who pays the musicians, calls the tune". The same applies to "Russia scholars" residing in the US, regardless of their language proficiency.

Andrei Martyanov , Website June 15, 2018 at 5:46 pm GMT

However mad Bolton might be, most card-carrying Russophobs and neocons are not crazy: they are cynical people without scruples working for money.

Very true but they are multidimensional and only some of them are not crazy, Ralph Peters, Max Boot or many other rabid Russophobes are genuinely mad. Enough to take a look at their reactions and behavior, I omit here a complete military-political delirium they propagate, which in itself a fruit of a sick imagination.

So it is both for very many of them. After the death of Richard Pipes I received communications from person who studied under him, this person has Ph.D in history, he describes him going completely mad, from going hi pitch in his voice, almost screaming, to sweating profusely, once the word Russia and Russians were uttered.

The hatred of Russia was palpable. Guess what, Pipes was hailed as America's greatest "Russia scholar". It is never one thing. Moreover, pathological lust for political power which afflicted so many is in itself a good indication of a borderline disorder.

AnonFromTN , June 15, 2018 at 6:11 pm GMT
@Andrei Martyanov

If we consider lust for power as a sign of mental affliction, not a single person trying to become US president is completely normal. Might be true, considering the kind of trash we are repeatedly getting.

Andrei Martyanov , Website June 15, 2018 at 6:34 pm GMT

If we consider lust for power as a sign of mental affliction, not a single person trying to become US president is completely normal. Might be true, considering the kind of trash we are repeatedly getting.

Combined West and its "electoral" and educational institutions completely stopped production of real statesmen already in 1970s. We saw last pool of real statesmen depart the scene with Bill Clinton's victory in 1992. Current Western so called "elites" do not even qualify for the term mediocrity. Many of then are simply degenerate such as European Greens or American, so called, Left, albeit the nominal Right also doesn't shine with any traces of intellect.

[Feb 03, 2018] Foremost for the NPD afflicted is the need to try to satisfy the never satisfied ego.

Feb 03, 2018 |

sbrownn May '17

It is all about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Once you become familiar with the disorder and all of its behavioral implications all the questions are answered.

Foremost for the NPD afflicted is the need to try to satisfy the never satisfied ego. Every action and behavior first must address the needy ego and only after taking that into consideration can any of the rest of the motives be evaluated...


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The Last but not Least Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage and those who manage what they do not understand ~Archibald Putt. Ph.D

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