Detroit, Michigan – Emotional testimonies today in the sentencing of a doctor who mis diagnosed hundreds of patients with cancer–on purpose.
Then he pumped those perfectly healthy people with aggressive and expensive medicine.
ABC's Tom Llamas has the story.

Victims and their relatives will face the cancer doctor who they say destroyed their lives to make millions, "he took my husband from us." "our life has been turned upside down and total hell."

Dr. Farid Fata expected to hear from several of his former patients during his sentencing hearing today in Federal court in Detroit. Fata pleaded guilty to health care fraud and other charges.

According to the criminal complaint: Fata deliberately misdiagnosed patients as having cancer to justify "unnecessary cancer treatment".

One of his nurses told FBI agents he would see 50-70 patients per day, billing at the highest possible code, but spending only 3-5 minutes with each patient.

Fata diagnozed Steve Skrzypxzak with non-hodgkin's lymphoma ordering treatments including chemotherapy – he didn't even have the disease, "it's beyond my thinking, how can someone do that, knowingly they are hurting somebody, just for money."

Dr. Fata now facing a possible life in prison sentence.