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Russian Music Oldies on YouTube

For students of Russian language and culture

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In the past people waited years, traveled large distances on horses. and spent small fortunes on listening to certain pieces of music maybe once in their entire adult lives, and that the lower classes probably never heard any classical music at all.

Now we can listen most masterpieces with a few flicks of mouse (or finger on touch  screen), whenever we want. Think about it. 

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Note: Other things equal, higher quality performances are listed first. Performances listed last might not represent true potential of the singer/band.

[Jun 09, 2019] Владимир ИВАШОВ - Над окошком месяц

Ян Френкель Для тебя

Юрий Гуляев - Желаю Вам (1979)

Музыка - Ю. Гуляев
слова - Р. Рождественский

[May 16, 2019] Ya Vstretil Vas

[May 15, 2019] Ivan Skobtsov

[May 14, 2019] Когда я на почте служил ямщиком (When I was served as a postman)

This famous and tragic Russian romance was written on the lyric which was translation of Byelorussian poem written in Polish. It is interesting that in the Russian version the cause of death of the girl who postman loved so much is unclear and open to interpretation (was she robbed of her house and left feezing, was she killed?), but in the Polish original of the poem has a twist which put some blame on the postman: the postman, hurrying to deliver urgent package and to visit his beloved sweetheart, does not help the traveler, who is freezing on the road. When he returned to the place after delivering the package he sees corpse and discovers, that this is his sweetheart.

[May 12, 2019] Vyacheslav Motsardo


Matsardo reads Tutchev poetry

[May 1, 2019] May 1 -- International Labor Day.

Амурские волны - The Amur waves Amazing Chinese performance (at the beginning there was no noticeable accent)

Red Army Choir, Sixteen Tons

Nikolo Papini4 years ago
This Man has voice from....... Low D (THIS IS OK ) But...till G!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS 2 & HALF OCTAVES,My God!!! Best Adorable HOROSHOOOO!!!
drdanc22 years ago
To be exact, this is the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Choir. The rendition is nevertheless awesome...
Ma Belle1 year ago
Wow. If they weren't singing in English, I'd swear this American country classic was born in Russia! This song represents a universal theme; the hamster wheel of hard work and debt. Yeesh. Awesome take. Thank you to the Russians. So sorry to learn about your Red Russian Army Choir. What a loss. My sympathies to the loved ones of these lost souls.

Leonid Kharitonov

He died in 2017, two years ago. Rare talent. Leonid Kharitonov (singer) - Wikipedia

Jesse Shields1 year ago

R.I.P. Leonid Kharitonov. You will be missed by many.

[Apr 25, 2019] Russian Waltz - the most beautiful music in the world. Balalaika Academic Orchestra from Minsk.

Vlad. Deev3 months ago

Russian folk song "On the Murom road" ( Po Muromskoy dorozhke ).

John Henderson

I love this. Such talented and dedicated young people. Marvellous. Love it.

Marie Resweber

Incredibly beautifully played ! All the best to all of you, extraordinary performers !

Вадим9 months ago

Waltz based on Russian songs: By Muromsk track

( Russian folk song )

By Muromsk track
There were three pine.
Said goodbye to me cute
Until next spring .

He swore
With one to be with me .
On the far on the sidelines
I did not forget .

The next morning he left,
Cute sped away .
Heart left me
Longing only , but sadness .

That night I dreamed
Horrible nightmare
What my dear married
He broke his oath .

And I dream of laughing
In broad daylight .
Yes unless it can
That sweet forgotten me?

But my dream come true soon .
And in early spring
My dear returned
With his beautiful wife .

I stood at the gate ,
When he passed ,
Me in the crowd
He found a glance .

Seeing my tears ,
He lowered his eyes .
And I realized that forever
My heart destroyed .

By Muromsk track
There were three pine.
Said goodbye to me cute
Until next spring .

eric van der sterren

This is more than just beautifull, no language has the words to express my feelings while listening to this masterpiece. Congratulations!

[Apr 21, 2019] Church choirs

[Apr 08, 2019] Some Theremin performances

Theremin -- the first electrical instrument in existence is now almost 100 years old. The instrument was invented by a young Russian physicist Lev Sergeyevich Termen (known in the West as Léon Theremin) in October 1920 after the outbreak of the Russian Civil War. Theremin - Wikipedia
Russian emigrant to the USA Clara Rockmore (1911-1998) was the most famous early performer, who contributed to the refining of the instrument

Now outside creating musing foe sci-fi films the instrument is not well known. KATICA ILLÉNYI is probably the most popular modern performer.

[Apr 07, 2019] Anastasia Tyurina

[Apr 01, 2019] Random findings

[Dec 31, 2018] Random finding for December, 2018

[May 10, 2010] На поле танки грохотали - Kuban Cossack Choir (SUBTITLES)

Reda Ahmed6 months ago
Heart breaking song, reminds me of the everyday falling young troops of Egypt who are fighting against ISIS in Sinai Peninsula :(
Taufiq Rashidi8 months ago
Alex Ok1 year ago
Un grand merci pour la traduction en français, A big thank you for translate in french!!
kngihtlife7 months ago
i respect so much to russian choir bands and also to russia. great respect from turkey.
Dario Veric6 months ago
Russians are the only people who understand honor and love sadness and bravery.

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Старая пластинка Мелодии 30х - 60х

The Yale Russian Chorus

The Yale Russian Chorus is an cappella ensemble composed of members from the Yale University and New Haven community. The group's mission is to celebrate the rich music and culture of the former Soviet Union. Since its inception in 1953, the Chorus has become a widely-acclaimed ensemble, performing an extensive repertoire of folk, liturgical, classical, and contemporary music from Russia and its neighboring republics.

The Slavyanka Mens Slavic Chorus

The Slavyanka Men's Slavic Chorus regularly presents a cappella concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area. The repertoire is liturgical and folk music, mostly Russian. 'Slavyanka' is the name that the early Russian settlers in California gave to the river that is today known as the Russian River. Slavyanka was formed in 1979 by several former members of the Yale Russian Chorus. The founder of Slavyanka and director until 1991 was Paul Andrews.

Spirit of Orthodoxy Choir New York Metro area choir

Best Russian Songs - MP3 Music Streams on IMEEM

Here are some sources for the lyrics to Russian songs in KOI8 Cyrillic fonts and transliterated for regular fonts.

MIT Russian Club

The MIT Russian Club is the repository of the lyrics of Russian popular songs written by virtually all the major contemporary popular song writers. To decode them you will need the music, some of which is provided on the site. The lyrics are provided in KOI8 fonts and transliterated.

Simon Hawkin's Russian Bards

This site includes a healthy selection of Russian popular songs, including the latest songs from the Russian army fighting in Chechnya.

Russian dance top 40

Russian Composers

Russian Musical Instruments

Other Russian Music Sites

Classical Music of St. Petersburg

This site features the concert schedules of all the concert halls, their addresses, biographies of composers (forthcoming), and MP3 snippets of classical music. Worth a visit now and getting better every day.

Bolshoi Theatre

The mother of them all is the Bolshoi-opera and ballet in one theater. One of the world's great opera houses and home of the finest classical ballet troup in the world. The Bolshoi Theater web-server provides a complete history complete with historical photographs. The also has several pages on the Bolshoi, including a history of it and an interview with its director, Vassiliev. Finally, Seanet has a brief description, too.

Gregorian Chants

Gregorian chant is one of the many traditions of liturgical song that developed in the Christian church during the medieval period. The liturgical chant texts were created in ancient languages, the most important of which were Greek, Latin, Old Slavonic, the language of the Bulgarian, Russian, and Serbian Orthodox churches.

Kirov-Mariinsky Ballet

The St. Petersburg ballet theater was established by Catherine the Great in the Mariinsky Theater and shortly became one of the great companies in the world. This site contains a history, interviews with principle dancers, instructors, a review of the Vaganova Ballet School, and a great deal of information on the Nutcracker Ballet from which the music you now hear was taken.

Les Ballets Russe

Program notes, information on Nijinski, Pavlova, Fokine, Balanchine, and all the great performers and composers of the Russian company which took the breath of Paris away at the beginning of the century. Jenny Gorman and Chris Sippel have provided a short essay on the Ballets at the Rhodes College site.

Lyle Neff's Files on Russian Classical Music

Links to information on a wide range of classical Russian composers of the 19th and 20th century along, including biographies, librettos, lists of works. It may be soon moving to Delaware.

Music under Soviet Rule

Thanks to Southern Illinois University Ian McDonald's delightful site is back with all its general information on Soviet music plus individual pages on Prokofiev, Shostakovich and many minor composers. It also contains CD information, chronologies of more than a dozen Soviet composers, and information on Soviet music discussion groups.

Musical Heritage of Eastern Europe and Russia

This is the web site of an exciting course on Russian and Eastern European music and culture by Patricia Gray of Rhodes College. It includes a rich array of background notes on music and icons, graphics, musical selections in AIFF files, and links to related sites. A wonderful place to visit even if you are not enrolled, if you like Russian music.

Onno van Rijen's 20th Century Russian Music Site

This is a site with opus lists of all the well-known 20th century Russian composers and most of the minor ones. There is also information about the availability of CDs with these composers' music.

St. Petersburg Conservatory

A magnificent site with quick, appealing and most appropriate JAVA applets. This site is interesting for its history and links to other Russian music sites, especially Russian Classics On-line -- real stereo performances of various world symphonies delivered via stream audio. Be sure you have the Real Audio plug-in installed before you enter the concert hall you will want to leave the music on as you continue to move around the web. If you don't already have it, you may download it on the site. This is a major on-line event for Russian culture. Don't miss it!

Folk Culture THE BALALAIKA Vladimir Vysotsky

Vysotsky's gruff voice and starkly, sometimes slyly, poetic lyrics have inspired two generations of Russians and are working their way into the young hearts of a third. In addition to the major Vysotsky web site



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