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Russian Oldies Bulletin, 2017

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Old News ;-)

[Dec 31, 2017] Happy New Year !

[Dec 30, 2017] Years come by

[Dec 29, 2017] Those Were the Days (Dorogoy Dlinnoyu)

[Dec 28, 2017] Москва златоглавая

The song was suppressed under Soviets and contains a obvious nostalgia of about past "tzarists" times. This is a somewhat sad song. Modern pop variant spoiled this feeling...

[Dec 27, 2017] Vladimir Shainsky


[Dec 26, 2017] 60 members of Red Army choir RIP

The last year that same time the terrible tragedy happened. In December 2016 all 92 on Syria-bound Russian military jet killed in crash, including 60 from Red Army Choir Reuters Of them 60 were members of Red Army Choir. They were traveling on a Russian military plane to perform for troops.
In an effort to try and list all their names, according to Wikipedia...
Director: Valery Khalilov, Choreographer: L. Kulikov, Administrator: VG Kadin, Choreographer and coach: V. Ermolin, Head Dresser: A. Kormilitsyn (Honoured Worker of Culture) Vocal coaches: People's Artist of Russia Laureate of competitions: MI Glinka and PI Tchaikovsky, Professor KP Lisovsky Concertmaster: V. Brodsky+
Soloists: VI Shtefutsa and EM Labkovsky; with SV Ivanov, PD Bogachev, VP Maystruk, AA Gvozdetsky, BM Mizyuk (all Honoured Artist of Russia)
Choir: YA Lysenko, Y. Shtrunov, IM Pirogov, IS Sobolev, И.Ф. Volkov, OV Filimonov, AN Savitsky, VA Nagorny, VP Kokarev, AA Hristachev, JN Deynekin, VM Bolonenko, VN Antonov, AN Stritenko, AA Toschev (all Honoured Artist of Russia); and VS Buzlov, SP Lapik, VF Orthodox, GU Razgasimov, V. Chekin, MD Mochalina,
Orchestra: AA Mogulkin, Y. Savkin, MG Chervov, PD Shchennikov, NI Diakov, AI Egorov, VM Predelin (all Honoured Artist of Russia)
Ballet: GD Pavlyuchenko, IV Konygina, P.U. Khmelnitski (all Honoured Artist of Russia)

Classic Russian songs and romances


Ukrainian songs

[Dec 25, 2017] Orthodox Chants

There are several interesting samples of unique polyphonic musical tradition of Russian Orthodox Church on YouTube. Among them:

[Dec 24, 2017] Russian Basso Profondo




Artur Eizen

Leonid Kharitonov







Taras Shtonda



Mark Riezen

[Dec 23, 2017] Those Were the Days (Dorogoy Dlinnoyu)

[Dec 22, 2017] Oleg Pogudin

[Dec 21, 2017] Глеб Матвейчук

[Dec 20, 2017] Анастасия Макеева

[Dec 19, 2017] Максим Галкин

[Dec 18, 2017] Юрий Лоза

[Dec 16, 2017] Сергей Волчков

Волчков, Сергей Валерьевич - Википедия

Foreign classic

Soviet classic



Яак Йола - Подберу музыку 1979

Folk songs

War song


See also

[Dec 15, 2016 Полина Агуреева

[Dec 14, 2017] Maria Bieshu

[Dec 13, 2017] Marina Devyatova

[Dec 12, 2017] Иван Скобцов

[Dec 11, 2017] Andrey Makarevich

[Dec 10, 2017] Taisia Povaliy

[Dec 07, 2017] Alena Bikkylova

[Dec 06, 2017] Dima Bilan

[Dec 05, 2017] Georg Ots

Georg Ots - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Dec 03, 2017] Ani Lorak

[Dec 03, 2017] Yury Gulayev

  • Concerts
  • [Dec 02, 2017] Ludmila Senchina

    [Dec 01, 2017] Songs from Ryazanov's films

    Eldar Ryasonov


    [Nov 30, 2017] Random finding for November, 2017

    [Nov 27, 2017] Dmitri Hvorostovsky

    RIP. He was one of the best Eugene Onegin in the history of this opera Dmitri Hvorostovsky Died in London at the Age of 55 He died at the same age as another outstanding Soviet bariton Yuri Gulyayev (1930-1986)
    See also Dmitri Hvorostovsky - Greatest Baritone of this era! A nice overview of his performances of Russian songs can be found in ДМИТРИЙ ХВОРОСТОВСКИЙ - ЛУЧШИЕ ПЕСНИ - DMITRIY HVOROSTOVSKIY - THE BEST (28 songs)

    Сranes - Журавли́ - Zhuravli - Dmitri Hvorostovsky (2016)

    Хворостовский Гори, гори, моя звезда D. Hvorostovsky Shine, shine, my star


    Classic Arias

    Classic Italian songs

    Soviet classic

    Classic Russian songs


    WWII songs

    WWI songs

    [Nov 25, 2017] Dina Garipova

    Foreign songs

    [Nov 19, 2017] Vitas

    [Nov 09, 2017] Aleksandra Pakhmutova

    Uniquely talented female composer from Russia. Wikipedia Aleksandra Pakhmutova

    [Nov 08, 2017] Georg Ots

    Georg Ots - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [Nov 7, 2017] 100 years of October revolution

    There is something deeply religious is those songs. May be in a substantial part Bolshevism was a new world religion comparable to Christianity, Buddhism and Muslim fault... With some really middle age religious cruelty toward "non-believers" in late 1930th. Like any Theocracy is was doomed. But during its existence some musical masterpieces were created. BTW the "resistance" theme might be re-used in the struggle against neoliberalism and neoliberal globalization (of which renaissance of nationalism in Europe and election of Trump in the USA are two most evident indicator)

    Musical symbols of the this long gone epoch

    Some pretty poignant critique

    [Nov 04, 2017] Igor Talkov

    Talkov was one of the first who understand what neoliberalism brought Russia...


    Random findings for October 2017

    [Oct 26, 2017] Old Russian Rock Groups

    [Oct 26, 2017] ТенорА XXI века

    [Oct 22, 2017] Nadezhda Kadysheva

    [Oct 17, 2017] Dmitri Hvorostovsky

    [Oct 15, 2017] Nikolai Baskov

    See also Nikolay Baskov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [Oct 15, 2017] Russian Romances by Sergey Yesenin

    Sergei Yesenin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ne zhaliyu ne zovu ne plachu

    Tonkaya Ryabina

    Klen tu moy opavshiy

    Letter to mother

    Otgovorila rotcha zolotaya (A golden grove has ceased at last its chatter)

    Nad Okoshkov Mesyats (Музыка Я.Френкель (Yan Frenkel)

    Puskay ty vuypita drugim

    Da swidanya

    Poy zhe poy

    Мне осталась одна забава

    Ah eta kraknaya ryabina

    Often attributed to Yesenin, but in reality Музыка Семена Заславского на слова Анатолия Сафронова.

    [Oct 14, 2017] Kuban Cossacks Choir

    [Oct 13, 2017] Valaam monastery choir

    [Oct 13, 2017] Polina Gagarina

    [Oct 13, 2017] Random findings

    [Oct 12, 2017] Choir of Sretensky monastery

    [Oct 12, 2017] Alexiy Vorobyov

    [Oct 12, 2017] Nikolai Noskov

    [Oct 11, 2017] NYUSHA

    [Oct 05, 2017] Дживан Гаспарян и Президентский оркестр РФ " АДАЖИО"

    [Oct 05, 2017] Swan lake

    [Oct 04, 2017] Tchaikovsky - Valse Sentimentale

    [Oct 03, 2017] Itzhak Perlman

    Itzhak Perlman - Wikipedia

    [Oct 02, 2017] Jascha Heifetz

    [Oct 01, 2017] Flight Of The Bumble Bee


    [Sep 30, 2017] Random findings for September 2017

    [Sep 29, 2017] Dark eyes (instrumental)

    [Sep 29, 2017] Waltz Recuerdo Florido (Remembrance of the flowers) by Franchesko Rossi

    Performances with Hawaiian guitar is the best

    [Sep 28, 2017] Petite Fleur (Sidney Bechet)-Маленький цветок

    [Sep 27, 2017] Old Russian Waltz Expectation by Herold Lavrentievich Kittler (1901г.)

    [Sep 26, 2017] Tango from Soviet Russia - Bryzgi Shampanskovo, ca 1930

    [Sep 25, 2017] Anatoly Solovyanenko

    Ukrainian songs


    [Sep 19, 2017] ВИА Пламя

    [Sep 18, 2017] Anna Netrebko

    [Sep 14, 2017] Nikolai Gnatyuk

    [Sep 11, 2017] Joseph Kobzon

    Joseph Kobzon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [Sep 10, 2017] Larisa Dolina

    [Sep 9, 2017] Yury Gulayev

    Yuri Aleksandrovich Gulyayev - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [Sep 03, 2017] Marina Devyatova

    [Sep 2, 2017] Andrey Petrov

    Famous Soviet composer


    [Aug 30, 2017] Random findings for august 2017

    [Aug 24, 2017] Famous Russian Romances

    [Aug 22, 2017] Igor Krutoy

    [Aug 17, 2017] Muslim Magomaev

    [Aug 16, 2017] Igor Nikolaev

    [Aug 09, 2017] Soprano 10

    [Aug 08, 2017] Russian Waltzs

    [Aug 07, 2017] Sofia Rotaru


    [Jul 31, 2017] Random findings for July

    [Jul 31, 2017] Anti-war songs

    [Jul 31, 2017] Edita Pyeha

    [Jul 28, 2017] Georgy Sviridov

    Georgy Sviridov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [Jul 27, 2017] Selected ukrainian songs

    [Jul 26, 2017] Singer Zara

    She is like Russian Charles Aznavour

    [Jul 16, 2017] Grigory Leps

    [Jul 16, 2017] Bela Rudenko

    Руденко, Бэла Андреевна - Википедия

    [Jul 15, 2017] Somewhere My Love

    ​Omar Sharif

    [Jul 14, 2017] La Marseillaise

    [Jul 13, 2017] Vadim Kazachenko

    [Jul 11, 2017]