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Two Party System as Polyarchy (oligarchies disguised as liberal democracies) with Inner Party (intelligence agencies) playing the role of kingmaker

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NOTE: the page is labeled  by Google as  "Dangerous or derogatory content". That's how Google reacts on the critique of of the rule of financial oligarchy and the USA Pepsi-cola two party system (aka Uniparty). As Google is a stalwart of neoliberalism this is an understandable position

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"There is one political party in this country, and that is the party of money. It has two branches, the Republicans and the Democrats, the chief difference between which is that the Democrats are better at concealing their scorn for the average man."

-- Gore Vidal

“The Democrats are the foxes, and the Republicans are the wolves – and they both want to devour you.” So what does that make Libertarians? Avian flu viruses?”

-- Leonard Pinkney

The race is no contest when you own both horses. That is why no matter which political party is in power nothing really changes other than the packaging. The puppets who drink at the champagne fountains of the powerful do the bidding of their masters. The people are superfluous to the process.

-- Daniel Estulin

The only people truly bound by campaign promises are the voters who believe them.”

Christopher Hitchens, The Quotable Hitchens from Alcohol to Zionism: The Very Best of Christopher Hitchens  


Due to the side an introduction was moved to the separate page Polyarchy, Authoritarianism and Deep State


Politically the most Wetern countries including the USA are oligarchies disguised as liberal democracies. The USA is essentially a single party state -- it is governed by the Neoliberal Party with two factions "soft neoliberals" (Democratic Party) and "hard neoliberals" (Republican Party). Existence of  "Pepsi" and "Coca-Cola" parties is enforced by "First after the post rule"   and is just a sophisticated variant of "divide and conquer" strategy. It could have been used by the USSR leadership  instead of one party system. Intelligence agencies play important  role in selection of two candidate for Presidential elections, representing a hidden third, "Inner Party," which is exerting significant control on the selection of candidates  and in case of Trump was engaged in derailing first his candidacy and then his Presidency


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[Apr 15, 2021] Corporations want to control US election by manipulating mail-in votes

Apr 15, 2021 |

Hundreds of corporations, including Starbucks, Amazon, and Netflix, have signed a letter signaling their opposition to election integrity efforts in numerous states, promising to oppose any related legislation they deem "discriminatory."

The effort, led by former American Express chief executive Kenneth Chenault and Merck chief executive Kenneth Frazier, both of whom recently led a group of black business leaders urging corporations to take a stand against election integrity efforts, has corporations vowing to stand against "any discriminatory legislation," representing what the New York Times deemed "the broadest coalition yet to weigh in on the issue."

me title=

"We stand for democracy," the statement reads . "A beautifully American idea, but a reality denied to many for much of this nation's history. As Americans, we know that in our democracy we should not expect to agree on everything":

However, regardless of our political affiliations, we believe the very foundation of our electoral process rests upon the ability of each of us to cast our ballots for the candidates of our choice. For American democracy to work for any of us, we must ensure the right to vote for all of us. We all should feel a responsibility to defend the right to vote and to oppose any discriminatory legislation or measures that restrict or prevent any eligible voter from having an equal and fair opportunity to cast a ballot.

"Voting is the lifeblood of our democracy," the statement continues, calling on Americans to take a "nonpartisan stand for this most basic and fundamental right of all Americans."

Signers include Bank of America, Amazon, Estée Lauder , Eventbrite, General Motors, Netflix, Starbucks, Synchrony, Nordstrom, PayPal, Peloton, Pinterest, United Airlines, Twitter, Under Armour, and more.

Some, such as Coca-Cola and Delta, which spoke out after Georgia passed its election integrity law, did not add their names to the list, nor did Home Depot , as the Times reported:

Coca-Cola and Delta, which condemned the Georgia law after it was passed, declined to add their names, according to people familiar with the matter. Home Depot also declined, even though its co-founder Arthur Blank said in a call with other business executives on Saturday that he supported voting rights. Another Home Depot co-founder, Ken Langone, is a vocal supporter of Mr. Trump.

Coca-Cola and Delta declined to comment. Home Depot said in a statement on Tuesday that "the most appropriate approach for us to take is to continue to underscore our belief that all elections should be accessible, fair and secure."

JPMorgan Chase also declined to sign the statement despite a personal request from senior Black business leaders to the chief executive, Jamie Dimon, according to people briefed on the matter. Mr. Dimon has publicly declared that he supports Black Lives Matter and made a statement on voting rights before many other companies, saying, "We believe voting must be accessible and equitable."

"It should be clear that there is overwhelming support in corporate America for the principle of voting rights," Chenault said.

While the statement does not list specific state election efforts, it follows the debate over Georgia's recently signed election integrity law, which the left has inundated with misinformation, including the false claims it eliminates "Souls to the Polls," thereby suppressing minority votes. In reality, the law expands ballot access in several ways, including by increasing the mandatory days for early weekend voting.

"The nuts and bolts of [the law] are this, it makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat," Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) said during a March appearance on Breitbart News Daily :

The biggest -- probably the top four things to me -- is it replaces a signature match with a voter ID on absentee ballots. It secures ballot drop boxes around the clock It also requires poll workers to continue tabulating ballots until all votes are counted and then it actually -- contrary to what the national media and those that are profiting off of this whole exercise of not being truthful with people -- expands voting access, especially on the weekends.

A Rasmussen Reports survey released last this week revealed a majority of likely voters, or 60 percent, believe it is more important to make sure there is no cheating in elections rather than prioritizing making it "easier for everybody to vote." Additionally, a majority of likely voters, including a majority of black voters, reject the notion that voter ID laws are discriminatory against some voters.

[Apr 14, 2021] 75% Support Voter ID Laws- Rasmussen

Apr 14, 2021 |

Posted on April 7, 2021 by Pat Lang

" voters still overwhelmingly support laws requiring that voters show identification before casting a ballot.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 75% of Likely U.S. Voters believe voters should be required to show photo identification such as a driver's license before being allowed to vote. Only 21% are opposed to such a requirement. (To see survey question wording, click here .)

Thirty-six states have enacted some form of voter ID law, but those laws would be nullified if the Senate approves H.R. 1, which passed the House on a party-line vote. Critics say H.R. 1 " would force states to allow anyone to vote who simply signs a form saying that they are who they claim they are. "

"Support for voter ID laws has actually increased since 2018 , when 67% said voters should be required to show photo identification such as a driver's license before being allowed to vote.

Eighty-nine percent (89%) of Republicans support voter ID requirements, as do 60% of Democrats and 77% of voters not affiliated with either major party."

Comment: In Virginia it was not necessary to present identification at a polling place untl about 20 years ago. This was a relic of an older time when most Virginia communities were quite small and it was expected that one or more people would recognize acitizen at the polling station,

IMO the time has come when national ID cards would be a good thing. The trick would be to make it as tamper proof as possible. pl akaPatience says: April 7, 2021 at 6:12 pm

I recently got a new driver's license, the kind that complies with airport security in order to be able to fly. And boy, my county Department of Motor Vehicles office was absolutely TOUGH, real hard asses, when it came to the documentation required to qualify for such a license. I had to go back THREE TIMES with various documents in order to satisfy them and meet their criteria EXACTLY, with no exceptions. So did my husband. I would hope that any national ID, if ever mandated, would be obtained by fulfilling similarly rigorous standards and conscientious processing. I bet it would set off leftists and libertarian-leaning rightists BIG TIME though, for different reasons: leftists would want lax standards and libertarians would oppose the notion per se .

[Apr 14, 2021] Well yeah, "demos" are running all this having robbed any meaning from that traditional labor/common man viewpoint (think FDR) thus in full cahoots with the global cabal which is gates and all the other devils, which must be stopped.

Apr 14, 2021 |

dale t hood , 14 February 2021 at 02:20 PM

Well yeah, "demos" are running all this having robbed any meaning from that traditional labor/common man viewpoint (think FDR) thus in full cahoots with the global cabal which is gates and all the other devils, which must be stopped. Too long to list, here is astonishing summary big food/pharma/chemical/oil/$

[Apr 14, 2021] Outcomes of #Metoo - BLM - Antifa - Cancel Culture by Walrus

Apr 14, 2021 |

I wrote a post on the above-mentioned subject but I deleted it. I will not discuss the demonisation of White heterosexual Males in all its forms for fear of cancellation. I will instead leave you with my conclusions – which are consistent with The Walrus Law; Governments achieve the reverse of their stated objectives.

Conclusion 1. No white male corporate manager is going to risk their career by engaging in any of the following actions:

– Mentoring female subordinates.
– Taking one on one meetings with any female.
– Participating in any but the most innocuous social functions with female subordinates and certainly not where alcohol is present.
– In fact avoiding any one on one situation with a female.
– It also stands to reason that women will not be employed or promoted if sufficient excuse can be found. There wasn't a glass ceiling. There is now.

Why? Because a female subordinate can now permanently end a males career in a microsecond by the act of alleging any impropriety thanks to #metoo. No proof is required.

Conclusion 2. The British/ European/ American class system is coming back with a vengeance. Young men and their parents will confine their search for partners and social interactions, to females of the same social strata, values, financial resources and background as their own. This is not a guarantee of marital harmony, It does however decrease the likelihood of a male being accused of relationship and career destroying improprieties twenty years after the alleged event. You can forget marrying 'for love' outside your social class.

Conclusion 3. Male behaviour in the upper and middle classes is indeed going to change. We will witness the return of the Chaperone for males. We will witness the end of many mixed sex parties and entertainments because of the ever present threat of denouncement. Expect single sex private schools to flourish. Co -education is an invitation for a young males career to be finished before it even starts – all it takes these days is an allegation made perhaps years and years after the alleged "event". The first a young male will know about it is when he is arrested and handcuffed.

Conclusion 4. The nature of families is going to change. We are going to see the return of stereotyped roles. Case in point? As a Grandfather I have decided I will have nothing more to do with the informal upbringing of grand daughters – there is too much risk that if they go off the rails in puberty or get involved in drugs, mental illness, etc. they will conveniently blame sexual abuse by a relative as the cause. That means I will never allow myself to be alone with them or be responsible for them ever and the rest of the family know it. Period. The personal risk is just too great

I have examples to back up each conclusion but I will not share them with you.

I have not addressed the American race and firearm based issues but I would expect that changes to firearm laws and characterisation of various behaviors as "extremist' will also have the same opposite effect from what Government intended.

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Posted in Walrus | 39 Comments
  1. Bill H. says: April 10, 2021 at 10:51 am

    Indeed. I suspect that if I were of dating age (and single) today I would go on to die celibate. A minority of women have made engaging with the entire gender entirely too dangerous. Reply

  2. Avatar Oilman2 says: April 10, 2021 at 11:14 am

    I brought this up on another blog I read.

    The law of unintended consequences

    We are an adaptive bunch; witness how successful Prohibition was, or the alleged 'War on Drugs'. Look at how Trumps border wall was rapidly shot to hell with a few acetylene torches and some hinges – making really nice gates for the coyotes to run people through.

    It's interesting that there is no actual, physical way that the number of guns out here 'in the wild' is even known, much less can be seized. Guns can be seized by the ATF/FBI/etc. making a huge raid on a single family and killing them all as examples – but once that card is played, the ante will be upped and things will not be as easy for them. The gun grabbers are literally about 200 years too late, as the gun cow is long out of the barn.

    The Covidian Cult is waning finally – in spite of the push by the globalist CDC, WHO, Big Pharma, MSM and many others. It's hard to push fear of dying when there is nothing to base it on any longer.

    So now we are back to Ukraine, where Biden is both well known and well connected. Russia will swat anything approaching her borders, and may swat hard. I would not be surprised to see our puny couple of ships in their sea crippled electronically, again. But Russia doesn't want what NATO and Biden are serving for dinner.

    It's the same old SSDD of world ending disasters to keep everyone afraid of everyone else while the big wheels in government are sending contracts out to their family members and their various foundations using money leveraged against our grandkids.

    57 genders; women cannot be approached without opening yourself to legal actions and yet they are all in the military and government positions in far larger percentages than people realize. Our local school principal was recently accused of "inappropriate conduct" with a female teacher who is so obese she requires an electric scooter to move her bulk about. Having actually seen this female, it was obvious to me, as a man with normal appetites, that approaching her would have resulted in disgorgement of the previous meal and not engorgement of anything.

    It's human nature that when you forbid something unilaterally, it becomes more attractive to many, just for the sake of flouting convention. Perhaps that is what the morbidly obese teacher is striving for?

    We are entering the Land of Unintended Consequences, and there is no way but through.

[Apr 13, 2021] Fox News hires high-profile defense team in Dominion defamation lawsuit

High profile attorney means possible troubles for Dominion and its lobbyists. such layers ten not leave a single stone unturned, which is not in Dominion best interest. Emails will definitely be subpoenaed and judging from the behaviour of one Dominion executive they were not too careful.
I kel the joke "Are their lawyers also going to argue that no reasonable person would believe Fox news?"
Apr 13, 2021 |

Fox News has hired two high-profile defense attorneys to combat a $1.6 billion lawsuit filed against it by voting technology company Dominion.

The media outlet disclosed in a court filing that it had Charles Babcock and Scott Keller for its defense. Fox News confirmed the hirings to The Hill.

... ... ...

Fox News Media told The Hill after Dominion filed its suit that it is "proud of our 2020 election coverage, which stands in the highest tradition of American journalism, and will vigorously defend against this baseless lawsuit in court."

libsrnazi OhNo 12 minutes ago

And yet discovery will be very interesting, and Fox News is now pitted against Dominion, and their best way to defend themselves is to show that the criticisms were legitimate...

Fox can now subpoena anything relevant from Dominion, and Dominion has to comply or be criminally prosecuted...


Bruce libsrnazi 8 minutes ago • edited

There is not much to discover with Dominion. It mainly functions like a windows 10 computer. so it is hackable. It is very easy to install fraudulent software on these machines

See Harryi Hursti KILL CHAIN: THE CYBERWAR ON AMERICA'S ELECTIONS and look at his affidavit See "Investigators for Attorney DePernoReportedly Discover Modem Chips Embedded in Michigan Voting System Computer Motherboards" via today on theGatewayPundit

When testifying before the MI legislature, the Dominion CEO recommended that a full forensic audit be ordered if voters suspect that these machines were connected to the internet.

On Dec 1 election officials deleted the electronic voting data in violation of state la

OhNo libsrnazi 11 minutes ago

If that is fox news's defense they are done 🤣

libsrnazi OhNo 8 minutes ago

Keep tellin' yourself that... Eventually, even YOU might come to believe it...

When they lose the fight against the subpoenas, Dominion will drop the lawsuit, and claim the subpoenas are moot...

The media would like to give the impression that "hands" were the most washed body part in 2020, when in actuality, it was the "brain"..

Sherman's Tiki Torch #PizzaGaetz 31 minutes ago

Turns out the Kraken was fakin' and now her bacon is about to expire in the fire.

Grundune Sherman's Tiki Torch 16 minutes ago • edited

Sidney Powell lit a fuse. She woke the Republicans and others who want election integrity, so the Democrats won't be able to steal any more. At least not with the same tactics

Bruce Man in the Moon!! 23 minutes ago • edited

Lou Dobbs might have gotten confused once. I believe he said that an affidavit that criticized Smartmatic had instead criticized Dominion. However, there are so many problems with Dominion, I would consider it to be an immaterial mistake. After all these machines appear to be unusable:

[Vote counting machines] "presents serious system security vulnerability and
operational issues that may place plaintiffs and other voters at risk of
deprivation of their fundamental right to cast an effective vote that is
accurately counted," U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg wrote in a Oct 2020

Electionic vote counting machines were banned in France, Ireland and the in
the Netherlands via Gateway Pundit because they were unreliable.

The Gateway pundit could be sued if they make false statements.

via Twitter:

Elections Canada @ElectionsCan_E

· Nov 16

Elections Canada does not use Dominion Voting Systems. We use paper ballots counted by hand in front of scrutineers and have never used voting machines or electronic tabulators to count votes in our

100-year history. #CdnPoli

It is very easy to install fraudulent software on these machines See Harryi Hursti on seeKILL CHAIN: THE CYBERWAR ON AMERICA'S
ELECTIONS and look at his affidavit

Dutchcourage 19 minutes ago • edited

The actual claim is here (400+ pages):
www DOT documentcloud DOT org/documents/20527880-dominion-v-fox-news-complaint

These lawyers have their work cut out for them. As explained in the claim, Dominion contacted Fox multiple times after the first accusations. They provided Fox with independent assessments and other evidence that their systems were sound. Fox ignored it, never mentioned this and continued presenting that Dominion systems were fraudulent (and stated that as a fact, not as an opinion).

This will go a long way to the "with malice" part

labman57 19 minutes ago

Once again, FOX News will likely claim that they are an entertainment network, not a news agency ... and therefore they should not be expected to propagate facts on their broadcasts.

Jrgolden Golden 14 minutes ago

Discovery should be fun. Don't settle with FOX, grind their assets into the ground

ballyb11 9 minutes ago

Re this "The election was stolen" conspiracy theory of Trump's.

How did the Democrats pull off this massive election fraud?

It had to be an insanely well coordinated effort.

And not one Republican infiltrator, not one Democratic operative flipped to expose the fraud.

Done with surgical precision.

An absolutely masterful effort.

Fred ballyb11 8 minutes ago

And headed up by a guy with dementia.

[Apr 13, 2021] Dominion v. MyPillow Guy poses a stark test for America's libel laws

Dominion fights as its image was damaged and it has deep pockets. But how valid are their claim is for the court to decide. In no way they are as clean as they pretend. Their connection Dem party operatives is probably provable beyond reasonable doubt. The whole story with Dominion replacing Diebold on this business is murky to the extreme.
Apr 13, 2021 |
Roger Parloff · Contributor Tue, April 13, 2021, 5:06 AM · 22 min read

... "Instantly," said Steven Bellovin , a professor of computer science at Columbia University with almost 40 years of experience in computer networking and security. That's how long it took him to realize, he said in an interview, that a certain purported spreadsheet that I showed him was "not just fake, but a badly generated fake by someone who didn't know what they were doing."

The spreadsheet, together with an animated film that was said to illustrate its data, formed the crux of a nearly two-hour "docu-movie," called "Absolute Proof," which aired at least 13 times last February on the One America News Network. The movie, presented in a news magazine format, was hosted, co-produced, and relentlessly flacked by Mike Lindell, the irrepressible CEO of MyPillow, Inc. It purported to furnish absolute proof that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from then-President Donald Trump in an international cyberattack exploiting vulnerabilities in voting-machine software that had been intentionally designed to rig elections.

Dominion Voting Systems, which makes voting technology, filed a $1.3 billion defamation suit against Lindell and his company in late February -- the third of four massive cases it has filed since the election -- in part because of "Absolute Proof," which referenced Dominion more than 40 times. (An in-depth analysis of Dominion's suits over bogus election-fraud claims, as well as one brought by a rival voting-device company, Smartmatic, is provided in an earlier story I wrote here .)

... ... ...

[Apr 12, 2021] Dark Money by Jane Mayer is about how some nominally right-wing libertarian sociopaths, (i.e. the Kochs and their coterie) seek to control American politics through various 'charitable' think tanks and stealth infiltration of top ranked universities

Apr 12, 2021 |

I have just finished reading a couple of weighty tomes with similar themes: Dark Money by Jane Mayer is about how some nominally right-wing libertarian sociopaths, (i.e. the Kochs and their coterie) seek to control American politics through various 'charitable' think tanks and stealth infiltration of top ranked universities; and The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff, which is about how some nominally left-wing(ish) libertarian whiz kid sociopaths seek to control the whole world through social media.

My main take away is that libertarian ideology is just shorthand for narcissistic entitlement and psychopathic greed.

[Apr 12, 2021] America Needs the GOP, and It Needs Help

Two party system is a polished version of one party rule...
Apr 12, 2021 |

...Some Republicans the past few years have talked of breaking from the two-party system and starting a third. But that's not the way to go. Better to strengthen the system that for more than a century and a half has seen us through a lot of mess. In its rough way the two-party system, even without meaning to, functions as a unifying force: At the end of the day, for all our differences and arguments, you have to decide if you were a constituency of Team A or Team B. The parties, in their rough and inadequate way, had to be alive to your interests. Things proceeded with a sense, an air, of majority rule. With a third party you can win the presidency with 34%. That won't help national unity. And this being America, once we have a third party we'll have a fourth and a fifth, and everything will be chaos, with a loss of any feeling of general consensus.

Two parties are better for the country, and better for the Democrats. A strong Republican party keeps them on their toes. As Oscar Hammerstein once said, liberals need conservatives to hold them back and conservatives need liberals to pull them forward. One side should stop the other when it goes too far, or boost it when it fails to move. Hammerstein was a cockeyed optimist, but this isn't a bad time for that.

... ... ...

...I left the Republican Party at some point in the 2000s. I didn't like a lot of what I was seeing. I began to say, honestly, that I was a political conservative but not a Republican. Readers could see it in my work, and I heard from them a lot. I reregistered to vote in a Republican primary in New York City, and have kept it that way, maybe for reasons of orneriness.

But I've done a lot of mourning over it the past 15 years, shed literal tears over the GOP. There were a lot of break points. Iraq was one: If that wasn't the country club at work, what was? People to whom nothing much bad had ever happened, so they expected good fortune to follow their decisions. Immigration was another, with the elite decision makers of the party not caring at all how the unprotected see and experience life. It was a total detachment from their concerns accompanied by a claim of higher compassion. Sarah Palin was another. I felt her choice as a vice presidential candidate degraded a good insight, that an ability to do the show business of politics is important -- FDR, JFK and Reagan knew that -- but you can't let politics degrade into only showbiz; you need the ability to think seriously about issues. It is wrong to reduce politics to a subset of entertainment. There were more.

Like thumb_up Reply Share link Report P

Patrick Jan SUBSCRIBER 12 minutes ago

Conservatives dominate the state governments and federal judiciary, and Republicans hold 50% of the Senate and 49% of the House. Despite his many flaws, Trump lost the presidential election by a mere 43,000 votes spread across 3 states. The GOP is hardly "shattered". On the contrary, the country hasn't been this evenly divided in a long time.

Trump's populist conservative platform and fighting energy have made net gains for the GOP. Trump's checkered personal life and lack of self-discipline have had the opposite effect. So let's find a leader who maintains the Trump platform without the Trump self-sabotage. How about Ron DeSantis?

Joan Lardin SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago
My late father used to say:
"oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive."
All Republicans have to do to rehabilitate themselves and people's faith in their party is speak truth about the Big Lie.

The truth will set them free.

But they can't or won't do it. They are held in the thrall of a six time bankrupt, lying NY City conman. They are consummate cowards and panderers.

Jesse G SUBSCRIBER 1 hour ago
The "Big Lie" is being perpetrated by the Biden Administration and Democrats right in front of your face. Lying about the border, lying about jobs, lying about infrastructure, lying about voting laws. Everything's a lie. I'm curious what your father would think about this new level of deception.
Gregory Caswell SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago
Money, Media Hacks and Socialist Union Educators have succeeded, over the years, and more completely recently, to brainwash our youth, and our ever more naive, less thoughtful, more fearful, overly occupied, and wee witted population, into believing they would far better off, under a Socialist Dictatorship than a Democratic Republic! I do believe that will change over the next four years, when the new 'woke" will have thoughtfully awakened from the nightmare that is growing daily, through lies and disinformation from our Left-Wing Pelosian Politician's and the Administration, bolstered by our Majority Media Outlet Hacks, each and every day! We are, and appear to be to other Nations, quite naive in our Foreign affairs! We have more illegals gaining entrance and more citizen jobless than ever, and the Government handouts will of necessity cease, with many opportunities having failed, and employment and pay less than before! They are greasing the slope, and making it much steeper!

[Apr 12, 2021] Margaret Sullivan Gets it Wrong, Libel Law Is a Good Thing by Dean Baker

The column is extremely week and fragments are republished here for the sole purpose to critique/
I think Dean Baker is very superficial here. Dominion is a corporation business model of which is based on lobbying Congress and states. It is definitely closely connected to the Democratic Party apparatchiks. This is a very questionable model. So now it tried to present being White Knight defending itself again absurd claims like Hugo Chaves claim. This does not change the nature of their business. In reality this is two dirty persons struggling in a mud peat.
Also the key question remains unanswered: are Dominion machines do any good to the USA voting system? If yes, then defending itself makes some positive sense. If not, why bother?
Apr 12, 2021 |

...Hugo Chavez, the former president of Venezuela who has been dead for eight years, figures prominently in many of the stories. Nonetheless, many Fox News viewers believe them.

For a voting machine manufacturer, the claim that your machines are rigged is pretty much a textbook definition of a damaging statement. Therefore, Dominion should have a pretty solid case.

Sullivan doesn't dispute any of this, instead, she points out that libel or defamation suits can also be used against news outlets doing serious reporting. She highlights the case of Reveal, a nonprofit news outfit that is dedicated to investigative reporting. Reveal was nearly forced out of business due to the cost of defending itself against a charity that it exposed as being run by a cult. Sullivan's takeaway is that defamation lawsuits can be used as a weapon against legitimate news organizations doing serious reporting.

Sullivan is right on this point, but wrong in understanding the implications. Every civil course of action can be abused by those with money to harm people without substantial resources. There are tens of thousands of frivolous tort cases filed every year, but would anyone argue that we should deny people the right to sue a contractor that mistakenly sets their customer's house on fire? The same applies to suits for breach of contract. If I pay someone $10,000 in advance to paint my house and they don't do it, should I not be able to sue to get my money back?

... ... ...

The reality is that our legal system can be abused by the powerful to harm those with less power. That is the result of the enormous disparities of income and power in this country, and the inadequate shields against abuse in the legal system...

... ... ...

[Apr 11, 2021] Another professional outrage group wants Fox News host Tucker Carlson FIRED: This time it's the ADL

Apr 11, 2021 |

Ms No PREMIUM 2 hours ago

The Jewish Anti-defamation league is after Tucker Carlson. That's as bad as it gets. They have more money than God.

Anti-Defamation League chief Jonathan Greenblatt "Tucker must go"...."white supremacist tenet that the white race is in danger by a rising tide of non-whites" that is "anti-Semitic, racist and toxic." 1 odb 2 hours ago

"To find out who really rules you, find out who it is that you can't criticize". Voltaire. play_arrow

[Apr 07, 2021] Jamie Dimon....Friend of the Little Guy....

Apr 07, 2021 |

Herdee 5 hours ago (Edited) remove link

This guy is nothing but a f * c king crook and a gangster. They just paid a fine of a BILLION dollars for manipulating the Gold Market. And they even give time for this shyster to even speak?

jamesblazen62 10 hours ago remove link

Dimon is in greed's grasp and he can't escape. He's had 2 brushes with death (cancer and emergency heart surgery). You'd think a billionaire with more money than he can ever need or want has something better to do in his life than conniving for more money and playing big corporate games of manipulation and deceit.

Evil-Edward-Hyde 50 minutes ago

J P Morgan is a crime Syndicate.

They constantly Break the Laws.

No Problem for Them,

They Just Pay The Fines.

Their secret is they make much much more money on the scam did they have to pay in fines.

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It's amazing how out of touch these guys are. They just don't get it. Dimon will be swaying back and forth with the rest of them at this rate

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This is NOT a boom.

When was the last time houses went for above asking price, ever, with 20 million out of work?

All of this 'boom' is nothing but asset inflation.

Same reason Bitcoin is over $50K.

[Apr 07, 2021] JPMorgan's Dimon criticize the current wave of populism, failing to understand that it was caused by the crisis of neoliberalism

And also by the level of degeneration of the US neoliberal elite. Healthy elite would never resort to "Wokism" in the attempt to crush populism and deflect anger directed on banksters, tech moguls and politicians
Apr 07, 2021 |

Political populism, a common lament for Dimon, was also criticized.

" Americans know that something has gone terribly wrong, and they blame this country's leadership: the elite, the powerful, the decision makers - in government, in business and in civic society," he wrote.

"This is completely appropriate, for who else should take the blame?"

That fuels populism on the right and left, he said.

"But populism is not policy, and we cannot let it drive another round of poor planning and bad leadership that will simply make our country's situation worse."

The lengthy letter touched on many perennial policy bugbears like the need for "proper immigration policies" - ie making it easier for tech companies and others to hire skilled labor from abroad - while the CEO also wrote that " affordable housing remains out of reach for too many Americans."

At one point, Dimon offered a defense of the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency, arguing that the Chinese yuan isn't "fully convertible" like its American counterpart, and warned of the possibility of capital controls and prohibitions against assets like gold and cyptocurrency.

But the CEO was very candid about China...

"China's leaders believe America is in decline... The Chinese see an America that is losing ground in technology, infrastructure and education – a nation torn and crippled . . . and a country unable to coordinate government policies (fiscal, monetary, industrial, regulatory) in any coherent way to accomplish national goals."

"Unfortunately," Dimon writes, "there is a lot of truth to this."

Warning of the real risks of stagflation, the banker warned

"...the United States could be perceived as a place that is inhospitable to capitalism and capitalists," and he advised readers to think about "currency diversification, country diversification, and asset class diversification."

And as SovereignMan's Simon Black notes , Dimon then lists goes on to provide a wide-ranging laundry list of problems that have been building for years in the United States– "I'll give some examples, but if I tried to address them all this letter would become a book."

He also rails against the education and healthcare systems, saying:

"Our education and health issues come together in this alarming statistic: Seventy percent of today's youth (ages 17-24) are not eligible for military service , essentially due to a lack of proper education (basic reading and writing skills) or health issues (commonly obesity or diabetes)."

Dimon goes on to explain that all of these problems "may explain why, over the last 10 years, the U.S. economy has grown cumulatively only about 18%. "

"Some think that this sounds satisfactory, but it must be put into context: In prior sharp downturns (1974, 1982 and 1990), economic growth was 40% over the ensuing 10 years."

The country ultimately needs to "move beyond our differences and self-interest and act for the greater good," Dimon said. "The good news is that this is fixable."

Of course, a strong economic rebound is good for JP Morgan, and waxing about the threat posed by Big Tech could help the CEO push for less regulation even under a Democratic Administration. Is Dimon once again just talking his book?

Read Dimon's full letter to shareholders here...

[Apr 05, 2021] Joe Biden's American Grandstand by Lance Morrow

Notable quotes:
"... Do Mr. Biden and his people claim that the dogmatic and occasionally hysterical certitude of the woke is sufficient warrant to turn the country upside down? ..."
"... If the 2020 election meant anything, it confirmed the irreconcilable differences -- a standoff of the cobra and mongoose. The election certainly didn't give Mr. Biden marching orders from the American people to open the southern border to all comers, or to redesign the natural order of biology (in regard to gender identity and all the social arrangements that have flowed from the difference between the sexes since time immemorial), or to change the country in a hundred other ways, bundling it off on an expedition to the far left fringes of reality and grievance. What the new administration proposes may be less a transformation than a hijacking. Half the country doesn't want to be reinvented -- not on Mr. Biden's terms. ..."
"... He and his people have gone into business with a bogus, echo-chamber mandate: They manipulate a media illusion of unanimity, and presume to impose a moral narrative. The Bolsheviks, a tiny but ferociously focused minority, proceeded in this way in 1917. ..."
Apr 04, 2021 |

While Trump was rejected by electorate (Biden got 7 million votes more -- mainly in costal states and large cities), Biden was elected only because of extention of mail-in voting and because he was not Trump. Now people regret their choice, while main-in voting "irregularities" deprive Biden administration of the legitimacy. Moreover due to Biden neocon foreign policy and pandering to woke Bolsheviks, many people have "post-election remorse," But in two-party system you can do nothing about it: the train already left the station.

Now the Biden administration, headed by a man a few years too old to be a boomer, entertains ambitions to take a great leap forward. But wait. Does a transformation require a mandate? By what mandate does the Biden administration undertake the work of irrevocably altering American society? Do Mr. Biden and his people claim that the dogmatic and occasionally hysterical certitude of the woke is sufficient warrant to turn the country upside down?

There was no mandate in the outcome of the last election. November 2020 merely confirmed that the U.S. remains split precisely down the middle, 50-50, as it has been for more than 20 years, since the deadlock of Al Gore and George W. Bush and the hanging chads of Florida. If the 2020 election meant anything, it confirmed the irreconcilable differences -- a standoff of the cobra and mongoose. The election certainly didn't give Mr. Biden marching orders from the American people to open the southern border to all comers, or to redesign the natural order of biology (in regard to gender identity and all the social arrangements that have flowed from the difference between the sexes since time immemorial), or to change the country in a hundred other ways, bundling it off on an expedition to the far left fringes of reality and grievance. What the new administration proposes may be less a transformation than a hijacking. Half the country doesn't want to be reinvented -- not on Mr. Biden's terms.

He and his people have gone into business with a bogus, echo-chamber mandate: They manipulate a media illusion of unanimity, and presume to impose a moral narrative. The Bolsheviks, a tiny but ferociously focused minority, proceeded in this way in 1917.

... ... ...

Mr. Morrow is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. His latest book is "God and Mammon: Chronicles of American Money."

Peter Von Nessi Peter Von Nessi SUBSCRIBER 29 minutes ago "A man of his age -- fearing that he may amount to nothing more than the great Obama's onetime sidekick -- is apt to react to the surprise of waking up in the White House by pandering to the flashiest ideas of the young people and their hero Bernie Sanders. Mr. Biden can, for a moment, forestall death if he veers way left and makes his mark, however chaotically."

I think the author gives too much credit to Biden and not his handlers. After all Pinocchio was made of wood. When was the last time you saw a piece of wood think....about anything? SHOW MORE REPLIES N Neil Steinhoff SUBSCRIBER 1 hour ago Joe did not know which state he was in, what office he was running for and said 150 million Americans have died of Covid Here is an update from Joe. "I have been in government for 180 years". "I wake up every morning, look at Jill, and say 'where the he- are we?'" on February 17, 2021. What could possibly go wrong? Greg Caldwell Greg Caldwell SUBSCRIBER 58 minutes ago (Edited) Mr. Ferrara: Many people voted for Joe's ideas because he claimed to be more of a centrist while he was running for office. I know of quite a few people who voted for Joe (1) because he wasn't Trump, and; (2) he claimed he would govern from the middle-left.

Those people are now saying they didn't vote for anything he has done to the jobs, to energy, nor do they buy his lies about Covid Relief (only 9% of over $1.9T actually went to Covid); the Infrastructure bill (of which only 7% actually has anything to do with our infrastructure); or, finally the repeated outright lies about the Georgian Voting Law. People who voted for him are paying attention and many are not happy.
Like thumb_up Reply Share link Report M Melissa Firestone SUBSCRIBER 49 minutes ago Vote counting continued on and on in pivotal states in 2020. That's why 2016 was so different than 2020. And in 2020, pivotal states were decided by less than 21,000 votes - WI, AZ, and GA. And PA and MI were more competitive than the polls showed going into election night. Votes continued to be counted days after the election and as we know in some cases weeks. That's why this wasn't a mandate for Biden. It was a rejection of Trump by the marginal voter - the ones who in tight elections determine outcomes. The same was true for Trump when he won - Hillary was so hated by so many voting blocks the Republicans could have run any of their potential nominees and would have won. G George Nesterenko SUBSCRIBER 1 hour ago Claiming the WH, and both chambers of Congress is, in deed a mandate.

The only measure by which the election was 'close' was the electoral college. By the number of.. you know... actual people... there was no, and is no contest. That's is also, indeed, a mandate.

And as demographics shift, the mandate deepens. Which is why the GOP is so adamant against preventing a DC or Puerto Rico statehood. An unpopular, shrinking minority is desperately holding on to any iota of power. Not 'half the country', as Mr. Morrow repeats on several occasions.

A national rebirth is desperately needed. Although I doubt it will happen under Biden, we can at least get on our way.
Like thumb_up 2 Reply Share link Report W william marx SUBSCRIBER 1 hour ago Mr. Nesterenko, even if President Biden won by several million votes, which I am not disputing, the fact that former President trump drew over 80 million votes suggests that the country is divided. Add to that a 50/50 split in the Senate and a slim Dem majority in in the House leads to a conclusion that there is no mandate. Until both parties stop shoving things down the other party's throat, we will not move forward. J Jerry Beukelman SUBSCRIBER 1 hour ago So you voted for a man who has no idea where he is? Good for you. Would you like to lay odds on when the next press conference will be? I'll take, never. Joe is one and done, they won't risk putting him on stage again, it is too obvious he isn't all there. Another year or two, the Biden family can make some more cash, Nancy gets her way till the House turns. And Harris can step in. That will be fun. A woman who polled 7% in her own state during the primary can take control. God help us. J jim markey SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago Trump and the GOP claimed Trump received a mandate in 2016 even though he lost the popular vote by 3 million.

Biden beat Trump by 7 million popular votes and a 4.45% popular vote spread.

That's much more of a mandate than Trump had.
Like thumb_up 3 Reply Share link Report M Melissa Firestone SUBSCRIBER 1 hour ago You didn't see vote counting continuing on and on in pivotal states in 2016. In 2016 the election was decided very early and key States that hadn't voted Republican in more than two decades voted for Trump. That's why 2016 was so different than 2020. And the pivotal states were decided by less than 21,000 votes - WI, AZ, and GA. And PA and MI were more competitive than the polls showed going into election night. That's why this wasn't a mandate for Biden. It was a rejection of Trump by the marginal voter - the ones who in tight elections determine outcomes. The same was true for Trump when he won - Hillary was so hated by so many voting blocks the Republicans could have run any of the nominees and he would have won. ike thumb_up 12 Reply Share link Report M Michael Wilson SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago Yet American voters chose them over a dictatorship led by Trump. If you don't like the results of having a 0-3 lose, then come up with a candidate and agenda Americans want. Like thumb_up 4 Reply Share link Report Rob Joseph Rob Joseph SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago "I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said". William F. Buckley

At no time was Trump even close to a dictator. Trump wanted to push power to the states. Exactly how is that dictatorial? However, the current crop of dems want to centralize power to the federal government, so exactly who is the totalitarian party? M Mac Moore SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago Nedd writes, "Biden has an approval rating approaching 55 percent. Trump never got above 50%."

Now, that's funny. What was the polled question? Was it, "do you approve of men joining women's sports and bathrooms?". Or, was it, "do you approve of thousands of migrant lives being destroyed by an open border that puts them at risk and children in peril?" Or, 'do you approve of re-education classes that mandate that one much denounce their whiteness or be banned from Gov't employment?" or "do you approve of Biden killing thousands of good paying oil pipeline jobs?" Like thumb_up 5 Reply Share link Report Rob Joseph Rob Joseph SUBSCRIBER 1 hour ago The gallup poll is from March 1. Let's see what the new poll numbers are now after his spending spree and botched immigration policy (Oh I'm sorry, what immigration policy). I couldn't stand Trump, but biden makes him look like a statesman. He will divide the country further until there is no more US. L Linda Briscoe SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago The election of2020 was not a mandate of Democratic policies. The mandate was to be shed of Donald J Trump. We accomplished that, I hope. Now the challenge is to wrench control of the Democratic Party out of the hands of the radical few, and back into the hands of the moderate many.

The idea of a Silent Majority may not be new, but I believe it is as relevant as it ever was. Most people don't focus a lot of their time on politics. They're too busy just trying to make a living, creating or nurturing a loving family, and trying to create a home they enjoy and can be proud of. A living wage, a liveable home of their own, and a loving family; that's the real American dream. Royal Martin SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago President Biden;

"Just imagine all those young voters coming across our southern border that I can impress with open arms."
e thumb_up 9 Reply Share link Report J James Bruning SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago How are Biden and the progressive Democrats getting away with this charade? True, the liberal press provides cover by not reporting or fairly reporting the egregious blunders of the Biden administration, but that does not explain why most American voters are viewing Biden as someone who is honest and deserving of trust. They know he is an unaccomplished "geezer" so in the absence of a coordinated, unified "push back" by Republicans one can assume they want a much different America Like thumb_up 8 Reply Share link Report M Melissa Firestone SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago How are the "getting away with" this??? We voted them in...and the "news" media is NOT news anymore. It is another arm of the Democrat/Socialist movement. Biden lied during the debates, but he wasn't shy about his true objectives - they were posted right on his web site. Like thumb_up Reply Share link Report M Melissa Firestone SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago "What the new administration proposes may be less a transformation than a hijacking. Half the country doesn't want to be reinvented -- not on Mr. Biden's terms."

Couldn't have said it better myself. People are not liking what they are seeing with Biden in office. Just today I had a conversation with a phlebotomist who put it in very easy to understand terms. "They are just dictating what we can and can't do, what we can and can't buy, that we have to take care of illegal citizens, while we have millions who are never going to recover from the impacts of shutting down our economy - that's not a free country." She's 100% correct yet clearly not an "expert," just a consumer. But she can see more nonsensical policy implications coming. Specifically she mentioned unaffordable utility bills with going to 100% green energy and that she didn't want to be "forced" to buy an electric car. I don't believe she's alone in seeing what's coming with Dem control...and it isn't good S Sherrill Schein SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago As bad and vacuous as Biden is, what will follow him will be much worse, starting with Kamala Harris. Louis XIV, who preceded the French Revolution and Biden both share the same argument to try to retain their thrones. "After me, the deluge." ke thumb_up 3 Reply Share link Report M Michael Barbour SUBSCRIBER 2 hours ago Biden is neither a moderate or a unifier and even his Covid policies are mostly just an extension of what was started by the previous WH administration. I didn't like Trump either, but Biden's actions and policies are hastening the decline of the U.S. M Michael OFarrell SUBSCRIBER 3 hours ago Biden, or whoever is actually in charge, is giving this country away. It will the younger generation that will pay the price. Like thumb_up 6 Reply Share link Report M Mark A. Rosasco SUBSCRIBER 3 hours ago "A whole generation with a new explanation" , history definitely rhymes.

According to John Kenneth Galbraith, financial memory is usually about 20 years, then lessons need to be re-leaned the hard way, either with financial euphoria or I would say with tax polices that promote economic growth.

[Apr 04, 2021] Who is really governing Europe? It surely isn't the citizens of the EU, because what's going on in Europe has little to do with democracy. It is more of an illusion of democracy, a well-crafted illusion. by Udo Ulfkotte

Highly recommended!
Notable quotes:
"... It is unbelievable how much the media can lie. I don't even know what I should believe any more. ..."
"... Why does our mainstream media cheer on these politicians instead of denouncing them? The answer: They're working together. They stick to these elites. How can it be that our mainstream media is always demanding that German soldiers should be sent on new military adventures in foreign countries, even though the majority of the population is clearly against this? The answer Our alpha journalists are nothing more than the long arm of the NATO press office. We will also go into great detail to prove this in this book. How can it be that our mainstream media continues to celebrate mass immigration from all over the world as "enrichment," even though the majority of Germans would rather close the borders to certain migrants today rather than tomorrow? The answer Industry and the financial elite want it this way, because a massive influx of cheap labor serves their interests. ..."
"... if the citizens aren't in charge, then who is? Could it be a group of opinion makers, a group of the most important and influential heavyweights from industry, finance and politics who are pulling the strings behind the scenes and controlling our thinking through the mainstream media? ..."
Apr 04, 2021 |

The actress Hildegard Knef once said to me, "It is unbelievable how much the media can lie. I don't even know what I should believe any more." We met in August 1997, at the Bremen-based talk show Nach Neun (Three after Nine).** We drank a glass of wine after the show in a local hotel. Indignantly, Hildegard Knef related the liberties journalists had taken in reporting about her life. She said, "Only one thing is true about journalists: they are in the business of lying."

A few months before that and nearly 5600 kilometers away from Bremen, I heard something similar while I was on a trip in Ethiopia. This time I was talking with Karlheinz B6hm, the actor who played Emperor Franz Joseph at Romy Schneider's side in the "Sissi" film trilogy about Empress Elisabeth of Austria. I visited him in the highlands of Ethiopia. Hildegard Knef and Karlheinz Bohm - two legends of the German cinema - no longer trust the German media. This gave me a lot to think about. After all, 'Thou shalt not bear false witness," was one of the highest moral commandments at one time. Alas, now we consider journalists to be the greatest liars out there.

Udo Lindenberg, a German rock music legend, didn't have the best opinion of the media cither. We had a chance to discuss this in a television studio's gfreenroom. Likewise the journalist Peter Scholl-Latour, whom I met many times in war zones around the world since the late 80s. He liked to paraphrase Hiram Johnson's old adage saying, "The first thing that falls by the wayside in war is the truth."

When I was younger, these comments by Hildegard Knef, Karlheinz Bohm, Udo Lindenberg and Peter Scholl-Latour seemed like conspiracy theories to me. Are they really? Later on, I started to hear things like this more frequently, for example, from my friend, Professor Wilhelm Hankel, a man who always seemed like a father to me. He was the man who developed the German treasury bills.

The Truth - A Journalist Exclusive?

How can it be that our mainstream media celebrate the European Union and the euro currency as a project for the future, even though millions of people throughout Europe are critical of the EU and the euro? Jean-Claude Juncker, longtime head of Luxembourg's government and the current President of the European Commission, tells us how this works:

"We decide on something, put it out there and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, no rioting in the streets, since most people haven no clue what's been decided, we continue, step by step, until there is no turning back. "

Why does our mainstream media cheer on these politicians instead of denouncing them? The answer: They're working together. They stick to these elites. How can it be that our mainstream media is always demanding that German soldiers should be sent on new military adventures in foreign countries, even though the majority of the population is clearly against this? The answer Our alpha journalists are nothing more than the long arm of the NATO press office. We will also go into great detail to prove this in this book. How can it be that our mainstream media continues to celebrate mass immigration from all over the world as "enrichment," even though the majority of Germans would rather close the borders to certain migrants today rather than tomorrow? The answer Industry and the financial elite want it this way, because a massive influx of cheap labor serves their interests.

This list of piercing questions could go on forever. However, the most important question behind all of it is: Who is really governing Europe? It surely isn't the citizens of the EU, because what's going on in Europe has little to do with democracy. It is more of an illusion of democracy, a well-crafted illusion. Still, if the citizens aren't in charge, then who is? Could it be a group of opinion makers, a group of the most important and influential heavyweights from industry, finance and politics who are pulling the strings behind the scenes and controlling our thinking through the mainstream media?

[Apr 02, 2021] Voting for either imperialist party in the US will make little difference in policy toward Ukraine or in most any foreign policy situation

Highly recommended!
Apr 02, 2021 |

Piotr Berman , Apr 2 2021 14:13 utc | 23

Posted by: librul | Apr 2 2021 13:51 utc | 22

77 millions that voted for Biden are not all "f....s". Everyone has some priorities, imperfect choices etc.

That of course applies to countries, something that "responsible media" never considers, but this is not a good role model for us.

... ... ...

Roger , Apr 2 2021 15:07 utc | 28


The Dems and Republicans are two heads of the same hydra, voting for one or the other is a charade played on the American people and is irrelevant to the discussion at hand. The US is a state run for the benefit of the economic elite that owns the media and from which the political elite is chosen/sponsored and which is aligned with the military elite. Presidents will come and go, policy pretty much stays the same, its the same as CEOs of corporations - if they don't follow profit maximization they will be booted out.

The US elites all went to the same schools (or military academy) where they were inculcated with "American Exceptionalism" and the need for "America to be the Global Policeman", ending up with mediocrities such as Blinken and Pompeo that thrash around as the world moves to multipolarity and the US becomes just another important nation. It will take at least decades for the US elite to get their heads around this, the British still haven't as seen by their wasting of resources on showy projects such as the two useless aircraft carriers (know as "targets" by submariners and missile batteries) to assuage its "size" envy.

Copeland , Apr 2 2021 16:34 utc | 47

Voting for either imperialist party in the US will make little difference in policy toward Ukraine or in most any foreign policy situation. Only the timing of a given aggression is changed. I didn't vote at all in the last election because it is just obvious that we are screwed now. The menagerie of imperialist monkeys in Biden's government is bound to do something in the spirit of maximum hubris. It will require only one more chest-swelling act of bellicose madness, something "kinetic" and terminally stupid.

vetinLA , Apr 2 2021 21:21 utc | 99

Roger @28 said;"The Dems and Republicans are two heads of the same hydra, voting for one or the other is a charade played on the American people and is irrelevant to the discussion at hand. The US is a state run for the benefit of the economic elite that owns the media and from which the political elite is chosen/sponsored and which is aligned with the military elite. Presidents will come and go, policy pretty much stays the same, its the same as CEOs of corporations - if they don't follow profit maximization they will be booted out."


@ 22 should read the above, and check out Gazza @ 24, to see who has who surrounded...

Oh, and quit dreaming about Trump, liberal, him and Biden work for the same people..

[Apr 02, 2021] Our politicians are for sale to the highest bidders. It's no longer democracy, but full-fledged plutocracy with a veneer of "democracy" that's visibly cracked and flaking off to anyone but the willfully blind

Apr 02, 2021 |

Canadian Cents , Apr 1 2021 21:18 utc | 42

Paul Damascene @22, thanks, I looked up the LBJ/Pearson anectdote and came across this:

Apparently it was "You pissed on my rug!". I guess if they update that book and article, they'll include Trump characterizing Justin as "weak and dishonest" - which I would say, based on his 7 years as PM, is blunt but accurate.

I think you're right that any US concessions are just a reprieve. That non-agreement-capable thing. Freeland and Justin don't care, they're looking forward to getting rich after leaving office, like the Clintons, Obama, etc. as a reward for their service to plutocracy.

William Gruff @19, Hoarsewhisperer @16, agreed. That, it seems to me is the root of the problem. Our politicians are for sale to the highest bidders. It's no longer democracy, but full-fledged plutocracy with a veneer of "democracy" that's visibly cracked and flaking off to anyone but the willfully blind.

solo @38, good point. Saudi Arabia also sided with China on Xinjiang:

Importantly, the Crown Prince said Saudi Arabia 'firmly supports China's legitimate position on the issues related to Xinjiang and Hong Kong, opposes interfering in China's internal affairs under any pretext, and rejects the attempt by certain parties to sow dissension between China and the Islamic world.'

Plainly put, Saudi Arabia has undercut the current US campaign against China regarding Xinjiang. It is a snub to the Biden administration.

[Mar 28, 2021] The revolt of the public- Martin Gurri on a world without trust - Vox

Notable quotes:
"... The Revolt of the Public ..."
Mar 28, 2021 |

The elites have failed

We have lost faith in elites and public institutions. The problem is nothing has taken their place.

By Sean Illing @seanilling Updated Mar 27, 2021, 9:07am EDT Share this story
A Q sign and an American flag seen outside the US Capitol. Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg via Getty Images
This story is part of a group of stories called Future Perfect

Finding the best ways to do good.

One of the greatest challenges facing democratic societies in the 21st century is the loss of faith in public institutions.

The internet has been a marvelous invention in lots of ways, but it has also unleashed a tsunami of misinformation and destabilized political systems across the globe. Martin Gurri, a former media analyst at the CIA and the author of the 2014 book The Revolt of the Public , was way ahead of the curve on this problem.

Gurri spent years surveying the global information landscape. Around the turn of the century, he noticed a trend: As the internet gave rise to an explosion of information, there was a concurrent spike in political instability. The reason, he surmised, was that governments lost their monopoly on information and with it their ability to control the public conversation.

One of the many consequences of this is what Gurri calls a "crisis of authority." As people were exposed to more information, their trust in major institutions -- like the government or newspapers -- began to collapse.

Gurri's book became something of a cult favorite among Silicon Valley types when it was released and its insights have only become more salient since. Indeed, I've been thinking more and more about his thesis in the aftermath of the 2020 election and the assault on the US Capitol on January 6. There are lots of reasons why the insurrection happened, but one of them is the reality that millions of Americans believed -- really believed -- that the presidential election was stolen, despite a complete lack of evidence. A Politico poll conducted shortly after the election found that 70 percent of Republicans thought the election was fraudulent.

That's what a "crisis of authority" looks like in the real world.

And it's crucial to distinguish this crisis from what's often called the "epistemic crisis" or the "post-truth" problem. If Gurri's right, the issue isn't just that truth suddenly became less important; it's that people stopped believing in the institutions charged with communicating the truth. To put it a little differently, the gatekeeping institutions lost their power to decide what passes as truth in the mind of the public.

me title=

So where does that leave us?

I reached out to Gurri to explore the implications of his thesis. We talk about what it means for our society if millions of people reject every claim that comes from a mainstream institution, why a phenomenon like QAnon is fundamentally a "pose of rejection," and why he thinks we'll have to "reconfigure" our democratic institutions for the digital world we now inhabit.

A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows.

Sean Illing

Have elites -- politicians, corporate actors, media and cultural elites -- lost control of the world?

Martin Gurri

Yes and no. It's a wishy-washy answer, but it's a reality.

They would have completely lost control of the world if the public in revolt had a clear program or an organization or leadership. If they were more like the Bolsheviks and less like QAnon, they'd take over the Capitol building. They'd start passing laws. They would topple the regime.

But what we have is this collision between a public that is in repudiation mode and these elites who have lost control to the degree that they can't hoist these utopian promises upon us anymore because no one believes it, but they're still acting like zombie elites in zombie institutions. They still have power. They can still take us to war. They can still throw the police out there, and the police could shoot us, but they have no authority or legitimacy. They're stumbling around like zombies.

Sean Illing

You like to say that governments have lost the ability to dictate the stories a society tells about itself, mostly because the media environment is too fragmented. Why is that so significant?

Martin Gurri

When you analyze the institutions that we have inherited from the 20th century, you find that they are very top-down, like pyramids. And the legitimacy of that model absolutely depends on having a semi-monopoly over information in every domain, which they had in the 20th century. There was no internet and there was a fairly limited number of information sources for the public. So our ruling institutions had authority because they had a very valuable commodity: information.

So I was an analyst at the CIA looking around the world at open information, at the global media. And I can tell you, it was like a trickle compared to today. If a president, here or somewhere else, was giving a speech, the coverage of it was confined to major outlets or television stations. But when the tsunami of information hit around the turn of the century, the legitimacy of that model instantly went into crisis because you now had the opposite effect. You had an overabundance of information, and that created a lot of confusion and anarchy.

Sean Illing

I'm curious how you weigh the significance of material factors in this story. It's not just that there's more information, we've also seen a litany of failures in the 21st century -- from Hurricane Katrina to the forever wars to the financial crisis and on and on. Basically, a decade of institutions failing and misleading citizens, in addition to the deepening inequality, the deaths of despair, the fact that this generation of Americans is doing materially worse than previous ones.

How big a role has this backdrop of failures played in the collapse of trust?

Martin Gurri

I would say that what matters is less the material factors you mention than the public's perception of these factors. Empirically, under nearly every measure, we are better off today than in the 20th century, yet the public is much angrier and more distrustful of government institutions and the elites who manage them. That difference in perception arises directly from the radical changes in the information landscape between the last century and our own.

me title=

With few exceptions, most market democracies have recovered from the 2008 financial crisis. But the public has not recovered from the shock of watching supposed experts and politicians, the people who posed as the wise pilots of our prosperity, sound and act totally clueless while the economy burned. In the past, when the elites controlled the flow of information, the financial collapse might have been portrayed as a sort of natural disaster, a tragedy we should unify around our leadership to overcome. By 2008, that was already impossible. The networked public perceived the crisis (rightly, I think) as a failure of government and of the expert elites.

It should be a truism that material conditions matter much less than expectations. That was true during the Great Depression and it's true today. The rhetoric of the rant on the web feeds off extreme expectations -- any imperfection in the economy will be treated as a crisis and a true crisis will be seen as the Apocalypse.

Take the example of Chile. For 40 years, it had high economic growth, rising into the ranks of the wealthiest nations. During this time, Chile enjoyed a healthy democracy, in which political parties of left and right alternated in office. Everyone benefited. Yet in 2019, with many deaths and much material destruction, the Chilean public took to the streets in revolt against the established order. Its material expectations had been deeply frustrated, despite the country's economic and political successes.

Sean Illing

Just to be clear, when you talk about this "tsunami" of information in the digital age, you're not talking about more truth, right?

Martin Gurri

As Nassim Taleb pointed out, when you have a gigantic explosion of information, what's exploding is noise, not signal, so there's that.

As for truth, that's a tricky subject, because a lot of elites believe, and a lot of people believe, that truth is some kind of Platonic form. We can't see it, but we know it's there. And often we know it because the science says so.

But that's not really how truth works. Truth is essentially an act of trust, an act of faith in some authority that is telling you something that you could not possibly come to realize yourself. What's a quark ? You believe that there are quarks in the universe, probably because you've been told by people who probably know what they're talking about that there are quarks. You believe the physicists. But you've never seen a quark. I've never seen a quark. We accept this as truth because we've accepted the authority of the people who told us it's true.

Sean Illing

I'm starting to hate the phrase "post-truth" because it implies there was some period in which we lived in truth or in which truth was predominant. But that's misleading. The difference is that elite gatekeeping institutions can't place borders on the public conversation and that means they've lost the ability to determine what passes as truth, so now we're in the Wild West.

Martin Gurri

That's a very good way to put it. I would say, though, that there was a shining moment when we all had truth. They are correct about that. If truth is really a function of authority, and if in the 20th century these institutions really had authority, then we did have something like truth. But if we had the information back then that we have today, if we had all the noise that we have today, nothing would've seemed quite as true because we would've lacked faith in the institutions that tried to tell us.

Sean Illing

What does it mean for our society if an "official narrative" isn't possible? Because that's where we're at, right? Millions of people will never believe any story or account that comes from the government or a mainstream institution.

Martin Gurri

As long as our institutions remain as they are, nothing much will change. What that means is more of the same -- more instability, more turbulence, more conspiracy theories, more distrust of authorities. But there's no iron law of history that says we have to keep these institutions the way they are. Many of our institutions were built around the turn of the 20th century. They weren't that egalitarian or democratic. They were like great, big pyramids.

me title=

But we can take our constitutional framework and reconfigure it. We've done it once already, and we could do it again with the digital realm in mind, understanding the distance we once had between those in power and ordinary citizens is gone forever. It's just gone. So we need people in power who are comfortable in proximity to the public, which many of our elites are not.

Sean Illing

I do want to at least point to an apparent paradox here. As you've said, because of the internet, there are now more voices and more perspectives than ever before, and yet at the same time there's a massive "herding effect," as a result of which we have more people talking about fewer subjects. And that partly explains how you get millions of people converging on something like QAnon.

Martin Gurri

Yeah, and that's very mysterious to me. I would not have expected that outcome. I thought we were headed to ever more dispersed information islands and that that would create a fragmentation in individual beliefs. But instead, I've noticed a trend toward conformism and a crystallizing of very few topics. Some of this is just an unwillingness to say certain things because you know if you said them, the internet was going to come after you.

But I think Trump had a lot to do with it. The amount of attention he got was absolutely unprecedented. Everything was about him. People were either against him or for him, but he was always the subject. Then came the pandemic and he simply lost the capacity to absorb and manipulate attention. The pandemic just moved him completely off-kilter. He never recovered.

Sean Illing

But we're in a situation in which ideas, whether it's QAnon stuff or anything else, are getting more hollow and more viral at the same time -- and that seems really bad moving forward.

Martin Gurri

I'm not quite that pessimistic. You can find all kinds of wonderful stuff being written about practically every aspect of society today by people who are seeing things clearly and sanely. But yeah, they're surrounded by a mountain of viral crap. And yet we're in the early days of this transformation. We have no idea how this is going to play out.

There has always been a lot of viral crap going around, and there have always been people who believe crazy stuff, particularly crazy stuff that doesn't impact their immediate lives. Flat earthers still get on airplanes, right? If you're a flat earther, you're not a flat earther enough to not get in an airplane and disrupt your personal life. It's not really a belief, it's basically giving the finger to the establishment.

Sean Illing

It's a pose.

Martin Gurri

Yeah, it's a pose of rejection. QAnon is a pose of rejection. There are very many flavors of it, but what they have in common is they're saying all these ideas you have and all the facts you're cramming in my face -- it's all a prop for the powerful and I'm rejecting it.

Sean Illing

It's an important point because a lot of us treat QAnon like it's some kind of epistemological problem, but it's not really that at all. It's actually much more difficult than that. And even if we set aside QAnon, the fact that the vast majority of Republicans still believe the 2020 election was fraudulent speaks to the breadth of the problem.

Martin Gurri

Right, it's a problem of authority. When people don't trust those charged with conveying the truth, they won't accept it. And at some point, like I said, we'll have to reconfigure our democracy. Our politicians and institutions are going to have to adjust to the new world in which the public can't be walled off or controlled. Leaders can't stand at the top of pyramids anymore and talk down to people. The digital revolution flattened everything. We've got to accept that.

I really do have hope that this will happen. The boomers who grew up in the old world and can't move beyond it are going to die out, and younger people are going to take their place. That will raise other questions and challenges, of course, but there will be a changing of the guard and we should welcome it.

Millions of people rely on Future Perfect to understand the most effective ways to create a better world. We focus on what's important but not necessarily new -- things like the future of meat, artificial intelligence, morality, and threats to society, including pandemics. Financial contributions from our readers help support our journalism and enable our staff to continue to offer our articles, podcasts, and newsletters for free. Please consider making a contribution to Vox today from as little as $3 .

[Mar 28, 2021] The West is declining because the elite production system has failed. The worst type of mediocre grinders are pulling the levers of power. The plebes are revolting because immigration, taxes, inflation and the tenuous over-complication of society (fragility) has positioned a great deal of people in precarious positions.

Mar 28, 2021 |

alaska3636 , says: March 25, 2021 at 3:23 pm GMT • 3.0 days ago

This is a reductive argument.

The West is declining because the elite production system has failed. The worst type of mediocre grinders are pulling the levers of power. The plebes are revolting because immigration, taxes, inflation and the tenuous over-complication of society (fragility) has positioned a great deal of people in precarious positions. Might as well loot Target.

I don't agree with it. Violence is the inverse of the type of impulse control necessary for a functioning society.

But impulse control is gone from our overlords as well. So long noblesse oblige. The plebes loot Target while the gentry loots the treasury. Race blindness is a courtesy for civilized people. Ignore the social implications because the enemy has no race. They are global elites with no homes and no loyalty. They may not be sending their best but our worst are sending out the invitations.

We can't go on ignoring the class violence hollowing out the West. The elites today are actively trying to make everyone poorer. Not themselves, obviously. How is that going to induce cops out of the donut shops? The culture wars are making me a retarded Marxist. Marxist in the class conflict sense. Retarded in the spergy libertarian view that economics and politics are intertwined to create the type of society that, as Menken says, we deserve good and hard.

[Mar 26, 2021] Coomer filed a defamation suit in Denver state court, seeking unspecified damages by Roger Parloff

Mar 26, 2021 |

On Dec. 22, Coomer filed a defamation suit in Denver state court , seeking unspecified damages, against Oltmann and 14 others, including the Trump Campaign; Giuliani; Powell; the One America News Network (OAN); OAN chief White House correspondent Chanel Rion; Newsmax Media; Newsmax contributor Michelle Malkin; The Gateway Pundit website; and radio and podcast host Eric Metaxas.

[Mar 14, 2021] A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government

Democracy for whom? Democracy for oligarchy (top 1% can exit for a long, long time)
Mar 14, 2021 |
lay_arrow lay_arrow

tyberious 3 hours ago

At about the time our original 13 states adopted their new constitution, in the year 1787, Alexander Tyler (a Scottish history professor at The University of Edinborough) had this to say about "The Fall of The Athenian Republic" some 2,000 years prior:
"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship."

"The average age of the worlds greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From Bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage."

[Mar 12, 2021] The primary function of both parties is to provide welfare to corporations and those who own them

Mar 12, 2021 |

Chris Herbert , March 11, 2021 at 3:39 pm

You might familiarize yourself with how the national government funds its spending. It creates new dollars every time it pays a bill. No debt required. So why do we have all this public debt if it was unnecessary to begin with? It lines the pockets of the One Percent who buy the safest bonds in the world to insure their immense fortunes. It's a subsidy. The rich have the best socialism in the world. Right here in the USA.

Philip , March 12, 2021 at 5:12 am

Quite correct. We should use the terms: Blue Corporate Socialist party and Red Corporate Socialist party when referring to them. The primary function of both parties is to provide welfare to corporations and those who own them.

[Mar 12, 2021] H.R.1 (the -For the People Act-) Legitimizes WaPo's McCarthy-ite PropOrNot -Reporting,- Institutionalizes Ballot Marking Devi

Notable quotes:
"... By Lambert Strether of Corrente. ..."
"... Citizens United ..."
"... the QR code is the ballot ..."
"... I'm surprised Republicans haven't done as much to sink the Libertarian Party. ..."
"... The Ballot Marking Devices section in essence legalizes election theft.) ..."
"... The dems carried AZ and PA AFTER they got the Greens removed from the ballot in both states. It tells you all you need to know about the Democratic Party and "free elections". ..."
Mar 12, 2021 |

H.R.1 (the "For the People Act") Legitimizes WaPo's McCarthy-ite PropOrNot "Reporting," Institutionalizes Ballot Marking Devices, and Cripples Minor Parties Posted on March 9, 2021 by Lambert Strether

By Lambert Strether of Corrente.

H.R.1 (the " For the People Act ") is the enormous election law reform bill just passed by the House and sent to the Senate. (The PDF has 791 pages.) Black Agenda Report describes the 2019 version as "a sleazy ghetto ice cream truckload of empty promises." Associated Press uses more measured language:

House Resolution 1, which touches on virtually every aspect of the electoral process, was approved on a near party-line 220-210 vote. It would restrict partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts, strike down hurdles to voting and bring transparency to a murky campaign finance system that allows wealthy donors to anonymously bankroll political causes.

The stakes in the outcome are monumental, cutting to the foundational idea that one person equals one vote, and carrying with it the potential to shape election outcomes for years to come. It also offers a test of how hard President Joe Biden and his party are willing to fight for their priorities, as well as those of their voters.

This bill "will put a stop at the voter suppression that we're seeing debated right now," said Rep. Nikema Williams, a new congresswoman who represents the Georgia district that deceased voting rights champion John Lewis held for years. "This bill is the 'Good Trouble' he fought for his entire life."

To Republicans, however, it would give license to unwanted federal interference in states' authority to conduct their own elections -- ultimately benefiting Democrats through higher turnout, most notably among minorities.

Here is a guide to the Bill from the Brennan Center ; is a conservative assault on the bill from the National Review ; and a list of bullet points from Daily Kos :

Establish automatic voter registration at an array of state agencies; Establish same-day voter registration; Allow online voter registration; Allow 16- and 17-year-olds to pre-register so they'll be on the rolls when they turn 18; Allow state colleges and universities to serve as registration agencies; Ban states from purging eligible voters' registration simply for infrequent voting; Establish two weeks of in-person early voting, including availability on Sundays and outside of normal business hours; Standardize hours within states for opening and closing polling places on Election Day, with exceptions to let cities set longer hours in municipal races; Require paper ballots filled by hand or machines that use them as official records and let voters verify their choices; Grant funds to states to upgrade their election security infrastructure; Provide prepaid postage on mail ballots; Allow voters to turn in their mail ballot in person if they choose; Allow voters to track their absentee mail ballots; Require states to establish nonpartisan redistricting commissions for congressional redistricting (possibly not until the 2030s round of redistricting); Establish nonpartisan redistricting criteria such as a partisan fairness provision that courts can enforce starting immediately no matter what institution is drawing the maps; End prison gerrymandering by counting prisoners at their last address (rather than where they're incarcerated) for the purposes of redistricting; End felony disenfranchisement for those on parole, probation, or post-sentence, and require such citizens to be supplied with registration forms and informed their voting rights have been restored; Provide public financing for House campaigns in the form of matching small donations at a six-for-one rate; Expand campaign finance disclosure requirements to mitigate Citizens United ; Ban corporations from spending for campaign purposes unless the corporation has established a process for determining the political will of its shareholders; and Make it a crime to mislead voters with the intention of preventing them from voting.

There's certainly a lot of good stuff here (though as readers know, I loathe early voting, since it can only increase voting for Party, not candidate, and would prefer a system that maximized in-person voting, with Election Day a national holiday, and hand-marked paper ballots hand-counted in public. But I recognize this is an outlier's position). Whether the bill will pass is, of course, another matter, given the filibuster . In fact, the bill ( as BAR points out ) seems designed to have its various sections lifted out and turned into standalone bills. From Axios :

Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21 and a longtime proponent of campaign finance reform, says Democrats have a 3 -- 5 year strategy for enacting the key elements of H.R. 1 .

So, we'll see. In this post, I will focus on concerns more familiar to NC readers: H.R.1's shocking[1] legitimation of the Washington Post's McCarthyite PropOrNot debacle; its institutionalization of Ballot Marking Devices (which are not the same as "hand-marked paper ballots"), and its provisions to cripple third party formation and growth. I don't know if these issues are deal-breakers for anyone, or anyone who matters, but I do know that the mainstream has not raised them.

Legitimizing PropOrNot

From the text of the bill , "Subtitle C -- Strengthening Oversight of Online Political Advertising, SEC. 4203. FINDINGS":

(2) On November 24, 2016, The Washington Post reported findings from teams of independent researchers that concluded Russians '' exploited American-made technology platforms to attack U.S. democracy at a particularly vulnerable moment * * * as part of a broadly effective strategy of sowing distrust in U.S. democracy and its leaders."

Frankly, I'm gobsmacked to find this quotation from WaPo codified as a Congressional Finding and embodied in statutory language[2]. For those who came in late, I'll unpack my gobsmackedness, beginning by quoting Craig Timberg's WaPo story, " Russian propaganda effort helped spread 'fake news' during election, experts say, " which was oddly[3] placed in the Business Section:

Two teams of independent researchers found that the Russians exploited American-made technology platforms to attack U.S. democracy at a particularly vulnerable moment , as an insurgent candidate harnessed a wide range of grievances to claim the White House.

One of those "teams" was PropOrNot:

PropOrNot's monitoring report, which was provided to The Washington Post in advance of its public release, identifies more than 200 websites as routine peddlers of Russian propaganda during the election season, with combined audiences of at least 15 million Americans. On Facebook, PropOrNot estimates that stories planted or promoted by the disinformation campaign were viewed more than 213 million times.

As described by Max Blumenthal :

[A shady website, PropOrNot,] has compiled a blacklist of websites its anonymous authors accuse of pushing fake news and Russian propaganda. The blacklist includes over 200 outlets, from the right-wing Drudge Report and Russian government-funded Russia Today, to Wikileaks and an array of marginal conspiracy and far-right sites. The blacklist also includes some of the flagship publications of the progressive left, including Truthdig, Counterpunch, Truthout, Naked Capitalism, and the Black Agenda Report , a leftist African-American opinion hub that is critical of the liberal black political establishment.

UPDATE As the Columbia Journalism Review commented at the time:

It became apparent soon after that the Post had itself fallen for shoddy information. The story relied heavily on a report by PropOrNot, an anonymous internet group that bills itself as "Your Friendly Neighborhood Propaganda Identification Service, Since 2016!" While its study claimed to show how a deliberate Russian effort had unduly influenced American public opinion, it included in its calculations non-fake, left-wing sites like Naked Capitalism and Truthdig, among others.

One of the ways the Post's journalistic malfeasance "became apparent" was a fusillade of posts by Yves (" PropOrNot's Grandiose Fabrications ", " Washington Post Refuses to Retract Article Defaming Naked Capitalism and Other Sites ," " We Demand That PropOrNot Remove Its Blacklist, Report, and Browser Tool Defaming Naked Capitalism and Issue an Apology "). WaPo ultimately deigned to place a credibility-destroying "Editor's Note" at the head of article, reading in relevant part:

A number of those sites have objected to being included on PropOrNot's list, and some of the sites, as well as others not on the list, have publicly challenged the group's methodology and conclusions. The Post, which did not name any of the sites, does not itself vouch for the validity of PropOrNot's findings regarding any individual media outlet, nor did the article purport to do so [wowsers]. Since publication of The Post's story, PropOrNot has removed some sites from its list.

So the story was . what? Some goons made a list the Post won't vouch for? Swell reporting standards there[4]. You can't spell "McCarthy" without including " Marty ," I guess. And there the matter rested, just one of those stupidities that our famously free press routinely emits. One might have supposed it forgotten. Until the story appeared in the text of a bill House Democrats passed!

Institutionalizing Ballot Marking Devices

From the text of the bill, " Subtitle F -- Promoting Accuracy, Integrity, and Security Through Voter-Verified Permanent Paper Ballot, SEC. 1502. PAPER BALLOT AND MANUAL COUNTING REQUIREMENTS ":




(I) The voting system shall require the use of an individual, durable, voter-verified paper ballot of the voter's vote that shall be marked and made available for inspection and verification by the voter before the voter's vote is cast and counted, and which shall be counted by hand or read by an optical character recognition device or other counting device. For purposes of this subclause, the term 'individual, durable, voter-verified paper ballot' means a paper ballot marked by the voter by hand or a paper ballot marked through the use of a nontabulating ballot marking device or system , so long as the voter shall have the option to mark his or her ballot by hand.

This language is extremely broken. Hand-marked paper ballot advocate Jenny Cohn suggests a revision:

Los Angeles County's horrid VSAP system uses QR codes ( discussed at length here ). Here is why QR codes are both unauditable and (if the ballot marking devices are hacked) enable election fraud by insiders:

Voter makes selections on touch-screen (software, hence buggy and insecure), selections are stored (ditto) and printed out (ditto) on a page with a human-readable receipt reflecting (one assumes) the touchscreen selections, and the ballot itself, which is the QR code, which is not human-readable. The page is then scanned (ditto) and QR code is then tabulated (ditto). The sleight of hand is, of course, the ballot itself. A human may think that their reciept, which they can read to check that it matches what they selected on the touch screen, also matches the QR code, which they cannot. But there's no reason on earth to think that! And the unreadable QR code, since that is what is tabulated, is the ballot! Take the matter out of the delusional digital realm. Suppose voting worked like this: You voted by hand-marking a yellow paper ballot. You then handed the yellow paper ballot to an official who, behind a screen so you could not see, marked a blue ballot that you could not read, sealed it so you could not read it, and then handed the blue ballot back to you and told you to put it in the ballot box, that's your vote. Does that make any sense? That is how a "Ballot Marking Device" works.

In essence, ballots printed out by Ballot Marking Devices are not hand-marked ; the digital (i.e., the hackable) interposes itself at every point: At the touchscreen, at the printer, at the reader. And because the printed-out QR code is what is counted, the QR code is the ballot . And since the QR code is not human-readable, voting is not transparent to the slightest degree.[5] (The VSAP post describes many other problems with ballot marking devices, but this is the most important.)

Crippling Third Parties

Finally, H.R.1 makes ballot access for minor parties even more diffcult than it already is. From Maryland Matters, " Opinion: Sarbanes' H.R. 1 Has Poison Pill to Kill Minor Party Competition ":

H.R. 1 contains a poison pill designed to reduce political competition and voter choice by weakening minor parties, at exactly a time where, according to a recent Gallup poll, support for a third party is at an all-time high .

Ever since then-presidential candidate Barack Obama shunned the federal public matching funds program in 2008 , among all parties' general election candidates, only Green Party presidential nominees have applied for and qualified for these funds. H.R. 1 would solve this minor party/Green Party "problem" by raising the threshold to qualify for matching funds beyond the realistic ability of Greens (and other minor party nominees) to reach.

This move to disempower minor parties and their voters is cloaked within the promise of a new and improved matching funds program, designed to entice major party candidates to opt into the program, with the promise of substantially increased funding.

The current donation threshold to qualify for a 1:1 match is to raise at least $5,000 in each of at least 20 states, in donations no larger than $250 each. The public already supports funding minor party candidates under this formula. Green candidates Jill Stein (2012, 2016) and Howie Hawkins (2020) each qualified for matching funds in the last three cycles.

The new H.R. 1 threshold would replace the existing 1:1 match program with a 6:1 match, but would simultaneously increase the minimum amount of donations by 500% to a minimum of $25,000 in each of 20 states. It would also increase the minimum number of contributions to reach it by 625%, by subtlety lowering the size of donations that can count toward reaching the threshold from $250 to $200. This would make it even harder on minor party candidates -- who are mostly excluded from candidate forums and media coverage and have a far smaller base of well-funded donors to draw from -- by disqualifying 20% of the $250 donations they are able to raise.

The real-world effect of eliminating the existing 1:1 threshold would be to eliminate a matching funds threshold that is demonstrably reachable by minor party candidates and replace it with a category reachable likely only by top-tier major party candidates. This sleight-of-hand will lead people to think Democrats are for increased public funding, but apparently only for themselves.

Once again from Black Agenda Report :

I was part of Jill Stein's campaign team in 2015-2016, and I can tell you we barely met the old threshold in about 22 states. It was a near thing. Eliminating those federal matching funds for a Green Party presidential campaign would mean all but certain erasure of the Green Party from the ballot in a good dozen or more states for 2020, and maybe a dozen more in 2022. Since most states also require a presidential and/or US Senate nominee to appear at the top of the ballot, HR 1 would prohibit the Green Party from running any local candidates in states where a defunded Green Party's vote drops below a certain level, and it will plummet if Green campaigns, which which accept no funding from corporations will be far less able to hire staff or contractors and to perform the necessary functions of a campaign.

Hard to believe that Democrats would do such a thing deliberately, but here we are.


So these are the three flaws that I can see in H.R.1. Whether these flaws should be sufficient to sink the bill, I don't know. Readers?


[1] It does not speak well of our national security goons that this material still lives in their institutional memory.

[2] A foreshadowing of RussiaGate, perhaps. It turns out that anonymous sources don't need a layer of indirection, like a shady website. You can just quote them, and nobody calls you on it.

[3] Timberg's story dropped on Thanksgiving Eve. We were told at the time by sources in a position to know that his piece made it into the paper without being vetted by the national security desk at which he once worked, which led to some fiery internal email exchanges at WaPo.

[4] On the begrudging and sluggishly inserted Editor's Note, CJR commented :

[T]he editor's note vaults into verbal gymnastics in an attempt to simultaneously rationalize and distance itself from an obviously flawed primary source. Any data analysis is only as good as the sum of its parts, and it's clear that PropOrNot's methodology was lacking.

The Post, of course, was merely reporting what PropOrNot said. Yet it used declarative language throughout, sans caveat, lending credence to a largely unknown organization that lumps together independent left-wing publications and legitimately Russian-backed news services. The Post diminished its credibility at a time when media credibility is in short supply, and the non-apologetic editor's note doesn't help.

A Post spokeswoman declined to comment further on the episode, saying that the editor's note speaks for itself.


[5] The hacker's exploit would make it so the human readable part of the ballot read as if the voter voted for candidate A; but the QR code, that which, being tabulated, is the actual ballot, would be for candidate B, or whatever else the hacker wanted it to be, like a spoiled ballot.

Michaelmas, March 9, 2021 at 8:17 pm

I'm surprised Republicans haven't done as much to sink the Libertarian Party.

They can't really do that at this point. One effect of Obama and the Dems' criminal complicity with Wall Street after the 2008 GFC was the Tea Party's rise as a reaction to that, which in turn enabled Charles Koch -- a libertarian, NOT a Republican -- to pour money into supporting Tea Party candidates.

As a result, Koch may effectively have a hold on a majority of the competent political operators in the Republican party now. Thus, when Trump won in 2016, he was compelled to hire people straight out of the Koch machine -- Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Pompeo, McCarthy, and approximately 60 percent or more of the Trump administration's rank and file have CVs directly attaching them to the Kochtopus if you investigate (and whenever an old-school Republican left, the Koch people would move one of their one into that position as, forex, when Pompeo replaced Tillerson).

One presumes Trump was too stupid to have figured this out. Anyway, Koch overall now has a more sophisticated political machine than the Republican party as a whole. It's easy to assume Charles Koch is some kind of standard evil capitalist Richie Rich born with a silver spoon in his mouth. In fact, he's highly intelligent with two MIT master's engineering degrees, one in nuclear and one in chemical engineering, and his companies were among the first American companies to integrate computers into their operations back in the 1970s. Thus, when you heard all the squawking about Cambridge Analytica, and the Mercers and Steve Bannon subverting democracy, the reality is that Koch has operated an electoral data-collection and targeting company called i360 doing all the things Cambridge Analytica was accused of for the last decade and a half. It's far more sophisticated than anything the Republican Party has in-house and the Koch machine uses it to support candidates it approves of even at a loss.

Why don't you hear about this and how does Koch get away with it? Because, again, he's a libertarian, not a Republican, and thus the Koch machine gives money to Democratic politicians and organizations, too.

JBird4049, March 9, 2021 at 7:24 pm

So what happens with an undeniable win of an unapproved party happens? Will the reformers of the correct "losing party" just accept it?

Also, seeing the security state's apparatchiks in Congress, along with the Nevada Democratic Party's pettifactors and pettifoggers, and the national nomenklatura or high priests with their following of fanatical believers concerned citizens doing a good job is heart warming.

Finally seeing competent ruling in action is good; we must keep those unwashed proles along with the displaced disposables in their proper places.

I am in awe of the Democratic Party physical congress of the American people during the last forty years. Why, they are almost as good as the Republicans.

Lambert Strether, March 10, 2021 at 4:40 am

> I guess I just don't understand the urgency, here.

The urgency is Republican efforts at the state level, most (all?) of which have the effect of making it harder to vote and restricting the franchise. It's all pretty bad, but it's possible that H.R.1 could make it worse. (The Ballot Marking Devices section in essence legalizes election theft.)

Michael Ismoe, March 10, 2021 at 1:11 pm

Ummmmm. It's "bi-partisan"

The dems carried AZ and PA AFTER they got the Greens removed from the ballot in both states. It tells you all you need to know about the Democratic Party and "free elections".

Just another political party trying to get a leg up on the other one. Nothing to see here.

Tom Stone, March 9, 2021 at 9:15 pm

Describing HR1 as "Fixing" the election process is a rare example of truth in advertising by our congresscritters.

John Anthony La Pietra, March 9, 2021 at 10:23 pm

Probably not a great surprise to the commentariat that the Green Party opposes HR1 -- and opposed it last session too.

Some outlets in the designated free-speech zone bleachers on the farther side of the stadium have taken notice of this year's statement; from the nearer side, not so much yet that I've seen. But here's hoping. And thanks to NC for coming straight at this fraud repeatedly. (Thanks too for knocking the props out from under the PropOrNot provision.)

George Phillies, March 10, 2021 at 12:06 am

" Since most states also require a presidential and/or US Senate nominee to appear at the top of the ballot, HR 1 would prohibit the Green Party from running any local candidates in states where a defunded Green Party's vote drops below a certain level, " I don't believe that that claim is correct. It is certainly not true in Massachusetts (where I am a former Libertarian State Party Chair) and does not match my knowledge of New York, New Hampshire, or California.

The Libertarian Party Presidential candidate has almost always ignored Federal campaign funds for the nominating campaign. The last LP campaign to take Federal nominating funds appears to have lost money on the deal. The Libertarian Party has repeatedly had a Presidential candidate on the ballot in every state, thanks to the efforts of its donors and volunteers.

The Green Party's difficulty (and the difficulty faced by the third Third Party, the Constitution Party, which appears to have been forgotten here) is that it is small, a third or a half the size of the Libertarian Party, and therefore lacks the resources it needs. It does not help the Greens that they have sometimes worried about causing the Democratic Presidential candidate to lose. Libertarians as a group do not have this concern. While the other two major parties are not the same, neither of them is viewed by Libertarians as being desirable people to hold office.

Lambert Strether, March 10, 2021 at 4:38 am

I added material from a contemporaneous article on the PropOrNot debacle from the Columbia Journalism Review . I also cleaned up the notes, which I had misnumbered (fifty lashes with a wet noodle for lambert). And I did a little copy editing.

Bjorn, March 10, 2021 at 5:39 am

The analogy presented about BMDs is not very apt, for two reasons:

1. If both the human-readable receipt and the QR code are scanned, this provides after-the-fact auditability.
2. Although QR codes aren't human-readable, they're very easily readable by a personal device that everyone carries around in their pocket. This provides in-the-moment auditability, with unpredictable, distributed auditors.

The combination of those two factors make life extremely difficult for any attacker: if even one person happens to check that their QR code matches their receipt and discovers it doesn't, it's going to trigger an audit of the entire system, and the attack will be discovered.

The analogous system described, with the sealed blue ballot, provides no in-the-moment auditability, and if we are to assume that the yellow ballot is thrown away, no after-the-fact auditability.

expr, March 10, 2021 at 11:46 am

There is no requirement that what you see when you scan the QR code will make any sense to the voter. A bunch of race/candidate code pairs not necessarily in an order compatible with the paper ballot and perhaps encrypted

Another Scott, March 10, 2021 at 6:58 am

Did anyone else notice this?

"Ban corporations from spending for campaign purposes unless the corporation has established a process for determining the political will of its shareholders"

So it's ok for a corporation to donate if it's shareholders approve. Do the donations have to mirror the political will of the shareholders? Is a simple majority sufficient? What if it has two-class share structure?

That's before getting to the two big issue: firstly, the tax advantage of making campaign (or any political donation) through a corporation as I can't deduct a contribution, but I'm pretty sure that a corporation can. In addition and more importantly, what about all of the other stakeholders?

Why not simply prohibit any campaign contributions from corporations?

lyman alpha blob, March 10, 2021 at 12:17 pm

I can see it now -- Corporation X asks its shareholders to support political donations to candidate Y. You as a shareholder must confirm your support or the C Suite might have to find something else to do with all that cash that was going to be distributed as dividends. And if you fail to mail in your proxy at all, they'll just take that as tacit agreement of support.

marym, March 10, 2021 at 7:56 am

Did every Democrat in Congress just write down their favorite wish and they collected them all into a single bill? Do they actually want it to pass the Senate? Surely they don't all want some controls on corporate campaign spending!

We do need national standards for some of those bullet points that enable voters and help make machine voting more secure. That would be difficult enough without all the other baggage in the bill.

Maybe there will be a deal in the Senate -- Democrats get to use their excuses for losing in 2016 to suppress third parties and dissenting views, and Republicans use theirs in 2020 to suppress the voters.

If a bill does pass would be interesting to understand which pieces they cared about enough to make severable from the whole before the lawsuits start.

In any case, they really need to pass the voting rights bill HR 4/S 4263 to restore the full protections of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, before we get mired in some "3-5 year strategy" for HR 1.

Dean, March 10, 2021 at 8:15 am

A duopoly of power exists in the electoral-legislative-executive industrial complex. Anything that stifles outside competition is a feature, not a bug.

Jerry, March 10, 2021 at 9:01 am

Don't overlook this clause: " so long as the voter shall have the option to mark his or her ballot by hand."

That means BMDs exist only along side of current hand marking, never in place of hand marking. Most voters will mark by hand so few BMDs will be purchased, likely only one per precinct. That will cause a waiting line for the BMD and result in its non-use by any voter capable of making direct marks by hand.

The ability to steal an election with QR codes via BMDs will be so remote that it won't be worth the trouble to attempt it.

Will S., March 10, 2021 at 2:02 pm

Do you not remember the issues with provisional ballots in the Democrat primaries? Having the "option" to hand mark a ballot doesn't mean it will be easy to exercise that option, and in fact you may be outright lied to by the volunteers running the polling booth and told you don't have that option.

William Hunter Duncan, March 10, 2021 at 9:37 am

I have always known the Republican party to be disegenuous in the extreme, untrustworthy and authoritarian. I long thought Dems to be milquetoast anodyne. Since 2015 however I have come to be even more opposed to the Dem party than the Republican party, this HR 1 being an example of how they have become authoritarian in the extreme while hiding behind preening moral superiority.

I have been wondering too though, with the spate of election reform bills in Republican controlled states, why I have not heard any calls to outlaw Dominion and the like?

Clearly both parties want to "fix" the system in their (nefarious) favor.

[Mar 12, 2021] The real election theft seems to happen long before the ballots are even printed

With the spate of election reform bills in Republican controlled states, why I have not heard any calls to outlaw Dominion and the like? Clearly both parties want to "fix" the system in their (nefarious) favor.
Mar 12, 2021 |

Bjorn , , March 10, 2021 at 5:39 am

The analogy presented about BMDs is not very apt, for two reasons:

1. If both the human-readable receipt and the QR code are scanned, this provides after-the-fact auditability.

2. Although QR codes aren't human-readable, they're very easily readable by a personal device that everyone carries around in their pocket. This provides in-the-moment auditability, with unpredictable, distributed auditors.

The combination of those two factors make life extremely difficult for any attacker: if even one person happens to check that their QR code matches their receipt and discovers it doesn't, it's going to trigger an audit of the entire system, and the attack will be discovered.

The analogous system described, with the sealed blue ballot, provides no in-the-moment auditability, and if we are to assume that the yellow ballot is thrown away, no after-the-fact auditability.

expr , , March 10, 2021 at 11:46 am

There is no requirement that what you see when you scan the QR code will make any sense to the voter. A bunch of race/candidate code pairs not necessarily in an order compatible with the paper ballot and perhaps encrypted

Susan the other , March 10, 2021 at 11:01 am

It would be good to get rid of electronic voting machines.

I like paper ballots. It might not really do anything to discourage corporate influence to simply ask the corporations to represent all of the politics of their employees. That is a murky requirement at best. But it is (citizen's united) currently a blatant form of gerrymandering.

Most of this is just paper trail stuff, however the real election theft seems to happen long before the ballots are even printed. How did we get a clearly senile president? He was the chosen candidate in a "party" process that is not the least bit answerable to the general electorate. Or even to its own electorate.

What better example of election malpractice is there than Joe Biden? So, obviously, the national committees of the opposing political parties need some restrictions here. They could be subjected to tighter regulation.

Their influence could be diluted by allowing many more political parties to participate in both primary and general elections. We need regulations that promote transparency on all the sausage-making before a party candidate is chosen. We also need transparency on the king makers, whether corporate or political.

Who is backing the candidate? HR1 doesn't really scratch the surface. It basically just encourages people to get out and participate in a very corrupted institution.

Dean , , March 10, 2021 at 8:15 am

A duopoly of power exists in the electoral-legislative-executive industrial complex. Anything that stifles outside competition is a feature, not a bug.

Jerry , , March 10, 2021 at 9:01 am

Don't overlook this clause: "so long as the voter shall have the option to mark his or her ballot by hand."

That means BMDs exist only along side of current hand marking, never in place of hand marking. Most voters will mark by hand so few BMDs will be purchased, likely only one per precinct. That will cause a waiting line for the BMD and result in its non-use by any voter capable of making direct marks by hand.

The ability to steal an election with QR codes via BMDs will be so remote that it won't be worth the trouble to attempt it.

Will S. , , March 10, 2021 at 2:02 pm

Do you not remember the issues with provisional ballots in the Democrat primaries? Having the "option" to hand mark a ballot doesn't mean it will be easy to exercise that option, and in fact you may be outright lied to by the volunteers running the polling booth and told you don't have that option.

William Hunter Duncan , , March 10, 2021 at 9:37 am

I have always known the Republican party to be disingenuous in the extreme, untrustworthy and authoritarian. I long thought Dems to be milquetoast anodyne. Since 2015 however I have come to be even more opposed to the Dem party than the Republican party, this HR 1 being an example of how they have become authoritarian in the extreme while hiding behind preening moral superiority.

I have been wondering too though, with the spate of election reform bills in Republican controlled states, why I have not heard any calls to outlaw Dominion and the like? Clearly both parties want to "fix" the system in their (nefarious) favor.

Jeremy Grimm , , March 10, 2021 at 10:35 am

Both parties seem intent on delegitimizing the U.S. electoral processes. I sense growing unrest and discontent with our political processes and government. The myth of free elections is an important pressure relief for venting popular discontent. I believe the actions of our Elite are becoming increasingly arrogant and imprudent.

[Mar 08, 2021] Example of naive populism

Mar 08, 2021 |

TruthFreedomPeace 6 hours ago

Hope that more people start cancelling cable TV and boycotting companies like Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon and others to counter the censorship, bias and corruption.

I don't think the corrupt politicians of either party will pay attention until We The People unite behind basic principles and become an economic force. Money talks and it can be used to make positive change in contrast to all the bad things it is also used for.

ACTION PLAN FOR IMMEDIATE CHANGE to counter the corruption , censorship and surveillance by media/tech/finance giants and politicians:

1)Cancel Cable TV (All channels should be made available individually so consumers don't have to give money to channels they don't want to)

2)Do Not donate money to politicians & consider boycotting companies that give them money or pay them for speeches.
Some might decide to boycott Facebook,Twitter,Apple,Amazon,Microsoft, Google and Netflix for censorship or corruption issues alone.

3)Bank with small local banks & invest with small brokerages & insist your employer/pension fund do the same.
Buy from small local merchant stores and use cash when possible.

4)Demand a pardon for Julian Assange & Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers/truthtellers

5)Join Pro freedom social networks like MINDS and Gab ,where freedom of speech and truth are respected.
Follow Zero Hedge and Project Veritas for pro truth/freedom news.

6)Use web browsers like Dissenter,Tor or Brave rather than Chrome or Safari when you surf the web.
Use search engines like Quant or DuckDuckGo rather than Google or Bing for web searches.
Use an email service like ProtonMail rather than Gmail.
Save important online videos/articles/posts to your PC hard drive or phone.
Post videos to Bitchute and LBRY rather than youtube
Shop online at Overstock and smaller independent retailers rather than Amazon/Wayfair

7)Use Linux operating systems like Linux Mint,Debian or others on your computer rather than Windows, Mac or Chrome OS (Almost any PC can be switched to Linux).
Use a Linux based smartphone like PINEPHONE or a "dumbphone" rather than Google Android or Apple iPhone.
Avoid buying a "smart" TV as it is smarter to buy a "dumb" TV with no operating system pre-installed.
Use a Linux mini PC with wireless keyboard on your TV for web browsing/computing/gaming/video streaming rather than amazon fire tv/roku/google chromecast/apple tv/microsoft xbox/nvidia shield.

8) Do NOT support the phony "War on Drugs" which causes more crime,death,murder,gang violence,incarcerations,enriching criminals while millions of people still use illegal drugs anyway.

9) Support a new foreign policy where We The People worldwide unite behind and promote the principles of truth/freedom/goodwill/integrity/humility/Non-Aggression Principle/Golden Rule and focus on winning hearts and minds.

10) Support a worldwide effort to voluntarily help others in the hope that it will win over more people to these principles.

Please share this plan of action with others via text,email & social media if you agree.
Here is the link to share this message.Thank You

littlewing 6 hours ago

If you buy anything from that TREASONOUS Amazon you should be run out of your neighborhood when the truck shows up.

andrew h nelson 2 hours ago

Institutional corruption. And that's why they are sitting behind a barb wire fence around Washington D.C. OBTW, walls seem to work when these idiots want one.

newworldorder 5 hours ago

And there we people of the USA have it all. Brazen in our face political and institutionalized corruption with no consequences for the Senior US Bureaucracy. If that does not say it all, - nothing else will.

Hope and Change? For the "connected elite," - it's a done deal. You are either in the club or you are not.

[Mar 08, 2021] The Prophet Of The Trump Era by Matt Taibbi

The key is the collapse of neoliberalism and this topic Tabbi tries to avoid. Which makes this article junk with a couple of interesting, thought provoking quotes.
The " collapses of faith in traditional hierarchies of power " should peropery called the "deletimization of the elite." and the situation the result due to it "the revolutionary situation" when the elite can't rule "as usual" and "Deplorables" does not want to live "line usual" anymore. Actually Marxists wtore quite a bit about revolutionary situation, although the fact tht they assign mystique stiat of "future hegemon class" to proletariat undermines much of their writings.
Mar 08, 2021 |

Authored by Matt Taibbi via TK News ,

I entered Martin Gurri's world on August 1, 2015. Though I hadn't read The Revolt of the Public , at the time a little-known book by the former CIA analyst of open news sources, I hit a disorienting moment of a type he'd described in his opening chapter. There are times, he wrote, "when tomorrow no longer resembles yesterday the compass cracks, by which we navigate existence. We are lost at sea."

Gurri's book is about how popular uprisings are triggered by collapses of faith in traditional hierarchies of power . I felt such a collapse that day in Waterloo, Iowa, covering the Republican presidential primary . The first debate was five days away and the man expected to occupy center stage, Donald Trump, held a seemingly inexplicable six-point lead .

Two weeks before, on July 18th, Trump lashed out against former Republican nominee John McCain. Even McCain's critics considered his physical and mental scars from years as a Vietnam war prisoner to be unassailable proofs of his patriotic gravitas, but the service-evading Trump was having none of it. "I don't like losers," he said, adding, "He's only a war hero because he was captured." It was the universal belief among colleagues in campaign journalism that this was an unsurvivable gaffe, a "Dean scream" moment. We expected him to apologize and wash out. Instead, he called McCain a "dummy" and kept a firm grasp on the lead.

... ... ...

Elections in the pre-Trump era had been stale rituals. As recently as 2013, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post called them " remarkably scripted and controlled ." Donors, party chiefs, and pundits could concoct contenders through sheer alchemy, mesmerizing the public with incantations like "electability." But in Iowa that summer, one "electable" Republican candidate after another -- from Jeb Bush to Scott Walker to Marco Rubio -- flopped in public appearances, savaged as phonies on social media. Walker, the betting favorite among reporters, saw his campaign deflated when his online strategist, Liz Muir, started tweeting her real feelings about Iowa (including the classic, "#agsubsidies #ethanol #brainless").

I'd spent weeks crisscrossing the state in search of even one piece of evidence that conventional wisdom still had predictive power in Republican politics, finding none. Now, here was Christie, reduced from being lionized in a Time cover story as a favorite and a " guy who loves his mother and gets it done ," to being nobody at all, a clown standing alone in a park. The realization that no one was in control of the campaign show anymore was jarring even to me, a critic of the old gatekeeping ritual.

In the introduction to The Revolt of the Public , Arnold Kling speaks of a different "Gurri moment": when Dan Rather's 2004 expose about George W. Bush's military service was blown up by an amateur blogging under the name "Bucklehead ." In the past, a media titan like CBS could only be second-guessed by another major institutional power. In "Rathergate," both the network and one of its most iconic celebrities were humiliated by a single individual, a preview of the coming disorientation.

The thesis of The Revolt of the Public is that traditional centralized powers are losing -- have lost -- authority, in large part because of the demystifying effect of the Internet. The information explosion undermined the elite monopoly on truth, exposing long-concealed flaws. Many analysts had noted the disruptive power of the Internet, but what made Gurri unique is that he also predicted with depressingly humorous accuracy how traditional hierarchies would respond to this challenge: in a delusional, ham-fisted, authoritarian manner that would only confirm the worst suspicions of the public, accelerating the inevitable throw-the-bums-out campaigns. This assessment of the motive for rising public intransigence was not exactly welcomed, but either way, as Kling wrote, "Martin Gurri saw it coming."

Gurri also noted that public revolts would likely arrive unattached to coherent plans, pushing society into interminable cycles of zero-sum clashes between myopic authorities and their increasingly furious subjects. He called this a "paralysis of distrust," where outsiders can "neutralize but not replace the center" and "networks can protest and overthrow, but never govern." With a nod to Yeats, Gurri summed up: "The center cannot hold, and the border has no clue what to do about it."

Read the rest of the report here .

Bank_sters 1 hour ago remove link

Taibbi forgot to cover the Coup?

RedDog1 1 hour ago

Why would he want to be Arkansancided (or what ever Barry's team calls it)?

Oldwood 29 minutes ago


YuriTheClown 17 minutes ago

Taibbi is a camp follower. He always seems to be on the spot a year or two late.

But at least he gets there unlike so many others.

Estimated_Fractal PREMIUM 1 hour ago

I read the book last week. At times you'll feel like he's pro liberal and times when he sounds pro conservative. It's not a political book. It's about the deluge of information, in the age of being online, and how the public have just as much information, if not more than the elites. This creates a crisis of authority. I'm trying to sum it up. You should just go read it.

This interview with Beck would be a good primer.

overbet 1 hour ago

how the public have just as much information, if not more than the elites.

Except the information online is filtered by the elites. So theres that.

Patmos 36 minutes ago

MSM outlets no longer have the scoop, because the internet beats them to it. MSM outlets no longer are the gatekeepers, because the internet exposes their lies. Their authority is neutered. It's why people who still follow the MSM parade around like little nutless b!tches.

Isn't Life Gland 30 minutes ago

Yet they slap each other on the back with Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes which nowadays is the equivalent of showing what sellout snakes and intelligence bitches they really are.

fightapathy 23 minutes ago remove link

Happy memories of Trump stomping on Mad Dog McCain's face.

Thank you, Matt!

I Write Code 1 minute ago

Exactly, whatever myths the MSM told themselves about "Maverick", if half the stories about McCain were ever true, he should never have been elected to anything, unfit. Before his brain exploded he was a sweet guy, but never stable, and maybe not even before the POW bit. Taibbi is really shocked when Trump only barks out what everyone already knows, namely the TRUTH?

Isn't Life Gland 45 minutes ago (Edited)

I tried to read the "rest of the report"...subscription required.

Oh, and F*CK John McCain..good riddance

Slaytheist 57 minutes ago

Taibbi is the left's Ben Shapiro. He will use logical arguments to concede certain facts, but never those that threaten the establishment he critiques so tirelessly.

I Write Code 7 minutes ago remove link

The thesis of The Revolt of the Public is that traditional centralized powers are losing -- have lost -- authority, in large part because of the demystifying effect of the Internet.

Gurri might be right or wrong, I dunno, about how it stood in 2015 - but Taibbi here only shows how utterly clueless he and the entire MSM have been since 2015. They had maybe half a clue from 2008-2015. Maybe two-thirds of a clue from 1992 through 2007. But since 2015 they have not even wanted a clue, they've decided to do without.

HOW ABOUT THIS, THE PUBLIC HAD EVERY RATIONAL RIGHT TO BE REVOLTED BY THE ACTIONS OF THE ELITE AND THE CLUELESSNESS OF THE PRESS after 2015. I don't know how or why the MSM had their heads cut off at that point, but Taibbi shows this to be the case - BRAGS about it being the case.

LouTurks PREMIUM 32 minutes ago

This is nothing new. What has happened is there is a new medium the computer so info can now be shared without the ruling consent. Last time it was the printing press. Ideas could be shared acrossed distences. Thomas Locke and his likes could print ideas and sent them far and wide.

But sadly US is going towards a French style revolt instead of the splendid experiment we now have and have destroyed by our own ignorance.

[Mar 06, 2021] Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out The US Dirty War On Syria That Biden Aides Admit To - ZeroHedge

Mar 06, 2021 |

Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out The US Dirty War On Syria That Biden & Aides Admit To BY TYLER DURDEN SATURDAY, MAR 06, 2021 - 15:30

Via Pushback with Aaron Maté at The Grayzone ,

While Joe Biden has faced some mild Congressional pushback for bombing the Iraq-Syria border, Tulsi Gabbard says her former colleagues are ignoring the larger issue: the ongoing US dirty war on Syria .

After a decade of proxy warfare that empowered Al Qaeda and ISIS, the US is now occupying one-third of Syria and imposing crippling sanctions that are crushing Syria's economy and preventing reconstruction.

Watch: Featuring video clips from -- Tulsi Gabbard, former Democratic Congressmember; President Joe Biden; Brett McGurk, National Security Council coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa; Martin Dempsey, former Joint Chiefs chairman; Rob Malley, Special Envoy for Iran; John Kerry, Special Envoy for Climate & former Secretary of State; former President Donald Trump; Alena Douhan, UN Special Rapporteur on Sanctions; Dana Stroul, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East; Vice President Kamala Harris.

While Gabbard has been vilified for her stance on Syria, many top White House officials – including Joe Biden himself – have already acknowledged the same facts that she has called out.

Aaron Maté plays clips of Biden and some of his most senior aides admitting to the horrific realities of the US dirty war on Syria, and argues that Gabbard only stands apart in being wiling to criticize it .

* * *

21,478 113 N

Garciathinksso 1 hour ago (Edited)

Dems had a perfectly fine candidate in Gabbard, no surprise she was shunned and ignored by her own party

newworldorder 1 hour ago

Democrats wanted fake males like Beto and but-plug Pete, instead of a Female USNG Officer.

BarnacleBill 22 minutes ago

Tulsi understood exactly what goes on over there - the utter cruelties and uncaring slaughters that are responsible for the contempt with which the USA is held by the civilised people of the world. The wars are - as I wrote in one of my personal journal/blog posts some years ago - a war against women. (Link below) The women in mind were - and are still today - unarmed non-combatants, who are murdered deliberately in order to punish their menfolk and to traumatise their children. It is as disgusting as the German camps of the 1940s, and will be remembered in the same way by the survivors in their homes eighty years from now. They will never forget.

PGR88 1 hour ago (Edited)

Just to point out - Tulsi Gabbard made it all the way through the Democrat Primaries, and won more votes and delegates than Kamala Harris (who dropped out before even the first primary), yet Harris somehow became the presumptive co-President with Dementia Joe.

Yes, Virginia, it was a color revolution

thezone 1 hour ago

She'll probably be called a Russian Agent for criticizing the supreme ruler. Oh wait, that already happened.

You_Cant_Quit_Me 1 hour ago

Biden is a warmonger who has no problem sending your sons and daughters off as target on a phantom war

madashellron 42 minutes ago (Edited) remove link

God Bless Tulsi. She is one of the only politicians speaking of these grave Crimes Against Humanity, the US is engaged in Syria.

One final note. The Syrian envoy from Russia. Publicly warned Israel. If they continue attacking Syria. Russia will have no choice but to start shooting down Israel's Jets. Since this warning almost a week ago. Israel has not attacked Syria.

rwe2late 1 hour ago (Edited)

Not only Syria.

The US every day now attacks foreigners with about 50 bombs and missiles, possibly much more, mostly in secrecy, and in half dozen or more countries.

The US admitted to 27,923 bombs in 2018, and 17,281 bombs in 2019. In 2020, the totals were made secret. Not ever included were attacks by helicopters, gunships, or strafing.

"the U.S. military and its allies are engaged in bombing and killing people in other countries on a daily basis. The U.S. and its allies have dropped more than 326,000 bombs and missiles on people in other countries since 2001."

CondZero 37 minutes ago remove link

Tulsi, sometimes I think there's a chance for you, then you go and blow it by retreating back to your Democratic brethren and vote the party line. You can't have it both ways.

novictim 59 minutes ago remove link

It's critical that the fairly elected Assad regime be deposed ASAP and ISIS linked militants become the governance force. Why? Because China Joe did not win the US Presidential Election and, thus, any fairly elected leader is a threat to the US Deep State establishment.

Master Jack 1 hour ago remove link

A better question is:

Can anyone explain why the US is involved in so many military conflicts that the government refuses to call wars?

King of Kalifornia 1 hour ago

Here's a hint.

The US killed 2million plus people, spent over a trillion dollars, and lost thousands of their own attacking Iraq.

The oil contracts went to the Chinese.

Another hint.

They don't work for you.

[Mar 06, 2021] Lesson in history: Only the truly delusory ever believed in an honest count. In 1960 there would have been few places in US where anyone expected an honest count. And fewer where that expectation came to pass.

Mar 06, 2021 |

oldhippie , Mar 4 2021 21:15 utc | 24

bob Sykes @ 20

Richard J. Daley, also known as King Richard I, ran the most honest elections Chicago has ever had. Which is not saying much. Prior to Richard the basic system was City Hall told ward bosses what the numbers would be night before, ward bosses passed orders to precincts. Precincts did as told. It was notorious that African American precincts always turned out big numbers for the machine even though polling places never opened the doors.

I could tell quite a few stories about my own adventures in voting in Chicago in more recent years. Main reason to vote was until very recently a voters receipt was good for a free drink at many taverns. Also the precinct captain often kept track of who showed and who neglected to show. Only the truly delusory ever believed in an honest count. In 1960 there would have been few places in US where anyone expected an honest count. And fewer where that expectation came to pass.

[Mar 06, 2021] Hong Kong vs. USA cancel campaign: I cannot believe the authors of that article think they can win sympathy from the scores of millions of Americans opposed to the establishment crackdown, "cancelling", and labeling of them as "domestic terrorists".

Mar 06, 2021 |

vk , Mar 5 2021 16:48 utc | 15

'Hong Kong is crumbling': seven days that crushed city's last resistance

I love some capitalist tears.

William Gruff , Mar 5 2021 18:06 utc | 22

vk @15: "I love some capitalist tears."

More Americans, and in particular the "deplorable" ones, need to read that article. One can safely bet that they will not take away from it what the Grauniad intended. I cannot believe the authors of that article think they can win sympathy from the scores of millions of Americans opposed to the establishment crackdown, "cancelling" , and labeling of them as "domestic terrorists" .

The phones rang on Friday.... More than 50 [agents of American imperialism] across Hong Kong received a call from the authorities: they were to report to police on Sunday.

What? Masked stormtroopers didn't kick in their doors at 3:00AM and drag them naked out of bed as happens in America to "insurrectionists" "? They just got a call to show up in court the next week? Let me play a sad song for them on the world's smallest violin!

[Mar 01, 2021] 4 Arrested In Texas On 150 Counts Of Voter Fraud - ZeroHedge

Mar 01, 2021 |

4 Arrested In Texas On 150 Counts Of Voter Fraud BY TYLER DURDEN MONDAY, MAR 01, 2021 - 14:40

Authored by Isabel von Brugen via The Epoch Times,

Four people were arrested in Texas last month on 150 counts of voter fraud dating back to the 2018 Medina County Primary Election, according to reports.

The Texas attorney general's Election Fraud Unit on Feb. 11 arrested Medina County Justice of the Peace Tomas Ramirez, and earlier detained Leonor Rivas Garza, Eva Ann Martinez and Mary Balderrama on election fraud allegations, News4SA reported.

According to a release from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's office, the case involved allegations of vote harvesting at assisted living centers in Medina County in the 2018 Medina County Primary Election.

Ramirez faces one count of organized election fraud, one count of assisting voter voting ballot by mail, and 17 counts of unlawful possession of a ballot or ballot envelope, according to the news outlet.

Balderrama is charged with one count of organized election fraud, nine counts of illegal voting, two counts of unlawful possession of ballot or ballot envelope, one count of mail ballot application, two counts of unlawfully assisting voter voting by mail, two counts of tampering with government record, and eight counts of election fraud.

Garza faces a single count of organized election fraud, two counts of illegal voting, eight counts of unlawful possession of a ballot or ballot envelope, two counts of election fraud and four counts of fraudulent use of an absentee ballot by mail.

Martinez is charged with a single count of organized election fraud, nine counts of illegal voting, 28 counts of unlawful possession of ballot or ballot envelope, three counts of purportedly acting as an agent, five counts of tampering with government record, 14 counts of election fraud, and four counts of fraudulent mail ballot application, according to News4SA .

The Texas attorney general's office didn't immediately respond to a request for comment by The Epoch Times.

In a separate incident, Raquel Rodriguez, a Texas woman who bragged about being able to deliver thousands of votes for tens of thousands in cash was arrested in January on charges including election fraud and illegal voting.

Rodriguez was filmed during an undercover project by Project Veritas, an investigative journalism nonprofit. She was recorded in footage released last year that she could deliver "at least 5,000" votes "county-wide" for $55,000 in cash and that it would hire her "entire team." She acknowledged what she was discussing could land her prison time.

Based on the footage, Paxton, a Republican, opened an investigation. That probe led to the arrest, Paxton announced on Jan. 13.

Rodriguez faces a prison sentence of up to 20 years if convicted.

1980XLS 17 minutes ago


When comes PA & GA?

Mr. Magniloquent 58 seconds ago (Edited)

New Hampshire might be where fraud gets unravelled . All it takes is one.

rjk0279 7 minutes ago remove link

Election fraud isn't real! Unless Trump wins again....

Francis Marximus 9 minutes ago

The high courts claimed that Trumps cases had no validity. But yet they refuse to see things like this. Corruption...corruption..corruption in the high courts.

BarneyFife714 7 minutes ago

Can't we just all agree please that voting our way out of tyranny is a pipe dream now?

KekistanisUnite 10 minutes ago

Alright how about some arrests in AZ, GA, MI, NV, PA, WI?

1980XLS 8 minutes ago

At this point, what difference would it make?

[Feb 27, 2021] Democracy can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.

Feb 27, 2021 |


J J Pettigrew 1 hour ago (Edited)

Public Union pensions.

Govt employees who never missed a paycheck..

Can we see who is taking care of whom and at whose expense!

There are those who are plugged into the government pay wagon, and there are the others....the bifurcation of a nation.

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years." DeToqueville

A Pale Horse 35 minutes ago

Stolen elections are expensive

Nuke_Guru PREMIUM 1 hour ago

$1.9 Trillions comes out to about $6000 per person. But a family of four gets $1400. Where is the other $22,600? Check Chuck and Nancy's pockets.

[Feb 27, 2021] The democrats identity politics push way too far for the country to stomach

Feb 27, 2021 |

DanP66 , February 27, 2021 at 3:49 pm

I've been saying this same thing for months. Trump's policies were widely popular. It was Trump's personality that did him in along with a lot of help from a pandemic, the FBI and the media.

The democrats are going to push way too far left for the country to stomach. You do not have to be a hard core conservative to think that it is unfair for girls to compete against trans girls or some guy that claims to identify as a girl and nor is any liberal father going to be thrilled with his 13 yr old daughter sharing a locker room with one.

Pretty sure that if we took a vote more than 90% of adults in this country would agree that the government should not be able to step in and override a parents decision not to provide puberty blockers to their child or that children should even be given puberty blockers. BUT that is what is being nominated by the Biden team.

Trump tried to get us out of Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq but the dems fought him tooth and nail right along with the hawks in the republican party. WHO KNEW the dems would become the war hawks? Biden sent more troops into Syria on his first day. Now he is trying to figure out how to get out of the withdrawl in Afghanistan and Germany.

All these "green" energy policies are going to lead to higher costs for electricity, gas, home heating oil, natural gas and they are gonna do it while unemployment is high.

Going to push for $15 minimum wage that they KNOW is going to kill a lot of jobs while unemployment is already obscenely high.

BTW Trump voters were overall higher earning than Biden voters. That they had fewer college degrees tells me two things. First, that the average Trump voter is not a toothless redneck but a professional tradesman or small business owner. It also tells me that a college degree aint worth the paper its printed on if your looking just at earning potential.

Point is .the democrats are going to tick off a lot of people. Pass the minimum wage and those that get the increase will love you but those that lose their jobs will hate you and small business owners across the country will detest you. Do not pass it and the left will never forgive you.

Yep, I think the democrats are going to have a very very hard time and they are going to end up turning on each other. I also think that Trumpism without Trump has a very good future.

Dont get me wrong, Trump will be around. He will attend rallies, raise money, drive the media nuts and the democrats insane but he will not run again. He is going to just create headaches for the media, the democrats, the never Trump republicans and enjoy the heck out of it. But he will not be a candidate.

[Feb 27, 2021] Retarget the Christian Right from abortion to usury and neoliberal Dems will be sidelined. One out of seven Americans has a debt collector after them. Everybody, even this atheist, knows the story about Jesus throwing moneylenders out of the temple.

Feb 27, 2021 |

Jack Parsons , , February 27, 2021 at 7:05 pm

The 'New Democrats' have stolen the nouveau riche from the Republicans, and the nouveau riche are fantastically richer than the old money. The NewDems have also abandoned poor people. The only way forward for the Repubs is to corral the poors.

The way to do it? Retarget the Christian Right from abortion to usury. 1 out of 7 Americans has a debt collector after them. Everybody, even this atheist, knows the story about Jesus throwing moneylenders out of the temple.

If Trump wants to get any traction in 2024, he's got to weld the Repubs back together. Usury is a great strategy.

[Feb 27, 2021] A good article by Martin Sieff on the West hall of mirrors delusional politic.

Feb 27, 2021 |

uncle tungsten , Feb 27 2021 21:05 utc | 62

Good read by Martin Sieff on the wests hall of mirrors delusional politics.

Trapped in the empty luxury and petty court intrigues of Versailles, the French ruling class could only see their own imagined beauty and illusions of power reflected in mirrors. They were ignorant and blind to the despair and rage building up against them among the ordinary people of France.

Today, old Reagan Free Market, minimum government Republicans and tree-hugging, coal, oil and natural gas-hating and abortion-loving romantic Green Democrats who hold the politics of Washington and its media in an iron (and rusting) grip are the true heirs of those decadent French aristocrats. Their Mainstream Media has become a 21st century Cybernetic Hall of Mirrors 2.0. Across the Atlantic the dark and doomed Spirit of Versailles has migrated from the outskirts of Paris to Brussels where it now resides in the European Commission.

History has repeated itself on a colossally larger scale.

[Feb 27, 2021] Populism is a term used in neoliberal Newspeak instead of the term "mass social protest" and it is used by neoliberal propagandists and neoliberal MSM in order to smear the rejection of neoliberalism by the vast swats of the US population

Feb 27, 2021 |

likbez , , February 27, 2021 at 9:06 pm

Populism is a term used in neoliberal Newspeak instead of the term "mass social protest" and it is used by neoliberal propagandists and neoliberal MSM in order to smear the rejection of neoliberalism by the vast swats of the US population. Generally this social movement (and it is a social movement) is about the resistance to neoliberalism and globalization.

When the term "populism" moves on front pages of neoliberal MSM and into papers like this one that, first of all, means the process of de-legitimization of the ruling (in our case neoliberal) elite reached at a moderately dangerous for the elite stage which requires some "active countermeasure" not just passive suppression in MSM and ostracism.

The typical charges of corruption, the control of government by financial oligarchy, outsourcing and offshoring of manufacturing jobs as well and suppression of wages and redistribution of wealth up are just icing on the cake. The core is the rejection of neoliberalism, the rejection of accumulation by dispossession – gangster capitalism in other words. Which is politely called "redistribution of wealth up" in the neoliberal MSM.

Trump during his 2016 election campaign (and only during it; he governed like Bush III ) voiced some concern that are typically associated with this mass rejection of neoliberalism and instantly became kind of de-facto leader of the movement. But, in reality, he was yet another "full-blown BS artist" as Tucker called him.

So Trumpism or "national neoliberalism" is not exactly populism – it is more of the attempt to hijack and channel the protest in a way beneficial for the "nationalist" part of national oligarchy and military-industrial complex like happened in Germany in late 20th – early 30th. Only this time "national neoliberalism" card is played instead of "national socialism". And what is interesting is that intelligence agencies, which typically are viewed as a part of the military-industrial complex, fought Trump and this movement tool and nail. The Russiagate gang of Brennan-Comey-McCabe was not an accident.

Please note that the social base of Trump movement are not so much blue collar unionized workers but owners of small business and contractors. They stick to Trump as their leader despite blatant betrayal of their interests on his part. that does not exclude part of blue collar workers but if you look at the social composition of the Jan 6 meeting participant I do not see many blue color workers in it. But is did included some former police officers, which is pretty telling and makes it superficially looks like Germany 2.0.

And rapid construction of barbed fence and National Guard sleeping on Capitol floors is another testament that neoliberal elite took this threat seriously.

[Feb 21, 2021] Some context to the 2016 to 2020 Trump interruption to Business as Usual

Feb 21, 2021 |

Robert Snefjella , says: February 15, 2021 at 8:32 pm GMT • 4.4 days ago

Some context to the 2016 to 2020 Trump interruption to Business as Usual:

The United States in 2016 was long lost as republic. Politically it had been transmuted into something for which there is no simple traditional title. Oligarchy and plutocracy and tyranny and corporatocracy and insane asylum and stupidocracy, with disproportionate Jewish presence at levers of influence and power, still fails to capture the whole adequately.

This – whatever descriptive we give it – political conglomeration aka the 'United States' had residual elements of Empire – 1000 ish military bases and uncounted numbers of biological warfare related facilities outside its borders. It still militarily occupied Japan and Germany and Italy and South Korea and many other countries.

Doctrine promoting 'full spectrum domination' – that is, the intention of achieving global totalitarian control – was still hanging in the air and influencing behaviour. The Federal Reserve dollar was still the dominant international currency. The United States was still a heavyweight in the IMF and UN Security Council. Many countries remained de facto vassal to it (Canada, Australia, Norway )

At home a police state had been in place for generations, but the mass media and educational system steadfastly refused to call a spade a spade. The mass media had comprehensively for generations been a mind warping propaganda system. Publicly execute JFK and RFK. In response the political and judicial system and the media have been comatose or lying to the people for half a century.

The treasonous false flag 9/11 2001 is carried out, and again, the mass media tell lies and censors and the political system is silent or complicit in buttressing the official lies. More police state measures are implemented, and mass murdering wars of aggression abroad are initiated. The more general 'war on terror' war of terror is launched, which is actually merely the old policy of subversion, robbery, murder etc abroad given a new title and a refurbished rationale (from fighting communists to fighting terrorists).

Meanwhile at home the middle class and the blue collar workers and the infrastructure are in steady decline. 40 % of Americans are living hand to mouth while billionaires proliferate. Tens of millions are on anti depressants, while tens of millions more are morbidly obese or beset with chronic serious health problems. Etc. Growing basket case.

Meanwhile David Rockefeller famously confesses that he and his family (and fellow 'intellectual elite' and banking exemplars) have been working against the best interests of America and towards the goal of world government. Sort of a Rockefeller Pinky and the Brain syndrome, but not a cartoon, a real intention, steadily worked towards. He writes that all we need is the "right big crisis" and voila, we will have it!!: World Government. The New World Order.

Then something happened. Whatever folly and genius and everything in between Donald J. Trump possesses, whatever his intentions conscious or unconscious might have been, he in 2o16 won election over the selection of the Powers that BE. They tried to steal the election, but the tide for Trump was too strong.

In the wake of this political rookie's election, while he may have been naive, and foolish, and made any number of questionable moves, he was also facing the entire phalanx of the global establishment.

One of his first acts was to announce that he was going to drain the swamp, and all the many powerful swamp creatures took this as an unforgivable and deeply threatening public challenge. So a four year unending attack on Trump by FBI, DOJ, mass media, former CIA, European politicians, tech giants, and the American political establishment ensued.

Equally guaranteed to create a massive effort by the PTB was his rhetoric on behalf of national sovereignty and against globalism – The Rockefeller-esque extended pipedream. One of his first acts was to cancel the TPP, which had threatened a further erosion of national sovereignty on behalf of the power of transnational corporate and financial power.

Another fundamental really priceless contribution that Trump made was to continually and pointedly jeer at and identify the "fake news": The NYT and CNN were subjected to the public humiliation of a sitting President continually accurately describing them.

Trump's willingness to call out the mass media propaganda and brainwashing system that the CIA under largely Jewish auspices (or vise versa?) had intensely inflicted on the American people for decades was an indispensable act of rebellion. American politics and media is dependent upon the pretense that it is legit. Trump's message was: there's something deeply wrong here: Fake news and the Swamp.

Trump also at least gave frequent voice to the desirability of reducing American military activity and presence abroad, and stands in contrast to his Nobel Peace Prize winning predecessor Barry ( aka B.O.) Soetoro (Libya destroyed) and George Bush the Latter (Iraq and Afghanistan attacked) and Clinton (Serbia attacked). Trump as comparatively a deplorable peacenik.

So then we have the COVID- psyop, creating de facto world medical martial law, which is a kind of sick facsimile to Rockefeller's pipe dream. And also, dislocating, disorienting, social and economic turmoil and pain. Trump was placed at the center of that storm, surrounded by ghoulish Fauci and the CDC and the Bill Gates contaminated WHO.

Then the looters and burners and rioters were let loose. And the underlying goal was to have Americans so sick of it all and Trump could be blamed and surely he would be thrown out of office.

But even so, no. He wins in a huge landslide. And the Swamp goes all out and installs a pathetic creature in Trump's place. This story is not over .

[Feb 20, 2021] The No Change Presidency

Feb 20, 2021 |

Mike from Jersey , Feb 19 2021 18:56 utc | 1

After a month as president Joe Biden has already broken several major campaign promises.

There will be:

As Alan MacLeod summarizes :

Biden began his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in June 2019 at a Manhattan hotel, telling wealthy donors that "nothing would fundamentally change" under his presidency. After one month in office, it appears as if that is one campaign promise he is likely to keep.

The U.S. will also continue its wars on Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

We are left to guess where, not if, Biden will start another one.

Posted by b on February 19, 2021 at 18:46 UTC | Permalink

I always thought that Biden's campaign slogan should have been a modification of Obama's "Hope and Change" slogan.

Biden's campaign slogan should have been: "No Hope and No Change."

robin , Feb 19 2021 20:11 utc | 17

t Posted by: vk | Feb 19 2021 19:20 utc | 7

And, contrary to the 1960s-1970s, it will now have to start to win those wars, otherwise the wealth will stop flowing.
I believe the objective now is to prevent wealth from flowing East. This means that the definition of 'winning' the war may not be the one we intuitively may think of.

An obvious example which illustrates the strategy is the one of a functioning, promising nation with the highest standard of living on the African continent turned into a devastated stretch of rubble.

Another example is the success the empire is having in Syria. With large chunks of confiscated land and a state of durable smoulder everywhere else, we shouldn't expect the Eastern bloc to extend westward to the Mediterranean anytime soon. Nor should the empire fear the regional actors gaining sufficient economic and political mass to ever make an impression on the world podium and demand the return of occupied territories and repatriation of all refugees as required by law.

uncle tungsten , Feb 19 2021 20:41 utc | 22
No change presidency means that the USA will continue to steal from the poor. Someone should inform Ethiopia and Egypt about this reality.
_K_C_ , Feb 19 2021 20:57 utc | 25
"We are left to guess where, not if, Biden will start another one."

Given the context of the past 20 years including the Bush, Obama and Trump presidencies and current geopolitical realities, I doubt Biden starts a war on par with Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and most certainly not on the level of Iraq. They will have to try hard to grow and harvest so-called low hanging fruit if they intend to engage in any real, direct, shooting military engagements much less invasions/occupations. I'm not saying that can't or won't happen - and I predicted a much wider scale military confrontation with Iran if Trump was re-elected. Maybe not an all out invasion which would never sell back home and would be a military and societal folly of epic proportions. But Trump did try with Soleimani, tanker seizures, and standard militaristic posturing and prodding, not to mention brutal sanctions.

Biden isn't as beholden to Israel (which isn't saying much since the rest of the gov't is) or Saudi Arabia (there is a "damning" report coming soon on the Kashogghi murder which allegedly ties it directly to MBS...duh) and most countries which are even possible military targets that represent a "threat" to US or Israeli interests have been thrown into chaos and instability (which was the real goal). China, Russia, North Korea, and even Iran are off the table in my opinion.

Guess we'll have to wait and see. While the US corporate media were the main cheerleaders for the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, they sold Obama's wars much more subtly, often intentionally ignoring or burying stories that were contrary to that administration's image. That is the kind of treatment I expect from them for Biden if and when he starts a new war.

psychohistorian , Feb 19 2021 21:03 utc | 27
The Harris/Biden presidency will not start any more wars just like the Trump presidency because we are in the throes of a civilization war already and it escalated to MAD phase in late Obama days.

Yes, there can be border skirmishes but no more invasions like Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Russia has said that Iran is a strategic partner of Russia and I believe both China and Russia are protecting Venezuela to some degree.

The process of taking sides in this civilization war continues and as the membership of those sides firms up, the firming events at some point will precipitate the final act......extinction or capitulation.......I hope I get to see the final act and maybe experience a bit of the denoueument period.

It sure looks to me like empire is in crash and burn mode but we haven't reached the final act of this shit show yet.

_K_C_ , Feb 19 2021 21:07 utc | 28
Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 19 2021 21:02 utc | 26

Of course. That goes without saying at MoA. Those who frequent this site understand the brutality of sanctions and embargoes. We also know they are acts of war. But I don't think that's what b meant when he said: "We are left to guess where, not if, Biden will start another one." If so, what other countries are left to sanction? Keep in mind that "another one" means one that isn't currently sanctioned/sabotaged - which Biden will of course continue doing. So what countries do you think might be on their radar for new brutal sanctions?

Closest thing I can think of when it comes to war under Biden would be Reagan/Bush/Clinton (incl. Hillary)style coups and "behind the scenes" support for right wing death squads in Central and South America. Otherwise, I think the Biden administration sits back and supports Israel's invasion or destruction of Lebanon.

tucenz , Feb 19 2021 21:29 utc | 31
Really, why would anyone be surprised that a candidate who did nothing to win the Presidency should similarly do nothing once elected?

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 19 2021 21:15 utc | 30

Thanks for that. I'm sure I'll use that line whenever I can!

Stephen Laudig , Feb 19 2021 21:41 utc | 32
Come on, you can do better:
"its wars"?
How about "Its unlawful, war crime, extra-constitutional wars of aggression".
The US military: most expensive, losingest military in human history. Hasn't won a war since 1945 unless you count Panama and Grenada.
William Gruff , Feb 19 2021 21:41 utc | 33
"America is back!"

So Biden is saying he Made America Great Again ? Just by successfully scamming the election? Even if he never delivered at least Trump's MAGA referenced jobs and industry and economic growth. Biden's MAGA is just about tone and empty posturing. Which one attempted to deal with reality and which one is just delusion? I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader!

Hoarsewhisperer , Feb 19 2021 21:47 utc | 35
Really, why would anyone be surprised that a candidate who did nothing to win the Presidency should similarly do nothing once elected?
Posted by: c1ue | Feb 19 2021 21:15 utc | 30

Many a true word is spoken in jest...
It'll be easy for the Biden Admin to start a new war with Jewed-up John (Assad Must Go) Kerry as USA's Climate Czar. The Climate Czar has a big say in Energy Policy which Trump interpreted as Stealing Oil. Kerry's appointment is unlikely to have been an accident.

_K_C_ , Feb 19 2021 22:03 utc | 36
Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 19 2021 21:47 utc | 35

"...which Trump interpreted as Stealing Oil."


So are you saying that Trump didn't "steal oil" in and around Syria or are you simply commenting on his campaign messaging and not his proven history of stealing (no quotes needed and anyone can find the information) oil?

vetinLA , Feb 19 2021 22:12 utc | 38
IMO Biden's got two choices, continue the class war, or try to mitigate it, by helping the American working classes.

His epitaph is yet to be written....

karlof1 , Feb 19 2021 22:16 utc | 39
Strategic-Culture Editorial on the topic:

"Biden's Post-Trump NATO Reset Points to Failing U.S. Global Power in Multipolar World."

Key snippet:

"American hegemonic ambitions required to satisfy its corporate capitalism are dependent on a zero-sum geopolitics. The globe must divided into spheres of influence as in the earlier Cold War decades. There must be antagonism to thwart genuine cooperation which is anathema to American capitalism. Indeed, it can be said that the Cold War never actually ended when the Soviet Union dissolved more three decades ago. America's imperialist ideology continued under new guises of 'fighting terrorism', 'democracy promotion and nation building', or more recently 'great power competition' with Russia and China.

"The bottom line is that NATO is more important than ever for enabling Washington's global power ambitions given the demise of American capitalism and the rise of China and Eurasia. NATO provides a crucial political cover for what would otherwise be seen as naked American imperialism ." [My Emphasis]

IMO, the socio-political-economic set of crises within the Outlaw US Empire will deter BidenCo from going to war elsewhere, especially if Dollar Hegemony's to be salvaged or at least delayed from ending soon. The one big change that Hudson will raise in his rewritten, third edition of Super Imperialism will be the Outlaw US Empire's loss of ability to have the world finance its Imperialism as was the case until 2008. That's why Stoltenberg's cost-sharing proposition is being warmly received in DC.

Nick , Feb 19 2021 23:39 utc | 43
The Texas has been returning for 7 days the stone age . IF Germany wants destroy the Nordstream II project for American gas.. I wish they see what is happening in TEXAS.
alaff , Feb 19 2021 23:40 utc | 44
We are left to guess where, not if, Biden will start another one.

He actually started one already. It's called a war against his own people (~ half of the population, to be precise).
There is no need for a democratically elected president, for whom the majority of voters honestly voted, to sit behind several rows of high barbed wire fences guarded by thousands of soldiers. And if this happens, then not everything is okay. Not okay at all.
Jackrabbit , Feb 20 2021 0:01 utc | 45
_K_C_ @Feb19 21:07 #28

I think there's a hyrid war on all countries that have:

I count at least a dozen countries (along with the stateless Palestinians) that qualify.

And lets not forget the war on whistle-blowers, "populist movements", "conspiracy theorists" and other domestic dissidents. Example: white nationalists are fine when they support Trump's expanded military budget and denunciation of socialism but become an evil threat when they rail against his total support for Israel or demand answers as to why they are being de-platformed/canceled.

Those who claim (directly or indirectly) that Trump didn't start any new wars are (knowingly or unknowingly) minimizing the outrage of the Empire's many, and ongoing, hybrid wars for total global domination.


Jim , Feb 20 2021 0:02 utc | 46
Tannenhouser (#3) said 'Actually lends credence to the theory that there aren't 2 parties anymore ... Soon to b 3 parties just like Canada. Then u will have 3 parties doing squat....except for donors.'

Might be true for the US one day, but here in Canada our third party is a centre-left alternative to the two centre-right parties...

snake , Feb 20 2021 0:03 utc | 47
Why would anyone be surprised that a candidate who did nothing to win the Presidency should similarly do nothing once elected? by: c1ue @ 30 <= based on the laws, decisions and lies in years since 1788 it seems obvious to me the less the USA does, the greater will be America.
Grieved , Feb 20 2021 0:05 utc | 48
@44 alaff

I get what you're saying but I don't think the war is against one half versus another half. In my view the real war is from the top against all below.


On the US domestic scene, I happened to notice today that the Administration signed off on extending foreclosure forbearance until midsummer, but didn't extend the eviction moratorium past March.

I'm on the side of mortgage holders (i.e. small landlords), and forbearance is useful, but no extension for tenants? They are determined to clean the weak off the rolls, aren't they?

That's a 3-month margin for landlords to evict tenants, rehab the property and get it rented again at a a higher rent. Tight, but doable for small landlords (whom I regard as little different from the rest of the poor, by the way - rentier philosophies notwithstanding).


What the US always does supremely well is knock the weakest portion of society into the gutter through financial manipulations (recessions) and then sweep them all into a memory hole so they don't exist anymore. Those who survive don't notice the carnage and it is never mentioned, so life goes on as if there's a working economy.

There's a subliminal tacit agreement in US society, I think, not to mention the ones who fell by the wayside, in case this should plunge the economy into another fall. No one dares to talk about the weak who are lost. Some of the survivors glory in their survivorship, while others I suspect are simply afraid to call the airstrike down on themselves. No negative thinking, lest the magic runs out.

But it keeps the economy running, for a bit longer.

In light of the Romanoff recent articles, I think this dynamic fits the national psyche somewhere.

Tannenhouser , Feb 20 2021 0:19 utc | 49
@jim46. The orange house in Canada is in cahoots w whatever party happens to be in power at any given moment. It spouts
virtuous rhetoric at every opportunity, and then does what ever blue or red house tells it to. ALL three parties in Canada serve the same interests, and it isn't yours or mine. Ever. Look no further than each parties stance on Palestine. All three are beholden to Non sovereign interests. The Red house handed 2 elections to the Blue house under Harper by fielding unelectable candidates. Dion 1st and then Ignatieff. The blue house has done the same, second unelectable candidate being O'tool. The NDP is left in rhetoric only. Under its previous leader it may have had a chance at leading federally. Jagmeet hasnt a hope here, and he knows it, which why he pretends to be relevant with virtue signaling. Its all Kayfabe just like the states.
ian , Feb 20 2021 0:21 utc | 50
Rejoining the Paris accords does not constitute a change as it was purely cosmetic.
Kadath , Feb 20 2021 0:42 utc | 51
Re: Jim #46,

Im not sure if the NCP counts as center left in any meaningful way compared to the Liberals or Progressive Conservatives. Nowadays, the NDP are mostly "Liberals" who weren't cut-throat enough to cut it in the Liberal Party. The Greens are at least slightly different from the Liberals & Conservatives in that they are fanatical in their devotion to "Green" policies. However, I would hesitate to call the Greens "leftist", as they every bit as Neo-liberal in their economic policies as the Liberals & Conservatives (just with a green veneer slapped on top) and pro-war as well, i remember during the last election I was considering voting green and saw their foreign policy boiled down to keep trying to overthrow of Assad and the mass settlement of Syrian refugees into Canada. Call me old fashioned, but I've always felt that sinking ships so you can praise yourself for rescuing the lifeboats is a repugnant morality. Perhaps one day Canada will have a political party worth voting for, but until that day I will keep casting my vote for Putin

Smith , Feb 20 2021 0:45 utc | 52
I love Biden and his quotes.

His "I will not make that (stimulus, minimum wage, student debt writeoff) happen" line is the best of 2021 so far.

Dave , Feb 20 2021 0:52 utc | 53
Just the latest in a long list of no-change presidencies. Obama tinkered, Trump tinkered, and nothing fundamentally changed as usual.
spudski , Feb 20 2021 0:53 utc | 54
Re #46 and #51

I agree with Kadath that the Greens, under Annamie Paul, are neoliberal and not at all antiwar. Ms Paul seems to unquestioningly accept all the Sinophobic and Russophobic propaganda peddled in our Canuckistan media. I was really hoping that Dimitri Lascaris would win the leadership but "Democratic" (DNC) style rigging, including by the outgoing leader, ensured that Dimitri would not succeed Elizabeth May.

Bemildred , Feb 20 2021 0:55 utc | 55
Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 19 2021 22:16 utc | 39

Thanks for your posts, that's what I see too. They found another slice of the salami. I've seen a few other rhetorical touches that suggest they are heading towards less "kinetic" options, and Iran is aware of the situation. They took the bait. Psaki has said that is all we are going to do before talking. Zarif says "we agree", but all the stuff Trump did must be undone. Which would seem like a congenial choice for Biden to consider. But I don't suppose everybody is going to take this lying down. But this all does suggest a dose of reality is at work, which would be nice. I notice the Bidenites want China and Russia in the talks too.

Mao , Feb 20 2021 1:10 utc | 58
China May Ban Rare Earth Tech Exports on Security Concerns

Biden to order review of U.S. reliance on overseas supply chains for semiconductors, rare earths

Wolle , Feb 20 2021 2:29 utc | 59
Munich Security Conference 2021(video conference): SleepyJoe, no comment, he can't remember his speech anyway.
Obvious stoned Stoltenberg reports about NATO's low-carbon warfare! LOL!
U.v.d.Lying, no comment! Sic!
Looks like dancing vampires:
Lisa Fritz Kabarett, sorry German only.
gm , Feb 20 2021 2:42 utc | 61
Re: "China May Ban Rare Earth Tech Exports on Security Concerns"

-Mao | Feb 20 2021 1:10 utc | 58

This so-called rare earth (RE) element shortage is a false narrative pumped out by the fake media, controlled by the US -asset-liquidating vulture GloboCapitalists.

There are lots of mothballed US/North American RE mines/deposits that were shut down/abandoned/undeveloped, for cheaper Chinese sourced (cheaper labor/dirty coal energy-powered/pollution friendly) RE mined resources.

The Vulture GloboCaps just don't want to pay the extra out-of-pocket to mine RE domestically.

That would cut into their profit margins...[just like in Texas...]

michaelj72 , Feb 20 2021 2:58 utc | 62
Well, NATO is sending 3,500 new troops to... Iraq.

increasing its invasion force from 500 troops to 4,000. So maybe that's an indicator where the next 'war zones' are going to be: Iraq and Syria... Again

Gotta keep a hold on that Syrian oil and the better part of the Syrian northeast as well, which can easily be used as a springboard (along with the al-Tanf area) to mount/support either frequent ISIS and/or al Qaeda, etc attacks on the Syrian government and people.

vetinLA , Feb 20 2021 3:06 utc | 63
And after endless debate, the simple question is; How much improvement in the lives of workers across America, will Biden's owners let him tinker with? After all is said and done, that's the key to any president's term.

We'll see. Take a deep breath and pay attention to what's done, not what's said, especially in the empire's MSM.

Roger , Feb 20 2021 3:09 utc | 64
@urblintz, @Ian,

So true. Radoslav Dimitrov captured the reality so well in his concept of "Empty Institutions" designed not to make any real policy progress, but rather to provide performative political art on a regular basis to distract from the actual lack of real progress. I have linked to his paper below:

psychohistorian , Feb 20 2021 3:42 utc | 68
Below is a quote from Biden's speech to the Munich least he agrees with my civilization war context....

"We are in the midst of a fundamental debate about the future direction of our world. Between those who argue that -- given all of the challenges we face, from the fourth industrial revolution to a global pandemic -- autocracy is the best way forward and those who understand that democracy is essential to meeting those challenges."

"Historians will examine and write about this moment. It's an inflection point. And I believe with every ounce of my being that democracy must prevail."

When is the world going to call BS on the democracy term applied to a society that has its money system controlled by a cult of private individuals? The longer humanity continues to live the myth/lie of democracy in the West, the more likely our species will go extinct because we are unable to evolve beyond barbarism as our form of social organization.

Josh , Feb 20 2021 3:44 utc | 69
No offense to anyone (or their imaginary friends),
What are these silly bitches going to do when the music stops?
Just sayin'...
div> The world is like an onion, it has layers. Where Trump attacked everything Obama, Biden is attacking everything Trump plus his supporters and, while the MSM is mostly silent on this, about half the USA is gearing up for a civil war. Meanwhile the international wars have been increasing, just not so visibly. Don't forget the digital wars, the apparent biological wars, the propaganda wars, the food wars, and etc. And while most people just recognize the shooting wars the oligarchs, through the military-industrial-congressional complex and other world governments, are playing a global game of Monopoly against each other where even superpowers are but pawns. WWIII started years ago, it's just that most people don't recognize it as such because it's not state actors calling the shots, it's oligarchs who are, in essence, ghosts because we can't see them.

Posted by: Glenn S Olson , Feb 20 2021 4:17 utc | 71

The world is like an onion, it has layers. Where Trump attacked everything Obama, Biden is attacking everything Trump plus his supporters and, while the MSM is mostly silent on this, about half the USA is gearing up for a civil war. Meanwhile the international wars have been increasing, just not so visibly. Don't forget the digital wars, the apparent biological wars, the propaganda wars, the food wars, and etc. And while most people just recognize the shooting wars the oligarchs, through the military-industrial-congressional complex and other world governments, are playing a global game of Monopoly against each other where even superpowers are but pawns. WWIII started years ago, it's just that most people don't recognize it as such because it's not state actors calling the shots, it's oligarchs who are, in essence, ghosts because we can't see them.

Posted by: Glenn S Olson | Feb 20 2021 4:17 utc | 71

psychohistorian , Feb 20 2021 4:29 utc | 72
@ psychohistorian | Feb 20 2021 3:51 utc | 70 quoting US Senator Tom Cotton about calling China "new Evil Empire".

I didn't think about it but would someone ask Tom Cotton to describe the old/existing Evil Empire......grin

james , Feb 20 2021 4:29 utc | 73
"The USA has lied, stolen, and killed its way to the top. China, Russia, Iran, etc needs a plan to beat this Evil Empire."

fixed it for you pschohistorian!

@ 54 spudski.. ditto your comment.. canada isn't far behind in this democracy charade..

vetinLA , Feb 20 2021 4:47 utc | 74
GSO @ 71 said;

"And while most people just recognize the shooting wars the oligarchs, through the military-industrial-congressional complex and other world governments, are playing a global game of Monopoly against each other where even superpowers are but pawns. WWIII started years ago, it's just that most people don't recognize it as such because it's not state actors calling the shots, it's oligarchs who are, in essence, ghosts because we can't see them."

This is obvious to anyone paying attention, so, you'd think more folks would get it.

Well stated GSO, thank you....

[Feb 14, 2021] Yanis Varoufakis- Trumpism after Trump NEWSWEEK Magazine, Interviewed by Basit Mahmood

Trumpism is "national neoliberalism." Trump actually betrayed almost all his election promises so it is unfair to call it after him.
Feb 14, 2021 |

"The wave of enthusiasm regarding the Biden administration has not washed over me," he says. "I'm glad Trump is out, but at the very same time I'm very worried that Trumpism is going to get stronger. I'm very worried that the Democratic Party is in the process of turning in on itself, of divisions between the establishment figures, those who were effectively supported by Wall Street to become senators or congressmen or presidents for that matter and the socialists.

"The clash is already there, the blame game has begun. While the Trumpists are more united than ever, they're going to be aided and abetted by two things. First, the [financial] slump which is unavoidable given the pandemic, they will be blaming it on the system and the swamp that has taken over again and a false but real sense that they have, false in the sense that it's untrue but real in the sense they do feel it, that they were robbed of the election.

"So this combination, solidity on the Trumpist side, political economy which is strengthening their feeling and their unity and the fragmentation of the Democratic side which is only going to get worse as we're moving towards the congressional elections two years from now. That for me is the great danger."

Varoufakis doesn't believe that the Biden-Harris ticket will improve outcomes for the poor or radically redistribute wealth. Nearly eight million Americans, many of them children and minorities, have fallen into poverty since May last year as the pandemic took its toll, according to Columbia University research .

arkansasangie , February 13, 2021 at 6:39 am

Opinion -- there are Trumpers who like Trump. There are also Trumper who are broadly against the level of corruption today and "1984" materializing before them. They believe that the deep state exists and that the two primary political parties are one and the same; their differences being cosmetic only

And guess what. Neither party likes them.

Northeaster , February 13, 2021 at 7:43 am

Didn't vote for Trump, but in a blue state it wouldn't matter with vote bundling (sans Nebraska & Maine), but this post resonates. Basically we're in political exile, both Party's are corrupt and most spend their time calling donors and/or taking lobby monies for their Party dues in exchange for their vote. The only politician I can stand is Massie, who's not even allowed in the RNC building, and actually walks-the-walk on issues, and me as a Vet, Massie doesn't vote for unending war (NDAA).

kayjay , February 13, 2021 at 6:19 pm

who the hell is massie?

The Rev Kev , February 13, 2021 at 6:27 pm

I would imagine that to be Thomas Massie. You may not know the name but he was one of the few who stood against that CARES Act last March. He copped lot of flak from Trump and John Kerry at the time which means that he must have been right-

flora , February 13, 2021 at 11:12 am

This was interesting. I wish YV had defined the term "Trumpism". I haven't seen it defined anywhere; it's used to smear voters, but I haven't seen it defined.

Imo, it's the rising populism (in the good sense) in the US trying to stop financial predations by the banks and Wall St. speculators, stop trade deals that undercut US wages and off shore jobs, again regulate and breakup the new monopolies – especially the tech monopolies whose rents attach to nearly everything now. That's my definition. I wonder what YV's definition is. It's happening in the US, in the UK (Brexit), in France (jillet jaunes), and in other Western countries where the bottom70-80% of the populations – the once large and financially stable middle class – has been economically undermined for the past 30 years by govt policy and deregulation. Its a reasonable, sane response to seeing your childrens' and grandchildrens' life chances and life expectancies fall at the same time billionaires are getting richer and richer.

But calling the idea that this economic destruction needs to be addressed, calling it "Trumpism" smears the entire idea there's something badly out of balance that needs to be addressed. Calling it "Trumpism" dismisses these ideas as unimportant and maybe even slightly unhinged.

So, again, I wish YV had defined "Trumpism" as he understands it. Otherwise, the argument sounds a bit like "these crackpots are a worry, how can we keep the crackpots under control"? Shorter: over half the country has real, long term, ongoing financial grievances against the current system, but I'll use this dimissive name for them and still expect everyone to take half the country's financial and health care grievances seriously. It doesn't work that way, imo.

Amfortas the hippie , February 13, 2021 at 12:13 pm

trump will be a weapon against any populism, at all.
think the next election had problems? the primary? you must be a moron and a trumper.
think the economy is rigged for the powerful, and ruinous for everyone else? damned trumpy racist moron.
on and on on just about every real problem we face, there is a rebuttal there in trump that will dismiss it out of hand no matter the glaring evidence that the problem is real.
just as the Left appeared to be getting it's shit together, the Powers have their out.
see Haydar Khan's part 2:

of course, dismissing the myriad problems or doing them in such a way that they are ineffective, if very profitable will only make them worse, and that will eventually have consequences.

Patrick , February 13, 2021 at 2:39 pm

From the great reset – an attempted corporate coup: "The recent social media cancellation of former president Donald Trump is certainly a demonstration of private corporations serving as private trustees of society."

Thanks for the link

Alfred , February 13, 2021 at 2:20 pm

Agreed that Newsweek should have pressed Mr Varoufakis to define his key term. 'Trumpism' seems to defy succinct definition, however. Possibly its vagueness counts as an advantage in ideological discourse? Still I think the Wikipedia article on 'Trumpism' is a pretty good place to get a start on understanding it. I noticed that it actually suggests the existence of more than one 'Trumpism' in the US, and as covers it/them as an international phenomenon. It also makes clear what a wide variety of assessments of it have already emerged. It provides a rather vast bibliography. More provocative, in the good sense of thought-provoking, are the several definitions offered up by contributors to Urban Dictionary. They emphasize its reliance on deception to market itself. Personally I think it may make more sense to understand 'Trumpism' as a mode of political discourse – a means of advancing a certain political agenda, apparently a means especially amenable to social media though I very much doubt one engendered by its parameters – than as any particular agenda as such.

Amfortas the hippie , February 13, 2021 at 4:03 pm

that wiki page is a pretty good read in itself, and provides a launch pad for further digging.
and, i hadn't realised that Bob Altemeyer was still around and on the case.
his main book was one of the most important in trying to understand the people i've been embedded in for all my life.

re: the wiki, the sections on "Methods of Persuasion" and "Social Psychology" are particularly good, and link to a lot of names familiar to me from my own research project/field study into the american right, circa 2002-2014~.

by comparison, just about the entire canon of interpretation of the trump phenomenon by NYT, WaPo, etc etc is useless unless you are after a mirror image emotional response/catharsis, rather that actually trying to understand what why and how.
we'll be dealing with this mess for a long time to come.

RMO , February 14, 2021 at 2:48 pm

Thank you Amfortas! I too hadn't realized Bob Altermeyer was still writing – he hadn't added anything new in quite a while so I figured he had retired and I hadn't been checking.

Runkelstoss , February 13, 2021 at 4:32 pm

I wish YV had defined the term "Trumpism"

a draft

1. America first
2. white supremacy
3. pandering to religious fundamentalists
4. pandering to gun enthusiasts and right wing militias
5. marking people and groups as enemies of the people
6. decrying so called hostile elites
7. creating alternative 'facts' and imaginary realities
8. xenophobia
9. misogyny
10. politics of force, inside and outside

flora , February 13, 2021 at 9:04 pm

2016 campaign:

a. Campaigning against more trade deals like TPP and TPIP (NAFTA on steroids)

b. Campaigning on ending the endless wars and bringing troops home

c. Campaigning on bringing back on shore manufacturing and good jobs.

d. Campaigning on closing the US/Mexico border and stopping the inflow of the cheapest labor possible undercutting wages of already very low paid workers here.

e. Campaigning on lowering military tensions with Russia

(not that he did these things, but he campaigned heavily on economic issues and reducing military adventurism, both important to the middle class/working class in 2016. Not sure what the 2020 message was.)

Keith Newman , February 14, 2021 at 2:29 pm

Good list Flora. For some I would also guess a giant effu to the cultural elites.

Pelham , February 14, 2021 at 10:41 am

Let's see:

1. America first. True. Is this so bad?
2. White supremacy. False. Very few of these characters exist, although they're much in demand from the left.
3. Pandering to religious fundamentalists. False, although substitute "appealing" for "pandering" and it's true.
4. Pandering to gun enthusiasts and right-wing militias. Sigh, true, although there's nothing wrong with gun enthusiasts, broadly speaking.
5. Marking people and groups as enemies of the people. False, I think. Needs to be more specific, though.
6. Decrying so-called hostile elites. True if you omit the "so-called."
7. Creating alternative "facts" and imaginary realities. Sigh, True.
8. Xenophobia. Mostly false. It's not fear of others, it's mostly a plea to at long last shut off the firehose of wage-crushing immigration.
9. Misognyny. Mostly false. Trump has certainly had his moments, but many women were happy to serve in the Trump administration, and I'm not seeing evidence of misogyny among his backers.
10. Politics of force, inside and outside. True to a small degree but not nearly as characteristic of Trumpists as of leftists, who destroyed thousands of buildings and businesses last summer, and the media, which have cheerfully allied themselves with our internationally murderous intelligence community.

Patrick , February 13, 2021 at 12:45 pm

flora, I'm thinking your "populism in the good sense" aligns with the political science textbook definition of a populist, at least the economic component of that definition: a populist is an economic liberal (one who generally believes that government should play a role in the economy to protect the 99% by regulating and otherwise reining in large and powerful private sector interests, especially big business).

The textbook definition says that a populist is also a cultural conservative (one who believes that government should play a role in our private/social/cultural lives by promoting traditional values). (I am not sure you are meaning to discuss this cultural aspect of a populist; I'm just providing the textbook definition.)

I am thinking that arkansasangie (above) is also describing populism in the same way ("Trumper(s) who are broadly against the level of corruption today and "1984" materializing before them. They believe that the deep state exists and that the two primary political parties are one and the same; their differences being cosmetic only" (if by the "deep state" she might mean a government that has been captured by and serves the interest of corporate elites, eg, globalization, market monopoly, empire, etc.).

And I am thinking Amfortas the hippie's "feedstore people" are, likewise, (economic liberal) "populists" (who could have "been won by a new New Deal"). (Having enjoyed many of Ath's posts, I'm guessing they are also cultural conservatives.)

I do think that some if not most "Trumpists" are populists. But what I think is interesting is how they are being managed (as in how the Koch brothers (created and) managed Tea Party "populists").

Conservatives are reactionary – they react to change. It seems to me that one of the ways they react is by co-opting the changes taking place, dressing them up and claiming at least some aspect of those changes as their own. I find myself thinking about the Social Gospel of Christ. Or Adam Smith's "free markets". Martin Luther King Jr.'s struggle for freedom (transformed into idpol?). I think all of us understand that this is largely what is happening today with the term "populism".

Thomas Frank would agree ("The People, No")
And he would speak to the manipulation – he would as "What's the Matter with Kansas?"

Susan the other , February 13, 2021 at 1:20 pm

While Janet Yellen advocates pouring money into the covid/economic crisis now because it will be cheaper in the long run (and we know from various indications that the term could be a decade) and post-Trump the trade deficit is no longer talked about since nobody's counting – nobody's buying as much – except RVs and groceries and the stats show a vertical drop down in commercial activity and a vertical shot up in bankruptcies and closings and while Klaus Schwab talks about the great capitalist reset from shares to stakes but not to sovereign states, China is busy establishing the new silk road and consolidating its neighbors into cooperative economic behavior. I don't even want to know what that combined CO2 footprint is. Cooperative economics has really already been precluded here in the West – we can't turn back that clock. So, Biden is looking for an excuse to go to war. He is wasting no time letting Russia and China know. It's possible that when Yellen says spend whatever is necessary now she is being encouraged by Biden and the militarists who will receive much of that financial aid whether we actually go to war or not. It would be so idiotic and wasteful it is hard to imagine that even that dope Biden would march us off to war. So when YV talks about "financial engineering for a better world" it sounds too Klaus Schwab to embrace at face value. I don't see how a switch from shareholders to stakeholders is going to change western capitalism significantly unless there is a financial separation between old capitalism and new capitalism. That being the West and China. And the big problem there is that capital seeks its best return. Otherwise it's not capital for long. So either direction we are looking, (neoliberalism or socialism) financial engineering will have to restrain capital, hence "capitalism" will be a euphemism. Which it has been for a long time, but who's even noticing? It's possible that "war" as we knew it is also a thing of the past and when Biden salivates for war he'll have to be content to just do "war engineering" to achieve the necessary separation from China. It's all so meta. The irony is that the thing called "sovereignty" is the only tool we have to organize all this neoliberal and/or social protection. And the big one – the environment? Still no details.

Sound of the Suburbs , February 14, 2021 at 4:14 am

Why isn't capitalism working as it should?
You need to identify where real wealth creation occurs in the economy to get it working well.
Houston, we have a problem.

Mankind first started to produce a surplus with early agriculture.
It wasn't long before the elites learnt how to read the skies, the sun and the stars, to predict the coming seasons to the amazed masses and collect tribute.
They soon made the most of the opportunity and removed themselves from any hard work to concentrate on "spiritual matters", i.e. any hocus-pocus they could come up with to elevate them from the masses, e.g. rituals, fertility rights, offering to the gods . etc and to turn the initially small tributes, into extracting all the surplus created by the hard work of the rest.
The elites became the representatives of the gods and they were responsible for the bounty of the earth and the harvests.
As long as all the surplus was handed over, all would be well.

The class structure emerges.
Upper class – Do as little as they can get away with and get most of the rewards
Middle class – Administrative/managerial class who have enough to live a comfortable life
Working class – Do the work, and live a basic subsistence existence where they get enough to stay alive and breed

Their techniques have got more sophisticated over time, but this is the underlying idea.
They have achieved a total inversion, and got most of the rewards going to those that don't do anything.
The last thing they needed was "The Enlightenment" as people would work out what was really going on.
They did work out what was going on and this had to be hidden again.

The Classical Economists had a quick look around and noticed the aristocracy were maintained in luxury and leisure by the hard work of everyone else.
They haven't done anything economically productive for centuries, they couldn't miss it.
The Classical economist, Adam Smith:
"The labour and time of the poor is in civilised countries sacrificed to the maintaining of the rich in ease and luxury. The Landlord is maintained in idleness and luxury by the labour of his tenants. The moneyed man is supported by his extractions from the industrious merchant and the needy who are obliged to support him in ease by a return for the use of his money. But every savage has the full fruits of his own labours; there are no landlords, no usurers and no tax gatherers."
There was no benefits system in those days, and if those at the bottom didn't work they died.
They had to earn money to live.
The classical economists could never imagine those at the bottom rising out of a bare subsistence existence as that was the way it had always been.

Economics was always far too dangerous to be allowed to reveal the truth about the economy.
How can we protect those powerful vested interests at the top of society?
The early neoclassical economists hid the problems of rentier activity in the economy by removing the difference between "earned" and "unearned" income and they conflated "land" with "capital".
They took the focus off the cost of living that had been so important to the Classical Economists as this is where rentier activity in the economy shows up.
The landowners, landlords and usurers were now just productive members of society again.

Economists do identify where real wealth creation in the economy occurs, but this is a most inconvenient truth as it reveals many at the top don't actually create any wealth.
Confuse making money and creating wealth and this problem goes away and we can get back to the traditional order.

Upper class – Do as little as they can get away with and get most of the rewards
Middle class – Administrative/managerial class who have enough to live a comfortable life
Working class – Do the work, and live a basic subsistence existence where they get enough to stay alive and breed

Sound of the Suburbs , February 14, 2021 at 4:14 am

What happens when you confuse making money and creating wealth?
We are forty years in, just look around.

When you equate making money with creating wealth, people try and make money in the easiest way possible, which doesn't actually create any wealth.
In 1984, for the first time in American history, "unearned" income exceeded "earned" income.
The American have lost sight of what real wealth creation is, and are just focussed on making money.
You might as well do that in the easiest way possible.
It looks like a parasitic rentier capitalism because that is what it is.

You've just got to sniff out the easy money.
All that hard work involved in setting up a company yourself, and building it up.
Why bother?
Asset strip firms other people have built up, that's easy money.
The private equity firms have found an easy way to make money that doesn't actually create any wealth.
Letting private equity firms ransack your economy is not really a good idea, even though they do make lots of money.

Bankers make the most money when they are driving your economy into a financial crisis.
They will load your economy up with their debt products until you get a financial crisis.
On a BBC documentary, comparing 1929 to 2008, it said the last time US bankers made as much money as they did before 2008 was in the 1920s.
At 18 mins.
The bankers loaded the US economy up with their debt products until they got financial crises in 1929 and 2008.
As you head towards the financial crisis, the economy booms due to the money creation of bank loans.
The financial crisis appears to come out of a clear blue sky when you use an economics that doesn't consider debt, like neoclassical economics.

UK bankers started to make a lot of money after 1980.
Oh no.

The UK used to be the great financial superpower and it looks as though we understood this in the past.
Someone knew what real wealth creation was and how banks should work.

What happened in 1979?
The UK eliminated corset controls on banking in 1979, the banks invaded the mortgage market and this is where the problem starts.
The transfer of existing assets, like real estate, doesn't add to GDP, so debt rises faster than GDP until you get a financial crisis.

Before 1980 – banks lending into the right places that result in GDP growth (business and industry, creating new products and services in the economy)
Debt grows with GDP
Bankers don't make much money

After 1980 – banks lending into the wrong places that don't result in GDP growth (real estate and financial speculation)
Debt rises faster than GDP
Bankers make lots of money

2008 – The financial crisis

Banks – What is the idea?
The idea is that banks lend into business and industry to increase the productive capacity of the economy.
Business and industry don't have to wait until they have the money to expand. They can borrow the money and use it to expand today, and then pay that money back in the future.
The economy can then grow more rapidly than it would without banks.
Debt grows with GDP and there are no problems.
The banks create money and use it to create real wealth.

Sound of the Suburbs , February 14, 2021 at 4:17 am

They took the focus off the cost of living that had been so important to the Classical Economists as this is where rentier activity in the economy shows up.
What will happen?
Now everyone trips up over the cost of living, even the Chinese.
It is well hidden.

Someone from the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) has just seen the equation.
Disposable income = wages – (taxes + the cost of living)
Two seconds later ..
They realise the UK's high housing costs push up wages, and are actually paid by the UK's employers reducing profit.
UK's high housing costs make UK labour very expensive compared to elsewhere in the world, and it makes it very expensive to do anything in the UK.
Employees get their money from wages.
Employers pay the UK's high housing costs in wages reducing profit.

You can pay wages elsewhere that people couldn't live on in the West.
To maximise profit you will need to off-shore.

Why was China always going to be the winner in an open, globalised world?
Maximising profit is all about reducing costs.
Western companies couldn't wait to off-shore to low cost China, where they could make higher profits.
China had coal fired power stations to provide cheap energy.
China had lax regulations reducing environmental and health and safety costs.
China had a low cost of living so employers could pay low wages.
China had low taxes and a minimal welfare state.
China had all the advantages in an open globalised world.
It did have, but now China has become more expensive and developed Eastern economies are off-shoring to places like Vietnam, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

China trips up over the cost of living.

Davos 2019 – The Chinese have now realised high housing costs eat into consumer spending and they wanted to increase internal consumption.
They let real estate rip and have now realised why that wasn't a good idea.

The equation makes it so easy.
Disposable income = wages – (taxes + the cost of living)
The cost of living term goes up with increased housing costs.
The disposable income term goes down.
They didn't have the equation, they used neoclassical economics.
The Chinese had to learn the hard way and it took years.

They have let the cost of living rise and they want to increase internal consumption.
Disposable income = wages – (taxes + the cost of living)
It's a double whammy on wages.
China isn't as competitive as it used to be.
China has become more expensive and developed Eastern economies are off-shoring to places like Vietnam, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

I worked the other way.
I looked at the world around me and worked back to find the cause.

Sound of the Suburbs , February 14, 2021 at 5:05 am

We got some stuff from Ricardo, like the law of comparative advantage.
What's gone missing?

Ricardo was part of the new capitalist class, and the old landowning class were a huge problem with their rents that had to be paid both directly and through wages.
"The interest of the landlords is always opposed to the interest of every other class in the community" Ricardo 1815 / Classical Economist

What does our man on free trade, Ricardo, mean?
Disposable income = wages – (taxes + the cost of living)
Employees get their money from wages and the employers pay the cost of living through wages, reducing profit.
Employees get less disposable income after the landlords rent has gone.
Employers have to cover the landlord's rents in wages reducing profit.
Ricardo is just talking about housing costs, employees all rented in those days.
Low housing costs work best for employers and employees.

In Ricardo's world there were three classes.
He was in the capitalist class.
The more he paid in labour costs (wages) the lower his profits would be.
He was paying the cost of living for his workers through wages, and the higher that was, the higher labour costs would be.
There was no benefits system in those days and those at the bottom needed to earn money to cover the cost of living otherwise they would die. They had to earn their money through wages.
The more he paid in rents to the old landowning class, the less there would be for him to keep for himself.

From Ricardo:
The labourers had before 25
The landlords 25
And the capitalists 50
.. 100

He looked at how the pie got divided between the three groups.

The capitalist system actually contains a welfare state to maintain an old money, idle rich in luxury and leisure. In the UK we still have an aristocracy, so it is hard to forget.
The Classical economist, Adam Smith:
"The labour and time of the poor is in civilised countries sacrificed to the maintaining of the rich in ease and luxury. The Landlord is maintained in idleness and luxury by the labour of his tenants. The moneyed man is supported by his extractions from the industrious merchant and the needy who are obliged to support him in ease by a return for the use of his money."

There were three groups in the capitalist system in Ricardo's world (and there still are).
Workers / Employees
Capitalists / Employers
Rentiers / Landowners / Landlords / other skimmers, who are just skimming out of the system, not contributing to its success
The unproductive group exists at the top of society, not the bottom.
Later on we did bolt on a benefit system to help others that were struggling lower down the scale.

[Feb 14, 2021] Tucker Carlson Says Show Is Being Targeted for Cancelation

Feb 14, 2021 |

Fox News ' Tucker Carlson said on the Thursday night episode of his program that his show has been targeted for cancellation.

Carlson said that "in the last several weeks, and particularly in the last 24 hours, the call to take this show off the air by groups funded -- for real -- by the Ford Foundation, or by George Soros, by Michael Bloomberg, by Jeff Bezos, has become deafening, going after our advertisers, going after the companies that carry our signal into your home."

What's more, he added, there has been a "cowardice and complicity" on behalf of the "entire media class in all of this," suggesting that eventually, reporters at legacy news outlets will be targeted as well.

Writing for Fox News' website, Carlson added that it may be part of a larger campaign to silence Fox News and other media, noting that some legacy news outlets have dedicated resources calling for the channel to be taken down. One columnist for The New York Times, he added, "has written three separate columns demanding that someone yank this news channel off the air immediately" and on Wednesday, "suggested that 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' was somehow guilty of terrorism and violence, something that we've opposed consistently for four years."

"Fox is the last big organization in the American news media that differs in even the smallest ways from the other big news organizations. At this point, everyone else in the media is standing in crisp formation, in their starched matching uniforms and their little caps, patiently awaiting orders from the billionaire class. And then there's Fox News off by itself, occasionally saying things that are slightly different from everyone else," Carlson wrote .

He added: "These are craven servants of the Democratic Party. They are feline, not canine. All of their aggression is passive aggression."

[Feb 10, 2021] ABSOLUTE PROOF

Feb 10, 2021 |

SamFox 1 day ago

Here is the site of Matthew DePerno, one the lawyers in the video. He needs financial aid to keep up the Absolute Truth about the fraudulent 2020 election.


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Support My Pillow!

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Is this the film everyone's talking about

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Great show.follow the money.

[Feb 10, 2021] Presidential Election Wasn't 'Rigged'; It Was 'Fortified', Says Time Magazine by JAMES DELINGPOLE

Feb 05, 2021 |

Time has published an explainer piece offering a fascinating insight into how the presidential election was won. It's titled "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election."

The fascinating part is what it tells us about the brazenness of the left in general and the corrupt, mendacious MSM in particular: they are now heavy-hinting that they cheated but want you to know that it's all OK because they were doing it to not to destroy democracy but to preserve and enhance it.
Here's the key paragraph:

me title=

That's why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it. And they believe the public needs to understand the system's fragility in order to ensure that democracy in America endures.

Do you see what they just did there?

The Democrats (and their sympathisers) didn't rig the election. They just fortified it by taking care to ensure the right guy won rather than the wrong guy won, regardless of what those pesky voters might misguidedly have wanted.

Could this have anything to do, you wonder, with President Trump's upcoming impeachment trial?!9&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=N3mR2JfVFr&p=https%3A//

My suspicion that Time's piece is both pre-emptive strike and damage limitation exercise. It anticipates the possibility that Trump will provide evidence in support of his claim that the election was "stolen."

This evidence will be much harder to brush under the carpet in the Senate.

I'm reminded here of an old article from the Times (of London), which described the process whereby political projects are advanced by stealth.

It is at first denied that any radical new plan exists; it is then conceded that it exists but ministers swear blind that it is not even on the political agenda; it is then noted that it might well be on the agenda but is not a serious proposition; it is later conceded that it is a serious proposition but that it will never be implemented; after that it is acknowledge that it will be implemented but in such a diluted form that it will make no difference to the lives of ordinary people; at some point it is finally recognised that it has made such a difference, but it was always known that it would and voters were told so from the outset.

This is where we are headed now with the"'stolen" election. Columnists who blithely assured us that the election was above board may now begin to finesse their position.

"OK, so maybe it was rigged," they will start to concede. 'But isn't that always the case with elections? And anyway it's a done deal now."

Sorry, my bad -- that use of the word "rigged" was a complete slip of the tongue.

What I meant to say is that the presidential election was "fortified." And what's not to like about that, eh?

[Feb 06, 2021] Clarity In Trump's Wake - ZeroHedge

Feb 05, 2021 |

Authored by Angelo Codevilla via,

The United States of America is now a classic oligarchy. The clarity that it has brought to our situation by recognizing this fact is its only virtue...

"Either the Constitution matters and must be followed . . . or it is simply a piece of parchment on display at the National Archives."

- Texas v. Pennsylvania et al.

T exas v. Pennsylvania et al. did not deny setting rules for the 2020 election contrary to the Constitution. On December 10, 2020, the Supreme Court discounted that . By refusing to interfere as America's ruling oligarchy serves itself, the court archived what remained of the American republic's system of equal justice. That much is clear.

In 2021, the laws, customs, and habits of the heart that had defined the American republic since the 18th century are things of the past. Americans' movements and interactions are under strictures for which no one ever voted. Government disarticulated society by penalizing ordinary social intercourse and precluding the rise of spontaneous opinion therefrom. Together with corporate America, it smothers minds through the mass and social media with relentless, pervasive, identical, and ever-evolving directives. In that way, these oligarchs have proclaimed themselves the arbiters of truth, entitled and obliged to censor whoever disagrees with them as systemically racist, adepts of conspiracy theories.

Corporations, and the government itself, require employees to attend meetings personally to acknowledge their guilt. They solicit mutual accusations. While violent felons are released from prison, anyone may be fired or otherwise have his life wrecked for questioning government/corporate sentiment. Today's rulers don't try to convince. They demand obedience, and they punish.

Russians and East Germans under Communists Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker in the 1970s lived under less ruling class pressure than do today's Americans. And their rulers were smart enough not to insult them, their country, or their race.

In 2015, Americans could still believe they lived in a republic, in which life's rules flow from the people through their representatives.

In 2021, a class of rulers draws their right to rule from self-declared experts' claims of infallibility that dwarf baroque kings' pretensions. In that self-referential sense, the United States of America is now a classic oligarchy.

The following explains how this change happened. The clarity that it has brought to our predicament is its only virtue.

Oligarchy had long been growing within America's republican forms. The 2016 election posed the choice of whether its rise should consolidate, or not. Consolidation was very much "in the cards." But how that election and its aftermath led to the fast, thorough, revolution of American life depended on how Donald Trump acted as the catalyst who clarified, energized, and empowered our burgeoning oligarchy's peculiarities. These, along with the manner in which the oligarchy seized power between November 2016 and November 2020, ensure that its reign will be ruinous and likely short. The prospect that the republic's way of life may thrive among those who wish it to depends on the manner in which they manage the civil conflict that is now inevitable.

From Ruling Class to Oligarchy

By the 21st century's first decade, little but formality was left of the American republic. In 1942, Joseph Schumpeter's Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy described the logic by which government and big business tend to coalesce into socialism in theory, oligarchy in practice. But by then, that logic had already imposed itself on the Western world. Italy's 1926 Law of Corporations -- fascism's charter -- inaugurated not so much the regulation of business by government as the coalescence of the twain. Over the ensuing decade, it was more or less copied throughout the West.

In America, the 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act's authors had erected barriers against private oligopolies and monopolies. By maintaining competition between big business, they hoped to preserve private freedoms and limit government's role. But the Great Depression's pressures and temptations led to the New Deal's rules that differed little from Italy's. No matter that, as the Supreme Court pointed out in Schechter Poultry v. U.S . , public-private amalgamation does not fit in the Constitution. It grew nevertheless alongside the notion that good government proceeds from the experts' judgment rather than from the voters' choices. The miracles of production that America brought forth in World War II seemed to validate the point.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who had come to understand large organizations that feed on government power and dispense vast private benefits, was not shy in warning about the danger they pose to the republic. His warning about the " military-industrial complex " that he knew so well is often misunderstood as a mere caution against militarism. But Ike was making a broader point: Amalgams of public and private power tend to prioritize their corporate interests over the country's.

That is why Eisenhower cautioned against the power of government-funded expertise. "The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever-present and is gravely to be regarded," he said, because "public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite." Government money can accredit a self-regarding elite. Because "a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity," government experts can end up substituting their power for truth.

The expansion of government power throughout the 1960s and '70s in pursuit of improving education, eradicating poverty, and uplifting blacks created complexes of public-private power throughout America that surpassed the military-industrial complex in size, and above all in influence.

Consider education. Post-secondary education increased fourfold, from 9 percent of Americans holding four-year degrees in 1965 to 36 percent in 2015. College towns became islands of wealth and political power. From them came endless "studies" that purported to be arbiters of truth and wisdom, as well as a growing class of graduates increasingly less educated but ever so much more socio-politically uniform.

In the lower grades, per-pupil expenditure (in constant dollars) went from $3,200 in 1960 to $13,400 in 2015. That money fueled an even more vast and powerful complex -- one that includes book publishers, administrators, and labor unions and that has monopolized the minds of at least two generations. As it grew, the education establishment also detached itself from the voters' control: In the 1950s, there were some 83,000 public school districts in America. By 2015, only around 13,000 remained for a population twice as large. Today's parents have many times less influence over their children's education than did their grandparents.

Analogous things happened in every field of life. Medicine came to be dominated by the government's relationship with drug companies and hospital associations. When Americans went to buy cars, or even light bulbs and shower nozzles, they found their choices limited by deals between government, industry, and insurance companies. These entities regarded each other as "stakeholders" in an oligarchic system. But they had ever less need to take account of mere citizens in what was becoming a republic in name only. As the 20eth century was drawing to a close, wherever citizens looked, they saw a government and government-empowered entities over which they had ever less say, which ruled ever more unaccountably, and whose attitude toward them was ever less friendly.

The formalities were the last to go. Ever since the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 A.D., the rulers' dependence on popular assent to expenditures has been the essence of limited government. Article I, section 9 of the U.S. Constitution enshrines that principle. Congressional practice embodied it. Details of bills and expenditures were subject to public hearings and votes in subcommittees, committees, and the floors of both Houses. But beginning in the early 1980s and culminating in 2007, the U.S government abandoned the appropriations process.

Until 1981, Congress had used "continuing resolutions" to continue funding government operations unchanged until regular appropriations could be made. Thereafter, as congressional leaders learned how easy it is to use this vehicle to avoid exposing what they are doing to public scrutiny, they legislated and appropriated ever less in public, and increasingly put Congress' output into continuing resolutions or omnibus bills, amounting to trillions of dollars and thousands of pages, impossible for representatives and senators to read, and presented to them as the only alternative to "shutting down the government." This -- now the U.S government standard operating procedure -- enables the oligarchy's "stakeholders" to negotiate their internal arrangements free from responsibility to citizens. It is the practical abolition of Article I section 9 -- and of the Magna Carta itself.

In the 21st century, the American people's trust in government plummeted as they -- on the political Left as well as on the Right -- realized that those in power care little for them. As they watched corporate and non-profit officials trade places with public officials and politicians while getting much richer, they felt impoverished and disempowered. Since the ruling class embraced Republicans and Democrats, elections seemed irrelevant. The presidential elections of 2008 and 2012 underlined that whoever won, the same people would be in charge and that the parceling out of wealth and power among stakeholders would continue.

Americans on the Right were especially aggrieved because the oligarchy had become culturally united in disdain for Western civilization in general and for themselves in particular. The cultural warfare it waged on the rest of America inflamed opposition. But it also diluted its own focus on solidifying profitable arrangements.

By 2016, America was already well into the classic cycles of revolution. The atrophy of institutions, the waning of republican habits, and the increasing, reciprocal disrespect between classes that have less in common culturally, dislike each other more, and embody ways of life more different from one another, than did the 19th century's Northerners and Southerners precluded returning to traditional republican life. The election would determine whether the oligarchy could consolidate itself. More important, it would affect the speed by which the revolutionary vortex would carry the country, and the amount of violence this would involve.

The Trump Catalyst

By 2015, the right side of America's challenge to the budding oligarchy was inevitable. Trump was not inevitable. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) had begun posing a thorough challenge to the "stakeholders" most Americans disrespected. Candidate Trump was the more gripping showman. His popularity came from his willingness to disrespect them, loudly. Because the other 16 Republican candidates ran on different bases, none ever had a chance. Inevitably, victory in a field so crowded depended on when which minor candidate did or did not withdraw. There never was a head-to-head choice between Trump and Cruz.

Trump's candidacy drew the ferocious opposition it did primarily because the entire ruling class recognized that, unlike McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, he really was mobilizing millions of Americans against the arrangements by which the ruling class live, move, and have their being. Since Cruz's candidacy represented the same threat, it almost certainly would have drawn no less intense self-righteous anger. Nasty narratives could have been made up about him out of whole cloth as easily as about Trump.

But Trump's actual peculiarities made it possible for the oligarchy to give the impression that its campaign was about his person, his public flouting of conventional norms, rather than about the preservation of their own power and wealth. The principal consequence of the ruling class' opposition to candidate Trump was to convince itself, and then its followers, that defeating him was so important that it legitimized, indeed dictated, setting aside all laws, and truth itself.

Particular individuals had never been the oligarchy's worry. In 2008, as Barack Obama was running against Hillary Clinton and John McCain -- far cries from Trump -- he pointed to those Americans who "cling to God and guns" as the problem's root. Clinton's 2016 remark that Trump's supporters were "a basket of deplorables," -- racists, sexists, homophobes, etc. -- merely voiced what had long been the oligarchy's consensus judgment of most Americans. For them, pushing these Americans as far away as possible from the levers of power, treating them as less than citizens, had already come to define justice and right.

Donald Trump -- his bombastic, hyperbolic style, his tendency to play fast and loose with truth, even to lie as he insulted his targets -- fit perfectly the oligarchy's image of his supporters, and lent a color of legitimacy to the utterly illegitimate collusion between the oligarchy's members in government and those in the Democratic Party running against Trump.

Thus did the FBI and CIA, in league with the major media and the Democratic Party, spy on candidate Trump, concocting and spreading all manner of synthetic dirt about him. Nevertheless, to universal surprise, he won, or rather the oligarchy lost, the 2016 election.

The oligarchy's disparate members had already set aside laws, truth, etc. in opposition to Trump. The realization that the presidency's awesome powers now rested in his hands fostered a full-court-press #Resistance. Trump's peculiarities helped make it far more successful than anyone could have imagined.

"Dogs That Bark Do Not Bite"

Applying this observation to candidate Trump's hyperbole suggested that President Trump might suffer from what Theodore Roosevelt called the most self-destructive of habits, combining "the unbridled tongue with the unready hand." And, in fact, President Trump neither fired and referred for prosecution James Comey or the other intelligence officials who had run the surveillance of his campaign. He praised them, and let himself be persuaded to fire General Michael Flynn, his national security advisor, who stood in the way of the intelligence agencies' plans against him. Nor did he declassify and make public all the documents associated with their illegalities.

Four years later, he left office with those documents still under seal. He criticized officials over whom he had absolute power, notably CIA's Gina Haspel who likely committed a crime spying on his candidacy, but left them in office. Days after his own inauguration, he suffered the CIA's removal of clearances from one of his appointees because he was a critic of the Agency. Any president worthy of his office would have fired the entire chain of officials who had made that decision. Instead, he appointed to these agencies people loyal to them and hostile to himself.

He acted similarly with other agencies. His first secretary of state, secretary of defense, and national security advisor mocked him publicly. At their behest, in August 2017, he gave a nationally televised speech in which he effectively thanked them for showing him that he had been wrong in opposing ongoing war in the Middle East. He railed against Wall Street but left untouched the tax code's "carried interest" provision that is the source of much unearned wealth. He railed against the legal loophole that lets Google, Facebook, and Twitter censor content without retribution, but did nothing to close it. Already by the end of January 2017, it was clear that no one in Washington needed to fear Trump. By the time he left office, Washington was laughing at him.

Nor did Trump protect his supporters. For example, he shared their resentment of being ordered to attend workplace sessions about their "racism." But not until his last months in office did he ban the practice within the federal government. Never did he ban contracts with companies that require such sessions.

Thus, as the oligarchy set about negating the 2016 electorate's attempt to stop its consolidation of power, Trump had assured them that they would neither be impeded as they did so nor pay a price. Donald Trump is not responsible for the oligarchy's power. But he was indispensable to it.

#TheResistance rallied every part of the ruling class to mutually supporting efforts. Nothing encourages, amplifies, or seemingly justifies extreme sentiments as does being part of a unanimous chorus, a crowd, a mob -- especially when all can be sure they are acting safely, gratuitously. Success supercharges them. #TheResistance fostered the sense in the ruling class' members that they are more right, more superior, and more entitled than they had ever imagined. It made millions of people feel bigger and better about themselves than they ever had.

Logic and Dysfunction

Disdain for the "deplorables" united and energized parts of American society that, apart from their profitable material connections to government, have nothing in common and often have diverging interests. That hate, that determination to feel superior to the "deplorables" by treading upon them, is the "intersectionality," the glue that binds, say, Wall Street coupon-clippers, folks in the media, officials of public service unions, gender studies professors, all manner of administrators, radical feminists, race and ethnic activists, and so on. #TheResistance grew by awakening these groups to the powers and privileges to which they imagine their superior worth entitles them, to their hate for anyone who does not submit preemptively.

Ruling-class judges sustained every bureaucratic act of opposition to the Trump Administration. Thousands of identical voices in major media echoed every charge, every insinuation, non-stop and unquestioned. #TheResistance made it ruling-class policy that Trump's and his voters' racism and a host of other wrongdoing made them, personally, illegitimate. In any confrontation, the ruling class deemed these presumed white supremacists in the wrong, systemically. By 2018, the ruling class had effectively placed the "deplorables" outside the protection of the laws. By 2020, they could be fired for a trifle, set upon in the streets, prosecuted on suspicion of bad attitudes, and even for defending themselves.

Because each and every part of the ruling coalition's sense of what may assuage its grievances evolves without natural limit, this logic is as insatiable as it is powerful. It is also inherently destructive of oligarchy.

Enjoyment of power's material perquisites is classic oligarchy's defining purpose. Having conquered power over the people, successful oligarchies foster environments in which they can live in peace, productively. Oligarchy, like all regimes, cannot survive if it works at cross-purposes. But the oligarchy that seized power in America between 2016 and 2020 is engaged in a never-ending seizure of ever more power and the infliction of ever more punishment -- in a war against the people without imaginable end. Clearly, that is contrary to what the Wall Street magnates or the corps of bureaucrats or the university administrators or senior professors want. But that is what the people want who wield the "intersectional" passions that put the oligarchy in power.

As the oligarchy's every part, every organ, raged against everything Trump, it made itself less attractive to the public even as Trump's various encouragements of economic activity were contributing to palpable increases in prosperity.

Hence, by 2019's end, Trump was likely to win reelection. Then came COVID-19.

The COVID Fortuna

The COVID-19 virus is no plague. Though quite contagious, its infection/fatality rate (IFR), about 0.01 percent, is that of the average flu, and its effects are generally so mild that most whom it infects never know it.

Like all infections, it is deadly to those weakened severely by other causes. It did not transform American life by killing people, but by the fears about it that our oligarchy packaged and purveyed. Fortuna , as Machiavelli reminds us, is inherently submissive to whoever bends her to his wishes. The fears and the strictures they enabled were not about health -- if only because those who purveyed and imposed them did not apply them to themselves. They were about power over others.

COVID's politicization began in February 2020 with the adoption by the World Health Organization -- which is headed by an Ethiopian bureaucrat beholden to China -- and upon recommendation of non-scientist Bill Gates, of a non-peer-reviewed test for the infection. The test's chief characteristic is that its rate of positives to negatives depends on the number of cycles through which the sample is run. More cycles, more positives. Hence, every test result is a "soft" number. Second, the WHO and associated national organizations like the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported COVID's spread by another "soft" number: "confirmed cases." That is, sick persons who tested positive for the virus.

When this number is related to that of such persons who then die, the ratio -- somewhat north of 5 percent -- suggests that COVID kills one out of 20 people it touches. But that is an even softer number since these deaths include those who die with COVID rather than of it, as well as those who may have had COVID. Pyramiding such soft numbers, mathematical modelers projected millions of deaths. Scary for the unwary, but pure fantasy.

For example, the U.S. Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), which modeled the authoritative predictions on which the U.S. lockdowns were based, also predicted COVID-19 deaths for Sweden, which did not lock down. On May 3, the IHME predicted that Sweden would suffer 2,800 COVID deaths a day within the next two weeks. The actual number was 38. Reporting on COVID has never ceased to consist of numbers as scary as they are soft.

Literate persons know that, once an infectious disease enters a population, nothing can prevent it from infecting all of it, until a majority has developed antibodies after contracting it -- so-called community immunity or herd immunity. But fear leads people to empower those who promise safety, regardless of how empty the promises. The media pressed governments to do something . The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan screamed: "don't panic is terrible advice." The pharmaceutical industry and its Wall Street backers salivated at the prospect of billions of government money for new drugs and vaccines. Never mind the little sense it makes for millions of people to accept a vaccine's non-trivial risk to protect against a virus with trivial consequences for themselves. All manner of officials yearned to wield unaccountable power.

Because the power to crush the general population's resistance to itself is the oligarchy's single-minded focus, it was able to bend fears of COVID to that purpose. Thus, it gathered more power with more consequences than the oligarchs could have imagined.

But only President Trump's complaisance made this possible. His message to the American people had been not to panic, be mindful of the scientific facts -- you can't stop it, and it's not that bad -- while mitigating its effects on vulnerable populations. But on March 15, Trump bent, and agreed to counsel people to suspend normal life for two weeks to "slow the spread," so that hospitals would not be overwhelmed. Two weeks later, the New York Times crowed that Trump, having been told "hundreds of thousands of Americans could face death if the country reopened too soon," had been stampeded into "abandoning his goal of reopening the country by Easter." He agreed to support the "experts'" definition of what "soon" might mean. By accrediting the complex of government, industry, and media's good faith and expertise, Trump validated their plans to use COVID as a vehicle for enhancing their power.

Having seized powers, the oligarchs used them as weapons to disrupt and disaggregate the parts of American society they could not control.

The economic effects of lockdowns and social distancing caused obvious pain. Tens of millions of small businesses were forced to close or radically to reduce activity. More than 40 million Americans filed claims for unemployment assistance. Uncountable millions of farmers and professionals had their products and activities devalued. Millions of careers, dreams that had been realized by lifetimes of work, were wrecked. Big business and government took over their functions. Within nine months, COVID-19 had produced 28 new billionaires .

Surplus and scarcity of food resulted simultaneously because the lockdowns closed most restaurants and hotels. As demand shifted in ways that made it impossible for distribution networks and processing plants to adjust seamlessly, millions of gallons of milk were poured down drains, millions of chickens, billions of eggs, and tens of thousands of hogs and cattle were destroyed, acres of vegetables and tons of fruit were plowed under. Prices in the markets rose. Persons deprived of work with less money with which to pay higher prices struggled to feed their families. This reduced countless self-supporting citizens to supplicants. By intentionally reducing the supply of food available to the population, the U.S. government joined the rare ranks of such as Stalin's Soviet Union and Castro's Cuba.

But none of these had ever shut down a whole nation's entire medical care except for one disease. Hospitals stood nearly empty, having cleared the decks for the (ignorantly) expected COVID flood. Emergency rooms were closed to the poor people who get routine care there. Forget about dentistry. Most Americans were left essentially without medical care for most of a year. Human bodies' troubles not having taken a corresponding holiday, it is impossible to estimate how much suffering and death this lack of medical care has caused and will cause yet.

The oligarchy's division of all activity into "essential" -- meaning permitted -- and "nonessential" -- to be throttled at will -- had less obvious but more destructive effects. Private clubs, as well as any and all gatherings of more than five or 10 people, were banned. Churches were forbidden to have worship services or to continue social activities. The "social distancing" and mask mandates enforced in public buildings and stores, and often on the streets, made it well-nigh impossible for people to communicate casually. Thus, was that part of American society that the oligarchy did not control directly disarticulated, and its members left alone to face unaccountable powers on which they had to depend.

Meanwhile, the media became the oligarchy's public relations department. Very much including ordinary commercial advertising, it hammered home the oligarchy's line that COVID restrictions are good, even cool. These restrictions reduced the ideas available to the American people to what the mass media purveyed and the social media allowed. Already by April 2020, these used what had become near-monopoly power over interpersonal communications to censor such communications as they disapproved. Political enforcers took it upon themselves even to cancel statements by eminent physicians about COVID that they judged to be "misleading." Of course, this betrayed the tech giants' initial promise of universal access. It is also unconstitutional. (In Marsh v. Alabama , decided in 1946, the Supreme Court barred private parties from acting as de facto governments). Since these companies did it in unison, they also violated the 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act. But the ruling class that had become an oligarchy applauded their disabling whatever might be conducive to conservatives' interests and inconvenient to their own candidates.

Private entities wielding public powers in coordination with each other without having to observe any of government's constitutional constraints is as good a definition of oligarchy as there is. Oligarchy had increasingly taken power in the buildup to the 2020 election. In its aftermath, it would try to suffocate America.

Sovereignty of the Vote Counters

The oligarchy's proximate objective, preventing the 2020 presidential election from validating the previous one's results, overrode all others. The powers it had seized under COVID's cover, added to the plethora that it had exercised since the 2016 campaign's beginning, had surely cowered some opposition. But as November 2020 loomed, no one could be sure how much it also had energized.

Few people were happy to be locked down. It was a safe bet that not a few were unhappy at being called systemically racist. The oligarchy, its powers notwithstanding, could not be sure how people would vote. That is why it acted to take the presidential election's outcome out of the hands of those who would cast the votes and to place it as much as possible in the hands of its members who would count the votes.

Intentionally, traditional procedures for voting leave no discretion to those who count the votes. Individuals obtain and cast ballots into a physical or electronic box only after showing identification that matches their registration. Ballot boxes are opened and their contents counted by persons representing the election's opposing parties. Persons registered to vote might qualify to vote-by-mail by requesting a ballot, the issuance and receipt of which is checked against their registration. Their ballots are counted in the same bipartisan manner.

The Democratic Party had long pressed to substitute universal voting by mail -- meaning that ballots would be sent to all registered voters, in some states to anyone with a driver's license whether they asked for them or not and regardless of whether these persons still lived at the address on the rolls or were even alive. The ballots eventually would arrive at the counting centers, either through the mail, from drop boxes, or through "harvesters" who would pick them up from the voters who fill them out, and who may even help them to fill them out. Security, if any, would consist of machine-matching signatures on the ballot and on the envelope in which it had come. The machine's software can be dialed to greater or lesser sensitivity.

But doing away with scrutiny of ballots counted by representatives of the election's contenders removes the last possibility of ensuring the ballot had come from a real person whose will it is supposed to represent. Once the link between the ballot and the qualified person is broken, nothing prevents those in charge of the electoral process from excluding and including masses of ballots as they choose. The counters become the arbiters.

Attorney General William Barr pointed out the obvious: Anyone, in America or abroad, can print up any number of ballots, mark them, and deliver them for counting to whoever is willing to accept them and run them through their machines. Since the counters usually dispose of the envelopes in which ballots arrive -- thus obviating any possibility of tracing the ballot's connection to a voter -- they may even dispense of the fiction that there had ever been any signed envelopes. That is especially true of late-found ballots. Who knows where they came from? Who cares to find out?

Only in a few one-party Democratic states was universal vote-by-mail established by law. Elsewhere, especially in the states sure to be battlegrounds in the presidential election, mail-in voting was introduced by various kinds of executive or judicial actions. Questions of right and wrong aside, the Constitution's Article II section 1's words -- "Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct " -- makes such actions unconstitutional on their face. Moreover, in these states -- Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin -- the counting of votes in the most populous counties is firmly in the hands of Democratic Party bosses with a well-documented history of fraud.

To no one's surprise, the 2020 presidential election was decided by super-majorities for the Democratic candidate precisely from these counties in these states. Yes, Trump's percentage of the vote fell in certain suburbs. But Trump received some 11 million more votes in 2020 than four years earlier, and nearly doubled the share of votes he received from blacks. The Democrats' gain of some 15 million votes came exclusively from mail-in ballots, and their victory in the Electoral College came exclusively from the supermajorities piled up in these corrupt counties -- the only places where Trump's share of the black vote was cut by three-quarters. Did people there really think so differently?

This is not the place to recount the list of affidavits sworn under penalty of perjury by persons who observed ballot stuffing, nor the statistical anomaly of successive batches of votes that favored Biden over Trump by precisely the same amounts, of un-creased (i.e., never mailed) ballots fed into counting machines, nor the Georgia video of suitcases of ballots being taken from under tables and inserted into counting machines after Republican observers had been ousted. Suffice it to note that references to these events have been scrubbed from the Internet. It is more important to keep in mind that, in America prior to 2020, sworn affidavits that crimes have been committed had invariably been probable cause for judicial, prosecutorial, or legislative investigations. But for the first time in America, the ruling class dismissed them with: "You have no proof!" A judge (the sister of Georgia's Stacey Abrams) ruled that even when someone tells the U.S. Postal Service they have moved, their old address is still a lawful basis for them to cast a ballot. Certainly, proof of crime is impossible with such judges and without testimony under oath, or powers of subpoena.

Just as important, Republicans in general and the Trump White House in particular bear heavy responsibility for failing to challenge the patent illegality of the executive actions and consent decrees that enabled inherently insecure mail-in procedures in real-time, as they were being perpetrated in key states. No facts were at issue. Only law. The constitutional violations were undeniable.

Pennsylvania et. al. answered Texas's late lawsuit by arguing it demanded the invalidation of votes that had been cast in good faith. True. But Texas argued that letting stand the results of an election carried out contrary to the Constitution devalued the votes cast in states such as Texas that had held the election in a constitutional manner. Also true. Without comment, the Supreme Court chose to privilege the set of voters on the oligarchy's side over those of their opponents. Had the lawsuit come well before the election, no such choice would have existed. Typically, the Trump Administration substituted bluster for action.

The Oligarchy Rides its Tigers

Winning the 2020 election had been the objective behind which the oligarchy had coalesced during the previous five years. In 2021, waging socio-political war on the rest of America is what the oligarchy is all about.

The logic of hate and disdain of ordinary Americans is not only what binds the oligarchy together. It is the only substitute it has for any moral-ethical-intellectual point of reference. Donald Trump's impotent, inglorious reaction to his defeat offered irresistible temptations to the oligarchy's several sectors to celebrate victory by vying to hurt whoever had supported the president. But permanent war against some 74 million fellow citizens is a foredoomed approach to governing.

The Democratic Party had promised a return to some kind of "normalcy." Instead, its victory enabled the oligarchy's several parts to redefine the people who do not show them due deference as "white supremacists," "insurrectionists," and Nazis -- in short, as some kind of criminals -- to exclude them from common platforms of communication, from the banking system, and perhaps even from air travel; and to set law enforcement to surveil them in order to find bases for prosecuting them. Neither Congress nor any state's legislature legislated any of this. Rather, the several parts of America's economic, cultural, and political establishment are waging this war, uncoordinated but well-nigh unanimously.

Perhaps most important, they do so without thought of how a war against at least some 74 million fellow citizens might end. The people in the oligarchy's corporate components seem to want only to adorn unchallenged power with a reputation for "wokeness." For them, causing pain to their opponents is a pleasure incidental to enjoying power's perquisites. The Biden family's self-enrichment by renting access to influence is this oligarchy's standard.

But the people who dispense that reputation -- not just the professional revolutionaries of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, but "mainstream" racial and gender activists and self-appointed virtue-crats, have appetites as variable as they are insatiable. For them, rubbing conservative America's faces in excrement is what it's all about. A Twitter video viewed by 2.6 million people urges them to form "an army of citizen detectives" to ferret out conservatives from among teachers, doctors, police officers, and "report them to the authorities." No doubt, encouraged by President Biden's characterization of opponents as "domestic terrorists," any number of "authorities" as well as private persons will find opportunities to lord it over persons not to their taste. This guarantees endless clashes, and spiraling violence.

Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris, and the people they appoint to positions of official responsibility are apparatchiks, habituated to currying favor and pulling rank. They have neither the inclination nor the capacity to persuade the oligarchy's several parts to agree to a common good or at least to a modus vivendi among themselves, never mind with conservative America. This guarantees that they will ride tigers that they won't even try to dismount.

At this moment, the oligarchy wields an awesome complex of official and unofficial powers to exclude whomever it chooses from society's mainstream. Necessarily, however, exclusions cut both ways. Invariably, to banish another is to banish one's self as well. Google, Facebook, and Twitter let it be known that they would exclude anything with which they disagree from what had become the near-universal means of communication. They bolstered that by colluding to destroy their competitor, Parler. Did they imagine that 74 million Americans could find no means of communicating otherwise? Simon and Schuster canceled a book by Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) critical of communications monopolies. Did its officials imagine that they would thereby do other than increase the book's eventual sales, and transfer some of their customers to Hawley's new publisher ? The media effectively suppressed inconvenient news. Did they imagine that this would prevent photos of Black Lives Matter professionals in the forefront of the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol from reaching the public?

In sum, intending to relegate conservative America to society's servile sidelines, the oligarchy's members drew a clear, sharp line between themselves and that America. By telling conservative Americans "these institutions and corporations, are ours, not yours," they freed conservative America of moral obligations toward them and themselves. By abandoning conservative America, they oblige conservative America to abandon them and seek its own way.

Clarity, Leadership, and Separation

To think of conservative America's predicament as an opportunity is as hyperbolic as it was for Machiavelli to begin the conclusion of The Prince by observing that "in order to know Moses' virtue it was necessary that the people of Israel be slaves in Egypt, and to know the greatness of Cyrus's spirit that the Persians be oppressed by the Medes, and to know the excellence of Theseus, that the Athenian people be dispersed, so at the present, in order to know the virtue of an Italian spirit it was necessary that Italy reduce herself to the conditions in which she is at present . . ."

Machiavelli's lesson is that the clarity of situations such as he mentions, and such as is conservative America's following the 2020 election, is itself valuable. Clarity makes illusions of compromise untenable and points to self-reliant action as the only reasonable path. The people might or might not be, as he wrote, "all ready and disposed to follow the flag if only someone were to pick it up." But surely, someone picking up the flag is the only alternative to servitude.

What, in conservative America's current predicament, might it mean to "pick up the flag?" Electoral politics remains open to talented, courageous, ambitious leadership. In Florida and South Dakota, Governors Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem have used their powers to make room for ways of life different from and more attractive than that in places wholly dominated by the oligarchy. Texas and Idaho as well attract refugees from such as California and New York by virtue of such differences with life there as their elected officials have been able to maintain. Governmental and corporate pressures on such states to conform to the oligarchy's standards, sure to increase, are opportunities for their officials to lead their people's refusal to conform by explaining why doing this is good, and by personally standing in the way. They may be sure that President Kamala Harris would not order federal troops to shoot at state officials for closing abortion clinics or for excluding men from women's bathrooms.

For more than a generation, a majority of Americans have expressed growing distrust of, and alienation from, the establishment. The establishment, not Donald Trump, made this happen. That disparate majority, in many ways at cross purposes with itself, demands leadership. Pollster Patrick Caddell's in-depth study of the American electorate, which he titled "We Need Smith," showed how the themes that made it possible for the hero of the 1939 movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" to prevail against the establishment then are even more gripping now and appeal to a bigger majority. Trump was a bad copy of Mr. Smith.

More than ever, an audience beyond the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump hungers for leadership. The oligarchy came together by ever more vigorously denigrating and suppressing these deplorables. Already before the 20th century's turn, the FBI and some elements in the Army and the Justice Department had concluded that they are somehow criminal, and that preparations should be made to treat them as such. The official position of the administration taking power after the 2020 election is that domestic terrorism from legions of "white supremacists" is the primary threat facing America. No wonder those so designated for outlawry demand protection.

The path to electoral leadership is straightforward. Whoever would lead the deplorables-plus must explain their cause to friend and foe, make it his own, and grow it by leading successful acts of resistance.

Increasingly, conservative Americans live as if under occupation by a hostile power. Whoever would lead them should emulate Charles de Gaulle's 1941 basic rule for la résistance : refrain from individual or spontaneous acts or expressions that produce only martyrs. But join with thousands in what amount to battles to defeat the enemy's initiatives, weaken his grip on power, and prepare his defeat. Thus, an aspirant to the presidency in 2024, in the course of debunking the narrative by which the oligarchy seized so much power over America, might lead millions to violate restrictions placed on those who refuse to wear masks. Or, as he pursues legislative and judicial measures to abolish the compulsory racial and gender sensitivity training sessions to which public and private employees are subjected, he might organize employees in a given sector unanimously to stay away from them in protest. They can't all be fired or held back.

Such a persuasive prospective president, or president, could finish the process that, beginning circa 2010, initiated the process of reshaping the Republican Party into something like Caddell's Mr. Smith would have personified.

Electoral politics, however, is the easy part. Major corporations, private and semi-private institutions such as schools, publishing houses, and media, are the oligarchy's deepest foundations. These having become hostile, conservative Americans have no choice but to populate their own. This is far from impossible.

Sorting ourselves out into congenial groups has been part of America's DNA since 1630, when Roger Williams led his followers out of Massachusetts to found Providence Plantations. In the 19th century, the Mormons left unfriendly environments to establish their own settlements. Since 1973, Americans who believe in unborn children's humanity have largely ceased to intermarry with those who do not. Nobody decided this should happen. It is in the logic of diverging cultures.

As American primary and secondary education's dysfunction became painfully apparent, parents of all races have fled the public schools as fast as they could. Businesses have been fleeing the Rust Belt for the Sun Belt for generations. When Democratic governors and mayors used COVID to make life difficult in their jurisdictions, people moved out of them. When Twitter's censorship of conservatives became undeniable, Parler added customers by the hundreds of thousands each day. Facebook and Twitter's stock lost $50 billion in a week. Much more separation follows from the American people's diverging cultures.

As conservative America sorts itself out from oligarchy's social bases, it may be able to restore something like what had existed under the republic. Effectively, two regimes would have to learn to coexist within our present boundaries. But that may be the best, freest, arrangement possible now for the United States.

[Feb 05, 2021] Institute for New Economic Thinking

Feb 05, 2021 |

Chris Hedges:

There's really almost no difference between the Republican and the Democratic party where their difference revolves around what I would call societal or ethical issues, which are not unimportant but they're not social or political issues. You have this kind of, well, Freud called fratricide, centered around the narcissism of minor difference. That's essentially what we're seeing. It's essentially sweeping up because we're all All of our profiles are available, our own proclivities and habits and prejudices and then feeding it back to us.

Chris Hedges:

The danger of this is that you're creating a wider, wider divide where people can no longer communicate, where nothing is based on verifiable fact or truth and I fault the left as much as the right for this. The whole obsession with Russia [gate 00:14:04], the whole attempt to blame the election of Trump on Moscow was really a deflection away from the complicity that the Democratic party had in the dispossession of the working class and that's very frightening.

Chris Hedges:

Of course, we're watching now the Biden, people around Biden ratchet up a new cold war. If you go back and remember when Biden's campaign was faltering he blamed Right after the Nevada caucus where Bernie Sanders shellacked him, I mean, got more than double the votes that he did. I think he got about 20%, Bernie got almost 50%. He blamed it He said, well, that's of course because the Russians want Bernie Sanders. This goes back to Clinton during the 2016 blasting Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate as a Russian asset, a line she repeated during the democratic primaries this year trying to tar representative Tulsi Gabbard again as a Russian asset.

Chris Hedges:

I think that it's clear from the Biden appointments and we can go through them if you want, but it's clear from the Biden appointments that we're going to get more of the same. The fact is most Americans on both sides of the political spectrum do not want more of the same. I worry that what they will do is what ruling parties always do and that is essentially create an enemy. They can't go after China because Silicon Valley will never let them and because China frankly is too powerful so they'll go after Russia, which is much weaker. You've already seen it with this kind of cyber attack or when Hunter Biden's laptop was discovered with all sorts of damaging emails and apparently pictures of him smoking crack and having sex or whatever. Again, that was an attempt to tar this as Russian disinformation.

Chris Hedges:

Again, if you look at even the New York Times when they talk about the John Podesta emails, these were the, he was Hillary Clinton's campaign chair which were published by WikiLeaks, it's described as disinformation. Well, as a journalist, this is very frightening. It's not disinformation. Those emails were true. Nobody has ever challenged the veracity of those emails. On the one hand, we've seen a kind of savaging of the country by rapacious global corporate entities which are supranational and have no loyalty to the nation state at all. Ralph Nader correctly calls them traders. Coupled with a breakdown of a media system, which sets one demographic against another.

Chris Hedges:

I'll just close by saying that we must never forget that Donald Trump received the second highest vote count in any presidential race in American history, 74 million voters and Biden got about 80. Now, this is after one of the most disastrous presidencies in American history, flagrant corruption, inaptitude, racism, appointing conspiracy theorists, et cetera. He increased his vote count by And not being able to handle the pandemic, although it's not completely his fault. The for-profit healthcare system is not designed to handle a national health crisis, it's designed to make money which and that is going to be a problem under Biden.

Chris Hedges:

But so he increases vote count by 11 million votes and that has to be a huge flashing red light. Watching the Biden administration go back to more of the same, it has apparently rebuffed Bernie Sanders' desire to be Secretary of Labor or they just refuse to allow Ocasio-Cortez to be on the Energy Committee because of the Green New Deal, the Energy and Commerce Committee because of her support of the Green New Deal, it's clear and also because most, I mean, [inaudible 00:18:15] all of the nominees including Neera Tanden, this former Clinton aide who has been picked to be Director of the Office of Management and Budget and who spent the last nine years running the Democratic party's think tank the Center for American Progress has just been as openly ridiculed, Sanders and Sanders supporters.

Chris Hedges:

That's where we are and it's a decades long march. It's not something that was caused by a particular election cycle. These are structural, major structural dilemmas that I see no party addressing in a real way. You're watching Giuliani and Trump attempt to use the same kind of conspiracy theories, the Venezuelan software designed by Hugo Chavez who died in 2013 for corrupting the election. I mean, just it's as ludicrous as blaming the Kremlin for Trump's rise. But this is a characteristic of two parties that refuse to confront their own responsibility for where we are and a media that no longer informs, but essentially caters to a particular demographic and demonizes the other demographics. Then we didn't talk about the climate crisis, which is of course, a emergency is the right word. All of these things come together and I think that the lesson from both this election and the pandemic is that we are losing control both as a nation and as a species.

Rob Johnson:

So control in part How would I say, because as you and Matt Taibbi discussed in your show on contact that the journalists have now been intimidated, they're afraid to share with the American people what's the crux of the issue and as a result, all of these kind of false explanations become the bloodstream of conversation and people can intuitively sense that people aren't addressing what fuels their despair. How do you explain that? I mean, I understand what you're talking about, these will be corporate structure and the media, et cetera, but the outrage particularly white working class felt, Donald Trump seemed to speak to that when he'd say the system is rigged or he'd show videos of Hillary Clinton before giving a speech, before Lloyd Blankfein and Goldman Sachs or what have you, but what's going on now that's, which I might call kept Trump's votes so high. What did the Democrats not do in the campaign that inhibited them from winning in a landslide?

Chris Hedges:

Well, they could have won in a landslide if they address the real issues in poll after poll, everybody, what Republican, Democrat feels that Wall Street is out of control, that they should be more heavily regulated and taxed. These endless wars have no support. This insane pillaging of resources by the defense industry. I mean, in a normal society the architects of failed wars and failed policies should be at best dismissed and probably even put on trial. There certainly should be the kinds of investigations that a functioning democracy engages in.

Chris Hedges:

We saw that with Watergate, we saw that with a church committee, all of that's gone. It was Feinstein actually, I'm not fan of Feinstein, but it was Feinstein who attempted to investigate the CIA torture program and the CIA hacked her own computers, the Senate computers and there was this moment where she just came out, kind of white as a ghost and realized that there was going to be no control over the kind of dark intelligence agencies whose budgets are dark. We don't even know how much, we have to guess how much these intelligence agencies are being allotted.

Chris Hedges:

The system is rigged in this sense, if corporate money was removed from the election and political process then figures like Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or even Mitch McConnell wouldn't exist. They are products of this money. They are the servants to this billionaire class, to these corporate entities and their power comes from being able to anoint and fund the candidates that they choose that will do the bidding of corporate power and without that money they vanish, without that money Bernie Sanders clearly would have been the nominee in 2016.

Chris Hedges:

Remember Bernie did not take corporate money. This was a true grassroots effort and I have criticism of Sanders, but this was a true grassroots effort. But the oligarchic elite was quite open that Bernie Sanders would never be the nominee. There was all sorts of dirty tricks in both 2016 and 2020 using the DNC as a vehicle to support the Clinton campaign quite openly. In 2016, they openly stole the Nevada caucus. They denied independence in many States, the right to vote in Democratic primaries, although we should remember the taxpayer pays for the primaries. They erased all sorts of people from the roles they use super delegates and these tactics were all in place again.

Chris Hedges:

The Democratic party, I think, committed kind of suicide. I think that the Biden administration will see the ground for a competent fascist and the only thing that saved us from a coup d'etat, which the Trump administration clearly it was and is trying to orchestrate is just their disorganization and their ineptitude, but putting a competent fascist like Mike Pompei or Tom Cotton linked to the Christian right. I am a seminary graduate and I'm glad you mentioned James Cone, my close friend and the greatest theologian in America since Reinhold Niebuhr, these people are This Christian right, this prosperity gospel is heretical and I don't say that lightly. I have a deep church background. My father was a minister. My mother was a seminary graduate, although she was a professor, I at one point could read the Bible in Greek. I mean, I know it.

Chris Hedges:

The failure of the liberal church to denounce these people for who they were in the name of tolerance and dialogue has been disastrous. The Christian right, 81%, the last figure I read support Trump. They have acculturated the Christian message to the worst aspects of American capitalism and American imperialism. This kind of heretical belief that the white race is blessed to kind of bring the Christian society and of [inaudible 00:26:19] remember that Jesus wasn't white, the Romans were white, Jesus was a person of color. That's the first of many lies. That Islam and I spent seven years in the Middle East, I'm an Arabic speaker and have a deep, deep respect for Islam, is kind of satanic religion.

Chris Hedges:

That's where both the etiology and the infrastructure, the patina, will come from. That Christian fascism will be the veneer and Trump brought these people really into the epicenter of power, Mike Pence, Betsy DeVos, Bill Barr, Carson, they all come out of this and then of course we've got six of nine Supreme Court justices who have all been anointed, are products of the Federalist society including this cultist Amy Coney Barrett. We've got 20% of federal judgeships were appointed during the Trump administration, but Trump just turned it all over to the Federalist society and most of these appointees were rated as unqualified by the American Bar Association.

Chris Hedges:

I think in the kind of meltdown that's happening, we are laying the groundwork for kind of Christianized fascism and I think that if the Democratic party attempts to go back to what they call normal and I think at this point it's very clear from the Biden appointments which are drawn almost exclusively from the circles of the Democratic party and the corporate elite and these are the people that created the Orchestrated the social inequality, the trade deals, the militarized police, Biden was one of the prime movers behind that along with the doubling of our prison population, now the largest in the world, he repeatedly called for cuts to social security, so wholesale surveillance, all of this came out of Biden and the Democrats and the appointees that he has brought forward for his new administration are rooted completely in that corporate elite and in that ideology and that's what I find very dangerous and very frightening.

Rob Johnson:

The how would I say, I remember where you were talking about Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or whatever that, or Mitch McConnell they're depending on the money, without the money, they wouldn't be there. My sense is that the system is so designed to favor money over votes as a currency for decision-making that almost every elected official faces that pressure. Is it and when we talk about different policies, not working on climate change, excessive financial deregulation, pharmaceutical monopolies, stock buybacks, aren't all of these symptoms of that malfunctioning system where money and concentrated wealth and the non-enforcement of antitrust which further concentrate as wealth. Aren't these the contributing factors that render each politician vulnerable to defeat if they don't cope with this. That's what needs to be reformed at the core-

Chris Hedges:

They're not going to reform it because if they reform it, they're going to lose power and Pelosi and Schumer they're quite aware of this. On the one hand, the Democratic party Look, imagine if the Democratic party campaigned on a universal healthcare, a guaranteed minimum wage for all, forgiveness of student debt, complete moratorium on foreclosures and evictions, an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a government jobs program. I mean, they would sweep the elections, but of course they wouldn't have their corporate backers like Lloyd Blankfein. I mean, Blankfein, which comes out of the criminal organization of Goldman Sachs, Blankfein made it very clear, he was the former CEO during the elections that if And this was, he was quoted the New York Times, along with other high profile Democratic donors, that if Sanders was the nominee, he would vote for Trump.

Chris Hedges:

What does that say? It says that the billionaire class, of course they prefer Biden and Silicon Valley and Wall Street. At the end of the campaign pumped we don't know how much, because it was through super PACS, but significant sums of money into anti Trump ads on behalf of Biden because Biden restores the kind of gravitas and decorum and civility that was lacking in the Trump administration. But the fact is they can live with either, they prefer Biden and they got Biden over Trump. But what they weren't ever going to accept was Sanders.

Chris Hedges:

Even though I find Sanders political platform quite moderate, Sanders did not go after the defense industry. Sanders was very hesitant to call out the Democratic party in any real way and I was outside the appropriately named Wells Fargo Center in 2016 when Sanders got up to endorse the nomination of Hillary Clinton, I was there with Cornel West. We were with a group of several thousand homeless people demanding housing as a human right. A few hundred Sanders' delegates, mostly young walked out of the hall chanting, "This is what democracy What does democracy look? This is what democracy looks like." Cornel who's amazingly prescient as always said to me, "Bernie missed his historical moment."

Chris Hedges:

I think that's right. I think that And I spoke to Bernie Sanders about it. I did an event with the night before the climate march with Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein and Seattle City Council woman Kshama Sawant who Amazon is determined to remove from the city council in Seattle. Bernie Kshama and I were pushing particularly Kshama was pushing Bernie to run as an independent arguing correctly that the Democratic party was never going to allow him to get the nomination and Bernie said, well, I don't want to end up like Nader.

Chris Hedges:

I thought that was a very revealing comment because Bernie went wrong. He understood that if he defied the Democratic party establishment, of course he would no longer be able to caucus with the Democratic party and get seniority through the Democratic party. But the Democratic party would also go after him in Vermont and make sure that he was not reelected to the Senate. If you defy those corporate interests, they're pretty ruthless. George McGovern was one of the last to do it when he took on the animal Ag industry and they made sure that his Senate seat was taken from him in South Dakota after of course the oligarchic class, Democratic and Republican conspiring in 1972 when he got the nomination with the Republican and Democrats conspiring to destroy the McGovern campaign, which they did.

Chris Hedges:

Bernie wasn't wrong but we're never going to build a significant resistance movement in an election cycle and I know because I've worked with Ralph, I was Ralph speech writer. I know all of the impediments, the two parties, both parties, but in particular the Democratic party throw up to third-party candidates, locking them out of the debates, constantly challenging voter lists, not because they think they're fraudulent but because it runs up legal bills, at one point Ralph's legal bills were over a million dollars, Patty Smith and I were going around trying to raise money for him to pay it.

Chris Hedges:

I think that was and that Sanders, I think chose his career over and I don't I think unlike most politicians I sense that Bernie is honest and I think that his commitment to the working class is real, I don't think it's fake like John Edwards and all these other people. But I think in the end, he just did not want to confront the monolith because he knew how destructive that monolith would be to him and to his career and he's not wrong but I think that also makes him kind of morally and temperamentally unfit to lead this fight.

Rob Johnson:

I'm reminded of a quote from our friend James H. Cone in his book, God of the Oppressed, where he says the only meaningful Christian response is to resist unjust suffering and to accept the painful consequence of that resistance. Now, in Bernie's case, he's not necessarily a Christian, but the point is that in such a misaligned system, as you're describing, if you don't accept the painful consequences of the resistance, then the resistance is not formidable and then things continue to [carine 00:36:04] further and further off course deepening despair and produce the kind of authoritarian lurches that we've seen periodically throughout history.

Rob Johnson:

The question is and I can see from your title of your book, America: The Farewell Tour, or some of your recent articles that I guess I would conjecture that you probably don't believe that the energy, the will of resistance can overcome the tools or the power of the other side and that we are headed towards that danger zone again. Actually, we've kind of been in it. Trump was a symptom of that in the minds of many people, but it feels to me like we're How would I say?

Rob Johnson:

Cornel West and I were texting on the day when it was announced that Biden won in Pennsylvania which looked like would clinch sufficient electoral votes to win. In our interaction, we kind of said this is an eerie day because what we're doing is celebrating the return to power, the thing that caused what we are celebrating is leaving and that As you've underscored, I think the real danger here is with systemic malfunction of this depth and degree and resilience, how are we going to get back to the structures of what you call democratic capitalism?

Chris Hedges:

Well, that's exactly right. But it also has a very negative effect in terms of the promotion of the kind of liberal, with a small L, the liberal democratic values that you and I and Cornel care so deeply about. When you have a liberal class and I think at this point to define the liberal class we would call them the professional managerial class that is predominant on the two, on the East Coast and the West Coast, that is tolerant in terms of its attitudes towards different sexual orientations and race and that kind of stuff. But that has largely profited from the ravages of neo-liberalism. I think that they want to endow it with this kind of patina of civility.

Chris Hedges:

The problem is that all of the issues they claim to care about and to fight for, they surrender every election cycle to support figures like Clinton or Biden or Obama who in power have essentially betrayed all of those issues. That is eviscerating the credibility of the liberal elite. That's a fundamental component to the rise of any totalitarian movement. That was true in Yugoslavia. You had an ineffectual self-identified democratic liberal elite after the death of Tito in 1980, in that kind of decade long period before the war began but it was just ineffectual. It wasn't able to actually carry out or respond in a meaningful way. There was economic devastation in Yugoslavia, it's a longer story, but Tito had gotten a lot of loans. Mostly they knew he could never pay them back because he was a buffer state and then they wanted The Western banks wanted the loans paid, they couldn't pay them, widespread factory closures, the economy went into a tailspin hyperinflation, et cetera.

Chris Hedges:

I think that Ralph's understanding when he decided to run for president and that was one I agreed with was that the only tactic that could force the Democrats to adopt part of these kind of progressive agendas and save ourselves from this slow motion corporate coup d'etat was to defect. That if five, 10, 15 million people unquoting Ralph left the Democratic party behind a third-party candidate, a progressive third-party candidate, this would be the only chance we would have for effective political change. That didn't happen for many reasons and here of course is where we are. I would recommend, I don't know if you know it, Richard Rorty's last book, Achieving Our Country. I think it was written in 1998.

Rob Johnson:

I've read it.

Chris Hedges:

1998 and he nailed it. I'm just going to read this paragraph. He's talking precisely about this process. Many writers on socioeconomic policy have warned that the old industrialized democracies are heading into a Weimar-like period. One in which populist movements are likely to overturn constitutional governments. Edward Luttwak for example, has suggested that fascism may be the American future. The point of his book, The Endangered American Dream, is that members of labor unions and unorganized unskilled workers will sooner or later realize that their government is not even trying to prevent wages from sinking or to prevent jobs from being exported. Let's just as a caveat, remember that wages in real terms have declined since the 70s, production has risen by 77%. If wages had kept pace with production, the minimum wage would be $20 an hour. Then I'm going back to Rorty.

Chris Hedges:

Around the same time, they will realize that suburban white collar workers, themselves desperately afraid of being downsized are not going to let themselves be taxed to provide social benefits for anyone else. At that point, something will crack. The non suburban electorate will decide that the system has failed and start looking around for a strong man to vote for, someone willing to assure them that once he is elected the smug bureaucrats, tricky lawyers, overpaid bond salesman, and postmodernist professors will no longer be calling the shots. A scenario like that of Sinclair Lewis' novel It Can't Happen Here may then be played out may then be played out. For once such a strong man takes office, nobody can predict what will happen. In 1932, most of the predictions made about what would happen if Hindenburg named Hitler chancellor were wildly overoptimistic.

Chris Hedges:

One thing that is very likely to happen is that the gains made in the past 40 years by Black and Brown Americans and by homosexuals will be wiped out. Jocular contempt for women will come back into fashion. The N word and kike will once again be heard in the workplace. All the sadism which the academic Left has tried to make unacceptable to its students will come flooding back. All the resentment which badly educated Americans feel about having their manners dictated to them by college graduates will find an outlet.

Chris Hedges:

I recommend that book and Sheldon Wolin's Classic Democracy Incooperated to political profits, contemporary where they both died recently. Well, Rorty not so recently. Wolin a couple years ago. If you go on YouTube, I have the last interview Wolin gave, it's a three hour interview he gave to me the year before he died. These political philosophers astutely saw the danger in what was coming and the consequences and here we are.

Rob Johnson:

Oh, Wendy Brown who's been a guest on this podcast was a student of Sheldon Wolin's and-

Chris Hedges:

That's right. Do you know who else was a student of Sheldon Wolin? Cornel West.

Rob Johnson:

That's right.

Chris Hedges:

Cornel dedicated his second book to Sheldon Wolin. When Sheldon-

Rob Johnson:

I'm sorry to interrupt. But my own research director Tom Ferguson was also at Princeton and did some work with Sheldon Wolin.

Chris Hedges:

Wolin told me there came point when no member of the Princeton Political Science Department was even speaking to him because he called neo-liberalism out in the 80s and immediately [inaudible 00:44:38]. Interestingly about Wolin is that he's quite lyrical writer, he's quite a fine writer. He's a brilliant philosopher, but he's also a very good writer. He was writing for publications like The New York Review of Books and others, but he saw what was coming and he said he just got blanked out, he couldn't get published.

Rob Johnson:

Yeah. Now, I remember talking with Chalmers Johnson a little bit about knowing Wolin and in his admiration.

Chris Hedges:

Well, Johnson is another one. Johnson's trilogy is another one, [inaudible 00:45:12] empire, also very, very smart books. We had our There were members of our intellectual class who didn't sell out and were honest enough to warn us but we didn't listen and now we're in really deep trouble.

Rob Johnson:

Well, in your most recent article, the great delusion, you referred to a European scholar, [Stephens Shwaig 00:45:38] and I thought it was very interesting, the mindset that he portrayed in What was it called? The world of yesterday.

Chris Hedges:

[inaudible 00:45:48] memoir. Well, [Shwaig 00:45:52], so there was a handful of great intellectuals, many of them Jewish like Shwaig, Joseph Roth was another one, they were close friends, who certainly saw number one, the folly of world war one, a suicidal folly of world war one, for which they immediately became pariahs. Shwaig wrote this great play, Jeremiah, this anti-war play that could only be performed in Switzerland that issued these kinds of warnings and how you turn on the prophet.

Chris Hedges:

The biblical prophet Jeremiah who's warning Jerusalem about the eventual when it happens, the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians is just ignored and ridiculed and persecuted and there are plots against his life. I'm talking about the biblical story, he's attacked for demoralizing the people and then by the time the Babylonian army swarms into Jerusalem and the Jews go into exile, Jeremiah like Julian Assange is in prison so they're there and another great figure like that would be Jane Addams in the United States go back and look at her, Randolph Bourne, that when things become difficult it's the intellectual class, the majority of the intellectual class either remain silent or becomes complicit.

Chris Hedges:

Because you mentioned earlier, much earlier, in the talk about journalists. Well, what they are is careerists. I worked at The New York Times, there were never rules written on the walls of The New York Times, but you learn very quickly those stories which would get you promoted that the hierarchy of The Times wanted in the newspaper and those stories that didn't. If you persisted with stories they didn't want, you became a management problem and then you got pushed out.

Chris Hedges:

I was friends with Sydney Schanberg who of course won the Pulitzer in Cambodia and also friends with [Deff Braun 00:47:46] who was eventually after being in a concentration camps run by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge worked for The New York Times. But Sydney, when he came back went after the developers who were destroying Manhattan, Manhattan's been destroyed. I used to go to the village as a boy with all the bookstores and the artists, it's all gone replaced by, I don't know, blue navy or gap or whatever these It's just been sucked dry, the cultural life of the city and Schanberg saw it and he went after it and these developers were friends of the publisher and he was fired and he ended up the rest of his career was writing columns for The Village Voice and News Tech.

Chris Hedges:

The journalists, I think that are left are largely, are very cynical that they are careerist, [George Parker 00:48:43], all these kinds of figures and they are the ones whose voices you hear, Jeffrey Toobin who's been removed from the airwaves for exposing himself on a zoom video for watching porn, but Toobin and I debated at the Oxford Union over Snowden and he was calling for Snowden's extradition and imprisonment along with Julian. But if you stand up for I mean, I have a huge admiration for Snowden and Julian. I know Julian, I visited him several times at the embassy. If you stand up for them, then you're just locked out. Your voice is not going to be heard. I think careerism has really been quite insidious.

Chris Hedges:

Also I would also say about the media [inaudible 00:49:31]. What is balance? Balance becomes inviting a Republican operative, Giuliani on one side and a Democratic operative Van Jones on the other or I don't know who, George Stephanopoulos, I don't know who these people are, I don't own a television, but on the other and they both lie but you just give them equal time to lie. I think it certain I mean, I don't have a much respect for the intellectual wattage power of most of the people on television, but some of them have to know that they're lying.

Chris Hedges:

But if you give four minutes to Republican lies and four minutes to Democratic lies, you've done nothing to actually inform. In fact, you've misinformed the American public but that becomes what is defined as objective or neutral journalism. But it's really, at this point, all a burlesque, it's all vaudeville as Taibbi points out, political coverage is quite consciously modeled after ESPN with the graphics and the scores and the polls and the numbers and the tactics and the strategies and the good looking host and two people from one team and two people from another team, but there's nothing to do with politics or civic life.

Rob Johnson:

I remember talking with Gillian Tett who wrote for the Financial Times and I was asking her about this Institute for New Economic Thinking then what kind of guidance she would give me. She said at the time, "Rob, what you need to do is study the silences because the map of the silences and what's not said will tell you where power resides." I remember H.L. Mencken wrote a piece in the 1920s called The Dismal Science and he said, and you and I can laugh a little bit, the only people he trusted less than theologians were economists because they could see in the future what the consequences would be if they espoused a view that took on power or affected the material conditions of trustees and members of the board, et cetera, at the major universities.

Rob Johnson:

He said, these people are not free and it sounds a little bit like what you say about the journalists, but it also reminds me of the [inaudible 00:51:52] quote that you use in your most recent article where he says one of the most pathetic aspects of human history is that every civilization expresses itself most pretentiously, compounds it's partial and universal values most convincingly and claims immortality for its finite existence at the very moment when the decay which leads to death has already begun. In my senses, when things are unsustainable and in part because of concentrations in power, people become afraid and they go silent or they compose false consciousness to which you might call, avoid confrontation with what looks like it could become inevitable.

Chris Hedges:

Yeah, I think that's exactly right. I mean, I would defer to you in terms of economists, but the whole ideology of neo-liberalism as a layman never made any economic sense to me at all. I look at neo-liberalism in Marxian terms, I'm not a Marxist, although I think Marx's analysis of capitalism is important. I don't This whole Hegelian idea of the proletariat, I think it's kind of utopian, but the whole idea of neo-liberalism which reaches back to these real outliers, like Hayek and Milton Friedman and this third rate novelist [Anne Rin 00:53:15], it was really As Marx would argue it's, it was just the ideology that perpetuated the interests of the ruling elites. It's not that it ever made economic sense nor was it really designed to and this of course is David Harvey's argument in his book, A Brief History of Neoliberalism, which I think is correct. If you wanted to advance within the university, in an economics department, then you better subscribe to that mantra whether it makes economic sense or not is irrelevant, but you know more about this than I do.

Rob Johnson:

Yeah. That whole kind of libertarian energy certainly has played a big role in the ideology of Silicon Valley which is in some ways kind of ironic given the extent to which Silicon Valley's prosperity was spawned by government direction and government grants through DARPA and the NSA and places like that and so, yes, well, it's become quite severe. Then the inability of enforcement as you talked about has facilitated a concentration because there is no any trust and now more and more outlets, including the New York Post, as you and Matt Taibbi discussed can get barred just by decisions from a handful of people.

Chris Hedges:

Yeah. Well, that's very [inaudible 00:54:43]. I've been hit with these algorithms which began a couple of years ago supposedly going after Left Wing sites because of this was There was this anonymous website called PropOrNot, Propaganda or Not, then Washington Post put it on the front page and they just listed every Left Wing site. All of which either runs my stuff or I write for as being part of the Russian propaganda campaign, Black Agenda Report, Counterpunch, Truthdig, on and on and on. Then that gave them the ability to use algorithms to shut us out which they have used and that's not conjecture. We all went on strike at Truthdig when the publisher tried to fire Bob Scheer who now runs his own little side Scheerpost which we all defected to, we were all fired.

Chris Hedges:

But the year before they ran They got the data to put together a graph which showed referrals through impressions. You type in Let's say you went into Google and type imperialism and I had written an article about imperialism recently, then that should have come up along with anything else about imperialism but that becomes erased. Referrals to the articles that I had written on the site by impressions in that graph over a 12 month period declined from over 700,000 to below 200,000 and I'm sure it's below that now. Taibbi of course is I think been the best on this, but yes, on the Hunter Biden laptop issue which they tried to dismiss again as Russian disinformation, nobody's challenged. Nobody in the Biden campaign challenged the authenticity of what was on that laptop. When The New York post reported it, which is what a journalist should do, they Well, Twitter locked them out of their own account. There was a concerted effort by the digital platforms and the traditional mainstream media to bury the story.

Chris Hedges:

Now, why is there collusion between Google, Facebook and organizations like The New York times? Because they lock out the dissonance and the alternative voices like mine and they redirect people to the mainstream outlets like MSNBC or the Washington Post or the one owned by Jeff Bezos or The New York Times. There is a kind of commercial interest on the part of these outlets in embracing this kind of open censorship and you have seen it articles by Rouse and others in The New York Times that laud this uncontrolled, unexamined effort on the part of these digital platforms, unaccountable to essentially impose censorship and as Matt says it used to be that if you committed libel you had to go to court and you had to pay, that's all gone.

Chris Hedges:

These digital platforms know everything about us. We know nothing about them and they have the power to essentially reshape the narrative. As I think the Democratic party under Biden becomes more and more beleaguer because the policies they're clearly going to implement don't have populous support, this censorship will become more pronounced. That's my fear. I know that is Matt Taibbi's fear, that we just saw Glenn Greenwald leave The Intercept because the editors attempted to censor Well, they did censor his story on what was on Hunter Biden's laptop and that's not conjecture because Glenn released all of the traffic back and forth and what did Naomi Klein and Betsy Reed and all these people at The Intercept do, they didn't respond to the textual evidence that Glenn released and they went after It was character assassination. They accused him of wanting to make more money on Substack and being a man child, I don't know if that's the exact phrase Betsy Reed used.

Chris Hedges:

I found that utterly appalling as someone who walked out of The New York Times over because they were trying to muzzle me over my criticisms of the invasion of Iraq. I can tell you it's extremely difficult without independent money and neither Glen nor I have it to leave a stable well-paid staff position for the unknown. What he did was quite courageous so yeah, I think that there are people with integrity, Matt and Glen being two, Robert Scheer, they're out there. But let's not be naive. They're not only very marginalized, but in increasingly targeted and [inaudible 00:59:36].

[Feb 05, 2021] Voting software firm Smartmatic files $2.7 billion suit against Fox, Giuliani Sidney Powell over election-fraud claims

Feb 05, 2021 |

Fox News is facing a rise of the machines, voting machines that is, as election software firm Smartmatic is suing the network, three of its anchors and lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell for allegedly false claims of fraud.

The defamation lawsuit , which was filed on Thursday in New York state court in Manhattan, seeks $2.7 billion in damages. In addition to Fox and the two lawyers, Smartmatic names Fox hosts Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro and Maria Bartiromo as defendants, saying they falsely claimed that the company's technology was used to help 'steal' the November 3 election from former President Donald Trump.

Florida-based Smartmatic said the defendants knew the election wasn't rigged, "but they also saw an opportunity to capitalize on President Trump's popularity by inventing a story. Defendants decided to tell people that the election was stolen from President Trump and Vice President (Mike) Pence." The company added that "without any true villain, defendants invented one. Defendants decided to make Smartmatic the villain in their story."

Moreover, Smartmatic said its software was used in just one jurisdiction in the November 3 election – Los Angeles County. Democrat Joe Biden won California by more than 5 million votes. Trump made allegations of election fraud in decisive swing states where Biden had narrow margins of victory, such as Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

[Feb 03, 2021] The Trump Administration Viewed from the Right by John Morgan

Feb 03, 2021 |

The Trump experiment is over, and the strange journey that the last five years have been is now at an end. There are already lots of assessments being made about the meaning of Trump's presidency, but most of them are from either liberal or conservative viewpoints. It also needs to be evaluated from the viewpoint of the Dissident Right -- those of us such as myself who fall outside what is usually called "Right-wing" in today's mainstream. And no group had more dramatic ups and downs with Trump than the Dissident Right did.

I imagine my experience with Trump was the same as that of many other people reading this. When he first announced his candidacy in 2015, I was initially dismissive and didn't even think he'd make it to the primaries. It was when I saw him in the Republican debates that I decided that, first, he was preferable to the other candidates in both parties; and second, that he actually had some good positions, such as on immigration and non-interventionism. I never really put my faith in the guy -- I always thought people who hailed him as the "God Emperor" were being naïve -- but I could see that he was the least bad option among his many competitors (and "least bad" is all I ever look for when contemplating the American political scene). As his campaign developed, the signs were more and more encouraging -- mainly because Trump was free to just talk without having to deliver on anything he was saying.

No one was more flabbergasted than me when Trump actually managed to win, and like many people I allowed myself to become giddily optimistic for a few months after the election. I was proud of the fact that Michigan, where I vote, was one of the states that had dramatically swung over into Trump's column after having been solidly Democrat for decades, but it confirmed for me that the white working class, which remains Michigan's backbone despite the weakening of the American auto industry, had finally come to see more or less eye-to-eye with the Dissident Right on many issues. I had suspected this even before the election, but it was nice to see it confirmed in reality.

Perhaps, I thought, as an outsider and maverick, Trump could actually bring about some real change in Washington, especially with the help of genuine populists like Steve Bannon. But those hopes were soon dashed by the bombing of Syria only two and a half months after he took office, which seemed to herald the gradual rolling back of the entire agenda he had campaigned on. By 2018, with Bannon out, Bush leftover John Bolton as Secretary of State, the President himself embroiled in the seemingly endless Russia investigation, and the promised Wall nowhere to be found, it looked like the Swamp had subdued Trump after all.

Still, I never for a moment felt that the support the Dissident Right gave to Trump in 2016 had been a mistake. There was no question that Trump, as poor as his performance was from our perspective, was nevertheless preferable to what we know Hillary would have enacted. (In the run-up to the 2016 election, when people would ask me why I was voting for Trump, I would say, "I know exactly what Hillary will do; I can't say with any certainty what Trump will do, but he's at least saying some of the right things.") And whenever Trump spoke his own mind -- which he made sure to do often -- he usually stayed on message, even though we always knew that the reality would end up being different from his words. (Remember when he promised to abolish birthright citizenship in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections?) For us, I think the epitaph we can write on the tombstone of his presidency is "It could have been worse."

I don't know what Trump really believed while President, and quite honestly I don't care; it was his words and his actions that mattered, and even if it was all a cynical ploy, his impact on American politics and culture is undeniable. It became a tired cliché, but it was nevertheless true that Trump moved the Overton window further to the right in a way that isn't likely to be undone anytime soon. Many issues that were virtually nonexistent except at the margins of American political discourse before 2015 are now front and center. Some dislike Trump for his personality and failings, feeling that these contributed to his lack of achievement as President. While this is justified, it's indisputable that only someone like Trump, who was independently wealthy and already held celebrity status among the white working class, could have made the breakthrough as an outsider that he did. And even if he didn't succeed in remaking Washington, he nevertheless weakened the Washington Establishment during his tenure. Most importantly, it's always best when the Washington elite remains so divided and gripped by internal conflicts that it can't pursue its evil designs on the rest of us, and Trump turned the heat up in Washington beyond where it had been at any time since the Civil War.

We also shouldn't overlook the fact that Trump was continually embattled with the Washington Establishment, the opposition, the mainstream media, and on many occasions even his own party from the day he took office. It also shouldn't be forgotten that when Trump took office, his party controlled the executive branch and Congress, and yet the President still had to fight every step of the way to pursue his agenda -- often unsuccessfully. James O'Meara once commented that Trump was in fact a third-party candidate who managed to hijack one of the two major parties. This was true, and many Republicans in the House never lost sight of that, showing that their true loyalties lay with maintaining the Establishment rather than with supporting their erstwhile leader's agenda.

We can't ignore the short, spectacular life of the Alt-Right, either. Those of us who had been on the Dissident Right for many years prior, and who understood that the only way to bring America into line with genuinely Rightist principles would be to transform the country from its very foundations on issues such as citizenship, immigration, and capitalism, always saw Trump as merely a stepping stone to something grander and better. And indeed, although this fact has vanished into the mists of prehistory, before the 2016 election "Alt-Right" merely referred to anyone on the Right whose views fell outside those of the Republican Party; even Steve Bannon infamously told Mother Jones in 2016 that Breitbart was "the platform of the Alt-Right," a statement I imagine he came to regret later. I myself was happy to accept the label at first. And like many, I was naïve enough to think that the Alt-Right could make use of the mainstream media rather than the other way around.

Once they realized that a Trump presidency was a reality, the mainstream media quickly understood that the "Alt-Right," which was a nebulous phenomenon with no clear leadership or goals, could be used to discredit Trump and populism more generally. Its decentralized nature and lack of an organizational structure were in one sense a strength in that it was more difficult to pin down and target it; but at the same time, anyone ranging from libertarians to outright neo-Nazis could claim the mantle or be designated "Alt-Right" by clever journalists. As such, it was perfect from their perspective as a means of attacking the populist Right as a whole, since they spun the ridiculous narrative that the Alt-Right was somehow vaguely responsible for getting Trump elected. The fact is, of course, that there was never any relationship between what was called the Alt-Right and the Trump administration, but the Alt Right's media-appointed leaders were hungry for attention that the media was more than happy to provide -- and the rest is, regrettably, history.

It might have been possible to develop an alternative movement in late 2016 and 2017 that could have piggybacked on Trump's success while laying the groundwork for a genuinely innovative form of the American Right more in keeping with genuine Right-wing principles, and yet that could still have appealed to ordinary Americans. It quickly became apparent, however, that those individuals who found themselves thrust into the Alt-Right spotlight lacked the character, maturity, and judgment to make it happen. Being wizards at winning followers for websites, podcasts, and social media was no proper education to prepare them for entering the arena of actual politics. Granted, they were confronting forces far beyond what any marginal group could be expected to compete with; but by adopting tactics that had failed for George Lincoln Rockwell half a century earlier and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with actual Nazis and Klansmen, they played the role of cartoon Nazis that the media had cast them in to a tee. After being led into the trap that was Charlottesville, the Alt-Right's tombstone was written and Trump was never again able to plausibly deny that he was a white supremacist. We must persist in our efforts, but the fact remains that the Alt-Right's spectacular and tragically unnecessary failure will continue to hamper us for many years to come.

Despite our disappointment, we must still acknowledge that President Trump accomplished some goals that deserve our thanks. It must be granted that throughout his tenure, despite the constant accusations of warmongering by his opponents, he didn't start any new wars. There were a few close calls, of course, particularly with Syria and Iran, but none of America's enemies called his bluffs despite provocation and things remained at the level of low-intensity conflict. It is certainly true that when it comes to foreign policy, Trump did much more for Israel than he did for America, but he nevertheless made strides toward ending the conflicts he had inherited and never bowed to the pressure to start new ones. As a corollary to this, no Islamist terror attacks occurred within the United States during Trump's tenure apart from the shooting at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, which puts him above both Bush and Obama in that category. (It struck me as odd that Trump didn't play this up more in his second campaign.)The most glorious moment of Trump's presidency for me, however, remains his refusal to denounce the Alt-Right in the notorious press conference that he held three days after Charlottesville. While it certainly wasn't the unequivocal defense of White Nationalism that the media has made it out to have been ever since, the fact that he refused to issue the standard denunciations of the Alt-Right that he had doubtless been asked to deliver stands for me as a rare moment of principle for President Trump. In the end, it meant nothing in practical terms, but it's one of the few clear examples we have that there was something deeper to his presidency than mere egotism. It's also a sign of how much worse things were to get over the subsequent years that he failed to show the same spirit when dealing with those of his supporters who stormed the Capitol, opting for submissiveness rather than the spirit of defiance that had characterized his campaign and the early days of his term.

Additionally, Trump's strident Euroskepticism forced Europe for the first time since the Second World War to consider pursuing greater independence from NATO and the US and to perhaps even solely pursue its own interests in foreign policy yet again, rather than serving as America's lapdog on many issues and continuing to rely on the US for defense. It remains to be seen if this trend will persist or reverse now that Trump is gone, but we can hope that more forward-looking European politicians will continue thinking in terms of preparing for a post-American global order.

We should also bear in mind that the Trump administration established good relations with Right-wing populist parties in Europe in a way that would have been unimaginable under any other presidency. The present governments of Hungary and Poland, in particular, enjoyed friendly relations with Washington for the first time and will sorely miss Trump now that Biden has made it clear that he intends to return to a confrontational policy with them. (At the same time, it's worth noting that some European politicians on the Right I have spoken with said that they preferred a Trump defeat, since they feel that Trump and American politics more generally have become an obsessive distraction for the European Right and that his removal would allow Europeans to focus on their own problems again.)

Domestically, Trump could hardly be considered a success on his signature issue, immigration, although he wasn't entirely a failure, either. We certainly didn't get anything like the sort of sweeping and radical changes on immigration that many of us had hoped for in the beginning. Indeed, the Trump administration did not pass a single new piece of immigration-related legislation. By some metrics , in fact, certain types of immigration remained the same or increased during Trump's tenure. In those currents where it decreased, some of it appears to have occurred as a result of the pandemic rather than due to any political action. And of course, the Wall remains mostly unbuilt and now surely faces cancellation.

At the same time, Trump did fortunately withdraw the US from the United Nations' ethnomasochistic Global Compact on Migration. He did make limited progress in a few other areas as well , particularly making it more difficult for "refugees" to come to the US and for illegal immigrants to remain there. And he did put a stop to some of the more troubling immigration policies that have emanated from both parties in the past, such as the push for amnesties for illegals, and called a temporary moratorium on visas for "guest workers" in response to the pandemic.

The issue that could be regarded as his second-biggest signature issue was opposing globalization and helping ordinary working Americans; bringing industry back home was a constant theme of his first campaign. In the end, however, Trump remained largely ineffectual in this area. We should thank him for ending the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). But the treaty he signed to replace the former, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement , is only slightly better than its precursor. The other nations which were part of the TPP ended up signing the virtually identical Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), which the US has not signed but which it remains eligible to join at any time. In other words, the Trump administration didn't do much to halt the drumbeat of globalization.

When it comes to the Dissident Right, Trump offered little but empty rhetoric. Despite occasionally talking about establishing controls over Big Tech to prevent their blatant censorship of non-conformist views that challenge the neoliberal narrative, no action was ever taken in this direction. Apart from his Charlottesville press conference, neither did Trump ever take a stand in defense of white advocates, and he often went in the other direction, such as in September , when he promised to declare the "Ku Klux Klan" a terrorist organization (thus opening the door for any Dissident Right groups to be targeted given the lack of an easily identifiable unified KKK organization), calling for Juneteenth to be declared a federal holiday, and promising $500 billion in aid to black communities.

Thus, President Trump achieved modest successes at best, and even those issues on which he won victories can be easily reversed by the Biden administration -- and in some cases they are already doing so. But such is the ephemeral nature of politics in a liberal democracy.

On the plus side, the Republican Party now finds itself in its direst predicament since the 1940s, if not before, as a result of Trumpism taking root within it. The conflict between populists and neoliberals within its ranks, which now threatens to come to a head as a result of Trump's second impeachment, may very well end the party for good, or at least result in a split -- either outcome of which might perhaps open the door for a more genuinely Right-wing party to fill the void it will leave behind. Only time will tell, but if it happens, it will be a parting gift from Trump to have achieved what once seemed impossible, back when the Republican Party was nothing more than the party of multiculturalism and globalism plus Jesus and low taxes.

President Trump's most important contribution is that he lit the flame that genuinely started the fire of Right-wing populism in America after previous attempts such as Pat Buchanan's campaigns and the Tea Party ( yech ) had guttered out without raising the temperature in Washington by even a degree. Whether that flame can continue burning now that he's gone remains to be seen, but we can still hope that it was the start of a trend rather than a temporary deviation. If American populism is to survive, it will clearly stand on the Right; the Left has already amply demonstrated in its underhanded suppression of more populist Democratic candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard that they will not tolerate the rise of any form of Leftism that doesn't conform to the Washington Elite's expectations.

Now, Unpresident Biden and the entire Democratic Party apparatus, emboldened by their largely successful efforts to discredit the Right as a whole by blaming it in its entirety for the Capitol occupation, believe themselves to be in a place where they can reshape American politics according to their own agenda without any regard for the other side whatsoever. As they've done continuously since the 2016 election, the Democrats always choose to double down on their extremist rhetoric rather than doing any soul-searching about how they might have contributed to bringing the situation about, nor about how they might be able to seek some sort of compromise with the other side. They are too self-righteous to be capable of critical reflection.

The Capitol "coup," harebrained as it was, certainly does not even begin to compare to the Democrats' -- and some Republicans' -- efforts to undermine the Trump administration and the will of the American electorate at every turn over the past four years, which to my mind much more accurately fits the definition of a coup. It will be the task of the Dissident Right -- and hopefully the Right more generally, if they have the stones -- to do to the Left exactly what they have been doing to us by throwing endless obstacles in their path, denying their legitimacy, and constantly calling them to account for their injustices and excesses at every possible opportunity.

The Democrats are not as strong as they believe. Even most liberals only supported Biden grudgingly and purely out of expediency. Unpresident Biden is America's Brezhnev -- his health and stamina failing, he is merely an old Establishment tool who has been resurrected in an attempt to prop up an order that everyone knows is on its last legs. A telling video from the inauguration shows Biden passing a contingent of Marines on guard duty, who any sitting president is supposed to salute, being the Commander-in-Chief. Biden just shambles past them without a gesture, oddly mumbling "salute the Marines" under his facemask. The quite plausible theory that has been making the rounds is that Biden was being instructed on what to say and do through an earpiece, and that he mistakenly repeated an instruction to salute the Marines rather than actually doing it. This seems a good metaphor for his entire administration. (If you're wondering who is on the other end of Biden's earpiece, it might perhaps be one of the many Jews with whom he has packed his cabinet -- such a number that makes Trump's pandering to the Jewish lobby seem tame in comparison. What happened to diversity? Does the White House need affirmative action for whites nowadays?)

Like the late Soviet Union, however, Washington Inc. will project images of power in order to conceal the reality of their order's decrepitude. That is surely the motive behind the deployment of 26,000 soldiers to Washington, DC -- more than the number currently stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined -- in response to the supposed Right-wing "threat." It isn't about security, it is a show of force to prove to America that they are back and that they intend to keep Washington and propagate their policies by any means necessary. Further, I predict that the US will engage in some significant military action within the next year to make a similar show of force on the world stage, flexing its muscles to prove that America intends to resume its role as the world's policeman.

Starting from before the inauguration, the Left has been making their intention to declare war on anything authentically white or Rightist clear. But while it was very easy for the Establishment to muzzle the few thousand adherents of the Alt-Right, it will be much more difficult for them to silence the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump -- in many cases not because they loved Trump but simply because they wanted to prevent the return of the ruling clique that had been governing our country entirely unopposed for decades before Trump's rise.

In the final analysis, the most important lesson to be taken away from the Trump administration is that the last five years were never about Trump himself. American populism didn't start with him and it won't end with him. Samuel Francis was already predicting the rise of a populist figure like Trump in the 1990s, even heralding a " revolution from the Right " in a way that seems extremely prescient today. What the Capitol occupation showed is that the populist current has grown beyond Trump's ability to channel and contain it. As a result -- maybe -- we have an opportunity to transcend him and construct something real out of the movement he energized, and do it better.

The real news of the last few months was the fact that 11 million more Americans voted for Trump in 2020 over 2016, despite the ongoing demographic changes and despite all of his flaws and failures. There is nothing that more aptly proves that it wasn't all merely about him than this. American populism isn't dead. White America isn't dead. That's why I didn't use a photo of Trump himself to illustrate this post, but rather one of his supporters -- ordinary Americans, who were the real motor behind these changes in the political landscape.

I can't say at present what will come next for the Dissident Right. I'm not sure who will, or even could, emerge to form the leadership of a post-Trump populist movement. Perhaps those who follow the American political scene more closely than I do might have an inkling of who is waiting in the wings that might be qualified to take charge. One thing that is certain is that these new leaders must be completely disconnected in every public way from the fiasco that was the Alt-Right. That brand is dead. But hopefully what is best in the Dissident Rightist milieu can still inform whatever follows in our, and Trump's, footsteps.

With Trump's wings clipped, ordinary white Americans are looking for a leader. Here's hoping they can finally get the one they deserve.

elvisroy0000 , says: January 26, 2021 at 2:02 pm GMT • 4.0 days ago

Well Lets see interesting year Biden wins ,Pennsyllvanis by 25,000 more votes than Registered voters. He wins Wisconsin by 17,000 more votes than voters, their were two states with over 300,000 combinred votes that were from people who did not exist, But according to the courts all the way up to the supreme court who said it was legal, needless to say i no longer, trust the supreme court

Chris Moore , says: Website January 26, 2021 at 4:01 pm GMT • 3.9 days ago

Trump succeeded in two things, both for the Jewish cause: advanced the Zionist interest in Israel, and put back the opposition to the liberal-neocon Jewish establishment in America. How is that in any way a "win" for authentic America Firsters?

Ann Coulter got it right: His loyalties were to himself and his entitled (Zionist) bloodline.

Exalted Cyclops , says: January 27, 2021 at 8:10 am GMT • 3.3 days ago

Trump was never anything but a con from the start. Don't feel bad, lot's of us were conned...

RoatanBill , says: January 27, 2021 at 10:39 am GMT • 3.2 days ago

I was proud of the fact that Michigan, where I vote

No real dissident votes. When one votes, he is buying into the scam that continually produces the next savior and continually produces nothing but more repression.

A real dissident understands he is getting reamed and won't cooperate in his own demise. A dissident has a brain that actually thinks. A voter is a mindless spectator in the endless game of politics purposely designed to provide a false sense of control for people too stupid to understand the system offers them no control.

Brian Reilly , says: January 27, 2021 at 12:59 pm GMT • 3.1 days ago

Trump was a little bit better choice than the other candidates. And they were really, really, really bad. I was not disappointed in Trump because I never expected much out of him. RIP Donny!

troof , says: January 30, 2021 at 5:32 am GMT • 9.2 hours ago

It's always amazing to see how many right-wingers have invented a country for themselves called "this country", which is everywhere, has no population, but lives in their minds anyway. All for the sake of a chimera called "the white working class".

How is it an imaginary class which is actually a minority, and that has no history anywhere is also going to rule over a continent of 50 States with 300+ million people?

Everything "right wing" is a mental fantasy cult.

Jimmy le Blanc , says: January 30, 2021 at 6:58 am GMT • 7.7 hours ago

I called it the day he rode down the escalator. I was happy he won, but not happy with his performance. Even so, I voted for him again, because the alternative was much worse.

Trump ran on a Democrat 1980 platform: manufacturing jobs, family values, everything the Democrats were before homosexuals, Scientism, and "people of color" changed the party. Hardly "right wing," but given today's politics, who knows what the labels mean anymore. Contrary to the New York Times, he was not a racist or a fascist. He pandered more to blacks and Hispanics than he did to Whites. His pardon of two negro rappers just before he left office was disgusting. Allowing that Kardashian whore into the Oval Office was likewise disgusting. And his Jewish in-laws were nauseating.

He was not my ideal candidate, but, as I said, the alternative was far worse. As for the future, I will not vote again. We are unlikely to ever see a promising leader that Whites can follow.

Yukon Jack , says: January 30, 2021 at 7:53 am GMT • 6.8 hours ago

From a right wing perspective, Trump was in bed with the enemy Israel.

animalogic , says: January 30, 2021 at 7:55 am GMT • 6.8 hours ago
@Exalted Cyclops

If Jared is involved, then the seeds of corruption are already sprouting.

gotmituns , says: January 30, 2021 at 9:26 am GMT • 5.3 hours ago

trump was/is a carnival huckster who fooled enough people to become president.

Anonymous [199] Disclaimer , says: January 30, 2021 at 9:34 am GMT • 5.1 hours ago

While it is true that Trump didn't start the war with Syria, that honor belongs to our 44th White President, make no mistake: we are at war with Syria and should not be.

Can everybody please stop calling it "immigration"? And start calling it "illegal alien invasion"? Immigration is not the problem although the H1B visa program is a disaster for American workers, just a way to import cheap mostly Indian labor and it needs a moratorium.

Ghost of Emanuel Swedenborg , says: January 30, 2021 at 9:45 am GMT • 4.9 hours ago

I think the author is far too generous in his assesssment of Trump. The only positive thing I can see was that he didn't start any new wars, only maintained the ones that was although the blatant zionist provocation of Iran was unforgivable.

It all started the first day after the election when Trump et al decided that they would not be going in opposition to their own party. That was his first mistake. His econd mistake mistake was not hiring people loyal to him and Bannon's vision and third mistake was being a dumbfuck who let himself be led into the most stupid things by the corrupt -- - Kushner who had way too much influence over everything, yes everything, in the administration.

Ultimately Trump was a bloviating buffoon (Although that was known to anybody reasonable before the election) with a degree of narcissism never seen in a white goy in politics before that was only thinking about himself the whole time, without any convictions at all.
He squandered the first two years on going along with the GOPe agenda and ultimately the only people who got anything out of his presidency was blacks/criminals, the left (Because he riled them up and poked them while never using the force of the state to shut them down, even dropping his own voter fraud investigation halfways and crying on twitter that somebody should do something about so many different things when he was the President – an absurd thing to do), the rich 1 % elite and Jews (But i repeat myself).

If Russia anneses Crimea, which was a part of the country until the 1950s or 60s, it's a crime against humanity. If Israel annexes the West bank it's only good and right.

Why? Because Jews run the USA and Trump did nothing at all to stand up to them in any real way that gave any results (And I mean implicitly, not explcitly of course).

R2b , says: January 30, 2021 at 12:50 pm GMT • 1.9 hours ago

As mr Morgan said, its not about Trump, it is American Populism rising, and betrayed once again. I
Israel got the most!
Four years wasted, and no organizing but ludicruos fringe alt-right queers, and nazi-fan boys!
This should be about the ordinary people, 75 million, long since betrayed by the democrats calling them "deplorables" and "fly-over-people".
Organize now!
Pick up Tulsi Gabbard and forget about Bernie Sanders!
Create a movement and form resistance, before they jab you out in space!

BannedHipster , says: Website January 30, 2021 at 1:56 pm GMT • 46 minutes ago

The record is quite clear at this point.

Trump never cared about immigration, the wall, deporting illegals, bringing jobs back, ending the wars for Israel in the Middle East.

Trump was always, 100%, about Israel's Likud agenda.

[Jan 29, 2021] Five Days After Biden Inauguration, Judge Rules Late Changes To VA Election Law That Allowed Late Mail-in-Ballots Without Pos

Notable quotes:
"... not making news ..."
Jan 29, 2021 |

One case that's not making news in the Democrat Party's mainstream media is a decision made by a Virginia judge on Monday. The judge ruled that last-minute changes made by election officials to allow absentee ballots with missing or illegible postmarks to be counted is illegal.

TRENDING: After All He Did for the Republican Party and Her, Chair Ronna McDaniel Won't Back a Trump Presidential Run in 2024 at This Time

Washington Examiner- "This is a big win for the Rule of Law," said Public Interest Legal Foundation President J. Christian Adams, who represented Frederick County electoral board member Thomas Reed in the case. "This consent decree gives Mr. Reed everything he requested -- a permanent ban on accepting ballots without postmarks after Election Day and is a loss for the Virginia bureaucrats who said ballots could come in without these protections."

The case was over a Virginia Board of Elections rule issued in August that allowed mail-in ballots without a postmark to be received up to three days after the November election.
The new Virginia Board of Elections rule notified county election boards that any ballots "received by the general registrar's office by noon on the third day after the election but does not have a postmark, or the postmark is missing or illegible" should not be rendered invalid. The elections board decided a week later that those ballots should be counted. One win for Virginia voters who care about election integrity. It's a pity this practice wasn't stopped BEFORE the ballots were tabulated in the November election.

[Jan 29, 2021] The Democrat Gaslight Express by Larry Johnson

Jan 29, 2021 |

TV | 28 January 2021 at 11:49 PM

The Democrat-media party made no secret of their plan to use Covid panic and junk mail balloting to manipulate the election.

The Trump campaign was asleep At the switch and let it happen.

Trump lost- hook or by crook, it doesn't matter.

Then the Giuliani/Powell foolishness only made the whole bunch look stupid and actually hurt any real arguments about fraud.

Now, we are in a very bad place thanks to Democrat criminality, Trump campaign incompetence and masses of uninformed, badly educated voters.

Next, "green new deal" taxes and job losses for the very middle class that voted Biden because Trump - the rude "orange man" - sent "mean" tweets.

Life's tough, it's tougher when you're stupid.

Seamus Padraig , 29 January 2021 at 04:50 AM

Good points all, Larry.

I also noticed two months ago how quickly the vital questions concerning the mail-on ballots got diverted into some wild goose-chase involving voting machine software from Venezuela. Another attempt at side-tracking the investigation and drumming up support for 'régime change'?

As far as the Q-Anons themselves are concerned, I always sympathized with them to a large extent, even though I thought their 'theories' were a little off. Most of them are good people by nature, but perhaps just a little too credulous. I agree with Larry here: put your faith in God, not man. When analyzing the events of this world, stick to evidence and logic as much as you can. At the end of the day, hope is just another drug--hopium--that can skew your judgment ... which is just what the enemy wants.

But I have to admit that I still like the Q-Anon motto: 'Where we go one, we go all' (WWG1WGA). I'd like to rehabilitate it for general use by us deplorables, if I may. ;-)

Mark Gaughan , 29 January 2021 at 10:11 AM

[Jan 29, 2021] True, Biden and his picks to run his foreign policy team are aggressive warmongers .But to compliment Donald Trump for ANYTHING is completely absurd

Jan 29, 2021 |

maxine , Jan 29, 2021 6:37 PM

True, Biden and his picks to run his foreign policy team are aggressive warmongers .But to compliment Donald Trump for ANYTHING is completely absurd .Both these politicians are rotten to the core .But as I've remarked before, it seems that OFF-G would be overjoyed to keep Trump in power .And that shows how OFF-G has in many respects gone from being a responsible Left-Wing site to the Far-Right.

[Jan 29, 2021] Industrial capitalism's resistance to this international pressure is necessarily nationalist, because it needs state subsidy and laws to tax and regulate the FIRE sector

Jan 29, 2021 |

karlof1 , Jan 29 2021 17:18 utc | 23

The acronym ought to be ISUS or USIS. Of course, al-Tanf is a terrorist base, the terrorists primarily being forces of the Outlaw US Empire and its main accomplice. Accepting that as fact, we must then determine WHY? What is the overall aim? If Hudson's correct about the overall geopolitical aims of the Parasitical Neoliberal Fascists running the Outlaw US Empire and its NATO vassals, then we've known the answer for quite awhile. The following is what Hudson has distilled it to:

"All economic systems seek to internationalize themselves and extend their rule throughout the world. Today's revived Cold War should be understood as a fight between what kind of economic system the world will have . Finance capitalism is fighting against nations that restrict its intrusive dynamics and sponsorship of privatization and dismantling of public regulatory power . Unlike industrial capitalism, the rentier aim is not to become a more productive economy by producing goods and selling them at a lower cost than competitors. Finance capitalism's dynamics are globalist, seeking to use international organizations (the IMF, NATO, the World Bank and U.S.-designed trade and investment sanctions) to overrule national governments that are not controlled by the rentier classes . The aim is to make all economies into finance-capitalist layers of hereditary privilege, imposing anti-labor austerity policies to squeeze a dollarized surplus .

" Industrial capitalism's resistance to this international pressure is necessarily nationalist , because it needs state subsidy and laws to tax and regulate the FIRE sector . But it is losing the fight to finance capitalism, which is turning to be its nemesis just as industrial capitalism was the nemesis of post-feudal landlordship and predatory banking. Industrial capitalism requires state subsidy and infrastructure investment, along with regulatory and taxing power to check the incursion of finance capital . The resulting global conflict is between socialism (the natural evolution of industrial capitalism) and a pro-rentier fascism, a state-finance-capitalist reaction against socialism's mobilization of state power to roll back the post-feudal rentier interests ." [My Emphasis]

The situation in Syria and Iraq represent the kinetic edge of what's mostly a Cold War globally. It's noted that some of the Parasitical organizations have powers equal to some nation-states and that the main underlying aim is the weakening of governments's abilities to regulate them. The pandemic has weakened a great many nations while the Parasites have grown stronger as they get massive transfusions from the Fed. Thus it seems very plausible that given their motive, the Parasites spawned the pandemic, not this or that government. We watched as those forces operated independently of Trump by disobeying his orders, and now we have further understanding of why the so-called Forever Wars. We can also understand the real motive for 911 was the destruction of evidence at Building 7 and the Pentagon that would've gravely injured the Parasites while also providing a covering reason for launching the Forever Wars. IMO, the only way the Outlaw US Empire will leave the areas it occupies is if its physically ousted--Korea, Japan, Europe, Afghanistan, Southwest Asia. It ought to be possible to now see how Full Spectrum Domination can be obtained without a military conflict, as well as the real reasons behind the demonization of China and Russia.

Both Putin and Xi told Davos and the Parasites that they're committed to their development path which is completely at odds with what the Parasites desire. IMO, the global masses would agree with both and join them if they knew what they said. We can also see why the attack on the Ummah, which is the Islamic global collective that adheres to the values that promote the collective, not the Parasites that would feed on it. And we just witnessed how the Parasites are able to quickly counter any concerted effort to disciple them, which also served the purpose of outing Big Tech as an enemy of the collective. Cold War or Class War? The difference between them is close to indistinguishable.

snake , Jan 29 2021 13:52 utc | 12

How can a U.S. citizen even respond? U.S. Intel agency secrets. CENTCOM's treason, the nation's complicity in another eternal war for Israel. It's just too sad to comment about. Maybe voting and the law will fix this mess.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 29 2021 11:31 utc | 2

I think maybe its time to rethink is it actually the nation state of Israel, OR is it that the Nation State of Israel is the same as the Nation State of the USA, a warrior, pawn and get it done group that both holds captive its citizens by rule of law and that serves the will and wishes of the Oligarch..

Oligarchary has gone global. They are in control of the top of nearly all governments and they privately own (92% owned by just 6 entities) the media (the ninth tier in the 9 tier model) At the top and at the bottom they have what it takes to keep divided the populations so the deplorable cannot effectively organize. Until someone comes up with a way to overcome the divided nation,nothing effective is likely to surface. Nation states are the pawns, the war machine (leg breakers) that keep the Oligarch familes wealthy.. forget the nation state as the center of power, the nation state is not, the center of power is invisible, the nation state is just the war machine, and law making machine and the wealth extraction machine the oligarch depend on to keep their wealth and to deny the deplorable their chance at the good life.

One of the biggest challenges to democracy lay in the copyright and patent monopolies. these monopolies are creatures of the rule of law, without law there can be no privately owned monopolies. as of Oct 1, it is reported that 90% of the balance sheets of the traded companies is either patents or copyrights. that only leaves 10% for physical assets. Rule of law, without effective input from those who are the governed, is the enemy of the deplorable and the supression of Democracy, Independence of mind, thought and deed.

If you removed the laws that enable copyright and patents, overnight some mighty big corporate enterprises would be broke.

[Jan 27, 2021] DuPage County Illinois Signed -Anti-Transparency Contract- with Dominion Voting Systems - Company Pushed County to Resist Rel

Jan 27, 2021 |

When people are denied public records they routinely reach out to us for assistance and more often than not, we are able to request the same records and we get them. When this happens it is an indicator of a problem because if we are able to get those records, so too should others.

The DuPage County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek and her Chief Deputy Scott Mackay signed a contract with Dominion Voting Systems Inc. on January 24, 2020. After a copy of that contract was requested by an individual and denied, we were asked to assist in getting the same records. Our Freedom of Information Act request was granted and we find the Dominion Voting Systems encouragements to avoid transparency very troubling.

00:39 01:34

TRENDING: INSANE: Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Banning the Term "China Virus"

From the Contract:

  • 8. Customer shall take any and all action necessary or appropriate to assert all applicable or potentially applicable exemptions from disclosure under the FOIA Statute and take all other legally permissible steps to resist disclosure of the Information including, without limitation, commencement or defense of any legal actions related to such disclosure. In the event Customer receives a request for Information under the FOIA Statute, Customer shall inform Dominion of such request within ten (10) days of Customer's knowledge or such shorter period as necessary under the FOIA Statute to avoid prejudice to Dominion's ability to oppose disclosure , Dominion shall use its best efforts to assist and support Customer's exercise of any statutory exemption in denying a records request under the Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140/1 et seq.). In the event that Customer becomes subject to fines, costs or fees pursuant to Section 11 of the Freedom of Information Act (5 ICLS 140/11) relying upon Dominion's claim that the information requested is exempt, Dominion shall indemnify Customer for those fines, fees and costs, notwithstanding any other provisions In this agreement. In the event Customer is required by court order to disclose any of the Information, Customer shall give written notice to Dominion at the earlier as soon as reasonably practical after tile imposition of such an order.

Advertisement - story continues below

There are exemptions under FOIA regarding trade secrets and we understand such exemptions and their applicability to certain information. However, the language in this contract focuses on encouraging, in fact, instructing the County that they " shall " take any and all action necessary or appropriate to assert " potentially applicable exemptions from disclosure " and to take all other legally permissible steps to resist disclosure of the information.

Read the rest here .

[Jan 27, 2021] Part of the reason the establishment ushered Trump into the race in 2016, apart from thinking that would guarantee Clinton a win, was the intention to socially/culturally marginalize the "Deplorables" and crush their morale when their "champion" was brutally humiliated by losing the election bigly

Notable quotes:
"... Blatantly frauding the election against Trump wasn't enough and they have to hold show trials and even label the "Deplorables" as terrorists to get back to where they expected to be after the election in 2016. This is why the establishment feels they have to go forward with the second impeachment, and it is why the public is being treated to the spectacle of hysterical, over-the-top hyperbole from the establishment mass media about the threat of imaginary white supremacists and Capitol building insurrectionists. ..."
"... If Trump WAS a "champion" of the right he would've mauled the establishment via prosecutions (that never came) and true 'America First' actions. Instead, we see Biden just picking up where Trump left off. ..."
Jan 27, 2021 |

William Gruff , Jan 26 2021 19:30 utc | 24

vinnieoh @14

Part of the reason the establishment ushered Trump into the race in 2016, apart from thinking that would guarantee Clinton a win, was the intention to socially/culturally marginalize the "Deplorables" and crush their morale when their "champion" was brutally humiliated by losing the election bigly. Though Trump winning against all expectations set back the establishment's plans for rolling out its more "inclusive" formulation of capitalist exploitation, they are now fully committed to picking up the pieces of their plans and trying to run with them as if the previous four years never happened.

The only difference in their plans is that Trump actually was president, so the establishment has to work much harder at shaming and humiliating the "Deplorables" into subjugation.

Blatantly frauding the election against Trump wasn't enough and they have to hold show trials and even label the "Deplorables" as terrorists to get back to where they expected to be after the election in 2016. This is why the establishment feels they have to go forward with the second impeachment, and it is why the public is being treated to the spectacle of hysterical, over-the-top hyperbole from the establishment mass media about the threat of imaginary white supremacists and Capitol building insurrectionists.

Of course the establishment's plans will not work any better now than they did in 2016, but it should be fun to watch them continue to cluelessly flounder about.

Jackrabbit , Jan 26 2021 20:51 utc | 42

William Gruff @Jan26 19:30 #24

Part of the reason the establishment ushered Trump into the race in 2016, apart from thinking that would guarantee Clinton a win ...

Firstly, "the establishment" is very broad. I think those who "select" the President is a much narrower group of power people and the interests they represent. If there's one thing that they have in common, it is this: their outlook is EMPIRE-FIRST, and the interests they represent benefit from the Empire.

The Presidency is the lynchpin of the Empire.

There's evidence that Hillary was meant to lose to Trump:

  1. as sheepdog, Bernie all but guaranteed that Hillary would win the Democratic nomination;
  2. Hillary, a seasoned campaigner made egregious "mistakes" that angered key voter groups - mistakes that no seasoned campaigner in a 'must win' campaign would do: she snubbed blacks (she was very cold to BLM); alienated progressives (bringing Debra Wasserman-Schultz into her campaign); and declared that non-progressive whites were "deplorables."

    In the closing weeks of the campaign, she also refused to campaign in the THREE STATES that SHE KNEW would decide the election.

  3. After Russia stood up to USA in Syria and Ukraine, Kissinger wrote a WSJ Op-Ed (August 2014) that all but called for MAGA! He argued for a return to America's global leadership/dominance. 10 months later Trump entered the race as the ONLY MAGA! candidate.
... was the intention to socially/culturally marginalize the "Deplorables" and crush their morale when their "champion" was brutally humiliated ...

But Trump was hardly a "champion" of the Tea Party Republicans in 2015-16. He was just a billionaire poser that was paying lip service to them. Many weren't sure they could trust him but he was sure as hell better than Hillary. The popular right's embrace of Trump mostly came after the election as propaganda from Qanon and others spun every action of Trump's as heroically fighting the good fight.

The only difference in their plans is that Trump actually was president ...

And therein lies the rub! If Trump WAS a "champion" of the right he would've mauled the establishment via prosecutions (that never came) and true 'America First' actions. Instead, we see Biden just picking up where Trump left off.


[Jan 26, 2021] Dominion sues Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani for $1.3 billion over election fraud claims

Looks like Dominion now can capitalize on Jan 6 events...
Notable quotes:
"... The lawsuit was filed in the Federal District Court in Washington, DC on Monday. The massive 107-page document lists over 50 statements from Giuliani which he made on Twitter, his podcast, in the media, and during legislative hearings about Dominion – one of the largest companies selling voting machines used in the US. ..."
"... To illustrate the damage presumably done by Giuliani, the lawsuit provides a long list of screenshots from assorted internet uses, primarily from Twitter, fuming at Dominion and accusing it of facilitating the election "steal." The voting machines and sharp spikes in vote counts in favor of Joe Biden, widely attributed to the system, have been among the centerpieces of conspiracy theories for the pro-Trump crowd in the aftermath of the turbulent election. ..."
"... The lawsuit also highlights Giuliani's role in the January 6 Capitol Hill riot, accusing him of stirring up the violence. The document quotes Giuliani's address at the pro-Trump rally shortly before the violence, when he urged supporters to engage in "trial by combat." ..."
Jan 25, 2021 |
Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani is being sued by Dominion Voting Systems over claims of fraud during the 2020 US presidential election. The company is seeking $1.3 billion in compensatory and punitive damages.

The lawsuit was filed in the Federal District Court in Washington, DC on Monday. The massive 107-page document lists over 50 statements from Giuliani which he made on Twitter, his podcast, in the media, and during legislative hearings about Dominion – one of the largest companies selling voting machines used in the US.

Giuliani, like many other prominent supporters of former President Donald Trump, has repeatedly pointed the finger at the company as one of the main culprits behind Trump's election loss. Dominion has been accused of being part of an alleged plot to fix the election in favor of the Democrats, which, alongside mass mail-in voting, allegedly facilitated the "steal" of Trump's presumed 'victory'.

Dominion has accused Giuliani of waging a "viral disinformation campaign" and repeatedly producing "defamatory falsehoods" about it. It also claimed the allegedly false statements from Trump's lawyer have stirred up a storm of death threats against its employees.

To illustrate the damage presumably done by Giuliani, the lawsuit provides a long list of screenshots from assorted internet uses, primarily from Twitter, fuming at Dominion and accusing it of facilitating the election "steal." The voting machines and sharp spikes in vote counts in favor of Joe Biden, widely attributed to the system, have been among the centerpieces of conspiracy theories for the pro-Trump crowd in the aftermath of the turbulent election.

The lawsuit also highlights Giuliani's role in the January 6 Capitol Hill riot, accusing him of stirring up the violence. The document quotes Giuliani's address at the pro-Trump rally shortly before the violence, when he urged supporters to engage in "trial by combat."

The company is seeking at least $1.3 billion in compensatory and punitive damages from Giuliani, demanding a trial by jury, according to the court documents.

The lawsuit against Giuliani largely resembles the one against another pro-Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell, filed by the company earlier this month. Powell has been accused of waging a "viral disinformation campaign" as well, with Dominion seeking the same eye-watering sum of 1.3 billion in damages from her.

Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!

See also

FelixTcat 8 hours ago 25 Jan, 2021 02:48 PM

"Election results in a county in Michigan had to be corrected to show that President Trump won by nearly 2,000 votes after voting software gave 6,000 of his votes to Biden ." Which probably never would have been check if Antrim County wasn't such a Red county. Hard to find fraud when you refuse to look for it.
LeRuscino2 Sue Brown 11 hours ago 25 Jan, 2021 11:08 AM
Exactly - Scream & shout 1st like MH-17 & when it's settled & Guiliani wins nobody will know or even remember.
Banalucki 3 hours ago 25 Jan, 2021 07:46 PM
so classic americana - the business that created an electronic voting "process" that eliminates chain of custody protection, signatures and voter ID is suing Rudy for "fraud"...
Thomas51 2 hours ago 25 Jan, 2021 08:26 PM
Political actions of any lawyer should bear consequences
VonnDuff1 2 hours ago 25 Jan, 2021 08:01 PM
SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Policy) and nothing more. Unless you throw in Kangaroo Courts with Monkey Judges.
Trekker 8 hours ago 25 Jan, 2021 02:36 PM
Good to put Giuliani away once and for all for all the damage he has caused.
GottaBeMe Skeptic076 7 hours ago 25 Jan, 2021 03:39 PM
They'll have to audit the computer code finally. And they'll have to do it using machines in swing states that haven't been touched since November. Otherwise it's them saying one thing, Giuliani saying something else.
Pete Wagner 7 hours ago 25 Jan, 2021 03:11 PM
I guess that means they've destroyed all the damning evidence and have their judge briefed, paid off, and ready to rule.
Sue Brown 12 hours ago 25 Jan, 2021 10:53 AM
Typical USA style, don't defend yourself . . . when wronged = SUE!!!!
Enki14 9 hours ago 25 Jan, 2021 01:54 PM
Methinks this is a publicity stunt as they would not want a jury of Powell's peers to see the evidence Patrick Byrne PH.D. has amassed and the hundreds of witnesses that would be called to testify on Powell's behalf. Methinks they managed to destroy the evidence on their hard drives and thus feel the evidence would be viewed as circumstantial. However the pathways are real, were tracked and saved.

[Jan 25, 2021] Yep, there's a real anticapitalist revolutionary firebrand, all right.

Notable quotes:
"... Let's see, Sanders's net worth is how much again? And, let's see, after The Machine denied him the Dem nomination in both 2016 and 2020, it took him how long to endorse and sign on and generally drop trou, bend over, and grab his aged ankles? ..."
"... Yep, there's a real anticapitalist revolutionary firebrand, all right. ..."
"... I agree with Reactionary Utopian's view of Sanders, who revealed himself to be a grovelling lackey of the establishment with the way he campaigned for the harpy, signed on to the absurd anti-Russian propaganda initiative, and showed that he was only controlled opposition. The fact is, the propaganda combined with the fraud, perfected as a result of the medico-fascism discussed by Hopkins enabled the steal. The usage of the provocation discussed in the main article completed the consolidation of what is a new model of a fascist regime. This followed Goebbels' playbook usage of the Reichstag fire provocation as the Nazi regime was consolidating power. ..."
Jan 25, 2021 |

Brás Cubas , says: January 24, 2021 at 6:27 pm GMT • 1.4 days ago

Back in 2016, the American people, sick to the gills of global capitalism and its increasingly oppressive woke ideology, elected an unauthorized, narcissistic ass-clown to the highest office in the land.

Well, if the American people had really been sick of global capitalism they would have voted for Sanders. He may not be perfect, but he made a lot more sense as an anti-capitalist candidate than Trump. Trump has done nothing to curb global capitalism during his administration. Being narcissistic and clownish is probably of minor importance and beside the point, and bringing it up seems more like obfuscation. Trump was the status quo every bit as much as Hillary. He was demonized for one simple reason: there are two parties in America. And Trump didn't make it especially hard for them.

Reactionary Utopian , says: Website January 24, 2021 at 7:39 pm GMT • 1.3 days ago
@Brás Cubas

Well, if the American people had really been sick of global capitalism they would have voted for Sanders. He may not be perfect, but he made a lot more sense as an anti-capitalist candidate than Trump.

Ah, thanks, I needed a good laugh today. Let's see, Sanders's net worth is how much again? And, let's see, after The Machine denied him the Dem nomination in both 2016 and 2020, it took him how long to endorse and sign on and generally drop trou, bend over, and grab his aged ankles?

Yep, there's a real anticapitalist revolutionary firebrand, all right.

exiled off mainstreet , says: January 25, 2021 at 12:50 am GMT • 1.1 days ago

I agree with Bras Cubas that if the American people were really sick of global capitalism they would have voted for Sanders. The fact is, they did, and the methods of fraud developed to deprive Sanders of his victory were a sort of rehearsal of the methods used to sideline Trump. There was quite a bit of fraud in 2016; ballot harvesting, and the manipulation of postal votes, etc. but Trump unexpectedly did too well for it to work. They also did not have the virus as an excuse to go full monty on the fraud.

I agree with Reactionary Utopian's view of Sanders, who revealed himself to be a grovelling lackey of the establishment with the way he campaigned for the harpy, signed on to the absurd anti-Russian propaganda initiative, and showed that he was only controlled opposition. The fact is, the propaganda combined with the fraud, perfected as a result of the medico-fascism discussed by Hopkins enabled the steal. The usage of the provocation discussed in the main article completed the consolidation of what is a new model of a fascist regime. This followed Goebbels' playbook usage of the Reichstag fire provocation as the Nazi regime was consolidating power.

Kudos again to Hopkins on this article and all of the preceding ones. As an additional fact, we should discuss the mask deal. It is the first time in history that any regime of any description has actually restricted the right to breathe, which at the end of the day is limiting the right to live. The present regime for that reason seems even more odious than the Nazi regime in that aspect.

Curmudgeon , says: January 25, 2021 at 6:59 pm GMT • 7.9 hours ago
@Johnny Walker Read

P.S. Bernie was a rabid socialist(communist), and many in America wanted no part of that.

Sanders is neither socialist nor communist. He's a con man. The overwhelming majority of dumbed down America thinks socialism is communism, and actually think that finance capitalism is friendly to them.

[Jan 25, 2021] The Democrats' First Bill of 2021 Is to Lock In Fraudulent Election Maneuvers and Steal Elections in Perpetuity

Jan 25, 2021 |

Democrats introduce their first bill in the House: H.R.1 – The bill that will destroy America. Nationwide mail-in voting, banning restrictions on ballot harvesting, banning voter ID, criminal voters,DC Statehood roadwork, it's all in here.

1) Internet-only registration with electronic signature submission.

Advertisement - story continues below

"(a) Requiring Availability Of Internet For Online Registration. -- Each State, acting through the chief State election official, shall ensure that the following services are available to the public at any time on the official public websites of the appropriate State and local election officials in the State, in the same manner and subject to the same terms and conditions as the services provided by voter registration agencies under section 7(a):

"(1) Online application for voter registration.

2) Banning the requirement to provide a full SSN for voter registration.

SEC. 1005. PROHIBITING STATE FROM REQUIRING APPLICANTS TO PROVIDE MORE THAN LAST 4 DIGITS OF SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. (a) Form Included With Application For Motor Vehicle Driver's License. -- Section 5(c)(2)(B)(ii) of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (52 U.S.C. 20504(c)(2)(B)(ii)) is amended by striking the semicolon at the end and inserting the following: ", and to the extent that the application requires the applicant to provide a Social Security number, may not require the applicant to provide more than the last 4 digits of such number;".

3) Nationwide 'Motor Voter' registration.

Advertisement - story continues below

Note that motor voter registration is how thousands of illegal became registered voters in California and Nevada.

(2) DEFINITION. -- The term "automatic registration" means a system that registers an individual to vote in elections for Federal office in a State, if eligible, by electronically transferring the information necessary for registration from government agencies to election officials of the State so that, unless the individual affirmatively declines to be registered, the individual will be registered to vote in such elections.

4) 16 year olds required to be registered to vote.

(d) Treatment Of Individuals Under 18 Years Of Age. -- A State may not refuse to treat an individual as an eligible individual for purposes of this part on the grounds that the individual is less than 18 years of age at the time a contributing agency receives information with respect to the individual, so long as the individual is at least 16 years of age at such time. Nothing in the previous sentence may be construed to require a State to permit an individual who is under 18 years of age at the time of an election for Federal office to vote in the election.

Advertisement - story continues below

5) Nationwide same-day registration.

"(1) REGISTRATION. -- Each State shall permit any eligible individual on the day of a Federal election and on any day when voting, including early voting, is permitted for a Federal election --

"(A) to register to vote in such election at the polling place using a form that meets the requirements under section 9(b) of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (or, if the individual is already registered to vote, to revise any of the individual's voter registration information); and

"(B) to cast a vote in such election.

Advertisement - story continues below

6) Grants ($25M) for using minors in election activities.

(1) IN GENERAL. -- The Election Assistance Commission (hereafter in this section referred to as the "Commission") shall make grants to eligible States to enable such States to carry out a plan to increase the involvement of individuals under 18 years of age in public election activities in the State.

7) More children voters.

"(k) Acceptance Of Applications From Individuals Under 18 Years Of Age. --

Advertisement - story continues below

"(1) IN GENERAL. -- A State may not refuse to accept or process an individual's application to register to vote in elections for Federal office on the grounds that the individual is under 18 years of age at the time the individual submits the application, so long as the individual is at least 16 years of age at such time.

8) Prohibiting attempts to clean voter rolls of non-residents.

It's this whole section, but in particular, this part below basically says nobody is allowed to request voter rolls to be cleaned up. ie: making it illegal to do what Tom Fitton was doing.

"(1) REQUIREMENTS FOR CHALLENGES. -- No person, other than a State or local election official, shall submit a formal challenge to an individual's eligibility to register to vote in an election for Federal office or to vote in an election for Federal office unless that challenge is supported by personal knowledge regarding the grounds for ineligibility which is --

Advertisement - story continues below

9) Murderers and rapists can vote.

(1) NOTIFICATION. -- On the date determined under paragraph (2), each State shall notify in writing any individual who has been convicted of a criminal offense under the law of that State that such individual has the right to vote in an election for Federal office pursuant to the Democracy Restoration Act of 2021 and may register to vote in any such election and provide such individual with any materials that are necessary to register to vote in any such election.

10) Mandatory early voting.

Note that I personally like early voting in Florida, but putting it here anyway.

Advertisement - story continues below

"(1) IN GENERAL. -- Each State shall allow individuals to vote in an election for Federal office during an early voting period which occurs prior to the date of the election, in the same manner as voting is allowed on such date.



"(a) Uniform Availability Of Absentee Voting To All Voters. --

Advertisement - story continues below

"(1) IN GENERAL. -- If an individual in a State is eligible to cast a vote in an election for Federal office, the State may not impose any additional conditions or requirements on the eligibility of the individual to cast the vote in such election by absentee ballot by mail.


"(A) PROHIBITING IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENT AS CONDITION OF OBTAINING BALLOT. -- A State may not require an individual to provide any form of identification as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot, except that nothing in this paragraph may be construed to prevent a State from requiring a signature of the individual or similar affirmation as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot.

"(B) PROHIBITING REQUIREMENT TO PROVIDE NOTARIZATION OR WITNESS SIGNATURE AS CONDITION OF OBTAINING OR CASTING BALLOT. -- A State may not require notarization or witness signature or other formal authentication (other than voter attestation) as a condition of obtaining or casting an absentee ballot.

Advertisement - story continues below


"(A) shall permit a voter to designate any person to return a voted and sealed absentee ballot to the post office, a ballot drop-off location, tribally designated building, or election office so long as the person designated to return the ballot does not receive any form of compensation based on the number of ballots that the person has returned and no individual, group, or organization provides compensation on this basis; and

"(B) may not put any limit on how many voted and sealed absentee ballots any designated person can return to the post office, a ballot drop off location, tribally designated building, or election office.

12) Banning voter ID.

Advertisement - story continues below

"(1) IN GENERAL. -- Except as provided in subsection (c), if a State has in effect a requirement that an individual present identification as a condition of receiving and casting a ballot in an election for Federal office, the State shall permit the individual to meet the requirement --

"(A) in the case of an individual who desires to vote in person, by presenting the appropriate State or local election official with a sworn written statement, signed by the individual under penalty of perjury, attesting to the individual's identity and attesting that the individual is eligible to vote in the election; or

13) Roadwork for DC statehood and territory statehood.

The whole subtitle.

[Jan 25, 2021] The illusion of democracy will return and the booboise will once again be permitted their panem et circenses sportsball matches, concerts, pubs, as long as GloboCap feels convinced that those things will no longer be fertile ground for spreading populism.

Jan 25, 2021 |

Hockeyguy , says: January 25, 2021 at 9:27 pm GMT • 5.4 hours ago

I suspect that GloboCap will eventually – and in a very controlled fashion – allow some normalcy to resume, once they're finished with the lesson of Covid lockdowns and once they're convinced that the "domestic terrorist" propaganda is sufficiently internalized by enough people to sustain a subtle but pervasive level of distrust, paranoia, and suppression of dissent.

Thus, the illusion of democracy will return and the booboise will once again be permitted their panem et circenses – sportsball matches, concerts, pubs, in-person schooling, and art fairs – as long as GloboCap feels convinced that those things will no longer be fertile ground for spreading populism.

The carrot will return, but the stick will now always be hanging like the sword of Damocles.

[Jan 25, 2021] Again and again America commits naked aggression against distant countries while shouting "Democracy!" Totally fake, pure propaganda, making Goebbels look like a child.

Jan 25, 2021 |

Ann Nonny Mouse , says: Website January 25, 2021 at 1:54 am GMT • 1.0 days ago

I see occasional mentions of Goebbels, and his words about propaganda, like this from you, Hoppy.

But Goebbels was just a baby in his mother's arms relative to our voter "democracy" for which, unlike the original Athenian democracy, which beyond general assembly had representatives elected by lot, has representatives elected by voters who are already victims of propaganda.

The word "democracy" as used today it itself pure propaganda. Again and again America commits naked aggression against distant countries while shouting "Democracy!" Totally fake, pure propaganda, making Goebbels look like a child.

[Jan 24, 2021] As I recall in 2016 Jill Stein had both audits and recounts beginning two weeks after the election.

Notable quotes:
"... One of the authors cited Wall Street, banks and voting as examples of guaranteed fraud, because it's so easy – naive stupidity on our part knows no bounds. That includes me! It all took place under CIA watch! ..."
Nov 30, 2020 |

Old and Grumpy , says: Next New Comment November 18, 2020 at 3:50 pm GMT • 4.1 days ago

So what? Has there been any legal action actually being done against Dominion and the election? How about some simple audited vote recounting? As I recall in 2016 Jill Stein had both audits and recounts beginning two weeks after the election. Donald Trump hasn't done anything other than golf.

Whining is just meant to stir us up because the deep staters really want the right white wing to go hot. Can you imagine how sad they would be if their planned color flag revolution violent stage mean't they would have to kill off some of their miscreant human assets? All that work down the drain because of some damn stubborn white people.

For the record, I really want to be wrong on this.

Crush Limbraw , says: Website Next New Comment November 18, 2020 at 4:33 pm GMT • 4.1 days ago

First, I want to thank a commenter on another site last week who provided a link to Gary North's report on computerized electoral fraud – talk about making ballot stuffing easy and hard to prove!

So I posted this thread in DaLimbraw Library – – it shows that it goes back decades to the 60's. In fact, DaBastahds who understood computer systems were salivating to start computerized voting fraud almost immediately and improved their techniques constantly to this day.

Shit, any dummy with basic coding skills could probably do it! North has documented examples.

One whistleblower, for example, asserts that Pat Buchanan was gypped in the 96 AZ primary in favor of Dole – computerized 'glitches'?

We've all heard 'Garbage in-garbage out' – if you think about it, considering the intelligence of the average voting dumbquat, it would be impossible NOT to have computerized fraud – undetected!

Most of us trust those screens we stare at – forgetting totally that we're being programmed to trust them – while being manipulated.

Did you ever notice the 'coincidence' of computer dependent fraud in three institutions?

One of the authors cited Wall Street, banks and voting as examples of guaranteed fraud, because it's so easy – naive stupidity on our part knows no bounds. That includes me! It all took place under CIA watch!

follyofwar , says: Next New Comment November 18, 2020 at 4:39 pm GMT • 4.1 days ago
@Old and Grumpy

How can you conduct a successful audit or recount when the secret ballots were separated from the envelops they came in when they were opened? There is no way to tell who the individual voters voted for. That's why democrats insisted on mail-in ballots, using the (deadly?) corona virus as their excuse. It seems that voting at the polls on election day is for republican chumps. BTW, Jill Stein's recounts in 2016 went nowhere.

[Jan 24, 2021] Rand Paul Slams Stephanopoulos In Sunday Spat Over Election Integrity

Notable quotes:
"... "The debate over whether or not there was fraud should occur. We never had any presentation in court where we ever looked at the evidence..." ..."
"... '75% of Republicans want to look at election integrity,' Paul responds. Stephanopoulos responds by saying that those 75% agree with him because they were "fed a big lie" from the President. ..."
"... Paul pushed back, telling Stephanopoulos: "You immediately say everything's a lie instead of saying there's two sides to everything. Historically what would happen is if I said I thought there was fraud, you'd interview someone else who said there wasn't. But now you insert yourself in the middle and say that the absolute fact is that everything I'm saying is a lie." ..."
"... You gotta ask the question of Rand here though, even as a lone voice of reason that Rand Paul is he and the Trump supporting Senators failed the Republic. They needed to push forward and introduce the Election Fraud evidence after the Jan. 6 planned interruption of the evidence hearing. Why didn't the Election fraud evidence get its day in front of Congress? The Fraud needed to be part of the historical record, and it was not. ..."
"... South Philly judge of elections admits he took bribes to stuff the ballot box for Democratic candidates ..."
"... The problem is that there are only a few decent human beings in the Republic leadership who are not entirely in the pocket of the RNC, which is entirely in the pocket of the globalists. ..."
"... The MSM has given up the pretense of being journalists. They are full-fledged propagandist attack dogs and proud of it. ..."
Jan 24, 2021 |

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) took to ABC on Sunday morning with George Stephanopoulos to discuss election integrity of the 2020 election, in a discussion which immediately devolved into an inquisition during which Paul was repeatedly pressed to disavow clams that the election was stolen.

Paul not only pushed back -- he put Stephanopoulos in his place, accusing the host of 'inserting yourself in the middle' and 'forgetting who you are as a journalist.'

Stephanopoulos began by asking Paul to admit the "election was not stolen" -- to which Paul responded by saying "The debate over whether or not there was fraud should occur. We never had any presentation in court where we ever looked at the evidence..."

Paul continued: "There were several states in which the law was changed by the Secretary of State and not the state legislature. To me those are clearly unconstitutional and I think there's still a chance those do finally work their way up to the Supreme Court."

"No election is perfect," Stephanopoulos shot back , telling Paul there were "86 challenges filed by President Trump, all were dismissed". As Paul tries to argue that many cases were dismissed for lack of standing and not due to examination of evidence, Stephanopoulos responds: " Can't you just say the words 'this election wasn't stolen'? "

'75% of Republicans want to look at election integrity,' Paul responds. Stephanopoulos responds by saying that those 75% agree with him because they were "fed a big lie" from the President.

Paul pushed back, telling Stephanopoulos: "You immediately say everything's a lie instead of saying there's two sides to everything. Historically what would happen is if I said I thought there was fraud, you'd interview someone else who said there wasn't. But now you insert yourself in the middle and say that the absolute fact is that everything I'm saying is a lie."

"You're saying there's no fraud and it's all been investigated and that's just not true," Paul continues, with Stephanopoulos arguing at the same time. Paul then goes into specifics, detailing irregularities in states in like Wisconsin. "I plan on spending the next two years going around, state to state, fixing these problems," Paul continues. "Let's have an open debate. It's a free country!"

"There has been no thorough examination of all states to see what problems we had and see if we could fix them," Paul says, responding to Stephanopoulos' claims that Bill Barr pronounced there was "no widespread election fraud".

"There's two sides to every story," Paul says. "Interview someone on the other side, but don't insert yourself into the story to say we're all liars."

"You're forgetting who you are as a journalist if you think there's only one side," Paul says. "A journalist would hear both sides and there are two sides to this story."

You can watch the entire 6 minute exchange here:

Election integrity aside, Paul has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration in recent days . On Saturday, we noted Paul's interview with Fox host Sean Hannity, where he pummeled the Biden administration's decision to push for a $15 minimum wage increase that could put 4 million people out of work - leading the Kentucky Republican to exclaim:

"'Why does Joe Biden hate Black teenagers?' ... Why does Joe Biden want to destroy all of these jobs?"

Paul comments come amid ramblings from various leftist economists who insist that there's no impact on employment from such a drastic minimum wage hike...

...common sense (and historical experience) for anyone who has ever run an actual business is that raising costs on the lowest-skilled workers in your organization will ripple all the way up, forcing either higher prices to the end-user (eradicating the 'living wage' improvement) and or forcing layoffs as management hold margins and reduce costs (the least-skilled first).

Historically speaking, the black unemployment rate is twice that of whites , while minimum wage increases - as we've shown repeatedly over the last week - correlate with spikes in job losses just about every single time.

That's not an "alternative" fact, that's the awkward reality of 'unintended consequences' from nanny-state intervention write large for the last 70 years.

Paul also blasted Biden for canceling the Keystone XL oil pipeline:

"It's kind of a strange beginning to an administration," Paul said. "You're going to put your best foot forward and the first thing you say is, 'This is how I'm going to kill jobs' ... 'I'm going to kill thousands of jobs of the Keystone pipeline with ending it.'"

You can watch that full interview here:

various2 1 hour ago

Nobody disputes billionaires conspiracy election fraud to destroy political nationalism...

sgt_doom 16 minutes ago (Edited)

ELECTION INTEGRITY: The Great American Myth

Background: Fractional Magic (Bev Harris and Bennie Smith explain GEMS software, still used in Dominion Voting Systems)


Data scientists explain what went down in Georgia and Pennsylvania


The media view: watching ballot numbers flip on TV


State--level criticism:

Explanation : There are multiple ways to commit election fraud using Dominion systems but the most efficient manner is the full spectrum two-step process.

First at the adjudication step -- effectively covered in the data scientists' presentation on Georgia video -- massive ballot flipping and with the previous ballot images deleted, no trail remains.

Secondly at the tabulator stage (GEMS software, covered in detail in the Fractional Magic video) ----- so ballots which were not adjudicated, and in some counties 90% went to the adjudication process, proceeded to the tabulation step where they could be fractionalized.

Boing_Snap 20 minutes ago

You gotta ask the question of Rand here though, even as a lone voice of reason that Rand Paul is he and the Trump supporting Senators failed the Republic. They needed to push forward and introduce the Election Fraud evidence after the Jan. 6 planned interruption of the evidence hearing. Why didn't the Election fraud evidence get its day in front of Congress? The Fraud needed to be part of the historical record, and it was not.

nmewn 2 hours ago (Edited)

George Stephanopoulos: "There was not enough fraud to..."

Oh. So thats how the Leftardian brain works! Thank you Georgie boi. You now admit to voter fraud whereby legitimate votes were cancelled out by the fraud but it is your opinion that there was not enough fraud for it to matter. Never again do I want to hear this little runt of the litter yapping "Every vote matters!"

Feck Weed 2 hours ago

That's the fallback, the "widespread" qualifier.

Cheapie 1 hour ago

Yes, "Mostly honest election."

dark_matter 15 minutes ago

Just like mostly peaceful protestors as the buildings burn.

Zero-Hegemon 2 hours ago

Yes, "just enough" fraud to cover for Traitor Joe, but NOT ENOUGH to warrant a look into the allegations. You got his number.

Samual Vimes 2 hours ago

South Philly judge of elections admits he took bribes to stuff the ballot box for Democratic candidates

Huxley's Ghost 1 hour ago

Public schools have zero tolerance for 'bullying' (that definition has been broadened to irrelevance) or acting out for grade schools kids who barely have the ability to control themselves... but SOME election fraud is ok. Shining examples of values-driven integrity.

FluTangClan 2 hours ago

Stephanopoulos is Bill Clinton's lapdog. He's not a journalist. He's a democratic party operative and always has been. He's a warmonger dwarf. He was there for banging interns with cigars. He was there for Vince Foster...

Samual Vimes 2 hours ago

Samual Vimes 1 hour ago

Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots

Samual Vimes 1 hour ago

A Running Compendium Of Fraud Charges In Election 2020

LetThemEatRand 2 hours ago

I would say Rand Paul is one of the few Republicans who is not corrupted. He's not perfect either, but he seems to be one of a handful who tries to do something he promised to his voters. As you point out, the problem isn't that there are a few RINOs. The problem is that there are only a few decent human beings in the Republic leadership who are not entirely in the pocket of the RNC, which is entirely in the pocket of the globalists.

Jim in MN 2 hours ago

Wards 1 and 2, all districts, 'normal' results with Trump around 5-15% (he officially won 12% of the black vote and 18% of the black male vote nationwide).

Ward 3 district 1.....and the next few hundred districts in Wards 3, 4, 5, etc.....98%+ D.

Stolen votes. Mostly black men's votes.

Then do Detroit. Same thing, a 'buffer page' or two of normal looking results and then bam 98+% D.

Simple corruption, simple cheating.

NOW we can talk about the chain of custody of the mail-in 'thingies' and the security of the electronic systems.....but only if you can admit the bald truth in the DNC machine cities.

Jim in MN 2 hours ago

Do it or STFU.

ebworthen 2 hours ago

The MSM has given up the pretense of being journalists. They are full-fledged propagandist attack dogs and proud of it.

Handful of Dust 2 hours ago (Edited)

One problem Georgie and his Demorat pals have, is the 100 million people who listened to the State Legislative hearings with Rudy where hundreds of witnesses came forward with credible evidence of fraud. Then there are the video segments of evidence of fraud. Then you have a dozen of the world's top forensic data people coming from all over including forensic teams from Wall Street who testified "there is zero probability Biden could have gotten those numbers."

Inconvenient facts that provide overwhelming proof of fraud. That's why Dems are still in a tizzy and have 50,000 soldiers and police protecting His Majesty Biden...but this is not going away from what Rand Paul says.

"Da peeples love me so much I need 15 platoons of soldiers for protection," Pol Pot yelled to the rabble below his bullet-proof, bomb-proof balcony.

Rattling Bones 2 hours ago

How come Stephanopoulos can't say the words 'there was no Russian collusion'?

Demologos 2 hours ago

He enjoys his nice fat paycheck for looking the other way.

That Old Magic 2 hours ago

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it ." ― Upton Sinclair

philmannwright 2 hours ago

George is not a journalist puhlease everyone knows that. He is the el chapito of the dem media

FluTangClan 2 hours ago

Thank you. He was on Bill Clinton's staff. He was a happy part of bombing Iraqi babies, bombing Yugoslavia, bombing phkn Sudan based on internet searches. He has zero credibility. His credibility is buried with Vince Foster.

adr 2 hours ago (Edited)

They can never allow the evidence to be presented because it is overwhelming proof of fraud. If there was no fraud, then there would be no harm in having evidence presented in court. The absolute proof of fraud is the number of adjudicated ballots. Were 68% of people in Georgia really incompetent enough to not know how to fill out a ballot.

The other irrefutable fact is that the state of PA did not follow an order from the US supreme court to separate ballots received after election day. Also in Philadelphia election officials destroyed the envelopes so they could not be matched with ballots.

Even if Biden really did win those two states, which he didn't, the actions of the election supervisors invalidated the election. The only recourse was to have a new election in disputed states.

headless blogger 1 hour ago (Edited)

Plus, Paul is not the best person to make the case for the American people on election integrity, as he isn't even an attorney. He can't debate the issue properly which allows the Psy-ops operators like Steph to out maneuver him.

People need FACTS, which so far the election integrity researchers are not providing in a logical and chronological format. The PSY OPS operation that pulled off the Coup, are smooth operators and are now able to clean up any loose ends with their media.

What needs to happen is an independent investigation that can present the findings in a way that people understand. As it is, they keep screaming election fraud, but aren't providing details in an orderly manner so nobody can really get a grip on what happened.....

....which is the hallmark of a psy-ops operation; they don't want you to be able to process what happened logically and chronologically.

yerfej 43 minutes ago

No, they have implemented a very good long term strategy to take over the positions of power. Academia is a good example where they own it and now have the ability to pollute minds rather than get students to look at all sides of the equation. That doesn't do anyone outside of the elites any good. Reality is its not a left vs. right thing, its the common people vs. the elites.

rkb100100 2 hours ago

"No election is perfect" - that'll be carved on the countries tombstone.

Lost in translation 1 hour ago

Blows my mind that people forget so quickly how he turned - or just overlook it - and continue in the foolish belief "Rand is one of the good guys!"

People reveal themselves in a crisis. Rand certainly did...

TruthAbsolute 1 hour ago

of course there was election fraud...and the democrats have set up a system that protects them well. All the way up to the judicial system and if not their judge then families are threaten. There is is no integrity in politics, these people are not honest or very, very few of them! They are not working for the people but ultimately for themselves and their life treasure chess! USA has become very Evil minded!

Jam 1 hour ago remove link

Nice to see Paul not backing down, someone in politics still has a backbone and can tell it like it is besides Trump.

[Jan 24, 2021] The burden of proof remains upon those claiming the election was honest to provide irrefutable evidence to support the claim

Jan 24, 2021 |

They should iether explain proven anomalies or shut up Jan 23, 2021

The burden of proof remains upon those claiming the election was honest to provide irrefutable evidence to support the claim.

Presidential vote fraud is immaterial, anyway, because the US Constitution empowers each State Legislature to assign Electoral College Electors any way they so choose. If State Legislatures choose their Electors according to the fake results from fake elections, that is their Constitutional right to do so. Even if the States pass laws to the contrary, if they choose not to prosecute their own lawbreaking, the outcome is the same: whatever the State Legislatures want or tolerate irregardless of votes from the People. Constitutionally, Presidential elections are decided by votes of the People for their respective State Legislators, you remember, those nameless, low-paid, locally elected State Representatives and State Senators. 1 0 Reply

Bill Beeby , Jan 23, 2021 9:41 AM

Trump was the perfect catalyst for this to happen it would seem and he is well out of it. Old Joe has some tough times ahead and compared to Trump he is a pushover.

[Jan 24, 2021] The world just witnessed TOTAL collusion between big business and a so called neoliebral government, right here in the USof A

Jan 24, 2021 |

Tannenhouser , Jan 23 2021 0:25 utc | 89

@83. The world just witnessed TOTAL collusion between big business and a so called left government, right here in the USof A. Did u really just come here and say fascism is from the right only. Wow dude yer seriously bent. Happy to be wrong. If u didnt say that then please explain what you ment.

[Jan 24, 2021] "Democracy Dies in Darkness" was not a warning. It is WaPo's mission statement.

Jan 24, 2021 |

T. Agee Kaye 1 day ago
22 Jan, 2021 07:29 PM

"Democracy Dies in Darkness" was not a warning. It is WaPo's mission statement.
Themisto 1 day ago 23 Jan, 2021 04:30 AM
Kamala is a courtesan for the powerful and WaPo a courtesan for Kamala. Nice team! :)
KarlthePoet Karbonerus_99 1 day ago 23 Jan, 2021 09:35 AM
Ironically, her middle name is Devi.
RealWorld1 1 day ago 23 Jan, 2021 06:37 AM
"Harris's personality is a work of fiction". Not only hers.

[Jan 24, 2021] It's John Brennan's Authoritarianism That Threatens 'Democracy'

Jan 24, 2021 |

Dogon Priest , Jan 24 2021 17:06 utc | 17

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It's John Brennan's Authoritarianism That Threatens 'Democracy'

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[Jan 24, 2021] The Illusion of Democracy- Government by the Rich for the Even Richer by Rod Driver

Jan 24, 2021 |

The Illusion of Democracy: Government by the Rich for the Even Richer Part 17 of 'Elephants in the room' series By Rod Driver Global Research, January 22, 2021 Region: Europe , USA Theme: History

"Democracy has little meaning when big business rules the life of the country through its control of the means of production, exchange, transportation, and communication, reinforced by command of the press, press agents and other means of publicity and propaganda". (US philosopher John Dewey(1))

Different systems of government have been tried in different countries over the years, but it is sometimes said that democracy is the least-worst method of running a country.(2) Democracy is supposed to mean 'rule by the people', where everyone has a say in how their country is run, and having real influence over decisions that affect their lives. In theory, everyone has an equal voice in shaping policy. There was a time, between approximately 1950-1970, that democracy in Britain and the US seemed to be working. In Britain the government created the National Health Service. The US made significant progress with civil rights. The gap between the rich and the poor (inequality) in both countries decreased tremendously. However, wealthy people and business leaders did not like the high taxes, which peaked at 98% in the UK, so they worked hard behind the scenes to change things. In the 1980s US President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher began a trend that is still continuing. They gave more and more power to big companies, and took less and less tax from the rich. Inequality in both countries has returned to levels that we have not seen since early last century,(3) and life for poor people has become harder and harder. This post and the next one will explain the main problems with US and British democracy.

Political Capture

In practice, it is not too difficult for wealthy and powerful people and organisations to create a system that gives the appearance of democracy but does not really give ordinary people much say. Having a vote once every few years is not genuine democracy if the candidates are too similar. In his book entitled 'Tragedy and Hope', Carroll Quigley explained that what America needed was a system where:

"The two parties should be almost identical so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy"(4)

This has been called 'faux' (false) democracy.(5) The US and Britain are good examples of this. The US has the Democratic and the Republican parties. Britain has the Labour and the Conservative parties. For some years now there has been little difference on key policies between the two main parties in each country.(6) Supposedly left-wing parties have moved further and further to the right. This means that many of their policies are intended to benefit big companies and the rich. The British parties became so similar that the former Labour leader, Tony Blair , and the former Conservative leader, David Cameron , were described as clones of each other.(7) In the US, Wikileaks released emails showing that the Democrats' Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton , was paid over $600,000 for 3 speeches to Goldman Sachs bankers explaining that her true policies, in favour of big business, and her public statements, are not the same.(8) This is called political capture.

In both countries there have also been few practical differences in foreign policy. In particular, both parties in each country have committed war crimes. The Russian leader, Stalin, said after World War Two that the Labour party were more conservative than the Conservatives when it came to preserving the British ruling class's interests abroad.(9) Iraq was destroyed when Labour were in power, Libya was destroyed when the Conservatives were in power. In the US, a former official of the National Security Agency compared US President Bush (Republican) and his staff to the Corleone mafia family from the movie The Godfather.(10) Obama (Democrat) was just as criminal and started multiple wars. The same applies to all recent presidents, whichever party they are from. Even President Carter (Democrat), who was thought to be much more moderate about foreign intervention, was President when Afghanistan was de-stabilised by the CIA in 1979, leading to the creation of al-Qaeda (see earlier post on terrorism).

The extent of political capture has recently become clearer, as evidence has shown that the people who run the UK Labour Party, and the people who run the US Democratic Party, deliberately worked against politicians who wanted a fairer society. In the US they rigged the internal elections to make sure that Bernie Sanders did not become their Presidential candidate. In Britain, Jeremy Corbyn successfully became the leader of the Labour Party, but insiders actively undermined him when he tried to become Prime Minister.

The existing form of government in the US should really be called plutocracy, which means a country governed by the wealthy. The same is true, to a slightly lesser extent, in Britain. Various commentators have indicated that the extreme form of capitalism we have today, known as neoliberalism, where excessive wealth is concentrated into a few hands, and the rich have significant influence over politics, is incompatible with genuine democracy.(11)

Companies write our laws

Many laws are heavily influenced by big companies. (This was discussed in the previous post on lobbying). Some laws are even written by corporate lawyers. As one commentator wrote about the US:

"Monsanto writes agricultural and food policy; ExxonMobil writes energy and foreign policy and Goldman Sachs writes financial policy for the federal government."(12)

Up until 2016 there was an attempt to create what was known as the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).(13) This was an immensely powerful set of regulations being made by, and for the benefit of, big business. This was described as a trade agreement, but it is more accurate to call it an agreement about the rights of investors. A key part of the TTIP is that an international company could sue a government because they might lose profits in the future due to new laws. The system would bypass existing legal systems, and be heard in a secret court that is heavily biased towards the companies. The effect of this would be to stop governments introducing new legislation to protect the environment, worker rights, safety standards or food standards. Public pressure stopped the TTIP, but similar rules already exist in some trade agreements, and they have seriously affected the ability of governments to regulate corporations. Corporate lobbyists will continue to pursue this type of agreement, which is intended to undermine democracy.

Labour's Lost Soul: Britain and the Labour Party Leadership Election

Regulatory Capture

Many senior regulators come from the companies that are being regulated. These people see the world from the point of view of those companies. In 2008 there was a global financial crisis. It became clear that banks were engaged in widespread fraudulent activity that created serious instability. The main financial regulators in Britain and the US did not see their role as 'policing' corrupt financiers. They saw their role as enabling financiers to achieve their goals. The government had deliberately structured the regulator in this way. Experts from business helped the government write the laws and regulations in the first place. This is known as regulatory capture. Following the crisis, it was widely expected that new laws would be introduced to limit the activities of banks and other financial companies. Whilst there have been some changes, rules that might seriously limit the ability of banks to defraud everyone have not been introduced.

In the US, up until 2017, the internet companies were regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). There was regular criticism of the FCC that it had been captured by the biggest companies that it was supposed to regulate.(14) Those companies successfully lobbied politicians to change the system so that in future, some parts of their business will be regulated by a different regulator that has significantly less power, and less expertise, than the FCC.(15) The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is notorious for failing to properly regulate pharmaceutical companies,(16) and Donald Trump re-structured the Environmental Protection Agency (FDA) deliberately to serve corporate interests.(17)

The propaganda role of the media in perpetuating the illusion of democracy

There have been a number of recent scandals in Britain where contributors making generous political donations were given honours, such as Knighthoods.(18) The media rightly criticised this. However, this is a good example of how media propaganda works. They criticise a trivial aspect of the system, but do not discuss the much deeper problems with the whole political system, which is much more important than the knighthoods.

Any observer of US politics can see that the two parties are extremely similar and that the elections in the US have become a form of theatre, where the media turn elections into an immense spectacle lasting for years, knowing that there is little difference between the two main parties on the key issues. The same is now true in Britain. The mainstream media play an essential role in 2 main ways. Firstly, they maintain the charade that we live in a genuine democracy and rarely discuss the problems with the system explained in these posts. Secondly, they destroy the reputations of anyone who challenges the system, such as Jeremy Corbyn or Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange, by repeatedly smearing them.


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This article was first posted at

Rod Driver is a part-time academic who is particularly interested in de-bunking modern-day US and British propaganda. This is the seventeenth in a series entitled Elephants In The Room, which attempts to provide a beginners guide to understanding what's really going on in relation to war, terrorism, economics and poverty, without the nonsense in the mainstream media.

[Jan 24, 2021] You can counter Trumpism only by ending the conditions which created it, not with authoritarian policies, by Caitlin Johnstone

Jan 24, 2021 |

The option of stopping the rise of Trumpism by changing the system has been taken off the table. Instead, people are being asked to debate the pros and cons of giving more powers to that same corrupt system which created Trump.

The US political/media class have been pushing hard for more authoritarian policies to stave off the threat of "domestic terrorism" in the wake of the Capitol riot. President Biden, who was already working on rolling out new domestic terrorism policies well before January 6, confirmed after the riot that he is making these new measures a priority. Political internet censorship is becoming increasingly normalized , anti-protest bills are being passed , and now we're seeing liberals encouraged to form "digital armies" to spy on Trump supporters to report them to the authorities.

And an amazingly large percentage of the US population seems to have no problem with any of this, even in sectors of the political spectrum that should really know better by now.

"What else can we do?" they reason. "What other solution could there possibly be to the threat of dangerous fascists and conspiracy theorists continuing to gain power and influence?"

Well there's a whole lot that can be done, and none of it includes consenting to sweeping new Patriot Act-like authoritarian measures or encouraging monopolistic Silicon Valley plutocrats to censor worldwide political speech. There's just a whole lot of mass-scale narrative manipulation going on to keep it from being obvious to everyone.

The way to stem the tide of Trumpism (or fascism, or white supremacism, or Trump cultism, or whatever term you use for what you're worried about here) is to eliminate the conditions which created it.

Trump was only able to launch his successful faux-populist campaign in the first place by exploiting the widespread pre-existing opinion that there was a swamp that needed draining, a corrupt political system whose leadership does not promote the interests of the people.

Conspiracy theories only exist because the government often does evil things and lies about them with the help of the mass media, forcing people to just guess what's happening behind the opaque wall of government secrecy.

People only get it in their heads that they need a trustworthy strongman to overhaul the system if the system has failed them.

People who are actually interested in ending Trumpism would be promoting an end to the corruption in the political system, an end to the opacity of their government, an end to their uniquely awful electoral system , and an end to the neoliberal policies which have been making Americans poorer and poorer with less and less support from the government which purports to protect them.

But these changes are not being promoted by the US political/media class, because the US political/media class speaks for an empire that depends on these things.

Without corruption, the plutocratic class couldn't use campaign donations and corporate lobbying to install and maintain politicians who will advance their interests.

Without government secrecy, the oligarchic empire could not conspire in secret to advance the military and economic agendas which form the glue that holds the empire together.

Without a lying mass media, people's consent could not be manufactured for wars and a system which does not serve their interests.

Without widespread poverty and domestic austerity, people could not be kept too busy and politically impotent to challenge the massive political influence of the plutocrats.

So the option of stopping the rise of Trumpism by changing the system is taken off the table, which is why you never hear it discussed as a possibility in mainstream circles. The only option people are being offered to debate the pros and cons of is giving more powers to that same corrupt system which created Trump, powers which will be under the control of the next Trumpian figure who is elevated by that very system.

You're not going to prevent fascism by creating a big authoritarian monster to stomp it into silence, and even if you could you would only be stopping the fascism by becoming the fascism. To stop the rise of fascism you need to actually change. Drastically. Believing you can just make it go away without changing your situation is like believing you can avert an oncoming train by putting your hands over your eyes.

There is no valid argument against what I am saying here. Saying the powerful won't allow any positive change is just confirming everything I'm saying and confirming the need to remove the powerful from power. Saying that ending corruption, government secrecy and injustice would just be giving the terrorists what they want would be turning yourself into a bootlicker of such cartoonish obsequiousness there aren't words in the English language adequate to mock you.

Yes, change is desperately needed. Yes, the powerful will resist that change with everything they have. But the alternative is letting them plunge the world into darkness and destruction. We're going to have to find a way to win this thing .

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

By Caitlin Johnstone, an independent journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her website is here and you can follow her on Twitter @caitoz

Paul Ericson 1 day ago 22 Jan, 2021 09:59 PM

Trumpism doesn't really exist, because Trump doesn't really subscribe to all the mythical traits his enemies claim for him. He did however expose the ground-level Americans' resentment of corporate USA and radical liberal USA working them over and wanting to make patsies of them. I'm quite happy to support a real Trumpism if it ever comes along, just as I support Putin. Neither are ideal but are at least appreciative of the instincts of the worker and the patriot.
jayjm1138 Paul Ericson 13 hours ago 23 Jan, 2021 03:33 PM
Very well stated. The so-called "Trumpism" was just people rallying around one figure who was outside of the establishment dictatorship. Trump was far from perfect, but he proved that the establishment will not tolerate anyone who goes even slightly against them. Those who did not support Trump have no right to complain about authoritarianism now. Trump warned them what was coming and they did not care.
Jewel Gyn 1 day ago 23 Jan, 2021 12:44 AM
Politics is about saying what voters want to hear but do otherwise after you won. This is bipartisan and folks must realise the policies are often not for people but to perpetrate the narratives disguised as pro US.

[Jan 22, 2021] Structural Crisis- Senate Threatens to Usurp Presidency, Constitution, and Will of the People by Leonard R. Jaffee

Jan 22, 2021 |

By 8 January 2021, Mitch McConnell had determined he would not permit the Senate to try Trump until 19 January 2021 or later. He ruled that the Senate could not convene for special session unless all 100 Senators formally agreed; he maintained that ruling consistently, through 19 January 2021. By 10 January 2021, House majority Whip James Clyburn suggested the House may not deliver articles of impeachment to the Senate until after Biden has been in Office 100 days.

Not until today, 20 January 2021, did Pelosi deliver articles of impeachment to the Senate. The same day, McConnell said: (a) the Senate will receive the House managers at noon ET Thursday, 21 January, when the managers will present and exhibit the articles; (b) at 2:00 PM 21 January, Chief Justice John Roberts will be escorted into the Senate chamber and swear in all senators; (c) the impeachment articles' trial will begin Tuesday, 26 January.

Until 20 or 21 January, the Senate majority would remain Republican; and a GOP-majority Senate would not only acquit Trump but also impeach, strongly, the articles of impeachment. So, why did Mitch McConnell block early Senate trial? Two possible intersecting reasons:

has said Trump fed the "mob" lies to provoke the mob to use violence to prevent Congress's certification of Biden's election.] (b) If trial occurs (as it will) when the Democrats control the Senate, a conviction might seem a Democrat-framed lynching -- not the GOP's traitorous assassination of Trump's "populism" and his political career.

I do not suggest such reasons are wise, logical, or even rational, but possibly real. McConnell is a crafty, dissembling, unscrupulous pseudo-aristocrat, but no Socrates or Aristotle.

"Liberal" and "moderate" Democrats, never-Trump Republicans,"The Squad, " the "Deep State" -- the nation's whole jumble of psychopathic and otherwise-psychically-ill "Elite," "woke," anti-"White"/anti-male/anti-meritocracy/sexually-deviant members -- all share one mantra : Trump and populism are evil, inimical to "Democracy" and the "culture," "morality," and "public interests" of the U.S. Populism must be extinguished. Never again may Trump "hold and enjoy any Office or honor, Trust or Profit under the United States" [U.S. Constitution Article I § 3 clause 7].

Why ought anyone care?

I voted twice for Trump, the second time (2020) merely because he was the lesser evil. In 2016, Trump promised more than a few moves that would have bettered the nation, e.g. ,

Trump meant and honored some promises -- at least partly. But others -- (a), (b), (f), (h), (i), and (k) -- were bad jokes. His Israel policy was evil. He railed against growing impairment of free speech. But his concern was mostly his own freedom of expression; and he failed to do anything substantial toward restoring the general public's freedom of speech. He continued, and worsened, Obama's persecution of Julian Assange and Bradley ["Chelsea"] Manning. Edward Snowden remains exiled. Trump has pardoned or commuted sentence of tens of nefarious criminals, but not Assange, Manning, or Snowden.

Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, George W Bush, and Obama supported the illegal "state" called Israel. But Trump lifted Israel-support, and, concomitantly, anti-Iran policy to insane levels. Trump's Israel-related domestic policy included design of blocking or impeding first-amendment-protected speech and assembly that opposes Israel's genocidal persecution of Palestinians. Trump rendered formal equation of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism and sought to outlaw the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement.

So, why ought we care whether, after Trump is not President, the Senate tries the articles of impeachment of Trump and rules that Trump shall not "hold and enjoy any Office or honor, Trust or Profit under the United States"? Why ought we care even whether simply the Senate tries the articles of impeachment but acquits Trump?

Trump's 2016 election suggested a true populist might become President -- not a closet "Elite," but one who would resist the Elites and the Deep State, not surround himself with snakes of the swamp. If the Senate tries Trump and rules that Trump shall not "hold and enjoy any Office or honor, Trust or Profit under the United States" because Trump and his supporters exercised their First Amendment freedom of speaking and assembling to support populism and protest a corrupt election, speech and assembly freedoms will cease and near-certainly no capable, electable populist will run for the Presidency.

But that consideration is subsumed in another, greater, more vital, fundamental concern. We have a federal Constitution. Every federal legislator and judge promises, by oath, not to act contrary to that Constitution. Every federal judge must promise this: "I solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me under the Constitution and laws of the United States."

... ... ...

anonymous [305] Disclaimer , says: January 21, 2021 at 3:44 pm GMT • 1.3 days ago

...You live in a totalitarian state with arbitrary power.

Your government has three branches: CIA, CIA, and CIA. They infest every other corner of your government with spies. Until you can accept this you will be an irrelevant muppet writing bullshit.

Just another serf , says: January 22, 2021 at 5:40 am GMT • 18.2 hours ago

Trump pardoned the following:

... ... ...
4. Every jew ever involved in health care fraud over the past 100 years

If you might be a Trump supporter, just stop. Trump was an incompetent fraud. And Biden (well his handlers really), will be very competent and will soon make you feel the sting of systemic punishment.

Everyone can claim some African ancestry. Suggest you get familiar with the process real quick

Dr. X , says: January 22, 2021 at 5:57 am GMT • 18.0 hours ago

Back in 1987, as a young political science major, my constitutional law professor made us attend a lecture by a visiting scholar on the 200th anniversary of the Constitutional Convention. I cannot remember who the lecturer was, but I do recall one phrase he used that has stuck in my mind ever since: the Constitution only works if we have a "constitutional frame of mind." In other words, the Constitution reflected the culture and the attitudes of its authors. Today, elites in both parties could give a damn about the Constitution. They simply ignore the Constitution when it suits them -- or, conversely, use it as a club to bludgeon their enemies when it suits them.

Today we are reduced to parsing the language of the Constitution because nobody is really committed to the upholding the culture and the attitudes that informed it when it was written. Therefore it has become meaningless.

stevennonemaker88 , says: January 22, 2021 at 5:58 am GMT • 17.9 hours ago

The president must dance to the tune of the bankers and assorted oligarchs who actually control the US. They enjoy confusing the common people with changing rhetoric and theater, but at the end of the day, the president is little more than a figurehead, and the policies remain largely the same. Many do not realize that the Obama administration deported some 2,750,000 illegals.. Under Trump it was only 935,000. Foreign wars? Police brutality? the rich getting richer? Prison industrial complex? decimation of the middle class? endless currency debasement? these things are consistent regardless, because they represent the interests of the actual rulers. The red candidate throws a bone to the "conservatives", the blue candidate throws a bone to the socialists, but the policy makers continue from one administration to the next. The last president who tried to stand up to the powers that be was JFK . and look what they did to him.

Thomasina , says: January 22, 2021 at 7:22 am GMT • 16.5 hours ago

Excellent article. Very well done.

Tucker Carlson said Monday or Tuesday night on his show that McConnell warned Trump not to pardon Assange, and he held the impeachment over Trump's head.

Swampington has gone rogue. I have a feeling that during much of Trump's presidency the threat of impeachment loomed large, and maybe worse.

Look at Sessions, recusing himself and cowering in the corner. Barr comes in and does diddly squat. The Durham investigation was a very long joke.

Two years of the Mueller Commission (when everybody in the know knew it was a pack of lies), spying, leaking, abuse of the FISA Court, Kavanaugh, impeachment over Ukraine, Covid, Antifa, BLM, stolen election ..never-ending chaos.

These corrupt clowns will do whatever the hell they please. They are the law now. If they do end up following the law, it will only be because the destruction they've caused already will be deemed to be enough.

Many of them should be behind bars.

Miro23 , says: January 22, 2021 at 11:27 am GMT • 12.5 hours ago

With the federal judiciary's corrupt or cowardly treatment of legitimate election-result challenges, the federal judiciary has shown it has abnegated its constitutional duty and will incline to commit impeachable offenses to avoid resisting the Elites' and the Deep State's subjugation of the People. The Supreme Court has shown that five or more pseudo-aristocrat judges (two Democrats, three or more Republicans) align with the Elites and the Deep State. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is correct. The People are suffering a revolution wrought by the "Establishment" (of the Elites and the Deep State).

I would say that they are more cowardly than corrupt.

They know that if they supported Trump's legitimate (good evidence) questioning of the election result, they would personally be in big trouble, so the Supreme Court is really not a Supreme Court at all – it's a piece of establishment window dressing – same as the rest of the hollowed out US Democratic institutions.

Real power in the US lies with the ZioGlob deep state and their MSM, the military (whichever way they turn), and the 72 million US gun owners (whatever they decide to do). There's also the aspect of real military power outside the US (Russia and China) that could be brought to bear, and would be potentially decisive. Accepted that some of these are TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) scenarios but that seems to be how it is. Genuine Democracy isn't coming back to the US any time soon.

Avery , says: January 22, 2021 at 2:23 pm GMT • 9.5 hours ago
@Beavertales at, do you really think Trump will discuss anything that went on in private? He is not the type to write a memoir.

And some of the most bizarre decisions he made while POTUS were as a result of "advice" from his favourite daughter Ivanka and her repellant husband. Ann Coulter has an article where she lists the boneheaded decisions Trump made on "advice" from the two incompetent rich-kids..

This short video is very indicative of the stupidity of Ivanka: she is so stupid, that she can't even see the contempt these politicians have for her, and sticks around like a bad smell:

[French Government Posts Video Of Ivanka Trump At G-20 Summit | NBC News]

Dr. Charles Fhandrich , says: January 22, 2021 at 3:43 pm GMT • 8.2 hours ago

McConnell must, not maybe, must be the first person to go if the Republican Senate has any chance of surviving in a way that serves conservative interests. He has been positively of Zero support to president Trumps four years in office, only giving lip service to the interests of the issues the presidents supporters wanted addressed.. For four long years, McConnell was an expert at bringing every advance, or potential advance in conservative interests to naught. He however, had no problemo at all in taking advantage of President Trumps popularity with conservative voters, when his re-election was in doubt. Maybe his middle name should be Mitt.

Getaclue , says: January 22, 2021 at 5:13 pm GMT • 6.7 hours ago
@anonymous ChiComs -- from whence In Laws $ all arises . McConnell shows the country is totally sold out to the ChiComs and in fact "governed" by them -- the rest of Congrassholes are about the same with various "spies" working them, having sex with them, and screwing us -- the USA is an occupied country via IsraHell and the Chinese Communists -- very, very bad days are ahead and most in the USA are moron mask wearers who actually believe the filthy pieces of cloth do something for their "health" contrary to all actual 41 Medical Studies to date which state the opposite -- truly Maskholing was an IQ test and the country failed to reach even the level of "Moron". Easy to steal an election when dealing with Maskhole Morons. Sad all are being pulled down by them .
Getaclue , says: January 22, 2021 at 5:18 pm GMT • 6.6 hours ago
@Aardvark you are charged by the Feds you will be railroaded, innocence means zero once you are charged and all the "Judge" cares about is getting you to plead guilty and move the case, you will be grossly overcharged to force this to happen and the Judge will glare at you and let you know he hates you if you go forward -- unless you are a Leftist Political hack or "activist" then you will be cut loose and probably never even charged ."justice" Roberts is the "model" -- his rulings in Obamacare etc. show he has no care for the actual "law" at all -- all the other Federal "judges" follow his example .The best thing that could happen to the USA is for the end of the Federal Courts, DOJ, and FBI -- all are Enemies Of The People -- get involved with them and find out.
waw , says: January 22, 2021 at 5:46 pm GMT • 6.1 hours ago

The Trumpster is a phony. He folded like a cheap suit, as he had done the bidding of the Khazar Satanists like a judas goat.

Peripatetic Itch , says: January 22, 2021 at 5:52 pm GMT • 6.0 hours ago
@FoSquare The works of Plato and Aristotle have had much influence on the modern view of the "sophist" as a greedy instructor who uses rhetorical sleight-of-hand and ambiguities of language in order to deceive, or to support fallacious reasoning. In this view, the sophist is not concerned with truth and justice, but instead seeks power.

Societies that value truth but recognize the difficulties involved in discovering it also put value on freedom of expression. Those interested in power for its own sake, not so much. Unfortunately the power mongers always have the advantage of moral certainty. For them Alinsky and the Protocols are the only bibles.

Majority of One , says: January 22, 2021 at 7:12 pm GMT • 4.7 hours ago
@Anon olling 90% of the mass media of mindfuckery, mesmerization and mass megalomania and finally, the CIA financed and directed "Social Media", the greatest enemy of our First Amendment rights;;; those nefarious forces nearing absolute control over the federal regime in the Di$trict of Corruption have now fully succeeded in driving the last nail into the coffin of the Constitution AND the Bill of Rights, the enabling precondition for establishment of the federal system.

Behind the scenes, roaring and howling with fits of schadenfreude laughter; the ultimate shotcallers, those OWNER$ of the Federal Reserve and most other major international banking institutions, are rubbing their greasy palm$ with total glee by having pulled off the greatest heist in world history.

Johnny Walker Read , says: January 22, 2021 at 7:35 pm GMT • 4.3 hours ago

Former President Trump is playing his final scene today, making ready to hand over the lead part of a government like reality show to the mentally infirm Joe Biden. Biden, with history of pathological lying and a trail of crimes and associations with other crimes had no actual chance of winning a real election, but real elections are now only part of America's history.
Trumped & Dumped: The Psychological Operation Scrambles to Survive | Jack Mullen

Majority of One , says: January 22, 2021 at 8:09 pm GMT • 3.8 hours ago
@Old and Grumpy wn individual of blackmail able importance -- was discovered in one of Ep$tein's logs).

Anyone notice how the Joint Chiefs of $taff for the U$ armed forces put out a notice to all military personnel that they must not participate in acts of sedition prior to the coronation of the Kamal's Foote/Biding administration.? Since the days of their attempted Operation Northwoods false flag scheme to attack Cuba, which was vetoed by JFK (among his other sins against the Deepe$t $tate); the proof was already in the pudding that the JC$ is dirty and our military is compromised by their chains of command from the top-down -- which is the way the enemies of We The People choose to employ their nefarious control system over one and all -- excepting, of course, the Elite$ themselves.

Spanky , says: January 22, 2021 at 8:51 pm GMT • 3.1 hours ago
@Mefobills of savvy self-promoter and foil for Hillary. That would explain a lot, especially Hillary's (and the Democrats) absolute hatred of Trump and his supporters. That his shtick worked is testament to both his talent for self-promotion and our dislike of Hillary. Guess she miscalculated

In any case, it became obvious that either the fix was in, when he refused to back Flynn and appointed swamp creatures to fill his administrations' posts, or Trump was a fool. But that's not to say he wasn't useful in exposing the media and deep state's contempt, hatred and fear of us -- deplorables all -- by personifying it in their attacks on him.

The question that matters now, for populists, is how do we avoid the leadership trap?

gotmituns , says: January 22, 2021 at 9:10 pm GMT • 2.7 hours ago

For the most part, our entire legal profession has been taken over by an overeducated, inexperienced crowd of people who are not able to deal in "Letter" and "Spirit" of law. They're prisoners of the letter of the law because their only background is of the spoken and written word.

[Jan 22, 2021] Zone B exists, thus there is hope, I promise you!, by The Saker

Jan 22, 2021 |

while I don't believe in the existence of US domestic terrorists, I do believe that millions of US citizens are convinced that the vote was stolen. These people are understandably disgusted and angry. Many might be desperate or even despondent. Let's call them the "deplorables" and consider it a badge of honor. Well, these deporables won't take DC by force, but they will never trust a Dem or GOP politician again, and neither will they ever trust the corporate media. One of the blessings in disguise of this stolen election is that the GOP and Fox News have shown their true faces, and their faces are evil, stupid and ugly. 4 years ago millions of US citizens did not so much vote for Trump as much as they voted against Hillary whom they (correctly) saw as a symbol and metaphor for the entire "deep state", or "swamp" or "ZOG" or whatever other expression you prefer.

These deplorables first trusted Obama ("change we can believe in") and, later, Trump (MAGA). Now they know that both sides are equally evil and false.

In the past, both factions of the Big Money Party had safety valves (Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, Rand Paul, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, etc.). I think that now the two parties are literally standing naked and boy is that an ugly sight!

Third, and this point I primarily address to my readers in the USA and that will force me to make a sidebar primarily directed at them:

[Sidebar: the planet can be divided into 2 rough parts: ZONE A full controlled by the AngloZionist Empire and, ZONE B, which includes everybody else. The vast majority of Americans are only really aware of Zone A. Why? For the following reasons:

and speaking Spanish knows that totally false this belief is, of course. But few non-Hispanic Americans ever speak in Spanish to the Hispanics in the USA (FYI – I do). Anglos generally seem to have a hard time with languages Sadly, most Americans are not educated by their parents, their religious leaders, their communities, or their schools. Most Americans get most of their education from watching TV. Since all the US TV channels offer almost the exact same mix of vulgar entertainment, propaganda and commercials, this "education" resulted in a huge amount of massively dysfunctional families and communities. This addiction to a flickering screen (be it the Idiot Tube or You Tube – same difference) gives them a very short attention span and a limited ability to process large amounts of written information, which is what is needed to be able to analyze a situation]

As a direct consequence of these factors, most Americans live in a "mental space" where Zone B simply does not exist, and when it is mentioned, it is invariable in the "same old clichés" mode.

Finally, considering all of the above, it is truly a miracle that the deplorables completely ignored a massive brainwashing campaign (waaaay worse than anything the Commies or the Nazis ever came up with!) against "Trump the New Hitler" and still voted for him twice, both in 2016 and 2020! It really goes to show that most Americans quietly but passionately hate the regime in DC and that they use every opportunity they get to at least to try to change their country and their lives by means of voting. Makes you wonder what these "disobedient" deplorables will do the next time around now that voting became clearly a waste of time, don't it?]

Now here is the good news: Zone B does exist! In fact, it is huge, rich, truly diverse and it has long figured out that both the AngloZionist Empire and even the USA as we knew them have basically died, all that's left from it is some residual momentum and many bad habits by ignorant, arrogant and delusional US politicians.

Why is that so important?

Because if we allow the Great Satan (actually a very good and exact expression, I think that it fits the new regime perfectly, I will use it more often) to convince us that reality is all contained in Zone A, we could really fall into despair. Yeah, the USA is screwed, and so is all of the EU. As for US colonies like AUS or NZ, not only are they screwed (say by siding with the USA against a much, MUCH more powerful China), they also seem to have a morbid desire to outstupid even the USA in terms of crazy laws and insane ideological positions (say on COVID, for example). But all this in ONLY true inside Zone A. Very few people in Zone B still believe that the USA matters a great deal. Most of them already know otherwise, even if this is never reported by Zone A media.

There is even more good news: neither the (rump) AngloZionist Empire nor the (rump) USA represent any credible threat to most countries in Zone B . Oh sure, US politicians can call Russia a "gas station masquerading as a country" or a "regional power", the truth is that the united West has completely failed to break, or even meaningfully hurt Russia, despite 46 sanction packages (that's just by Trump, not counting the "change we can believe in" crook). Heck, even COVID only marginally hurt Russia (which, unlike the flag-waving pseudo-patriotic crap spewed by western politicians took COVID seriously, very seriously in fact, as early as March and prepared the country for no less than two major outbreaks, both which happened, and both which Russia successfully dealt with; this is why the EU is now in full COVID-hysteria mode, while Russia does not bother to impose any lockdowns at all!).

Now let's place two US propaganda items side by side and take a look, ok?

The USA has the most powerful economy on the planet. Russia is the #1 adversary of the USA (at least according to the Dems, the GOP places China as #1 and Russia only as #2)

Do you see the problem?

If the USA is so powerful, how is it that it failed to crush Russia? What about Iran? Or, in extremis , Venezuela? Yet, even the the last case, the "best" this supposed World Hegemon did was send a few clueless ex-special ops to get caught and give case of hysterical laughter to the entire Latin American continent!

And these folks want to take on China or Russia?!


So here is the other very good news: Zone A presents no real threat to Zone B!!!

Yes, of course, the USA can still nuke China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela or some other country. But let's look at the consequences of such a strike:

comprador regime in Bogota will not survive such a war and Colombia will also "fall". Against any other Zone B country: the US successfully nukes this/these country/countries only to find itself being treated like a pariah by the entire planet (including quite a few US colonies), including the real military powers. NATO and the EU will also collapse is that happens (the US being their cornerstone).

The bottom line is that while the US triad is still fully functional and capable of waging a full-scale nuclear war against any adversary (including Russia and, even more so, China), the truth is that all this triad really achieves is making it impossible for another nuclear power to use nukes against the USA. Which is not minor or irrelevant, the problem here being that the US nuclear triad provides with with exactly zero help when trying to deal with any adversary not using nukes (either because this adversary choose not to use nukes due to the effective deterrence of the US nuclear triad or simply because it has no nukes in the first place).

As I have mentioned in the past, the US submarine force is, along with the nuclear triad, the other truly effective and powerful force which the US can count on in case of war. However, other than launching large numbers of outdated and, therefore, easily countered cruise missiles there is little this force can do to assist a US ground (or, for that matter) air operation against anything but a very weak adversary. The problem with so-called "sub-peer" adversaries is that they have relatively few lucrative targets to strike with cruise missiles (think Venezuela here). Most of these subpeer adversaries do not have the air defenses needed to deal with any halfway determined US missile and bomb attack and the US can quickly destroy whatever air defenses such "sub-peer" countries have. So yes, I admit it. If tomorrow the USA wants a "short and triumphant war", say to boost morale or distract from internal problems, they could still attack countries like, say, Antigua and Barbuda or Santa Lucia, but such a farce will hardly would qualify as "brilliant victory" of the "best armed forces in the galaxy", now would it? Or maybe would, who knows? Ff the united propaganda machine wants to present that as a triumph for US forces, like they did with the Grenada invasion (one of the worst military operation in history!) they can do that, of course. But that would only serve to further ridicule that propaganda machine since 2021 is not 1983, there are now millions of deplorables out there who will never buy this kind of silly nonsense.

Besides, considering how the joint efforts of the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia (the "Axis of Kindness") completely failed to deal with the Houthis, my money would not be on any US invasion force in the Caribbean (with the possible exception of a re-invasion of Haiti or the Dominican Republic, but these are already US protectorates, what would be the point?!).

Why does all that matter so much?

Because the Dems are clearly up to no good. Next, not only will we see a wave of repression against free speech internally, but the Dems are already making noises about, you guessed it, China and Russia (again!) and, when that inevitably yield exactly zero results, they will turn to "hate on" Iran and Venezuela again. But even these comparatively weaker countries are now very much capable of making Uncle Shmuel pay an immense price in blood and hell to pay in terms of political blowback on to many fronts to count.

The "power" of a nation (or a coalition of nations) can be measured using very many different type of metrics, but the three most common ones would probably be: economic power, military power and political power. If we use those three to compare Zone A to Zone B, it would be reasonable to posit the following:

people worldwide have long switched their support for Zone B countries. The recent triumph of the people of Bolivia over their oppressors is a very telling sign of this trend.

And here is the key factor to keep in mind: there is nothing, absolutely nothing, the Biden/Harris Admin can do to change these trends. It is simply too late and when the initiation of the internal collapse of the USA, these trends will only accelerate .

Yes, the bad guys did win, but only over Trump and his clueless pseudo-allies (did they betray him faster than he betrayed them, or was it the other way around?), but they only won one a battle against the deplorables and they have won exactly nothing against Zone B.

The Dems are now busy with vengeance in all its forms. They also relish in humiliating Trump and those who dared to support him. This is the political equivalent of torturing people in basements, not winning glorious battles. But they don't realize that, they are too vain, too ideologically hateful, and too cowardly to understand that.

Still, brainwashing, like torture (including mental torture!), is real. In this case, this is a battle for the minds of the deplorables who now have to be beaten down into a catatonic state of total submission and compliance. The Dems are using lies, their favorite weapon, but their assault is real, nonetheless. And this is the battle which we, those who opposed imperialism, have to fight – the battle for the minds of the people in Zone A: we need to show them that the pseudo-reality of Zone A has no real existence outside the Idiot Box and the vapid rhetoric of US decision makers.

We have to mentally prepare for a sharp increase in the amount and scope of the lies the US propaganda machine will be telling us (if you thought the last 4 years were bad, prepare for much, much worse; good example here ). And, of course, expect LOTS of false flags, especially to demonstrate the reality of the alleged danger coming from the "domestic terrorists". That will all go down against a background of a full-spectrum attack on free speech, dissent and any form of actual (as opposed to pretend) thought, really.

The irony is, of course, that the coming witch hunt (it will be way worse than Salem or McCarthy) will be waged in the name of diversity and ostensibly against "hate". In reality, of course, what the regime wants is to crush real diversity because the leaders of the US Nomenklatura absolutely hate everything besides their sorry selves. Like all ideologues, what these folks want is 1) total power and 2) total uniformity. All those rejecting these modern dogmas will be branded has criminals, terrorists, heretics, racist and, of course, Russian and Chinese agents.

And that is why this regime will also fail.

Conclusion: diversity WILL win. The REAL diversity, of course!

Our planet is wonderfully diverse, especially outside the uniformity sector of Zone A. There IS a Zone B out there, and the leaders of Zone A will be defeated by our real common and shared humanity (and their hatred for us!). Somewhere between Obama and Trump, the world has moved on, and it is now very busy dealing with the immense challenges and opportunities facing it in Zone B. And no, neither Russia nor China is busy trying to sabotage or undermine the USA – US leaders are doing that much better job of that than any Russian or Chinese ever could . So why even bother (and nevermind the risks!)?

We cannot predict what will happen next, there are simply too many variables to do that. But what we can do is predict with a great degree of confidence that the new regime in power in DC will do no better than all the other regimes which came to power by means of color revolutions in the past couple of decades. There is no hope left for the Empire, as for the USA, there will be plenty of hope left for them, but only after a long and painful process of collapse and rebirth (both of which are inevitable by now). The truth is that US is not that unique as empires go, sorry, it is just your typical arrogant and narcissistic empire which will collapse just as all the other arrogant and narcissistic empires in history have collapsed, mostly under their own obscene weight . And those poor souls who sincerely believe that China (or Russia) want to replace the USA simply don't understand that these two countries already have been empires, it was a disaster, thank you very much, and they have no desire to repeat their past mistakes. This desire for non-exceptionalism and normalcy will, with time, also become the object of a large social consensus in the USA. And, with time, the USA will finally be welcomed into a truly free Zone B or, should I say, a Zone-free world.

[Jan 22, 2021] The movement now needs leadership that's more cognizant of the political world they live in and capable of more coherent strategies that will move it forward hopefully strategies that can offer more than tweets.

Jan 22, 2021 |

J1234 , says: January 21, 2021 at 9:23 pm GMT • 4.7 hours ago

When I see President Trump, I feel pity, sadness, and grief. I pity him because he has no future and will be go down in history as America's most hated man.

And in exactly which historical document will he go down as this?

A half a century ago, the media tried to tell us that Richard Nixon was the most warped and corrupt political leader of the late twentieth century without using those exact words, of course, because those exact words were a lie, but that was the distinct message it tried to convey. It sort of worked for a couple of decades, but only with a definable segment of the population. That's because political pathos can only stay alive for so long. And historical figures can only be defined solely by their failings and political enemies for so long.

Despite gaffs and missteps that likely cost him his reelection, Trump wasn't "the guy who let us down" but instead, the William Jennings Bryan of the 21st century right leaning populist movement. Like Bryan, he changed the nature of his political party forever. Unlike Bryan, he at least got to be president once, but -again- like the Democrat game changer out of Nebraska 100 years ago, he never was the right person to lead the movement to it's promised land. Instead, he was the tip of a spear that the opposition said it could never be gored by but was.

Trump's loss has a very bright silver lining in the admittedly dark cloud of looming far left authoritarianism. Ultimately, the self-aggrandizing Trump could really do little more than make his opponents really angry, but he also made his supporters aware of just how numerous and (more importantly) potent they are. The movement now needs leadership that's more cognizant of the political world they live in and capable of more coherent strategies that will move it forward hopefully strategies that can offer more than tweets.

Carolyn Yeager , says: Website January 21, 2021 at 10:19 pm GMT • 3.7 hours ago

But what did President Trump actually do as President? Not much. In 2016, after the most remarkable, unlikely, and miraculous campaign in American history, President Trump governed like a normal Republican. He did not deport illegals, make English the official language, or tax remittances to Mexico. He did not abolish birth-right citizenship. He was not a "white nationalist." He did not even eliminate race-based discrimination against whites and Asians.

Robert Snefjella , says: January 22, 2021 at 12:24 am GMT • 1.7 hours ago

From brabantian comment 28:

The establishment's hate for what Trump legitimised saying – that media news is often fake, it's ok to fight globalism, it's ok to defend your own culture, we should disentangle from wars – is Trump's enduring badge of honour, despite Trump's flaws and how he disappointed

There was another aspect to Trump that provides possible inspiration for emerging political aspirants: he could at any time go 'alarmingly' and sometimes effectively 'off script', and furthermore, sometimes wield his 'outrageous remarks' repeatedly.

Going 'rogue' is the great heresy within the context of a western (at least) political establishment that considers remaining 'on message', – sticking to the script, no matter how dishonest or absurd the message – to be the basic principle of successful party power politics.

And there was the moon's problem in sunlight: The political establishment near and far, used to being celebrated in noxious ceremony, trained actors just about all, but trained to avoid spontaneity like the plague, were suddenly cast into the dismal light of seeming boring and predictable by comparison.

Trump's forays into rogue utterance sometimes included unmentionable truths that become memes. Trump's swamp is now far more identifiable, and sometimes more accurately now referred to as a cesspool. The fake news universe has been hauled out of their previously self-satisfied abode in the mass media heavens and had their addiction to dishonesty more fully exposed. In desperation the fallen angels have cobbled together an army of fake fact checkers, to identify truth tellers as the real fake news, but their audience nevertheless yawns and dwindles.

From J1234 at comment 129:

[Trump has] also made his supporters aware of just how numerous and (more importantly) potent they are. The movement now needs leadership that's more cognizant of the political world they live in and capable of more coherent strategies that will move it forward hopefully strategies that can offer more than tweets.

The COVID monstrosity has also given countless millions of people opportunity to re-evaluate a lot in their lives and learn a lot, and so a politically more cognizant deplorable/independent political confluence may result.

[Jan 21, 2021] Sometimes you drain the swamp sometimes the swamp drains you

Highly recommended!
Notable quotes:
"... "We will never give up. We will never concede, it doesn't happen. You don't concede when there's theft involved", ..."
"... "We will never give up. We will never concede, it just doesn't happen." ..."
"... " Biden's America Would Be A Dystopian Hellhole ", ..."
"... Trump has not signed the Insurrection Act. ..."
"... 'trust the plan' is a never ending story psyop ..."
"... 'best is yet to come' .. ..."
"... to beam back to the mothership. ..."
"... the humans are out to get them ..."
"... it happening you watch just donate ..."
"... without symptoms. ..."
"... Amnesty run by US State Department representatives, funded by convicted financial criminals, and threatens real human rights advocacy worldwide. ..."
"... Yes yes yes – as if we didn't fucking know! ..."
Jan 21, 2021 |


The Trump Era is over after the incumbent announced in the day after Wednesday's storming of the US Capitol that "My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power", which was widely interpreted by friends and foes alike as the tacit concession that he previously promised never to provide a little more than 24 hours prior during his speech at the Save America Rally .

At that event, he literally said that "We will never give up. We will never concede, it doesn't happen. You don't concede when there's theft involved", yet completely changed his tune following the day's tumultuous events and after mysteriously "going dark" for over 24 hours, during which time some speculate that he was forced by his enemies in the permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (" deep state ") to give up the fight.


This totally devastated his supporters who elected him primarily for the purpose of executing his chief promise to "drain the swamp" that all of them so deeply despise. They truly believed that he could irreversibly effect significant long-term change to the way that America is run, something which Trump himself also sincerely thought he could do as well, but he ultimately lacked the strength time and again to take the decisive steps that were necessary in order to do so.

Thus, he ended up getting swallowed by the same "swamp" that he attempted to drain, which is licking its lips after feasting on the political carcass that he's since become as a result of his capitulation. For as much hope as he inspired in his supporters and the respect that many of them still have for him, most of them are profoundly disappointed that he gave up and didn't go down fighting.

That's not to say that the vast majority of them expected him to forcefully resist Biden's impending inauguration, but just that they never thought they'd see the day where he publicly capitulated after carefully cultivating such a convincing reputation among them as a fighter who literally said a little more than 24 hours prior that "We will never give up. We will never concede, it just doesn't happen."

This prompted an ongoing soul-searching process among the most sober-minded of them who aren't indoctrinated with the cultish Q-Anon claims that Trump still has a so-called "master plan" that he's preparing to implement after this latest "5D chess" move. It's over, the Trump Era has ended, and the "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) movement that he inspired is now at risk of being declared a " domestic terrorist " organization in the coming future.


" Biden's America Would Be A Dystopian Hellhole ", like the author predicted a few months ago, and all of Trump's supporters know that. Some had already resigned themselves to its seeming inevitability after his efforts to legally reverse the contested results of the latest elections failed for a variety of reasons that most of them attribute to the "swamp's" corruption, but they nevertheless remained as positive as possible after having believed that their hero would go down with them to the end.

None ever thought twice about his promise to "never give up, never concede", and they even expected him to have to be escorted from the White House on 20 January, yet his tacit concession is forcing many of them to re-evaluate their views about him in hindsight. Not only is he going out with a whimper on the "deep state's" terms, but he never fully "drained the swamp".

Trump's most fatal political miscalculation is that he thought that he could change the system from the "inside-out" after symbolically -- yet importantly, not substantively -- taking control of it as America's first modern-day "outsider" President. He immediately switched from an "outsider" to an "insider" shortly after his inauguration by capitulating to the "deep state's" demands that he fire former National Security Advisor Flynn, which was his "original sin" that paved the way for all that would later follow.

Trump the self-professed "deal-maker" thought that he could strike a "compromise" with his enemies through these means, but all that he did was embolden them to intensify their fake news-driven efforts to oust him and continue sabotaging him from within through many of the same "swamp" creatures that he naively continued to surround himself with.


The most reviled among them in the eyes of his base is "Javanka", the popular portmanteau of Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka. He continued listening to these "Republicans In Name Only", or RINOs as many MAGA members describe them, as well as many others such as those who still sit in Congress but pretended to be his friend just to win re-election.

Furthermore, the influence that his former reality TV career had on him resulted in Trump remaining obsessed with how his enemies might malign him in the Mainstream Media (MSM) for any decisive moves that he took to smash the "deep state". This weakness of character proved to be his greatest personal flaw since he should have followed his instincts instead of submitting to the egoistic desire to be "liked" by his foes.

So influenced was he by the MSM that his enemies were able to employ the most basic "reverse-psychology" tricks to manipulate him into "playing it safe" in his struggle against the "deep state". They fearmongered since even before he entered office that he'd turn into a so-called "dictator", yet he never seriously contemplated any such authoritarian moves in that direction despite always having the possibility of utilizing the immense powers vested in him by the Constitution to do so if he sincerely wanted.

His MAGA supporters passionately pleaded that he should have turned into his enemies' worst nightmare by declaring at least limited martial law in response to the decades-long Hybrid War of Terror on America finally going kinetic last summer after Antifa and "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) orchestrated nationwide riots to oust him.


Bewildering his base, Trump also failed to revoke Article 230 despite now-proven fears that it would empower Big Tech to censor him and his supporters , nor did he thwart the Democrats' mail-in ballot and Dominion voting system schemes which they argue ultimately led to them stealing the election.

Just as concerning was his decision to not stop the Democrat Governors from locking down their populations for political reasons under the convenient pretext of COVID-19. The author addressed all of these issues in his analysis published shortly after the election about why " The Anti-Trump Regime Change Sequence Is Worthwhile Studying ". Trump could have legally exercised near-"dictatorial" powers to avert all of this and thus save America as his supporters see it, yet time and again he failed to gather the strength needed to do so due to his deep personal flaws.


While Trump was unquestionably victimized by the "deep state" during his entire time in office, he's no longer as much of a martyr as he used to be after suddenly giving up the fight following Wednesday's storming of the US Capitol. He surrendered to the shock of his base, was subsequently swallowed by the "swamp", and is now being mercilessly destroyed in an ominous sign of what awaits the rest of the MAGA movement in the Biden-Kamala era.

Had he gone down fighting to the end and "never gave up" like he promised, then it would be an altogether different story, but instead his over-hyped "deal-making" instincts got the best of him at the very last minute and he foolishly thought that he could save himself by capitulating to their demands. The "deep state" is now showing their "thanks" by censoring him from social media and pushing for his impeachment.

The MAGA movement always believed that the country has already been at "war" for years even though most couldn't articulate the hybrid nature of it like the author did in his piece last summer about how " The Hybrid War Of Terror On America Was Decades In The Making ".

They truly felt that Trump shared their threat assessment after he was viciously attacked by the "deep state" from the second that he stepped onto the campaign trail, but it turned out that he underestimated the threat even though his enemies never did. To the "deep state" and their public Democrat proxies, this was always a "war" in its own way, which they never shied away from expressing.

The supreme irony is that while Trump lambasted the "weak Republicans" in his Save America Rally speech, he himself ultimately epitomized that very same weakness by later surrendering.


His opponents know no limits and believe in classic Machiavellian fashion that "the ends justify the means", whereas he thought that he could play by the rules -- and not even all of them as was early explained by pointing out his refusal to employ the near-"dictatorial" powers vested in him by the Constitution -- and still come out on top.

His naïveté will go down in history since it's what's most directly responsible for him failing to fully recognize the seriousness of the "deep state's" no-holds-barred war on him and the rest of America.

As a born-and-raised New Yorker, Trump perfected the art of slick talking, so much so that he even managed to dupe his base into believing that he shared their threat assessment about the decades-long Hybrid War of Terror on America. They fell for this charade since they desperately wanted to believe that there was still some hope left.

There isn't, though, since the war is over and the "deep state" won once and for all. The " Great Reset "/" Fourth Industrial Revolution " brought about by World War C is barreling forward at full speed ahead, and practically every domestic accomplishment that Trump has to his name will likely be reversed by Biden-Kamala during their first year in office, especially since the "deep state's" Democrat proxies control all branches of government now (remembering that the Supreme Court's supposed "conservative supermajority" really just consists of RINOs as was proven by their refusal to hear his team's convincing election fraud cases).

After " Analyzing The MAGA Movement's Democratic Security Failure " on Wednesday, it's clear that whatever "master plan" he and/or the MAGA movement might have had backfired and was actually exploited by their opponents.


In fact, the only real "master plan" was that of the "deep state", which effectively thwarted every one of Trump's moves and ultimately turned his supporters' "last hurrah" of a mostly peaceful rally into the nail that'll now be hammered into the MAGA movement's coffin.

It's extremely suspicious that the US Capitol was so poorly defended despite there being an ongoing session of Congress on such an historic day and after weeks of preparation to ensure the site's safety ahead of Trump's long-planned Save America March.

It's even more baffling that some of the police officers removed the barricades and even opened the doors to some of the protesters, which in hindsight suggests that the "deep state" wanted to tempt the most "overly passionate" among them (to say nothing of suspected provocateurs) into storming the site as the pretext for what followed.

The whole point in passively facilitating this scenario through the masterful exploitation of crowd psychology was to lay the basis for a comprehensive nationwide crackdown against the MAGA movement on the grounds that it's now "proven" to be a "domestic terrorist" group.

That explains the push behind impeaching Trump less than two weeks before he himself acknowledged just the other day that he'll be leaving office after ensuring the "transition of power".

Had he not surrendered, then he probably would still be a martyr to most of the MAGA movement, but now he's just a palace hostage awaiting his highly publicized political execution as the opening salvo of the "deep state's" Democrat-driven reprisals against his supporters in the name of "defending against domestic terrorism". That, not whatever Q-Anon imagines, is the real "master plan", and it succeeded.


Trump was swallowed by the "swamp" because he lacked the strength to drain it. Every MAGA member needs to accept this harsh truth no matter how painful it might be. Time and again, he failed to muster up the strength needed to meaningfully fulfill what many sincerely believed to be his destiny.

This was due to his fatal political miscalculation of transforming from an "outsider" into an "insider" in a doomed-to-fail attempt to change the system from within. He continued relying on RINOs despite their proven unreliability. Trump's obsession with how his foes portrayed him in the MSM also led to him never seriously countenancing the use of the near-"dictatorial" powers vested in him by the Constitution to save America.

He pathetically surrendered after the "deep state's" "master plan" succeeded, and now he can't even go down in history as a martyr.

Originally published on One World Press Jan 20, 2021 2:08 PM

Trump was part of the show nothing more nothing less. They had the goods on him for decades. He made Izzrail grate again. That was about it. Notice Jizzlaid Maxwell, the Mossad kiddy victim procurer watching her mark in the background of the video below from 92 as the king of bankruptcy eyes the broads and "struts" his stuff.

Meanwhile Kill Bill Gates gets to poison Planet Sheeple and nobody ever questions his association with Mossad kiddy porn snuff director, Epstein or Kill Bill's sojourns on Pedovore Island. Anyone remember the CIA Operation Brownstone"? It's global and it's Satanic.

King of Bankruptcy and King Pedovore

Kill Bill and King Pedovore 0 0 Reply

Malatok , Jan 20, 2021 2:10 PM Reply to Malatok

Jams O'Donnell , Jan 13, 2021 6:47 PM

How could Trum 'drain the swamp' when he lives in the swamp. contributes to the swamp and essentially is part of the swamp.

This story is sh!te. Trump is a swamp dweller.

Trump is just the same as all the other oligarchs and would be oligarchs. He is a rich, privileged, white entrepreneur. His propaganda campaign in which he claimed to be on the side of the poor and unemployed whites is just about the biggest lie which has been swallowed wholesale since Goebbles was whitewashing the Nazi regime.

How you fools here can fall for this tripe has me absolutely beat.

Aethelred , Jan 13, 2021 10:17 AM

Trump in his political ineptitude resembles Jimmy Carter, an idealist incapable of wielding power. Neither man had the gumption, nor the charisma (much the same thing) to win over the apparatchiki. Both vain and selfish men (like all politicians), neither inspired sufficient love nor fear to gather support, unlike Reagan or Clinton, both of whom exuded calm confidence. Trump differs from Carter in that Trump's social incapacity manifests in bombast, and Carter's in staged humility. Neither could convince the ruling classes, and so were ushered away.

The elevation of Biden, an aged hack, is a signal the republic is finally overturned. The feds not only can convict but now can elect and govern through a ham sandwich.

Blather , Jan 13, 2021 8:21 AM

Does the author know how to read Trump's speech or is he so BIAS as not to see?

Trump DID NOT capitulate. Read careFOOLY. It can go both waze.

ZenPriest , Jan 12, 2021 8:50 PM

Trump was never going to drain the swamp. He was a clown put in place by America's masters, to keep an endless supply of material for their media and to stir up hatred among citizens.
It's funny because citizens should be uniting against the puppeteers. Or they would be if they knew they even existed, or knew they were being played.

S Cooper , Jan 13, 2021 2:47 AM Reply to ZenPriest

"Quite a number already know this. That number keeps growing with each passing day. Got Debs?"

captain spam , Jan 12, 2021 7:32 PM

F**k Twitter.
#Boycott Twitter.

niko , Jan 12, 2021 7:24 PM

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Remember that line? That was Ronnie Raygun back in 1986, with one of his (or his ghost writers') versions for 'draining the swamp' then, getting government off our backs, and blah, blah, blah. Agitprop thrown the masses so the corporate state could get down to bizzness as usual in dispossessing 'we the people' by rolling back government programs for social welfare and building up wealth and power for elites via the MIC and Wall Street (complementary to Iron Bitch Thatcher's neoliberal programs for a greater fascism in Britain).

Hardly anything original, such marketing ads. Politricking fronts of the ruling class have been campaigning before and after getting into office with noble lies of populism covering for their brands of treachery as long as the fraudulence of capitalist democracy and representative government have been around. In the post-WWII era of Pox Americana, the U$ CEOs for the Fortune 500 routinely have disguised their institutional role in managing the empire under cover of brands of reform that keep promising power to the people with one hand while taking it away with the other.

But when it comes to the greatest show on earth, it's the words attributed to P.T. Barnum that there's a sucker born every minute (or at least every election season) which ring truest. So now we've got the ringmasters retiring the Donald and installing good ole Creepy Joe to 'build back better' on behalf of the Great Reset. That's after Swamp Thang has played his part as dictator of distraction overseeing such achievements as the greatest robbery of the commons in human history and launch of technofascism under Operation Warp(ed) Speed, all thanks to a global coup with which he's been entirely complicit. And his manufactured base of true believers still carry on with the covidiocy as much as the controlled opposition of the faux left.

The more things change, the more they stay the same (only worse!).

Chris , Jan 12, 2021 5:14 PM

The Q group are patriots with access to a quantum computer able to untangle timelines from a possibility/probability vortex.
Their movement was designed to awaken many individuals with key roles to play in the real Operation Warpspeed.

The majority of these folks had some connection to the military or other branches of government including the police.

Chris , Jan 12, 2021 7:34 PM Reply to Chris

In 2012 nearly all technology, ancient or more modern, was suddenly rendered non functional.
The Mayans were obviously dead right with their calender.
The race was on to gain absolute supremacy in the prediction game.
All major stakeholders have access to quantum computing, but the US has the upper hand.
The true value of quantum computers lies not in the task of pure number crunching, but in its ability to predict probabilities of complex situations.

The quantum computer exposes the most probable timelines and delivers the results in numerical form that correspond to actual events and dates/times .

Igby MacDavitt , Jan 12, 2021 3:43 PM

"The only kinds of fights worth fighting are those you're going to lose, because somebody has to fight them and lose and lose and lose until someday, somebody who believes as you do wins."
― I.F. Stone

Laurence Howell , Jan 12, 2021 12:42 PM

President Trump has declared a State of Emergency in the District of Columbia.
White House

Waldorf , Jan 12, 2021 2:00 PM Reply to Laurence Howell

Not reported anywhere else that I can see.

Laurence Howell , Jan 12, 2021 7:00 PM Reply to Waldorf

Try the Whitehouse website

Moneycircus , Jan 12, 2021 2:20 PM Reply to Laurence Howell

Strange that it is reported by overseas news outlets, ignored by domestic.

Strange also that U.S. Capitol Police officer commits suicide days after riots Saw something he didn't oughta? Stepped out of the thin blue line?

Cyd , Jan 12, 2021 3:01 PM Reply to Moneycircus

Witness protection?

Laurence Howell , Jan 12, 2021 12:21 PM

To everyone that believes in the rule of law congratulations President trump has won.

Laurence Howell , Jan 12, 2021 7:03 PM Reply to Laurence Howell

Correction, President Trump has not signed the Insurrection Act.

My error.

REvail , Jan 13, 2021 5:18 PM Reply to Laurence Howell

OW look the fruitcakes and cult follower spent another new moon being juiced , Trump has not signed the Insurrection Act. BUT BUT BUT
Cult of BIG disclosure keep watching.donate huge Arrests and stay tuned keep watching
it happening – keep watching- it happening soon, BIG disclosure huge Arrests . it Happening soon psyop AND distraction

Simple simon and Q nonsense told another lie to the sheep

Laurence Howell , Jan 12, 2021 12:16 PM

President Trump has signed the Insurrection Act.

YouDontCareAboutGrandma , Jan 12, 2021 12:47 PM Reply to Laurence Howell

Proof? And don't link to Simon Parkes' YouTube channel. He's provided no evidence whatsoever for his claims. He says he talks to aliens and "Q" on the telephone.

REvail , Jan 13, 2021 5:20 PM Reply to YouDontCareAboutGrandma

comment is above

Sgt_doom , Jan 12, 2021 3:04 PM Reply to Laurence Howell

Please stop spreading Q-propaganda -- they originate out of Asia and are a silly, cartoonish disinfo outlet of the CCP!

Sgt_doom , Jan 12, 2021 3:07 PM Reply to Sgt_doom

When a serious traceroute is done on the Q lines it tracks back to a Filipino Maoist group.

Moneycircus , Jan 12, 2021 10:12 AM

Capitol Riot: 10 Questions -- James Tracy's Memory Hole Blog

Sgt_doom , Jan 12, 2021 6:59 AM

Gosh, evrn more baffling and scarey and reminescent of 1963, never seen footage of the murder of Ms. BABBIT showing collusion between police and antifa agitators, taken by an independent Japanese reporter!

!nd this is the real plan begun almost 50 years ago:

Great article but consider how many thousands of people the Islamist extremist, Erdogan of Turkey, had to fire and imprison, to dismantle the positive Deep State structure Attaturk put in place to keep that country secular? Functioned admirably for many years.

DimlyGlimpsed , Jan 12, 2021 1:06 AM

Dems enthusiatically voted from Bill Clinton, Obama, Hillary and Biden. All corrupt and compromised. Repubs voted for Bush Jr., Romney, and Trump. All corrupt and compromised. Both accuse the other of corruption, dishonesty and hypocrisy. Both are right, of course.
Reality, though, is not possible to perceive when limited to a diet of mainstream news. Neither is it a trivial task to navigate the rough seas online disinformation.'
Unless one is privy to big-picture high-level (and secret) information, one is left to attempt to identify and assemble a complex jigsaw puzzle using one's own sleuthing and intuition skills.
Common people without inside knowledge can still interpret the world, however. War is evil, and those who advocate war have been seduced by evil. Kindness and generosity are among the highest values. On the other hand, those who are selish and cruel pollute our world. Etc,, etc.
Let us keep in mind that the most evil cloak themselves in the garb of peace, kindness and generosity, in order to dine on sheep who wishfully and willfully refused to judge behavior rather than be seduced with addictive slogans. Let us also keep in mind that no leaders can remain in power without the compliance of the rest of us.
Any of should be able to recognize Joe Biden as evil. His "track record" is one of corruption, budget cutting, war and authoritarian legislation. And Trump? One of the great mysteries of human civilization is that Trump, the ultimate swap creature, was elected by promising to "clean the swamp".

Julia , Jan 12, 2021 8:52 AM Reply to DimlyGlimpsed

I literally want to copy and paste this comment and send it to as many people as I can. You capture it precisely.

Sgt_doom , Jan 12, 2021 3:11 PM Reply to DimlyGlimpsed

That is fairly accurate but Trump did push back against America's China Class and the CCP -- more than you can say for commies like the Bidens, Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, etc.

REvail , Jan 12, 2021 5:35 PM Reply to Sgt_doom

Trump's America First Hoax: Trump is an Israeli agent. He put #Mossad asset #JaredKushner in charge of infiltration of US Intelligence and Defense. Bidens are Chinese agents? Charles Kushner (Jared's father), is an agent of #AnbangInsurance, a Chinese Communist front group.

Jams O'Donnell , Jan 13, 2021 6:54 PM Reply to REvail

All US presidents, vice-presidents, chiefs of staff, etc are Israeli agents, or more accurately, are in effect the same thing.

Jams O'Donnell , Jan 13, 2021 6:53 PM Reply to Sgt_doom

"commies like the Bidens, Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, etc."

If you think that the above mentioned capitalist clowns are "commies", then you really, REALLY, need to get an education, because clearly you don't know your arse from your elbow.

Igby MacDavitt , Jan 12, 2021 3:46 PM Reply to DimlyGlimpsed

"Trump, the ultimate swap creature " I do not think you have any idea what the 'swamp' is to make such a claim.

Otherwise, a great post.

Lost in a dark wood , Jan 12, 2021 12:40 AM

Note: I drafted this as a response, but the person is not worthy of a reply, so I'll post it here instead.

I've always said that Q is a deep-state operation. It's the NSA, military intelligence, etc. It's just a different deep state to the CIA/MI6 deep state. And I've always said that people should at least know what "the plan" is. They should know what it is because it's by far the most coherent explanation for what is happening now, and for what has happened over the last four years.

A couple of years ago I thought a deal had been struck between the opposing factions, and it was all going to be wound down. But I changed that view after the Covid911, attempted colour revolution. The overwhelming view on this site, from contributors and posters, was that Trump would fall in June 2020. I was one of only a handful of people saying Trump would survive.

I can't predict the details of what's happening now, but I think Trump will survive this because:
a) he has the ammunition
b) it would make no sense to go this far and not see it through
c) even though it seems to be going to the precipice, it still fits a coherent plan

For some time now, the best rolling updates have been provided by X22 Report:

Lost in a dark wood , Jan 12, 2021 2:35 AM Reply to Lost in a dark wood

I've only recently started following Simon Parkes, but in his latest update he claims to have spoken to the real Q. Of course, as anybody who's been following Q posts would know, this would breach the "no outside comms" principle.

Moneycircus , Jan 12, 2021 10:20 AM Reply to Lost in a dark wood

I'm not at all impressed. Appeared on the scene coincidental with Gen McInerney and all the misinformation about "hammer and scorecard" which was a blatant distraction from clear and convincing evidence of election fraud.

Parkes does far too much, "I could have told you beforehand but then I'd have had to kill you."

REvail , Jan 12, 2021 5:37 PM Reply to Lost in a dark wood

Your on the ball wow from 1 psyop to another Now your following simon charlatan parkes.
HE gets excepted into the Q nonsense and trump Savior psyop and becames one of there star leaders over night.
Do you not do basic checks on who you start to worship?? or do they have to say code words like Q and trump maga and its like there chosen to lead you.

Sgt_doom , Jan 12, 2021 3:13 PM Reply to Lost in a dark wood

Negative, far too silly and cartoonish and tracks back to a Filipino Maoist group directed by the CCP!

Asylum , Jan 11, 2021 7:34 PM

We've been manipulated into fighting against each other over trivial differences to divert us from the fact that we're all in the same boat.

Lost in a dark wood , Jan 11, 2021 6:33 PM

Andrew Korybko: "That, not whatever Q-Anon imagines, is the real "master plan", and it succeeded."

Okay, I'm trying to figure this out. With regard specifically to this thread, are we allowed to post direct links to Q posts? For instance, Q has stated explicitly that there is no "Qanon" (#4881). Instead, there is Q and there are anons. I personally think this is debatable, and that Qanon is a collective name for a highly amorphous movement and method of enquiry. Furthermore, that movement and method predates Q and was to some extent co-opted by Q. The movement will also outlive Q, though it may retain the name. As a movement, Qanon stands in opposition to the hierarchical, hive-mind vacuity of the Rationalists and Neo-Platonists. In short, Qanon is Blakean. Welcome to Jerusalem!

We do not want either Greek or Roman models if we are but just & true to our own imaginations, those Worlds of Eternity in which we shall live forever; in Jesus our Lord.
– William Blake

Sophie - Admin1 , Jan 11, 2021 7:25 PM Reply to Lost in a dark wood

Oh please

Lost in a dark wood , Jan 11, 2021 7:40 PM Reply to Sophie - Admin1

So what happened to my other posts?

Lost in a dark wood , Jan 12, 2021 9:17 PM Reply to Lost in a dark wood

Q Alerts is back up so I'll try again. The following is a critical part of "the plan".

Q (Oct 17, 2020):
I'm going to bring the whole diseased, corrupt temple down on your head. It's gonna be Biblical.
Enjoy the show!

Marion Reynolds , Jan 11, 2021 6:01 PM

Please – can we have more of Andrew Karybko. I've seen him on Peter Lavelle. For such an acutely well informed young chap about international politics, he demonstrates an equally rigorous understanding about Trumps psyche.

Loverat , Jan 12, 2021 6:28 PM Reply to Marion Reynolds

Andrew Korybko is probably one of the best geo-political analysts I've come across and his depth of knowledge across all continents shines through. A very warm and engaging person.

He runs a site called OneWorld Press. Recently accused by mainstream media and The Daily Beast of being GRU agents. Well if it is, they are most measured and balanced in the history of intelligence services.

Lost in a dark wood , Jan 11, 2021 5:18 PM

The best is yet to come.

REvail , Jan 11, 2021 11:50 PM Reply to Lost in a dark wood

Your be saying that on the way to the concentration camps!!!
'trust the plan' is a never ending story psyop
Similar to the 'best is yet to come' ..
you trumpsters have your own Down Syndrome language.
WWG1WGA, another bunch of devotees similar to a cult who will not except there guru is a oppressor

mikael , Jan 11, 2021 1:09 PM

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."Reinhold Niebuhr

Pardon moi for the lenght.

I dont know whats with people this days, the shere avalange of bollocks is baffling, the inability to conect the dots to what was, the past, to the present is making me think there must be something, hehe, with the narrative, or should we say in this uh . conpiracy tinfoil hat wearing days, in the tap water, and the rethotic, about Trump, I have my issues, and I have never been quiet about them, but then to whine about things when most of it have been inplace before Trump came into the WH, incl children in gages to wars, Obamalama started more wars than any other American president ever, with Hitlary the Beast from Little Rock beside, after Her husband stole Social sec and now, witch could be massive, is completely eradicated out of existence, and the sactions, etc, most of them are just continuations of existing systems, we can always blame Trump for something, but please, do know the difference and dont just throw bollocks because of the people whom wanted change, when Obamalama said it, you belived, and what happened, again, he pissed upon you all, and have since laughed all the way to the bank, the economic crashes, the insane austeritys, the bailins and outs, you name it to color revolutions.
This isnt to defend Trump, for me, He was more an castrat, singing but otherwise balless, but also tied, unable to move, and been relentlessly attacked by those that defenses the past witch in no way was better.

Then we have the eh .. storming?, and if you look at videos, what sticks out is, what storming, some gass clouds, yea, means what, an Cop throving an gass can, but take an look for your self, it was never in any way what the MSM wants you to belive, and the army of people crawling all over the sites wants you to persive, along with profanitys about people whom did suported Trump, because they hoped for change, you cant attack them, maybe for been a bit naive, but one thing shal be the thing Trump did, exposed them all, in an way witch is unpresedented despite His flaws, nobody have done that in this level, He exposed them all, and if you havent gotten it yet, you have an problem, nobody else, incl the people whom did their duty as free citizens of the USA, did the protesting.
Rioting, again, what riot, the worst thing I can come up with, after watching some videos, is minore, a window, probably by the AntiFags/BLMs/eh leftards?, and one man whom ran off with an piece of the furiture, nothing else, and if I drag that further, maybe the stormers should have wiped their shoos off before entering the Hill, stepping on the fine carpets on the floor in the hallway, what an horrible crime, right.
What storming, do you see anything, do enlighten us.

So, I know I am pushing the attention span to the limit.
BUT, I have thru the years found out that Americans, not that I want to call em stupid, but regarding world poltics, more infantile, naive, brainwashed to such an extent thru the decades/centurys of propaganda, where the various Gov always have had an enemy, it have variated, from muslims etc to what it have become to day, domestic terrorism aka conservatives whatever that means, and not only in the MSM but also thru an army of so called Alternative MSM, witch have feed upon this narratives and played upon this, but overall, gone the same erant as the Gov wanted them to go, and witch have resulted in wars upon wars, and stil some want more wars, like the broad attack line on Iran, just to give you one ex to the strangling of others, like western sahara to the Palestinians.
Then we have the new enemy, in mainly the so called alternative ugh .. rightwinged? whatever whom sommehow manages to blame everything on socialism, yea, apart from the weather because thats Putins fault, despite that, I found Putin to be an scoundrel, the Russian Gov rotten to its core, that dont mean I hate Russians but there will always be those that cant differentiate at all.
Whom is the "enemy" Americans, socialism, China, Russia, Iran, huh.

I have saxed this from P. L. Gonzalez.
Social media networks, payment processors, airlines, hotels, streaming services, and online vendors are strangling people based on ideology but TPUSA is still complaining about "socialism." Burn your money or donate it to TPUSA, it's the same thing.

Yup, briliantly summarised everything in some few lines, and why, do you refuse to see them when they are right infront of your very own eyes, and yet, you blame some imaginary enemy witch have nothing to do with this coup, its an class war, its the oligarcs, the robber barons, witch have an army of buttspreaders in the capitol Hill to their abuse, and this bitches do whatever they are told, do notice how the RepubliCONs threw you under the buss, is that to the Chines fault.

So, I hope the Americans whom stil have some parts of their bran fuctional, can notice the difference, in Norway we have the same problem, but we are an so called socialistic nation, but we are held hostages by the same pack of scums that is plundering your nation and resources, and have nothing but contempt for everyone of us, and an Gov that do whatever they want and whom are we then to blame, the Hottentots, Maoris, communism is an tool for social unrest, and when they have done their job, thrown under the buss, because the PTB wants us to fight each others, as long we do, they will win.
Unite and you have an chanse, if not, well, I am old, and my life span expectanse isnt that long anymore and I will not have to live in the totalistaian regime that comes, but the sole reason for me to even bother, is for our children, and their children.
And to all of you whom went to the protest, you have my deepest respect.
It truly is an war, against the dark forces.
You all need to take an stand.
Be the light.


Igby MacDavitt , Jan 12, 2021 3:53 PM Reply to mikael

We have the same problem worldwide. Singling out and scorning the Americans is simply divisive. It has always been the People against the Oppressors. The Americans are people and have Oppressors bearing down on them like the rest of us. There is a cancer that needs to be removed lest it devour us all.

Chris , Jan 11, 2021 10:57 AM

The overtone of Korybko's writing is excessively defeatist. When the "Deep State" applies such overt tools to steal the U.S. election, imposes censorship, labels millions of American citizens as potential "domestic terrorists", silences the still incumbent U.S. President, resorts to provocation, deprives Americans of essential liberties through Covid, curfews or other bogus emergencies, then it means that the establishment behind the "Deep State" is scared. Scared not as much of Donald Trump as scared of You – the People. I know it since I live in a central European country with a very bitter experiences with dicatorship. When the power starts to resort to an open forgery and uses coercion or force it reveals its weakness, not strength. Its power derives only from the passive attitude of majority of population, nothing more. What this so called 'liberal elite' in America hopes for is to return to the good old days, when the whole Middle America remained voiceless, silent, isolated, without any leadership or political representation. Now it is their objective to 'legally' separate the 'progressive America' from the 'populist' one and they might even inspire separation, violence or secessionist moves to achieve it. But MAGA movement must not play this delusional vision of retreat to entrench in false sense of local security. That's what the 'Deep State' wants to achieve – to herd the popular opposition into their home arrests and their privacy soon to be possibly separated by walls, sanitary wards, wired fences or a new Indian reservation. Americans would never win their Independence by acting in defense only, by retreating to 'wait and see' tactics as Korybko suggests. What must be done is to recapture Your state institutions that have been stolen and turned into a travesty of American political tradition. Before that happens a common awareness is needed that those who appear to rule as a new 'government' are just a tiny bunch of criminals who try to impress the whole world that their power has no limits, that they monopolised the mass media and economy, that they are invincible. Do not let this delusion of 'Deep State' victory to dominate Your outlook. Yes, I agree that Trump failed as a leader in a time of crisis but MAGA (or however we call it) but all the people who really care for America need to maintain representation, authority and leadership. They shouldn't accept a comfortable fantasy that sooner or later the 'Deep State' would crumble under its own weight and then by some miracle a new movement would be born. If Trump indicates that 'its only the beginning' then his supporters should join him in any action he offers. All Republican politicians, conservative or libertarian societies, local communities, state legislatures or any other active group must be engaged in this action. Struggle for political freedom always involves risk and mistakes. Trump certainly made a lot of them. But it is the People who are sovereign, not any office, institution or technological dicatorship. When the Constitution, the congressional debate and civil liberties are ruined by 'elite' it is the responsibility of the People to act in emergency to restore law, order and liberty. The 'Deep State' perfectly understands that after the four years of Trump and the emergence of trumpism as a social-political fact there can not be any turning back to the business as usual. Not under normal and peaceful circumstances. That's why they are so frightened and act in panic. That's why they impose health and security 'emergencies' to incapacitate the population, to make it superfluous and useless. We saw it in totalitarian regimes.
The world needs the U.S. not as an imperial power but as an example of well established social contract, human liberty and hope for a better future. The European 'elites' are in revolt against their people too but here we won't have a chance for any anti-establishment president to support us. That's why in Europe we still believe that not all has been lost in America.

Laurence Howell , Jan 11, 2021 12:17 PM Reply to Chris

Lt. General Thomas Mcinerney,

"special forces imbedded in Antifa rioters have Nancy Pelosi's laptop"

Panic in DC would ban understatement.

Bring it on

Asylum , Jan 11, 2021 2:56 PM Reply to Laurence Howell

laptop always the laptop it on the laptop he/she left the laptop at
it etc etc et was found there# etc etc etc bullshit
laptop psyop used as much as the immaculate passport psyop found at the scene of crime in a burning inferno it aimed at idiots

Asylum , Jan 11, 2021 7:24 PM Reply to Asylum

Laurence Howell , Jan 12, 2021 10:37 AM Reply to Asylum

Are you saying that Hunter Biden's laptop and the released information that it contains is of no value?

Conflating 911 with the current conspiracies is not helpful. This would need an article of longer length and written by an unbiased observer which you are not.

Instead of saying etc. etc. bullshit, why not explain why this is your position?
Or does this not fit in with your soundbite posting?

Jacques , Jan 11, 2021 9:41 AM

Historically speaking, the problem with the "deep state" is essentially that the current system has corrupted itself to a point where it is so far from what is claimed, or perhaps appears to be, that there is no way to fix it from within by rebuilding it, by "draining the swamp".

Klaus "Cockroach" Schwab et al understand this, hence the Great Reset, a new vision for the future. Of course, they want a future for themselves, but that's another story.

Even if Trump were entirely sincere in his effort to "drain the swamp", he had nothing to offer apart from some vague anachronistic concept of Making America Great Again. What the fuck is that supposed to mean anyway, eh? The only thing he had behind him was populism which in itself is an empty concept.

Like it or not, a change will only come if people formulate a new philosophy, ideology, and if the new ideology is proposed and embraced on a broad scale. Ideally in a non-violent fashion.

Right now, there is fuck all, people are still stuck on all sorts of left-right bullshit dichotomies, (fake) democracy, the games that have been played for decades if not hundreds of years.

If you ask me, it would be nice if the ideology of the future was loosely based on Hayek's spontaneous order.

Thom1111 , Jan 11, 2021 3:03 PM Reply to Jacques

If Trump can pull something off this week or early next, the new plan is already waiting in the wings. It's called Nesara/Gesara. It's a new economic system not based on a debt based system.

rechenmacher , Jan 12, 2021 3:45 PM Reply to Thom1111

Heard that one before. Fraud.

Thom1111 , Jan 12, 2021 7:09 PM Reply to rechenmacher

It's a real framework plan, it's just whether it can be implemented is the question.

Igby MacDavitt , Jan 12, 2021 3:57 PM Reply to Jacques

"Like it or not, a change will only come if people formulate a new philosophy, ideology, and if the new ideology is proposed and embraced on a broad scale. Ideally in a non-violent fashion."

Sure. So we the people have had centuries or more to figure the answer out. Repeating the dilemma is not enlightening. Idealism has no voice with tyrants.

ZenPriest , Jan 11, 2021 8:53 AM

All this talk of the 'deep state' yet no one can name them. Lol.

Thom1111 , Jan 11, 2021 3:04 PM Reply to ZenPriest

you must have been born yesterday. In America it's the alphabet agencies but obviously all runs back to Rothschild and the Vatican.

gordan , Jan 11, 2021 7:48 PM Reply to Thom1111

eustace mullins

the curse of canaan

old names
very old
and new ones

written in the 1980s
still up to date

ZenPriest , Jan 12, 2021 2:44 PM Reply to Thom1111

If you think it stops at the Vatican and Rothschilds, maybe you were born yesterday.

Thom1111 , Jan 12, 2021 7:11 PM Reply to ZenPriest

well actually no, it goes off planet or interdimensionally if you want to go that deep.

Igby MacDavitt , Jan 12, 2021 4:02 PM Reply to ZenPriest

Start here.

ZenPriest , Jan 12, 2021 5:02 PM Reply to Igby MacDavitt

Corbett is owned like almost everyone else. Gives you everything but the source.

Joerg , Jan 11, 2021 8:50 AM


Ashley , Jan 11, 2021 6:11 AM

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Researcher , Jan 11, 2021 2:13 PM Reply to Ashley

Look. Your spam filter, didn't catch the SPAM.

Asylum , Jan 11, 2021 2:59 PM Reply to Researcher

but it does catch certain comments funny that

aspnaz , Jan 10, 2021 11:47 PM

The 6 January protest march clearly shows that the majority of Trump voters had already given up on Trump so did not join the protest. There was originally talk of a possible one million people attending, it didn't get anywhere close. If half the nation was still behind Trump, this was a very puzzling showing.

Trump just did not have what it takes, or was not really trying, to ruthlessly cut out the cancer of corruption in government. History will show that he was a weak leader who allowed the deep state to distract him to the extent that he never did anything of note other than to reveal, through no action of his own, how extreme is the corruption that he had promised to drain.

The Democrat distractions, paid for by their oligarch owners, showed the world that extreme corruption is running the USA. Even the most loyal Democrats must be puzzled by the current purges and threats of extreme centralised thought control, the arrogance of the swamp now that it has gotten rid of the peoples' man.

To his credit, I am still willing to believe that Trump tried to do the right thing.

Although the author is trying to place Trump as a coward who resigned, going back on his word, I think this is not how his original supporters see him. From what I can see, the majority of his original supporters still support him and see him as a figurehead, but they recognise that he doesn't have the skills to do the job. He is not a coward, he did not cave in, he recognised, probably because of the low protest numbers, that he did not have what is takes to continue the fight, he could see that his base had already given up on him. He is still a figurehead in the patriot movement. He may have lost the far right, but he still has a lot of centre-ground supporters.

MaryLS , Jan 11, 2021 4:47 AM Reply to aspnaz

I disagree with your claim that the majority of supporters had already given up on him. It was the middle of the week. People have jobs. It was a significant turn out. People understand what is at stake. I would not place the blame for failure on Trump. He is amazing in so many ways.

Carmpat , Jan 12, 2021 8:39 AM Reply to MaryLS

I just don't understand here how anybody can believe Trump was sincere in wanting to change anything: he's a narcissistic bully in it for his own benefit and that of his offspring. Fighting corruption??? Come on!

Igby MacDavitt , Jan 12, 2021 4:06 PM Reply to Carmpat

The mere fact that hundreds and hundreds of treasonous actors throughout government and business have been clearly and openly revealed through the process started by Trump is a damn good start.

S Cooper , Jan 11, 2021 5:53 AM Reply to aspnaz

"What is going in DC right now is like what went on at Jonestown after Jim Jones went crackers. Except instead of cyanide laced Kool-Aid they are going to use 'Doc' Billy Eugenics EUTHANASIA DEATH SHOT to off the 'faithful'. If only Billy and they would just off themselves and leave the rest of the World out of it."

" EUTHANIZE the World! Corporate Fascism and Eugenics forever."

S Cooper , Jan 11, 2021 4:24 PM Reply to S Cooper

"Time now for Na n zi Pelosi, Chuckie 'Upchuck' Schumer and all the rest of the war criminal gang of CORPORATE FASCIST FABIAN EUGENICISTS to beam back to the mothership. They see insurrections, rebellions and conspiracies everywhere. They believe the humans are out to get them . They are going full Jim Jones. "

S Cooper , Jan 11, 2021 6:40 PM Reply to S Cooper

"Also Nasty Na n zi should lay off the hooch. It is beginning to have a deleterious and harmful effect upon the sad thing's cognitive faculties and behavior."

Sgt Oddball , Jan 10, 2021 10:35 PM

I *Hope* they name the next Carrier after him – USS Donald J. Trump – CVN 83


Sgt Oddball , Jan 10, 2021 10:38 PM Reply to Sgt Oddball

- Nickname: – 'Big Don'

Voxi Pop , Jan 10, 2021 9:57 PM INSURRECTION ACT "PROBABLY" SIGNED –
Military In Control of the US, Under Commander In Chief Trump/
Updates Will Follow Throughout The Day

Cal , Jan 10, 2021 9:56 PM


Sgt Oddball , Jan 10, 2021 9:26 PM

"Captain America's been torn apart,
Now he's a court jester with a broken heart,
He said, "Turn me around and take me back to the start",
"I must be losing my mind!" Are you blind?!
– I've seen it all a *Million Times* "

James Meeks , Jan 10, 2021 9:02 PM

Situation Update Jan 8th – Trump fighting from secure location, did NOT concede

Sukma Dyk , Jan 10, 2021 8:50 PM

You are going to be very surprised. See what happens.

David Meredith , Jan 10, 2021 9:08 PM Reply to Sukma Dyk

I was just about to post a comment saying: It's not over yet, but you beat me to it! Well done.

John Smith , Jan 11, 2021 6:17 PM Reply to Sukma Dyk

Why the secrecy? If you know summit then spill.

Jacques , Jan 10, 2021 8:49 PM

I don't know what Trump's intentions were, and I couldn't care less.

From where I'm standing, it appears that he was elected on a wave of populism, which seemed to be an alternative to the "liberal democracy" fakery, the swamp. An interesting presentation of that was here ( ). IMHO, Bannon kicked Frum's butt in that debate.

It would appear that populism was a big enough threat for the "swamp" to unleash four years of a hate campaign against Trump, possibly, probably culminating with COVID. Hard to believe that it was a coincidence.

Be it as it may, and allowing for the possibility that this or that or the other thing has been staged this way or that way, Trump's presidency has certainly set things in motion, woken up people. Had somebody more slick been elected, the transition to the dystopia that seems to be in the pipeline would probably have been less noticeable, perhaps not noticeable at all. With the shitshow that has been going down since last February, all of a sudden there is a public debate. Perhaps misinformed, perhaps mislead, but there is a debate nevertheless. Will it result in something positive? Hard to say, hopefully.

Bottom line, Trump's presidency has been historically a good thing.

YouTube_censors_unfortuna , Jan 11, 2021 10:05 AM Reply to Jacques

Covid19 was decided in 2010 and earlier.

Jacques , Jan 11, 2021 10:37 AM Reply to YouTube_censors_unfortuna

So what? What sort of relevance does it have to what I said?

First understand the bigger picture, then worry about details.

Carmpat , Jan 12, 2021 8:43 AM Reply to Jacques

Covid 19 was DECIDED? But of course, yes, it's just a detail .. lol

Researcher , Jan 10, 2021 8:45 PM

Turns out the Viking Guy aka QAnon Shaman aka Jake Angeli aka Jacob Anthony Chansley aka Actor and self proclaimed "Super Soldier" pals around with Bernard Kerik and Rudy Giuliani when he takes time off from memorizing the latest NSA script:

Lost in a dark wood , Jan 10, 2021 9:42 PM Reply to Researcher

Oh look, a photo at some sort of book-signing type event. I'll file it alongside the one of Oswald and Mother Teresa.

Researcher , Jan 10, 2021 11:32 PM Reply to Lost in a dark wood

Where's the book? Nowhere. Not a book signing.

Freemason handshake tho, Lost_In_Your_Tiny_Mind

Lost in a dark wood , Jan 11, 2021 4:37 PM Reply to Researcher

BTW: if that's what Bernard Kerik looks like when he's "palling around", you definitely wouldn't want to fall out with him!

James Meeks , Jan 10, 2021 10:10 PM Reply to Researcher

Haven't you figured out yet that QAnon is an intelligence agency psyop based in the type of magical thinking that will get you killed and lose the nation? If not, you really aren't qualified to participate in what is currently hitting us. The enemy has your number. This is obviously a photo op staged by the security state to feed the false narrative created around QAnon.

Researcher , Jan 10, 2021 11:23 PM Reply to James Meeks

Can you read? Read what I wrote again. Read it enough times until you understand.

QAnon = Q Group NSA

Nothing is hitting you except the Democrats and Republicans together against the citizens. That's not new.

Asylum , Jan 11, 2021 6:30 PM Reply to Researcher

S Cooper , Jan 11, 2021 10:25 PM Reply to Asylum

"If there was a non WAR RACKETEER CORPORATE FASCIST in SHAM DEMOCRACY USA for whom to vote and the REPUBLICRATS did not FAKE the counts and rig the SHAM elections WE THE PEOPLE might. Where is a Eugene Victor Debs when the world needs one?"

"Soon that is not going to be an issue, however. There will be no need for SHAM ELECTIONS after Billy EugenIcs and the CORPORATE FASCIST FABIAN EUGENICISTS cull all the untermenschen and useless eaters with their EUTHANASIA DEATH SHOT."

REvail , Jan 11, 2021 11:42 PM Reply to S Cooper

it was a compliment and joke on others who still be lie ve in what you eloquently posted

S Cooper , Jan 12, 2021 12:23 AM Reply to REvail

"Just can not give up the opportunity for a good lead up (segue'). In good faith and in all seriousness, thanks for providing it."

Cmiller , Jan 12, 2021 5:27 AM Reply to Researcher

Masonic handshake

Dayne , Jan 10, 2021 8:40 PM

Peasants in 19th-century Russia clung to a notion of the Czar as a benevolent, fatherly figure. Even when he rained misery and oppression down on them, it was only because he was "misinformed", "surrounded by bad guys", etc.

It makes sense: Those were desperate, illiterate people living in misery. Hoping against hope was all they had. But why would anyone in 2021 think of Trump in essentially the same way is beyond me. An entrenched military-industrial-media-psychiatric-intelligence system, hundreds of years in the making and with untold trillions in funding, just stood by as a Robin-Hood-type hero and people's champion rose to take the Oval Office? Sorry. Trump might as well sprout wings and fly.

Sgt Oddball , Jan 10, 2021 10:10 PM Reply to Dayne

Thanx for your comment, Dayne – I've been trying to put this into words, and as I'm autistic, I could frankly, literally *Sperg'-out* over this, right now

- TL:DR version is this, tho': – Ever wonder why 'Populism' is such a dirty word for the establishment and their MSM bullhorn? – The argument I've heard thus far generally goes like the South Park underpants gnome's plan for world domination: – Phase 1: Popular Uprising (aka: 'Civil Unrest') Phase 2: ? . Phase 3: Fascist 'Strongman' Dictatorship – Why is that?

- Also that we're *Too Stoopid*(/ie: Self-Absorbed) – Like the Mud-Pickin' peasants in Monty Python' Holy Grail

- I would suggest 2 reasons for this:

- 1.) The Davostanis (Global Banksters/Oligarchs) never *merely* back the *winning horse* in the race, – In fact they back *every* horse that they *allow* to run (ergo: Trump was an Establishment-groomed *Stalking Horse* )

- 2.) The Davostanis (again), have *long since* seen to it that *most everyone*, from birth onwards, is psychologically conditioned, first with childhood myths and fairy-tales about Charming Princes and Fair Princesses, then with religio-spiritual 'adult' myths and fairy-tales about (In Judeo-Christian terms) Messianic, White-Knight champion/rescuer types who, if *we would only* put our lives and our *Utmost Faith* in their holy, heaven-sent hands, would *Save Us All* from all the terrible, terrible *Mess We've All Made* for ourselves down here on Earth, by collectively *Shitting The Bed*

*Obviously*, this is *All* just so much *Childish Nonsense*, and, more to the point, a *Writ-Large Con-Job*

- Cutting to the chase: – The 'Great-Man' theory of history is *Bunk* – Always *Has Been*, always *Will Be*

If you're still "Holding Out For A Hero", I invite you to stare *Long And Hard* into the nearest available mirror, *Take A DEEP Breath*, and then go out and *Elect Yourself* to the office – *Better Yet*, elect your family, elect your friends, elect your neighbors, elect *Everyone*

- And then let's *Do This Shit* – *Together*!

James Meeks , Jan 10, 2021 10:23 PM Reply to Dayne

It could have something to do with the fact that Biden is backed by every billionaire member of the Davos gang of criminals getting ready to use this event, coupled with medical martial law, to stage the "great reset" scheme. A wet dream of Malthusian eugenecists like Faucci & Gates, since it includes a drastic reduction in world population aka genocide of the elderly, vulnerable, poor and non compliant. This Globalist Technocracy will be led by un-elected bankers and corporate CEO's effectively ending any form of Democracy planet wide. MSM mockingbirds are completing the programming of the public to make Casey's statement to Reagan ring true" We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is wrong."

janmarsh , Jan 10, 2021 8:16 PM

Insurrection Act signing brought forward.
Scroll down to 10th. January update:

Asylum , Jan 11, 2021 3:31 PM Reply to janmarsh

Ow look Simon one trick pony parkes been laughed at and ridiculed and busted for his many many many many lies and it happening you watch just donate psyop
gets excepted into the Q nonsense and trump Savior psyop and became s one of there leaders!!!

doesn't anyone go back 5 years and do basic check on thsoes they watch and then make idols of them.

fools follow fools

Mike , Jan 10, 2021 8:15 PM

Trump was never going to be Ameica's hero. He was played to depict America as a fascist, racist, neo-nazi country that needs to be saved by the Left aka Joe Biden/Kamala Harris. The Left can now "save us all" from the "damage" caused by the MAGA movement and Trump. They can do this through heavily increased mass surveillance and what is essentially imprisonment, to make sure that we don't fall victim to the "domestic terrorism" that is represented by Trump and his fan base.

David Meredith , Jan 10, 2021 9:10 PM Reply to Mike

saved by the left? The left has been selling out the US to the globalist agenda for the last 20 years (in power or out). Trump is not finished restoring America to a country that doesn't sell out to China.

S Cooper , Jan 10, 2021 9:32 PM Reply to David Meredith

"Left-Center-Right" seems that paradigm is a tad askew. It is more like a top to bottom pyramid [scheme/racket]. The CORPORATE FASCIST OLIGARCH MOBSTER PSYCHOPATH SLAVE MASTERS sitting on their gold platinum thrones at the very top of the tower/pyramid and all their prole slave victims, WE THE PEOPLE (HUMANITY) in the mud at the base. The PSYCHOS will say or do anything to get the prole slaves at each others throats. IF WE ARE FIGHTING AMONG OURSELVES WE ARE NOT FIGHTING THEM."

Mike , Jan 10, 2021 11:12 PM Reply to David Meredith

Well, being saved by the left was a sarcastic comment. And Trump is clearly done with "restoring America" because it was never his to restore, let alone him conceding to the left after the Capitol "riots".

falcemartello , Jan 11, 2021 3:53 AM Reply to David Meredith

@ David
The left is as left as my right GONAD

Martin Usher , Jan 10, 2021 10:12 PM Reply to Mike

Biden/Harris "the left"? Surely you're joking? These two are conservatives, in another timeline they'd be Republicans. What they have going for them is they, like many Americans, believe in the Constitution of the United States, about what the country is and what its trying to acheve. It strives to build "a more perfect union".

This the fundamenal error many people made about the Deep State. I've no doubt that there's a fom of Deep State out there, an ingrained conservative streak in the bureaucracy, because there is in all bureaucracies. But the real Deep State is all of us, its every last person who believes in the system, in the American form of democracy and the principles upon which the nation was founded. There are innumerable personal interpretations of exactly what this means but the sum total is the United States.

Trump, MAGA and the modern GoP represent 'capture', the idea that the capture of the state can be turned to personal profit. In doing so Trump and his enablers degraded the notion of what the US is and why it exists. This is what's caused the backlash, its not 'the left' or 'socialism'.

Sgt Oddball , Jan 10, 2021 10:54 PM Reply to Martin Usher

"Biden/Harris "the left"? Surely you're joking?"

- The proverbial 'Overton Window' has, at this point, collapsed to a quantum singularity, about a nothingth of a planck length wide

- Prepare for *Teh Great Suck*!

Peanut butter wolf , Jan 10, 2021 8:11 PM

You seriously think Trump was genuinly elected? All the points you make show obviously he was a puppet and psy-op of the deepstate from the very beginning.
The deepstate won because they never had an enemy, they created him from the start, with or without him knowing we dont know, but anyone on that level is on a need to know basis anyway. It's clear that his every move is steered with the goal to bring down rogue antiestablishment sentiments.

And it worked very well. Radical left antiestablishment is suddenly prodemocrats and radical right antiestablishment is totally disillusioned and just became domestic terrorists.

David Meredith , Jan 10, 2021 9:12 PM Reply to Peanut butter wolf

you spelled Biden incorrectly on your fourth word in.

Sgt Oddball , Jan 10, 2021 10:57 PM Reply to Peanut butter wolf

- *Divide and Conquer* Churn, same as it ever was

BTW, My condolences for MF Doom

Asylum , Jan 11, 2021 3:07 PM Reply to Sgt Oddball

ironic dont you think a artist MF Doom who is known for wearing a mask gets sacrifices sorry dies on the usual astro constellation

Thom1111 , Jan 11, 2021 3:15 PM Reply to Peanut butter wolf

Trump wasn't supposed to win in 2016. The deep state probably wanted liberal Jeb Bush or Rubio or Cruz in there. Trump destroyed all the competition in the GOP primaries. Remember, Trump wasn't picked by the deep state to be their guy. He financed his own campaign. He was a major burr in their saddle. The Trump phenomenon is real and he proved it with a landslide victory that was stolen.

Martin Usher , Jan 12, 2021 6:16 PM Reply to Thom1111

What 'landslide'? The numbers tell a very different story. Trump should have won a second term but he didn't because of two things, one being the grass roots efforts of Democrats to motivate voter groups despite systematic road blocks being placed in those groups' path and the other -- a important one -- being that there's quite a lot of life long Republicans out there that cannot stand Trump.

Trumpism is like a cult in many ways. One feature is that those who 'believe' find it difficult to come to grips with the fact that they might hold a minority view. They're used to being embattled, that's a signature feature of such groups (they're always fighting for something against an implacable enemy, preferably an unseen one) but its just inconceivable that they're really a fringe group. The events of last Wednesday have probably done more to promote Democrat candidates than anything else this cycle; fortunately for the most part the election was over so all they lost were the two Senate seats.

PS -- May I draw your attention to an old Beatles song -- "Revolution"? (I'd also suggest an even old song "Trouble Coming" from the Mothers of Invention.)

Voz 0db , Jan 10, 2021 7:58 PM

Under the CURRENT MAIN SYSTEM – The Monetary System – there is no "drain the swamp"!

James Meeks , Jan 10, 2021 10:29 PM Reply to Voz 0db

Then you're going to love the technocrats "social credits" scheme such as China currently imposes on it's population.

Voz 0db , Jan 11, 2021 10:43 AM Reply to James Meeks

China developed that system with the HELP of the Western Corporations, so that in a near future the tech will be deployed in the western Plantations. OPERATION COVIDIUS is just the 1st of many operations that will create the FEAR & PANIC conditions among the herds of modern western moron slaves, that will make it really easy for THEM to deploy that tech.

Why do you think China was the chosen one to practice a "city lockdown" during EVENT 201 planning?

Why do you think China was on the news of western countries while they were executing the lockdown and then no more China news?

China is also under the Shadow of the SRF & Billionaires at least for now. The only thing China is trying to achieve is to shift the POWER of the SRF into Chinese Families, nothing more.

maxine , Jan 10, 2021 7:48 PM

What has Off-G come to? .One must be truly mad to imagine that D. tHRUMP
"SINCERELY" thought ANYTHING EVER, let alone "changing the way America is run" .He's incapable of comprehending what the word "SINCERITY" means .Sorry the author has lost his hero.

wardropper , Jan 10, 2021 8:24 PM Reply to maxine

OffG publishes articles and anybody who wants to can comment on them.

It does not push, or imagine, any group philosophy other than to support us all in a deep distrust of what the mainstream media ram down our throats every day, and to give us space to express our personal disgust in our own way.

We are not going to imagine what you would like us to imagine merely on your say-so either, although you are quite free to tell us what your personal recommendations are.

OffG has never been pro-Trump, and we are all aware that the alternative is far from being any better.

Perhaps you would like to tell us what is really bugging you, given that you have never been under any pressure even to show up here At the very least, you could stay on topic:
So, what about the swamp, and who you think is most likely to succeed in draining it ?

Carol Jones , Jan 10, 2021 8:53 PM Reply to wardropper

Hear Hear!

Gezzah Potts , Jan 10, 2021 10:26 PM Reply to wardropper

Spot on W👍

YouTube_censors_unfortuna , Jan 10, 2021 7:40 PM

Trump's racist fan base supported America's bogus War of Terrorism against blameless Muslim countries, did they not? What goes around, comes around.

James Meeks , Jan 10, 2021 10:40 PM Reply to YouTube_censors_unfortuna

I think you are getting fan bases mixed up. Trump inherited these conflicts from Bush, Iraq 2002 invasion & Obama's 2015 invasion of Syria and it was Trump that threatened to end the propping up of the endless war industry. In fact that played the major role in why Trump had to be removed at all costs including selling treason and vote rigging as Democracy to be defended against "domestic terrorists".

YouTube_censors_unfortuna , Jan 11, 2021 9:45 AM Reply to James Meeks

Did America's white patriots oppose the demonisation of Muslims as being terrorists who did 9/11 or did they participate in this US government fiction?

Thom1111 , Jan 11, 2021 3:17 PM Reply to YouTube_censors_unfortuna

No, at least half of the patriots are and were aware that 9/11 was an inside job.

Geoffrey Skoll , Jan 10, 2021 7:25 PM

Right! The Donald was too weak and too stupid. A smarter president got shot for his troubles, but the rulers knew they didn't have to resort to that against the Donald. He was obsessed with his mirror. All those meeting between Ike and JFK, what do you think they were talking about?

Sgt Oddball , Jan 10, 2021 11:01 PM Reply to Geoffrey Skoll

- Please also note the *Extreme* copypasta, every other sentence, in the article – Who *Actually Is* this guy?

DM: , Jan 11, 2021 12:22 AM Reply to Sgt Oddball

A fifty-center.

Lisa , Jan 10, 2021 7:09 PM

Fuck Trump and his knuckle dragging moron supporters.

Mr Y , Jan 10, 2021 7:21 PM Reply to Lisa

Now tell us what *you* like.

David Meredith , Jan 10, 2021 9:14 PM Reply to Lisa

hey, my knuckles don't drag – how dare you suggest such a thing.

James Meeks , Jan 10, 2021 10:44 PM Reply to Lisa

Sounds like you came to Off Guardian thinking it was the Guardian and expected to find a group of like minded consumers of security state propaganda in a Trump bashing fest.

Sgt Oddball , Jan 10, 2021 11:02 PM Reply to Lisa

"Oook, Oook, Oook!!! "

*Flings Monkey-Poop *

sue , Jan 10, 2021 6:55 PM

A premature judgement. Time will tell.

MANUEL , Jan 10, 2021 6:55 PM

Do u relly guys think Trump was a hope for all pf us? I am still amazed that people(including off-guard) still thinks in terms of left vs right, good vs bad, and all that narrative. I am afraid that nnarrativ has never been true. It is part of the game of "the matrix" to keep us entertained in shows programmed for tth masses, division, polarizaiomn, saviours and "heros". In my opinion it is time for a deep shift. Continuing to hope that some guy will save us all, it is just seeing a tree but not being able to see the woods. While some keep waiting for somebody to save us, they are moving forward with their plans really fast. But no problem guys. Sooner or later the rrality will knock on you door, and you will have to decide if you are going to be a slave or a free human. And it will be all about what you decide. No american hero or any messiah will do it for you.

Sophie - Admin1 , Jan 10, 2021 9:50 PM Reply to MANUEL

We have warned against accepting the Left/Right paradigm many times. This is NOT an editorial and therefore is not 'the voice of OffG'.

Some visitors here need to up their sophistication level to the point they understand we publish a SPECTRUM of dissident opinion that we consider merits discussion or a wider audience, without necessarily agreeing with all of it.

Sgt Oddball , Jan 10, 2021 11:15 PM Reply to Sophie - Admin1

"Some visitors here need to up their sophistication level to the point they understand we publish a SPECTRUM of dissident opinion "

- Yep, well that's as may be, but Andrew Korybko's position is *Lame As All Hell* – Every establishment talking point *Covered* – just from the 'Contrarian' side

- Trump was an 'Outsider' who 'Became' an 'Insider'?! – Aww Puh-lease! – He was a *Stalking Horse

- "He didn't have the *'Strength'* to 'Drain The Swamp'(tm)"??!?! – *No-One* *Indivudal* in all Creation could've

- Do you think we're *Children*?!

Asylum , Jan 11, 2021 3:26 PM Reply to Sgt Oddball

been on this site a whole while now not seen any articles discussing trump failures

James Meeks , Jan 10, 2021 11:06 PM Reply to MANUEL

We are all aware that we are the playthings of the rich and powerful but all you're doing is stating what most of us already know. What is your solution? So tell us please what you are doing to that makes you feel free and not a slave? Are you living off the grid? Not using currency? What is it you're doing that makes you different from those of us you claim are not facing reality? I think many people, myself included, who have no love for Trump see that he is being denounced by every billionaire member of the Davos gang of criminals as a threat to world order and the economy while they shut down the planet with medical martial law and create an authoritarian Globalist Technocratic dictatorship ending Democracies worldwide and targeting "domestic terrorists" who oppose them.

George Mc , Jan 10, 2021 6:35 PM

The steps on how to destroy all of the services, public and private though focussing on the NHS:

Seize on a moderate flu variant. Build it up to be the blackest death since the black death. Seize on all the old people who die anyway and claim their numbers as an indication of the carnage. For anyone still hesitant, introduce hypocritical emotional blackmail about "the most vulnerable" in our society to shame everyone into the game On the basis of those appropriated death figures, endlessly circulate fear porn – enhanced by the fact that the symptoms of this apocalyptic virus are indistinguishable from the regular flu or even the common cold. Get everyone to steer clear of everyone else. Close down all "inessential" work plus communal gathering places to ensure everyone is isolated before the droning monolithic message you are pumping out. Introduce even more draconian measures for anyone who "has" the bug – effectively barring them even (especially) from care work. Prioritise the new bug cases so that they have access to hospital facilities – while anyone with other (real) illnesses are barred to "protect" them! This fills up the hospitals with hypochondriacs with the common cold. Introduce the notion that some may carry the bug without symptoms. Introduce a new test which can determine who has the symptomless bug. On the basis of those magical symptomless bug test kits, bar the essential workers from supporting the vulnerable – in order to "protect the vulnerable"! Constantly report on how the NHS is collapsing – which it is, being filled up with folks with the cold and turning everyone else away, and also being deprived of essential workers who tested positive for the symptomless bug. Just stand back and watch it all collapse whilst continuing to report on it with increasing horror!

George Mc , Jan 10, 2021 6:41 PM Reply to George Mc

PS the list is not exhaustive. I didn't even touch on the phony Left/Right divide.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL , Jan 10, 2021 7:18 PM Reply to George Mc


A must read.

The Department of Health and Social Care . adopted a policy, that led to 25,000 patients, including those (known to be) infected (with Covid-19, and also those who were) possibly infected with Covid-19 (but) had not been tested, being discharged from hospital into care homes between 17 March and 15 April -- exponentially increasing the risk of transmission to the very population most at risk of severe illness and death from the disease. (This, while being denied) access to testing, (being denied) personal protective equipment, (while having) insufficient staff, and limited (and confusing) guidance.

(As expected) care homes were overwhelmed.

James Meeks , Jan 10, 2021 11:10 PM Reply to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

Amnesty International is US State Department Propaganda Amnesty run by US State Department representatives, funded by convicted financial criminals, and threatens real human rights advocacy worldwide.

DM: , Jan 11, 2021 12:30 AM Reply to George Mc

Who the hell down-voted this. I want a name, address, and employment details.

Teresa , Jan 10, 2021 6:27 PM

No, the entire "game" hasn't played out yet. Hold back on your final conclusions for now. Watchful waiting at the moment.

Moneycircus , Jan 10, 2021 6:21 PM

Computah sez. I mean computer is science, right? And you gotta trust the science Just Google it, OK?


George Mc , Jan 10, 2021 6:04 PM

The tackiest of plays unfolding with the most tedious predictability: "And the NHS can't take much more as .."

Yes yes yes – as if we didn't fucking know!


[Jan 20, 2021] There was and is no great "American democracy" to be restored as the nation had for many decades become "an oligarchy" where wealthy "elites" and their corporations "rule" and "ordinary citizens have virtually no influence over what their government does

Dec 21, 2020 |

There was and is no great "American democracy" to be restored after Trump. As the mainstream political scientists Martin Gilens (Princeton) and Benjamin Page (Northwestern) had shown six years into Barack Obama's presidency, the nation had for many decades become "an oligarchy" where wealthy "elites" and their corporations "rule" and "ordinary citizens have virtually no influence over what their government does."

That was clear during Obama's corporatist "Hope" and "Change" presidency, which gave Americans what commentator William Greider memorably called "a blunt lesson about power, who has it and who doesn't." Americans, Greider wrote , "watched Washington rush to rescue the very financial interests that caused the catastrophe. They learned that government has plenty of money to spend when the right people want it. 'Where's my bailout,' became the rueful punch line at lunch counters and construction sites nationwide." Then Americans beheld Obama embrace "entitlement reform" (nice-sounding cover for attacking Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits) and pass a health insurance reform (the so-called Affordable Care Act) that only the big insurance and drug companies could love.

READ MORE Rewriting history: Legacy media shriek Trump is 'bucking tradition'... for doing the same thing they praised Obama for Rewriting history: Legacy media shriek Trump is 'bucking tradition'... for doing the same thing they praised Obama for

The Biden team has no more intention of acting sincerely on the Democratic Party's standard manipulative populist-sounding campaign rhetoric in the wake of the Trump nightmare and the 2020-21 Covid-19 Recession than did the Obama White House in the wake of the George W. Bush nightmare and the 2007-08 Great Recession.

Biden's cabinet picks are loaded with neoliberal center-right operatives inherited from the fake-progressive Obama administration. They hail from the same Wall Street backgrounds and corporate and imperial think tanks that staffed the George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama administrations.

The "diversity" that CNN and MSNBC applaud in Biden's cabinet and agency picks is all about the race, ethnicity, and gender of his elections. It does not extend to ideology to include genuinely progressive Democrats in the mold of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Under the faux-transformative cloak of identity, these are ruling-class personnel trained and doctrinally committed to oppose the decent, humane, progressive, social-democratic, and environmentally sane policies favored by the nation's silenced progressive majority -- Single Payer health insurance, seriously progressive taxation, the abolition of parasitic student debt, free public college, a doubling of the federal minimum wage, the re-legalization of union organizing, and a planet-saving Green New Deal. As liberals fawn over the many female, nonwhite, and gay people holding top positions, the Biden administration will be a monument to the persistent rule of the nation's un-elected and interrelated dictatorships of money and empire.

This follows in accord with the near-octogenarian Biden's promise to super-wealthy campaign donors at a posh Manhattan hotel last year. Pledging not to "demonize anybody who has made money," Biden told a gathering of tuxedo-wearing financial parasites that the rich were not to blame for the nation's savage inequalities (so extreme that the top tenth of the upper US One Percent had more wealth than the nation's bottom 90 percent by the end of the Obama years). "Nothing will fundamentally change" and nobody's wealth or income would have to be reduced if he became president, Biden said . "I need you badly," he added.

njab 18 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 08:58 AM

What exactly is "left"? The author doesn't talk about being "anti-war" for example. And frankly, some of the "left" policies, especially related to LGBQXYZ, I find abhorrent. What is needed is neither "left" nor "right" but something that benefits the MAJORITY of the population and not just a few fringe groups.
Ohhho HypoxiaMasks 12 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 03:11 PM
Americans is the most confused nation on Earth! They confuse plutocracy with democracy, propaganda with news, debt with wealth, individualism with freedom, corruption with influencing, bullying with leading, war with peace and looting with help!
ColdFacts 1justssayn 4 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 11:22 PM
trump is fake anti-establishment, he had 4 years and did not pardon Assange or Snowden, did not expose corrupt elites, he did not declassify anything "interesting", even now with exposed election fraud all he did was to file some pseudo lawsuits which were dismissed by corrupt establishment owned courts.
rubyvolt 16 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 10:41 AM
'MuriKKKa is run by those who OWN it. Their muscle is the US military. Its fodder, the citizens. The PEOPLE of this nation have no say and can't get into the streets as most of us have been so poisoned and brainwashed that independent thought is not possible.
jjikss 13 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 02:03 PM
There is no such thing as "democratic empire". You either believe that majority decides or you believe that power decides. America is undoubtedly an empire ( over 600 offshore military bases), so the democracy part is just a form of " double think" that comes straight from George Orwell's vision.
Vikiiing 19 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 08:08 AM
The election process could be fixed to be fair but neither party wants that. US elections could be modelled after any scandanavian system to get rid of corruption, but there's big money to be made keeping it corrupt.
DeadRassputin 8 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 07:05 PM
The working class elected Trump as an outsider in the hope he could curb the corruption that was becoming apparent in the Federal Government. Second term they tried to elect him again, however the career politicians were having none of that. MSM propaganda blitz plus social media censorship added to unverifiable mail in ballots, and rigged counting machines sealed the deal.
Khanlenin DeadRassputin 7 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 07:42 PM
Even though he never stopped stuffing millions into the pockets of the super rich, he did offer some improvement to the economic conditions of the working classes which had been stagnating since the 1970's Obama and Clinton had made sure any improvements in productivity and technology were all going to benefit the top financial elites. Having an unstable ego, he kept throwing grenades at everything he didn't understand. In the case of Iranian government officials, the grenades were real
Khanlenin DeadRassputin 7 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 07:42 PM
Even though he never stopped stuffing millions into the pockets of the super rich, he did offer some improvement to the economic conditions of the working classes which had been stagnating since the 1970's Obama and Clinton had made sure any improvements in productivity and technology were all going to benefit the top financial elites. Having an unstable ego, he kept throwing grenades at everything he didn't understand. In the case of Iranian government officials, the grenades were real
Joaquin Montano 12 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 02:54 PM
"There's no great 'American democracy' to be restored after Trump, ..." We used to say "America is the best democracy money can buy". Not even that anymore. It is so disfunctional it isn't worth the money ...
westernman 13 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 02:29 PM
Some 40 trillion dollars that the rich are stashing away in offshore fictitious bank accounts if taxed even at 1% will more than pay for all social services like single payer health insurance, student loan forgiveness, free college education and much much more. Correct Obama was a faux progressive, he would take one step forward and two back. I agree that Biden seems to be painting a diverse race cabinet portfolio but skin color is no guarantee at all of pro working people ideologies.
Hasse1 14 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 12:59 PM
In reality (with hard evidence) Trump is NO different from his predecessors. In fact, if you compared him with other U.S. presidents, Trump was less violent and caused the death of less people than Clinton, Bush, Obama or Biden. Just to mention the latest few.
Khanlenin Bill Spence 6 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 08:57 PM
"general welfare" or "the welfare of the generals" You're correct. When ordinary citizens opposed the invasion of Iraq, they showed that they did not have the expertise needed to make the decisions in the best interest of the welfare of the generals (or Standard Oil).
czerenkob 13 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 01:40 PM
In the USA democracy is talked about, but not practiced.
SheepNotHuman 9 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 06:14 PM
Democracy a dreamy concept for children only. There is no such thing as Democracy when money buys the elections and votes remain secretive. America was never a Democracy, from day one it's a fraud. The first president old George Washington was a blood relative of the UK Royals and his 50 secret society brothers set up America for 200 + years of fraud. Guess what, the royals still run things folks. We on the other hand will only be remembered as man or woman if we turn a blind eye to truth and care nothing for honesty. Some less than human! Now as people catch on to the facts that they have been played their whole life long while they pretend and live in the matrix the Deep State must act to clean us out. It's called Agenda 2030 schemed up by the evil WEF. Don't get tested and don't get vaccinated. Now my awakened ones it's your turn!
shadow1369 15 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 11:48 AM
The US haas been mythologising its nature from day one, all is fraud and pretence there.
Ohhho 14 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 01:15 PM
All of it is just a bunch of nonsense by a naive American. All that "great republic" and "democracy" garbage! Their dear POTUSes are just puppets to the Global financial oligarchy that "bought them all and in the darkness bound them"! So they underestimated Trump and let him slip by, big deal! Everything is back to normal baby, hallelujah!
athineos Ohhho 13 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 01:50 PM
Correct! US has been an Oligarchy since it's Founding when the theft and rape of the land of the INDIGENOUS AMERICAN PEOPLE by the European Colonizers was being undertaken to benefit the few as always. Now it has moved into its advanced cancerous stage where the middle class will be completely assimilated into the poor class to bring about the New Feudal era of the NEW WORLD ORDER.
Sovietski 10 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 05:18 PM
Biden's sole election slogan/promise has been: "I'm not Trump" He's a millionaire and 4-decade career political dinosaur. Of course nothing will change!
The_Chosenites 14 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 01:03 PM
Biden will spend most of his time as the Donald did. It will be Biden the Blind lead around by his Israelis guide dog Bibi. Biden will be consumed with middle east policy and defeating the enemies of Israel, allowing Israels continued expansionist policies. The American people may have lost the election but there is always a clear winner!
IslandT 3 hours ago 20 Dec, 2020 11:45 PM
Trump administration is a complete failure, when Trump comes to power he has basically started war on so many fronts and attacks so many swamp people which is the main reason why so many top level people hate him and causes him to lost the presidency! The swamp in US senate is simply too deep and there is nothing Trump can do about it, when he leaves the office, the swamp people will come back and continue their party, those generals or officials Trump puts on the important positions will be overthrew by Joe Biden, those rules that set by Trump will also get overwritten by Joe Biden, basically it is a complete waste of time for Trump to do all those unproductive works. Also the Mexican-US border wall will also be stopped under Biden as well. If both the democrat and republican not realize they need to change then there is nothing much a President can do to change the entire situation. US is in the ending stage of it's empire and we will see de dollarisation after Trump steps down, think about this, what will happen if other nations want US to buy their currency with the US gold reserves so the American can buy their raw material or finished product? How much gold reserves does the US actually has and how much money does the US owns the foreign countries and how much gold does the us has to pay to foreign nations if de dollarisation actually happen? Do you people realize that Mike Pompeo has just turned into Swamp people as well, there goes the last hope for the American!

[Jan 20, 2021] Are You Ready for Total (Ideological) War by CJ Hopkins

Notable quotes:
"... Oh, yes, you really did it this time! You stormed the goddamned US Capitol. You and your racist, Russia-backed army of bison-hat wearing half-naked actors have meddled with the primal forces of GloboCap, and now, by God, you will atone! ..."
"... No, do not try to minimize your crimes. You entered a building without permission! The building where America simulates democracy! You walked around in there waving silly flags! You went into the Chamber, into people's offices! One of you actually put his filthy populist feet up on Pelosi's desk ON HER DESK! This aggression will not stand! ..."
Jan 12, 2021 |

So, welcome to 2021! If last week was any indication, it is going to be quite an exciting year. It is going to be the year in which GloboCap reminds everyone who is actually in charge and restores "normality" throughout the world.

or at least attempts to restore "normality," or the "New Normality," or the "Great Normal Reset," or "The New Normal War on Domestic Terror" or whatever they eventually decide to call it.

In any event, whatever they call it, GloboCap is done playing grab-ass. They have had it with all this "populism" malarkey that has been going on for the last four years.

Yes, that's right, the party is over, you Russian-backed white supremacist terrorists! You Trump-loving, anti-mask grandmother killers! You anti-vax, election-fraud-conspiracy theorists! You deviants who refuse to follow orders, wear your damn masks, vote for who they tell you, and believe whatever completely nonsensical official propaganda they pour into your heads!

Oh, yes, you really did it this time! You stormed the goddamned US Capitol. You and your racist, Russia-backed army of bison-hat wearing half-naked actors have meddled with the primal forces of GloboCap, and now, by God, you will atone!

No, do not try to minimize your crimes. You entered a building without permission! The building where America simulates democracy! You walked around in there waving silly flags! You went into the Chamber, into people's offices! One of you actually put his filthy populist feet up on Pelosi's desk ON HER DESK! This aggression will not stand!

OK, before I go any further with this essay, I need to explain to my regular readers (in case it wasn't already clear) that I've decided to forswear every word I've ever written, and all my principles, and my common sense, and join the remainder of my old leftist and liberal friends in the orgy of online hate and outrage they are currently mindlessly indulging in.

Yes, I realize this comes as a shock, but I have seen the GloboCap writing on the wall, and I don't want to you know, get ideologically "cleansed," or charged with " extremism ," or " insurrectionism ," or " domestic terrorism ," or " populism ," or whatever.

I'm already in enough trouble as it is for not playing ball with their " apocalyptic plague ," and whatever else I am, I am certainly no martyr, and I have a career in the arts to consider, so I have decided to listen to my inner coward and join the goose-stepping global-capitalist mob, which is why this column sounds slightly out of character.

See, back in the old days, before my conversion, I would have made fun of my liberal friends for calling this "storming" of the Capitol a "coup," or an "insurrection," and for demanding that the protesters be prosecuted as "domestic terrorists."

I probably would have scolded them a bit for taking to the Internet and spewing their hatred at the unarmed woman shot dead by the police like a pack of soulless, totalitarian jackals.

I might have even made a reference to that infamous scene in Schindler's List where the crowd of "normal" German citizens all laugh and jeer as the Jews are marched away to the ghetto by the Nazi goons.

But, now that I have seen the light, I see how bad and wrong that would have been. Clearly, trespassing in the US Capitol is a crime that should be punishable by death. And comparing contemporary American liberals to the "good Germans" during the Nazi era is so outrageous that well, it should probably be censored.

So, good thing I decided not to do that!

Plus, the woman was a "devoted conspiracy theorist," so she got what she deserved, right? ( "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes" was the official liberal shibboleth, I believe.)

In fact (and I hope my liberal friends are still reading this), the police should have shot the entire lot of them! All these Russian-backed Nazi insurrectionists should have been gunned down right there on the spot, preferably by muscle-bound corporate mercenaries and CIA snipers in Black Hawk helicopters with big Facebook and Twitter logos on them!

Actually, anyone who trespassed in the Capitol Building (which is like a cathedral), or just came to the protest wearing a MAGA hat, should be hunted down by federal authorities, charged as a "domestic white-supremacist terrorist," frog-marched out onto Black Lives Matter Plaza, and shot, in the face, live, on TV, so that everyone can watch and howl at their screens like the Two Minutes Hate in 1984 . That would teach these "insurrectionists" a lesson!

Or they could shoot them in one of those corporate-branded stadiums! We could make it a weekly televised event. It's not like there is any shortage of Trump-supporting "domestic terrorists." They could use a different stadium every week, deck the place out with big "New Normal" banners, play music, make speeches, the whole nine yards. Everyone would have to wear masks, of course, and strictly adhere to social distancing. Folks could bring the kids, make a day of it.

How am I doing so far, leftist and liberal friends? No? Not fanatical and hateful enough?

OK, so what is it going to take to convince you that I have changed my tune, got my mind right, and am totally on board with the New Normal totalitarianism? Trump? Sure, I can do Trump. I hate him! He's Hitler! He's Russian Hitler! He's Russian White Supremacist Hitler!

Yes, I know I've spent the last four years pointing out that he isn't actually Hitler, or a Russian agent, and that he's really just the same ridiculous, narcissistic ass clown that he has always been, but I was wrong. He's definitely Hitler, and a Russian agent! He is certainly not just a pathetic old huckster without a single powerful ally in Washington who could not stage an actual coup if Putin nuked every blue state on the map.

No, I soil myself in fear before his awesome power. Never mind that he's just been banned by Facebook , Twitter , and numerous other corporate platforms , and made a fool of by the corporate media, the international political establishment, the Intelligence agencies, and the rest of GloboCap since the day he took the oath of office.

Forget the fact that, although he holds the nuclear launch codes in his tiny little hands and is Commander in Chief of the US military, the most he could do to challenge his removal was file a buttload of hopeless lawsuits and sit around in the Oval Office eating cheeseburgers and tweeting into the night.

No, none of that means a thing, not when he still has the power to "embolden" a few dozen pissed-off Americans to storm ( or calmly walk ) into the Capitol and take selfies sitting in the Vice President's Chair!

Look, the point is, I hate him. And I hate his supporters. I hate everyone who doesn't hate him and his supporters. I hate everyone who won't wear a mask. I hate the Republicans. I hate the Russians. I hate everyone who won't get the vaccine. My God do I hate them! I am so full of hatred and mindless rage that it is making me crazy. I am so consumed with self-righteous hatred, propaganda, and manufactured hysteria that, if Rachel Maddow, or Chris Hayes, or whoever, told me that it was time to round them all up, these "domestic terrorists," these "insurrectionists," these "conspiracy theorists," these "anti-mask extremists" (and anyone else who won't obey us), and put them on trains and send them to camps, I'd probably be OK with that.

How am I doing, liberals? Am I back in the club? Because, I get it. I swear! I'm cured! Praise God! I'm ready to pitch in and do my part. I believe in GloboCap's final victory! I'm willing to work, if our leaders order me, ten, twelve, or fourteen hours a day, and give all I have for GloboCap victory! I am ready for total ideological war an ideological war more total and radical than anything I can even imagine!

Sure, our imaginary enemies are formidable (and this war will probably last forever or at least until the end of global capitalism), but, in the words of one our greatest liberal heroes, George W. Bush, "bring it on!"


CJ Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and political satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing and Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. His dystopian novel, Zone 23 , is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. Volume I of his Consent Factory Essays is published by Consent Factory Publishing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Content, Inc. He can be reached at or .

[Jan 20, 2021] Biden Administration's 'New' Foreign Policy Is The 'More Of The Same' Old One

Jan 20, 2021 |

vk , Jan 20 2021 14:03 utc | 10

The USA is now the proverbial Whale in a Swimming Pool: it is big, powerful and impressive - but can't hide its moves anymore and has little to none margin for any maneuver.

The American Center-wing is ossifying, or, in Cold Warrior terminology (Arthur Schlesinger Jr.), is losing its "vitality". It is entering a stage where it must "burn the village in order to save it".

mrm , Jan 20 2021 14:11 utc | 11

... it seems the answer is that Germany plays the role in Europe that the US plays in the world and both are satisfied with that role even though neo-liberalism, austerity and war-mongering are leading us to inhumanity and disaster.
Lucci , Jan 20 2021 14:18 utc | 13
Like i said before elsewhere Biden would capitalize on what Trump has put forth and take the infamy and blame for instead of moving in the opposite directions of whatever Trump criticized for in foreign policy. That means be it trade war with China, renege on climate deals, strong arming NATO and EU countries, or giving everything Israel wants nothing stop Biden from maintaining what has been put in place.
At most they'll just make excuse on why they had to maintain the policies they themselves criticized Trump for without changing direction.
Norwegian , Jan 20 2021 14:43 utc | 15
There will be absolutely no change in policy towards Israel

That is obviously correct: Joe Biden: "I Am A Zionist. You Don't Have To A Jew To Be A Zionist"

Zanon , Jan 20 2021 14:44 utc | 16
Extreme leftist madness goes on: Washington Post : Blacklist Fox News 'as We Do with Foreign Terrorist Groups'
Norwegian , Jan 20 2021 14:45 utc | 17
He said Joe Biden's strong conviction was that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a "bad idea" and that the administration would use "every persuasive tool" to convince partners, including Germany, to discard the project.
That is pretty much a declaration of war against countries in Europe. Stay away,
vk , Jan 20 2021 14:50 utc | 18
America's disarray is its own woes, not other countries' opportunity The Financial Times lives in a world where the USA doesn't have more than 2,000 operational nukes, doesn't control the financial system (SWIFT), doesn't issue the universal fiat currency (Dollar Standard), doesn't have a big fucking navy, doesn't enjoy absolute ideological hegemony etc. etc.

Trump's 4-year effort to contain China was unwise, unrealistic: Global Times editorial Well, that's what happens when you hire a right-wing ideologue as your main advisor (Steve Bannon): you do policy based on a delirious utopia and get smacked by reality.

pnyx , Jan 20 2021 15:07 utc | 19
...Tronald's foreign policy has been a disaster, even if he has supposedly not sparked a new war. Let's not talk about all the secret operations, multiplied drone attacks, state terrorist assassinations, etc. And the new administration is now continuing this...
bevin , Jan 20 2021 15:07 utc | 20
"How exactly are they "ossifying"?" Jackrabbit@14

They've stopped thinking, become utterly predictable.

They just go through the motions. They know that they can't win-achieve their long held objectives-but they can't stop repeating themselves, including their past errors. They are not allowed to. The US ruling caste-servants of the ruling class- are only allowed to operate within very narrow boundaries. They aren't allowed to take radical measures when faced with new crises- they are confined within ever diminishing political circles. The duopoly has become an obvious One Party system. And its politics are those of the Gilded Age-150 years old and still going strong.

The only solution to America's problems is defeat so complete that it cannot be denied even by the least perceptive. Anyone with money to spare should be buying popcorn futures.

Eighthman , Jan 20 2021 15:08 utc | 21
...Biden is an elderly figurehead. Trump's mistake was being openly bullying and vulgar instead of underhanded. Already, the EU ( as cowardly vassals ) are falling into line on Iran and Russia.
Larry Paul Johnson , Jan 20 2021 15:11 utc | 22
...Paul Craig Roberts is correct. There has not been a regime change, there has been a revolution and treating policies of this "president" as if he is more than a figurehead being run by oligarchs is foolish in the extreme.
Jackrabbit , Jan 20 2021 15:39 utc | 24
bevin @Jan20 15:07 #20
They've stopped thinking, become utterly predictable.

One could say this about the American people who have been herded into two camps so that the Center can rule. Here's an example: One of Biden's first executive actions is to include undocumented residents in the Census. This will please the Left immensely and outrage the Right. But the Census is conducted every 10 years and it was completed in 2020. So Biden's action is actually meaningless. How many people will actual notice this? Very few.

dh , Jan 20 2021 16:04 utc | 25
@24 Some people in Central America have noticed.

William Gruff , Jan 20 2021 16:16 utc | 26
It is funny/sad to see the Post Trump Stress Disorder victims are already rationalizing and making excuses for the war that the establishment drones they voted for will be starting, and those drones are not even sworn in to office yet. They know that they voted for war yet their plastic, Hollywood "identities" are so intertwined with their assumed self-evident moral superiority that they are compelled to defend the evil they are responsible for even before it is committed. For them, doing nothing crudely is far worse than murdering millions accompanied by lofty and emotive platitudes.
AntiSpin , Jan 20 2021 16:49 utc | 27
Joe Biden's Cabinet Is on Loan From Corporate America An interview with David Dayen 12/8/20

Beware of the Hawk: What to Expect from the Biden Administration on Foreign Policy

Biden Administration Betrayals of Working Americans
By Leonard C. Goodman -

Why They're Denying You Healthcare And Financial Support During A Pandemic
by Caitlin Johnstone

Biden Goes To Bat For BlackRock, Stays Vague On Direct Aid To Struggling Americans

Biden and the Democrats Could Change Everything. But They Won't Try
by Ted Rall | January 7, 2021

The Biden Democrats Already Show They Learned Little from Trump's Loss
by Richard Wolff | December 24, 2020

Biden's Foreign Policy History and What it Portends for his Presidency
By Jeremy Kuzmarov January 11, 2021

Biden's Transition Team is Filled With War Profiteers, Beltway Chickenhawks, and Corporate Consultants
by Kevin Gosztola 11/14/20

Biden's Pentagon Transition Team Members Funded by the Arms Industry
by Dave DeCamp – 11/11/2020

Biden's Victory Does Not Guarantee a Progressive Agenda. We Must Fight for It.
by Marjorie Cohn 11-23-20

Meet the Filthy Rich War Hawks That Make up Biden's New Foreign Policy Team
"I expect the prevailing direction of U.S. foreign policy over these last decades to continue: more lawless bombing and killing multiple countries under the cover of "limited engagement," – Biden Biographer Branko Marcetic
by Alan Macleod November 13th, 2020

More Humane Cages? Prospects for Immigration Justice Under Biden Appear Dim
by Adrienne Pine | November 18, 2020

Neera Tanden – Reduce US Deficits by Raiding the Economies of Countries We Have Destroyed:
Neera Tanden, Biden's Pick for Budget Office: Now Is Not the Time To 'Worry About Raising Deficits and Debt'
by Robby Soave
She once suggested that if Americans care about the deficit so much, maybe we should make Libya pay for it.
| 11/30/2020
( Ariana Ruiz/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom )

Neera Tanden and Antony Blinken Personify the 'Moderate' Rot at the Top of the Democratic Party
by Norman Solomon 12/29/20

Obama & the Democrats Sending Mixed Messages about the Catfood Commission
By Carl Bloice 10-14-12

Progressives Made Trump's Defeat Possible -- Now It's Time to Challenge Biden and Other Corporate Democrats
by Norman Soloman 11/7/20

Someone Should Ask Ursula Burns If She Supports Child Labor in Africa
by Thomas Neuburger | 12/30/20

The Dark Past of Biden's Nominee for National Intelligence Director
by John Kiriakou 12/31/20

The REAL Joe Biden
"The Chinese Uyghur Dark Legend and Washington's Campaign to Counter Chinese Economic Rivalry"
by Stephen Gowans 10/25/20

Top 10 Reasons to Reject Blinken
by David Swanson

Who Is Michèle Flournoy, Biden's Rumored Pick for Pentagon Chief
by Thomas Neuberger 11/11/20

Why Biden Will Keep the U.S.-Imposed Cold War Rolling
by Vijay Prashad| 11/19/20

Why Progressives Should Care About Biden's Pick for Commerce Secretary
by Zena Wolf 1/7/21

Why Senators Must Reject Avril Haines for Intelligence
by Medea Benjamin | 12/30/20

Will the Senate Confirm Coup Plotter Victoria Nuland?
by Medea Benjamin 1/15/21

No, Joe, Don't Roll out the Red Carpet for Torture Enablers
by Medea Benjamin and Marcy Winograd 12/22/20

Norwegian , Jan 20 2021 16:55 utc | 28
'This Is What 80 Million Votes Looks Like': Biden Inauguration EMPTY (PICS)
Down South , Jan 20 2021 17:05 utc | 29
Zanon @ 16

I'm not surprised. You only have to watch this segment from Tucker Carlson to understand why.

Paul , Jan 20 2021 17:06 utc | 30
Trump ripped the mask off US foreign policy and exposed it for what it is - ugly Zionism and outrageous Jewish supremacy. Trump did many foreign policy changes previous incumbents and their handlers wanted to do but were constrained by the optics and international opinion.

I agree the Biden administration will continue the same tired old foreign policy, only with the mask back on. Of course the media won't notice the similarities, but the public will. No matter how fervently the managers tinker with the edges it is events that drive changes and change people.

lex talionis , Jan 20 2021 17:08 utc | 31
Blue is the new red! All hail the Bidet administration! Dermocracy (депмократия) dies in the dark!
juliania , Jan 20 2021 17:32 utc | 32
I just listened to President Biden's speech. It was a good one, even a great one. Thinking about what Plato means by the 'noble lie' it was a noble speech, and there wasn't much of a lie about it.

I just wish he were a younger man.

psychohistorian , Jan 20 2021 17:33 utc | 33
b finished the posting with
While Trump had continued the wars the U.S. waged when he came into office he did not start any new ones. Since Joe Biden first entered the Senate 47 years ago he has cheered on every war the U.S. has since waged. It would be astonishing to find four years from now that he did not start any new ones.

Prepare to be astonished. Biden isn't going to start any new wars for the same reason that Trump didn't......MAD

Humanity has been in the MAD phase of the civilization war we are in since the Obama era push back in Syria.

Biden's chest beating will not be as "impressive" as Trump's but the trajectory is the same.

karlof1 , Jan 20 2021 17:34 utc | 34
The new chief says to tighten the circle of wagons, but those accused of besieging the Outlaw US Empire's wagon train stopped attacking and moved on long ago. Meanwhile, supplying the wagon train continues to take resources away from dealing with very real domestic problems. The upshot is China will continue to pull away and increase its lead geoeconomically, and together with Russia will continue to solidify and strengthen the Eurasian Bloc. Very soon, the EU is going to be faced with a very stark choice--to join the Eurasian Bloc and thus stave-off economic atrophy or continue to allow its brand of Neoliberal Parasites to eat and risk rupture, perhaps not in 2021 but before 2030.

The key is that the false narrative that was initiated in 1945 and bolstered in 1979 continues to be treated as gospel despite its path to certain ruin. I noted there were no questions asked about the international call for a Bretton Woods 2.0 that would end dollar hegemony and Petrodollar recycling, while removing the one source of coercion behind its illegal sanctions.

The only possible target of opportunity I see is Venezuela as the frack-patch is about to fold-up shop and fuel prices cause domestic inflation to soar -- Here in Oregon, gas prices have gone up 50cents/gal since the first of the year--25%. The oil being the obvious target now the the lower-48 has definitely peaked.

Lucci , Jan 20 2021 17:38 utc | 35
@Jackrabit 24

|One could say this about the American people who have been herded into two camps so that the Center can rule.|

There's no center or centrist in USA there's only elite capitalist oligarchs who is neocons through and through at the core.

james , Jan 20 2021 17:40 utc | 36
@ 32 juliania... you are the eternal optimist! there is something admirable about that!.. however you have to contend with a lot of cynical people who think like it's business as well, as b's post notes..... you might not like to hear this, but nothing is going to change under biden... big wheels set in motion and biden is not interested in the least in changing any of it... neither was trump as some of his fanbots are coming to see too... political speeches are just so much b.s... juliania - as the saying goes, talk is cheap, it is actions that count.... watch peoples actions, not their talk... biden can talk a good line, but that has nothing to do with his actions... top of the day to you!
dh , Jan 20 2021 17:42 utc | 37
@34 Invading Venezuela and 'taking the oil' won't be easy though there is a possibility Colombia will help out. Which means the total disruption of South America. More economical to just buy the stuff.
Per/Norway , Jan 20 2021 18:00 utc | 38
"It is funny/sad to see the Post Trump Stress Disorder victims are already rationalizing and making excuses for the war that the establishment drones they voted for will be starting, and those drones are not even sworn in to office yet. They know that they voted for war yet their plastic, Hollywood "identities" are so intertwined with their assumed self-evident moral superiority that they are compelled to defend the evil they are responsible for even before it is committed. For them, doing nothing crudely is far worse than murdering millions accompanied by lofty and emotive platitudes."

Posted by: William Gruff | Jan 20 2021 16:16 utc | 26

Tnx for expressing this in a much nicer and polite way then i would have written. And yes, yes it is sad/amusing to watch NPC`s turn into pretzels to explain away their cognitive dissonans ,utter foolishness and stupidity.

dh , Jan 20 2021 18:03 utc | 39
@37 On the subject of gas prices perhaps it might be a bad time to cut off Canadian supply?

[Jan 20, 2021] No important institution in America any longer believes in the liberties and protections guaranteed by the US Constitution or in democracy itself.

Jan 20, 2021 |

Ugetit , says: January 20, 2021 at 10:29 am GMT • 6.5 hours ago

But a long list is unnecessary to show that no important institution in America any longer believes in the liberties and protections guaranteed by the US Constitution or in democracy itself.

The "important institutions" such as the banks and corporations never believed in the liberties and protections that most people seem to imagine were guaranteed by the US Constitution or in democracy itself. In fact, the war of independence was fought for the liberty of the members of those classes to screw over the yeomen of the nation, and they did. The constitution, in fact, was a successful effort on their part to consolidate the gains won thereby and to control, if not eliminate, democracy under the guise of guaranteeing liberty and democracy to the masses.

The essential effect of the AM Rev or rebellion or whatever you want to call it was not to remove the chains around our necks but to merely change the owners of the chains and the constitution codified, legitimized, and even sanctified the act.

There will be no true rebellion until most people realize that the whole thing was a pious fraud from the start and that the pathetic antics we see today, such as pictured above, are little more than ridiculous sideshows designed to mock, entertain, and distract us with more fake drama while our owners wring what little is left out of us before moving on to the next victims.

As a matter of fact, it was never a "people's Constitution" only about five percent of the white male population voted as to whether the Constitution should be accepted or rejected. As it was, it only got by by the skin of its teeth and by some very clever management on the part of its proponents. The whole thing, in conception, formulation, and realization, was
the work of a small group of enthusiastic young men of property and position [who] were not wise enough to foresee the unimaginable -- but inevitable.

-Ralph Adams Cram, Nemesis of Democracy – PDF – , The American Review, December 1936, pp. 129-141

For details, this is chock full of evidence to support the contentions stated above, and is darn good work despite the fact that the author was a Libertarian.:

Ray Caruso , says: January 20, 2021 at 11:15 am GMT • 5.7 hours ago

The United States is the Constitution. If the Constitution is set aside and not followed, the United States is a different entity.

That's true as it goes. However, the US constitution is an objective failure. How so? It has miserably failed in its own stated goals, which appear in its preamble.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Shall we look at the stated goals one by one?

Forming a more perfect Union

Total failure. This country is badly divided in terms of politics and regional interests. And that's to say nothing of the civil war in which the northern states used their industrial might to crush the liberty of the southern states.

Establishing justice

The courts are dominated by utterly ruthless liberal activists, many of whom are hostile aliens descended from European ghetto dwellers.

Insuring domestic tranquility

Negroes riot at will. Enough said.

Providing for the common defense

The only things the military-industrial complex provides are fabulous profits for the Deep State, a proxy army for Israel, and low-paid jobs for yahoos stupid enough to believe they are fighting for "freedom".

Securing the blessings of liberty

There is no liberty except for leftist White haters.

For ourselves and our posterity

Of course, these rather dubious blessings are now being bestowed on everyone but the actual posterity of the framers. They are to be demonized, dispossessed, and finally exterminated.

A different but related way to look at the issue is simply this: we have come to our present dire straits under this constitution. Therefore, it is a failure. Continued belief in the "genius of world's oldest democratic constitution" and such claptrap is not rational but religious. And the religion that belief pertains to is not only arrantly stupid but self-genocidal. Democracy is the god that failed. It failed where it was first tried, ancient Athens. It failed in pre-imperial Rome. It has failed here and it has failed in every contemporary country foolish enough to emulate the US. And it will fail when arrogant idiots of the same ilk as those who came up with the US constitution pay no heed to the lessons of the past and try it again it in the future.

[Jan 20, 2021] Militarism kills democracy

Jan 20, 2021 |

Democratic erosion has various causes. Some blame power-hungry executives who don't want to give up power. The question, here, is why democratic institutions aren't able to stop power-hungry elites who would concentrate power and economic resources.

Suzanne Mettler and Robert Lieberman, in their book " Four Threats ," also highlight excessive executive power but then add political polarization, racism and nativism, and economic inequality that prompts the wealthy to mobilize to protect their position.

War and militarism exacerbate all those things. But more than that, war and militarism are antipodal and undermining of democratic norms, institutions and practices.

At the beginning of the post-9/11 wars, we worried about the effects on our civil liberties and democracy. But after nearly 20 years, we've almost forgotten about these wars and have underappreciated their effect on our democratic institutions and values.

The urgency of war is often used to justify the concentration of executive power and deference to the executive in times of national emergency. In the United States, the trend toward the concentration of power in the executive was accelerated in the George W. Bush administration. John Yoo, working for President Bush, argued the legal basis for what he called the unitary executive theory where, in war, the president's powers are essentially unchecked . Other officials excused secrecy and torture because the United States was at war. President Trump has continued in that tradition, acting as if the laws and the rule of law do not apply to him.

President Dwight Eisenhower is usually given credit for pointing out the dangers of a military industrial complex. Eisenhower rejected massive conventional forces quite explicitly because he sought to prevent the United States from becoming a garrison state: If the U.S. were to do so, Eisenhower said , "we might as well stop any further talk about preserving a sound U.S. economy and proceed to transform ourselves forthwith into a garrison state."

Militarization is a perennial concern. James Madison warned in the Federalist Papers in 1795 that "Of all the enemies of true liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare." Madison worried that "war is in fact the true nurse of executive aggrandizement" that could increase public debt and lead to a "degeneracy in manners and morals." George Washington, in his 1796 farewell address , urged Americans to protect their union and "avoid the necessity of those overgrown military establishments which, under any form of government, are inauspicious to liberty, and which are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty."

In war, fear is often part of the equation -- and fear may be deliberately heightened, threats inflated. We have been living in fear for nearly two decades. When humans are fearful, they tend to pay more attention to fearful information and think less critically. This can bolster groupthink dynamics among decision-makers who otherwise might provide horizontal checks and accountability for leaders. Trump's Muslim travel ban was, if anything, rooted in fear of another terrorist attack and racial animus.

Elements of our political culture also have been militarized. And, as Kathleen Belew's research shows, veterans also flock to the white power movement and paramilitary organizations. Veterans are often at the forefront of these movements -- including the Air Force veteran who was killed trying to get into the chambers of the House of Representatives on Jan. 6 and another Air Force veteran who was recently arrested. Active duty military personnel also were present.

McConnell faces conservative backlash over Trump criticism Chris Wallace: This was best inaugural address I've ever heard

Militarized right-wing extremism emulates the military, even if the actors aren't veterans themselves. It is no accident that many who marched in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017 at the Unite the Right rally , who occupied the Michigan State Capitol in 2020, and who stormed the U.S. Capitol wore military-style uniforms, khaki camouflage and bulletproof vests.

In sum, we don't just have a right-wing violence problem. We have a democracy problem fueled by a war problem.

Neta C. Crawford is professor and chair of the Department of Political Science at Boston University and co-director of the Costs of War Project .

[Jan 20, 2021] Trump the Manchurian Populist

Jan 20, 2021 |

Christian J. Chuba , Jan 18 2021 18:18 utc | 112

Trump the Manchurian Populist
He made a joke of foreign policy restraint (his restraint is worse than Obama's 'war') and he ruined the career of good people like McGregor. McGregor is now toxic because of Trump.
Trump's domestic policies failed. He gave us $8T of new debt.

Operation Warp speed had a warp core breach . What happened to the 300M doses we were supposed to have in Jan, we only have 30M doses, where did the reserve go?

Jackrabbit , Jan 18 2021 19:10 utc | 115

Christian J. Chuba @Jan18 18:18 #111

Yeah, this "America First" so-called "populist" also weaponized space, doubled-down on Israel and ME idiocy, supported a coup in Venezuela (including seizing Venezuelan State assets), cut taxes (yet again), and lied about the seriousness of the virus.

Oh, and no pardon for Assange or Snowden to support whistle-blowers and independent journalism that keep the Deep State (that Trump supposedly fights) in check.

I could go on but I won't belabor the point.


[Jan 20, 2021] When German scholars use the US populist government as a scapegoat, they overlooked the real question - without addressing the growing inequality in a Western system, will there be a second Trump in the future?

Notable quotes:
"... No examination of Neoliberalism's utter failure to deliver benefits to the masses while expropriating the wealth they produced for delivery to the class of Financial Parasites. At least the writers at Global Times get it right: ..."
Jan 20, 2021 |

karlof1 , Jan 19 2021 17:55 utc | 155

Global Times reports on an essay published by the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Check it out b or other German barflies) deeming " China's system, although 'authoritarian,' is 'very successful .'" [My Emphasis]

"It explained that as long as a society can reach the following goals - improving social welfare, increasing consumption choices, safeguarding domestic security, promoting education, and providing good healthcare - people will support and trust the system even if their influence in the decision-making process is limited. Such can 'in part ensure the legitimacy' of the social system....

"But the authors' introspection stopped from digging problems as they tried to shift blame to the rise of populism in the US."

No examination of Neoliberalism's utter failure to deliver benefits to the masses while expropriating the wealth they produced for delivery to the class of Financial Parasites. At least the writers at Global Times get it right:

"Populism, which helped crown Donald Trump, is being blamed today. Yet it all started from the widening gap between rich and poor. When German scholars use the US populist government as a scapegoat, they overlooked the real question - without addressing the growing inequality in a Western system, will there be a second Trump in the future?" [My Emphasis]

The fatal thrust is delivered in the two closing paragraphs but still omit naming the actual culprit, which is the ideology of Neoliberalism:

"The article raised the support and trust of people when it comes to judgment over the legitimacy of a society. In this regard, data speak louder than words. According to a poll conducted in 2020 by US-based global public relations and marketing consultancy firm Edelman, 95 percent of Chinese trust their government while the US government only saw an approval of 48 percent .

"What other excuses will the Western world have to question the legitimacy of the Chinese system? If the West, especially the US, the beacon of democracy, actually senses the crisis and does not wish to lose the competition, it should stop burying its head in the sand." [My Emphasis]

The problem isn't heads being buried in sand; rather, it's the design of the ideology to exploit and degrade a nation's masses so they're left with relatively nothing compared to the nation's Financial Parasites, all so the latter will always have their Free Unearned Lunch.