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Odnozvuchno gremit kolokolchik
(Monotonously Tolls The Little Bell)

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salim ahmed3 years ago

The story of this song is tragic: In Siberia in 1852 they found a dead body of coachman who got frozen during a long road. There was a notebook with handwriting poems in his bag. Name of the author of the poems Иван Макаров (Ivan Makarov) was not known during his life time.

After a year since they were published the poems composer Александр Львович Гурилев (Alexander Gurilev) (1803 – 1858) wrote music for a poem what he liked the most. That was a start for the famous Russian romance “The Lonely Coach-Bell”.  In three years another Russian composer К. Сидорович (K. Sidorovich) wrote his version of music for the poem and this romance has got a long life and all people love!

lederhudler2 years ago

This is one of - if not the most beautiful of all Russian "folk" ballads.  It usually goes by the English title, "Monotonously rings the little bell", or something similar.  Monotonously is a good translation - the Russian word literally means "with once voice".  This song is often performed/published in combination with other popular and well-known folk or folkloric style Russian songs.  It's one of my favorites.  It has all the elements of the melancholic Russian disposition - a (village church) bell ringing in the distance, a person leaving their home perhaps never to return, a coachman singing this monotonous melancholic dirge, fleeting memories of youthful joy, etc.  I sang it once (po russkiy, konyechnah) for a folk dance assembly - and sort of know the words, but not everything without a cheat sheet. 

Another one - also about a bell, also beautiful, and also very sad - is "Vyecherniy Zvon" (The Evening Bell).  There are a couple of tunes for the latter - but one is more commonly heard than the other - and the more common tune is another of my personal favorite. 

And while we're at it, check out "Stenka Razin" (Stenka Razin, the Volga boat commander) and "Denadtsat' Razbojnikov" (the legend of the twelve robbers) - a couple of other really excellent Russian ballads.


I have found the following names for this beautiful song :"The lonely bell", "Monotonously rings the little bell", and, in German: "Eintönig klingt hell das Glöckchen". The lyric


Variant 1

"Monotonously the little bell is sounding,
And the dust trail follow us,
And all over the plain field
Flows the song of my coachman."

"There is so much longing in this song,
So much emotion in the familiar tune
That even my long indifferent to everything heart
Lights with string emotions.

And I suddenly remember the nights that long have been passed.
And the fields and forests of my home,
And from my eyes, which had been dry for a long time,
A tear flow like a small spark.

"Monotonously the little bell is sounding,
Softly echoing from afar,
And my coachman sullenly fell silent.
And the read before us is still long and goes far."

Variant 2 (from the post by salim ahmed)
Song title: The Lonely Coach-Bell

Oh, how lonely the coach bell is ringing,
And the dust from the road fills the air.
And the coachman’s sorrowful singing
Floats across the wild fields in despair.
That sad song overflows with such feeling,
So much grief can be heard in that strain,
That my cold heart, long hardened and weary
In my bosom was kindled again.
I recalled other nights, other wand’rings,
And the fields and the forests so dear,
And my eyes, which so long have been arid,
Became moistened like jewels with a tear.
Oh, how lonely the coach bell is ringing,
As it swings in the night to and fro.
And my coachman has now fallen silent,
And I still have a long way to go

Russian text:

Однозвучно гремит колокольчик,
И дорога пылится слегка,
И уныло по ровному полю
Разливается песнь ямщика.
И уныло по ровному полю
Разливается песнь ямщика.

Сколько грусти в той песни унылой,
Сколько чувства в напеве одном,
Что в груди моей хладной остылой
Разгорелося сердце огнём.
Что в груди моей хладной остылой
Разгорелося сердце огнём.

И припомню я ночи другие,
И родные поля, и леса,
И на очи, давно уж сухие,
Набежала, как искра, слеза.
И на очи, давно уж сухие,
Набежала, как искра, слеза.

Однозвучно гремит колокольчик,
Из дали отдаётся слегка,
И умолк мой ямщик, а дорога
Предо мной далека, далека.
И умолк мой ямщик, а дорога
Предо мной далека, далека.

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Odnozvuchno gremit kolokolchik


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