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As the result of Odessa Massacre of May 2, 2014 on May 11 Donbass hold a refeerendum.

Referendums on the status of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, parts of Ukraine that together make up the Donbas region, took place on 11 May 2014 in many towns under the control of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics.[1][2] These referendums sought to legitimise the establishment of the republics, in the context of the rising pro-Russian unrest in the aftermath of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution.[2]

The results of the referendums were not officially recognised by any government, including those of Ukraine, the United States, the countries of the European Union, and Russia.[3] Germany and the United States stated that the referendums had "no democratic legitimacy",[4][5] while the Russian government expressed "respect" for the results and urged a "civilised" implementation.[6][7]

That was the second serious political setback of junta and it essentially pre-determined start of civil war in Ukraine. I suspect that initial organizers of the process were Donetsk oligarchs. They wanted better cards to play with junta for political influence in "after-Yanukovich" card game, were their positions were substantially undermined. But enterprises still paid taxes in Kiev. The public order was watched by Kiev-controlled police. Management decisions were taken by Kyiv administration.

Donbass certainly was not similar to the Crimea. Here are much stronger dominated "my house is the last in the raw" mentality, political passivity and desire to go with the flow. At the same time the level of discontent with the economic and political situation was no less high than in Kiev or any other region of Ukraine. It's like salt solution which is too saturated and then cooled. Or like in opening soda bottle. The majority of the population were not ready to go anywhere, and definitely not for any independence from Ukraine. they have very modest demands that were extremely easy to satisfy. 

The second problem was slipping of Kiev in the direction of Banderastan  instead of the direction toward the EU with its strong anti-nationalism stance. With resulting suppression of Russian language, and relegating of people of South-East to second class citizens, deprived of fair political representation were the straw that broke the camel back.   In February - March of 2014 it was enough for junta to promise the Donbass same autonomy along the lines of what Crimea was granted before and the whole revolt in Donbass would never happen.  But junta categorically refused. Ukrainian far right look at events in Donbass as an insult to their total and indisputable victory in Kiev, the view that have determined the political consequences of this situation. As a result riots at the Donbass from minor discontent with the suppression of Russian language, level of corruption and domination of Western Ukraine in junta became "us against them" struggle. We against fascists in Kiev. In other words Kiev junta became synonym with fascists... As such Donbass has no other option then to become anti-fascist. This was enough to start a civil war, somewhat similar to Spanish civil was with the same geopolitical players (Us and GB this time changed sides and Poland played the role of Italy under Mussolini), especially taking into account severe incompetence of Turchinov-Yatsenyuk duo and their complete subservience to Washington Obcom.  Which was even more incompetent and jingoistic then they were.  Or may this was the plan because Ukraine in any case is just a pawn in complex geopolitical games of Washington.  And they do not care about total destruction of a region or a country as a result of civil war. Not one bit.

This "us vs they" mentality created a situation in which Kiev wanted only an unconditional victory. From this point there were just two scenarios for the ivents; either the junta will suppress the rebellion in the South-East, even at the cost of enormous blood and destruction of infrastructure, or separatists finally separates from the Ukraine, and go their own way.

It is important to note, at the time of the national referendum, the overwhelming majority of the DND and LNR did not vote for one or the other form complete independence from Kiev. They voted primarily  against Kiev and fascism. And, let's be honest, the lion's share of the population in no way wanted to join the Russian Federation.  Which was quite different from Crimea. But they did want to be under iron hill of storm troopers from Kiev, iether.

That create demand for armed resistance. As a result warlords started to appear. Volunteers from Russia started to flow. Among them Igor Strelkov. Warlords were both outsiders, and local. With a variety of ideas about political future of the Donbass and Lygansk. In the majority of cases, with no clear views but clear rejection of Kiev junta.  They were all united only by a common goal of stopping the Ukrainian fascism. The task was to fight back, to resist and to prove Donbass right to decide how to live. It has become many times more important than determining the political future of the region. Because Kiev threw troops to the South-East conveniently naming it "counter-terrorist" operation. With warplanes, Grad multiple launchers and indiscriminate destruction of infrastructure. As a result civil war has began. Initial encounters in Mariupol was such the local did not even has weapons. Angry residents purely on emotions "expelled" junta troops from the city (see Mariupol killings). Real bloody war started a little later.

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It's easy to pretend to be a great strategist,
while sitting on the top of the hill,
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Shota Rustaveli

"Plunderers of the world, when nothing remains on the lands to which they have laid waste by wanton thievery, they search out across the seas. The wealth of another region excites their greed; and if it is weak, their lust for power.

Nothing from the rising to the setting of the sun is enough for them. Among all others only they are compelled to attack the poor as well as the rich. Robbery, rape, and slaughter they falsely call empire; and where they create a desolate wasteland, they call it peace."

Tacitus, Agricola

[June 30, 2014] The Silence of American Hawks About Kiev's Atrocities by Stephen F. Cohen

June 30, 2014 | The Nation

The regime has repeatedly carried out artillery and air attacks on city centers, creating a humanitarian catastrophe-which is all but ignored by the US political-media establishment.

For weeks, the US-backed regime in Kiev has been committing atrocities against its own citizens in southeastern Ukraine, regions heavily populated by Russian-speaking Ukrainians and ethnic Russians. While victimizing a growing number of innocent people, including children, and degrading America's reputation, these military assaults on cities, captured on video, are generating pressure in Russia on President Vladimir Putin to "save our compatriots."

The reaction of the Obama administration-as well as the new cold-war hawks in Congress and in the establishment media-has been twofold: silence interrupted only by occasional statements excusing and thus encouraging more atrocities by Kiev. Very few Americans (notably, the independent scholar Gordon Hahn) have protested this shameful complicity. We may honorably disagree about the causes and resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, the worst US-Russian confrontation in decades, but not about deeds that are rising to the level of war crimes, if they have not already done so.

* * *

In mid-April, the new Kiev government, predominantly western Ukrainian in composition and outlook, declared an "anti-terrorist operation" against a growing political rebellion in the Southeast. At that time, the rebels were mostly mimicking the initial Maidan protests in Kiev in 2013-demonstrating, issuing defiant proclamations, occupying public buildings and erecting defensive barricades-before Maidan turned ragingly violent and, in February, overthrew Ukraine's corrupt but legitimately elected president, Viktor Yanukovych. (The entire Maidan episode, it will be recalled, had Washington's enthusiastic political, and perhaps more tangible, support.) Indeed, the precedent for seizing official buildings and demanding the allegiance of local authorities had been set even earlier, in January, in western Ukraine-by pro-Maidan, anti-Yanukovych protesters, some declaring "independence" from his government.

Considering those preceding events, but above all the country's profound historical divisions, particularly between its western and eastern regions-ethnic, linguistic, religious, cultural, economic and political-the rebellion in the southeast, centered in the industrial Donbass, was not surprising. Nor were its protests against the unconstitutional way (in effect, a coup) the new government had come to power, the southeast's sudden loss of effective political representation in the capital and the real prospect of official discrimination. But by declaring an "anti-terrorist operation" against the new protesters, Kiev signaled its intention to "destroy" them, not negotiate with them.

On May 2, in this incendiary atmosphere, a horrific event occurred in the southern city of Odessa, awakening memories of Nazi German extermination squads in Ukraine and other Soviet republics during World War II. An organized pro-Kiev mob chased protesters into a building, set it on fire and tried to block the exits. Some forty people, perhaps many more, perished in the flames or were murdered as they fled the inferno. A still unknown number of other victims were seriously injured.

Members of the infamous Right Sector, a far-right paramilitary organization ideologically aligned with the ultranationalist Svoboda party, itself a constituent part of Kiev's coalition government, led the mob. Both are frequently characterized by knowledgeable observers as "neo-fascist" movements. (Hateful ethnic chants by the mob were audible, and swastika-like symbols were found on the scorched building.) Kiev alleged that the victims had themselves accidentally started the fire, but eyewitnesses, television footage and social media videos told the true story, as they have about subsequent atrocities.

Instead of interpreting the Odessa massacre as an imperative for restraint, Kiev intensified its "anti-terrorist operation." Since May, the regime has sent a growing number of armored personnel carriers, tanks, artillery, helicopter gunships and warplanes to southeastern cities, among them, Slovyansk (Slavyansk in Russian), Mariupol, Krasnoarmeisk, Kramatorsk, Donetsk and Luhansk (Lugansk in Russian). When its regular military units and local police forces turned out to be less than effective, willing or loyal, Kiev hastily mobilized Right Sector and other radical nationalist militias responsible for much of the violence at Maidan into a National Guard to accompany regular detachments-partly to reinforce them, partly, it seems, to enforce Kiev's commands. Zealous, barely trained and drawn mostly from central and western regions, Kiev's new recruits have reportedly escalated the ethnic warfare and killing of innocent civilians. (Episodes described as "massacres" soon also occurred in Mariupol and Kramatorsk.)

Initially, the "anti-terrorist" campaign was limited primarily, though not only, to rebel checkpoints on the outskirts of cities. Since May, however, Kiev has repeatedly carried out artillery and air attacks on city centers that have struck residential buildings, shopping malls, parks, schools, kindergartens and hospitals, particularly in Slovyansk and Luhansk. More and more urban areas, neighboring towns and even villages now look and sound like war zones, with telltale rubble, destroyed and pockmarked buildings, mangled vehicles, the dead and wounded in streets, wailing mourners and crying children. Conflicting information from Kiev, local resistance leaders and Moscow make it impossible to estimate the number of dead and wounded noncombatants-certainly hundreds. The number continues to grow due also to Kiev's blockade of cities where essential medicines, food, water, fuel and electricity are scarce, and where wages and pensions are often no longer being paid. The result is an emerging humanitarian catastrophe.

Another effect is clear. Kiev's "anti-terrorist" tactics have created a reign of terror in the targeted cities. Panicked by shells and mortars exploding on the ground, menacing helicopters and planes flying above and fear of what may come next, families are seeking sanctuary in basements and other darkened shelters. Even The New York Times, which like the mainstream American media generally has deleted the atrocities from its coverage, described survivors in Slovyansk "as if living in the Middle Ages." Meanwhile, an ever-growing number of refugees, disproportionately women and traumatized children, have been fleeing across the border into Russia. In late June, the UN estimated that as many as 110,000 Ukrainians had already fled to Russia and about half that many to other Ukrainian sanctuaries.

It is true, of course, that anti-Kiev rebels in these regions are increasingly well-armed (though lacking the government's arsenal of heavy and airborne weapons), organized and aggressive, no doubt with some Russian assistance, whether officially sanctioned or not. But calling themselves "self-defense" fighters is not wrong. They did not begin the combat; their land is being invaded and assaulted by a government whose political legitimacy is arguably no greater than their own, two of their large regions having voted overwhelmingly for autonomy referenda; and, unlike actual terrorists, they have not committed acts of war outside their own communities. The French adage suggested by an American observer seems applicable: "This animal is very dangerous. If attacked, it defends itself."

* * *

Among the crucial questions rarely discussed in the US political-media establishment: What is the role of the "neo-fascist" factor in Kiev's "anti-terrorist" ideology and military operations? Putin's position, at least until recently-that the entire Ukrainian government is a "neo-fascist junta"-is incorrect. Many members of the ruling coalition and its parliamentary majority are aspiring European-style democrats or moderate nationalists. This may also be true of Ukraine's newly elected president, the oligarch Petro Poroshenko. Equally untrue, however, are claims by Kiev's American apologists, including even some academics and liberal intellectuals, that Ukraine's neo-fascists-or perhaps quasi-fascists-are merely agitated nationalists, "garden-variety Euro-populists," a "distraction" or lack enough popular support to be significant.

Independent Western scholars have documented the fascist origins, contemporary ideology and declarative symbols of Svoboda and its fellow-traveling Right Sector. Both movements glorify Ukraine's murderous Nazi collaborators in World War II as inspirational ancestors. Both, to quote Svoboda's leader Oleh Tyahnybok, call for an ethnically pure nation purged of the "Moscow-Jewish mafia" and "other scum," including homosexuals, feminists and political leftists. And both hailed the Odessa massacre. According to the website of Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh, it was "another bright day in our national history." A Svoboda parliamentary deputy added, "Bravo, Odessa…. Let the Devils burn in hell." If more evidence is needed, in December 2012, the European Parliament decried Svoboda's "racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views [that] go against the EU's fundamental values and principles." In 2013, the World Jewish Congress denounced Svoboda as "neo-Nazi." Still worse, observers agree that Right Sector is even more extremist.

Nor do electoral results tell the story. Tyahnybok and Yarosh together received less than 2 percent of the June presidential vote, but historians know that in traumatic times, when, to recall Yeats, "the center cannot hold," small, determined movements can seize the moment, as did Lenin's Bolsheviks and Hitler's Nazis. Indeed, Svoboda and Right Sector already command power and influence far exceeding their popular vote. "Moderates" in the US-backed Kiev government, obliged to both movements for their violence-driven ascent to power, and perhaps for their personal safety, rewarded Svoboda and Right Sector with some five to eight (depending on shifting affiliations) top ministry positions, including ones overseeing national security, military, prosecutorial and educational affairs. Still more, according to the research of Pietro Shakarian, a remarkable young graduate student at the University of Michigan, Svoboda was given five governorships, covering about 20 percent of the country. And this does not take into account the role of Right Sector in the "anti-terrorist operation."

Nor does it consider the political mainstreaming of fascism's dehumanizing ethos. In December 2012, a Svoboda parliamentary leader anathematized the Ukrainian-born American actress Mila Kunis as "a dirty kike." Since 2013, pro-Kiev mobs and militias have routinely denigrated ethnic Russians as insects ("Colorado beetles," whose colors resemble a sacred Russia ornament). More recently, the US-picked prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, referred to resisters in the Southeast as "subhumans." His defense minister proposed putting them in "filtration camps," pending deportation, and raising fears of ethnic cleansing. Yulia Tymoshenko-a former prime minister, titular head of Yatsenyuk's party and runner-up in the May presidential election-was overheard wishing she could "exterminate them all [Ukrainian Russians] with atomic weapons." "Sterilization" is among the less apocalyptic official musings on the pursuit of a purified Ukraine.

Confronted with such facts, Kiev's American apologists have conjured up another rationalization. Any neo-fascists in Ukraine, they assure us, are far less dangerous than Putinism's "clear aspects of fascism." The allegation is unworthy of serious analysis: however authoritarian Putin may be, there is nothing authentically fascist in his rulership, policies, state ideology or personal conduct.

Indeed, equating Putin with Hitler, as eminent Americans from Hillary Clinton and Zbigniew Brzezinski to George Will have done, is another example of how our new cold warriors are recklessly damaging US national security in vital areas where Putin's cooperation is essential. Looking ahead, would-be presidents who make such remarks can hardly expect to be greeted by an open-minded Putin, whose brother died and father was wounded in the Soviet-Nazi war. Moreover, tens of millions of today's Russians whose family members were killed by actual fascists in that war will regard this defamation of their popular president as sacrilege, as they do the atrocities committed by Kiev.

* * *

And yet, the Obama administration reacts with silence, and worse. Historians will decide what the US government and the "democracy promotion" organizations it funds were doing in Ukraine during the preceding twenty years, but much of Washington's role in the current crisis has been clear and direct. As the Maidan mass protest against President Yanukovych developed last November-December, Senator John McCain, the high-level State Department policymaker Victoria Nuland and a crew of other US politicians and officials arrived to stand with its leaders, Tyahnybok in the forefront, and declare, "America is with you!" Nuland was then caught on tape plotting with the American ambassador, Geoffrey Pyatt, to oust Yanukovych's government and replace him with Yatsenyuk, who soon became, and remains, prime minister.

Meanwhile, President Obama personally warned Yanukovych "not to resort to violence," as did, repeatedly, Secretary of State John Kerry. But when violent street riots deposed Yanukovych-only hours after a European-brokered, White House–backed compromise that would have left him as president of a reconciliation government until new elections this December, possibly averting the subsequent bloodshed-the administration made a fateful decision. It eagerly embraced the outcome. Obama personally legitimized the coup as a "constitutional process" and invited Yatsenyuk to the White House. The United States has been at least tacitly complicit in what followed, from Putin's hesitant decision in March to annex Crimea and the rebellion in southeastern Ukraine to the ongoing civil war.

How intimately involved US officials have been in Kiev's "anti-terrorist operation" is not known, but certainly the administration has not been discreet. Before and after the military campaign began in earnest, CIA director John Brennan and Vice President Joseph Biden (twice) visited Kiev, followed, it is reported, by a continuing flow of "senior US defense officials," military equipment and financial assistance to the bankrupt Kiev government. Despite this crucial support, the White House has not compelled Kiev to investigate either the Odessa massacre or the fateful sniper killings of scores of Maidan protesters and policemen on February 18–20, which precipitated Yanukovych's ouster. (The snipers were initially said to be Yanukovych's, but evidence later appeared pointing to opposition extremists, possibly Right Sector. Unlike Washington, the Council of Europe has been pressuring Kiev to investigate both events.)

As atrocities and humanitarian disaster grow in Ukraine, both Obama and Kerry have all but vanished as statesmen. Except for periodic banalities asserting the virtuous intentions of Washington and Kiev and alleging Putin's responsibility for the violence, they have left specific responses to lesser US officials. Not surprisingly, all have told the same Manichean story, from the White House to Foggy Bottom. The State Department's neocon missionary Nuland, who spent several days at Maidan, for example, assured a congressional committee that she had no evidence of fascist-like elements playing any role there. Ambassador Pyatt, who earlier voiced the same opinion about the Odessa massacre, was even more dismissive, telling obliging New Republic editors that the entire question was "laughable."

Still more shameful, no American official at any level appears to have issued a meaningful statement of sympathy for civilian victims of the Kiev government, not even those in Odessa. Instead, the administration has been unswervingly indifferent. When asked if her superiors had "any concerns" about the casualties of Kiev's military campaign, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki has repeatedly answered "no." Indeed, at the UN Security Council on May 2, US Ambassador Samantha Power, referring explicitly to the "counterterrorism initiative" and suspending her revered "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine, gave Kiev's leaders a US license to kill. Lauding their "remarkable, almost unimaginable, restraint," as Obama himself did after Odessa, she continued, "Their response is reasonable, it is proportional, and frankly it is what any one of our countries would have done." (Since then, the administration has blocked Moscow's appeal for a UN humanitarian corridor between southeastern Ukraine and Russia.)

Contrary to the incessant administration and media demonizing of Putin and his "agents" in Ukraine, the "anti-terrorist operation" can be ended only where it began-in Washington and Kiev. Leaving aside how much power the new president actually has in Kiev (or over Right Sector militias in the field), Poroshenko's "peace plan" and June 21 cease-fire may have seemed such an opportunity, except for its two core conditions: fighters in the southeast first had to "lay down their arms," and he alone would decide with whom to negotiate peace. The terms seemed more akin to conditions of surrender, and the real reason Poroshenko unilaterally ended the cease-fire on July 1 and intensified Kiev's assault on eastern cities.

The Obama administration continues to make the situation worse. Despite opposition by several NATO allies and even American corporate heads, the president and his secretary of state, who has spoken throughout this crisis more like a secretary of war than the nation's top diplomat, have constantly threatened Russia with harsher economic sanctions unless Putin meets one condition or another, most of them improbable. On June 26, Kerry even demanded ("literally") that the Russian president "in the next few hours…help disarm" resisters in the Southeast, as though they are not motivated by any of Ukraine's indigenous conflicts but are merely Putin's private militias.

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In fact, from the onset of the crisis, the administration's actual goal has been unclear, and not only to Moscow. Is it a negotiated compromise, which would have to include a Ukraine with a significantly federalized or decentralized state free to maintain longstanding economic relations with Russia and banned from NATO membership? Is it to bring the entire country exclusively into the West, including into NATO? Is it a vendetta against Putin for all the things he purportedly has and has not done over the years? (Some behavior of Obama and Kerry, seemingly intended to demean and humiliate Putin, suggest an element of this.) Or is it to provoke Russia into a war with the United States and NATO in Ukraine?

Inadvertent or not, the latter outcome remains all too possible. After Russia annexed-or "reunified" with-Crimea in March, Putin, not Kiev or Washington, has demonstrated "remarkable restraint." But events are making it increasingly difficult for him to do so. Almost daily, Russian state media, particularly television, have featured vivid accounts of Kiev's military assaults on Ukraine's eastern cities. The result has been, both in elite and public opinion, widespread indignation and mounting perplexity, even anger, over Putin's failure to intervene militarily.

We may discount the following indictment by an influential ideologist of Russia's own ultra-nationalists, who have close ties with Ukraine's "self-defense" commanders: "Putin betrays not just the People's Republic of Donetsk and the People's Republic of Lugansk but himself, Russia and all of us." Do not, however, underestimate the significance of an article in the mainstream pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia, which asks, while charging the leadership with "ignoring the cries for help," "Is Russia abandoning the Donbass?" If so, the author warns, the result will be "Russia's worst nightmare" and relegate it to "the position of a vanquished country."

Just as significant are similar exhortations by Gennady Zyuganov, leader of Russia's Communist Party, the second-largest in the country and in parliament. The party also has substantial influence in the military-security elite and even in the Kremlin. Thus, one of Putin's own aides has publicly urged him to send fighter planes to impose a "no-fly zone"-an American-led UN action in Qaddafi's Libya that has not been forgotten or forgiven by the Kremlin-and destroy Kiev's approaching aircraft and land forces. If that happens, US and NATO forces, now being built up in Eastern Europe, might well also intervene, creating a Cuban missile crisis–like confrontation. As a former Russian foreign minister admired in the West reminds us, there are "hawks on both sides."

Little of this is even noted in the United States. In a democratic political system, the establishment media are expected to pierce the official fog of war. In the Ukrainian crisis, however, mainstream American newspapers and television have been almost as slanted and elliptical as White House and State Department statements, obscuring the atrocities, if reporting them at all, and generally relying on information from Washington and Kiev. Most Americans are thereby unknowingly being shamed by the Obama administration's role. Those who do know but remain silent-in government, think tanks, universities and media-share its complicity.

[Jun 30, 2014] Next round of civil war: Ukraine president terminates ceasefire

That was expected. And that was probably not his personal decition.

RT News

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has decided to not prolong the ceasefire with Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, announcing an end to a fragile deal to deescalate tensions in the eastern regions of the country

... ... ...

Since then, heavy shelling and intense shooting was reported in the city of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region.

"The shelling started at 22:25 local time," American photographer Patrick Lancaster told RT by phone from Kramatorsk. "We are in the basement of the Kramatorsk Hotel. About two hours ago, mortaring started on the center of the city. Each wave lasted anywhere between five to 20 minutes, and there were three different waves of mortars. I don't have any direct information about wounded or killed, but there were so many explosions that I really think there is large number of casualties."

... ... ...

The newly-elected president said that the decision to unilaterally end the ceasefire was taken after his meeting with Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council.

[Jun 30, 2014] Ukraine counts economic losses by Olga Samofalova

Jun 30, 2014 |

The national Bank of Ukraine reported a growth of losses of Ukrainian enterprises 5.5 times in the first quarter of 2014. Ukrainian banks also fall apart, and freight transportation by rail drop sharply. In the end, the negative balance (profit a minus the loss) reached almost $ 11 billion (128,5 billion UAH).

... ... ...

Ukrainian industry is falling apart on our eyes . The real sector of the Ukrainian economy experienced hard times in the past year. But his condition brought to fainting. Industrial production is reduced for 20 consecutive months. Four months 2014 decline accelerated to 5.3%. In March the production growth was observed only in two sectors - pharmaceuticals and computer industries that play a meager role in Ukrainian industry (1,7% of the total output.)

The situation in the two main branches - metallurgy and the chemical industry is only getting worse. In spring the news about a shut down of the metallurgical, chemical plants and coal mines began to spead. Moreover, production in these sectors fell even at relatively low gas prices in the first three months of this year (when Gazprom provided gas at very low price in 268,5 dollars per thousand cubic meters). "Even with the low price of energy the key enterprises can not reach positive profitability, and after the government announced the increase of gas prices the led to further deterioration of the situation", state the experts of the Institute for energy and Finance.

The banking system of Ukraine also is collapsing before our eyes. For the five months from the beginning of year Ukrainian banks suffered too big losses even given the poor situation in the economy. Their losses amounted to $900 million (10.4 billion UAH) against a profit of $90 million the last year as reported last week by the national Bank of Ukraine. For comparison: the total size of the assets of the Ukrainian banking sector is estimated to be around $70 billion.

From the beginning of year 11 Ukrainian banks are on the verge of bankruptcy and have already temporary administration in place. Additional capitalization is needed for virtually every bank in the country, says the Chairman of the Ukrainian interbank currency exchange Anatoly Guley. And financial assistance from the government and international financial organizations will come not earlier than September, he adds.

Because of the situation in the economy, income of the population fell sharply. the same happened with businesses net profits, which led to a decline in demand for loans to zero. In addition, the share of overdue loans increased, and some banks have suffered due to the forced abandonment of the Crimean market. Moreover Ukrainian banks have moving abroad since the beginning of the year about $20 billion ($240 billion UAH).

According to analyst of FC AForex Narek Avagyan problems in Ukrainian enterprises and banks are not surprising taking into account the situation in the Ukrainian economy, which was on the verge of collapse from the beginning of the year. The civil war only added fuel to the fire. The reasons are obvious - the devaluation of the hryvna (more than 50% from October 2013), inflation of more than 30% since the beginning of the year (annualized), the drop in the living standards of the population by about 25%, falling of avarage real incomes by almost 20% to $250

The association with the EU as an economic suicide

Russian view: This is not agreement about association, this is agreement about unconditional capitulation.

Smart people warned even before the November Vilnius summit of the EU with the participation of Yanukovych about fatal for Ukrainian economics effects of the Association with EU. At least in the form prescribed by agreement that Poroshenko just signed. We offer a clip in a visual form shows all sectors of the Ukrainian economy, subject to the violent death of "our European friends".

Let's talk about purely economic consequences, not about spiritual (which is eternal) and cultural aspects of Ukrainian EuroAnschluss.

Since 2013 several branches of Ukrainian economics already became "less Ukrainian". Judging by dynamics of development of this "counterterrorist operation" against Ukrainian economics (not to be confused with the so-called "ATO" performed against Lugansk and Donbass by the militant neo-Nazis and criminals paid by oligarchs from 90s and social outcasts) for Tyazhmash, metallurgy, coal industry, shipbuilding, aircraft and rocket construction, concentrated in the Novarossia soon to be destroyed. So the main troubles can be expected for traditional agricultural Ukrainian agricultural products. Of course, if Ukraine as a state will still exist after the "victory" over Novorossia.

So let's start with Agroprom, which is often used as a "trump card" of Ukraine Euroingrator lobby. If in the case of heavy industry even junta specialist babble that it will take "some time that our manufacturing switch to European standards" So can we assume Europe " is already looking forward" for Ukrainian agricultural products?

To answer this question the simples way is to refer to the primary source, i.e. to the text of the agreement on free trade Zone between Ukraine and the EU, which was for the first time translated into Russian and analyzed by Alexander Gorokhov, an expert specializing in the economic dimension of cooperation of Ukraine with the EU.

And it looks that Ukraine is royally f*cked. If today a part of agricultural products export to the EU, is subsidized by the state, Article 32 of this Agreement prohibits any subsidy, including category named "other" (technical, material, organizational assistance) that can be someone interpreted as a hidden subsidy. For example, preferential prices for fuel and lubricating materials. While Article 40 reserves only to EU member States (and there is no even question about Ukraine's membership in the Agreement) their right to a special regime for their own agricultural producers.

Article 202 Agreements on geographical indications of products, will make it impossible for many manufacturers to produce products under the usual names (cheese, alcoholic drinks, some meat products), forcing them to look for new names, implying costly advertising campaign and lower sales volumes: the buyer reluctantly takes unknown brands and varieties.

Article 221 requires from individual producers of agricultural production compulsory purchase of the permit for the sale of finished products and reproduction of any sort of agricultural plants and breeds of livestock if they are intended for sale. So, without buying consent, neither tomatoes grown by private producers can get to the market. So neither tomatoes not chicks grown by the e neighbor can be sold to compete with foreign "certified" production from EU. and we do not even speak about deliveries to the European Union, promised Eurointergation.

However, with the varieties and breeds permitted for cultivation for sale and cooking is a separate song. Their list is strictly regulated by EU Directives which now took the force of law for Ukraine. For products made of meat of "wrong" breeds of cattle and "wrong" varieties of plants, the path will be closed not only in the European but also on the domestic market. This means that some farmers and agricultural enterprises have to completely destroy current livestock and poultry, and to purchase "right" breeds together with permission for commercial use. Another is to eliminate the existing sorts of trees, vineyards and make new ones without any guarantee that these sorts of plants take root in this area. How much time and money they will need to restore the previous level of production that is anybody's guess.

However, the presence of approved breeds and varieties not guarantee that their products will have access to EU markets. The directives specified in the Application XXXVII and IV-B to the Agreement (their lists more than three dozen) and EU standards (several hundred) regulate, for example, the terms of the cattle, the list and composition of feed and additives in them, procedure of vaccination and medication list, rules of transportation of cattle, the procedure of slaughter and storage of the meat. there is even the list that specify the qualification of specialists, engaged in cultivation of cattle. The same applies to production plants, where the role of those restrictions is even the sheer size of products and variations in its form. For example, thankfully European farmers, in 2013 was lifted a ban on the sale slightly curved cucumbers.

Regulated as obligatory types of labeling and packaging, which may be marketed agricultural products. Moreover, all of it must undergo mandatory certification. And not in the district SES or the village veterinarian. They call for specialized independent certification centers, equipped for every kind of agricultural products strictly defined set of test instruments and equipment. Currently in Ukraine there are no such certification centers. So until they will not appear, none of rural enterprise, no farmer can to penetrate the European markets. And after three-four years they will not be able to sell their products even in the domestic market without proper certification.

Dreams of unimpeded access to the European market are shattered to pieces about one obstacle laid down in European regulations that Ukraine is obliged to implement as laws. This is about guaranteed minimum volumes of products with which the producer may attempt to conquer Europe. Such volumes can provide not even a single very large enterprise, not to mention ordinary farmer. So, if someone will try to trade with the EU, it is only via dealers. And do not have illusions, to whom producers or dealers will belong the lion's share of the gains from trade with the EU.

Finally, "the last trump card" of Eurointergation - possibility of the unlimited export of grain from Ukraine to the EU, which currently is about 3 million tons per year. But now the supply of wheat to the EU will be limited to one million tons. Also from 300 thousand tons of sugar that Ukraine is able to sell to the EU, she will be allowed to sell only 10 times less! Such restrictions are provided for all types of agricultural products. No wonder the war for agricultural quotas do not subside even among full members of the EU. In addition, on 24 groups of agricultural production of Ukraine is obliged to annually reduce export tax by one percent, up to zero. By the way, for other raw materials, including products of primary processing of metals, Ukraine is obliged immediately to establish export duties twice below the current level (of WTO negotiated duties) immediately after the entry into force of the Agreement. And make them zero in 7-10 years.

And, since you mentioned the WTO after accession, Ukraine was obliged to 2010 to introduce a ban on sale of meat, bacon, butter and milk produced in households (entry into force of the corresponding law has already twice postponed so as not to disturb the electorate before the elections). Now, the Agreement with EU sweep with Ukrainian markets sauerkraut, pickles, pickled apples, natural oil, veal and even honey, because "Directive on the common catalogue of varieties of agricultural plant species" strictly specifies that sorts out of growing on our black soils, may be sold. Notice, we do not count, how many grandmothers will lose their only source of subsistence. We talk only about what you will not find on the market soon.

And in the supermarket may not look for products with the habitual stamp "Without GMO". Recommendations the Commission ensure the coexistence of genetically modified crops with conventional and organic agriculture".

A surprise awaits and owners of nuclear power station, hydro and coal-powers electrical stations located in Ukraine. Today surplus electricity and gas of own production are exported to Europe at world prices. After the entry into force of the Agreement with the EU, Ukraine will be prohibited to export gas and electricity at prices higher than the internal. Therefore, in order to export energy commodities, will have to raise their prices for Ukrainian consumers.

But the real "joy" is reserved for those just rising to their feet clothing producers like "Kiyanka", Zhitomir socks factories, and other similar enterprises: Agreement specify that "For worn clothing and other used items within the Ukrainian customs code 6309 00 00, Ukraine will eliminate all customs duties on imports". This allow EU to sell second-hand stuff in Ukraine, killing Ukrainian clothing industry. After all, in conditions of mass impoverishment, most will prefer second hand to new clothing.

Now I think few doubts that Ukrainian manufacturing will soon goes south. And that can lead to a social explosion is caused by the destruction of entire sectors of economics and to the deprivation of means of subsistence of considerable number of people. And this on the background IFM dictat as for prices might finally finish Ukraine.

Transitional variant is also possible slow painful death most of strategic and, most importantly, paying to the budget Ukrainian enterprises of Novorossia, which for now belong to militarized Principality on Igor Kolomoisky. That will only slow down the process of the destruction and postpone timing for a social explosion. Which in this case might be more powerful. And instqntly propagate to the agricultural regions of Ukraine.

But such a social catastrophe would not touch Poroshenko and similar owners of personal aircraft that can fly without refueling to Europe. They will be just fine. So much for the benefits of the Association agreement with the EU signed by Poroshenko. Which in reality might be equal to sighting of agreement about self-liquidation of the country.

[Jun 30, 2014] It is time to act, while power is still dry by Vasily Zelenchuk

An interesting example of Ukraine "Right Sector" mentality... Slightly edited Google translation...

Let's blow up the gas pipeline. We have war, an on the war such things happens. Europe will get gas withdrawal symptoms and instantly will be highly motivated to solve all the problems in Ukraine. You would day that's mean. But I will say that in the war all means are good. The interests of the country is the main priority. And tools, sorry, we have what we have.

... ... ...

And here's a simple recipe, how to dry wet powder and return to him the "explosive condition".

1. The introduction of martial law in "difficult" regions. Before we have no martial law, for the world public opinion we've have some kind of a local war, which can disperse water cannons. Untie the hands of the military, make it clear to the world that we have a problem.

2. The change of the military leadership. There is "No fuel, no resources, no strategy, no motivation" is heard from the armchair generals. If so, then you are fired. There are plenty of people who have balls and are ready to do his duty, please give the a chance. It is better to 5 years of errors than 5 years of sabotage.

3. Get off the gas needle. Whatever fuel we can get via the reverse, with wood, oil, straw and wood furniture of Yanukovich Mezhigorye palace - use it and provide Ukraine's with necessary energy resources until we finish the terminal to receive liquefied gas!

It's time once and for all to cut short all the energy manipulation of our "Slavic brothers". In Qatar gas is much cheaper, and they put no additional conditions. It's "only business". We can sell it to Europe, if we properly do everything to accomplish this. This would be also bring us neat profit.

[Jun 29, 2014] Somali.UA by Alexandr Zubchenko

This is simply a great day: June 27 Poroshenko in the city of Brussels signed something about the economic of Ukraine's membership in the EU, and June 28 - day one of the Ukrainian Constitution. Can you guess what I am hinting at? That will be two holidays in a row. Given the propensity of the current leadership to the value EU integration I would bet my tooth that soon there will be a new holiday in Ukraine -- Europe day on June 27. Bright and incredibly joyful holiday. Perhaps even more so than the Independence Day, which now lost its luster and slightly contradicts the essence of this epochal event. Although, as they say, your mileage may vary.

Soon on the shelves of Ukrainian stores will appear cheaper European goods and products of Ukrainian "Ryaba" cooperative will fill the entire Brussels. We are joining something that remind me the Swedish family with a proudly raised the prospect of full membership in 20 or 30 years from now. Of course, the heart of the true patriots are overwhelmed with a feeling of profound satisfaction. Already visible is the day when on biometric passport, which will contain all your personal data, up to the porn sites visited during working hours, every Ukrainian will be able to travel to Vienna. Or not to travel, if he does not have money. It's the real freedom of choice. I think it's necessary to gather in Kyiv national Assembly to hear reports of the President on the implementation of economic integration of the country in a friendly embrace of the EU integration wave, which is so high that covered us with our head. However, there are some minor problems, slightly disturbing cloudless Eurointergation horizon.

If earlier the main problem of Ukraine was considered to be corruption, but now, thank God, we solved this problem. It's not a good time for corruption, when the civil war began. Bribes are much smaller for quite objective reasons. First, there is little money around in any case, second, businesses and production plants are mostly closed, and third, in the South-East it is easier to get a bullet in the forehead than a bribe.

Well, after the proclamation of the course for a Unitary, United and Indivisible Country (UUIC) at the place of Ukraine emerged quasi-Association of oligarch controlled provinces, practically not governable from the center. Therefore, it is not easy to determine which part of the country began a successful integration in the EU. Exactly at the time of signing of the economic part of the agreement that promises us all sorts of bonuses in the form of free vending machines for condoms for anal sex, all of Ukrainian social media discusses the attack of eight tanks by militia. The roadblock was blown up. Arsen Avakov in Facebook white usual nonsense about victory and destroyed tanks. "Well-lit Russian tanks!" - this post as Minister of the Interior may enter into history as the exhibit number two of the state of his mental health. The first is the post about "establishing control over Central Slavyansk", dated April 14.

Apparently, Lugansk and Donetsk region, which announced the creation of a Confederation of the two republics, was unaware about the incredible benefits of integration into the EU. Again another coincidence: June 27 is also "as if" the date of expiration of the ceasefire, as was declared by "as if" President, together with the implementation of his "as if" the peace plan. I understand that it is very difficult to decipher through complicated sentences of Presidential plan, but in reality it means something quite different from ceasefire and especially has nothing to do with peace. According to the reports, the whole "peace week" was actually a week of quite fierce fighting. Particularly intense clashes occurred exactly on June 27. The President promised to take in the next few hours to make some "important decision". It is very easy to guess what it will be. A failure of the "peace plan" will be announced and the beginning of the ultimate (comprehensive, decisive, final) (antiterrorist) operations for the liberation of the territories occupied by the terrorists". Arsen Avakov has already managed to declare that his patience already exhausted and the separatists have just a few hours for disarmament."

You know, a couple of months ago a statement about "the adoption of important decisions" would be someone be shocking. Now it (the decision) does not matter much as also does not matter much the government in Kiev. The resistance forces in the two breakaway republics demonstrated a willingness to fight to the bitter end and to break the blockade. And if their declaration of confederation actually sounds like an ultimatum from them to Kiev government, it is. Its essence is simple: the subject of negotiations from now on can only be the details of relatively peaceful secession DND and LNR from Ukraine. The saturation of militia forces, improved weapons, training, flow of volunteers from within and different countries and influx of military equipment has reached such a level that imposing "peace plan", composed in Kyiv at the bidding of the European instructors, became a very difficult and bloody undertaking. They will literally fight to death. The conflict reached a new qualitative level, and there is nothing Kiev, or Moscow can do in order to stop them from becoming yet another Kosovo.

But the problem is that this "as if" President has nowhere to retreat. Behind him is well armed "Right Sector" and Washington. So retreat for him is even more personally dangerous then launching a military offence of newly declared confederation. And we increasingly hear threats "to turn the National Guard to the capital". The irony is that "the long-awaited UE Association agreement" was signed in the moment when another part of Ukraine disappeared from the geographical map of This country, vanished completely. And instead of unitary state we now have more like Somali-style semi-independent provinces that don't care much or obey the government in Kiev.

South-East is might even be able to counter-attack central government forces. And instead of former Dnepropetrovsk oblast government, now we have Kolomoyski Khaganat, with the oligarchic ruler on top (in a very direct sense of the word). Crimea, which is still formally considered a part of Ukraine by Kiev government, in fact has no idea of what "benefits" will bring the accession to the Euro zone. Galicia is starting to boil, as it became a natural donor for the anti-terrorist operation. In Odessa there is a fierce clan war between Kyiv and Dnepropetrovsk oligarchic for the control of the city.

In a number of other regions of Ukraine the situation is reminiscent of an oil painting - "we are patriots, for unity, but we'd better wait and see what will happen". Spoiled Kievites now eat promised "improvement" in the standard of living in the form of increased by 50% utility tariffs .

I would say that Ukraine achieved perfect timing for the start of the process of EU Association. Moreover it accidentally created all the necessary prerequisites for continuous inflow of euro capital, goods and services. Particularly body armor, which symbolize the realities of today Ukraine and goods it needs most.

[Jun 29, 2014] Putin 'would be killed' if he came to Kiev, Ukraine parliament deputy says on TV

RT News

A Verkhovna Rada deputy who is also an ex-defense minister of Ukraine, said during a prime time talk-show that the country's "patriots" would be justified "to kill" Russian President Vladimir Putin if he came to Kiev.

Anatoly Gritsenko made his shocking statement speaking on the popular national talk show 'Shuster Live'.

"Putin won't stop. He wants not only Ukraine, he wants the Baltic States and other countries," claimed Gritsenko, who was a presidential candidate twice, in the 2010 and 2014 Ukrainian elections. Gritsenko did not elaborate on what had driven him to such a conclusion.

Calling the Russian president "a fascist," Gritsenko went on to say that he cannot imagine Vladimir Putin coming to Ukraine to sign some kind of a deal.

"I believe there are patriots who would volunteer to kill him – and that would be the right thing to do," Gritsenko remarked.

The leader of the Civil Position party, Gritsenko is a vocal advocate of Ukraine joining both the EU and NATO.

Speaking in the same edition of the 'Shuster Live' talk-show, Gritsenko accused the current Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, of not fulfilling financial obligations towards the Ukrainian military units taking part in the punitive operation in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. Gritsenko insisted that Poroshenko must allocate the money he promised during his election campaign, even if it is to come out of his own pocket.

The politician also proposed to send the sons of top Ukrainian officials to fight against the self-defense forces in the east of the country – including the son of the President Poroshenko himself.

The last several months of political crisis in Ukraine have been marked with scandals caused by the shocking statements of local politicians, so this latest gaffe by the former defense minister looks like normal business.

Two weeks ago, the now ex-Foreign Minister Andrey Deshchitsa publicly 'effed' the head of Russia. In an incident that may be a first in diplomatic history, Kiev's top diplomat chanted "Putin's a f**ker" surrounded by a crowd vandalizing the Russian embassy in the Ukrainian capital.

Although Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko fired the uncouth diplomat several days ago, some MPs in the Ukrainian parliament considered it only natural that Deshchitsa should become Ukraine's new ambassador to Russia.

Since the unrest began in Ukraine in November last year, other Ukrainian politicians have also distinguished themselves with unprecedented deeds and sayings.

In March, the leader of Ukraine's far-right Radical Party, ultra-radical MP Oleg Lyashko his supporters abducted a regional MP in eastern Ukraine and posted video of his interrogation in which Lyashko says that he will "hang him by the balls and have him f**ked."

Also in March, Ukrainian MP Igor Miroshnynchenko (from Svoboda party) assisted by a group of helpers stormed the office of Ukraine's National Television Company, physically abused the TV channel's head, calling him an "animal" and "Moskal" (a derogatory term for Russians) and bullied him into signing a resignation.

In April, Irina Farion, an MP of the nationalist Fatherland Party, went as far as to call for the deaths of citizens in Donetsk, Kharkov and Lugansk who demand the federalization of Ukraine.

"I'd act much tougher. I'd just shoot them dead. Look, the enemy is ruling our land. What are we talking about? They should've been expelled from here back in 1654 (the year Ukraine aligned with the Russian Empire). That's why today's reaction is unacceptable. The measures should be much tougher. Our people laid down their lives. That's why those creatures that arrive here deserve only death," Farion proclaimed.

Selected Comments

Vanmeter 29.06.2014 13:18

These Ukrainian hot-heads had better learn to shut up before it's too late. They should also be careful what they wish for, because they may soon get it, and in a way they are not exactly expecting.

Wil 29.06.2014 13:17

Emmett 29.06.2014 11:47

I know US and EU/NATO are a global crime syndicate but they've dropped all pretenses of trying to act like statesmen and diplomats and are showing themselves to be the lowlife thugs they are.

i agree 100% they have completely dropped all pretenses of diplomacy. I think they are getting increasingly desperate and their true colours are showing. I just wish we had fact reporting in my country so we could open our eyes to these murderous elite

Peter Jennings 29.06.2014 13:22

That's very unprofessional of an ex minister and makes you wonder just what we Europeans are letting into the EU. Fascists such as Irina Farion are only in it for their own self aggrandizement and the power. They typically use the lowest common denominator to impress because it is very easy to convince a dummy into harming their neighbor.

Just as the SA found out that they also became expendable, after carrying out murders for Hitler, those who incite this type of hatred may find themselves in the same holes as their victims. Curtesy of a once friendly nato.

Mark 29.06.2014 13:10

for your information, Turkey's potential to aide terrorists against Iraq and Syria is becoming weaker because Syria is winning epic battles and the Turkey cannot deliver weapons to the terrorists any longer.

Already Turkey's role in the ISIS/ISIL spread to Iraq has been exposed and now some Iraqi provinces such as Babil have banned Turkey made products. Russians should in fact end their holiday visits to Turkey.

Turkey wanted to use the Crimea Tartars against Russia but that is no longer possible. As for the Ukrainian demagogues, they will achieve nothing important against Russia.

Murmet 29.06.2014 13:10

shars 29.06.2014 13:00

Her e ya go folks - their ready made excuse for slaughtering citizens. Not hardly. It's the U.S./EU/NATO familiar script: kill citizens so the rest will turn against their leader. Then U.S. moves in to place puppet.

Ok, in Ukraine they already have their puppet installed, but using same strategy to destroy the East by genocide.

W e see through your agenda, Murmet!

I see, its always the evil EU/US/NATO... Are you even able to reflect the policy of your country?

Hansel 29.06.2014 13:09

Robert 29.06.2014 12:01

The question is: where did they get their upbringing? Must be a ukie school for the elites. And they still think they are getting a deal from the EU and the IMF that will give them a great standard of living.

It 's exactly these Elites that will benefit from the EU/IMF..and not the population.....that' s all they are worried about.....they will soon be out of office...then they can retire rich and probably in some nice country like Switzerland...

Mark 29.06.2014 13:00


a massive geopolitical scheme that included Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar Israel and the U.S. only helped returning the Crimea and Sevastopol returning to Russia and E, Ukraine is resisting, Syria is winning epic victories, Iraq joining the fight. Ukrainians are freely switching to the pro Russian side. Now Russophobes fall back to dirty tactics such as killing women and children and threatening the life of President Putin- war crime. Tartars are no longer so foolish. Majority of the Crimean Tartars took up Russian passports and any aggression by tiny minority will be addressed by the firm hand of the law.

N.G. 29.06.2014 12:19

"A Verkhovna Rada deputy who is also an ex-defense minister of Ukraine, said during a prime time talk-show that the country's "patriots" would be justified "to kill" Russian President Vladimir Putin if he came to Kiev."

Nothing has changed in the Bandera nazi Kiev.
They have justified Maidan, Korsun, Odessa--
murdere rs walk free in Kiev these days.
Welcome to EU Kiev! And once again - thank you USA!

Wayne Mickel 29.06.2014 12:17

These are supposed to be adults,but they act like little spoiled children who cannot get their own way. It is a shame that they are in power and will lose everything align itself with a failed coalition such as the EU and America, the State Department must be giving them scripts to read before they speak because the State Department sounds just as childish in denying reality and truth

[Jun 27, 2014] Ukrainian Mass can't be spoiled by the evil machinations of our enemies! by Nyura Berg

Quote: "I think its time to lower the curtain for this exiting play. Looks like the end of EuroMaidan. Curtain, please -- ". The same is true for this page...

In the morning skinheads from of the Right sector, who after February stagnated without the target for application their considerable talents got in action again.

Karabas Barabas, which pulls the ropes for those marionette, gave those psychopathic soils whose hands are used to baseball bats and metal chains possibility to get rid of bad energy that they accumulated for so many days without real action. This energy was skillfully dissipated on a chosen target it in a safe way, so that skinheads would not accidentally turn their baseball bats and chains themselves against puppeteers.

So today the young radicals, who do not remove the masks from the faces for half a year or more, as well as selected misfits, for whom in principle, there is no difference that to destroy, were given a green light to target the hotel "Tourist". In this hotel trade union have a conference on which they planned to elect new trade Union leaders. Allegedly, the organizers planned to usurp delicious positions at the top in the interests of the representatives of evil Yanukovich regime, which was amputated by Right Sector the last winter, but it looks like phantom pain from this amputation have not gone away.

Producer of the assault announced to skinheads that officials are representatives of Party of Region there can be no fair game, only arbitrary allocation of seats ion the interests of functionaries of the evil regime. This news so exited socially active skinheads that they, despite being chronically unemployed, decided to use their muscles, bats and chains to restore the fairness of Trade Union elections and to bring quick justice to those who plan to usurp the governing seats.

In short, the puppeteer gave skinheads the command "GO", and they enthusiastically began to break windows, doors, throw firecrackers - commit all those acts about which legendary "titushki" (aka supporters of previous "evil" regime) can only dream to commit without going to jail. The leader of those unfortunates went on trial just for a couple of deceptive movements towards so-called journalists. It's much nicer to be in right camp at the right time. In this case justice is not applicable to your, you are the justice. With a baseball bat and a chain in hands, instead of old-fashioned scales. And this is new justice in not blind -- just in mask.

With their considerable accumulated energy that begged for release, the skinheads did not disappointed their handlers - the entire first floor of the building was smashed, including window frames, dividing conference room rolling glass dividers, furniture, you name it. Witnesses of this "noble" destruction are saying that the militants in balaclavas were led a Kiev City Council member, and he has taken them away when he found that the participants of the Congress as terrified enough, the damage is impressive and emotional stress the fighters for democracy accumulated since February, has been properly canalized and discharged.

Actually, such performances are held in Ukrainian cities, including the capital, almost daily. Now you can casually read them in police reports, which overtaken by modern trend toward virtualization of everything also became virtue, and just calmly reports about attacks, robberies, beatings, and all other nice staff of revolutionary times.

And well-known Dentist, turned in ultra-nationalist, changed his former specialty of extracting bad (and accidentally good) teeth into more profitable racket of small merchants who operate kiosks on the streets and within city markets, Recently he managed to upscale his new business by using the same noble tactic for complete plants: yesterday, the division of notorious Right Sector skinheads called "Sich", took control of Dolinsky refinery in Kirovograd region. Motivation is simple and extremely convincing: the owner sponsored the separatists. No evidence, of course, was brought, and the press service of Right Sector humbly justified their actions by the data they received directly from the employees. The words "taken control" of course, a euphemism, in fact it is a standard raider seizure of the plant made for nice sum of money from the sponsor, but presstitutes from Ukrainian media are afraid to disobey talking points that are distributed to them. And those talking points precisely explain how to depict such events in the current revolutionary situation The fact that such a description has nothing to do with the reality does not matter. Sorry guys, who used to owned the property.

Now everything is dramatically simplified. No court decisions are no longer required, the idea of evidence and investigation are compressed into simple and powerful narrative "support of separatism" and any remnants of the rule of law are cancelled as vestiges of the reactionary regime of Yanukovich.

Now it is enough to point fingers at sweet, but poorly protected piece of property, to blame the owner in support of separatism, and voila, you can get it. You just need to lay Right Sector skinheads or other radicals. They are like the rest of nation are striving for self-sufficiency and, judging the pace of their progress, no doubt, they will soon achieve this.

Within this existing and cheerful splash of criminal activity when many things are happening simultaneously, Vitali Klitschko, decided not to be swiped aside by this racket tide and reported to public that the restoration of the the Kiev municipal building on Khreschatik. previously ramcacked by Right Sector skinheads, now started. He showed to journalists a couple of few refurbished offices and announced that full repair the building will cost just 30 million Ukrainian hrivna. Some unemployed, but curious kievites, pointed out that for this amount of money you can build from scratch multi-family high-rise house, but Klitschko is a big man with large plans and smaller sums would be just plain waiste of his talents. Possibly after repair in the building will have a really nice gum, and/or bathrooms will be splashed with real gold ornaments. Who knows.

But, it seems that the victorious boxer and novice head of Kiev City Council will not be allowed to work (aka steal allocated money) safely, and not only due to terrible state of the municipal council building.

Just before he could begin to fulfill his dreams of personal enrichment in a new position, he was hit with appercout that then strong swing from the left. Politics is pretty far from boxing and both blows Vitally clearly missed: the mayor has already been accused of corrupt deals with the Kiev land, in collusion with former major Bondarenko, who was acting mayor of Kiev since EuroMaidan victory, and put special emphasis on reusing talents of capable team of Chernovetskiy for capitalizing on old, solid, proven corruption schemes with municipal land.

Former opposition activist Igor Lutsenko, who became the Deputy of the city Council of Kyiv after the victory of the Maidan, already accused his former ally in the struggle against evil Yanukovich regime in indulging of the criminal carve-up of municipal land. "Just found out that tonight, at seven o'clock in the morning (!), Vitali Klitschko has signed a Memorandum with the village Kotsubynske and Kyiv regional administration. As reported by activists, Klitschko has actually approved the alienation of the vast territory of Kiev municipal land. It is a famous Belichanskaya forest, which Kotsyubinsky real estate mafia badlky wants for new constructions. The fight lasts for years," wrote Lutsenko in his Facebook account, not touched even by the fact that the new mayor spends days and night trying to adapt to his new, unfamiliar to him role, so different from boxing on the ring, and might even stop sleeping to care for the welfare of the capital and kievites.

He was echoed by another accusation about breach of trust, by, as they say, the city Council jackals (who got, who are these people?), carving up the other huge piece of expensive Kiev land for the benefit of few, close to the major, people.

Kievites now can fear that more has to come for all their EuroMaidan support. They are yet to receive raised payment for municipal services, which from 1 July becoming much more expensive. Yet, irrational love of Kievite to open-minded and beautiful former boxer is not exhausted. It's too early. Just one month ago they trusted him to lead a huge and complex city and they still believe in a miracle.

but if such misdeeds were committed by former Kyiv mayor, this old guy Popov, appointed by Yanukovich. his pieces have already hanging from one of the city lampposts. There is no hot water from central heating any longer and all tariffs have broken loose, Kievites now are forced gently wash themselves using kettles with warm water boiled on this now more expensive gas.

So we can admin that despite all this temporary difficulties metropolitan residents are so far deafly silent. After all, they did not forgot that the main achievement of the Maidan was that Yanukovych and his cronies like Popov were overthrown, and replaced with guys like Klichko. And after that change of decorations everything should be just fine. To admit that they were incredibly naive, is just to much for most of them.

Still it is a pity that the excitement and the feeling of deep satisfaction from this great victory that kievites felt after the coup of February 22, was somewhat spoiled. Today, in addition to discoveries about the beginning of those big corruption ventures by Vitaly Klitchko, we learned more about the activities of another EutoMaidan hero Mr. Bulanov. He got the post of the Minister of Sport and Physical Culture. And while he looks like far, cluless rural Rahul, he never missed his own benefits. In this sport he proved to be a real champion.

People already complain that he has imposed a tribute on athletes, makes reports about fake competitions, which he managed to write off stealing budget funds and putting them between trusted collegues. In general, he proved to be another clever Maidan posterboy, who successfully continued his career of stealing public funds collected for Maidan in his new position. And it looks like he really enjoys being unaccountable in this new revolutionary envoironment. What are the importance of small sums landed in wrong pockets in competition with the removal of the evil corrupt regime of Yanukovich. Wait, but Yanukovich did exactly the same, so what;s the differnece?. Looks like the only difference is new faces, the glory of EuroMaidan, and the great splash of patriotism.

And Bulanov showed promice really early on. He seems, was not satisfied with stealing of Maidan public trust money. People remember also the "successful" delivery of firewood to the Maidan square and muddy scandals about diverting drugs that were given to Maidan as charity to private pharmacies with their subsequent sale and appropriation of profits. There are rumors that he is already fired form the office, though he claims that no petition about this was yet filed. If he is fired, then, of course, it's not for e developing and testing of new criminal schemes. but because his old schemes are now needed for other people those who also have greedy hands and large empty pockets that beg to be filled with public money.

But God will save us from being impoverished by the evil machinations of the enemies. Everything is fine, and as classics wrote, life goes on.

And what to worry ? The association agreement with the EU will be signed tomorrow and, consequently, Kyiv will automatically turn into the capital of the country associated with the EU. So what? -you can immaturely ask. Here is what!

Seven months ago led by the priest Gapon protesters on the Maidan pressed Yanukovich government that Ukraine would immediately sign the Association with the EU. He decided to postpone it for half-a-year. Some 7 months later, after fights fires, killings, skirmishes, usage of heavy weapon against citizens, shootouts, seizures and storms, the loss of the Crimea, the uprising in the South-East, the deaths of hundreds and hundreds of fellow citizens, the 50% devaluation of hrivna, growth of tariffs, huge unemployment rate, decline of GDP decline we're one step from a new wonderful world.

Tomorrow the association Agreement will be signed, and cheering crowds of citizens will come to the Maidan square to welcome this miracle signing "Ave, Caesar..." (aka President Pooroshenko). Promoters and animators from the same NGO and community organizations who for all these 7 months, not counting the previous 20 years, guided citizens with total lies about a bright European future of Ukraine, now will be calling kievites to sing an Ode to joy to mark this landmark event. They know that as a result of epochal events Europeans will get our markets, will finish off remaining heavy equipment and machinery producers. With all the ensuing pleasant consequences. This trouble-free operation in application of Western grand politics to yet another country will soon produce the situation similar to Bulgaria, and please ask Bulgarians what Ode and to whom they now like to sing. Still you can probably dance on the central square under the bad signing of the Ruslana, who might conveniently bypass her underwear for the event.

It's a little bit disconcerting that just the right before this bright holiday of obtaining the status of an associate member, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of announced that Ukrainians have nothing to count on visa-free entry into the EU from 1 January 2015. Huh, looks like we were already got a pretty slow start.

For the vast majority of Ukrainians to 1 January 2015 visits to the EU will become the ultimate dream of safe and plush jobs somewhere in nice EU country. But worry not. There will be that they will be absolutely no difference for majority whether visa will be available or not, because they can't now afford to travel to Europe. The standard of living is decreasing exponentially, so a trip to Europe is unlikely to become part of the consumer basket. So the message that and hope should not prejudice exclusively self-esteem because the song on visa-free regime as brought Yushchenko in 2005 - they say, that's it, and sings the whole country. Well, in reality it is our hymn or pretty close to it

Although the ideological consequences of this, of course, very nasty. As so many patriots dreamt of finally leaving the beloved Motherland to work for some other nation. This is simply a bummer. Take comfort in the knowledge that chances to get a job and decent earnings in the EU are, even if at the border will be eliminated, are pretty slime. Unemployment in the EU is growing by a daring pace, and, in this sense the EU is not that different from other lands. Where it does not growing fast ? OK. It's in russia. But that might change too.

But we are commanded to rejoice in connection with the signing of the Association and who does not want to rejoices, is,of course, Moskal. There is also a legitimate cause for rejoicing. Petro Poroshenko at the PACE session said that until the end of the year conflict in Ukraine will be over. This approach is much more pragmatic and realistic than the promise to end the war before the end of the next week. Should we rejoice? Probably not.

Because that means another 6 months of bloody fighting till the end of the year,and just to think that the war will last for another six months, is scary, very scary. We hope that the negotiations will lead the situation out of deadlock much faster. I hope and believe, despite sham participants of the negotiations, no, actually, no authority something to promise and guarantee.

Completely incomprehensible role in those negotiations was the role of Medvedchuk, which from political obscurity suddenly become representative of Donetsk. Kuchma, with who most junta leaders would lot live in the same community, suddenly became government representative...

And now - until the end of the year. Peter Poroshenko well explain, at least, what the authorities are going to do all those long 6 months. Continue cleaning the Donetsk steppe from living there not nationally consciously population? The ultimatum to the Donesk militia expires tomorrow, but it is clear that the militia did received his ideas too well: "nobody among them wanted to die in shame and disgrace" after turning arms to the Poroshekno troups

Constructive negotiations and no, they didn't even begun. Who benefits from this?

In General, I want to be optimistic, but learn while nowhere. Perhaps that's where. Traditionally, a little about the beautiful.

In Ukraine from June 30 to July 6, to be held the International forum-festival LGBT "KievPride2014". They will unite around the ideas of unity, freedom, equality and security not only of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, but all people of good will who share these values:

"Among the activities planned "educational lectures and workshops, the school for human rights, stimulating the film program, musical performances friendly LGBT artists and performers, exhibition of artifacts from the history of LGBT movement, the pride of the party in the capital's nightlife, the debate about how LGBT asset now able to offer new Ukrainian government".

I think its time to lower the curtain for this exiting play. Looks like the end of EuroMaidan. Curtain, please --

[Jun 27, 2014] Primakov about Russian foreign policy and Ukraine

Made Primakov with explanations of the current rate of the Russian Federation. Rather amusing to hear from him about the role of sanctions, and about the spontaneity of the Crimea and about dualism of the Russian policy in Donbass.

Apparently he warns the Russian media inflating the Patriotic frenzy and those that smoke all this "patriotic propaganda". They say not understood the taking points. And who to blame if independent DND and LNR will go under.

[Jun 27, 2014] Ukraine signs landmark agreement with E.U.

The Washington Post

Russia has said it views the expansion of E.U. ties to its border as Western encroachment on a region that has long been within the Kremlin's sphere of influence, particularly Ukraine, which Russians see as the cradle of their civilization. Russia has sought to enlist those countries in the Eurasian Union, its competing vision of an alliance based on values dominated by Moscow and free of Western influence.

"The anti-constitutional coup in Kiev and attempts to artificially impose a choice between Europe and Russia on the Ukrainian people have pushed society toward a split and painful confrontation," Russian President Vladimir Putin said in Moscow on Friday, calling for a swift return to peace.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said the deal would "no doubt . . . have serious consequences," Russia's Interfax news agency reported.

E.U. leaders - along with those of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova - have said that the deal does not constitute a challenge to Russia.

[Jun 27, 2014] There is a very great probability that certain proponents of Euro-integration will turn up in Europe sooner than they expected, but only as body parts
moscowexile, June 26, 2014 at 1:38 am
Again, shock-horrors in a local TV studio as the truth is out – this time spoken by a Ukrainian journalist:

Украинский журналист рассказал всю правду о войне на юго-востоке

Ukrainian journalist tells the whole truth about the war in the South-East

"I never thought that in the twenty-third year of Ukraine independence there would be seen a fratricidal war such as this. To the South-East of Kiev the authorities have been practically firing artillery blindly into Lugansk and Donetsk."

The TV interview took place in deepest Western Ukraine, in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk:

"If we in Ivano-Frankivsk on the square in front of the regional administration had cluster bombs fall from a plane, we would have such a people's Republic as there is in Lugansk", he said.

moscowexile, June 26, 2014 at 1:51 am
Again, I should have loved to have posted my last above comment to the Grauniad so as to get those shites there on the comments pages shouting "Putinbot!"

I don't really know why I should be pissed off so at my banishment, though: I believe that less than 2% of the British population reads that rag. However, judging by the standard of English of some of the commentators (and I'm not talking about semi-literate British native speakers that write such ungrammatical expressions as "I would of thought…"), very many Russophobic Yukies, Poles and Balts infest the comment sections of that paper.

Strangely enough, irate Britons don't scream at them: "This is a BRITISH newspaper!" instructing certain commentators, myself included, to take their perverse, paid for Kremlinbot opinions elsewhere: never do they instruct Estonians Latvians etc. to clear off, nor criticize their sometimes incomprehensible English. However, let them have the slightest suspicion that a commentator is an Orc from Mordor, then the shit hits the fan.

One rabid Russophobe once commented to me that for a Russian my English was "quite good".

patient observer, June 26, 2014 at 4:40 am

Per the Saker blog, Ustache-grade psychopathy is alive and well in Ukraine in the form of mutilation, torture and murder. It speaks to the reservoir of insanity that the West loves to keep on tap to unleash as needed. As said before the West is run by high function psychopaths and Russia is run by sane people. That my friends is the essence of the struggle.
yalensis, June 27, 2014 at 3:52 pm
Donetsk insurgents making extremely serious accusation against Ukrainian National Guard . This charge is so inflammatory that Kiev junta simply MUST respond to it, even if just to say that it is ludicrous.

Namely, insurgents claim that dead or wounded Ukrainian soldiers are having their bellies cut open and their organs removed.
(Not by insurgents, but by their own mercenary allies.)

Most often, the organs are removed from those who died in battle. But in some cases, the wounded are also "Burked" and "Hared" and their organs removed, after the victims are prematurely sped along to their final destination.

Working in collusion with American/European Surgeons, who are showing up more and more in Ukrainian field hospitals and regular hospitals in the area, they treat the junta wounded; and also in collusion with the Red Cross, who drives up in their vans, packs the organs on ice, and take them back to Europe for re-sale. Somebody is making a huge fortune out of these stolen organs.

This accusation was first made when some rag-tag insurgents made a raid against National Guard soldiers on Karachun Mountain, near Slav'ansk. This area has been under control of Kiev regime for many weeks now. Insurgents briefly took control of a patch, and discovered the bodies of 180 National Guard, with their stomachs cut open, and hollow insides.

Later, it was said, another 300 such bodies were discovered in the area of the Troitsky Monastery.

Очень велика вероятность, что некоторые сторонники евроинтеграции окажутся в Европе раньше, но по частям.
"There is a very great probability that certain proponents of Euro-integration will turn up in Europe sooner (than expected), but only parts of them…"

Bad joke, and all this is quite dubious, but I am inclined to believe it.
Based on real-life stories from Great Patriotic War, in which Nazis drained blood of Soviet children, in occupied villages, in order to transfuse to their soldiers.
This is a proved fact, and not speculation. (I mean the Nazi thing, not necessarily the recent allegation against Kiev junta.)

In other words, Europeans have proved in the past, that they are capable of such things. so I am inclined to believe that this story is true, unless the Kiev regime can prove otherwise.
For starters, they need to compile a complete audit of the dead, next cough up the bodies for autopsies, and I think it will come as a surprise to many families, who weren't even aware their boys were dead, let alone missing their livers and kidneys.

kirill, June 27, 2014 at 4:12 pm
The KLA in Kosovo was guilty of organ trafficking. Carla Del Ponte, the grand Inquisitor of the ICTY herself made the revelation. I am not surprised that this is going on in Ukraine. Just as with drugs, the market is there and so are its enablers if *official* western positions. This is like the resumption of the Heroin trade from Afghanistan after the US removed the Taliban.
marknesop,June 27, 2014 at 4:12 pm
While it certainly wouldn't be the first time, not even for Europe, proving it would require stubborn and dedicated pursuit of the issue – because western governments would do everything they could to stall or derail it, including threatening investigators with lawsuits and ruin. The kind of dedicated pursuit well-connected professional organizations such as Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International could deliver, were they not such shameless whores to western foreign policy.

[Jun 27, 2014] Kerry tells Russia to disarm Ukraine separatists 'in hours'

Jun 26, 2014 | Reuters

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called on Russia on Thursday to disarm separatists in Ukraine within "the next hours" as the European Union prepared to discuss deeper sanctions against Moscow.

Washington and other Western powers have stepped up pressure on Russia to take concrete action to defuse the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where a ceasefire between Russian-speaking rebels and government forces has appeared to be crumbling.

"We are in full agreement that it is critical for Russia to show in the next hours, literally, that they're moving to help disarm the separatists, to encourage them to disarm, to call on them to lay down their weapons and to begin to become part of a legitimate process," Kerry told reporters in Paris.

He added that EU leaders would discuss possible sanctions on Russia at their summit in Belgium on Friday.

Washington has said it also has new sanctions ready to go, but Kerry said the United States would prefer not to be in "sanctions mode" and wanted Russia to take action without pressure.

"We would like to see a cooperative effort between the United States, Europe and Russia and the Ukrainians," Kerry added.

Separatist rebellions erupted in eastern Ukraine in early April after street protests in Kiev toppled Moscow-backed leader Viktor Yanukovich, and Russia in turn annexed the Crimean peninsula. Eastern rebels have called for union with Russia. Moscow denies Western accusations that it has allowed fighters to cross into Ukraine along with heavy weapons to confront Ukrainian government forces.

The proposed next round of U.S. and EU sanctions would target Russia's financial, defense and high-tech industries, said U.S. officials.


Kerry is on a tour of capitals in the Middle East and Europe to discuss Ukraine, as well as the threat to stability in the Middle East from conflicts in Iraq and Syria.

He will meet foreign ministers from the UAE, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in Paris on Thursday. Earlier he met Lebanon's former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri and Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

The rapid advance of Sunni militants across Iraq threatens to split the country and bring more turmoil into a region already hit by the civil war in Syria.

Kerry travels to Saudi Arabia on Friday for talks with King Abdullah in Jeddah. The United States and Saudi Arabia have both been alarmed by the success of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, in Iraq.

U.S. officials have said Kerry will also discuss the possibility of disruptions to global oil supplies from the Iraq crisis during his meetings in Paris and Jeddah.

Brent crude held steady near $114 a barrel on Thursday as traders watched for possible oil supply disruptions. Iraq's southern oilfields, which produce most of the nation's 3.3 million barrels a day, remain safe although the conflict has hit the Baiji refinery in the north.

marknesop, June 25, 2014 at 8:51 pm
Check this out,if you're fond of BBC comedies. Now it is not enough that Putin has taken the use of force officially off the table; no, he must "publicly call on separatists in Ukraine to lay down their arms". If he won't do it, he is "not respecting Russia's commitments", and should know that American sanctions can be whistled up "in 10 minutes".

This from warmongering assclown John Kerry, who announced with pleasure that the Arab nations had agreed to bankroll an American strike on Syria. Yes, we want it done, Mr. Gofer Kerry, but you have a lot of missiles and we only have a lot of money. Do you think we could come to some arrangement?

Having failed to turn the shooting down of the transport aircraft with its invisible 49 servicemen (plus crew, now, according to slobbering Russophobe Halya Coynash) into the hook on which they could hang stage 3 sanctions, the Kiev-Washington Axis of Assclownery is giving the shot-down chopper a try in the same starring role. The federalists, the story goes, broke the ceasefire and shot down this peaceful helicopter just as it was inbound for Slavyansk with a load of ice cream for the rebels; it was even playing the Good Humor theme, when they callously blew it out of the sky with a dastardly weapon that could only have come from Russia!!!

How many of Ukraine's MANPADS came from somewhere else? I mean except for the ones the Poles are giving to Right Sektor, in case Russia invades? That's right; none – their entire stock came from Russia. The ones stolen by the Maidanuts from Lviv have still never been recovered, but nobody is worried about those, because they're fairly certain the good guys have got 'em.

Oh, some buildings in Slavyansk have been damaged. Look at those buildings, imagine they're what's left of your house, and see if you think you would refer to the building as "damaged". And what was a military chopper full of servicemen doing flying around Slavyansk during a ceasefire? I'll give you a hint; I was being sarcastic about the ice cream.

Bring on the sanctions, boobs – you know you want to, and are just rooting for an excuse. Let's see if you can break Russia with western money. I'm betting not. I'm betting your own business communities will revolt first. This is no more than a frustrated cry, "Putin is winning!!!" and a scramble to negate that effect somehow, some way, without any thinking on the subject at all. Obama can press ahead with it because he does not have to worry about re-election. How many of the rest of you are in the same situation?

moscowexile, June 26, 2014 at 2:15 am
And Kerry, as per usual, hurls demands and threats at Russia:

Kerry warns Russia that additional U.S., E.U. economic sanctions are possible

Is that what he thinks diplomacy is all about, issuing threats I mean?

moscowexile, June 26, 2014 at 2:15 am
And Kerry, as per usual, hurls demands and threats at Russia:

Kerry warns Russia that additional U.S., E.U. economic sanctions are possible

Is that what he thinks diplomacy is all about, issuing threats I mean?

Southerncross, June 26, 2014 at 2:56 am
> A very bitter, angry man.

He's probably still smarting over the fact that:

1. Bush beat him in 2004.
2. Bush most likely has a higher IQ than him.

marknesop, June 26, 2014 at 8:00 am
Oh, that was yesterday, when he was patient and calm and all diplomatic-like. Today Kerry is angry and impatient, and demands that Putin respond "within hours" to American demands. Or face the new round of sanctions, I presume, which the USA is in such a sweat to impose that if an excuse did not appear it would simply invent one.

I don't really see myself in the role of prophet, but I predict he's going to be sorry he said that.

[Jun 27, 2014] Thousands flee Ukraine for Russia; truce nears end

IZVARYNE, Ukraine (AP) - As a shaky cease-fire in the east entered its final hours Thursday, thousands of Ukrainians in cars stuffed with belongings lined up at the border to cross into Russia, some vowing never to return.

Many said they were most frightened for their children and desperate to take them to safety.

Also on Thursday, four of eight observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe who were held hostage in eastern Ukraine were released, the organization said in a news release.

A commander at the rebel-controlled border post outside the city of Luhansk said 5,000 people had left by evening, joining a stream that he said has continued unabated during the weeklong truce that has failed to end the gunfire and shelling.

Russia says tens of thousands of Ukrainians have come in the 2 1/2 months since Ukraine's government began fighting separatists in the east, a heavily industrial region with a large population of ethnic Russians, many of whom feel strong ties to Moscow.

Air strikes and artillery attacks by the Ukrainian military have infuriated many residents, and many crossing the border on Thursday said they were fleeing the fighting, which has killed more than 400 people since mid-April by the United Nations' estimate.

Those who talked to Associated Press journalists, however, said nothing to indicate that they supported the armed separatists, who have seized government buildings, declared independence and asked Russia to annex the region.

With the cease-fire set to expire on Friday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called on Russia to support his peace plan "with deeds, not words." He urged Moscow to stop the flow of fighters from Russia.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said they, too, were looking for more action from Moscow ahead of a summit on Friday of European Union leaders, who will be considering a new round of sanctions against Russia.

"It is critical for Russia to show in the next hours, literally, that they're moving to help disarm the separatists, to encourage them to disarm," Kerry said in Paris.

The summit also will see Ukraine sign a sweeping trade agreement with the EU that will bind it more closely to the West.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged Poroshenko to extend the truce and hold talks with the separatists in the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Poroshenko announced Thursday that representatives of the mutinous regions have agreed to talks with Russian, Ukrainian and European envoys. It will be the second round of talks since Monday in which the rebel leaders have participated.

Russian news agencies quoted Andrei Purgin, a leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, as saying the next round would be held Friday in Donetsk.

Poroshenko has shown no willingness to extend the cease-fire, and his next step may hinge on the outcome of the talks.

It was unclear how many Ukrainians will end up settling in Russia. Russia's migration service said last week that it had registered the arrival of 90,000 Ukrainians, but few asked for refugee status, which would oblige them to stay in Russia at least six months.

Many of those at the Izvaryne crossing on Thursday were taking household items, including refrigerators. One family from a village near Slovyansk, a separatist stronghold that has come under frequent shelling from the military, said they "hated Ukraine" and would not return.

The rebel commander, who would give only his first name, Alexander, said the flow of refugees increased whenever there was a spike in hostilities. The day before the cease-fire was announced, the line to cross the border stretched for 5 kilometers (3 miles).

Even though some rebel groups agreed to observe the cease-fire, Poroshenko said 18 government troops have been killed this week. Separatist leaders also have reported deaths among rebel fighters.

Meanwhile, Germany announced that it is easing its immigration restrictions for Jews from Ukraine because of reports of an increase in anti-Semitic incidents since the crisis broke out.

OSCE said in its news release that four of eight of its observers who were kidnapped by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine a month ago were released in Donetsk.

In late May, the OSCE lost contact with four monitors from its Donetsk team and four monitors from its Luhansk team, the organization said. The Luhansk-based team has not yet been released.

The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France had agreed on Wednesday in a telephone call that the hostages should be freed without delay, Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman, Steffen Seibert said.


Nataliya Vasilyeva and Lynn Berry in Moscow, Angela Charlton and Lara Jakes in Paris, Juergen Baetz in Berlin and John-Thor Dahlburg in Brussels contributed to this report.

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Ukraine is pretty much on a self destruct path, killing its own people, forcing the industrial base out of the country, accepting austere conditions from the IMF and EU pushing Russia away. It is going to be very difficult for these people for at least ten years even if they stopped fighting today. Prices have doubled with no sight of going down, many have not worked or paid for months. Winter is coming with no gas for heat, even if they had gas the families can't pay for it. It will be soon and in some places now a humanitarian disaster. I just do not see how this all was worth an early election.

j.d. 2 hours ago

If I lived in South-East Ukraine there would be probable cause for me leaving the area. One. Is possible war, Lack of family and personal safety. Two. Difficulty in obtaining goods and services ie., utilities, food, gas, medical attention; and Police protection. Third. I am not really where I belong ie., 'I am not a citizen of the Country where I live'. Fourth. If am allowed to leave and I am welcomed in another country where I can enjoy more freedom than the one I am living in.

Denis 3 hours ago

Hi from Russia -- Kolomoiysky, the Ukrainean oligarkh openly says that he is not going to listen to the Poroshenko's orders about a peace and he is directing new and new paid riff-raffs to kill the citizens in the eastern regions of Ukraine. He has already his own army of the criminals and people who are without the work. If you are fighting in his army you can forget about your credits in the banks. What do you want from the people who are defending their land in the East ? Russia has accepted already more than 500,000 of the refugees from Ukraine. Luckily the rebels with our help keep the border open. Why people flow to Russia, county-"agressor", but not to the central and southern regions of Ukraine (only several dozens of thousands of the refugees, who are now without the food, wather and electricity, and who are biting the elbows now).

I live in Kazan city in the european part of Russia and has accepted already four families from Ukraine in my countryside house. All of them are Ukraineans, not Russians. My city has accepted more than six thousands of the refugees. The fact is that the more they tell about the atrocities of the Ukrainean army in the East of Ukraine, the more guys from our city and all Russia fly to Ukraine to fight against the Ukrainean fascists. Only from my street i live on, twelve families accepted people from Ukraine and four guys are fighting in Ukraine. Tons of any kind of help go to these regions every day only from my city. Can you suppose how many people from our country are fighting now with the Ukrainean fascist government ?

Poroshenko has no chances, and please tell to the Biden's son that he can put his gas contract into his father's bum, because all the gas is in the eastern part of Ukraine which is already Novorossya. I am not writing here how many weapons and thousands of rebelions are already in the another eastern and southern regions of Ukraine are waiting for an order. But as the leaders of the Novorossya tell, they will leave a small piece of the land for the Poroshenko's Ukraine near Poland.


I correspond with friends and business partner's in 35 countries, here are some of their observations, about our present "Foreign Agenda" and the reason the United States has become, the Most Hated/Distrusted/Disrespected or all 3, country in the world?
--- US Operations under Comrade "Nikita the Liar" Obama's Regime
1. The covert/overt overthrow or attempted overthrow of 17 Sovereign Governments by the USA.
2. The waste of nearly a Trillion dollars, paying, arming, and supplying Islamic Terrorists, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood, to fight wars for us, as mercenaries.
3. The US Government sanctioned assassination of Chris Stevens our Libyan Ambassador, to keep him from disclosing illegal weapons transfers to Islamic Terrorists by the CIA, in Benghazi.
4. The highly illegal US backed and funded "Coup d'état" in Ukraine which removed a President that had been elected with 48% of the popular vote in a 4 party election, in favor of Hitler's Nationalist Socialist Worker's Party that received less than 15%, just to stop a $18 Billion Russian loan package.
5. The distribution of Billions in US$50 and US$100 fresh new treasury bills, to NGO's, from US Agency for International Development funds, to promote anti-government actions against Sovereign Countries around the world. With latest places to see these US bills being Venezuela and Ecuador. In the past, these bills have been seen in India, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria, many more, even Russia, during the Sodomite and Lesbian riots.

oldgeekMA 1 hour ago

If EU/NATO/US think, that this ends the resistance movement by "Ukraine's Freedom Fighters", they are sadly mistaken(as Usual). This is just the beginning of "Unlimited Guerilla War" across the whole country. Ukraine's People will not, allow this Nationalist Socialist Worker's Party(N.A.Z.I.) Government exist in their country. These Fascist's are supported by less than 15% of Ukraine's population, which why they lost the last 3 elections.

Core 3 hours ago

Why Russians should disarm separatists? So that Poroshenko can execute them all? This is not a conflict where Russia takes part, it is internal conflict that west supported

it was okay when pro-american forces were killing unarmed police, seized buildings, and then wanted to go and execute people on East, but East stood-up and resisted, it is solely their power

Russians don't take any part in that conflict, even when recently Urkainian soliders on APC crossed Russian border and their APC broke on Russian territory, or when recently Ukrainian Army destroyed Russian Border Control Station, or when almost 99 Ukrainian Border Control ran into Russia because separatists sqeezed them out towards Russia, by the way - one Russian Customs Control Officer was wounded, should that kind of behavior happen on Israel/Syrian border - Israel would already in retaliation kill 100 syrians and bomb most of their infrastructure.

Pray, that official Kremlin doesn't take any sides or participate, because Russian Army will take full control over Urkaine in less than 48 hours.

pete 5 hours ago

Risky tactic; make things so miserable in the Donbass that the public will pressure the "rebels" to give it up. If Russia really means it when they say they have no interest in absorbing the region, then it leaves only the choice of an independent "republic" or back to Ukraine.

I don't think they have the resources to go independent since they receive so much infrastructure (water, power, etc.) from Ukrainian sources. I can't imagine how Russia will absorb a hundred thousand refugees long term; in the old days they would just "resettle" them in Siberia.

[Jun 27, 2014] Vladimir Putin's adviser calls Ukrainian president a 'Nazi' as EU deal signed

The Guardian

Sergei Glazyev, an adviser to Putin, told the BBC before the signing that "Europe is trying to push Ukraine to sign this agreement by force" and said Petro Poroshenko, the president, lacked the legitimacy to make the deal.

"They organised [a] military coup in Ukraine; they helped Nazis to come to power. This Nazi government is bombing the largest region in Ukraine." He said he "of course" believed the Ukrainian president was a Nazi.

The association deal – which Poroshenko signed in Brussels on Friday – does not guarantee eventual EU membership, but is seen both in the countries themselves and in Moscow as a major step westwards. It contains measures to synchronise economies with EU nations, as well as improve rule of law and human rights.

Poroshenko said as he arrived for the signing ceremony that the deal offered Ukraine a fresh start after years of political instability. "It is a historic day," he said, describing it as the most important day since independence from Moscow in 1991.

Zoltán Koskovics, 27 June 2014 9:08am

Going.. Going... Sold! ... The new owners are the taxpayers of Europe. Lucky us.

Jeremn -> Zoltán Koskovics, 27 June 2014 10:25am

Yes, the risk will be carried by taxpayers. But at least Igor Kolomoisky is going to profit big time. It is all about rule of law and anti-corruption right? Well the Ukrainian oligarch living in Switzerland is about to make a killing (again). His Privatbank stands to benefit enormously from the IMF loans. As do other banks in Ukraine (most of which are owned by Western banks):

Public reporting by the NBU for the January-May period indicates that a total of UAH 104.8 billion (about $8 billion) in public funds, including part of the May payment from the IMF, has been given to the Ukrainian banks under ELA to support their liquidity.

It is all about capitalism.

christopher22 -> RhysGethin, 27 June 2014 9:18am

No - what is scary is that the EU and US are legitimising a neo-Nazi government in Ukraine

Don't get carried away by the be-suited Chokoshenko, the real evil bastards are still in the top jobs in Kiev and the Right Sector thugs are now wearing Ukrainian Army uniforms and calling theselves the National Guard (for National Guard read SS) .

This situation can only ever get much worse

stuperman -> christopher22, 27 June 2014 9:25am

''legitimising a neo-Nazi government in Ukraine''. Nonsense. What is it that makes it ''neo-Nazi''? This label has been placed on it and reposted but none of you explain why?

Zoltán Koskovics -> stuperman, 27 June 2014 9:30am

A) svaboda and parubiy are neo nazis
B) they have seats in the government
C) the other ministers work in tandem with them
Conclusion: yatz's govt is a coalition of neo nazis and neo nazi collaborators.
Pls argue with either points or the conclusion.

Матвей Тарасов -> stuperman, 27 June 2014 10:58am

What is it that makes it ''neo-Nazi''? This label has been placed on it and reposted but none of you explain why?

chry5anth -> Zoltán Koskovics, 27 June 2014 11:51am

Coalition politics means extreme and antipolitics parties don't shape policy, but merely at best are able to be 'veto players'. The necessity of governing means you form coalitions with parties with whose policies you disagree and which will never be implemented, in order to block the policies of those in an opposing coalition which stand a real chance of being implemented but for your coalition. This doesn't make all members of each coalition identical or even slightly similar to one another.

This is of course something Russians would realise, if Russia was a country in which politics took place.

MJMaguire, 27 June 2014 9:15am

I agree with him. So did most of the world until the West began airbrushing these people into the "acceptable" face of fascism. Even earlier this year, before the crisis blew up, BBC was alerting the public to the hard-right core driving the political agenda in Ukraine. Glazyev is also correct in suggesting that Europe has accepted a Frankenstein - the idea of Ukraine becoming a part of the EU proper is a nightmare in prospect.

MJMaguire KyivBear, 27 June 2014 9:24am

There are indeed plenty of fascists in the EU - but nothing to match the overt Nazism of Kiev. In spite of the Guardian and media spin this, many people throughout Western Europe are horrified by the legitimisation of a Nazi regime. BBC copies and pastes nothing from the Kremlin - it is purely in the control of the British political establishment, which is run by the US.

MJMaguire -> stuperman, 27 June 2014 9:30am

It is a lot more endemic than you appear to think - the media has dropped the furore surrounding the World Cup in Ukraine 4 years ago, when the extremist nature of Ukrainian nationalism was a real concern: no-one in the media mentions this now: it is the elephant in the room no-one will look at. The head of the Interior Ministry - even the title of that is redolent with Nazi connotations - is a self-professed Nazi. The "norms" of the EU are becoming ever more ragged at the edges: make no mistake about it: a Nazi state has just gained legitimacy in Western Europe. It is a grave day for the West.

Zoltán Koskovics -> stuperman, 27 June 2014 9:32am

No no, one was replaced. Three svaboda members and one count of Parubiy are in the current govt.

meleze, 27 June 2014 9:25am

The point is that Russia itself never hesitated to ally with the same Nazi. The most famous episode of its alliance is of course the Hitler/Stalin's pact. But after the war, occupiing the most extended aera of Germany Russia was stealing the militaries secrets of the Nazis. Then Putin met Schroder and behind him a huge part of the German economic leaders, such as WW located in Wolfsburg the former Soviet area that allow the renewal of the present WW might though it has been cooperating with Hitler. It seams that the deal with Ukrain is inside the deal previously made with Germany. Russia can't forbidden to Ukrain the deal it has being made before.

Robert Sandlin -> meleze, 27 June 2014 9:34am

The US snagged most of the nazi's to work for them after the war.The USSR,Britain,and France picked up a few.But by far the lion's share set up housekeeping in the USA.

wombatman -> meleze, 27 June 2014 9:41am

And which 2 countries handed over Sudetenland to Hitler? Britain and France wasn't it? And what about a certain piece of paper a certain PM brought back - Chamberlain/Hitler pact you would call it.

Charliedaz -> meleze, 27 June 2014 9:44am

Stalin signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler in order to buy time. This did not make him an ally of Nazi Germany any more than the Munich Agreement made Chamberlain an ally of Hitler.

Regarding the " stealing" of German military secrets, who was responsible for America's post war rocket programme? Oh yes, it was a bunch of Nazis, conveniently forgiven for their involvement in the V1 and V2 programmes, both of which used slave labour.

Isotropisch, 27 June 2014 9:48am

This whole "nazi" "fascist" narrative is completely tired. Russia needs a new angle. The far right presidential candidates received next to no share of the vote but the Russians still keep going.

The aim is to convince the ethnic russians that the ukrainian govt has their extermination as a goal, thereby making those in the east think their options are Russia or death.

Robert Sandlin -> Isotropisch, 27 June 2014 9:56am

Gosh, why would anybody believe that. You think its maybe the bombs dropping on their heads making people think that. Or maybe scenes like these in Kiev. That make people think they are nazis on the loose:

Isotropisch Robert Sandlin, 27 June 2014 11:10am

Yeah - the others are just nice guys

Both sides have beaten people, and both sides have killed people. It doesn't mean anyone is a Nazi.

Manolo Torres -> Isotropisch, 27 June 2014 11:38am

A video from Euromaidan PR...probably not biased, and probably there was not a fight between two groups but the vicious Russians started beating the others without any apparent reason. Be careful where you get your videos, those guys are still spreading the idea that the people in Odessa burnt themselves.

Vitali Sklifus, 27 June 2014 9:52am

Who wants a country that is already up to their neck in debt? EU is not doing that great. If UK will go out sooner or later it will cripple. People should not have to pay or suffer for that. There should be referendum for people of EU countries to vote for this kind of deals to be signed.

Scipio1 -> Vitali Sklifus, 27 June 2014 10:05am

The USA, provided it can get its vassals in the EU to foot the bill.

Scipio1, 27 June 2014 10:00am

as well as improve rule of law and human rights.

And do/will these 'human rights' extend to the people of the Eastern Ukraine. The rhetoric doesn't sit well with the bombing and shelling of civilians in the Don Bass. But, oh, I am forgetting, according to the ineffable Mr Yatsenyuk these people are sub-humans and therefore don't qualify for human rights or anything human at all.

Carry on bombing, shelling, collective punishment and ethnic cleansing - Washington approved.

mary8stewart, 27 June 2014 10:10am

Look at the way the Kiev regime does nothing to stop the illegal 'army' from west Ukraine killing civilians in east Ukraine. Is that fascist!!???

MrSvejk, 27 June 2014 10:15am

the Right Sector helped the Coup d'etat overthrow the elected Ukraine government so its true to say the US and their EU gimps are in bed with Nazi's, the long term plan is to provoke war with Russia, and keep Europe weak like the Middle East, America is bankrupt, and it only has its war machine to hold onto world power

DomesticExtremist, 27 June 2014 10:16am

Russia has expended huge energy in its attempts to coerce Ukraine into joining its rival Eurasian Union

Really? Not nearly as much energy as the US and EU
they actually organised a fascist coup against the
democratically elected president.

PeterSchmidt, 27 June 2014 10:18am

I think in this year the US has completely lost the plot. It has become a law unto itself. Now Obama is sending another 500 billion to 'moderate' rebels in Syria to keep the blood flowing. The BBC 'agrees' with him. There is no independent media left. The only place left we can share ideas is the Guardian.
I really wonder what the other half of the year bring. War in the middle east, war in Europe?
One thing is for certain. The US never brings 'democracy' for any country for free. It enslaves with its banking institutions for life. There won't be a way out for the Ukrainians.

richard1 -> PeterSchmidt, 27 June 2014 10:23am

Think you're on the wrong thread here.

Article about Russia/Ukraine !

CarrotsRus -> richard1, 27 June 2014 10:35am

I think PeterSchmidt is making a general comment on USA Foreign policy - so Ukraine would come under that umbrella. However, he does have his numbers wrong, it should read 500 million. I take it he´s German - a translation error - I think we nevertheless understand his reference.

annette83, 27 June 2014 10:21am

But considering that Poroshenko did not stop bombings of towns and villages with civilians in them, I would say Glazyev is right. The facts that Russian speaking people are being harassed tight now in Ukraine, and that Poroshenko's philosophy is characterized by hatred towards Russians as an ethnical group, are distinctive features of nazists, whether you like it or not.

putin_the_fabulous -> annette83, 27 June 2014 10:24am

He's responding as any leader would to a separatist insurgency in his country, ethnicity has nothing to do with it!

annette83 -> putin_the_fabulous, 27 June 2014 10:29am

No. He promised ceasefire, and he did not keep his promise. No leader would bomb houses or schools. Not a human one. No leader would allow "private" military mini-armies rule the country and do and kill whoever they want to. Have you any idea how many children or women died over the past months in the East of Ukraine??

And how about Syria? Now US are supporting the rebels in Syria. So how are Syrian rebels different from East Ukrainian ones?

drobin, 27 June 2014 10:27am

Anyone using the term Nazi in anything but a historical context should be made to define their meaning of the word. These days it often seems to read as "a person I disagree with".

Robert Sandlin drobin, 27 June 2014 10:40am

How about guys that work with these guys. Is that good enough for you:

MJMaguire drobin, 27 June 2014 10:44am

Allow me to help you: Roger Griffin describes fascism as "a genus of political ideology whose mythic core in its various permutations is a palingenetic form of populist ultranationalism". There are many variations of fascism (aka Nazism) but the main identifying feature is ultranationalism, with a ruthless determination to remove or subdue ethnic opposition.

In the present case, Glazyev's description seems completely apt. Many of the other familiar hallmarks of fascism - symbolism, reliance of strong right-wing ultranationalist mititia-groups are plentiful in evidence. The epithet does seem to fit the Ukrainian Kiev regime like a glove.

Olga Makarova (Note: this is a typical bot; Female Joined: 27 Jun 2014, two comments) June 27, 2014 10:30am

Their talent to lie in front of public and to foreign journalists is outstanding. And to change their mind: once they admit Poroshenko as a President, now they are back to disagree with that. I understand why Baltics are so strict about Russia and Russians.

Arapas -> Olga Makarova, 27 June 2014 10:39am

I understand why Baltics are so strict about Russia and Russians.

you mean oppressed no doubt.
But for how long are they going to be "strict" with 30% of their population.
When the pressure rises inside the cooker, the lid will fly off.

Anette Mor -> Olga Makarova, 27 June 2014 10:51am

How is your statement is not racist? You think marginilised ethnic russian kids have to pay for "crimes" of thier nation?

EbbTide64, 27 June 2014 11:15am

A senior adviser to Vladimir Putin has called the Ukranian president a "Nazi"

As Poroshenko is still funding and arming the neo-Nazis who incinerated 40 innocent people in Odessa, instead of bringing them to justice, the Russian adviser's description looks pretty accurate. If Poroshenko doesn't want to be called a Nazi, then stop supporting neo-Nazis.

Ciarán Here, 27 June 2014 11:30am

700 bases in 130 countries Hitler could not have imagined such hegemonic power along the control of the media to stay on message.

PeterSchmidt, 27 June 2014 11:36am

One last comment before going to bed (it's 8.30 pm in Australia).
Ukraine has changed its mind several times over. I would not be surprised it Ukraine in 6 months time would dance back.

The reason Yanukovich changes his mind (and he was not a Russian stooge, he was a US protege) is that the conditions were so unfavourable to Ukrainians he hadn't got the guts to carry through with the task.

Trudi Goater -> PeterSchmidt, 27 June 2014 11:42am

You could be right, once it becomes clear how this agreement will hurt the wages of ordinary people there and the winter arrives with energy problems, prices through the roof etc the maiden will gather again and they will kick him out

UralMan, 27 June 2014 11:38am

Glazyev is an idiot. This is the only conclusion I can come to as given his position one cannot assume that he simply is ignorant. There was a strong nationalistic undercurrent in Maidan, no doubt about it. One can even say that the most viable parts of the protestors were those nationalistic paramilitaries and they were on the forefront. If not for their ruthlessness and readiness to shed blood, Maidan would still be peacefully protesting against Yanukovich with no avail. Indirectly, Glazyev is right, but only partially – the revolution became a success in Kiev because of actions of violent youth a good chunk of which could be described as having the ideology close to Nazism.

Some of them are still in the government (the most odious one is Yarosh, the head of Security Council). But Glazyev is definitely wrong in smearing the vast majority of the Maidan participants with the same brush. Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, etc (with all my personal disagreement with them) are not Nazi.

BangTheDrums , 27 June 2014 11:40am

Petro 'Milosevic' Poroshenko doing what he does best:

Ethnic cleansing in action. It is disgusting that the EU is even talking to him at this point in time, they should have hauled him into the Hague to answer to these war crimes.

PeterSchmidt -> BangTheDrums, 27 June 2014 11:44am

EU can hardly wait to steal what's left of Ukraine. All those soon to be retired public servants in the west soon need their superannuation/retirement money and the coffers are empty.

Robert Sandlin -> BangTheDrums, 27 June 2014 12:36pm

As I mentioned before it is up to East Ukrainians to exact retribution on him for his crimes.Not the Hague.That is a new concept.The old methods are tried and true.

PeterSchmidt, 27 June 2014 11:43am

Poroshenko's only interest lies with the EU and the US. He doesn't care one iota about ordinary Ukrainians. If he would've he hadn't signed that agreement.

CrumpsallLass, 27 June 2014 11:47am

Ukraine doesn't have a mandate for this. Their president was against it so a coup was organised. So a referendum should be held over all of Ukraine first as to whether they should have closer ties with the EU dictatorship. They wont because they know they are unlikely to have a majority in favour in a democratic ballot. The neo-nazi western Ukraine has shown that it ignores democratic will of the people in the East by sending in the right sector thugs in the east.

BangTheDrums -> ChaoLe, 27 June 2014 12:07pm

Who is going to bring to justice the mass-murder members of the Kiev government that allowed the Odessa massacre to go ahead? Even the UN is describing a 'lack of co-operation' from Ukrainian SBU and Police in getting to the bottom of this - ie its a cover up as we all know.

Or the killing of innocent people in Donbas?

You are right - Civilized people DO want a world where murderers like Yats and Poroshenko are bought to justice...

EbbTide64 -> martyjar, 27 June 2014 12:24pm

The neo-Nazi Svoboda party still have ministers in the Ukrainian government.
The neo-Nazi Right Sector nutters, who committed the Odessa mass murder, are being paid and armed by the Ukrainian government.
The whole Ukrainian regime is extreme. And the EU and US helped to put these extremists into power.

martyjar, 27 June 2014 12:15pm

It's remarkable news though – clearly the invasions, annexation, and blackmail would make other countries even keener to pull away from Russian influence towards the West, but I didn't expect both Georgia and Moldova to make such a public show of all three going together.

The Guardian has some coverage yesterday of the other states closely aligned with Russia - Belarus and Kazakhstan – having some concerns, but I don't think there's anything in that. It does however look like even more countries formerly under Russian influence are never likely to come back.

PeterSchmidt -> martyjar, 27 June 2014 12:19pm

Never say never and don't bite off more than you can chew.

martyjar -> PeterSchmidt, 27 June 2014 12:27pm

Great knowledge of English idiom there.

However other countries formerly under Russian influence have got further and further away from them – the likes of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria, East Germany etc. etc. Generally modernizing rapidly, and prospering as a result.

I very much hope that within a couple of centuries Russia has developed to the extent that these countries move back towards them, as that would mean Russia has got rid of it's autocracy.

[Jun 26, 2014] Ukraine, Russia, And The European Union The End Of The Beginning by Mark Adomanis

Jun 26, 2014 | Forbes | 2 comments

Fulfilling a promise he made during his campaign for the Ukrainian presidency, Petro Poroshenko today signed a landmark association agreement with the European Union. This was the exact same document that Viktor Yanukovych was supposed to sign back in November before his last-minute reversal of course set off a string of mass protests that eventually culminated in his overthrow. Starting in the very near future, Ukraine-EU trade is going to undergo a sweeping liberalization, and the Ukrainian economy, which earlier enjoyed fairly robust tariff and non-tariff barriers, will become much more open to foreign goods and services.

Surprising precisely no one, the Russian government reacted to the Ukrainian move with barely-disguised fury. The foreign ministry promised unspecified "serious consequences," and also warned the Ukrainians that "as before, we think that the conclusion of such an agreement will harm the Russian economy" and will lead to a "halt in economic and trade cooperation." Given Russian actions over the past several months, it would be exceedingly unwise to assume that these sorts of warnings are merely empty rhetoric. The Russians have repeatedly threatened to change Ukraine's trade status if and when it signs the agreement (Ukraine currently enjoys preferential access to the Russian market), and it seems likely that new limitations on Ukrainian exports to Russia will soon be introduced.

Aping a Winston Churchill quote, it is now possible to say that we have seen the "end of the beginning" of Ukraine's march towards Europe. The fight that has completely consumed Ukrainian politics for much of the past year, the disagreement that got dozens of innocent people killed and a president overthrown, is now over. The EU association agreement has been signed.

The real question is what happens next, and that is where the real fight lies. Unfortunately, all of the negotiations that have happened so far are actually comparatively easy compared to the difficulty of actually implementing the details of the association agreement. The agreement, after all, is just a piece of paper.

Signing it doesn't magically solve all of Ukraine's serious economic, social, and political problems, doesn't make any trade barriers disappear, and doesn't put European products on the shelves of Ukrainian supermarkets. As just one example among many, the association agreement says that Ukraine needs to end natural gas subsidies. That sounds easy enough in theory. There is a reason, however, that these subsidies have endured throughout the first two decades of Ukraine's post-Soviet independence despite repeated promises to bring them to a halt: they're enormously popular not only among consumers but, even more importantly, among the politically powerful oligarchs who control Ukraine's heavy industry. Perhaps it's possible that Poroshenko can find a way to do something that no other post-Soviet Ukrainian president has been able to, but such a struggle will carry enormous political risks and could very easily end up bringing his poll numbers crashing down to earth.

The association agreement has always been seen in highly politicized and symbolic terms as a "civilizational choice" in which Ukraine would be able to leave behind its dark, eastern past and march forward into the safety and comfort of the European Union. This was a huge mistake. In reality the association agreement has nothing to do with culture or history and is much more basic: a highly technocratic bit of economic liberalization. There is no "European" way to end gas subsidies, and no "civilized" way to cut pensions. These steps are either taken or they are avoided. Since economic liberalization is not very popular in Ukraine, since Ukrainians continues to express extremely left-wing economic views, the struggle to implement free trade is likely to be long and nasty. And the Russians, of course, will continue to do their best to convince Ukraine that it has made the wrong choice.

In other words the fight to make Ukraine a part of Europe isn't over, it's barely started.

Follow me on Twitter @MarkAdomanis or on Facebook


I shudder to even think how bad things will get if the minimum Russian wage is at the level of the former average wage in Crimea. Ladies and gentlemen, lets start our bets. When will the association agreement drop the Ukranian living standards enough to cause another coup? Do I hear August? Perhaps December when the heating season begins……

[Jun 26, 2014] National Identities in Ukraine and in Euromaidan

[Jun 25, 2014] Ukraine SITREP June 24th, 1433 UTC-Zulu

The Vineyard of the Saker

Ukraine Army is laying minefields in civilian and uncontested areas. These fields are unmarked. Confirmed loses of civilians and livestock in the minefields.


patient observer says:, June 23, 2014 at 4:13 pm
Does the frantic, over-the-top action of the US in Ukraine suggest that the Anglo empire has largely abandoned the longer term and much more invasive war against Russia using NGO's, oligarchs, and militant Islamic jihadists?

If so, this is a major victory by Russia. And the battles are now being fought outside of Russia which is definitely progress. So, my admitted optimistic take is that Russia is driving back the empire rather than the empire advancing to the Russian border.

ucgsblog, June 23, 2014 at 4:36 pm
Oligarchs are either under Putin's control, playing by Putin's rules or staying neutral. Islamic Jihadism was on the decline after those idiots harassed the Chechen Elders, who turned against them, Putin wisely supported that turn, and that was that. And the NGOs were mostly declawed in the wake of their Ossetian War coverage. Then again, if they cannot realize that August 7th comes before August 8th… anyways, they've been largely ineffective since 2008-2010; it's not really news. The West has no real levers against Russia or China, and I doubt that they have any big ones against any SCO members, which is why there's a rush of countries that want into SCO, including Iran. On top of that, the Russians and Chinese are perfectly positioned for the ASEAN shift, while the West is still playing with Ukraine. In Ukraine Obama lost initiative on the ASEAN shift. With the Iraq War, the West lost the Middle East.

It's a new World that we live in. If the Russo-Chinese Alliance became the World's Playmaker within a decade, I wouldn't be surprised one bit. And that's what the private companies are trying to tell the governments; that's why they're against sanctions.

kirill, June 23, 2014 at 6:19 pm
You are right, all the old cold war propaganda tropes are useless. The western media still tries to use them but ends up looking like a collection of clowns. For example, "state run media", "repression of dissidents", "lack of political and economic freedom". Anyone with a clue can turn these claims back on the barking dogs that spread them.

I wonder what sort of credibility "Human Rights Watch" and "Amnesty International" have in Russia (and elsewhere) after their brazen disregard fro the atrocities perpetrated by the NATO backed Kiev regime? If they lost credibility back in 2008, then they have totally lost it now.

Leaked tape has Polish FM comparing ties with US to giving oral sex

moscowexile, June 23, 2014 at 1:25 am
Leaked tape has Polish FM comparing ties with US to giving oral sex

Another Polish blow-job:

German–Polish Non-Aggression Pact, 1934

Funny how one hears a lot about the Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression pact in comments in the Western press concerning the Evil Empire and its tyrannical leader, but seldom, if ever, anything about the German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact of 1934.

One smart-arse in today's Grauniad comments section at the foot of an agency report on the "peace" proposals made by Choco-Wasserman (where's Tin Tin, I wonder?) asks whether Russia will commemorate the outbreak of WWII on September 1st this year or September 17th, the latter date being when the USSR "invaded" Poland.

Actually, starting on September 17th 1939, the USSR annexed Belorussian and Ukrainian territories that had been taken as a result of Pilsudski's invasion that launched the Polish-Soviet War, 1919 -1921.

In fact, yesterday, 22nd June, Russia commemorated the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, which war is usually labelled in the West as "The Eastern Front" of WWII, that bloody conflict having started in the summer of 1941 at 4 a.m on June 22nd, that day in each year in the northern hemisphere which has the longest hours of daylight and is, therefore, most suitable for implementing a well organized surprise attack leading to mass slaughter. It was also the conflict that led to the downfall of fascism in Europe; all the rest of hostilities in the European theatre of WWII were sideshows: the Soviet Union decided who the victors would be; the Western allies' participation in European theatre of WWII only decided when that victory would come about.

In 1938 Ribbentrop proposed that this German-Polish non-aggression pact be renewed but Poland refused to accept its new terms, which refusal led to its unilateral abrogation by Hitler on April 28, 1939, during an address before the Reichstag, wherein Germany renewed its territorial claims in Poland.

Four months later, Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, initiating World War II, a conflict during which an estimated 5.6 to 5.8 million Poles fell victim to Nazi aggression.

Here's another pact with the beastly Hun that also seems to have vanished down the Western selective memory hole:

Anglo-German Naval Agreement 1935

Warren, June 23, 2014 at 3:42 am


The German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact is conveniently forgotten, if not down right suppressed because it is contrary to the official sanction narrative of evil villainous Russians/Moskalis and innocent victim Poland.

Regarding Sikorksi's coarse comments about the worthless US-Polish relationships, I am amazed that he of all people said this. Because Sikorski is the archetypal Atlanticist and doyen of the Polish Pro-Americanism. I wonder how is wife the rabid anti-Russian biggot and propagandists for US hegemony Anne Applebaum will view her husband's derisive comments?

It will be interesting to know how Edward Lucas, who always raves about Poland will react to Sikorski revealing the true value of US friendship?

Warren, June 23, 2014 at 3:44 am
Edward Lucas predictably is already concocted a conspiracy theory blaming Russia to explain Sikorski's lapse of truth.
yalensis: June 23, 2014 at 3:47 am
I guess every man, even a whore like Sikorski, has his limit at a certain point. He will give just so many blow jobs, before he gets tired of giving unrequited blow jobs.
Ronald Thomas West , June 23, 2014 at 3:10 am
"The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable" – H.L. Mencken

^ Or if you prefer the (above linked) satire…

yalensis, June 23, 2014 at 3:42 am
Sikorski complains about having to give blow jobs to America.

My Polish not so good, but In Russian version, they have Sikorski saying :

"Мы перессоримся с немцами и французами, так как мы отсасываем у американцев, как последние фраера,.."

Something like:

"Germans and French turned against us, because we are giving blow jobs to Americans, like some kind of desperate gigolos…" [or something like that]

Maybe somebody who is fluent in Polish can give a better translation, using above link from original source and tape.

cartman, June 23, 2014 at 10:17 am
Poles are notorious martyrs who milk their misfortunes for all their worth. (Does anyone remember that they invaded and annexed Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, and Belarus?) Sikorski's "woe-is-me" act could net him the foreign affairs job, so I wouldn't be surprised if he leaked it himself.
moscowexile, June 23, 2014 at 10:18 pm
"Does anyone remember that they invaded and annexed Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, and Belarus?"

I've just had an altercation in the Grauniad comments over that issue after having received a rejoinder to a comment I made about the German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact of 1934.

I was accused of being a Stalinist revisionist.

My original comment was as follows:

Funny how one hears a lot about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Non-Aggression Pact in these comments concerning the Evil Empire and its tyrannical leader, but seldom, if ever, anything about the the German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact of 1934.

In 1938 Ribbentrop proposed that this non-aggression pact be renewed but Poland refused to accept its new terms, which refusal led to its unilateral abrogation by Hitler on April 28, 1939, during an address before the Reichstag, wherein Germany renewed its territorial claims in Poland.

Four months later, Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, initiating World War II, a conflict during which an estimated 5.6 to 5.8 million Poles fell victim to Nazi aggression.

Amongst the conditions that Poland refused was the handing over of Danzig to Germany.

The response was:

Difference is that German-Polish Non-Aggresion pact was real -non-aggresion pact, when Molotov-Ribbentrop pact included secret protocol (not so non-aggresive) about dividing Finland,Romania, Poland and Baltic States between German and Russians.

Indeed subtle difference.

(The absence of articles and other grammatical errors lead me to believe that the above comment was written by a Pole or a Ukrainian.)

Not so non-aggressive indeed, but the non-aggression concerned the two parties to the pact, not other states.

My rejoinder:

The relevance is this: endlessly the USSR is accused of being an ally of the Nazis in that it had a non-aggression pact with Germany from 23 August 1939 until June 22 1941.

Nobody, however, accuses Poland of having been an ally of Nazi Germany, albeit that the German Polish Non-Aggression Pact was in force from 26 January 1934 until April 28 1939.

So the counter-accusations came flying at me: the USSR was in cahoots with Hitler in divvying up Europe etc. whereas Poland had not been of this mind etc.

Dear, nice, kind suffering Poland – which was, to all intents and purposes at the time, a military dictatorship, was quasi-fascistic for want of a better term, perhaps, as were the Baltic States and Finland.

Poland swiftly annexed part of Czechoslovakia after Hitler had seized the Sudetenland: that was when Poland and Germany had a non-aggression pact. In fact, Poland between the wars had become quite the dab-hand at seizing territory. In 1919 it seized Vilnius and its surroundings, which city was the capital of newly created at Versailles state of Lithuania, claiming that Vilnius (Wilno) was a Polish city and had always been so. (Shades of Danzig, not to mention the Crimea and Sevastopol – but the beastly Russians seized those last two places so: Boo! Fie!)

Furthermore, in the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1921, Poland attacked former territories of Imperial Russia, which were then in the throes of a post-revolution civil war, reaching as far as and occupying Kiev. (Rzeczpospolita Polska shall live again! Isn't that what Blow-Job and others of like mind want now?)

In the end, Sikorski's Poland ended up with Belorussian and Ukrainian territories, which territories were those that the USSR occupied when it invaded "Poland" on 17 September 1939 – a fortnight and more after Hitler's Blitzkrieg had been launched against Poland and the fighting was all but over bar the shouting.

The secret protocols of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Non-Aggression Pact also included the annexation of Bessarabia by the USSR.

When the West throws the shit at Russia as regards these protocols, the talk is always about the Baltic States: few mention the fate of Bessarabia, let alone know where it was.

Bessarabia was seized in the 19th century by the Russian Empire from the Ottomans as a result of Holy Russia's repeated wars against the Turks in its role as protector of Orthodoxy. Bessarabia then became part of Romania in 1919 as a result of the treaty of Versailles. (Bessarabia had already been invaded by the Romanians in 1918. Russia was punished by the allies at Versailles for throwing in the towel in 1917.)

According to the secret protocols of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Bessarabia went back to the inheritor of the Russian Empire, namely the USSR. Bessarabia then became part of the Ukrainian and Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republics.

In 1991, both these SSRs became independent states: The Ukraine (or "Ukraine" as Ukrainian English grammarians would have it) and Moldova. Then there was a break-away from Moldova of those Molovan territories east of the Dniester, which territories now style themselves as Transnistria.

Moldova does not recognize Transnistria and wants it back.

And Romania wants Bessarabia back.

And guess what? Dear, nice, kind democratic "Ukraine" won't give Bessarabia back, even though the Ukraine in its earlier existence as the UkSSR last got hold of it thanks to the infamous secret protocols of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Non-Aggression Pact.

So that pillar of freedom and democracy in Eastern Europe much lauded and supported by the USA ad the EU claims its right of possession to disputed territories seized as a result of the Soviet Union having made a "pact with the devil", namely when the UkSSR together with the USSR was part of an "ally of the Nazis"

But let's not talk of that, shall we?

yalensis, June 23, 2014 at 4:13 pm
Finally, an English translation of Sikorski's "blow-job" comment.

They translated as "suckers" what I incorrectly translated above (Polish to English via Russian) as "gigolos".

"Suckers" is better and also kind of apropos. "Patsies" would also be a good choice, I think.

marknesop: June 23, 2014 at 8:25 pm
That's a terrible look for Sikorski; I did not realize his forehead had become a fivehead, and I recommend he both grow his forelock a little and ease up on the goose grease, or salo or whatever he is using to hold his rebellious hair captive. I sincerely hope Mrs. Lucas did not see that photo, or she'll be looking for a new name for her vibrator.

Ever notice that whenever the Russians – or whoever is behind this torrent of juicy recorded peccadilloes – release another clip of embarrassment, that government immediately circles the wagons and complains that it is a Russian plot to destabilize the government? That way, the electorate is supposed to love and treasure its government even more for its boorish profanity and graceless Sopranos-style speech? Let's show the Russians they can't win, by being even more loyal to the government!!! Meanwhile there is no discussion of what was said, because politicians are "entitled to their privacy". Only imagine the glee with which the western press would dissect and promote and gobble about a recorded conversation between Putin and Medvedev which was full of vulgarities and dissing of, say, Lukashenko. Or Putin referring to the Chinese as "Chinks" or some other slur. It would be the stuff of late-night talk show TV for weeks. Further imagine how far the same networks would let Putin go with a defense that it was just provocateurs attempting to destabilize the Russian government. They still go into foamy nutcase convulsions over that "Soviet Union collapse biggest tragedy" thing, and they don't even repeat what he actually said in that instance.

[Jun 25, 2014] Putin has time till Friday

The Kiev Times

In the end on Friday, June 27, should take place solemn the signing of an economic part of the Association agreement between Brussels and Kyiv.

Immediately thereafter, in early July, Brussels will become a place of holding a conference of donor countries for Ukraine.

And that's not all: EU for several weeks is preparing a special expert of the mission in Ukraine. The police, the judiciary, security forces and the whole security sector of the country will be thoroughly checked by experts from the EU, and then reformed.

[Jun 25, 2014]

The authors of this video consider alliance of Oligarch Poroshenko with far right forces was connected with his Presidential ambitions. He decided that only West can make him President and serving as cash cow for the USA will be rewarded. By some estimate he spend hundred million on propelling Maidan violence making him second most important sponsor of EuroMaidan after the West embassies.

[Jun 25, 2014] Poroshenko excludes the assignment of the Russian language constutional language status

Still looks like a compromise along the lines of existing law.
The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko (on photo) excludes the assignment of the Russian language state status, emphasizing that the only constitutional state language in Ukraine was, is and will be Ukrainian. He said this in the framework of "days of dialogue of representatives of bodies of local self-government and bodies of state power" in Kyiv, the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine.

"I want to concentrate on the most sensitive issues. Decentralization implies the empowerment of regions, including in matters of historical memory, cultural traditions and language policy. I don't want that language and cultural issues are divided the country and are raised by politicians to annoy people. It is your authority and you must determine which songs to sing, monuments to which to lay the flowers and what language to speak. But the only constitutional state language was, is and will be Ukrainian," said Poroshenko.

Let's remind, Poroshenko has promised to submit the new draft Constitution to the Verkhovna Rada on June 26,

[Jun 25, 2014] Yatsenyuk Windows

Almost four months have passed since the day that Ukraine had the coup. During this time, the new authorities failed to do anything unless the election, and that with the help of questionable legitimacy of the procedure, a new President. The new President has made a few statements, but has not taken no meaningful action.

The economy continues to be ruined, no gas, now also in the pipeline exploded. Military-technical exports to Russia are closed, and this was the only stable article monetary incomes of the Ukrainian budget. And in the South-East of the country there is a real war, in which Ukraine looks of it spends the few resources that she still remained. Including, of course, and reputational resource - never before the authorities of any country in the modern world not kill and detained many foreign journalists.

And here in this situation happened national disaster, in an atmosphere paralysed and incapable, ogrisauga the last effort of the state and the collapsing of the country, the self-proclaimed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk finally found the root of evil. Found those who blame. And if you think that Russia and Russians - you are wrong.

No, all was at fault... the citizens of Ukraine! Because, believe it or not, spend too much energy. And energy-that flew into the dead end of its historical development, Ukraine is just not enough.

What is the irrational waste of energy? - you will ask. Perhaps that Ukrainians burned tires on the street instead of burning them in their apartments and, thus, to warm them? Or that they spend so much precious petrol to pour it in bottles and burn with these bottles are so lacking now policemen or those who are against the Maidan?

No. The thing is that Ukrainians are open in the winter window. And this in Ukraine.

"We will never get off the energy of the needle, " said Arseniy Yatsenyuk, speaking in Parliament, - If we are to open in the winter window to the apartments was cooler."

Well, I'm glad it was finally clear. And the main thing - it is clear what to do. One has to give the militants "Right sector" nails and hammers, and may they go on apartments and boarded up in them open. Until the winter there is still time, and, you see, no one in Ukraine will not be able to open the Windows. Even if they want to. And then she could try to get off the energy of the needle.

But it is only in the case, of course, if Ukraine will manage to live till winter.

[Jun 25, 2014] The truce, which did not happen

June 25, 2014 |

It seems that expectations of even inferior peace in Donbass, which appeared in connection with the start of the negotiations between the representatives of the DND and LNR on the one hand and representatives of Kiev, on the other, collapsed, unable to become anything but a hope. However, if you think about it, this is a natural result, and it can't be otherwise.

In fact, who represented Kiev? Kiev sent to Donetsk as a negotiator Leonid Kuchma, who has a some historical importance as former President, rather than real political weight. He is zero in the changed line of Ukrainian politicians. What are his real powers? Listen and pass the information?

Next - the OSCE representative, which is also unlikely to have any serious impact on a mix bag of Ukrainian authorities, which are only declaring the after-elections unity under the shadow of the new President, and actually fighting and eating each-other with persistence that is almost superhuman. It seems that for Kiev authorities the war in Donbass is the best outcome - and fiercer is this war, the better, because all blunders and stealing can be written off on it. And they can safely tear each other in a mortal fight for the control of dwindling financial flows and territory. Fight in Somali into which is rapidly converting Ukraine.

The role of Medvedchuk and Shufrych also not very clear in this story. Their role has been presented as a role of intermediaries that persuaded both sides to meet and start the negotiations But why they got the role? Well, the Medvedchuk - is somehow connected to Putin. And Shufrych is a longtime ally of Medvedchuk. But this is not enough to solve something. Most likely, their real goal was akin to the task Kuchma, to hear, to see, to pass information. Only to the President of another country.

Zurabov... He probably attended only to give at least some weight to the event. The event, which in advance was doomed to be failure.

And the problem, by the way, is not even in full discrepancy between the initial positions of negotiators from Kyiv and from rebel Donbass, and that Kiev... really does not exit.

Yes, there is no official Kyiv in the sense of something common, some level of political unity. And when you ask with whom you can negotiate in the Donbass, referring to the absence of a clear central authority among "Republicans", people somehow forget to ask the same question in relation to Kiev.

Did Tymoshenko and her team of extremists died after Poroshenko election victory? Or may be Kolomoisky agreed on the role of a Peter Poroshenko puppet? And, what would be the most funny, far right forces lost interests in what is happening with the so-called national revolution, where the adjective "national" should probably be replaced with the adjective "neo-Nazi"? Such questions are many. And certainly Poroshenko, in fact, received not Mace, but a whole bunch of difficult to solve problems, begins to realize events develop not as who he expected. It is even possible that he begins to think over where his place in the rapid stream of events and personalities of this constantly changing reality show...

And another thing is that Kiev missed the time for negotiations Kiev. And not once. Odessa "Khatyn", which quickly morphed (or maybe was designed this way) into brutal "pacification" operation of South East with strikes against unarmed people using tanks artillery and aviation. This so called anti-terrorist operation quickly turned into fascist punitive operation with the attacks on the unarmed people and infrastructure of Donbass... And every death of the child and the old man in Slavyansk, each destroyed residential building or a kindergarten in the cities rebel region - is a step from any possibility of conduct the negotiation process. If, metaphorically speaking, the day before yesterday, Kiev could, spitting, offer decentralization, and yesterday - federalization, today even Confederation might be a problematic offer. Just because you cannot about peace by killing civilians.

You can blame "terrorists", who use human shield from the peaceful population, but as soon as you call the militias, terrorists, you must show the example of sound state approach, trying to preserve every innocent human being because you are the representatives of the state! But no, you allow to one suddenly turned into a great statesman criminal oligarch to form some battalions with unclear status, which the Donbas has aptly dubbed the illegal armed groups, the Nazis, because they do not fight as an army, but rather as marauders. You drive to the slaughter hastily mobilized, badly equipped, hungry and virtually untrained soldiers. You deceive even their your national guar stooges that are beginning to rebel, regardless of the fact that their brains are often replaces suspicious ideological cereal, not an informed patriotism. And, generally, it is because you started a riot, hoping, that as in 2004 quickly to get power,but in the end, overplayed your hand and believing in your own omnipotence, gave a country a "present" in a form of civil war. Well you try to blade the mirror in your misadventures.

In General, few believed in consultations, which started in Donetsk, on Monday. And as it turned out, that unbelief was justified.

Representatives of militia immediately began to speak, what really is no cease-fire and truce happen. And already in the evening on Tuesday, Prime Minister DND Alexander Borodai directly stated that "the agreement are not respected."

"Agreements are not respected, in Donetsk, in the airport area goes the battle with the use of armored vehicles and artillery, " he said in the briefing. - There are dead and wounded on both sides". Kiev was bluffing: Tuesday Ukrainian troops again bombed Slavyansk, Saur-Grave.

"I officially announce - no truce. Nothing's left for us to do but to continue to fight, " said the Prime Minister. - In the near future we wait for the storm Donetsk and Lugansk", - he added.

Alexander Borodai made an official appeal to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. "We understand that Russia does not want to be embroiled in the war. And please help us to enter at least the peacekeeping forces," said Boroday, noting that the bases for a ceasefire yet - Kyiv authorities have not led troops, and therefore the world, unfortunately, not yet in sight.

However, spokesman for Kiev "chocolate junta" anti terrorist operation Dmitry Tymchuk hastened to declare, that the militia violated the truce by beginning to shelling of roadblocks.

... ... ...

The President himself Poroshenko decided to play a game "they were the first".

Referring to the fact that on June 24, according to the press service of the President, "the militants, contrary to its own promises to respect the ceasefire, negotiated in Donetsk at the meeting with the representatives of the Tripartite liaison group, shot down the helicopter of Armed Forces of Ukraine which resulted in the death of nine people, Since the announcement of the peace plan of President terrorists 35 times opened fire on Ukrainian military". During the meeting with heads of power structures Poroshenko gave the order not hesitate to open return fire.

[Jun 24, 2014] Eugene Moore broke his opponents live

Антон Правдов via Google+

My God. Not all smart people wiped out in Ukraine.
He really destroyed his opponents.
Thanks Eugene. Bravo !

Евгений Гапченко

Oh the truth hurts your eyes to those cluless farts, Oh how he cut them.
Well Done Eugene! Only such a policy will be able to raise the Ukraine with knees!


There is no Ukraine anymore; What remains is the agony of the dying body!

[Jun 24, 2014] South Ossetia recognized the independence of the people's Republic of Lugansk

Jun 18, 2014 |

Deputies of the South Ossetia Parliament at a special session, unanimously adopted an appeal to President Tibilov with a request to recognize the independence LNR, - RIA Novosti reports.

The decree says that the decision was made, "taking into account the will of the people and the appeal of the Supreme Council LNR to the President of the Republic of South Ossetia on recognition of the sovereignty LNR, supported by the Parliament of the Republic".

[Jun 24, 2014] Putin to Rescind Military Mandate in Gesture to Ukraine

Looks like mood in State Department changed from triumphal "f*ck EU" after the February 22 coup, to more realistic assessment that crashing rebellion on South East is difficult and might lead to variant reminding Libya.

It came after a rough deal was worked out on Monday involving all sides for a temporary cease-fire lasting through June 27. Russia had been pressuring Ukraine to talk directly to the rebels, and Mr. Putin's public move of taking the Russian armed forces out of the equation was evidently a means to endorse the first results from the talks.

The decision will put added pressure on President Petro O. Poroshenko of Ukraine to negotiate directly with the separatists who have been waging an armed campaign for increased autonomy for the southeastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

In announcing a 15-point peace plan last Friday, and again in a speech to the nation on Saturday, Mr. Poroshenko ruled out talks with those who had taken up arms against the Ukrainian government. The pro-Russian separatists in turn rejected the idea of talking directly with Kiev.

As the violence mounted and any talks appeared distant, there were fears that the situation would deteriorate out of anyone's control and that Russia might intervene militarily. With the cease-fire, even temporary, announced on Monday and Russia's latest move, it appeared that the negotiations had gained some momentum.

In Kiev, Mr. Poroshenko issued a statement calling the move by Mr. Putin "the first practical step" by Moscow to resolve the crisis in the east since the Russian leader endorsed the peace plan over the weekend.

Maintaining a truce could prove tough. There is minimal trust between the government in Kiev and the patchwork of militias and rebellious political organizations that have laid siege to eastern Ukraine. There have been accusations and counteraccusations about violations of the cease-fire even after both sides said that they had accepted it, although the region has seemed far more peaceful.

... ... ...

Mr. Putin cautiously endorsed the plan over the weekend, but demanded direct talks. President Obama spoke by telephone on Monday with Mr. Putin, and the White House said that Mr. Obama had pressed Mr. Putin to aid Mr. Poroshenko's efforts to defuse the crisis.

The West had been threatening a third round of far more serious sanctions against Russia in sectors like finance and high technology if the fighting in southeastern Ukraine did not stop. The West has accused Moscow of supporting, if not directing, the separatist movement by dispatching Russian mercenaries. Moscow has denied any direct role and has said it has no control over volunteer fighters.

[Jun 24, 2014] Ukraine crisis: Putin removes threat of military intervention after ceasefire by Shaun Walker in Moscow and Alec Luhn in Slavyansk

The Guardian

Putin asked the upper house of the Russian parliament on Tuesday to revoke its ruling in March that Russia could use troops on Ukrainian territory. Cancelling the ruling, passed prior to the annexation of Crimea, is another sign that the Kremlin is attempting to de-escalate the situation, after weeks when Kiev had feared Russian troops massed close to the border could invade at any minute.

Putin's spokesman told Interfax that the decision to cancel the order was given "in order to normalise and regulate the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine, and due to the start of the three-way talks on the issue".

Ukraine's new president, Petro Poroshenko, announced a unilateral ceasefire on Friday he said would last a week and give separatists a chance to flee or lay down their arms and receive amnesty, as long as they had not committed serious crimes.

Despite promising negotiations, few thought that Poroshenko would speak to the leaders of the self-proclaimed "people's republics" in the east, whom Kiev has branded "terrorists", but on Monday surprise talks took place in Donetsk, one of the centres of the rebel movement, between Poroshenko's representative, former president Leonid Kuchma, and separatist leaders. Also in attendance were an OSCE representative, the Russian ambassador to Ukraine and a pro-Russia Ukrainian politician, Viktor Medvedchuk, who is on the US sanctions list for his role in the annexation of Crimea, but who Putin has said should play a key role in any negotiations.

After the meeting, Alexander Borodai, the self-styled prime minister of the Donetsk people's republic, said the rebels would also agree to the ceasefire. Previously, the insurgents had said there could be no talk of ceasefire until Ukrainian troops were withdrawn from east Ukraine, suggesting that the rebels, or those who control them, have decided to soften their stance. Borodai is a Russian citizen and was in Moscow for consultations in the days preceding the negotiations.

manOnTheInside, 24 June 2014 1:08pm

Damn it...

This lack of aggression is going to cause a lot of problems for US European strategy...

Jeremn manOnTheInside, 24 June 2014 1:31pm

Don't worry, there'll still be war. Yesterday these guys vowed an oath to protect Ukraine and prepared to be shipped to the east. According to Radio Liberty those guys are

"volunteers of the Azov battalion, which includes members of the radical Social-National Assembly, took an oath of allegiance in St. Sophia's Square in Kyiv"

The picture in that link shows their flag, and it bears the symbol of the Ukrainian SS divisions.

The ceasefire will last long enough for them to take up positions. We can sit tight whilst they do their dirty work in the east knowing that Putin can't intervene. Our side will triumph, democracy will win and Putin will be frustrated.

Oh, and thousands will have died to prove it.

umut gezer Jeremn, 24 June 2014 2:03pm

The easiest way to clean up Nazis from Europe is to send to Donbass. The rebels will hack them anyway.

Rolex44 Jeremn, 24 June 2014 2:14pm

They didn't manage to find that many new killers. Are they running out of fascists?

Jeremn Rolex44, 24 June 2014 2:39pm

Not sure. On 10 June Interfax reported that Bondarenko's Kyiv Defence Battalion was going east. On 20 June it reported that Semenchenko's Crimea Battalion was going too. There was talk of some Regiment of National Protection being deployed as well.

So there are plenty around. And plenty of skinheads still available if embassies or Trade Union buildings need to be attacked.

Neil Robinson, 24 June 2014 1:16pm

Well that's well and truly chucked a spanner in the works. Sad for Obama and Kerry that they didn't get to destroy yet another sovereign country and kill a lot of inhabitants... don't worry boys I'm sure there will be another weak country you can demonize and then invade via proxy.

manOnTheInside, 24 June 2014 1:21pm

"Former U.S. Ambassador: Behind Crimea Crisis, Russia Responding to Years of "Hostile" U.S. Policy"

Gil Matos-Sequí, 24 June 2014 2:35pm

Putin has no desire and never has of invading Ukraine. What for? The only reason for it would be to prevent wide spread slaughter. Ukraine would be an economic liability to Russia just as it was to the USSR, a money pit. If intervention can at all be averted it will be.

Crimea, was a matter if national security for Russia and it was annexed with the full consent of it population who have ALWAYS felt themselves to be part of Russia.

Now lets see if Poroshenko will go on killing civilians and shelling Eastern Ukrainian cities in order to provoke a Russian response. The ceasefire has already been broken by the Ukrainian forces. Either Poroshenko is a liar or he has absolutely no control over the forces in the East.

SHappens Gil Matos-Sequí, 24 June 2014 2:40pm

Worryingly enough I think he has no control over the neo nazis. The US has, and now it will be very interesting to see their response. Can't wait to hear Kerry's next statement.

[Jun 24, 2014] pavel_shipilin On Kiev Maidan TV accidentally was voice the truth

A very interesting interview: each shell and bomb fired at Donetsk diminish chances to preserve Donbass as a part of Ukraine.

One of the rare cases when long video looks at one go. And one of those rare occasions when the media junta admits the truth live.

But just in case the video I downloaded. And then on YouTube last time the most interesting somewhere disappears.

[Jun 24, 2014] Ukraine passed the point of no return in war with Russia

There is a topic we forgot everything that happened in Ukraine, and in the end we took the Crimea. And sobbing Ukrainian politicians and commentators: " Why they came to us, we did not do them any harm" etc. Probably it make sense to remind how we reached the point of no return in our relations. Like in chess all moves were diligently recorded.

In itself original Maidan was not a point of no return. Well someone protesting against the agreement with the Custom Union in favor of the EU. Each side has his reasons. Well in the end is your internal business (I'm speaking now as an observer and not as a Russian politician). As hers how the cards should be played in civilized society! - press Yanukovich, so that he put you in bond to EU. Which he initially intended to sign. Or depose him in the next elections. And accusations about corruption of Yanukovich regime is no business for Russia. Deal with it themselves.

But now you made the first step toward the point of no return

It was preparation of the National-socialist storm troopers for the coup. Would any "European" state or any independent state which allow such things? neo-nzy troopers freely roming the streets of the capital? Next - Russophobic campaign in the media. Animators with action, "who does not jump, the Moskal!". What Evegeny Markovna "Moskal" you want to fight? How this is connected with you desire to join the EU and the fight against corruption? And what Moskal has do with your miserable corrupt government?

That was already "you came to us." A huge step toward a point of no return.

You come to us as a thousands acrobatic robots in the Internet which spread tons of shit. Russians are almost not interested in Ukrainian Internet and generally has nothing to post on it and do not track it. But your robots come to us. It is during the time of the Sochi Olympics. And such a rush of evil robots was unusual. Who was getting paid for it, who ignite this campaign, and to whom is it profitable?

This was another step toward the point of no return. The creation of new ukr-nazy media, 80% of the content which is Russophobia.

What is the goal of the attack was clear already then. Another step toward a point of no return.

The next step was actually a violent revolution called EuroMaidan. You kill and maim their own police. Capture the authorities. military and police forces. Capture their weapon. Do not perform any formally signed by your leaders agreements. And kill your own protesters and police in false flag operation and then refuse to investigate. And none of citizens rise against this brown menace, nobody cry out about fascism that came to your streets. And those people were killed by you or by your silence, which in the circumstances was equal to the support of neo-nazy coup.

This was another step to the point of no return.

Formally weak, dependent, but still a legitimate president, who represented the South Russian falls under the assault of Galicia storm troopers. And BTW you already had Yushchenko, and got so sick and ties with his rule that you deposed him at first opportunity. And like under Yushchenko you got again the country which is in-fact an American protectorate governed by warlords, prepared and put in power by the same Americans.

The next step to the point of no return.. Then the Americans insolently appoint Russophobic puppets as procurators.

Then "trains of friendship" with drunk or smoked "Svidomyti", armed hokhlo-piteki go to the Crimea, in Mariupol, Odessa, Kharkov, Donetsk. In the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine. To show who's boss. What were your motives?

And only THEN comes the Crimea. That was already the point of no return.

Later you burnt alive people in Odessa, bomb Donbass. Launch a total bacchanalia of lies, hypocrisy, hatred and supernatural meanness, inhuman crimes. What you've become?

It was already past the point of no return. We now will fight you.

We already understood that we need to deal with the bastards, idiots, with zombies, with the psychopaths who have no shadow of coincidence. With NLP, the war was declared on Russia. And now you say "Why you are after us? Why all those fighter from Russia came?"

And what are we had to do? You spoiled for the fight and now we came and we will not go away. Like it or not. And you should not say that it all started with the Crimea. It started much much earlier.

[Jun 24, 2014] Peculiarities of the Ukranian struggle for democracy by Alexey Poltorachenko

Jun 23, 2014 |

On may 25 in Ukraine hosted an extraordinary political "Yuriev day". The citizens got an opportunity to legalize the expulsion from the state Paradise some bandits and thieves and elect other. As always, the event was held in a warm democratic atmosphere, but in the soul remained vague doubt if the change of the guiding families can change the rules of life in our state.

"New power" slowly sends the active Maidan fighters to war with separatists. There they voluntarily give their lives for democracy, while the government will master "within its inner cycle" remains of the budget and international loans. Politicians quickly caught the moment, together ceased to entertain the population with the struggle for cancellation of their benefits and privileges, the fight against corruption, economic reform programs, etc. For the population, a new fake was invented: fighting separatism or an "anti-terrorist operation".

"New power" in essence, is a slightly forgotten project "Lyubi Druzi" ("Dear friends version 2") by Yushchenko. Why is the population of Ukraine with such persistence is constantly mistaken in their choice of leaders. Maybe the answer lies in our inability to choose and be responsible for their choices. Can you just stop shitting in the hallways on multistoried houses, in the street and learn to ask politicians strictly and in detail, while they still did not overeat from government property?

In previous articles have repeatedly called the attention of the reader pathological love of the population of Ukraine to deception on the part of its leaders. Suffice it to recall the dramatization of the death of Gongadze or fake poisoning of Yushchenko, to understand how Ukrainian politicians can easily and for many years to lie to their own people. Many of them have built on such scandals the whole career and many times multiplied their financial worth. And has not suffered any responsibility for the deception of people.

Recent elections put in doubt the ability of the population of Ukraine to elect their rulers. This is evident, for example, in the attitude of the authorities and population for its own army.

As is known, the General condition of the army of any country is concentrated reflection of actual norms and values of society and the state, on the protection of the army. In the world there are in principle three categories of armies: good army, poor army and the Ukrainian army.

The Ukrainian army, different from all other armies in the world by the fact that in essence, it is an organizational form of employment for generals and their joint business with politicians on the sale of arms, land and material values. After the sale of the Crimea, the Ukrainian army was the only army in the world, which for the voluntary surrender and transfer their own weapons of the enemy, were rewarding with medals and promotions. In the army and in the Navy there was not a single officer or soldier who at least tried to destroy their own weapons, materiel, sink the ships, to burn planes, etc. as required by the statutes of any army in the world. As punishment, the Minister of defense of Ukraine "heroically" went into well-paid retirement.

The episode with fry over to the mainland of a few of our own aircraft and helicopters are more result of misunderstanding than an act of resistance to the enemy. After all, being able to raise in the air combat vehicles, with arms and ammunition, the officers did not even try, let even the time to recapture its own base, to destroy the material part of it, so that she did not get to the enemy.

The Ukrainian army for the last six months, finally became a "worker-peasant" people's army. Privates and Junior officers of the army and there is fighting more for their own funds and donations of the population than the state. While the population donates 5 hryvnia on the army, Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs at this time does not spare money for your own advertising on television, Newspapers and billboards. Their families pursue defiantly luxury and Bohemian way of life in the country and abroad amid robbed citizens. No need to be a financial expert to see how this money can be used to re-army arm, clothe and equipped up to the modern standards. But the lives of ordinary soldiers and the population does not cost anything for the opportunity to take a seat on the political Olympus for subsequent sharing of the budget between themselves.

Particularly touched by the commitment of our generals and politicians to lead a modern high-tech war with poor budget and donations. This approach allows us to continue to steal budget money and material means, though very soon, this could lead to economic disaster for the country and the formal loss of independence. In General, who some this is a war, but for some a source of enrichment.

By and large, we should erect a statue of President Putin because he provided us with the uaniqquiw opportunity to see the whole inability of our politicians to do anything senseble for the country and the rottenness of the existing political system. Now each voter may, at its skin to assess the results of their voting. The antiterrorist operation very clear and firmly put before the people of Ukraine the key question: why they need such an Independent State? What unites the population of the areas to live peacefully in one state? Currently in the society are discussed only two "political theory": under whom to fall? under Russia or Europe? Option is chosen by politicians, depending where they store their money. Option "to live by their own mind in the home country" is not considered in principle.

... ... ...

The country actually restored the feudal system. Just look at the family list of employees top management to see a stable family and crony ties on the basis of which is formed by the highest state authorities. "Election" to the Verkhovna Rada, appointment to the highest state posts, just "bread" designated occur not only by way of sale, but also increasingly on the principle of blood relation and already inherited wealth. When there are not enough relatives, one can push into power mistresses, drivers and security guards, of which formed the "parliamentary and bureaucratic gang".

Formed on these principles, the Verkhovna Rada has long turned into "a meeting, where representatives of several major thieves families share the common Fund ("budget").

Especially fun to see the "round table" of officials and oligarchs, in his circle discuss the issues of remedy the situation in the country, which they brought to civil war. In General, the new boyars divide land and slaves.

No wonder that Ukrainian oligarchs returned to the well established practice of medieval Lords creation of own squads, militia and vessels in their estates.

As a result, the level of trust of the population to the existing state institutions, especially to the native oligarchs and deputies, came back to the times of appearance in Kiev the first foreign organized criminal group the monument to founder of which used to grace the city centre. People are so dissatisfied with their situation that most people, "good MP is dead MP" This desire also applies to the vast majority of officials, starting from the district level.

Under the circumstances, the possibility of violent seizure of political power in Ukraine became a purely technical question. The EuroMaidan had showed that for the seizure of power in Ukraine is quite enough one-or-two disciplined battalions with smart and decisive leader.

To regain the trust of the population can be done in just three steps.

  1. First, after the capture of the main administrative premises immediately and revealing to shoot half of all deputies, officials, judges, prosecutors, etc. for bringing the country to a state of civil war.
  2. The second half of officials to transfer to the minimum social security with settlement in labor camps, that his work would return the loot.
  3. Third. Quick and decisive implementation of the first two actions will allow to refuse from third of action for ethical reasons in this article is not worth while to say.

Analysis of the election campaign shows that the population of Ukraine is not ready to live according to democratic norms in Western European and unwilling to adapt these standards to yourself. Especially it scares the need to take responsibility for their choices. In Europe they are not stupid, and see well that the population of Ukraine is ready to vote for any adventurer if only he promised that he will share stolen loot. Moreover, it is doubtful that they will want to assist the population, which itself is not particularly seek to revive and to fight for your country, and hopes that "the West will help us" and will do it for them.

[Jun 24, 2014] Did Kolomoyski started a war with Poroshenko?

Jun 23, 2014 |
Accusations against the SBU about the "protection racket" in customs and publishing of scandalous details of orgies by former Prosecutor General Oleg Magnitski and former head of the NBU Stepan Kubiv in the night after their dismissal, may be just one of the episodes of the growing confrontation between the two major oligarchs of Ukraine.

Last week two information "bombs" exploded in the domestic media space,at first glance, completely unrelated.

  1. First, in several online publications published an article about how the head of the GPU Oleg Magnitskiy and Chairman of the national Bank Stepan Kubiv "celebrated" their simultaneous resignation. Party this, according to journalists, ended with the booze in one of the country's hotels and fight with visiting prostitutes, stop which could only come on call outfit law enforcement officers....
  2. The second "inform-bomb" worked on Sunday in one of the scenes of the final program "TSN. The week", which very detail and in color told about the "Criminal Association of custom officials and security forces". This criminal Association makes entrepreneurs to pay "kickbacks" for the safe passage of imported goods of any category. As evidence was demoed even "price list of services", anonymously sent to potential clients".

In addition, a significant part of the plot was devoted to a certain George Yaroshenko, who declared himself the "controller" acting on behalf of the security service of Ukraine in Kharkov, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk regions. As in the previous scandal, it also appeared country hotel and restaurant complex of extra-class (this time - "Bartolomeo"), where Yaroshenko, who arrived in Dnipropetrovsk, was allegedly used for private conversations of businessmen. The aim of these "talks" was to establish the size of "compensation" for each container, customs cleared in the region.

It should be noted that Yaroshenko has become a real "hero of the month" for the last week when his modest person have repeatedly got in focus of Ukrainian media . The main opponent of the new "controller" from security services invariably was Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration in the person of Governor Igor Kolomoiskiy and his inner circle.

Initially, "Obozrevatel" site published the news that the Deputy Governor Gennady Korban, June 14, has had a telephone conversation with Deputy Valery Ishchenko (friend and partner Yaroshenko). "At the end of their conversation Ishchenko handed the receiver to another Deputy Arthur Palatniy. At the same time the phone picked up the Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky. After that Kolomoisky and Palatniy has had an "informative talk". Its essence can only guess, but, according to our source, the tone and content of it was very close to the phone conversation that took place not so long ago between Igor Kolomoiskiy and Oleg Tsarev," - says the online publication.

More detailed response to the actual owner of Dnipropetrovsk region to the brazen "Varyag" (or rather, those who are standing behind him) also was not long in coming. Already on next day the Deputy Kolomoisky Stanislav Oleinik on his page on Facebook wrote:

"I Responsibly declare that as of today in fact there is direct evidence of extortion of money from Yaroshenko on behalf of the security service of Ukraine for the lack of problems with this Agency... Yaroshenko was not a swindler, who acted at its own risk. He really was based and relies on the total support of the corruption chain."

Another Deputy Boris Filatov, commenting on the appeal colleagues, added:

"we will not allow any "controllers". And the same should be in the whole country. such people should be burn out with a hot iron".

And under "purifying fire" from the owners of the region at the same time got Vitali Klitschko. Rather, his political force, because participating in a telephone conversation with Kolomoisky the people's Deputy Ishchenko is a member of the "UDAR", and Gennady Yaroshenko heads in the capital, it Darnitsky rayon cell.

After less than a week after media noise around Yaroshenko, was followed by the dismissal of Kubiv and Magnitski were dismissed - both according to analysts, long belonging to close cicle of Kolomoisky. It suffice it to recall that from 101,279 billion UAH., dedicated to the NBU for refinancing, 20,188 billion UAH. received Kilomiyski's "PrivatBank", losing in volumes of obtained funds only state Oschadbank (21.6 billion UAH).

But the Prosecutor General was not interested in any such blatant lobbying by Stepan Kubiev interests of the Bank belonging to Mr. Kolomoisky, nor that in a privileged position were also banks "Financial initiative" and "VAB Bank" owned by Oleh Bakhmatiuk, close to the ex-head of the NBU.

They were also not very interested in the sharp devaluation of the hryvnia, which lost almost 50% since February killed the purchasing power of the majority of ordinary Ukrainians. Although you don't need to be an economist to understand volumes of enrichment of persons who previously knew about this devaluation.

Instead, after only a month, newly appointed Prosecutor General Oleg Magnitskiy was seen in sales Department of prestigious property Novopecherskie Lipki on the street Dragomirova 14.

"He arrived at a brand new Mercedes S-class, accompanied by 3 guards. The Manager showed house layouts, explaining the value of the properly. Magnitskiy was with a woman. The visit was carried out at 10 am in working time", wrote on his Facebook page known journalist Serhiy Leshchenko.

"Neither Magnitski not his wife has in the Declaration to 2013 a penny of savings. I will not comment - I offer to do it for you," added many years the author of "the Ukrainian Pravda".

In short, this key dismissal in one day Kubiv with Magnitski can be seen not only as a logical intention of the new President to release strategic positions for people from your own team. Especially, if to take into account the "trail" of the coverage of the events that followed directly after the dismissal. Two retired officials were carefully followed from the first drink in Kiev, the VIP-restaurant brawl with visiting call girls on the balcony of the cottage, documenting each step. And information about the incident the next day was actively spread on the Internet.

It is easy to assume that the implementation of such operation is natural for security services taking in the account opportunities, and experience that they have. And in this particular case there was probably a more serious motivation caused information "leaks" about the SBU activaties from people Kolomoisky on so-called "Yaroshenko case".

Indirectly confirmed this version and one of the players in the scandal, Oleg Magnitskiy believes that this provocation ordered his and Oleg Kubiv political rivals . "For the time I was in my former position we have pinched tail to many people, said the former attorney General. - I think, it was easy pay a couple thousand dollars to black sites for writing what was written about us," reports "ANTICOR".

Such an "exchange of head blows" in the Ukrainian business circles are usually followed by negotiations to settle the situation. As an invitation to such negotiations through the press was thrown warning information that unknown enemies of Kubiv and Magnitkiy have photo and video evidence of their "adventures", which, if necessary, can be made public.

But Kolomoisky, obviously furious with the intention of SBU take away his tasty customs piece, does not look like a ready to agree to something person. Moreover, Magnitskiy, and Kubiv in their current status are absolutely useless to him (they do not have even Deputy mandates anymore). As a result, in the air of his TV channel "1+1" appeared mentioned above "killing" information about extortion "Of custom officials and security forces".

It is hardly accidental that the oligarch draws in their confrontation with the SBU first person of the state. And this is done using the attacks not only on controlled Poroshenko secret service (which promptly denied being represented by Yaroshenko, calling him a scamster), but his younger political partner Vitali Klitschko, who now is forced to publicly disassociate himself from his fellow party member Yaroshenko.

It is possible that undisguised desire Kolomoisky to make Poroshenko either "sacrifise" those in security servers who were involved or take dirt of the associated corruption scandal is dictated by reasonable fear of losing everything he made with so much blood in recent months.

After the accession of Peter Poroshenko to his position, the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, according to the procedure, made a submission on the dismissal of the governors of all the Ukrainian regions. And, according to the information source from the presidential administration, their posts can lose Sergey Taruta (Donetsk region), Igor Kolomoisky (the Dnepropetrovsk region) and Igor Palitsa (Odesa region).

Oleg Palitsa as a protégé Kolomoisky, for appointment of which Odessa has paid with fire nightmare on may 2 in the House of Trade Unions, provided its owner control of the best business-resources of the region: the Odessa port plant, oil refinery and, of course, the port itself. Weshould not now even talk about native to the owner of group "Privat" Dnipropetrovsk - economic locomotive of Ukraine, the absolute owner of everything it it he now became.

By the way, the glove has already thrown in the face of Petro Poroshenko: Kolomoisky actually wrecked declared the week-long truce. "During the working visit Poroshenko in Donetsk region Kolomoisky openly said to the President that he will never obey the truce and his army will fight these separatists," a source in the security Council told jounalists.

The "army Kolomoisky continued to shoot at separatists and separatists predictable returned fire. the only thing that remained to Poroshenko is complain in a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Merkel about 20 cases of violation of ceasefire regime for the day.

For the sake of justice it is worth noting that Peter Poroshenko is also not a man who is ready obediently to sign it on his own powerlessness. Not to mention the fact that for him at stake is much much more than the acquisition or loss of business assets. So the further battle for a place on the back of wildly Bouncing Bolivar called "Ukraine" is going to be much more interesting then details of country "massage" by former Prosecutor General Magnitkiy.

[Jun 23, 2014] Leonid Kuchma confirmed that parties agreed on a cease-fire until the morning on June 27.

This is from "semi-official" Ukrainian propaganda outlet...
Jun 23, 2014 |

The second president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, who is involved in negotiations to resolve the situation of Donetsk in the east, said that the parties agreed on a cease-fire until the morning on June 27. He said this at a briefing after the talks, says Russian "Interfax".

"We agreed on a bilateral cease-fire to 10 am on 27 June" - said Kuchma.

In turn, present at the meeting, representatives of the OSCE said they would conduct joint work to find the group disappeared in the Donetsk region. "The OSCE promotes peaceful resolution of conflict, but we must be sure that our mission will be safe," - said the representative of the OSCE.

On Monday, in the building of the Donetsk Regional State Administration multilateral negotiations took place between the representatives of Ukraine, terrorist organizations "DNR" and "FSC" and the Russian Federation.

The talks were attended by Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov, representative of the OSCE Chairman Heidi Tagliavini, the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, head of the NGO "Ukrainian choice" Medvedchuk, representative "NPT" Alexander Boroday, leader of the pro-Russian movement "South-East" Oleg Tsarev representatives "FSC."

Boroday earlier said that the militants are ready to cease fire in response to similar actions of the Ukrainian side.

... ... ...

[Jun 23, 2014] Is the USA using Ukraine and the neo-nazi elements to provoke war between Russia and Ukraine, and ultimately throughout Europe ?

Caroline Louise, 23 June 2014 2:19pm

This guy, Sergey Glazyev, thinks the US is using Ukraine and the neo-nazi elements to provoke war between Russia and Ukraine, and ultimately throughout Europe, for their own economic and geo-political advantage.

We have to hope he's just paranoid.

SHappens -> Caroline Louise, 23 June 2014 2:32pm
I am afraid he is not.

This event happened yesterday in Kharkiv

yalensis, June 23, 2014 at 4:03 am
Meanwhile, this event happened yesterday in Kharkiv:

To commemmorate "Day of Mourning" (=the day when Nazi Germany invaded Soviet Union), a procession of anti-fascists formed in Kharkiv. Organizers themselves said three hundred people, but from the vid it looks like at least a couple of thousand.

Procession was organized mainly by supporters of Ukrainian Communist Party plus various other "Peace" groups and people expressing opposition to Kiev junta's "punitive" operations in the East. People carried various anti-fascist banners and sang the song Священная война ("Holy War") which has become the anthem of the anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine, and also became the signature tune of Crimean Russians, when they re-merged with Russia.

You can also see from the vid that the Kharkiv police are protecting the demonstrators and even appear to be marching with them amicably on the sidelines.

So, next thing you know, a group of Right Sektor hooligans, having planned their usual provocation, decide to attack the anti-fascist procession. And why wouldn't they, since Right Sektor honours the OTHER side of that "Holy War", i.e., the Nazi invaders.

This had the makings of the usual Odessa-type tragedy, Right Sektor planned start some provocation,then beat up and disperse the peaceful anti-fascist protesters.
But then things didn't go their way: The Kharkiv police blocked off the Right Sektor and drove them back. The video shows furious Right Sektor hooligans taunting the police, saying things like, "But those are separatists! Why are you protecting them?" The police are not impressed and curtly order the hooligans to stay back. A few police batons are swung.

At one point, Right Sektor try to whip up their supporters, screaming about how some woman got beat over the head by a cop. As if on cue, a woman wanders into the camera angle, showing off a patch of (fake) blood on her scalp. This is the usual Right Sektor bullshit, but it doesn't work this time. They didn't have their way, the anti-fascists were not beaten up, the Kharkiv police didn't budge, and were not intimidated by the Nazi thugs.

[Jun 23, 2014] Ukraine ceasefire under pressure as fighting flares again

From comments: "I just read that Kerry is telling the Iraqi government that it needs to be inclusive and needs to represent all three ethnic groups: Sunni, Shia and Kurd. I wonder whether he has noticed the "slight" inconsistency in the way he talks about Iraq and Ukraine?" "Oh, he is plenty consistent. Consistently doesn't give a rats ass about principle."
The Guardian

In his comments published on the Kremlin website, Putin repeated his support for the ceasefire and peace plan in only general terms.

"We need to ensure that all fighting is stopped," he said. "Ultimately the political process is the most important. It is important that this ceasefire lead to dialogue between all opposing sides in order to find compromises acceptable for all."

Poroshenko told US vice president Joe Biden during a phone call on Sunday that Russian separatists continue to attack Ukrainian forces, including with artillery, despite the ceasefire, the White House said.

"The vice president reiterated that the United States was working closely with its G7 partners to prepare further economic sanctions against Russia if Moscow did not take actions ... to stop the flow of arms and militants across the border and use its influence to publicly call on the separatists to lay down their arms," the White House added.

The insurgency in the largely Russian-speaking east erupted in April after street protests in the capital Kiev toppled the Moscow-backed leader Viktor Yanukovich.

Russia subsequently annexed Ukraine's Crimean peninsula and the West has accused Russia of supporting the insurgency.

French president Francois Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel urged Putin by telephone on Sunday to work for the resumption of talks to end the conflict, Hollande's office said.

The two leaders "reiterated the importance of ensuring full control of the Russia-Ukraine border to prevent the infiltration of gunmen and military equipment", the statement said.

Robert Sandlin, 23 June 2014 4:10am

News from the neo-nazi occupied areas of Ukraine:

Radicals have attacked Russia's Sberbank office in Kiev. Masked extremists shattered windows with stones and hurled placards. They did not enter the office. Local media reports that security forces were deployed. The attack came after hundreds of masked extremists rallied outside Kiev's Pechersk Lavra monastery, chanting Nazi slogans.

And more on the monastery, one of the most Holy shrines in Ukraine and the Orthodox World.

Extreme nationalists have clashed with police officers outside Kiev's Pechersk Lavra monastery. A group of about 200 radicals gathered outside the monastery, from where religious activists planned a procession against Ukraine signing the EU Association Agreement and the "anti-terrorist operation" in the southeast of the country. Police blocked access to the Lavra to avoid clashes between the two groups.

lifeintheusa -> Robert Sandlin, 23 June 2014 4:57am

Again, a tiny minority of absolute cretins attempting to create chaos.

Robert Sandlin -> lifeintheusa, 23 June 2014 5:23am

But backed by the biggest players in the Ukraine.

Czechlander, 23 June 2014 4:11am

Yeah, how the heck can this tiny minority of 15,000,000 dare to want federalization?

Besides, Kiev is being lent billions to teach this tiny minority (only a third of greater Ukraine) some manners by the force of arms. These Russians are expected to pay for the bullets used on them, once they have been compelled to capitulate; their lands are going to be fracked.

The situation is going to be an even greater farce when Kiev declares a unilateral capitulation :)

Robert Sandlin, 23 June 2014 4:13am

Here is a poll on Ukrainian thinking on Bandera and the difference by region.And a statement from a man in Donetsk on the subject:

Geographical divide a poll

In a 2009 survey from the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), in Galicia (the part of Western Ukraine with Lviv, Ternopil and Ivan–Frankivsk), 63% of Ukrainians had a positive attitude towards Bandera (of which 37% very positive), 12% had a negative attitude (of which 6% very negative).

In the Centre of Ukraine, 13% had a positive attitude towards Bandera (of which 3% was very positive),and 38% a negative attitude (of which 21% was very negative). In Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk, Lugansk but also Kharkov, Dniepropetrovsk and Zaporizhia), 2% had a positive attitude towards Bandera (of which 1% was very positive),and 59% a negative attitude (of which 46% was very negative).

In the South of Ukraine, 1% had a positive attitude towards Bandera, and 45% a negative attitude (of which 30% was very negative).

The view of a Donbass resident

The following 11 April 2014 interview (in Le Courrier de Russie ) of a Donetsk (Donbass, Eastern Ukraine) policeman summarizes it all: "Here in the Donbass, we have nothing in common with Lviv -the only thing that still unites us, is the country. It was Vatunin [Soviet general in WW2] who liberated my city.

And six months later, he was assassinated by the soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Over there, in Lviv, their heroes are the people from the Ukrainian Insurgent Army; but for me, it is Vatunin the hero. That man who led the Red Army and who freed my city from the fascists.

What do we have in common with Lviv people? We have a different History and a different culture."

Alexander Andreev -> peacefulmilitant, 23 June 2014 7:29am

Actually the best possible solution for both sides (federalization) allows Ukraine to keep their territorial integrity. Initially East Ukraine, including Donetsk, only wanted change in their regional government and certain other things. Like putting stop to gas fracking prospects in the area.

However when you wake up with a mortar shell landing in your yard you want less territorial integrity and more safety from the bastards who fired it because they found it easier than just to talk.

UnelectedMonarchyUK, 23 June 2014 4:29am

Looks like a Northen Ireland situation. So Britain and its USA boss should keep their noses out.

PlayaGiron, 23 June 2014 4:30am
"He appeared to attach no blame to separatist forces" ...

... and of course the NATO controlled media and puppet government in Kiev are the very beacons of balanced reporting.

Maybe a real reporter should ask their heroes in Kiev why the Ukrainian junta is positioning around the cities of the Donbass massive artillery pieces designed to level entire neighbourhoods as part of their "peace process"?

Alexander Andreev -> PlayaGiron, 23 June 2014 7:36am
These are highly humane and very precise weapons meant to protect local population from Russian saboteurs and bloodthirsty Chechen mercenaries.

Isn't death by artillery strike much more honorable for a civilian than risking to "lose their territorial integrity" a tiniest bit?

Jeremn PlayaGiron, 23 June 2014 2:29pm
Yes, agreed. And the Kyiv government is being encouraged by its Western partners. Its Western partners laud the government's restraint as it shells and bombs civilians.

Today, in Cairo, Kerry said (about Iraq):

This is a critical moment where together we must urge Iraq's leaders to rise above sectarian motivations and form a government that is united in its determination to meet the needs and speak to the demands of all of their people.

When did they insist the eastern Ukrainians were represented in Kyiv? Not one minister is an easterner, not one person of any influence. The party that represented the east, the Party of Regions, has been swept away, its MPs stay away from the Rada or murmur in the backbenches. Half the country unrepresented, insulted, abused and then shelled and called terrorists.

And not a murmur from Hague, Kerry or Hollande. They shouldn't have been talking about restraint, they should have been enforcing restraint and insisting on a collective solution to Ukraine's problems.

Instead we have war.

ID075732, 23 June 2014 4:30am

As many people have commented, this cease fire was never agreed by both sides, so is just being imposed by Poroshenko and the West. Unfortunately Poroshenko is just a puppet of the US. The Putschists, who are unelected by the population, still have massive influence over what fighting is happening in Ukraine.

All of this goes generally unreported, as does the continued chaos and insecurity in Kiev, as reported by other posters here. Blaming Putin for the de-stabilisation of Ukraine, is and always has been, just a red herring.

Robert Sandlin, 23 June 2014 4:51am

One of the two parties making up the Ukrainian government is Svoboda a neo-nazi party.They hold several Ministry Posts and are important in the Military terror effort in East Ukraine.Lets get to know them a bit:

In 2013 too, thirty MPs of the Israeli Knesset (there are 120 MPs in total) sent the following letter to the president of the EU parliament:"Dear Mr. President! First of all, let us thank you for your activities to strengthen the values of justice and democracy in Europe and the whole world. We want to note that Europe is a more welcoming and tolerant place now, thanks to your initiatives and to the spirit you bring to the continent.However, it has been more than half a year we receive alarming reports on the new nationalistic trend in Ukraine stirred up by the Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party, which won more than ten percent of votes in the last parliamentary elections. We are aware of the threats and slander hurled by members of that party against the Jews, the Russians, and others. These are the people who draw their inspiration from the Nazis and openly glorify the mass murderers of the SS Ukrainian Divisions. We were also shocked by the fact, that this party is not isolated at all but enjoys full cooperation of the two main opposition parties in Ukraine. Unfortunately, these parties did not protest at all against the actions and statements of their extreme partner, but even have compromised themselves by their own public glorification of Ukrainian Nazi war criminals.We can not stand idly by the phenomenon of neo Nazism in any part of the world. Our duty is to speak out and to contact our colleagues around the world to join the efforts and to eliminate the symptoms which take us to the darkest times of humanity. We appreciate the strong position which the European Parliament expressed on this issue in December last year. We also want to thank you for the refusal of the EP to have any working relations with the Svoboda party and for the clarification to all forces operating in Ukraine, that no attempt of Nazism glorification will be tolerated by Europe. We hope to work together for the better and safer future of Europe and the whole world."

On 13 December 2012 the Euro-pean Parliament adopted a text in which one paragraph read "Parliament goes on to express concern about the rising nationalistic sentiment in Ukraine, expressed in support for the Svoboda Party, which, as a result, is one of the two new parties to enter the Verkhovna Rada [The Ukrainian parliament]. It recalls that racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views go against the EU's fundamental values and principles and therefore
appeals to pro-democratic parties in the Verkhovna Rada not to associate with, endorse or form coalitions with this party


Just over a year later, the EU associated with Svoboda in the toppling of the democratically elected government, and then backed the new coalition, of which Svoboda was the second most important political party. When the EU signed the trade agreement with Ukraine, Svoboda was part of the Ukrainian government

Robert Sandlin, 23 June 2014 5:17am
Now that we've seen a bit about Svoboda how about its leaders and their views that are helping to lead Ukraine.Just who are these luminaries that so make up Ukrainians new government:

Tyahnibok (who was born in Lviv, West Ukraine) became member of the Social-National Party in 1991 and became an MP in 1998. In 2002 he was reelected as part of the coalition led by Yushchenko (Yushchenko became president in 2005). He was expelled from that coalition after a speech in the summer of 2004 in which he talked of: "the Moscow-Jewish mafia ruling our Ukraine" and celebrated the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists for having fought " Moscovites, Germans, Jews and other scum who wanted to take away our Ukrainian state".
Svaboda MP Igor Miroshnichenko is Deputy Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information. He had made news in the West in 2012 by calling Ukrainian actress Mila Kunis a"dirty jewess".On 19 March 2014 he made news again by storming with four others the office of the head of National TV, Oleksandr Panteleymonov

. They assaulted Panteleymonov, forced him to sign a resignation letter, and abducted him for several hours. Astonishingly, Miroshenko then posted online the video of the assault. The message he wanted to send was clear. We do not know what happened after this assault. On Panteleymonov wikipedia page, it says "Acting CEO of National Television Company of Ukraine from 20 February 2013 to 25March 2014)."

Olha Ostriitchouk reported Tyanhibok's reaction: "If yesterday such methods were justified (for example the take over of regional administrations and people's pressure on high officials to sign resignation letters), today we don't need them (other methods, legal, can be used)."

From the Nation and Foreign Policy in Focus: "Svoboda has always had a soft spot for the [Waffen SS] Galicia Division, and one of its parliament members, Oleg Pankevich, took part in a ceremony last April honoring the unit. Pankevich joined with a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church near Lviv to celebrate the units seventieth anniversary and rebury some of the divisions dead."

Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn,He was number one of the Svaboda list for the 2010 Lviv's municipal elections. In 2005 he established a "Joseph Goebbels Political Research Centre" (he changed the name in 2008). The url was (see Olszanski's article).

he number 88 refers to "Heil Hitler" in neo-nazi terminology (H is the 8th letter in the alphabet), and the Nachtigal battalion was the name of one of the two Ukrainian SS divisions that sided with Nazi Germany prior and during the June 1941 attack on the Soviet Union.Mykhalchyshyn has referred to the Holocaust as a "period of Light in history".

Iryna Farion,After the 2 May 2014 Odessa massacre in which about 40 people died after a building was set on fire, she wrote on her website "Bravo, Odessa.Pearl of Ukrainian spirit. City of the great nationalists Ivan and Youri Lipa.Let the demons burn in hell. Football fans are the best. Bravo."

edwardrice -> Robert Sandlin,23 June 2014 8:20am
it is extraordinary when the are openly antisemitic Neo-Nazis in power within the regime in Ukraine there isn't a word about it in the western media.

The ADL conducted a survey about the rise in antisemitism in Europe and they somehow missed all those EU and US diplomats and politicians
meeting the Neo-Nazi Tyahnibok in Kiev before the coup. What's going on?

Scipio1 -> Robert Sandlin,23 June 2014 9:25am
Now that we've seen a bit about Svoboda how about its leaders and their views that are helping to lead Ukraine. Just who are these luminaries that so make up Ukrainians new government.

See further academic commentaries:

The Creeping Resurgence of the Ukrainian Right. The Case of the Freedom Party (Svoboda). Anton Shekhovtsov

Organized Anti-Semitism in contemporary Ukraine. Influence and Ideology.

The Return of the Ukrainian Far Right: The Case of VO Svoboda.

Both by Per Anders Rudling

tanyushka, 23 June 2014 5:19am
at least three conditions should be met to make this ceasefire work:
  1. there have to be peace talks involving not just Kiev, the EU & Russia, but also Novorrosiya's authorities... Putin doesn't speak for us but Kiev keeps acting as if everything depended on him
  2. a plebiscite with international supervision should be held in all the oblasts in the East & South to decide if people wants a federal system, a unitary system or joining Russia as Crimea did
  3. it has to be formed a Truth & Reconciliation Committee with full powers & members of the Churches, Humans Rights Groups, intellectuals, lawyers, politicians representing all sides involved to investigate the Maidan & Odessa massacres & the abuses committed by both sides during the war & also those committed when Yanukovich was overthrown

These are the minimal conditions that have to be met to make this unilateral ceasefire credible & useful to achieve peace.

Antidyatel -> tanyushka, 23 June 2014 5:34am

I always wondered what does the category "intellectuals" mean and why everyone else on the list are excluded from this category. Is it similar to another rubbish word as "intelligentsia"? Just interesting.

Nice point about Putin though. The reason why West is addressing him all the time is because they don't want to give any recognition to representatives from Eastern Ukraine. Even if Putin lock himself in a cave, they will still insist on negotiating with him. Quite a dirty trick.

In Syria they were insisting on negotiations with opposition. After members of opposition were caught on camera eating hearts of the Syrian soldiers, a term of "moderate opposition" appears. Somehow in Ukraine they don't even try to look for "moderate opposition". Condemning the expulsion of the only Eastern Ukrainian candidate from a sham presidential elections could be the first step. But that will imply that US/EU are interested in a discussion, which they are not.

betelguese, 23 June 2014 5:21am

Since Hunter Biden, son of US VP Joe Biden joined the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine's largest private gas producer, the group has prospects in eastern Ukraine where civil war is threatened following the coup
in Kiev.

Biden will advise on "transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities to contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine."

If anyone wants to tell me that it is not US big business and military that has vested interest in orchestrating what is now going on in Ukraine, demonizing Putin, but at the same destabilizing situation over there, lying and covering up
mini-genocide of civilian population in Eastern part of a country, where women and the kids are killed and tens of thousands being moved on the Russian side, then all I have to say – wake up --

Typical CIA operation, American aggression, not Russian one -- Except this time it is Kiev that does the killing for them !

nic nic, 23 June 2014 6:16am

Poroshenko wants Putin's unqualified backing for a 15-point peace plan

There is a bug))
Poroshenko wants only what Obama wants))

Actually, federalization of Ukraine is contrary to the interests of only one country - the United States. USA paid a lot of money and want to get full control of the whole territory of Ukraine - federalization it will not allow.
USA play "all or nothing" - if they don't have full control, they are ready to destroy Ukraine.

Eugene Grinchenko, 23 June 2014 7:02am
In fact it was the seizure of power in Kiev by Galician fascists, who subjugate and Russian-speking and Jewish activists, also football ultras. Now they are pursuing a comprehensive military operation involving intelligence services and fascist illegal armed groups against the population of the South-East of Ukraine. Essentially, it is a conflict - civilizational choice and some ind rematch of 1941-1945: For Europe under Nazi domination or Eurasia relatively democratic.
madeiranlotuseater, 23 June 2014 7:07am
It is always interesting reading these comments. You have those readers who believe that Putin is totally evil. A sort of bigoted position where there is no grey. Only black. Then there are those who see this whole saga as a western plot to prevent the rise of the BRICS. (have to count myself as one of those) But then we have to read the comments of the fight on the ground in the east. It is difficult to imagine there can be a successful peace plan when the leaders of the people being bombed, shot and burned are only being asked to put down their arms and not be invited to the table for talks. How much is Russia involved in supporting the east? Does Russia wish to annex Ukraine? Foghy Rasmussen as head of NATO seems rather keen on conflict. There is scant proof that Russia is providing much military hardware or troops. About the same amount of proof that the CIA are up to their alleged trick of destabilising countries.

For me the actual agenda is not about Russia´s expansionism. Yes, they probably wanted Crimea back. It is their warm water winter port and the possibility of losing that was too much. The Baltic States and Poland? Hardly. Russia is building ties with Brazil,India, China and South Africa. This conflict within Ukraine is an attempt by the west to discredit Russia in the eyes of the other members of the BRICS. Its momentum in the west is the belief that Russia is still the enemy but the people of the west are beginning to feel, rightly or wrongly, that this is more to do with a propaganda war and that Russia is the victim and not the perpertrator.

ProfRatBaggy -> madeiranlotuseater, 23 June 2014 7:09am
America wants to essentially encircle both Russia and China.
PeterSchmidt 23 June 2014 7:49am
Funny the US wants an inclusive government with between shiia and sunni in Iraq, but don't hold that same requirement to Ukraine.

Kerry is also very friendly with the Egyptian president and says he will respect the will of the people, but doesn't want to respect the will of the Syrian people.

Places sanctions on Uganda for its gay laws, but considers Qatar and the Saudis his best friends.

Western politics (or in fact any) is all about interests. The EU was expanded not because the west suddenly felt a warm love towards Hungarians, Slovaks or Romanians. It expanded because it needed markets and in the process made sure that Eastern Europe was left with no industry at all. Only assembly lines with cheap labour. Now we pay western prices but earn 10 times less.

Ukraine will be the next looting place. Whatever left by the oligarchs will be stolen by the EU and the US. Cheap slave labour is also handy as Chinese labour costs are on the rise. The BBC will also make sure that dissenting voices for those opposing western looting will not be heard.

Hottentot, 23 June 2014 7:58am

Biden and the US need to stick a sock in it. Russia is not responsible for those fighting against Kiev, quite how Biden can say Russia is supplying weapons when those fighting in the east are taking over military bases in Ukraine and getting access to weapons defies belief, but there again the US lives in its own diktat la la land.

Poroshenko is a US puppet, the US has caused all the problems in Ukraine because it wants to put more weapons nearer Russia, it wants access to the Black sea threatening Russia's fleet and it want access to gas and oil. The warmonger US children and their puppet Poroshenko need to stop dictating to Russia and do what Putin has proposed throughout.

TedMorgan38, 23 June 2014 7:58am

A unilateral ceasefire without the ceasing of fire. How can the Guardian champion a "peace" in which the shelling of civilians continues unabated?

Poroshenko, the illegal President of Ukraine, placed in his role by a coup and elections that did not extend to the East, is the darling of a Russophobic Guardian that has continuously denied the active involvement of self-designated fascists who, after the violent overthrow of Yanukovych, are militarised and slaughtering Ukrainians who reject them.

Well, civilians continue to die at the hands of these fascists, including my daughter-in-law's cousin, a mere boy, killed in East Ukraine by forces the Guardian cheerleads. Yanukovych was called a monster for allegedly ordering his police to fire on civilians, even though evidence points to those in the present coup regime being responsible. Poroshenko swaggers in combat fatigues, revelling in his role of military commander, sending tanks, warplanes, attack helicopters against his own people, and criticism of him? There is none. The Guardian's condemnation is noticeable by its absence.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

[Jun 23, 2014] Hundred years of solitude for the Ukrainian President by Nyura Berg

It looks like "junta in chocolate" declared a truce. A whole week of peaceful life granted to us by the President, Poroshenko before "the final solution" of Donbass question. Sill no joy. I am straining to convince myself, even with the help of auto-training, but feel no joy. Events that occurred after the publication of this optimistic Manifesto, leave me with a sense of bitterness and despair.

Well, judge for yourself. Peter Poroshenko assessment of the situation and the rhetoric has not changed a single millimeter. Pro-autonomy militias are still bandits and terrorists who want to destroy Ukraine. The President is not going to listen to their reasons or take into consideration in possible negotiations their interests. Actually, the negotiations have already been - Poroshenko discussed the peace plan with the local elite, and his plan was supported by one hundred percent, according to witnesses and Hanna Herman. The problem is that we don't know who these influential people were and what they do today.

This was not local deputies, nor representatives of militia, not any of respected in the region of the people. Then who? I suspect that the negotiations were held with representatives of the so-called civil sector, which is represented exclusively by social activists aka grant-eaters. The degree of their influence on the life of Donbass and mindset of people, not counting the limited local liberal-nationalist parties, is not visible even in the strongest microscope. Does it make sense to negotiate with them? Just because this is what he was told to do in the USA Embassy?

In order for something to rely on, this is something that should provide the necessary resistance, so I was taught in the physics class in high school. If the President met with people for years who were on U.S. and to a lesser extent the European taxpayers payroll, what kind of necessary resistance and criticism can we talk about? The centre of the influence they have is the same as our newly minted President and is well known. It's the U.S. Embassy. And as humorless Psaki just said the situation in Ukraine is under control.

The President behaviour is certainly understandable. Zugzwang, in which he got is absolutely terrible. On the one hand, he has several times in a beautiful position of a peacemaker, with befitting the moment facial expressions and gestures promised to stop the war. Until the end of the week. He did not tell us which week. Well, here in Slavyansk the ceasefire was announced, and we know what the last and current weeks were about.

On the other hand, the olive branch in his hand was a first was openly ridiculed by "Patriotic oligarch" Kolomoisky, which directly stated that fighting will not stop, and on Sunday was subjected to withering criticism by Maidan radicals (who are still roaming the streets of Kiev) and who would like that in the speeches of the President no a single letter hinted at a peaceful resolution of the situation.

One can often hear a question - why Mr. Poroshenko, successful entrepreneur, pragmatic oligarch, seem so eagerly rushed to take this post? The post on which he is nothing buy a pitiful marionette. Is was not a rocket science to calculate risks. Or that he will be paralyzed by aggressive, hungry and bloodthirsty nationalist community, which will strictly defines the agenda?

Even at the moment Mr. Poroshenko uttered his "peaceful proposals", the guns were firing at full speed. In no way they were silenced. On the contrary, it is in moments when the President pathetically declared the peace plan, shells were fired into Russian territory in the area of the crossing point Dolzhanskaya "that led to the destruction of buildings and injured foreign custom official". The statement that the soldiers will open fire only in response, impresses nobody. It's like a children's checkmate in chess. when a person learned to play three days ago already can master this simple trick. It is not necessary to be a great scientist, you just have to listen and look around to see how easily this condition can be bypassed. Who is going to find out, whose shot was the first? You can shoot yourself in the sky and then respond to this shoot with the full force.

Shelling of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk after the announcement of the ceasefire, which officially began on 20 June at 22 : 00, never stopped. Intense battle was at the checkpoint Dolzhansky. Buses with children who went to Rostov region, were fired on the move.

Who dares not to follow the order of the commander in chief? Who substitutes "the guarantor of the Constitution" and Army Chief? Who is so independent that can neglect firm word of the President, which he gave to the country and, as usual, to the world, and most importantly, presidents and chancellors who control our government with a cynical openness?

The mere statement, colored the most pathetic colors, containing unrealistic promises, and is trying to shove 10 pound into five pound bad was a joke. Solid guarantee that destroyed cities will be rebuild, drives everybody in sardonic laugh. Why, say, deliberately and consistently shell and bomb Slavyansk, Semenovka and Kramatorsk, Mariupol and Happiness, transforming houses, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, roads in a pile of rubble? Who and how will restored this huge damage. At whose expense? The population continues to leave their homes and seek shelter with relatives and friends.

How can you live with relatives and friends? The question will inevitably arise - what to do next? Summer will fly in an instant, relatives tired, familiar ties cool down. To demand from the people of the eternal mercy and altruism is naive. So where will return the inhabitants, for example, Slavyansk? And how not to believe people who say that those cities were deliberately decided to be leveled into parking lot, eliminated from off the face of the earth, to released the territory for use to satisfy some of the more pressing needs of our government and, of course, its handlers?

Fleeing in terror Donbass residents do not want to believe themselves, in the soul realizing that the conception of power that is: cleaning of the territory from the people for whom Lugansk, Donetsk, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk - native land. To deprive people of soil, confidence, to make them confused demoralized crowd, Diaspora others ' territories. Is not this a diabolical plan of the new government?

The Ombudsman Lutkovska, which was terribly concerned about the violation of human rights on the Maidan, but lapsed into deep silence right from the first day of the bombing of Donbass, suddenly became concerned about the situation of migrants. This word means we have to call the people that the war was driven from their perches. Such a sweet euphemism, in order to present refugees as a capricious child that suddenly decided to change places. And they suddenly abandon their homes, relatives, even Pets, and all at once starred in search of new impressions and high incomes.

Shame is not a smoke, it does not affect eyes. Lutkovska agree to call these people displaced and discuss their resettlement problems. But only quietly, so as not to annoy the authorities. It was not a criminal regime of Yanukovich. With new democrat in power you really can be physically kicked in a head for such behaviour.

While the Ombudsman with the team run between the raindrops, liberal society abuse social network. Some because of problems with their brains, and some for 25 cents for the comment. Refugees from Donbas drawn the most infernal freaks, cattle, arrogant and stupid hangers-on and parasites. Conversion of people of Donbass into Ukrainian variant of undermensch continues at a record pace that no one had even slightest pity to them. Especially mad are young and conditionally young (20 to 35) ladies. These state your thoughts in this way, that the famous Ogre Bokassa would be red with shame. If we are so nasty, why are you trying us to hold within Ukraine girls? Oh Yes, not us, we does not matter, its the territory.

The world community keeps a conspiracy of silence around the tragedy of Donbass. The death of women and children impresses no one. Our compatriots call us larvae and females of Colorado bugs. Photographs and testimony of witnesses declared to be fiction or fakes from the Russian media.

The great writer Marquez, who told the world about the fantastic and tragic village of Macondo, in one of the episodes provinces describes a situation like this. It's when the national army shot 3 thousand striking workers, whose corpses were thrown into the sea, and the story about it completely erased from the collective memory. We thought, it does not happen - well, except that in the fantastic and mysterious novels. It happens. Dying of sadness and loneliness, people are experiencing a terrible tragedy all his life under dead silence indifferent spectators.

Biden assured Poroshenko that the whole world supports the Ukrainian government, who systematically and methodically cleaning Donbass from the population, including, serving, in a way, commercial interests of Mr. Biden's son...

The United Nations agree to acknowledge that refugees exist, and, for example, in Odessa, every day comes 50-60 people. This, according to the UN raises certain concerns...

But in reality, people are afraid to contact the authorities and leaving thousands quietly for Russia, getting primarily grey and crying out their eyes. Trying to disappear into the crowds of other cities or to cross the border into Russia. Everyone remember the promise to hang, the promise of filtration camps, "accommodation" in other provinces...

Against this background, the President's statements about taking into account of interests of the inhabitants of Donbass look looks as cruel mockery. Promises to negotiate even with separatists, even with those who have diametrically opposite views on the future of Ukraine, could become a basis for optimism. If the authorities made any attempts of such negotiations to begin. Instead, Poroshenko declares that the war united the nation, which is now as united as never before. Why, then, to break such a valuable tool? It looks like you like the was Mr. Poroshenko, don't you?

Therefore, real negotiations about peace, and tricks done by lapdogs at the order of the US owners will never start. Also the government was taken hostage by the radicals. On Sunday yet another Maidan "people assembly" showed who keeps fingers at the throat of the President. The list of requirements of participants of the this "People Assembly" leaves no room for optimistic improvisations. From power required stiffness, uncompromising and war.

And the President try to satisfy this new type of auditors/controllers of his behaviour - assuring supporters that he will find and punish the murderers of the participants of the Maidan during sniper-gate. In the process Poroshenko says wonderful phrase: "Never again will the Ukrainian government should shoot at Ukrainian people. We must create a new situation. We will never stop. We defeated Yanukovich. We will defeat bandits. We will build a new country, the country for which the people came out on the Maidan".

Now let's think at whom Ukrainian authorities are shelling and killing at Slavyansk?

But if the participants of the "People Assembly" (Veche) can still be inspire by pathetic assurances instead of hard cash, then how the radicals who on Sunday stormed Kiev Lavra Monastery under the pretext of preventing armed rebellion, which, apparently, were held by elderly and very elderly, who wanted to hold a procession for the peace of the country?


P.S. In anticipation of the sorrowful date June 22, 7-th channel of Kharkov TV, who as they say, belongs to mayor Kernes, who promised in his time to break the Nazis arms and legs, showed interesting documentary. The audience told how wonderful, how great this city was doing during the German occupation. Banks, libraries and cinemas were working, the population attended concerts and were given loans. And this is a great splendor was so rudely interrupted by the Soviet army. Well, it looks like 20 million of Soviet citizens committed mass suicide, at least according to the latest trends of the Ukrainian ideological revolution

Mihail Baevsky

I'm not sure that the current Ukraine can help something besides that helped Germany in 1945. Yesterday's pictures from Kiev, where pathetic behavioure of polit equipped according to the latest "fashion". "Law enforcers", which were beaten by dozens agitated young men in masks, who took from then shields, batons, etc. After seeing that I finally was convinced that when those who are required by their duty to disperse insane morons put the organizers and leaders in jail, but trying faster to slip in a safe place, the state is doomed. THIS STATE? THE UKRAINIAN STATE NO LONGER EXIST. It became a place with the most dangerous for the world abscess that need to be cured with surgery.

sever -> Mihail Baevsky

SHOCK... the COMPLETE MEDIEVAL DARKNESS... HORROR... AND all what Nyura wrote is true! This is truth about current Ukraine! And absolute despair! To live with fascists and Bandera followers is unbearable, But to split the territory from them is possible only via war! Such a wonderful opportunities for people of Donbass!

These bastards will never negotiate; then want just another "March on Madrid!" They want everybody behaved as they wish, or make a scorched territory out of those who resist. Why pity those barbarians (as they think!) all those residents of Donbass.

But this will not be as they want. F*ck you, Western Ukrainian brothers!!! War kills on both sides! And coffins already flying to West Ukraine. Sh*tty Ukrainian TV now shows magnificent funerals of "Heroes", and or some reason we do not mind, because all the pity of our souls was destroyed by their bombardments of our cities! The more of them die, the better.

Our children are dying, peaceful people are dying Nyura! Thanks a lot for the article...

Perhaps to change the mood, I should reread your past columns NURA! Funny, sarcastic, ironic!

Still Nura your analysis of the situation as depressing as it is pretty much precise diagnose of the current situation. I don't like this situation. Oh, I really do not like it !!!

ksapp -> sever

Yes, It is evident that Nyura columns became more and more sad. When such things happen, at some point sarcasm stop working.

[Jun 23, 2014] Looks like Poroshenko is not in full control to what happens in South East

I think both Turchinov and Yatsenyuk want Poroshenko be involved in the same crimes they already committed...

jonsid , 20 June 2014 8:40pm

If Poroshenko imagines he has any control over the forces attacking the people in the east he's seriously deluded. The bombing and shelling will continue within hours but it will be explained away as retaliation for "terrorist" actions. The full horrors of what his "army" has done to the population of the region will soon be revealed when organisations like the UN and Red Cross are finally allowed full access.
Anyone defending these atrocities should be ashamed of themselves.
Zoltán Koskovics -> jonsid,20 June 2014 8:49pm
This will indeed be a test of Poroshenko's authority. We should see that very clearly.
ID8380866, 21 June 2014 4:29pm
according to German media the Ukrainian Military is criticizing Poroschenko's ceasefire. And Kolomojski ignores it all together, his militia continues fighting.

Looks like Poroshenko is not in full control to what happens in Ukrainia.

Theodore Svedberg,20 June 2014 7:19pm
I read Poroshenko's ceasefire offer. It sounded more like a demand of surrender. There is no way that the rebels would accept that. A real cease fire would be, well forces stop firing. Implicit in this is that the forces would remain in place. However, Poro's offer requires that the rebels disarm and turn over the territory they currently occupy to the central Ukrainian forces. That is not a cease fire but a demand for unconditional surrender. He also throws in, gratuitously, a refusal to allow the oblasts to elect their own governors, they will continue to be appointed by the central president.
Jeremn -> Theodore Svedberg,20 June 2014 8:47pm
Well it seems that the oligarch Kolomoisky and the Rdical Party MP, Lyashko, both of whom have funded battalions of paramilitaries, have both rejected the president's plan.
jonsid -> Trader SeerStrategy,21 June 2014 5:07pm
The ceasefire proposed by Poroshenko consisted in practice of an ultimatum for self-defense forces that have opposed the regime brought to power in the US-backed and fascist-spearheaded coup last February to either lay down their arms or face attack. In addition, he made clear that the supposed truce would come only after Kiev's military had succeeded in sealing the country's eastern border with Russia and expelling all of the volunteers who have come from Russia and elsewhere to join in the defense of the eastern regions of Donestsk and Luhansk.

jonsid,21 June 2014 4:46pm

"There is no ceasefire over there," Mr Gubarev said. "There is shooting all the time, and this ceasefire that Poroshenko is talking about is just fake. The Ukrainian forces are either not under his control, or he is just a liar."

Yuriy11,21 June 2014 5:28pm
Dear colleagues!
Simply recollect from what all has begun? For those who has forgotten:
When there were known events on a Maidan and Янукович have been discharged of the power what were the first decisions of "the new government" Ukraine? Correctly - to forbid Russian use! It in the country in which a minimum the third part of the population uses it for dialogue!!! Though personally I think, that it is even more such people. Reaction of the Russian-speaking population was absolutely predicted. And this reaction has been precisely counted by analysts of that country which and has organised all these events. To name this country it is necessary or have already guessed? The help: is beyond Atlantic ocean, between Canada and Mexico.
Well and further that has turned out that has turned out. However miscalculations in plans of transatlantic "friends" it has appeared quite enough. And the most important miscalculation - was not possible to involve Russia in war with the the neighbour. Also know in what the error of huge staff of transatlantic analysts with their super-power computers, global means of interception and espionage consists? We are not at war With BROTHERS!!!
Trader SeerStrategy Yuriy11,21 June 2014 5:35pm
No, everything is started from pro-Russian president to refuse the will of MAJORITY of Ukrainians to join economically EU.
That is main political cause for conflict.
Nobody was or even theoretically could prevent Russian people to speak their language wherever they want, but now after Poroshenko's plan the status of Russian language is not even in question - so all this Russian speaking propaganda is complete BS excuse created by Putin to start aggression against Ukraine and Crimea occupation.
Robert Sandlin Trader SeerStrategy,21 June 2014 6:20pm
"everything is started from pro-Russian president to refuse the will of MAJORITY of Ukrainians to join economically EU"

Except that is not true.At the time of the protests the polls all showed the country was split down the middle on that question.Almost a 50-50 split on it.And that a higher percentage opposed the protests than supported tthem.With the coup government in power and their full propaganda media at work the numbers have changed.But when it should have mattered the "Majority" did not support it.

pagon007 , 21 June 2014 6:12pm
Pushkin, "Appeal to the U.S. Congress" ( real name ODE TO DEFAMERS OF RUSSIA, 1831)
What do you make noise, folk opment?
Why do you threaten anathema Russia?
What angered you? excitement Lithuania?
Leave: this is a dispute between the Slavs themselves,
Home, an old argument, too weighted fate,
The question that does not allow you.

It has long been among themselves
These feuding tribes;
Not once drooped under the storm
Their, our side.
Who can stand in the unequal dispute:
Puffy Lyakh, il correct Ross?
Slavic miles streams merge into Russian sea?
It dry up? that's the question.

Leave us: you have not read
These bloody tablets;
You do not understand, you alien
And this family feud;
For you speechless Kremlin and Prague;
Pointless to seduce you
Wrestling desperate courage -
And you hate us ...

For what? responsible: for you,
What's on the ruins of a burning Moscow
We have not recognized impudent will
Addition, under whom you shaking?
For the fact in the abyss knocked
We are tending in the kingdoms of the idol
And our blood atoned
Europe's freedom, honor and peace? ..

You menacing in words - in fact try!
Or an old hero, the late to bed,
Unable to screw up your Ismail bayonet?
Ile Russian Tsar already powerless word?
Or we argue with Europe's new?
Or Russian lost the habit of winning?
Ile few of us? Or from Perm to Tauris,
Frigid from the Finnish rock to fiery Colchis,
Shocked by the Kremlin
The walls motionless China
Stubble gleaming steel,
Snaps Russian land? ..
Well so send us opment,
His embittered children:
There is a place named in the fields of Russia,
Among them nechuzhdyh coffins.

Hanwell123 pagon007,21 June 2014 6:47pm
Thanks! A gem. WW2 was fought primarily in the Ukraine. The Russian Partisans were very effective against the Germans. You can see they are not going to give up at all easily. Kiev must know that so what's the game? Unless they depopulate it they are inviting a decade of guerrilla war. So it must be they don't want it; they wish to God Putin would invade so NATO ends up guaranteeing a border and they get shot of the Russian speakers and deal Russia herself a real blow with sanctions. Every provocation under the sun is made. The language is of "destroying" people. There are 7 million in the area.
AMHants,21 June 2014 6:15pm
20 died of poisonin by unknown gas in Odessa massacre - forensic expert... (Voice of Russia Odessa House of Trade Unions Forensic Expert).

Not one European Leader or member of the EU has yet to offer sympathy.

However Sahra Wagenknecht delivered a powerful speech to the German Bundestag including Odessa and Marie Le Pen (whether you like her or not) has been public with regards what the EU is supporting in Ukraine.

Hanwell123 AMHants , 21 June 2014 6:39pm
Let alone sympathy they don't even suggest it might be wrong. Ditto UN, Human Rights Watch, Progressive media like the Guardian. A town has been under siege from a modern army for more than a week or two. Constant random shelling had seen those that could flee. Punitive raids from National Guard fascist volunteers makes life hard as does no water, electricity or much food. Not a peep from the "great and the good". Maybe they overdo their "goodness"?

[Jun 23, 2014] Ukraine crisis: Putin gives ceasefire qualified backing

OK this is a BBC presstitute... Still in the stream of dezo there are some bits of truth... Typical Western MSM, absolutely NO mention of the shelling of the Russian border posts, where a Russian was severely injured.

21 June 2014 | BBC News

Pavel Gubarev, self-styled governor of the "Donetsk People's Republic", said there was no ceasefire near Slovyansk, a bastion of separatist forces.

"There is shooting all the time, and this ceasefire that Poroshenko is talking about is just fake. The Ukrainian forces are either not under his control, or he is just a liar.''

The Kremlin had earlier dismissed the truce, saying it was "not an invitation to peace and negotiations but an ultimatum".

[Jun 23, 2014] How analyse Russian propaganda

Ulitskaya wrote that "the Russian media has set a world record of lying in Ukraine".

Her statement is stylistically illiterate. Who will decide that this is a "world record"? American rating agencies? The human rights watch? The CIA? The fifth column?

But that's not the point.

The main thing is the ability to understand structure and orientation in a several huge stream of false news.

Let's begin from the beginning. And try to answer questions. Professionally, of course.

Who and why and under whose strict guidance started ALL THIS EUROMaidan MESS? Against whom Maidan was organized. Who initially was the aggressor, who is the victim and who is just active, mindless crowd. Who and in what regions sent their troops to ensure the Kiev presence of "we are the power!" crowd. To humiliate people and to subordinate their interests to nationalist idea. Who? To answer these questions it is necessary to understand politics and the facts.

Who was Bandera - trivial turn coat, "a policeman" who were pretty numerious in times of WW2 in different countries from Romania to Russia. Or a fighter for the happiness of Galicia. What is Galicia, what is Central Ukraine and how they are different from each other. What is Kiev? What - South, Odessa or Donbass. To do this, you need to know the recent history.

You need to answer the question " what is the meaning of gas trade. These arguments, the arguments. Who is right, the debtor or investor? Who try to bluff? And who controls Ukranian marionettes? What is the privce of gas on world market of hydrocarbons ? Ho wit varies ? What does the US want, when trying to block all alternative routes of Russian gas to Europe? So only through Ukraine. For this purpose it is necessary to understand macroeconomics.

Military actions in Donbass. What troops and with whom are you fighting? Who on this side? Anyone with that? As mobilized volunteers or forced conscripts, what ideas defend what weapon who support them, some degree of humanism both sides have, etc..

Kakoe the involvement of the media? The media do? From this and from this side? What are their fundamental differences?

Have you been to Ukraine? And what is there now?

And that's when you can answer these and many other questions, you can polzovat as Ulitskaya. "World record". But Ulitskaya no answers to any of these questions.

Once I got sucked in "Incident of kukockogo". Well aware of serial work, when whole chapters seemed impassable, written in haste and unnecessary. I thought, "well what are you stupid, Ulitskaya. Well not the way to mock the reader."

But the graphomania is not a crime. As Chekhov said, there is no bullshit, which would not find its reader. " And any jury will aqut such a writer.

Vice - is aggressly evaluate what you don't have any idea. Lyudmila did not even try to answer the questions which I have mentioned above.

[Jun 22, 2014] 10 Points on the People of Southeastern Ukraine by Pietro Shakarian

June 21, 2014 | Reconsidering Russia and the Former Soviet Union

1. Most of them are not ethnic Russians. In fact, unlike in Crimea, the vast majority are ethnic Ukrainians who speak Russian. Census data from the Tsarist, Soviet, and post-Soviet eras uniformly confirm this for all of the Russian-speaking oblasti in present-day Ukraine. At the same time, there is also a substantial Russian-speaking minority in the southeast. There are many mixed marriages between Russians and Ukrainians and a large number of southeasteners have family in Russia.

2. Their native region does not correspond entirely to historic Novorossiya. The southeast also encompasses other historical regions of Ukraine, notably Sloboda Ukraine (around Kharkiv), the Donbas (the Donetsk basin), and Zaporozhia (centered on Dnepropetrovsk). The latter was an old Cossack territory and is largely considered to be the "Piedmont of Ukraine," the place where the movement to unify the Ukrainian people began. Yet regardless of whatever historical regions existed in the southeast, one thing is clear: the vast majority of the people historically self-identified as either "Malorussians" or "Ukrainians" in Tsarist, Soviet, and post-Soviet censuses. This is an indisputable fact.

3. They tend to be more cosmopolitan and, indeed, "Soviet" people. It is the quality of multiculturalism that really dominates in this part of Ukraine. Ukraine's largest cities are located here and this has attracted many people from other Soviet (and later ex-Soviet) republics to move to this area. Ukrainian nationalism has much less traction in this part of the country and, even more broadly, antisemitism and discrimination in general are less of an issue in the southeast than in other parts of Ukraine. Jews are well-integrated and there have been many Jewish mayors and governors. Mixed marriages between different ethnic groups is also a frequent phenomenon. Odessa is perhaps the best example of a multicultural city in the Southeast.

4. Many of them, especially in the Donbas, are working-class people. The Donbas is synonymous with industry in Ukraine. It was a significant region in the "Rustbelt" of the former USSR, comparable to the Ruhr valley in Germany. The area remains very economically important for Ukraine today. There are several large cities in this part of the country with large working-class populations. It is a heartland for coal mining and, as an example of just how "working-class" it is, one of its famous native sons is the great miner and Hero of Socialist Labor Aleksei Stakhanov. The Stakhanovite movement had a major following in the Donbas.

5. Most of them support neither Euromaidan nor the post-Maidan government of Ukraine. Despite hopeful predictions that Euromaidan would "unite Ukraine," the opposite has in fact occurred. There were even more supporters of the 2004 Orange Revolution in the southeast than there were of Euromaidan. Further, most favor membership in the Moscow-backed Eurasian Union as opposed to the European Union and perceive the post-Maidan government as assuming power through illegal means or even through a "coup." Few participated in the recent Ukrainian Presidential election which Petro Poroshenko won. Most blame the United States and the Obama administration specifically for Ukraine's most recent misfortunes.

6. Most of them disliked the corrupt regime of Viktor Yanukovych. Despite the fact that Yanukovych registered consistent victories in the Russian-speaking oblasti of the southeast, most nonetheless disliked his corrupt and incompetent government. Few, however, viewed the Euromaidan revolution as the solution to the problem.

7. Most of them do not support the Donbas rebels. The rebels' Russian nationalist ideology and advocacy of a "separate" identity for Ukraine's Russian-speakers has led the majority of the people in the southeast to view them with distrust. The one aspect of the rebels that they support is their general opposition to Kiev. Generally, the ideology of the rebels has failed to catch-on beyond the Donbas. This is most certainly not due to any success on the part of Kiev's "anti-terrorist operation," but rather by the rebels' own narrow and short-sighted nationalist dogma.

The rebels' nationalism is particularly unappealing in a progressive multicultural city like Odessa on the Black Sea coast. With its mix of Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish, and Mediterranean influences, Odessa is an irreverent city celebrated for its "love of the dandy in men and the daring in women." It was "the St. Petersburg of the south," founded on the order Catherine the Great and her lover Prince Potemkin with the vision of the Spanish General José de Ribas, after whom that the city's famous Deribasovskaya Street is named. It was Odessa that was the scene of Pushkin's torrid love affair with the wife of Prince Mikhail Vorontsov, producing some of the most beautiful Russian-language poetry. It is also a city that brought the world Yiddish theatre, Babel, and Ilf and Petrov. Comedy and humor are more than a staple of Odessa: they are a way of life. It is this inherent cultural liberalism that explains why the rebels will never stand a chance here ideologically. But then again, neither will Kiev.

8. Many of them view Russia favorably. Putin, Russia, and the Eurasian Union are all still very popular here due to a mix of factors, including linguistic, familial, and economic connections to Russia. However, few supported Russia's move to incorporate Crimea, though this has only hurt Russia's credibility slightly. It should likewise be noted that support for Russia does not necessarily mean support for the rebels whom most southeastern Ukrainians view with distrust. The Soviet Union is also still greatly missed here and most are leftists when it comes to economics partially due to this sense of nostalgia.

9. Most of them strongly oppose the "anti-terrorist operation." Kiev's bombardment of towns and cities, human right abuses, atrocities, the massive death toll of civilians, and the involvement of right-wing groups like Right Sector (Praviy Sektor) have alienated most southeastern Ukrainians against Kiev.

10. Most of them want more rights. These primarily include bilingualism and the right to elect their own governors. Some advocate for a simple de-centralization in a reformed unitary state while others favor federalism, and more extreme factions (a very small minority among them) support a confederation. Most importantly, it must be emphasized that the vast majority of southeastern Ukrainians do not want to secede from Ukraine.

[Jun 22, 2014] 'US blaming Ukrainian authorities for violence is catastrophic move'

RT Op-Edge

Washington's putting all of the blame for the violence in the streets of Kiev on the government is irresponsible and dangerous, Martin Sieff, chief global analyst at the Globalist Research Center and editor-at-large at the Globalist told RT.

Sieff believes the turmoil in Ukrainian has been triggered by pressures from the EU, unwilling to accept Kiev's decision to put European integration deal on hold. Now the stance that the US and the EU have taken in supporting the insurgents in Ukraine might inspire similar processes in Western Europe, where secessionist movements are on the rise.

RT: We've heard a number of people say on this very channel today, that with America's unconditional backing - the opposition feels it can get away with a lot more. Could Washington's support be fueling the violence?

Martin Sieff: To some degree yes but not totally. Washington is certainly culpable, but I think Washington is being ill-served by Brussels and the European Union. The primary triggers for the crisis came from the pressures that the European Union put on Ukraine and for the EU's refusal to play a good loser when President Yanukovich decided that he could not go through with the terms that the EU had laid down for association.

Washington has followed Brussels' lead continually on this and they should not have done so. The US State Department, at the highest policy-making levels, is relatively weakly staffed when it comes to Europe and, for that matter, Russia. The main emphasis in recent years has been primarily on the Asian Pacific and also on the Middle East. They've ignored Europe and this lack of high-powered expertise is now starting to tail.

RT: What do you make of Washington blaming the authorities in Kiev for this violence?

MS: It's a catastrophic move, it's a revolutionary move. There are far greater dangerous implications to this than anybody in Washington or Western Europe seems to realize. It is placing the European Union and the United States on the side of revolutionary chaos and disorder not just in other countries around the world, which would be bad enough, but in the heartland of Europe. This is very dangerous and irresponsible.

RT: Did the EU and the US not see the rise of nationalism and extremism in these riots? In effect what we're seeing is a revolution and that's what the nationalists want. Is that what the EU and US wanted?

MS: They ought not to want it, you're absolutely right. For the EU especially there is an enormous paradox here. The forces that are seeking to break up Ukraine are the same forces that are seeking to destabilize Western European nations. There are major secessionist movements within Western European nations. We see Scotland, very peacefully, about to become independent with its referendum vote scheduled for later this year. Spain has acted very successfully to prevent the disintegration of its country, especially the Barcelona/Catalonia region. The Northern league is a very powerful force, and a relatively moderate responsible force but if rioting was taking place in the street of Spain, France, Italy, Britain, with the express purpose of toppling the government and splitting the state, Europe would not be fanning the forces of destruction along. They would be reining them in. Why then are they fanning the flames over there [in Ukraine]?

[Jun 22, 2014] Russia Rebuffs Ukrainian Truce as U.S. Broadens Sanctions

"Merkel's comments reflect an effort by EU powers to gain leverage over Putin by using Poroshenko's cease-fire as a trigger for expanded sanctions if Putin doesn't cooperate."
Jun 21, 2014 | Bloomberg

Russia dismissed Ukraine's declaration of a week-long cease-fire as an "ultimatum" and the U.S. imposed sanctions on people linked to the insurgency, accusing the government in Moscow of aiding separatists.

Ukraine called on all fighters to lay down arms, halting the offensive against rebels from 10 p.m. yesterday until 10 a.m. on June 27, President Petro Poroshenko said on his website.

'Impose Costs'

U.S. President Barack Obama yesterday spoke by phone with French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, agreeing in separate conversations that the U.S. and European Union would "impose costs" on Russia if doesn't work to deescalate the situation, the White House said in an e-mailed statement.

'Decisive' Days

"The days ahead will be very decisive for what we can decide" at the summit, Merkel told reporters in Berlin. "We expect Russia to respond in a positive and constructive way." While Germany wants to see a cease-fire, "there is planning" for other outcomes as well, she said.

Merkel's comments reflect an effort by EU powers to gain leverage over Putin by using Poroshenko's cease-fire as a trigger for expanded sanctions if Putin doesn't cooperate. Ukraine plans to sign and association agreement with the EU on June 27 in Brussels.

The U.S. and the EU have imposed sanctions on people and companies close to Putin, while threatening the government in Moscow with unspecified economic penalties as pro-Russian separatists clash with Ukrainian forces.

U.S. companies are prohibited from doing business with individuals and entities on the sanctions list, and all assets of those designated that are within U.S. jurisdiction must be frozen, according to the Treasury.

... ... ...

Poroshenko met political and business leaders from conflict-wracked regions two days ago to muster support for his peace efforts. His 15-point peace includes early parliamentary and local elections, job creation in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and freeing all seized buildings and abducted people, according to the statement.

Before the cease-fire can be implemented, Ukraine must reassert control over its border with Russia, across which fighters have crossed, according to Poroshenko. Defense Minister Mykhaylo Koval told lawmakers yesterday that the border is secured.

Russia is increasing security because it's concerned about the situation on the border, though it's not building up troop levels, Yuri Ushakov, Putin's foreign-policy aide, said yesterday.

The separatists are willing to consider the plan, according to Andrei Purgin, a deputy premier of the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic.

"If we see a true cease-fire, we may stop our actions as well," he said by phone. "But I think there will be no cease-fire. In practice these statements are only political."

fake like fake -> Bam Bam
There is a whole different world beyond US MSM. Here some sites you should look at.

[Jun 21, 2014] Seven Ukrainian soldiers killed and 30 injured in fighting in the east

Jun 20, 2014 |

Stopthisshitnow,20 June 2014 10:34am

The UN says at least 356 people, including 257 civilians, have been killed since 7 May in eastern Ukraine.

So is the UN concerned that more civilians have been killed than so called terrorists?
Where is the condemnation for onslaught on innocent civilians?

UN is a joke.

vazelas99 -> Stopthisshitnow,20 June 2014 10:44am
I think the UN report counts the rebels as civilians, as they are not part of an organised army. This means thhat a) at least 100 soldiers have died, b) the UN report cleverly hides the actual number of unarmed civilians that have died form shelling, as the 257 number is open to interpretation, and a certain side can claim they were all "terrorists".
iseethroughyou -> vazelas99,20 June 2014 10:52am
Even Kiev has admitted that at least 200 civilians have been killed.

The number of fighters killed on both sides is far higher than media reports suggest.

vazelas99 , 20 June 2014 10:40am

Poroshenko's office said he emphasised the need for introducing effective border controls and quickly releasing hostages.

This effective border controls is essentially the creation of a 10km (6 miles) buffer zone on the Ukrainian-Russian border.
It sounds more like an attempt to trap and crush any rebel fighter after they give up their weapons, instead of a true peace offering. Besides, the rebels have already stated what they want, an independent People's Republic on Donbas and Luhansk.
And we are still waiting for Petro to implement his much awaited unilateral ceasefire, because every time he announces a new peace plan, the Ukrainian army attacks more check points, and more soldiers and national guards die.

Just leave it already, pull the army back and start real negotiations, not the US-style Joe Biden told you to do!

Jeremn -> vazelas99,20 June 2014 10:56am
Weirdly, Turchynov says the border is now under Ukrainian control. It is a long border, and he is prone to be economical with the truth, so I doubt it:

Verkhovna Rada Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov has said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have shut down the Ukrainian-Russian border.

kgbgb -> ID817744,20 June 2014 11:38am
" pro-Russian rebels " three times and one 'rebels'.

Exactly. If you resist a fascist putsch that overthrows the government that you elected (in a free and fair election), and everyone but the Russians call you a terrorist rather than a democrat, that makes you a "pro-Russian rebel". Even if you are as angry as hell with the Russians because they shamefully leave you to face genocide with no practical help at all.

Well, at least the Russians aren't actively helping the Nazis, as my own country (and most of its press) are*.

(*) Honourable exception: Mark Franchetti of The Sunday Times, who was invited onto a Ukrainian TV discussion programme to tell them about all the Russian spetznaz troops he had seen in Novorosia.

You should have seen their faces when he told them that there were none, and the resistance to the new regime came from antifascist locals!

RVictor,20 June 2014 11:08am
Today a 5-year old child died in hospital after 4-hours of figting for his life by doctors. Hit on playing yard in sleeping district of the city by mortar shell. Mother was killed instantly.

One of hundredths of civil people killed by Ukrainian "army" shelling of cities and villages

But no a word from MSM - only crocodile tears about several Ukranian soldiers killed in the battle. Humanists, my ass.

DennisP -> RVictor,20 June 2014 12:13pm

Today a 5-year old child died in hospital after 4-hours of figting for his life by doctors. Hit on playing yard in sleeping district of the city by mortar shell. Mother was killed instantly.

Your source is Komsomolskaya Pravda!

That's a Russian newspaper!!!!

A 5-year-old child's body riddled with mortar-bomb splinters?

It's a doll - or the terrorists did it.

It is all Russian lies!!!!!

Kremlin Propaganda!!!!

Few, if any, similar reports in the Western press - apart from those concerning the deaths of Ukrainian soldiers, which proves that the Russian "news" is fabricated.

Glory to the heroes!


Oleg Volkov -> RVictor,20 June 2014 1:11pm
Well, you see they're "subhumans" according to West's chum Yatsenuk after all.
worldsgonemadagain -> DennisP,20 June 2014 5:10pm
"Glory to the heroes?" Didn't the nazis use that exact same quote?
DennisP -> worldsgonemadagain,20 June 2014 7:40pm

"Glory to the heroes?" Didn't the nazis use that exact same quote?

Nay lad! 'Twas t'other team:

Ewiger Ruhm den Helden

Senkt euch, Banner der blutigen Jahre
senkt euch über die Helden der Schlacht
froh des Sieges, vergessen wir niemals
die ihr Höchstes zum Opfer gebracht.
Die gefallen für Freiheit und Vaterland
für die kommunistische Idee.
Nie verwelken die Kränze des Ruhmes
auf den Gräbern der Roten Armee.
Über die Gräber der Gefallnen
an den Stätten, die uns Mahnmal sind
hebt die blutroten Fahnen

AMHants -> km1876, 20 June 2014 12:04pm

There is a good article on Info Wars by Kirk Nimmo. if you like Craig Paul Roberts, you possibly might like Kirk Nimmo. The article is: - CNN Steers Blame For Terror Away From CIA and USA... Well worth reading.

worldsgonemadagain -> AMHants, 20 June 2014 5:35pm

Real info here: This video shows the cause for fighting by both sides. It feature Ukrainian soldiers who have been captured explaining that they must take the pay or face 15 years in jail. One soldier admits he is a paid mercenary. The rebel fighters explain that they do not mercilessly kill the wounded as the soldiers of the Kiev junta have been doing.

AMHants -> AMHants, 20 June 2014 7:47pm

There is another FB site, 'Truth about the situation in Ukraine', which is worth looking into, together with the site you mentioned.

Александр Адамский, 20 June 2014 12:20pm

Geologist, geographer Jen Psaki: in Rostov region no Ukrainian refugees, but there is a mountain

The official representative of US state Department Jen Psaki once again gave the journalists a reason to doubt her competence. Answering a question about Ukrainian refugees arriving in Rostov region, she said that it really tourists coming to breathe "curative mountain air".

"In Russia there are no refugees from the Ukraine. In Ukraine, all is calm and under our control," she said during a briefing on June 19. Then the journalist Matthew Lee Associated Press, which often sets Psaki inconvenient questions, asked, " who is these women and children crossing the Russian border.

"It's the tourists. In the Rostov mountains wonderful healing mountain air", - quotes Psaki "Russian newspaper". State Department spokesman did not specify where exactly in the Rostov region are located the mountain resorts. Internet users kidding - apparently, the same place where the Belarusian sea.

The Rostov region is in the southern part of the East European plain and partially in the North Caucasus, occupying a large area in the river basin of the Lower don. The nature of the surface of the region's territory is a plain dissected by river valleys and gullies. Maximum height above sea level - 253 ft.

flower4711,21 June 2014 1:19pm

The UN says at least 356 people, including 257 civilians, have been killed since 7 May in eastern Ukraine.

Psaki: "No concern"

MBuber flower4711, 21 June 2014 5:22pm

Q: "Madame Albright. What can you say about the 100 thousand Iraqi infant deaths?"

A: "It was worth it".

Cannot make this shit up. And thanks to the Neo Fascist USA there is no need to make anything up. But there is a need to get the truth out there. There is an Iron Curtain around the US people to prevent them from knowing the truth about their Masters and what is being done in their name.

jonsid,21 June 2014 1:51pm
And amidst all the rhetoric and sanctions;

Well business is business.

[Jun 20, 2014] South Ossetia recognized the independence of LNR

South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov signed a decree on the recognition of independence of Lugansk national Republic (LNR) in the East of Ukraine. On Wednesday, deputies of the South Ossetian Parliament, gathered for a special session...

..., unanimously adopted an appeal in which he asked the President to recognize the independence of Lugansk.

As have informed RIA Novosti the representative of the South Ossetian President, the decree says that Tibilov took this decision "taking into account the will of the people LNR".

"Taking into account the will of the people and the appeal of the Supreme Council LNR to the President of the Republic of South Ossetia on recognition of the sovereignty LNR, supported by the Parliament <...>, decide to admit Lugansk people's Republic as a sovereign independent state", - is spoken in the decree.

Tibilov instructed the Ministry of foreign Affairs of South Ossetia to hold talks on establishing diplomatic relations with LNR and issue relevant documents attained agreement.

In Ukraine on 22 February, there was a coup d'etat. A number of South-Eastern regions did not recognize the legitimacy of the new authorities began rallies of supporters of independence. Against who disagree with the policies of the new authorities in Kiev from mid April conducts military special operations aviation and armored vehicles. In Moscow this special operation, which has already resulted in numerous casualties on both sides and among the civilian population, called punitive and encourage Kiev to immediately stop it.

In Donetsk and Lugansk regions may 11, held a referendum on the status of regions. About 90% of the participants voted for independence proclaimed in early April, Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. Kyiv authorities considered these as a terrorist organization.

[Jun 19, 2014] On dramatic proliferation of Russophobia in Ukraine. Part 1

Increasingly, our friends in Russia and other countries are asking the question: "Ukrainians, what happened to you? You were normal, sensible people, you lived without war and were not inclined to aggression. You used to laugh about attempts of bonehead nationalists to blame Russia and their desire to start a war with it But now the degree of infection with evil of Russophobia virus in the Ukrainian society is through the roof". It is difficult to dispute this sad fact.

Ten years ago it was almost impossible to meet a bone head nationalist in the area of Ukraine East of the Zbruch. Of course, there was the UNA-UNSO and similar organizations, but they were social outcasts that in their numbers on the same level as "goth" or Satanists. In Western Ukraine, the Russophobes always existed, but they did not determine the social weather.

And people would only laughter at the suggestion that some time in the future a significant part of the population of Ukraine, including its Central and South-Eastern regions, will hate Russia and, moreover will be ready to fight against Russia and Russians, But the fact remains. Anti-Russian "EuroMaidan" was predominantly Russian-speaking (as opposed to the "Maidan" ten years ago). Football fans, who staged "the Odessa Khatyn", came mainly from Kharkiv and Odessa itself. Both the leaders of bandit formations like "Donbass" and "Azov" and most of rank and file militants are Russian-speaking natives from Eastern regions. Finally, Internet trolls, rejoicing murders of "Colorado bugs", with rare exceptions, wrote thier nefarious misery in the language of Pushkin.

All this suggests one thing: Ukrainian society drifted toward more nationalism became much more Russophobic. Moreover, this Russophobia is impossible to limit to Galicia, from a purely regional phenomena it became the all-Ukrainian. And an old type of Ukrainian nationalist is mostly gone. I mean the individual in embroidered Ukrainian national shirt, tearing his throat for "Ridna movu", who consider Bandera his spiritual leader and cherish heritage WWII nationalist formations. Tyagnybok, who with some changes represents this type of nationalists, gained 1% of the votes, which represent another proof of that fact. The current nationalist is indifferent to Ukrainian national shirts has difficulties understanding who h Bandera was. In camouflage and Balaklava he feels more comfortable than in national shirt. And often he does not know Ukrainian language with the exception of a dozen of standard slogans like "glory to Ukraine", "death to enemies", and "Let's put all Moskal on gallows".

Why this transformed Ukrainian nationalism captured the minds of the Russians by birth and upbringing people from Eastern Ukraine, why the people of Ukraine turn into the wild Russophobic herd - is the subject of further conversation.

[Jun 19, 2014] ClubOrlov American Foreign Policy Fiascos

... Take the 2008 "war" in former Soviet Georgia. The Pentagon spent years trying to form Georgia into an anti-Russian, US-dominated puppet. Then, during the Olympic games in Beijing, the US-educatated president of Georgia decided to please his masters by initiating artillery bombardment of civilians in a disputed enclave in Georgia inhabited by Russian citizens. In response, the Russians rolled into Georgia, mopped it up, annexed the disputed territory (plus another one) and left. Western media dutifully whitewashed Georgian war crimes and did their best to paint Russia as the aggressor. But his masters were not pleased, and its US-educated president was left to twist in the wind as a political corpse.

A similar fiasco started unfolding in Ukraine in the spring of 2014. You see, the US foreign policy and military establishments are quite compulsive in their unceasing efforts to undermine Russia. The 1%ers who own the US government also have a personal vendetta gainst Putin. They can't forgive him for what he did to Russia's oligarchs who did so much to undermine Russia under Yeltsin: he de-fanged and de-clawed them, banning them from politics and depriving them of political influence. During the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the democratically elected president of Ukraine was overthrown in a coup supported by a false flag operation in which mercenary snipers killed scores of civilians and policemen. In his place the US installed a hand-picked junta that included some neo-Nazi elements. This fiasco is still unfolding; I will return to it in a moment.

Another fiasco that is still brewing is the return to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan. This is likely to be the end result of the longest US military campaign ever, which cost two trillion dollars, and resulted in a few thousand dead and tens of thousands wounded. The US blundered into Afghanistan looking for Osama bin Laden, who, it later turned out, was quietly living next to an army base in Pakistan. Oops, wrong country! Speaking of Pakistan, as a bonus point, the US has managed to destabilize this nuclear-armed nation, as the recent attack on the airport in Karachi has shown. Two fiascos for the price of one!

The foreign policy fiascos in Ukraine and Afghanistan are not quite at the "all at once" stage. But last week we were treated to a rare spectacle: two trillion dollars of US investment in the Iraqi nation-building experiment, including four thousand dead and fifty thousand wounded US soldiers went up in smoke. A group called ISIS, which is far too radical for Al Qaeda, has emerged out of Syria and has swiftly slaughtered its way across northern Iraq and is now knocking on the gates of Baghdad. In response, members of the US-trained, US-equipped Iraqi police and military have been taking off their uniforms, abandoning their weapons and fleeing. Internally displaced persons in northern Iraq now number in the millions. The fiasco in Iraq works synergistically with the fiasco in Syria, where a long-running US attempt at regime change has produced a civil war that has allowed ISIS to organize and arm itself. The end result may turn out to be a rabidly anti-American caliphate spanning much of what was formerly known as Syria and Iraq, and a southern Iraq dominated by Iran: success indeed!

In the meantime, the US attempt to stage-manage Ukraine has been going so well that there is pretty much a full Western media blackout on what's happening there. This is not the case in Russia: in spite of fully accredited Russian journalists being harassed and kidnapped by pro-government people, Russian media is filled with detailed coverage of Ukrainian neo-Fascist marches, death squads and atrocities. Just last night the Ukrainians shelled a maternity ward, killing a midwife. This makes the Russians very, very angry-not so much at the Ukrainians, mind you, or even the Ukrainian troops, who are, you guessed it, taking off their uniforms and abandoning their weapons every chance they get. No, the Russians are angry at the American puppet-masters behind the mess.

The Russians also seem to understand full well that they are being provoked with the idea of drawing Russia into an armed conflict. Here is a short list of American provocations against Russia (a big thank-you to Saker for putting this together):

•Recognition of an illegal regime which came to power through violence
•Supporting a neo-Nazi regime on Russia's border
•Massive anti-Russian propaganda in Western (oligarch-owned) media
•Kidnapping of fully accredited Russian journalists
•Whitewashing of massacres of civilians in Odessa and Mariupol
•Illegal use of prohibited cluster bombs and white phosphorus munitions on civilians
•Artillery bombardment of entire towns
•Attack on the Russian embassy in Kiev
•Blocking of UN Security Council resolution condemning the attack on the Russian embassy in Kiev
•Car-bombing of public officials in eastern Ukraine
•(Unsuccessful) attempts at imposing sanctions on Russia
•Covert importation into Ukraine of planes and helicopters from NATO countries to be deployed against civilians
•Covert use of several hundred Western mercenaries from Academi (former Blackwater)
•Massacres of wounded soldiers in hospitals
•Systematic violations of all agreements reached with the participation of Russia
•Bombing of churches and hospitals (this has started happening in the last 24 hours)
•Refusal to provide escape corridors for trapped civilians

These are just some of the things you are unlikely to hear about if you live in the West. What you are likely to hear instead is that Putin invaded Crimea. He didn't; the Russian troops were in Crimea the entire time, based on a long-standing international agreement, and Russian troop levels never exceeded agreed-upon levels. You are also likely to hear that Putin forcibly annexed Crimea. He didn't; the people of Crimea overwhelmingly voted to annul the Soviet decision to lump them into Ukraine and rejoined Russia of their own free will. But Crimea now part of Russia, peaceful and prosperous, and taking in Russian refugees that are streaming in from across the Ukrainian border, and the new mantra repeated endlessly by Western media is that Ukrainian forces (the good guys) are battling "pro-Russian separatists" (the bad guys) who are causing chaos in the east of the country. First of all, they are not "pro-Russian"-they are Russian, no different from the ones right across the border in Russia. Second, they are not "separatists,"-they want to rejoin Russia, undoing the Soviet-era decision to lump their bit of Russia into Ukraine.

So how are these valiant defenders of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity doing? The pro-Ukrainian separatists are more or less able to hold onto one airport and one hill near Slaviansk and Kramatorsk. They have taken Krasny Liman, and committed a massacre in the hospital there. And they apparently have about a thousand troops surrounded in the Lugansk airport. They sent an IL-76 (world's largest transport plane) to rescue and resupply them, but it got shot down. This is not for lack of trying. The Ukrainians started their Nazi-inspired reign of terror with baseball bats, then moved on to knives, then guns, assault rifles, machine guns, mortars, artillery, multiple rocket launchers, attack helicopters, attack aircraft, cluster munitions, and now even white phosphorus.

Russian Investigative Commettee has filed a criminal case on Avakov and Kolomoisky

The head of the MIA of Ukraine and the Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region are suspected in the murder, the use of prohibited methods of warfare and kidnapping.

The investigative Committee of Russia has opened a criminal case against the Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine Igor Kolomoisky and Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. They are suspected in the murder, the application of prohibited means and methods of warfare, kidnapping and impeding the lawful activities of a journalist.

According to investigators, Avakov with Kolomoisky and other officials of the defense Ministry, since April 12, he organized and supervised the conduct of combat operations of the Ukrainian military, members of the national guard of Ukraine and "the Right sector", as well as by the soldiers of the battalion of special purpose "Dnipro" of the Ministry of interior of Ukraine. The latter was created and funded directly Kolomoisky.

In addition, the investigators believe that with the knowledge Avakov and Kolomoisky was organized the kidnapping of the journalists of the TV company "Zvezda" Andrei Sosenkova and Anton Malyshev, unlawful seizure of journalists of the TV and radio company of Evgeny Davydov and Nikita Konashenkov, and a number of other Russian journalists.

In the near future Russia intends to issue a decree on convicting Avakov and Kolomoiskiy as the accused, and try them in the court as absentees. They also will be declared in the international search as individuals accused of committing crimes against peace and humanity.

Russia has treaties on extradition with 65 member countries of Interpol, which consists of a total of 188 countries. However, even this agreement does not guarantee sucess in this particular case. If Igor Kolomoisky and Arsen Avakov, will be announced in the international search by Russian law enforcement agencies, formally, they may be detained in any of these countries. However, the agreement between the participants of Interpol does not guarantee the extradition of the offender.

- There are many nuances. For example, the authorities of a particular country will be finding out whether the charges claimed by Russia, have analogs in thier own laws. They can reject persecution on political, religious and other reasons, - told "Izvestia" one of the senior officers of the Prosecutor General. - If there are no formal obstacles, then the person may be detained. Only after that begins the complex procedure of his extradition to another country.

[Jun 19, 2014] Good Judgment Comes From Experience. Experience Comes From Bad Judgment.
marknesop, June 18, 2014 at 6:02 pm
Further to the report filed by UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay (Harvard Law, a Ban Ki-Moon nominee), she finds "a climate of fear" in eastern Ukraine. Brilliant!!

Oh, wait. It's not caused by the military forces of the coup government who are shelling them – it's caused by the rebels!!!

Yup, "People were being threatened to the extent that they feared for their lives and did not dare to vote or leave the area…The lack of law and order was undermining basic services such as education and water supplies in those areas", say the compilers of this landmark report, which showcases for all to see just how wet and fucking useless the entire United Nations organization is. At long last, in a reality-bender that makes me a little dizzy, I find myself in agreement with John Bolton, whom I would once have driven over with my car as he lay in the street just to hear his old birdy-bones crunch, when he famously claimed "…the UN Secretariat Building in New York has 38 stories. If it lost 10 stories it wouldn't make a bit of difference". You go, John. Who knows if he was right then, but he's sure as hell right now. The UN is useless, too feeble to get out of its own way and is now just a talking-shop for those who consider themselves too smart to get a real job. It's the lack of law and order in the east, which Kiev is eager to bring to it with artillery barrages, which is responsible for the shutoff of water supplies and interruptions to the school curriculum. I swear, it's enough to make you wish for a cleansing lightning bolt from heaven which would turn the entire United Nations into a puff of ozone.

Which brings me back to my earlier question. How many refugees fled the Donbass between the time they declared their independence and the time the Kiev government showed up to start killing them unless they capitulated and did as they were told? Now, how many have fled since then? Is it not sufficiently clear who is causing the problem?

Evidently not, because Pillay's advice to the federalists whom the central government has already burned alive and bombarded in their homes with artillery is to put down the guns and surrender to the fascists and Nazi-lovers who say that if they want to speak Russian they are welcome to leave their homeland and go to Russia. "The time has come to put down the guns and talk. Peace and reconciliation, and long-term solutions are certainly attainable." says Pillay brightly.

I guess she didn't see the exterminator commercial.

Southerncross, June 18, 2014 at 6:20 pm
The UN tells the Russians of eastern Ukraine that their complaints are baseless, that a violent coup d'etat is nothing to be upset about, that the banning of their language is no injustice, that the legalisation and arming of ultra-nationalist groups who demand a 'pure Ukraine' and scream about butchering Russians is no cause for concern.

The UN in short, tells them that they must submit to whatever the unelected regime in Kiev dishes out, and if they think they're being attacked or oppressed it's all in their heads.

If the UN is going to take sides like this, then its personnel should be treated as military targets. Perhaps UN officials would bring a bit of balance to their work if they had reason to fear for their lives.

[Jun 18, 2014] Jumping freaks in the age of the Devolution of Human Dignity by Nyura N. Berg,

The crown event of this bloody weeks, the week at the end of which the war in Donbass was to end, as we were promised by this does tough and sharp President Poroshenko, who does not throw words to the wind, was the attack on the Russian Embassy.

This action looks like stupid entertainment of even more stupid and ignorant freaks only at first glance. Even superficial analysis of this magnificent event clearly shows cool idea of its producers, which is evident even to the most naive political observers. It is evident that don't even try to hide what result those monkey dances Vozduhoflotsky Prospect they count.

Funny Disney cartoon Association with can who is trolled by small mice, cheeky screaming "You despicable coward, come out for an honest fight," of course, instantly come to mind. But possible consequences of this circus for the country are such that even black humor looks pretty much out of context.

So, obviously, the task that was put before Ukrainian puppets was to get into the war with Russia. Our American curators is vital to push in the war of the two neighboring countries, after a terrible battle in a foreign land they can parasitical on the battlefield. Analysts say that the Americans are interested in shale gas, protected from unnecessary population empty territory, which is no other interest than the purely pragmatic world race for energy resources. People? Their rights? Their life? Do not make laugh. Americans will never stop victims among Untermensch. I wonder, by the way, why Ukrainian nationalists think that they themselves do not belong to this category of mammals - have, and will used like bathroom tissue and thrown out as soon as something valuable is discovered on their Galicia territories. Something that can make great money. After warm up in the Donbass as for depopulation of region, the similar tactics can be allied at the rest of the Ukrainian territories with grace and ease typical for the USA, so don't be fooled.

(Oh, and this Untermensch thing is not just a figure of speech in this satire. Yatsenyuk has already publicly call pro-federalization militias subhumans. Published in black and while of Ukrainian embassy in the USA website)

Other analysts believe that the Americans have not only to switch Europe to new (probably more expensive) gas supplier, but also to strengthen the geopolitical status of Ukraine as Anti-Russian state. Otherwise it is unclear why Nuland for years send cookies spending something like 5 billion dollars. It's not for in order to get in Ukraine democratic multicultural country with two official languages and huge territories on which they both Orthodox and Catholics people live as brothers and consider Russia to be their friend. What Americans always needed is a huge homogenous and monolithic rusty nail to put it in soft place of the Russian Federation, and this project lovingly and consistently developed the way they want. The key words here is nationally humonenius and virulently anti-Russian (hello Lvov and Volyn).

In case went all - even shameless ideologist of the Communist party, an official fighter against Ukrainian nationalists and dissidents, famous hypocrite Kravchuk was washed out and put to use. And a total Ukrainization of the East and South of the country started exactly with his Presidency. . Then came "Red Director" Kuchma, who like to blabber about diversity and the rights of men, while consistently reducing the area of application of Russian language in all spheres of life and creating almost Baltics countries level of language apartheid in Ukraine. He almost gave out that the final goal is nothing but creating anti-Russian national unity within the country.

After Kravchuk things went more smoothly it was just plain sailing. Stupid and shortsighted loser Yushchenko, who is now famous figure in demotivators of all sorts, in reality was very successful in one particular area. He completed the process of transformation of our country in a hostile to Russia geopolitical entity.

So fo me it was always funny to see stupid and naive questions like - "Why it was impossible to make Russian the second state language and to allow Donbass to watch movies in Russian?!" or "Why the number of Russian schools have to be cut each year and why you Democrats want that? We all love Ukraine, but we want to give to preserve their identity."

Yeah, God bless the soils who want to preserve their identity, and want their children to study the history of Ukraine as they used to and bears some resemblance to reality. And to study not using the programs and textbooks designed to kill any attachment to the Great Northern neighbor. The project Ukraine was designed with completely different goals. And it was fully implemented - with each year residents of the South-East more and more used to the new wonderful world, their children study using history books, in which there are told about 140-thousand-years history of Ukraine, University professors in all seriousness was planting the idea that Jesus of Galilee, was born in Galicia, and Sanskrit is actually ancient Ukrainian, and all other languages of the world were derived from Ukranian. And that it is Ukraine that was the place where elephants were first roaming.

Russian language was exterminated even in Russian schools, they simply stop to teach it and everything smoothly moved toward full assimilation of Uniate Galichia of the rest of Ukraine, at least in few generations. But the USA sponsores who spent five billions on nationalist cookes, apparently, don't have patience to wait so long. They decided to speed the process by force. Obviously one of the reasons is chronic economic crisis in the USA and desire to subdue Europe which already became a dangerous economic force and competitor. the competitor which was propelled by cheap Russian energy and able sell their goods at huge Russian market. Moreover those totally ungrateful to the USA jerks started with Mother Russia a number of mutually beneficial economic projects.

To count those trends, America carefully cultivated huge fifth column among journalists and public activists, bribing them with free foreign trips to plush conferences, foreign education for them and chilren, and grants. As well as small but important things such as free lunches and coffee breaks on smart "international" conferences in Kyiv, mainly devoted to one theme - how can we speed up the convertion of Ukraine into Anti-Russian state. And as we all know ther is no such thing as free lunch.

Cookies and lunches were very well received and all huge number of professional grant-eaters, which by reasonable estimates constitutes almost 90% of the journalistic community in Kiev, as well as numerous "well-fed" political scientists, political technologists, the spin doctors and other "Kreaklys" ("creative betrayers") accustomed to comfort and free lunches started to man ideolifical trenches and fire at everybody who does not subscribe to thier well paed point of view. In other words they started to destroy thier own country as pigs in a famous Krylov fable.

And now, when for the sake of geopolitical interests of the USA, the this great power with Hollywood, the new government of Ukraine almost does not hide that they just US puppers, managed from Washington Obcom. And they are motivated not stopped even beforeo bombing cities of Ukraine and shooting from mortars own citizens under shrill spells about united Ukraine. They did not even managed to remove kilometer long partiotic slogans which cover buling destroyed during maidan and resttore Kreschatic to normal appearance. As classic used to say about particular type of women, they do not wear down even one pair of shoes.

So, Donbass enthing cleanthing is at full speed, and it looks as if they really decided to leave the scorched earth, wild field. Nobody cared about small fact that people used to live at those places becuase they are not real people, they are Undermench. So no one announces mourning for the innocent lives ruined,chilre killed, etc. This is just an Iraq-style hypocritical cannibal world were no community feelings are allowed, and the leaders of the country with frozen our conscienceis not even pretend that they are not aware about horrible documentary evidence of thier crimes.

If the country is United, and this is our common territory, then why would you shell entire infrastructure of Donbass, ruin homes, bomb hospitals and schools? Comes out of suspicion that those residents of Donbass who did not move out and underwent nazy-style filteration procedures are not going to survive in the damned grinder. Instead they will be moved for reeducation in the loyal to junta regions of the country where, after pacifing them again by fire and sword, the authorities will sculpt of them the right Ukrainians. Well, you guys outdid the worst futuristic horror, the most vigorous anti-utopia. Isn't that fascism? Yes, this is fascism.

And I especially like the project of creating fence on the border with Rissia with high voltage over barbed wire. This is reall European style Democracy in actions. Congradulations folks.

This is probably a very intereting way to utilize metal that Russia now will not buy, so the fence can of course, will be built at the expense of Patriotic oligarchs, with a preliminary tender in which we know the winner beforhand. Eager for experiences former guests of the capital from Western provinces, who now firmly occupied its sqares and buildings with the unconscious, but burning Messianic dreams of "Great ukraine" are nor, when the possibility to throw stones in Bekut is gone, are frackly bored. In this case, too, the professional entertainers form junta has something to offer them in a form of adventures in South East.

The bad thing is that, well, Putin does not want to fight. New York times openly writes, obvious, in General, and for reasons of old-fashioned political correctness hitherto not loadly proclaimed things about great value of war for economic recovery of the USA, the idea that have long been discussed by experts and analyst. And here we are, now with utter clarity they prononed thier verdict: without abother world war economy might not come out of the recession. In short, get ready partiotic Ukrainans. The USA usually love to fight using other people.

Well, it would bee a really stupid idea to fight the war on the territory of the USA - they are used to save their Sergant Rayan at least several thousand miles from the statue of Liberty. Another thing to to grow hatered on some remote territories and then with good luach to see how Slavs exterminate each other.

And as the Russian army, the hypothetical participant of the war of aggression against Ukraine, refuce to come to the battlefield volutaroty, it is high time to tickle the bear's nose with a stick.

For this purpose attack on the Embassy is very handy. Passionate verbal improvisations greatly emboldened Arseniy Petrovych on this occuation were especially juicy. Especially if we judge then against compains to Gasprom about "the right price of gas", refusal to pay old debts for gas to Gaspom. All of this full-scale boorish performance you've probably already seen: the races of the Bandar-l

The great perfomcanse of nationalist crown staged at the Embasse is avaible in mutile recording on Yutube. We say standard articstin tricks of Maidan revolutionaries such burning tires, overturned cars, wandalised building, the broken Windows. Putin was probably greatly scared. And to make performace even more entertaining two high placed imbeciles from Foreign Offie were cursing Putin on camera.

That great perofrmce immeduatly raise traditinal suspcians about "Hand of Kremlin" in the events. Most commetrators has no slightest dobt that Putin personally wrote the script. And everything that was dame at the Embassy was done with the expesit goal to humiliate and discredit the great idea of the Ukrainian EuroMaidan revolution. Revolation of Dignity. The great Patriotic postmodernism is that disgusting in its vandalism and stupidity . And stupider it becaomes, the louder are cries for about national dignity, that is, long suffocating in the brutal hands of the Kremlin.

There were three type od stars in this performce:

Once again pathetic Zaoandesi ( aka Rahuli) threw cobblestones at the Embassy, making sure that the camera can record eerything for Russian public and making a few swing to make sure that got on camera. But the climax, of course, was of couese Mr. Foregn Minister of Ukraine.

When Ministers representing the most oustanding patriots of the country accidentally fell face in the dirt or extrements,we are no longer surprised one bit, because this is how it should be.

Show in Frankfurt by former minister Lutsenko is fondly remembered now by German police as one of the brightest impressions of their pretty dull carrier. But our Foren Minister was even more hardcore. Have you ever seen his now famous diplomatic solo. There no sense to provide additional PR him here. Yes, he looked as idiot. But I dount that this bother much Ukraniian political establishemnt.

and our new hero U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Jen Psaki instantly announced that he is, of course, a skillful diplomat, who managed to resolve the tense situation. Interesting, of course, what would she say if it was about the attack on the U.S. Embassy and dirty songs about the great Obama, but it is unlikely we will have an opportunity to learn. Why - read above.

The attack on the Embassy Russia condemned, but the relevant UN security Council resolution is not adopted - well, really, what's the point of the attack on the Embassy, and what the security threat? The puppets caved to the pressure of the king of the hill and that is what everyone expected. However, we have a precedent, and would be fun to trace the future rhetoric in cases, if, contrary to expectation, some lunatik want to defile the Embassy of one of "civilized" nations.

Meanwhile, the most brisk hired pen quickly exited thiemselves to the level of pure madness, They already wrote multiple fiery articles explaining the behaviour of Ukrainian diplomats and shamed those incosistent patriots who argued that the monkey jumps around the embassy is an overkill. Now we all know why this is nice and and cool. One of those hired gund named Chervakova erupted treatise in which explained why was not just right, but by all means great. And nervous witnesses and caustically tnoted to doubterers among local intelligenta.

"Nagotiations with Russian are very simple. There be two : short and long. short way is to write you thesis on the Embassy parking, and overturn cars for better readability"

And now that you have understood - before you receive the usual accusations of being pro-Russia that appear all the time ewhnw installed by the USA chip in head of some nationalist send him/her a sygnal. I'm ashamed of my country, which declares Revolution of Dignity, but gradually dropping dignity below the level of the floor. I disgust from non-stop jungoistic cries. I fear for the state of minds of my fellow citizens who uninate Internet forms with calls to kill their fellow citizens because they wanted to protect their dignity, while being consistently humiliated by Western Ukraians for long 23 years.

Translation of part of the Mark Franchetti appearance on a Kiev talk show

Oddlots, June 18, 2014 at 12:29 pm

Classic. Translation of part of the Mark Franchetti apperance on a Kiev talkshow:

(Apologies if already posted but this is the first I've seen of a subtitled version.) moscowexile says:

June 18, 2014 at 1:23 pm

Franchetti is a Putinbot!

Franchetti was always anti-Russian. Which is probably why they brought him on the show and trusted him to tell them what they want to hear and "know" to be true.

When he said something different, it threw this pro-junta camarilla into a state of psychological disarray and cognitive dissonance.

kirill says:
About western Ukrainian victimhood. There was an exchange at militaryphotos in the Ukraine thread about Holodomor. None of the "Russia str0nk" crew had a clue. They failed to even point out that ALL of western Ukraine was under Polish rule during the 1920s and 30s (from 1920 to 1939). This included regions like Rivne (Rovno) and not just Lviv. None of the Banderite vermin had their families live through Holodomor. And they are the ones who yell the loudest about it and spin it into a myth where Ukrainians were specifically targeted by evil Russians. This is total revisionist, history denier fabrication. The forced collectivization famines of the 1930s occurred in the Volga region and as far as Kazakhstan. In particular, EASTERN Ukraine suffered from Holodomor. The very same part of Ukraine the Banderites are terrorizing today in the name of Holodomor and their phony national chauvinist victimhood.
moscowexile says:
Go on!

You'll be telling us next that the Galician shit-kicking Polish serfs weren't even Cossacks either!

Southerncross says:

Azov battalion commanders. The asshole on the left should be familiar – Ukrainians may recognise him as the porker whose big mouth lost them the Crimea.

[Jun 18, 2014] Ukrainian Leader Proposes a Unilateral Cease-Fire in the East

Poroshenko with his "junta in chocolate" government has few chances to solve the problem of Donetsk and Lugansk. I don't see any easy solution so far. The Kiev government (former junta, now in chocolate) refuses to recognize that the two provinces that are rebelling now, that there is a real reason for this rebellion, that, you know, actors in these different provinces enjoy support of local population and most social groups. So we're not even at the stage where the Kiev government is willing to recognize a partner on the other side, but, rather, they're calling anyone who is participating in this armed uprising, a terrorist. As well as anybody who think that Western provinces dominance in government is counterproductive.
So it doesn't seem like there are any prospects for dialog. It seems that the next few days and weeks we'll witness even more violence.
But definitely with growing number of killing of civilians and destruction of infrastructure is a real chance of the split. When population do have legitimate grievances against the Kiev government many people are ready to collaborate with armed groups to get rid of what they had seen as illegitimate rulers or what they started to see as unbearable life under the central government's rule.

President Petro O. Poroshenko of Ukraine proposed on Wednesday a unilateral ceasefire by government forces as part of a 14-point peace plan to end the separatist violence in the eastern part of the country.

For more than two months, the Ukrainian military has been battling pro-Russian rebels in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, with hundreds of casualties and no sign that the conflict will abate anytime soon.

Mr. Poroshenko's announcement of his cease-fire plan came in response to questions by reporters in Kiev, the capital, and it followed a phone call late Tuesday with President Validmir V. Putin of Russia, in which both sides said the cease-fire was a main topic.

Other elements of Mr. Poroshenko's plan include sealing the border with Russia and amending the Ukrainian Constitution to allow for a "decentralization" plan that will give more authority to local governments.

The initial step, however, would be a halt to the so-called antiterrorist operation in which the Ukrainian military has sought to crack down on the pro-Russian militias, which include some Russian citizens who crossed the border to join the fight. Senior Russian officials have long insisted that any peace effort must begin with the Ukrainian government ending its use of force against the separatists.

"The plan will begin with my order of a unilateral cease-fire," Mr. Poroshenko said on Wednesday.

Mr. Poroshenko said that he envisioned a temporary cease-fire, during which rebels would put down their arms and Russian fighters would be allowed to return home.

The initial reaction from the separatists, however, indicated that they were not prepared to accept the deal in its current form. Senior Russian officials have long insisted that they do not control - or speak for - the rebels, and previous efforts by Russia and the West to negotiate a peace settlement have failed.

Klavdia Kulbatskaya, a spokeswoman for the Donetsk People's Republic, the self-declared separatist government, said the insurgent forces were dismissive of the proposal.

"He talks about a cease-fire every day," Ms. Kulbatskaya said by telephone. "And then the next day they start bombing even more heavily."

Denis Pushilin, one of the leaders of the political wing of the Donetsk People's Republic, told Rain TV in Moscow that he considered Mr. Poroshenko's proposal "meaningless."

"This is what happens: they cease fire, we disarm and they take us unarmed," Mr. Pushilin said.

The Russian foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, who has repeatedly called for the Ukrainian government to halt its military operations against the separatists, said on Wednesday that Mr. Poroshenko's plan might not be sufficient.

Speaking in Baku, Azerbaijan, where he was on an official visit, Mr. Lavrov said the Kremlin expected a "comprehensive" cease-fire, not a temporary one.

"If this initiative aims at a comprehensive cease-fire, in which the opposition militia fighting the authorities will be able to exhibit a good will and start negotiations, to which the authorities will invite representatives of the southeast, then I think it could be the step promised by Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and which is actually expected by all of us," Mr. Lavrov said, according to the Interfax news service.


Poroshenko should kick all the CIA and FBI agents out of Ukraine. Then realize and acknowledge he is next door to Russia and quit letting the USA neocons use his beach to kick sand in Putin's face.
I cannot believe Poroshenko, is a billionaire from chocolate. Whatever.
We have lied to the Russians so often especially by placing ex-soviet nations in the NATO alliance after old man Bush rightfully promised not to, thank you Clinton, that it is no wonder they don't believe a thing we say. "Words are cheap, deeds are dear."

Permyakov P.A.

That was expectable. Being deadlocked on Ukraine Americans overslept new crisis in Iraq. Looks like someone in White House finally woke up and understood that situation is already bad enought without Russia playing a Real Spoiler. Thus this attempt to defuse tensions. Good enought, may be we will not turn the Mother Earth into a belt of asteroids after all.

Al Neuman

Poroshenko continues to surround cities in Donetsk and Luhansk with soldiers, tanks, and missiles. He has been on the CIA payroll since 2006. Yatsenyuk was hand picked by the US State Department. Both are US puppets.
Ukraine is just part of the US undeclared War on Russia. The immediate objective, control of Russian gas pipelines, has been achieved. Next on the agenda is: NATO troops on Ukraine soil.

Bokarev Sergei, Saint-Petersburg

A new type of war? At a certain extend it can be called a new one. But it sounds a little bit cynical to mention local people as a new part of the war, who actually die everyday.

But it is perfectly true, that the mass media from the both sides launched a great, unprecedented brainwashing for millions of people. I have never got so much contradictory and false information in my life!

Tom Brucia, Houston, Texas

What business is it of Russia what the Ukrainian military does inside its own borders? And if the rebels in Eastern Ukraine love Russia so much, why don't they just move there?

Michael S. Oak Park, IL

Perhaps the anglo-Texans should move back north, also.


Well, that's what people in Crimea did. They love Russia so much, they upped and went to Russia, taking their land with them.

The people in other eastern Ukrainian cities are trying to do the same, but the crooks in Kiev are shelling them and bombarding them from airplanes.

Vicko Gluncic, Chicago

The first step should be cease-fire.

The second step, should be to send current leaders of the Kiev Neo Nazi junta to Hague.

The third step should be dialog.

Michael S.

Oak Park, IL 15 minutes ago
Kiev did take the war to eastern Ukraine and it's clear crimes have been committed.
check out the head of the national guard:

[Jun 18, 2014] Two Russian TV journalists killed in Ukraine

Looks like "junta in chocolate" is losing hearts and minds in Eastern Ukraine with alarming speed. Crimes against civilians is a perfect way to make insurrection permanent.
The Guardian

Jeremn, 17 June 2014 2:48pm

The news blackout on the shelling of eastern Ukrainian towns and villages lifts a little.

But the shelling and use of mortars against civilians at Slavyansk and other places can be seen on Youtube, and Twitter. Civilians are getting killed, even if Yats thinks they are subhumans. And, just today, as reported in the Kyiv Post, National Guards personnel will be rewarded with land in the east as thanks for attacking the easterners. Sounds a bit like 1941 all over again?

There is a dissonance here. These things are happening, but they are not in our news.

VladimirM -> Jeremn, 17 June 2014 3:16pm

Here is what Rossiya24 reports about killed journalist. I'm not sure if you can speak Russian or if it will be moderated, but anyway.

Jeremn -> VladimirM, 17 June 2014 3:29pm

Here is a collection of photos of wrecked homes from Slavyansk. It is evident from these images, and others, that the Ukrainian Army hasn't been targeting but merely shelling urban areas. Using inaccurate weapons or firing off salvoes.

Pure murder. The rebels fire back, but they at least are only aiming at military positions.

And we should remember that Andrea Rocchelli and his Russian interpreter, Andrei Mironov, were also killed by Ukrainian mortar rounds.

We are covering up for Ukrainian crimes. So more happen every day. Would that the EU spoke out.

WallStreetAttorney, 17 June 2014 3:38pm

The crew were thought to have been filming Ukrainian refugees fleeing the area, which has been overrun by pro-Russian insurgents.

You had to get in the card-carrying Langley propaganda.

No they were bravely reporting on how the US imposed junta's recently formed National Guard has been massacring their own civilians - something that our own press seems happy to ignore.

Oskar Jaeger WallStreetAttorney, 17 June 2014 4:19pm

Are they "their own civilians" still or, having seceded from Ukraine, are they now enemy civilians?
It probably makes no difference though, for civilians are civilians and should not be deliberately targeted.

WallStreetAttorney -> Oskar Jaeger, 17 June 2014 4:36pm

As a crime against humanity it makes no difference whose citizens Svoboda/National Guard are murdering, however as to the hypocrisy and willful blindness of our politicians it makes all the difference in the world.

Article 7 (1) (a) of the Rome Statute - Crime against humanity of murder
1. The perpetrator killed one or more persons.
2. The conduct was committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against a civilian population.
3. The perpetrator knew that the conduct was part of or intended the conduct to be part of a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population.

johnym -> WallStreetAttorney, 17 June 2014 8:08pm

Systemic attack agaist civilian population? You mean bandits equipped by Putler with tanks, anti aircraft missiles, armored cars are a civilian population?

Russian bandits spreading terror in 1/5 of another country and you would like Poroshenko to do nothing to protect his own nation and country?

WallStreetAttorney -> johnym, 17 June 2014 8:22pm

Personally I would like Poroshenko to sit down and talk with the opposition, armed or not. Even the Brits finally did it in Ireland.

Bombing a central square, shelling a maternity hospital now that is really spreading terror on level that might even shame a member of the Black and Tans.

tiye60 -> WallStreetAttorney, 17 June 2014 9:15pm

I think they were at an insurgent road block, filming how the insurgents were helping civilians leave the area, when the shelling hit them.

Heard this on RBK TV, from the third crew member, if I understood correctly, who survived.

vazelas99, 17 June 2014 3:40pm

Two russian TV journalists killed in Ukraine in a mortar attack, but by whom? Not clear from this short piece above. Let's see what the Russian media report:

If they were indeed filming Ukrainian refugees fleeing the area, as you say, this means that the Ukrainian army was shelling civilians fleeing a battlezone. But that's not a war crime, right?

IrishAndy vazelas99, 17 June 2014 3:45pm

The crew's taxi driver told LifeNews the journalists took a direct hit. "Three journalists and 10-15 militias came under fire. We were standing at a traffic-police post at the entrance to Metallist. The journalists got out of the car to observe the fighting and capture the images. Literally a minute later, several shells hit them where they were standing".

Standing beside terrorists when shelled. Too bad!!

LeDingue vazelas99, 17 June 2014 4:22pm

Shelling civilian areas without a clear military objective is in breach of the Geneva convention.

It's not really a surprise, sadly, that the US backed Kiev regime is targeting journalists inside or near the siege zones. Kill a few and deter others. They don't want either evidence (of their ongoing war crimes) or reporting of the atrocities.

There is however abundant evidence already collected. I wonder what kind of back-room games will be used to try and prevent ICC investigators compiling criminal cases against regime member....

It is to our media's shame that it takes journalist casualties for the siege and bombardment to be reported at all...

nic nic, 17 June 2014 5:40pm

finally the guardian made a report about the death of Russian colleagues!!!
excellent article, what else to say..

journalists of Guardian do you have professional ethics, professional solidarity?
or you think the independence - is independence from the truth, morality, professionalism?

you are a very low-down.

Madranon , 17 June 2014 6:11pm
Elsewhere in the Guardian the story of civilians being shelled and forced to flee.

Tens of thousands of people are fleeing combat, most of them from the rebel capital of Slavyansk, where almost daily shelling has claimed numerous civilian casualties since late May.

Most residents in the besieged city have been without water, electricity and gas for the past week. Food supplies are limited, and grocery stores smell of rotting food from the lack of refrigeration. Dozens of people queue for drinking water.

Of course this plays into the hands of the Ukrainian government, less ethnic Russians more room for Ukrainians.

It is called ethnic cleansing yet when it was happening in Kosovo NATO planes were in the air bombing TV stations and car factories.

Robert Sandlin,17 June 2014 7:27pm
Here are few pictures of the Ukrainian "Heroes" that could soon be joining you in the EU after the ethnic cleaning the US and EU supports is finished:
Asimpleguest , 18 June 2014 5:52am
RIP brave men who showed the world how the criminals from Kiev attack Eastern Ukraine civil population

kbczBG, 18 June 2014 8:56am

Hi american teletubbies. I see in comments "terrorists hide behind civilians" and similar. Well, greetings from Kosovo, where that wasn't problem for you. Now even you will finally see that everything you do to others may be be done to you.

It is very clear that Russia is using all american stupid arguments, since americans showed the world how nothing has a meaning that it is, but rather that that suites american corporate interests. So, insted of having whole free world on your side, free world does not have a side to choose. Its horrible future against horrible future.

America betrayed ideas of freedom and democracy for a corporate anti-human interests and will pay great price for that. And whole world with it.

vazelas99, 18 June 2014 9:39am

Tuesday, June 17
22:29 GMT:

The United Nations Security Council has adopted a statement condemning the killing of journalists in Ukraine and has called for an investigation.

"The Security Council calls for a thorough investigation of all violent incidents, including against journalists," Current chairman of UN Security Council, Vitaly Churkin said.

According to Churkin's statement, members of the Council voiced "concern" over numerous detentions and attacks on the press in Ukraine, as well as issued condolences to victims of those who perished covering the events in Ukraine, including an Italian photo journalist killed on May 25.

AMHants -> vazelas99,18 June 2014 10:17am
Have you seen the Open Letter to the UN?

I wish we had a politician like Sahra Wagenknecht in her address to the German Bundestag. Apart from Marie Le Pen, the first politician to mention Odessa. (Sahra Wagenknecht - Merkel You Lie To The People Of Germany About Ukraine - English sub-titles).

AMHants, 18 June 2014 12:48pm

Surprise, surprise.

'The United States have decided to target Vladimir Putin when he sought to take "Russia off of the petro-dollar," maintains philosopher of science James Fetzer in an exclusive interview with Radio VR.

It really seems like history is repeating itself. "It was when Saddam Hussein abandoned the petro-dollar, that he became a target, when Muammar Gaddafi introduced the gold dinar, that he became a target, when Iran went off the petro-dollar and opened an oil bourse trading in many different currencies, that it became a target.

The primary reason for demonizing Vladimir Putin is his "actions that are undermining the economic ambitions of the Western bankers." One of the major achievements in this respect is the recently signed 30-year gas deal with China estimated to be worth over $400 billion.

Putin will be the target as long as he continues to pursue this policy, the expert predicts. However, the Western countries are not unified in how they should respond. For instance, "the Bilderbergers are divided, where the Europeans are favoring Russia and the Americans are favoring the Western powers." Some seem to clearly understand that "it is not going to play out to the benefit of the US; this is a lose\lose situation for the US and a win\win situation for Vladimir Putin and Russia..."
Read more:

[Jun 18, 2014] Indications that the U.S. Is Planning a Nuclear Attack Against Russia By Eric Zuesse

Some facts are interesting, but conclusions should be taken with a grain of salt.
Jun 14, 2014 | OpEdNews

I have previously reported about "How and Why the U.S. Has Re-Started the Cold War (The Backstory that Precipitated Ukraine's Civil War)," and, "Do We Really Need to Re-Start the Cold War?" I pointed out there that we don't really need to re-start the Cold War, at all, since communism (against which the Cold War was, at least allegedly, fought) clearly lost to capitalism (we actually won the Cold War, and peacefully) but that America's aristocracy very much does need to re-start a war with Russia -- and why it does. (It has to do with maintaining the dollar as the world's reserve currency, something that benefits America's aristocrats enormously.)

Consequently, for example, a recent CNN Poll has found that Americans' fear of Russia has soared within just the past two years. Our news media present a type of news "reporting" that places Russia's leader, Vladimir Putin, into a very bad light, even when it's unjustified by the facts.

The situation now is thus rather similar t .

In 1917, after almost two years of heavy anti-German propaganda in the U.S. press that built an overwhelming public support for our joining that war against Germany, Congress found that, in March 1915, "J.P. Morgan interests had bought 25 of America's leading newspapers, and inserted their own editors, in order to control the media" so that we'd join the war on England's side. Whereas back then, it was Germany's leader who was being goaded into providing a pretext for us to declare war against his country, this time it's Russia's leader (Putin) who is being demonized and goaded into providing such a pretext, though Putin (unlike Germany's Kaiser) has thus far refrained from providing the pretext that Obama constantly warns us that he will (a Russian invasion of Ukraine). Consequently, Obama's people are stepping up the pressure upon Putin by bombing the areas of neighboring Ukraine where Russian speakers live, who have family across the border inside Russia itself. Just a few more weeks of this, and Putin's public support inside Russia could palpably erode if Putin simply lets the slaughter proceed without his sending troops in to defend them and to fight back against Kiev's (Washington's -> surrogate's) bombing-campaign. This would provide the pretext that Obama has been warning about.

I also have reported on "Why Ukraine's Civil War Is of Global Historical Importance." The article argued that "This civil war is of massive historical importance, because it re-starts the global Cold War, this time no longer under the fig-leaf rationalization of an ideological battle between 'capitalism' versus 'communism,' but instead more raw, as a struggle between, on the one hand, the U.S. and West European aristocracies; and, on the other hand, the newly emerging aristocracies of Russia and of China." The conflict's origin, as recounted there, was told in its highest detail in an article in the scholarly journal Diplomatic History, about how U.S. President George H.W. Bush in 1990 fooled the Soviet Union's leader Mikhail Gorbachev into Gorbachev's allowing the Cold War to be ended without any assurance being given to the remaining rump country, his own Russia, that NATO and its missiles and bombers won't expand right up to Russia's doorstep and surround Russia with a first-strike ability to destroy Russia before Russia will even have a chance to get its own nuclear weapons into the air in order to destroy the U.S. right back in retaliation.

... ... ...

[Jun 18, 2014] Kharkiv mayor Hennadiy Kernes think that people who are behind attempt on his life are the people who lead the Ukrainian law-enforcement system

Jun 18, 2014 |

On a question, whether he suspects Arsen Avakov, the former Governor of the Kharkiv region and the present Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kharkiv mayor said, "I know this person well, I am not saying anything, but also I do not deny my suspicions. The future will reveal who was behind the attempt."

"The investigation is not over, and I think that it just never started" said Kernes, who believes that the attempt on his life was based on the principle "no person - no problem".

On Monday Kernes returned to Kharkov from Israel, where he was receiving treatment. Attempt on Kernes' life was committed on 28 April: he has got a gunshot wound in the back, the bullet pieced a lung and the liver, it also damaged the spinal cord.

He was first operated in Kharkov hospital and then flown for treatment in Israel, where he was brought into a drug-induced sleep state. In Israeli hospital he underwent hours of operation on the spine.

On may 2 the state of the mayor of Kharkiv has stabilized, he began to breathe on his own. The doctors said that the threat to his life was over.

Before the assassination attempt against Kernes, Ukranian law enforcement opened a case against him, suspecting him in the threat of murder, torture and kidnapping.

On Tuesday Kernes said that the criminal case against him was falsified by acting Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

[Jun 18, 2014] Russia tables new UN resolution for ceasefire and talks in Ukraine

17 June 2014 | The Guardian
davidpear,17 June 2014 5:40am
The US has no interest in a negotiated peace in Ukraine.

It is really short-sighted especially with the example of how well US meddling and molding countries to its liking is working out in Iraq and Libya.

The US seems to not care if Ukraine ends up being torn apart like happened with the destabilization of Syria.

guardiangurl -> davidpear,17 June 2014 6:06am
If you look, you can see that wherever the USA meddled, there has been death, suffering and destruction.

Let this be a lesson to anyone: Avoid "American Help" even and especially if it is indirect help.

ExSquadie -> guardiangurl,17 June 2014 6:21am
Fair go mate, But this lunacy has only gone on for about 70 years. It will be at least another 70 before they cop on, that the world now views the U.S. as the bully.
PekkaRoivanen -> davidpear,17 June 2014 7:06am
Expect Poroshenko will sell Ukrainian gas pipes to western energy companies. Possible buyers mentioned are Shell, Exxon and Chevron.

After sale western energy companies will charge the few billion euro gas transfer fee instead of Kiev government.

West would then have also assets to defend in Ukraine. A legitimate cause for military intervention?

South Stream pipeline would bypass Ukraine. EU is trying to stop its construction. South Stream would compete with the future privatized Ukrainian pipelines.

DougalEvansCoe -> PekkaRoivanen,17 June 2014 8:27am
The efforts of the EU - in particular the energy commissioner Günther Oettinger - to prevent the construction of the South Stream are an outrageous assault on the energy security and independence of Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

Once again an EU commissioner is prioritizing national interests (the desire of Germany to placate the U.S.) to the detriment of the vital interests of other EU member states.

When next winter comes, and Southeast Europe is left without natural gas (leading to a humanitarian crisis), it will be interesting to see how Herr Günther Oettinger justifies his hypocritical and undemocratic opposition to South Stream.

If the Energy Commissioner wants to prevent Russia from supplying gas to Europe, then why doesn't he close down the North Stream? (Oh, but that would affect his own beloved Germany, wouldn't it?) Heuchler!

davidpear PekkaRoivanen, 17 June 2014 2:29pm

Poroshenko will sell Ukrainian gas pipes

Thanks for the details.

Anybody who understands a little about US foreign policy knows that the US has wanted to loot Ukraine all along.

It is the reason the US spent so much effort and money destabilizing Ukraine. It is no different than US policy in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sub-Saharan Africa etc. It is the neoliberal gang of corporations that have been driving this.

The US caters to the wishes of the corporations.

Donald Inks PekkaRoivanen, 17 June 2014 2:55pm

This is what the U.S. and the rest of the Western NATO Nations "spent" (gambled and invested) in: energy contracts

(so far...):
...AND, these Western Corporate chemical, oil and gas interests wanted to exploit the Ukraine's untapped offshore natural gas reserves:
The West (including Europe) is now attempting to compete with Russia's massive dominance in that region of their monopoly of the production and exportation of natural gas.
To summarize : "who" truly instigated this mess?

A Western Nation coalition of Geo-Political-Corporate intrusion into an area,
of which they have LONG salivated over gaining a firm POLITICAL, CORPORATE AND MILITARY foothold upon.

It backfired...and, (as usual) many innocent people have suffered and died.

Aleksandr Romanovich Podgaets -> Donald Inks,17 June 2014 5:05pm

[Jun 18, 2014] Evacuating Children Along a Dangerous Ukraine Route

Denis, Russia

Such accusations are entirely the manifestation of the information war. Compare the events in Ukraine and Syria. In Syria, rebels supported from outside are "good", while the president is "bad". in Ukraine, rebels supported from outside are "awful terrorists", while the president ordering firing the cities is represented as an angel. Double standards.

cu, ny

just fyi, a Russian Facebook friend from over twenty years ago is posting well-made propaganda stating such things as: If Russia attacked Ukraine, then why aren't the refugees running towards dear Kiev instead of the attacker Russia?

Well-educated, well-traveled, and 100% sure that refugees are willingly streaming into Russia from Ukraine.

In order for her to buy this, I'm wondering if there are some flaws or missing elements in our story that make her alternative plausible.

Our news media should provide in-depth articles on on-going US involvement in Kiev to acknowledge how the Russians could be so manipulated. Have I missed them? How about details about the Russian hijacking of the orphan bus in order to refute the idea that they went willingly. I need to hear what Russians are hearing, and the American rebuttal to that, in order to understand the gulf that has opened up between us. We can't begin to close it until we understand it.

Onno Frowein, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

The failure of US foreign policies is apparent in Ukraine similar to Iraq and many other invasions and interferences into domestic policies. It shows the naivety of Americans that they can bring democracy in ANY part of the world to impose US geopolitical interests. This policy has worldwide averse effect as we see in Asia, Vietnam, Japan, Libya, and now the cruelties in Iraq.

US foreign policy is one of 'HIT and RUN' divide a nation, bring in a US friendly government and hopefully a president who speaks English (Karzai in Afghanistan) and now Poroshenko/Yatsenuk in UA. History is for the dogs!

Ukrainian Air Force have been dropping CLUSTER bombs on civilian targets like apartment buildings killing women and children in Lugansk, Mariupol, Slavyansk. Kiev government denies this, of course it would be difficult to accuse Russian planes penetrated UA air space.

Or let's look at ambulances being shot at by Ukrainian snipers and killing their drivers or the bombing of a hospital. And so we see thousands of evidence of daily cruelties to civilians in the Eastern Ukraine. And the Western media wants to make us believe that this is done by pro-Russian separatists who are killing their OWN people

In Kiev we find a revival of Neo-Nazism such as we have seen during WW II under pro-Nazi Bandera who murdered 500.000 Ukrainians and 34.000 Jews in Babi Yar in 1942. Now they are called the Right Sector under Dmytro Yarosh who murder children and women

Please read FACTS, not propaganda

Leon C, New York

The lack of professionalism by the Ukrainian military is not doing Kiev's side any good. Most people in eastern Ukraine do not want to join Russia. Blockades, sieges and artillery strikes will only disenfranchise the average person. When it is necessary, strike hard and fast but avoid endangering bystanders.

Someone in Russia should point out prolonging the conflicts by letting volunteer fighters, weapons and heavy military equipment into Ukraine is only prolonging the conflict and create unnecessary suffering to the Russian speaking people that they claim having a duty to protect.

Putin wouldn't care about people's suffering as it's more important to keep Ukraine destabilized and lives are cheap. It is still important to point it out so that the Russians understand the price for imperialism.

Judyw, cumberland, MD

The fighting in E. Ukraine will continue as long as the EU and US continue to support military operations by Poroshenko.

It should be obvious now that the people in these 2 oblasts do not want to be part of a Ukraine govererned by Kiev. That being the case the international community has an obligation to insist on negotiations. Ukraine is now broken because of the EU and US.

It is sad to think of children being evacuated - it is reminiscent of WWII. And this is now a full blown war. As long as Poroshenko calls it an anti-terrorist action there will be no peace. You cannot label part of your citizenry terrorist and expect to keep the country united.

The Ukraininan army is now using phosphorous bombs and grad rockets which are killing and injuring civilians. Poroshenko must accept the fact that not everyone want to be evacuated to another city in Ukraine, they prefer to go to Russia, but he doesn't want that. Thus we have no humanitarian corridor because of his stubborness. Russia must play a role in this humanitarian corridor and the Kiev's government refusal, is hurting civilians. But Kiev seems not to care. If he truly cared about the people, he would allow Russia to play a humanitarian role.

There is distrust on both sides, which cannot be overcome until the conflct ends. As long as Poroshenko believes he can unite the country and get Crimea back, no end is in sight. He needs to be more realistic about events on the ground. The US and EU must stay out of this.

RFrancis, Kansas City

Aslan, you forget who fomented the coup in Ukraine, a sovereign country.. May I remind you that it was the US?

Now, starting from that factual point, go back and try to reconstruct your argument.

WIMR, Voorhout, Netherlands

Please check what happened to the communist party or to the left wing movement Borotba after the Maidan revolution. You will find similar stories of hoodlums beating people up and driving them from their offices. And do you remember the pro-Maidan mobs in Odessa: singing while they butchered people who wanted to escape from the burning building?

Unlike you I don't see anything resembling "reform and the rule of law" arising from Kiev. They have introduced some laws that the EU ordered them to implement but until now the effect on corruption is zero.

I don't expect that to change. The Maidan was just a different faction of oligarchs grabbing power. Their slogans against corruption were just pr, not something to be taken seriously.

bergamo, italy

but read the news. It was the West that toppled Yanukhovich. Brennan visited Kiev immediately afterwards. Weapons have been supplied, and no pressure exercised on Ukrainian's illegal government to resolve this conflict peacefully, that is, doing what Russia has suggested all along, federalism and neutrality. There is not one single proof that Russia has sent special forces in Ukraine. The infamous photos... etc... no point saying the same things all over.

WIMR, Voorhout, Netherlands
Putin did not initiate the fighting. That started when Kiev sent first the police and then Right Sektor thugs to replace local governments with people that obeyed the Maidan.

Remember that a majority in the East and South of Ukraine considers the government in Kiev illegal. Remember that the presidential elections were not honest as many potential candidates had been arrested or were wanted for arrest by the new government.

[Jun 15, 2014] A scorecard for the US "lukewarm war" on Russia - strategic and tactical levels

The Vineyard of the Saker
First, I have to explain the title: "A scorecard for US war on Russia": what we are witnessing today is beyond any doubt a US war on Russia, except that it that is is neither quite "cold" nor "hot": it's tepid, lukewarm. Not for the people dying of course, but by it's choice of methods. It is not a Cold War because people are dying, because tanks, artillery and airpower is being used on a daily basis now, but it is not a Hot War either, because while people in the Ukraine are being killed, the real target of this war is, of course, Russia. In other words, this is not a Russian-Ukrainian war, nor is it a US-Ukrainian war, it is a US-Russian war, fought in the Ukraine with "Hot War" methods, but whose real target are not the murdered people in the Ukraine but Russia as a country and a civilizational project. I think that it is crucial to state that to make a correct analysis of what is going on.


The USA has no special interests in the Ukraine at all. The only reason why Uncle Sam got so heavily involved is the (totally mistaken) belief - expressed by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Hillary Clinton - that "without the Ukraine Russia cannot be a superpower" and that "Putin is trying to recreate the Soviet Union". Since a reborn USSR would be the single major threat to the US domination of the planet, the US shall spare no effort into making sure that the Ukraine not only breaks away from Russia, but turns into a US colonial protectorate like Poland or Lithuania: rabidly anti-Russian, administered by the EU and controlled by NATO. Of course, the "prize of prizes" would have been Crimea with Sevastopol as a base for the USN and a fantastic "unsinkable carrier" to project US subversive efforts throughout southern Russia, the Caucasus and even the Middle- East. Alas, Putin's lightening fast action in Crimea completely foiled this part of the plan: instead of getting the entire Ukraine including its crown jewel, Crimea, the AngloZionists were left in full control of West-Central Ukraine (aka "Banderastan") and an uprising in East-Central Ukraine (aka "Novorossia). However, Uncle Sam also walked away with some real successes: not only was the democratically elected President Yanukovich "regime-changed", the secession of Crimea and the uprising in the Donbass made the "more or less election" of a pro-US puppet like Poroshenko finally possible. So far so good, but remember, this is not about the Ukraine at all, this is about Russia and only Russia. So the relevant question is not whether the US succeeded in putting a puppet regime in power, but what good it does to the AngloZionist Empire to have Poroshenko in power in Kiev. The answer to that is, of course, very little, if any.

Again, to understand the US position you have to stop thinking like a rational and mentally sane person, and try to think like an imperialistic maniac hell-bent on world domination who sincerely sees Russia at the #1 obstacle to the realization of this goal. Such a maniac will ask himself a basic question: how much, if at all, is Russia weakened by the current situation in the Ukraine? And, again, the obvious answer is only marginally. Here is how a hypothetical US "1% deep-stater" will think about Russia's current position:

They got Crimea, so all our hopes about the Black Sea region, the Caucasus and the Middle-East are gone. In fact, now that Crimea is fully Russia, it is the Russian position in the Black Sea region, the Caucasus and even the Middle-East which has become stronger, much stronger in fact. Worse, by chopping off the Crimea from the rest of the Ukraine, the Russikies have not only created a very dangerous precedent, they have deeply destabilized the richest and best educated part of the Ukraine - the Donbass - leaving us with the a poor, phenomenally corrupt basically broke "Banderastan" to run. Worse, if we did not have our various CIA run death-squads ("Maindanites", "Right Sector", "National Guard", "soccer hooligans", etc.) then Poroshenko would probably last less than 1 month in power anyway, especially with the accursed Russikes about to turn off the gas spigot if the Ukies don't come up with a payment plan they cannot afford anyway. The only thing our symbolic pseudo-sanctions against Russia have achieved so far was to push the Russkies to do what they should have done a decade ago: to lower their dependence on the US-controlled banking system, to sever their ties with the Ukie military-industrial complex and to push the Russian business community towards seeking stronger ties with Asia.

The bottom line is that at least so far the AngloZionist Empire has failed to secure any strategic objective. Russia is as powerful as ever, arguably even more powerful than before the crisis began.

What about the association agreement with the EU then? It means nothing to the Americans. All that agreement would really achieve would be to further impoverish the rump-Ukraine and create a bloody mess for the EU. Yes, for Russia this would mean maybe two to three years of minor headaches (dealing with illegal immigrants, finding new suppliers, etc.) but nothing truly meaningful. And since it was the EU the broke the Ukraine, they now own it, but then since it is the US which own the EU to begin with, you might as well say that the US now owns what is left of the Ukraine. Hardly a coveted prize...

There is only one way for the AngloZionists to turn defeat into victory and that way is most obviously to pull Russia into an overt military intervention in the Donbass. An overt Russian military intervention in the Donbass would achieve all the following goals:

Needless to say, seen this time from the point of view of Russia, all of the above are crucial reasons to avoid being sucked into an overt military intervention in the Ukraine. However, non-intervention by itself is hardly a "policy" and it cannot constitute a strategic goal. So let us now look at the strategic goals of Russia.

Initially, Russia wanted something rather basic: an independent, more or less neutral, but prosperous Ukraine. Not because Russians are inherently just so nice and compassionate, but because the best thing for Russia is to have a prosperous neighbor for which she hold no responsibility but with which she can built mutually beneficial economic ties. Yes, sure, Kiev is the mother of all Russian cities, and the so-called Ukraine is an invention - no such state of nation ever existed before - and it is true that the "Small Russia" (in the meaning of "Core" or "Central" Russia) is the cradle of the Russian civilization, but these are all things of the past. Nowadays, if the Ukies want to call themselves something other than "Russians", and if they want to try to re-invent themselves a culture ex nihilo - let them. Who cares really? It's their loss: instead being a part of one of the (relatively) ancient nations and cultures in history they chose to become, well, who knows what? But who cares, it's their right after all. Their "arguments" might not get much traction with most Russians, especially the educated ones, but this is hardly a reason for conflict. Over the past two decades there never has been a movement of any relevance in Russia to oppose the Ukrainian independence. Basically, most Russians did not give a damn and, frankly, they were right.

But, again, we need to remember that this is not a Russian-Ukrainian problem. It is a US-Russian problem. And for the USA, the kind of independent and more or less prosperous Ukraine which Russia would have been happy to have as a neighbor was absolutely unacceptable. If Russia wanted a "Ukrainian Finland", the USA wanted a "Ukrainian Poland". That is something which Russia cannot allow to happen. So, in strategic terms, the three key strategic goals for Russia are, by order of importance:

  1. To prevent the creation of a "Banderastan" on Russia's borders
  2. To avoid being sucked into an overt military intervention
  3. To protect the people of Novorossia
Two comments about these goals:

First, you will notice that if the choice comes down to an overt military intervention and the creation of a Banderastan on the western border of Russia a military intervention is preferable, at least in my opinion. I have no way of knowing whether the folks in the Kremlin would agree with me or not, but my sense is that that would if only because of the long-term consequences of having a Banderastsan along over 2'000km of its western border and less than 500km from downtown Moscow. So make no mistake - Russia will intervene militarily in Novorossia if there is absolutely no other choice. Even if that means a risk of war with NATO. Even if that means a war with NATO. For Russia, this is not an elective conflict, but an existential threat and there is a national consensus on that.

Second, there is the issue of human rights and the plight of the people of Novorossia.

Considering how many of us have become disillusioned with our fellow human being and cynics about any and all politicians, I won't even go into the "brother nations" argument, nor will I claim that Putin, Lavrov or anybody else in the Kremlin sincerely cares about the atrocities committed against what are, of course, really fellow Russians who happened to live in what is called "the Ukraine" because of Soviet internal administrative borders. I personally am convinced that Putin and Lavrov really do care - but I will not use that personal belief of mine as an argument. I will use only a fully pragmatic argument which is fully compatible with the hypothesis that the folks in the Kremlin care only about their own narrow self-interest. And the argument is this:

There is a lot of pent-up rage and outrage in Russia. Unlike the western MSM, the Russian media is full of daily reports about the atrocities committed by the Ukie death squads. Day after day after day the Russians see neo-Nazi thugs marching around Kiev, Odessa and other cities with neo-Nazi symbols, they see the bombed out houses of Slaviansk and Kramatorsk, they see the endless interviews with maimed civilians and terrified refugees.

... ... ...

At this point the Russian policy becomes, I think, clear: to covertly support the resistance movement of Novorossia without yielding any proof of intervention which could be used by the AngloZionists to demonize Russia (they already do that, but with very little credibility in the public opinion).

Now that we have identified the strategic goals of both sides, we can look at the methods (tactics) they are using to achieve them.


On the US side the plan is simple: to provoke Russia in every possible way. So far these have include (in no special order):

This is not a full list, of course, just those events which first came to my mind. Connecting the dots here is easy: to provoke Russia at all costs. Well, provoke it does. Does that achieve anything else? Specifically, if we take a more "macro" point of view and ask ourselves this: if we accept that the Ukie goal of war in Novorossia is to get the Russians to intervene and if we accept that the Russian goal is to stay out, and if we finally accept that the crucial factor which will eventually decide of the outcome is the ability of the Novorossians to defend themselves without overt Russian intervention - then who does the tactical scorecard look?

From my point of view - one of an ex-military analyst - I would say that I am extremely unimpressed by the junta's performance so far.

The junta's death squads have used all the means at their disposal to try to terrorize the people of Novorossia: they began with baseball bats, then knives, then guns, they assault-rifles, then machine guns, then heavy machine guns, then mortars, then heavy mortars, then regular artillery, then multiple rocket launchers, then attack helicopters, then attack aircraft, then cluster munitions, now even white phosphorus. And what did they achieve in military terms:

1) they are more or less holding an airport and one hill near Slaviansk/Kramatorsk
2) they have taken Krasnyi Liman (and committed a massacre in its hospital)
3) they apparently have 1000 or so men surrounded in the Lugansk airport

That's it. They could not even take Slaviansk! This is with force ratios anywhere between 5:1 to 100:1, with heavy firepower, armor and total air supremacy. Sub-pathetic, really...

And, in the process, they have lost hundreds of soldiers who defected to the other side - often with weapons - they have gotten a huge number of their own conscripts killed, one group of senior "Alpha" officers was caught and several paratrooper recon units were made prisoner (the latest one yesterday). In Lugansk Ukie forces appear surrounded and the latest shooting down of an Il-76 by the NDF air defense forces was part of a desperate attempt of the junta to free these forces or, at least, to resupply them. In fact, there are all the signs of a desperate movement by land of Ukrainian armor and infantry to break through these units some of which, according to unconfirmed reports, have already switched sides.

As for the Novorossian Defense Forces (NDF), they now clearly have a solid air-defense network up and running, they seem to have plenty of weapons (even though they still lack some specific types) and most, but not all, of these weapons are truly trophy weapons taken from the Ukies (such as the 3 T-64 tanks recently shown in the news). The initial trickle of volunteers has slowly but steadily become larger (including volunteers from Russia proper) and the NDF is now clearly enjoying some fancy systems which could have only have been provided by Russia (electronic warfare, advanced anti-air systems, etc.). Yes, there are lots of Ukie tanks around Luganks, but as late as this morning a senior NDF officer in the area has said that "we can hold them for at least several months". Finally, and for the very first time, there are signs that the NDF are mounting offensive operations.

I am basing all of the above on admittedly partial information, but to me all the signs are clear and point to one and only one reality: the Ukie offensive is going absolutely nowhere and unless Uncle Sam comes up with a dramatic way of changing the face of the battle, Novorossia will probably withstand the Ukie assault without over Russian intervention.


So far, I see the strategic-level scorecard for the AnlgoZionist as a complete failure. As for the tactical-level scorecard, it is probably too early to call, but I would say that it looks like the Empire is headed for a complete defeat. Of course, these are temporary conclusions and I don't want to sound like Dubya with his notorious "Mission accomplished". But I think that for all of us who get sick in their stomachs each time we hear of the latest Ukie atrocity it is important to keep in mind that so far the neo-Nazis and their AngloZionist masters are losing and that there is no reason to suspect that this trend will somehow reverse itself in the foreseeable future.

We have to also always keep in mind that "lukewarm" as it may be, this is a major war of planetary importance because as Dugin correctly points it is the future of Russia, and therefore of all of Eurasia, which is being decided. Russian parity (I would even argue superiority) in strategic nuclear weapons have made a hot war impossible (at least for a rational actor), but that does not mean that both sides are not engaged in this apparently "lukewarm" war with every bit of energy and power they got! What we are witnessing today is nothing short of a major struggle for survival between the AngloZionist Empire and the "Eurasian project" (for lack of a better word) centered around Russia and China and their attempt to replace the old order by new, multi-polar, dollar-independent, militarily balanced one. Hegemony vs collective security for the entire planet is what is at stake. This is why every time we listen to the latest reports out of Novorossia we have to constantly keep in mind that in reality this is a US-Russian war over the future international order of the planet and not an "ethnic civil war".

As you know, I have been living with a knot in my stomach for weeks now, and with each additional report about the neo-Nazi atrocities committed against the people of Novorossia I get more desperate, more angry and more frustrated. And I have to admit that if the Russians finally openly intervene and beat the crap out of the Ukie death squads (which won't last 24 hours against a real military force) I won't be able to contain myself - I will open a bottle of champagne and dance with my wife across the house. But I also know that the right thing to do is keep our "eyes on the prize" and let this abomination I called "Banderstan" self-destruct without any over Russian help. The latest attack on the Russian embassy in Kiev is not only an outrageous violation of the Vienna Convention, it is also a fantastic admission of impotence, of powerlessness, of irrelevance really. Think of it, a crowd of neo-Nazi thugs overturns a few cars and tosses eggs and stones at an embassy building in downtown Kiev and all the Ukie authorities can do is to order the cops to move out of the way and to send the deputy Foreign Minister to express his support for the crowd. "Слава Україні - Героям Слава" (glory to the Ukraine - to the Heroes Glory!) indeed - some heroic Ukie nationalism at work, there is an "operation" the Ukies can be proud of, something to add to the pantheon of Ukrainian national pride.

[They are as pathetic as they are disgusting, of course. I really wonder how any putative "sane Ukrainian" can live without dying of a combination of shame and self-disgust. But then, that ain't my problem, thank God.]

There is probably more of that sickening Ukie mix of atrocities and buffoonery on the way. Normal civilized people cannot imagine the kind of stuff that these hate-filled psychopaths can come up with. Frankly, I would not put it past them to try an air or missile strike on, say, a kindergarten in Crimea or even in Belgorod. They could also kidnap a delivery man for a Russian company still operating in Kiev or heroically massacre of minibus with an Aeroflot crew on the way to the airport. Whatever! We have to accept the inevitability of such actions because this is all this junta can do - they simply have no civilized diplomatic, commercial, military or other means to prevail against Russia and their own people. But always always keep this in mind: with each such action the Ukies are confessing to their own impotence while digging their own grave.

So even if "ще не вмерла україна" ("the Ukraine is not dead yet" - from the Ukie "national anthem" with words copied from the Polish one and a melody composed by [what else?] a Uniat priest), it's days are counted and, as doctors like to say, the prognosis is poor.

The Saker

[Jun 15, 2014] Kerry warns Russia the US will 'raise the costs' as Ukraine crisis intensifies

The Guardian

madeiranlotuseater, 14 June 2014 8:28pm

Why is there a need for a flow of arms from Russia to the separatists in Ukraine. They have been raiding arsenals for weeks now. Kerry´s approach is very poor. No one has provided proof of this help from Russia.

As for a fair deal on the gas, what is unfair about charging the same as Europe? They are after all signing up with the EU if they can.

Beckow -> madeiranlotuseater, 14 June 2014 8:45pm

I think, Russia and Russians in different forms are definitely helping the Russians in eastern Ukraine. It would be impossible not to. They are - most of them - not "separatists", most are simply anti-Kiev government. Russians are a large minority that is looking into being suppressed: from their language, to their economy, ties to Russia, history. Kiev government - with total Western support - calls them "terrorists" and at this point indiscriminately bombs them.

So of course, the Russians support them. Any nation, any country would, from Irish solidarity in Ulster, to UK in Falklands, Jews supporting Israel, to Americans invading a number of countries in Latin America to protect any Americans there.

Gas is an interesting issue: Ukraine is broke, so any payment for gas to Russia is in effect coming directly from the IMF and EU promised money. That is a very hard thing to accept, not just for the Kiev government, but also for their friends in the West. So they will go to the wall trying to avoid doing it. This is not as much about the price that can be negotiated, it is about Ukraine simply wanting to hold on to any cash they have left or is loaned to them.

I can see their point, but then one has to calculate these things when switching alliances, when having "revolutions". Business is business and there is simply no viable alternative for energy in Ukraine. They would like for Russia to provide it for free, almost free, or on credit. I don't think Russia will and time is on Russia's side. This will get ugly this winter.

pagon007 -> madeiranlotuseater, 14 June 2014 8:51pm

Frankly, there is an organization in Russia (I support the organization created an opposition newspaper). We collect the money they are spending on medicines, on the radio, on the binoculars, bronezhelet and more, it is sometimes possible to obtain a small number of weapons. While I know that there are three such organizations, one of them is gathering volunteers from Russia and sometimes from other CIS (Now they try to find doctors).

Robert Sandlin -> pagon007, 14 June 2014 9:15pm

Thank god,I'm happy to hear that.Keep up the good work and God Bless the Hero's that fight for their people.

MatoMatic -> madeiranlotuseater, 14 June 2014 10:10pm

Actually EU countries like Germany are much bigger customers then Ukraine, and they pay on time.So even same price is great deal for Ukraine, maybe too good.

Manolo Torres -> Beckow, 14 June 2014 11:23pm

Americans invading a number of countries in Latin America to protect any Americans there.

i wonder where did you get that from?!?! Nowadays you can even watch interviews from former Ex-CIA officers saying that they did went there to kill the opposition and that they did it because they wanted to and they don´t regret it.

There is no way to compare it with Russians supporting thir family across the border. Do yourself (and the millions of latin american deaths) and take a look at history.

Beckow -> Beckow, 15 June 2014 12:04am

I am reposting what was removed without mentioning media, I guess that's why it was removed:

When Ukraine government bombs its own citizens in eastern Ukraine, US is silent. When Ukrainian nationalists burned to death Russian demonstrators in Odessa, US was silent. When Ukrainian "revolutionary" post-coup Parliament outlawed Russian language as an official language, US was silent. The list goes on and on. So when today John Kerry protests (again) and threatens (again), one has to take it as what it is: hypocrisy and weakness.

Ukraine is divided, and probably always will be. There are many countries like that, from Iraq to Syria, from Canada to Belgium, from Spain to Ireland, there are states that have multiple languages, religions, cultures, and sympathies. When US comes in and aggressively supports one side and aggressively not only doesn't work, it backfires.

It leads to broken societies, bloodshed and tragedy. So why is US doing this? What is the gain? Or is it just a game with other people's lives at this point? Because they can?

One has to assume that chaos is what US seeks. That they see chaos and broken countries as an opportunity, as a place to get something economically, geo-politically, or just as a playground for their under-employed security people. That is not just stupidity, it is really a definition of modern evil. To stir up chaos among others, to meddle and then lie about it, to play with others' lives, that is what evil people have always done.

Beckow -> Manolo Torres, 15 June 2014 12:11am

I was being generous. I should have said "claiming that they were invading to protect Americans". I agree with you that it was a self-serving lie.

We can see how deep we have fallen since the dominant narrative that is allowed is so skewed that even criticism has to play by those rules.

Nikolla, 14 June 2014 8:46pm

What is so wrong with the US? Will they ever become a normal country and stop terrorizing the world?

TatiAm -> Nikolla, 14 June 2014 8:49pm

I hope this time will come soon.

vivaItaly -> Nikolla, 14 June 2014 9:03pm


Beckow -> Nikolla, 14 June 2014 10:32pm

US is an "indispensable" nation according to US government. They are special. But what does that by definition make everybody less? Dispensable?

There have been a number of self-appointed "special" countries in human history. All of them stopped being special eventually, but it wasn't voluntary, it was because they were defeated or collapsed. Nothing teaches manners like experience....

Mk8adelic -> Nikolla, 15 June 2014 1:35am

with their obsession with arms at home and unwillingness to address the issue no matter how many innocent school children are slaughtered, drones etc etc I really doubt it

AnonForNowThanks -> Nikolla, 15 June 2014 4:51am

The typical style of life in the US among the top two quintiles cannot be sustained without military threats, and the rest of the US population no longer matters.

Dimo B, 14 June 2014 8:52pm

Why not give the pro-Russian separatists in the East what they want - autonomy!? There is a talk elsewhere in the media regarding division of Iraq according to ethnicity - Shia, Sunni and Kurds - in order to save people fighting among culturally different groups... why not the same in Ukraine? it is obvious that Russian Ukrainians and West Ukrainians are two very different groups of people...

Federalisation should have been agreed much earlier on in the Ukrainian conflict - this would have most likely ensured the East of Ukraine stay part of Ukraine, but with more autonomy. Now I am not sure it is possible...

I haven't seen much dialogue happening between the two sides.

Kiev government has been sending troops to the East to fight the rebels for the past few months - were they expecting rebels just to sit back and do nothing when a military plane was approaching Luhansk airport through the back door in darkness?

I can imagine rebels would want to destroy any military vehicle/plane etc following the assault Kiev government unleashed on the separatists - be it in Odessa, Donetsk, Luhansk, Mariupol, Slavjansk etc - the trust between the two sides is totally broken now.

Unless we see dialogue (that would involve 'eating' own pride), the fight and death toll will continue to rise... And I can't imagine Russia standing by doing nothing...

Zoltán Koskovics -> Dimo B, 14 June 2014 9:28pm

In the end it will be federalization. How many will die before that? Nobody knows.

Skywithclouds -> Dimo B, 14 June 2014 9:45pm

Kiev and ChocoPetro mimicing US actions and speeches, they won't talk.

Beckow -> Dimo B, 14 June 2014 10:36pm

Because autonomy or federation, or even assured minority and language rights in the east, would devalue Ukraine for the West. They already lost Crimea. Russian east is where the industry is. Kiev and US will fight to get it.

Without the east, Ukraine would be even poorer, even more bankrupt.

Mk8adelic -> Dimo B, 15 June 2014 1:43am

Because the us wants to frack it

94region -> Beckow, 15 June 2014 9:12am

I think there is only one reason - in the case of federalisation dues will stay in a region and will not flow to Kiev. And Kiev authorities can only to steal.

Crewsayders, 14 June 2014 9:02pm

I am sure the Russians are scared.....hell, they are so worried that the US may end up training the Ukrainian troops to fight....given the great success we have had training the South Vietnamese and Iraqis.....

Tell Kerry to go back to being Israel's lap dog!

Skywithclouds -> Crewsayders, 14 June 2014 9:47pm

And supply them with weapons... just take note the brave Ukrs have ability to sell these weapons faster then you can say "duh!"

Stewby -> Skywithclouds, 15 June 2014 3:07pm

Most of the US leadership is still under the misconception that the US has a qualitative edge in weapons, but really anything we can produce the Russians and Chinese can as well. The US lost it's technological lead when our computer companies started selling out the American worker by exploiting Chinese labor. Now we're in a situation where our only military advantage is the quantity of weapons we have, but when our current stockpile becomes obsolete national power will be nearly proportional to a nation's population and it's acceptance of casualties.

Jeremn, 14 June 2014 9:06pm

That nonsense about tanks has gone to Kerry's head.

Those three tanks were supposed to be from Russia, but it turns out they were captured by rebels on Monday at Artemovsk near Lugansk, that they were T64 BVs in Ukrainian service, modified for the Ukrainian Army at Kharkov, in Ukrainian Army paint schemes, and wearing Ukrainian protective Kontakt-1 missile deflection.

The US really, really wants to put sanctions on Russia. Desperation showing.

VasilyZaitsev -> Jeremn, 14 June 2014 9:38pm

interestingly it's just Kerry talking these days.

no stern warnings from Germany or anybody.

Robert Sandlin, 14 June 2014 9:39pm

Not all Americans are fooled.Just the ones in power:

Cohen on Ukraine civil war: 'Lincoln didn't call Confederates terrorists'

Historical analogies may be inaccurate, but Americans may need to look at their own civil war and compare it to what is happening in Ukraine now. Today the US supports a murderous criminal adventure that has little to do with unifying the country.

This assessment came from Professor Stephen Cohen, prominent US scholar of Russian studies and author, who advised George H.W. Bush in the late 1980s. He spoke to RT about the mistakes of the consecutive American administrations in their Russia policies, the worst crisis in decades that they led to and the deterioration of political discourse in America that prevents things from changing in Washington.

Cohen challenged the narrative of the Ukrainian events dominating in the US, calling the military crackdown by the government an "unwise, reckless, murderous, inhuman campaign that Kiev is conduction against what are admittedly rebel provinces."
"Lincoln never called the Confederacy terrorists," the scholar pointed out. "He always said, no matter how bad the civil war was, fellow citizens he wanted to come back to the union. Why is Kiev calling its own citizens terrorists? They are rebels. They are protesters. They have a political agenda. Why isn't Kiev sending a delegation there to negotiate with them?

"Their demands are not unreasonable. They want to elect their own governors – we elect our own governors. They want a say on where their taxes go – 'no taxation without representation.' We know what that is," Cohen said. "There are extremists among them, but there are also people who simply want to live in a Ukraine that is for everybody. And instead the Kiev army, with the full support of the United States, is supporting this assault."
What the US doing with Ukraine now is alienating arguably the best potential ally it has now, Cohen said.

"I am convinced that the most essential partner for the American national security in all of these areas from Iran to Syria, Afghanistan and beyond is the Kremlin, currently occupied by Putin. And the way the United States has treated Putin – I would call it a betrayal of American national interest."

Russia helped the Obama administration save its face in Syria, where the president was pushed into bombing the country over chemical weapons. It helped make bridges with the new leadership of Iran to start the first serious negotiations in decades.

"Obama had within his grasp at last – because it was a failed foreign policy presidency for Obama – two achievements that would have been in American national interest. And they have slipped away almost in proportion to the degree that Obama pushed Putin away. Pushed Putin away so far that over Ukraine we [the US] could be on the verge of war with Russia."
Cohen blames the US, particularly the Clinton administration for setting the world on a path that led it to the current confrontation between the West and Russia.

"This is the playing out of American policy of expanding NATO to Russia's borders – for whatever reasons. It began with Clinton, was continued under the second George Bush, has been pushed by Obama. And that is the rooster that has come home to roost."

"Some people in the 1990s… warned that this was going to happen. Now that it has, and the people would not take responsibility for it," he said. "They would not say 'OK, we were wrong, we have to rethink policy.' Instead they say to people such as myself, 'You are an apologist for Putin. You are serving the Kremlin, you are not a patriot.'"
This lack of ability to change policies is evident in the current administration, the scholar believes.

"I had lunch with two men much older than me, who had served many presidents and who've known them personally. And they were agreed that this president more than anyone in their lifetime isolated himself on foreign policy."

One anecdotal example Cohen cited is Obama's refusal to talk to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

"I have heard – whether it's true or not I don't know – that President Obama has declined to meet privately with Henry Kissinger, who sees Putin twice a year. Kissinger probably knows Putin better than any American statesmen alive today and who has been consulted by so many presidents. Think what we might about Kissinger's past, but he has already declared his criticism of American policy towards Russia. And Obama wouldn't want to spend an hour with him, asking 'Are we doing something wrong? Are we misperceiving the situation?'"

It's no surprise that a leader, who doesn't take into account various viewpoint on a problem cannot take a rational decision on tackling it, Cohen said.

Part 2
"I ask for a president to be a person, who solicits the best and most diverse learned views involving an existing crisis, that's all… A president has to bring in people with conflicting views whose legitimacy is based on their knowledge, their learning. A president who doesn't do that is going to get us into a crisis that Obama and Clinton got us into."
Unfortunately for America, it's not only the White house that discourages debate now, but also American society in general, the professor said.

"There is no debate of public opposition in this country about this, unlike the situation 20-25 years ago, when we had real debates and public fights," he said. "I don't know if they [the mainstream media – RT] know the truth and therefore are not telling the truth, or that they are just caught up in the myths that had been attached to Russia since the end of the Soviet Union."

"An orthodoxy about Russia has formed in this country over 20 years," he added. "And it's not only wrong, it's reckless. It led us to this crisis in Ukraine… The only way you can break orthodoxy is with heresy. Some of the things I say are regarded as heretical, treasonous, unpatriotic. But heresy is a good thing, when it's needed."

This situation is a sharp contrast to what happens in some other democracies, which don't hush a public debate on foreign policy issues and don't try to push opinions not liked by the political establishment into the 'fringe press'.

"Germany, a relatively new democracy with a past as bad as Russia's, could develop a democracy, where people can speak openly and feely without fear of failing to get a promotion or getting on an op-ed page. Two of three former German chancellors have blamed Europe for the crisis in Ukraine – not Russia."

"Where are our former presidents? We know why President Clinton wouldn't speak out, because he began that policy. But where is President Carter? Where are the former secretaries of state who pursued other policies? Why the silence? We've developed, I fear, a political culture within the establishment that is conformist. Even though the penalty of dissent in our country is cheap, unlike in many other countries."

Bullybyte, 14 June 2014 10:04pm

In Ukraine on Saturday, 49 servicemen were killed when pro-Russian separatists shot down an army transport plane in the east of the country.

So what were 40 paratroopers doing flying over the eastern Ukraine. Delivering food parcels?

What is not being mentioned is that a Ukrainian tank crossed the border into Russia, and got stuck. There was only one man in it, and Russian border guards arrested him. Suddenly, a Ukrainian armoured car packed with soldiers arrived, threatened the border guards, who released the arrestee, and drove back over the border. Last I heard, the tank was still stuck.

The US contends Russia has sent tanks and rocket launchers to the rebels.

It is not often that I agree with Thatcher. But she did say once that the other side has to be supplied with arms, because they have a right to defend themselves. What Ketchup King Kerry is saying is that the idea is that these paratroopers can come floating out of the sky, and spray an unarmed populace with machine gun fire. What would the National Rifle Association have to say about that?

Let there be no mistake about the Americans. This is no longer the country who cleared the Japanese out of the Pacific during the Second World War. George Washington once said: "No foreign entanglements." But that has gone out the window.Look at what they did to Iraq with their sanctions and their war. I could not believe that they planned to take out Saddam Insane. True, he was not the milk of human kindness; but the entire region was - and still is - a mess, and Saddam Insane was holding the whole thing together, In taking him out the Americans, and their lapdog, Tory Blur, have destabilised the whole region. Now, the Iraqis are tearing themselves apart, the Americans are going to walk away as though nothing has happened. And now, they are in the process of depositing their eggs in Eastern Europe.

Vatslav Rente, 14 June 2014 11:32pm

Come on "Guardian", let us clarify. Peaceful protesters in Kyiv turned and smashed several cars of the Russian Embassy, pelted the building with firecrackers and stones. They also poured over with green paint deputies of the Parliament of Ukraine arrived to calm the protesters. Ukrainian police did not intervene.
Democratic values ​​in Ukraine. Bravo, yes, I understand(((

Матвей Тарасов -> Vatslav Rente,15 June 2014 10:35am

Even that is not all. Minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine Deshiza being near of russian embassy said on camera: "Putin is ..." I have to omit the last word because it's strongly obscene. But video is on the net. After that the whole zoo, with minister of foreign affairs being the head, started to shout obscene words about Russia.

tiye60 -> senya, 15 June 2014 1:26pm

une 15 - Protesters in Kiev hurl bricks and stones at Russian Embassy after rebels shoot down Ukrainian military plane. Paul Chapman reports ( Transcript )

Vatslav Rente -> AfinaPallada, 15 June 2014 6:06pm

Clarification. The word "Khuilo", comes from one of the main words of the Russian Mat: "Хуй" (Hui - huilo) and denotes the penis men. Russian obscene language (Mat) is very extensive and widespread in post-Soviet space, is considered very offensive to all Russian-speaking.

Very pleased that foreign Minister Andriy Deshchytsia as a true patriot of Ukraine not only familiar with the Russian Mat, but does not hesitate to use it in front of a camera in the address of the President of the country, which Ukraine owes more than $ 5 billion for gas. He is a true "diplomat", the crowd was satisfied...

All right, this will help to improve relations between Russia and Ukraine)))(((

Sergei Dobrovolsky, 15 June 2014 12:28am

I regret any loss of human life, but, to be fair, the soldiers on the plane were flying to kill the very people who killed them - the fighters who surround the airport. If they landed, there would be dozens of dead on the other side of the fight. If there is anybody to blame here, it's certainly the idiots who decided to send an easy target like a big transport plane to a besieged airport in the first place. And the still higher up idiots who don't understand that they've lost Donbass and Lugansk when, instead of negotiating, they started shooting and bombing, just because it was unthinkable to nationalists that some part of Ukraine is not very "Ukrainian" and does not appreciate the militant Russophobia of Maidan and of post-Maidan Ukraine in general.

Sergei Dobrovolsky, 15 June 2014 12:44am

A photo comparing the Russian embassy in Kiev today (with overturned cars which "peaceful protesters" covered with swastikas) and the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow after the massacre in Odessa (with flowers and icons brought by Moscovites):

There was a discussion on a Russian webpage today arguing that people in Europe dislike Russians. I wrote that it's not true: I was born in Europe (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine), live in Europe (Moscow, Russia) - and I like Russians a lot... :)

Cain Smith, 15 June 2014 12:46am

And now america asks for the help of iran to stop the problems they created in iraq.......
When will america stop creating trouble throughout the world just to justify their own needs

Oskar Jaeger -> Cain Smith, 15 June 2014 12:53am

Every country puts its own needs first, even Russia.

Nickel07 -> Oskar Jaeger, 15 June 2014 1:12am

Ok we got you. You are one of the "the end justifies the means" boys....when it suits you, even if it means the death of millions as the US has so gleefully dispensed during the last few years.

[Jun 15, 2014] New York Times Says Lack Of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth

Zero Hedge

It is no secret that as the Fed's centrally-planned New Normal has unfolded, one after another central-planner and virtually all economists, have been caught wrong-footed with their constant predictions of an "imminent" economic surge, any minute now, and always just around the corner. And yet, nearly six years after Lehman, five years after the end of the last "recession" (even as the depression for most rages on), America is about to have its worst quarter in decades (excluding the great financial crisis), with a -2% collapse in GDP, which has been blamed on... the weather.

That's right: economists are the only people who will look anyone in the eye, and suggest that it was harsh weather that smashed global trade, pounded retail sales (in the process freezing the internet because people it was so cold nobody shopped online), and even with soaring utility usage and the Obamacare induced capital misallocation still led to world's largest economy to a 5% plunge from initial estimates for 3% growth in Q1. In other words, a delta of hundreds of billion in "growth lost or uncreated" due to, well, snow in the winter.

Sadly for the same economists, now that Q2 is not shaping up to be much better than Q1, other, mostly climatic, excuses have arisen: such as El Nino, the California drought, and even suggestions that, gasp, as a result of the Fed's endless meddling in the economy, the terminal growth rate of the world has been permanently lowered to 2% or lower.

What is sadder for economists, even formerly respectable ones, is that overnight it was none other than Tyler Cowen who, writing in the New York Times, came up with yet another theory to explain the "continuing slowness of economic growth in high-income economies." In his own words: "An additional explanation of slow growth is now receiving attention, however. It is the persistence and expectation of peace."

That's right - blame it on the lack of war!

The world just hasn't had that much warfare lately, at least not by historical standards. Some of the recent headlines about Iraq or South Sudan make our world sound like a very bloody place, but today's casualties pale in light of the tens of millions of people killed in the two world wars in the first half of the 20th century. Even the Vietnam War had many more deaths than any recent war involving an affluent country.

Well, that's just unacceptable: surely all the world needs for some serious growth is for war casualties to be in the billions, not in the paltry hundreds of thousands.

Keynesianism 101 continues:

Counterintuitive though it may sound, the greater peacefulness of the world may make the attainment of higher rates of economic growth less urgent and thus less likely. This view does not claim that fighting wars improves economies, as of course the actual conflict brings death and destruction. The claim is also distinct from the Keynesian argument that preparing for war lifts government spending and puts people to work. Rather, the very possibility of war focuses the attention of governments on getting some basic decisions right - whether investing in science or simply liberalizing the economy. Such focus ends up improving a nation's longer-run prospects.

To be sure, Cowen is quick covers his ass with some quick diplomacy. After all how dare he implicitly suggest that the only reason the US escaped the Great Depression is what some say was its orchestrated entry into World War 2:

It may seem repugnant to find a positive side to war in this regard, but a look at American history suggests we cannot dismiss the idea so easily. Fundamental innovations such as nuclear power, the computer and the modern aircraft were all pushed along by an American government eager to defeat the Axis powers or, later, to win the Cold War. The Internet was initially designed to help this country withstand a nuclear exchange, and Silicon Valley had its origins with military contracting, not today's entrepreneurial social media start-ups. The Soviet launch of the Sputnik satellite spurred American interest in science and technology, to the benefit of later economic growth.

So what is it about war that makes economic "growth" that much greater. Apparently it has to do with an urgency in spending. As in urgently spending more than the trillions of dollars needed to support the US welfare state now, and spending even more trillions in hopes of, you guessed it, stumbling on the next "Internet" (which apparently wasn't created by Al Gore).

War brings an urgency that governments otherwise fail to summon. For instance, the Manhattan Project took six years to produce a working atomic bomb, starting from virtually nothing, and at its peak consumed 0.4 percent of American economic output. It is hard to imagine a comparably speedy and decisive achievement these days.

What we find surprising is that it took the econofrauds this long to scapegoat that last falsifiable boundary - the lack of war - for the lack of growth. But they are finally stirring:

Ian Morris, a professor of classics and history at Stanford, has revived the hypothesis that war is a significant factor behind economic growth in his recent book, "War! What Is it Good For? Conflict and the Progress of Civilization From Primates to Robots." Morris considers a wide variety of cases, including the Roman Empire, the European state during its Renaissance rise and the contemporary United States. In each case there is good evidence that the desire to prepare for war spurred technological invention and also brought a higher degree of internal social order.

Another new book, Kwasi Kwarteng's "War and Gold: A 500-Year History of Empires, Adventures, and Debt," makes a similar argument but focuses on capital markets. Mr. Kwarteng, a Conservative member of British Parliament, argues that the need to finance wars led governments to help develop monetary and financial institutions, enabling the rise of the West. He does worry, however, that today many governments are abusing these institutions and using them to take on too much debt. (Both Mr. Kwarteng and Mr. Morris are extending themes from Azar Gat's 820-page magnum opus, "War in Human Civilization," published in 2006.)

Yet another investigation of the hypothesis appears in a recent working paper by the economists Chiu Yu Ko, Mark Koyama and Tuan-Hwee Sng. The paper argues that Europe evolved as more politically fragmented than China because China's risk of conquest from its western flank led it toward political centralization for purposes of defense. This centralization was useful at first but eventually held China back. The European countries invested more in technology and modernization, precisely because they were afraid of being taken over by their nearby rivals.

The fun part will be when economists finally do get their suddenly much desired war (just as they did with World War II, and World War I before it, the catalyst for the creation of the Fed of course), just as they got their much demanded trillions in monetary stimulus. Recall that according to Krugman the Fed has failed to stimulate the economy because it simply wasn't enough: apparently having the Fed hold 35% of all 10 Year equivalents, injecting nearly $3 trillion in reserves into the stock market, and creating a credit bubble that makes the 2007 debt bubble pale by comparison was not enough. One needs moar!

And so it will be with war. Because the first war will be blamed for having been too small - it is time for a bigger war. Then an even bigger war. And so on, until the most worthless human beings in existence - economists of course - get their armageddon, resulting in the death of billions. Perhaps only then will the much desired GDP explosion finally arrive?

Luckily for Cowen, he stops from advocating war as the ultimate panacea to a slow growth (at least for now: once the US enters a recession with a nother quarter of negative growth, one can only imagine what lunacy Krugman columns will carry). Instead he frames it as an issue of trade offs: "We can prefer higher rates of economic growth and progress, even while recognizing that recent G.D.P. figures do not adequately measure all of the gains we have been enjoying. In addition to more peace, we also have a cleaner environment (along most but not all dimensions), more leisure time and a higher degree of social tolerance for minorities and formerly persecuted groups. Our more peaceful and - yes - more slacker-oriented world is in fact better than our economic measures acknowledge."

And let's not forget that GDP is nothing but economic bullshit, confirmed when in recent weeks Europe - seemingly tired of waiting for war - arbitrarily decided to add the "benefits" of prostitution and narcotics. And there you have all the meaningless growth you can dream of. If only on paper. Because hundreds of million of people in the developed world, without a job, out of the labor force, can only be placated with dreams of "hope and change" for so long. And certainly not once they get hungry, or realize that the biggest lie of all in the Bismarckian welfare state - guaranteed welfare - is long broke.

Cowen's conclusion:

Living in a largely peaceful world with 2 percent G.D.P. growth has some big advantages that you don't get with 4 percent growth and many more war deaths. Economic stasis may not feel very impressive, but it's something our ancestors never quite managed to pull off. The real questions are whether we can do any better, and whether the recent prevalence of peace is a mere temporary bubble just waiting to be burst.

That's great. Now all we need is some economist and/or central-planner who actually gets top billing and determines policy to have a different conclusion, and decide that 4% growth is actually worth m(b)illions of dead people.

Judging by recent events in Ukraine and the middle-east that announcement may be just around the corner.

[Jun 14, 2014] Acting foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Deshchica sung to obscene song about Vladimir Putin during attack on the Russian Embassy in Kiev

So called "diplomat" Kind of New "F*ck Russia" generation of Ukrainian diplomats
Acting foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Deshchica sung to obscene song about Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with activists that attacked the Russian Embassy in Kiev. He used the song has become popular among Ukrainian football fans.

Video from singing the head of the Ministry publishes "Gromadske TV".

Andriy Deshchica came to the walls of the Russian Embassy together with the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in the evening on Saturday, June 14.

[Jun 14, 2014] Vandalism against Russian embassy in Kiev

Some more photos of the Ukrainaians attacking the embassy Protesters turn over Russian diplomats' cars, drag down flag at embassy in Kiev (PHOTOS) - RT News

The situation became even more tense as dozens of masked and camouflaged radicals of the Maidan self-defense troops, the Right Sector, and the nationalist Svoboda party joined the protest in the evening. Rocks, smoke grenades, and some explosives were thrown at the embassy from over the fence.

[Jun 14, 2014] M of A - Ukraine These Tanks ... And The State Department Lies Again

Posted by: fairleft | Jun 14, 2014 10:39:55 AM | 6

Stephen Cohen talks good sense but knows no one is listening in official Washington. This indictment of a fear-based conformist American culture is well deserved:

"There is no debate of public opposition in this country about this, unlike the situation 20-25 years ago, when we had real debates and public fights," he said. "I don't know if they [the mainstream media – RT] know the truth and therefore are not telling the truth, or that they are just caught up in the myths that had been attached to Russia since the end of the Soviet Union."

"An orthodoxy about Russia has formed in this country over 20 years," he added. "And it's not only wrong, it's reckless. It led us to this crisis in Ukraine… The only way you can break orthodoxy is with heresy. Some of the things I say are regarded as heretical, treasonous, unpatriotic. But heresy is a good thing, when it's needed."

This situation is a sharp contrast to what happens in some other democracies, which don't hush a public debate on foreign policy issues and don't try to push opinions not liked by the political establishment into the 'fringe press'.

"Germany, a relatively new democracy with a past as bad as Russia's, could develop a democracy, where people can speak openly and feely without fear of failing to get a promotion or getting on an op-ed page. Two of three former German chancellors have blamed Europe for the crisis in Ukraine – not Russia."

"Where are our former presidents? We know why President Clinton wouldn't speak out, because he began that policy. But where is President Carter? Where are the former secretaries of state who pursued other policies? Why the silence? We've developed, I fear, a political culture within the establishment that is conformist.

It's not just the establishment, it's also all the establishment wannabes, and everyone else who fears the all-seeing state's Panopticon.

[Jun 14, 2014] LifeNews: abandoned ukranian personnel carrier on terroroty of Russia - YouTube

[Jun 14, 2014]

Spain is selling and delivering weapons to Kiev

2 cargo planes from Spain arrived yesterday in Kiev with military equipment
14 June, 2014 14:28

[Jun 14, 2014]

VoltaireNet on Poland's role in this -- kind of looks like Sikorski, like Brzezinski, dreams of a revived Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. And Jerzy Dziewulski, the Polish Erik Prince, is up to his eyeballs in it.

[Jun 14, 2014] The Vineyard of the Saker June 13th Combat SITREP by Juan

Anonymous said...

The curious selling of ukrainian gold to Iraq (sorry, in spanish):

Nora said...

Anonymous 23:34,

Wow. Do you know anything about the reliability of this blog? If Ukrainian gold really did end up in Iraq, then that would strongly suggest the, erm, current unrest there was also planned in advance. I have no trouble believing we're that Evil -- but I'm kind of surprised we're capable of such intricate long-term planning.

Ukraine These Tanks ... And The State Department Lies Again

Jun 14, 2014 | M of A -
fairleft | Jun 14, 2014 10:39:55 AM | 6

Stephen Cohen talks good sense but knows no one is listening in official Washington. This indictment of a fear-based conformist American culture is well deserved:

"There is no debate of public opposition in this country about this, unlike the situation 20-25 years ago, when we had real debates and public fights," he said. "I don't know if they [the mainstream media – RT] know the truth and therefore are not telling the truth, or that they are just caught up in the myths that had been attached to Russia since the end of the Soviet Union."

"An orthodoxy about Russia has formed in this country over 20 years," he added. "And it's not only wrong, it's reckless. It led us to this crisis in Ukraine… The only way you can break orthodoxy is with heresy. Some of the things I say are regarded as heretical, treasonous, unpatriotic. But heresy is a good thing, when it's needed."

This situation is a sharp contrast to what happens in some other democracies, which don't hush a public debate on foreign policy issues and don't try to push opinions not liked by the political establishment into the 'fringe press'.

"Germany, a relatively new democracy with a past as bad as Russia's, could develop a democracy, where people can speak openly and feely without fear of failing to get a promotion or getting on an op-ed page. Two of three former German chancellors have blamed Europe for the crisis in Ukraine – not Russia."

"Where are our former presidents? We know why President Clinton wouldn't speak out, because he began that policy. But where is President Carter? Where are the former secretaries of state who pursued other policies? Why the silence? We've developed, I fear, a political culture within the establishment that is conformist.

It's not just the establishment, it's also all the establishment wannabes, and everyone else who fears the all-seeing state's Panopticon.

[Jun 14, 2014] "Thee tanks from Russia": false flag operation against Russia?

ZeroHedge commenter: Are these photos from the same album that contains pictures of Iraqi mobile chemical weapon trucks?...
вот так said...
Maybe this is the falseflag being speculated about that the zionazis are engineering? It's probably a part of it.

U.S. Confirms Russia Sent Tanks, Weapons to Ukrainian Separatists

"The State Department announced on Friday that it has confirmed that Russia, which has repeatedly denied stoking unrest in Ukraine, sent tanks, rocket launchers and other weapons into the country.

The New York Times reports that "a Western official said that the intelligence about the movement of the tanks and other weapons into Ukraine was shared on Friday with NATO allies," after affirming that tanks seen on Ukrainian streets were, in fact, of Russian origin..."

This also could be an effort to preempt news of the zionazi use of phosphorus on civilians. I don't know the circumstances of the capture of the tanks from the zionazis, but i wonder if they "arranged" it so the tanks could be captured so the zionazi quislings in the U.S. regime, and the Jew-nazi media, could claim the Russians supplied the tanks. It is the sort of gay move one expects from the bum bandits.

Daniel Rich said...

U.S. Confirms Russia Sent Tanks, Weapons to Ukrainian Separatists - NYT

"A failure by Russia to de-escalate this situation will lead to additional costs."- Marie Harf, a State Department spokeswoman

Wtf does 'will lead to additional costs' mean?

If it's uncertain the word 'can/could lead' should be used, but obviously Barf's pretty darn sure what will happen next. Playbook anyone?

The Guardian

YouLiar, 14 June 2014 1:31am

Those are T-64BV

Ukrainian tanks, made in Ukraine and have never been in Russia

YouLiar -> YouLiar, 14 June 2014 1:35am

But the media will never report that Ukrainian military crossed into Russia yesterday.

YouLiar -> UnevenSurface, 14 June 2014 2:00am

I don't really need to prove anything lol T-64BV is a Ukrainian tank and looks nothing like T-64. You can google it yourself.

Anonymous said...

Some good evaluations by 'Jack Burton' and 'Sushi' @ ZH,too long to copy in full.

In the end, the entire US planned and funded Coup in Kiev is falling apart. The dream was to use a small well paid and highy trained cadre of professional protestors to carry out a coup by taking over the central square of Kiev and ride the wave of Western Media support to control of Parliament. The protestors had been trained for months is camps in Poland and the Baltics, where tactics and organized command was put into place. Pay was around 40-50 Euros a day, very high by Ukrainian standards.

This force was backed up by American CIA command and control, along with special sniper squads to be used only if needed. To win, they were needed. Kiev to this day can not explain the dozens of riot police gunned down stone cold dead along with a group of armed and unarmed protestors. Shooting by protestors was videoed many times, but these were not the snipers, they were hold up in a buliding just off the Miadan. Shooting both sides at random.

NATO, led by the USA using the CIA arranged and carried out a coup d'etat using West Ukrainian fascists as the foot soldier. The goal was to pull a rapid regime change with a change over to an EU/NATO led government, then quickly use the army to secure this power, ask for NATO help and get boots on the ground BEFORE Russia could react. Thus in a short period of time, it was hoped to be able to secure the whole prize, Crimea being the biggest NATO prize.

The reason it all went to shit is because the parliament of Crimea passed laws and made announcements BEFORE the coup came close to success in Kiev. They announced that they would refuse any orders from a Kiev coup government, then they sealed the borders and put into place armed check points. Backed across the Crimea by Russia troops already stationed in Crimea by law. Before the coup could work it's magic, Crimean Parliament gave Russia political cover and armed support to prevent Kiev from sending any thugs to start the revolution in Crimea.

THIS quick action destroyed the US/NATO plan totally. And it gave hope to East Ukraine that they too could rise up and prevent the coup assuming control over their homes and cities. Thus we see the battles now.

Zero Hedge

Jack Burton

Here is a story of complete State department lies. How would I know? Well, reading sources from on the scene revealed several days ago that Ukraine's army was committing main battle tanks to the fighting. Video evidence of tank columns and train cars bringing tanks to the East. Several days after their arrival, the Defense Forces reported engaging tanks in battle. The following day the Self Defense Forces reported the capture of 3 Ukrainian Army Tanks, soon after that pictures and videos of the three tanks being driven by Pro Russian Self Defense Fighters were posted. Now reports are being released of these tanks being used in battle and the loss of perhaps two of them.

So, I get up this morning and Britain's Daily Mail reports this Russian Tank Invasion story as released by the Kiev media. Checking into it, the same videos and pictures showing the captured Ukrainian tanks were now relabeled by Kiev as showing Russian Federation Army Tanks that invaded Ukraine. Checking carefully, yes, indeed, these are OLD pictures of the very same captured tanks being used now by the Self Defense Forces in battle.

The western media is both pathetic, transparent and generally whorish in their lies designed to promote the US State Department lie machine and the Kiev Coup Leader's lie machine. Since Kiev's own border guards defected to Russia, 84 of them from one section of the border, several days ago, and asked for asylum in the Russian Federation, Kiev's coup leaders and their bosses at the US State Department have been beside themselves with rage over another failure of the Coup to garner support. These section of border, over 100 kilometers long is now open and held by Self Defense Forces. Thus if Russia wanted to ship tanks, they could do it with ease. But that does not appear to be happening. The three captured tanks have so far been the Self Defense Force's only Main Battle Tanks.

Now that America's foreign policy and military leaders have been screwed up the ass in Iraq. Screwed in Syria, Screwed in Libya and now their Ukrainian dream is falling to shit, they do what they always do when confronted with their own incompetent failures that are being made public day after day, they do the only thing these overpaid American failures can do. Lie and cry. Lie about the failures of their West Ukrainian fascist Right Sector legions to win the battle against the inhabitants of East Ukraine Lie about the Ukrainian border guards and soldiers walking across the frontier into Russia and asking to be accepted into the reseistance. Where is Nuland? Two days ago she was walking the Miadan with the boxer Klitschko and talking over his new role as mayor of Kiev. Nuland is a blood soaked failure. Yet she maintains her position as a highly paid State department whore.


Nuland tossing cookies again?

Pretty harsh Jack. At least she got 50% of her job done. The lying part, that is. No one is perfect.
Jack Burton
In the end, the entire US planned and funded Coup in Kiev is falling apart. The dream was to use a small well paid and highy trained cadre of professional protestors to carry out a coup by taking over the central square of Kiev and ride the wave of Western Media support to control of Parliament. The protestors had been trained for months is camps in Poland and the Baltics, where tactics and organized command was put into place. Pay was around 40-50 Euros a day, very high by Ukrainian standards. This force was backed up by American CIA command and control, along with special sniper squads to be used only if needed. To win, they were needed. Kiev to this day can not explain the dozens of riot police gunned down stone cold dead along with a group of armed and unarmed protestors. Shooting by protestors was videoed many times, but these were not the snipers, they were hold up in a buliding just off the Miadan. Shooting both sides at random.

The US controlled coup was a master work in as far as it was able to secure the Maidan and then the control over parliament. The revolt of the East and Crimea was expected, but not to such a highly professional degree and so rapidly. Russia was obviously not going to surrender the East to NATO.

Lets be honest and say fuck it to all the lies and fake news stories. NATO, led by the USA using the CIA arranged and carried out a coup d'etat using West Ukrainian fascists as the foot soldier. The goal was to pull a rapid regime change with a change over to an EU/NATO led government, then quickly use the army to secure this power, ask for NATO help and get boots on the ground BEFORE Russia could react. Thus in a short period of time, it was hoped to be able to secure the whole prize, Crimea being the biggest NATO prize. The reason it all went to shit is because the parliament of Crimea passed laws and made announcements BEFORE the coup came close to success in Kiev. They announced that they would refuse any orders from a Kiev coup government, then they sealed the bordes and put into place armed check points. Backed across the Crimea by Russia troops already stationed in Crimea by law. Before the coup could work it's magic, Crimean Parliament gave Russia political cover and armed support to prevent Kiev from sending any thugs to start the revolution in Crimea. THIS quick action destroyed the US/NATO plan totally. And it gave hope to East Ukraine that they too could rise up and prevent the coup assuming control over their homes and cities. Thus we see the battles now.

Beaten by a rapid Russian response to the NATO take over, now the west, Kiev and NATO are all being defeated on the battle field by pro Russian self defense fighters. This is making NATO and Obama very angry. Kiev is beside itself over the failure of NATO's entire coup operation, YES, they took the Maidan and sit in the Rada as powerful leaders of a rump, bankrupt and militarily defeated puppet of Washington.

I would entertain anyone's thoughts who sees this differently. If they have the evidence that what I said is wrong, I will take it into account. But as of now, I think evidence all points to this being an entirely Washington based coup, a well planned operation that failed because of two things. Russia's rapid action, and the unaccountably high support Russia enjoys in Crimea and most of all in East and South Ukraine. The west denies this support for Russia inside Ukraine, but the reality that self defense forces are beating up highly armed Ukrainian army forces and large right sector gangs on a daily basis gives the lie to all the western medias narrative of the on the ground reality.

Kiev is bankrupt and by winter will be in total chaos. When pensions are slashed, wages slashed, job eliminate to allow German imports to take over markets, and IMF bankers tell the Rada what to and not to do. How is that gonna sink in to a population who can only ask the EU and Washington for money for energy and to fund government. Pensions, health care, military, public works, schools and everything. The Coup of Kiev is totally beholding to the West for everything they will need by winter. Only free money handouts will keep this dead horse still pulling.

As for the battle to conquer the East Ukraine and make it part of the fascist west Ukraine. I wish them good luck with that. They will have their asses kicked, and in response the Kiev coup will begin the slaughter of thousands of civilians and raise cities to the ground, while the Washington Leaders provide diplomatic cover and media lies to protect the war criminals that Washington is hoping will lead Ukraine into the front line NATO nation for the destruction of Russia. The fools in Washington are playing the end game now, and from how they are doing, do not expect the end game to end well. Fucking mess, caused by fucking idiots using our tax money to piss it down the Kiev rathole, all the while American people sink into debt and low wage poverty.

Obama was our idea of hope and change? Imagine the hope and change Hillary "the bitch" Cliton will bring. That war mongering Israeli bitch will leave a trail of dead all across her path. She is evil and plans mass murder and mass war. In all my years as an American voter, I have never seen such a threat to American freedom and peace as MS. Cliton. As she dances to AIPAC's tune in every detail. WHo is in charge her anyways? Guess.

Good analysis.

You could add in that Poland's motive in all of this, apart from making itself a useful tool of the USSA, is likely salivating at the prospect of a failed Ukrainian state whioch permits Poland to march in an reclaim lands that once were part of Poland. This would likely suit some of the Ukrainian oligarchs as a Polish annexation puts them immediately within the EU and under NATO protection. This is a variation on the gameplan that Georgia attempted a couple of years ago.

But if you can undertake this analysis and I can do the same and concur in your basic findings then the question becomes who else can do the same?

My hunch is that many of the EU nations are staring at several uncomfortable future facts:

1) The actions if the "Fuck the EU" USSA is in the process of delivering a failed state on the EU borders. This sort of blows up the EU peace, love, light, good fellowship brotherhood bullsit on which the EU was founded.

2) This failed state is likely to become a source of a new wave of in-mirgation to the current EU states when they already face problems with existing levels of migration.

3) The presence of a failed state on the eastern border and the the revitalization of cold war rehetoric / conflict, serves to isolate the EU from the emerging markets in Aisia.

4) The current USSA driven mess in Iraq likely presages higher fuel costs. Any sane analysis shows that it si impossible for the USSA to replace RF NG. Even if USSA had the stocks (which they don't) it would take 3 years + to build the necessary infrastructure to support such exports. That is three very long, very cold, very expensive winters.

5) The EU is sitting on the edge of falling back into recession (don't think it ever left recession / depression without the tactiv of counting all hookers and blow as newly found GDP) and higher energy costs will surely kill the economy.

6) EU has to face up to the fact that they are not glorious and independent emeging nation state but simply a USSA satrapy, a group of subordinat vassals. This realization has got to burn. Reports are that the USSA buys off EU leaders with bags of cash. This sets the stage for colour revolutions in the EU. This is already being reflected in the latest round of elections.

Even if o'Bummer departs the scene, the wheels set in motion will not be easily stopped or reversed. What we aare watching is the initial stages of a slow motion collapse of USSA empire.


Ides of November
Germany & Turkey are the swing States that will ultimately destroy NATO.

Erdogan can certainly be no great friend of the USA after what went on earlier this year. But he needs to secure his power at the Turkish Presidential Election in August. If he wins, as he should easily, expect Turkey to start moving away from NATO.

Turkey of course also ties in intimately to the situations in Iraq & Syria. Iran looms as potentially a key strategic ally of Turkey in the Middle East and it would mightily suit both of these countries to reshape the situation and borders in Iraq/Syria to their own benefit - most probably under the cover of China & Russia.

The Turkish Elections really are far more important than many people realise. Erdogan could gain real power in a few months - and leaving NATO and kicking the Americans out of Incirlik would certainly be a possibility not too far down the road. The Turks won't do this lightly of course, but events are clearly moving in that direction with the chaos now spreading to their South.

Hard to read Angela Merkel - either she's an idiot/muppet of the highest order and believes the lies the Americans are telling her, or has a pathological hatred/fear? (either/both??) of Russia from her time growing up in the Russian controlled vassal State of East Germany, or, she is actually playing a long game and while demonising Russia publicly, and for the sake of the Western media/ American establishment, is actually revealing her true intentions to Putin via back-channels (got to be careful here though given the reach of the NSA which she should well know about!!) or perhaps via subordinates.

Does anyone know which it actually is of those 3?

If the Russia establishment was smart - and you'd have to assume they are, they would really be getting into the ears of the Germans & Turks and promising them oodles of cheap energy in future to be truly, when it comes to it, non-aligned in any substantial stand-off between Russia and the West.

A joint German/Turkish announcement that they were leaving NATO as it no longer served any useful purpose would be immensely powerful. Does anyone really think Turkey fears Iranian nuclear tipped missiles?

And if NATO's Europeam Defence Shield was really planned to prevent Iranian nuclear missiles raining down on Europe (And here I have to agree with Putin - the notion is frankly laughable and always has been - the parroting of this line by the Western media was one of the early signals I had that most of the Western media were at best useful idiots without the capacity for rational thought!!) a very disappointing moment, but I digress. If that was the case - why wasn't this missile shield planned to be built in Turkey!! I mean seriously - that is the obvious NATO country for such a shield!!

In any case, the countries/peoples that are really setting themselves up for some serious blowback here are Poland, the West Ukrainians and the Baltics. These guys seem to be the biggest cheerleaders for the disastrous US policy in Ukraine - and that won't be forgotten. Why is it always the same idiots?

It is noticeable that much of the rest of Eastern Europe has been relatively quiet on the whole Ukraine situation. In stark contrast to the Poles who almost seem to be driving the whole operation and Kiev coup with the encouragement and funding of the US NeoCons (which doesn't include Obama - he is simply the most useful of idiots I have ever seen in this whole situation).

Given, and I'll give Obama (probably completely) undeserved credit here, he managed to finesse the calls for war in Syria last year into a populist backlash against US intervention and the Congressman eventually woke up, properly assessed the situation - which is actually their bloody job afterall and rather than letting themselves be led by the nose by a bunch of fanatical neocons, effectively vetoed any real US military intervention in Syria, I really don't think he wants to be starting off any wars. I do feel that he almost feels like he's trapped into some of these stupid policies and he (clearly) lacks the power (and/ or) balls to do anything about it.

If he had any balls - there's a whole list of people he should immediately sack - John Kerry, Victoria Nuland, Joseph Biden, Geoffrey Pyatt, John Brennan being at the top of the list and you can throw in the likes of Susan Rice and Jen Psaki for good measure. Perhaps even Eric Holder for just being a moron, but that's for entirely different reasons that Obama is actually probably on board with.

The only hope you can have is that the whole thing doesn't blow up before the US Mid-Terms - perhaps a 50-50 proposition, and after his last election cycle is out of the way he can actually remove these cretins from his administrations. It's extremely doubtful he will of course, because he's hitched his wagon to these guys, but it might be the only hope we have of avoiding World War 3 or perhaps a much hotter version of the Cold War.

Does Obama have any balls? Prognosis is doubtful, extremely doubtful. We'll learn for sure one way or another over the next 12 months. (And yes, I know most of you already know the answer to that question, but I'm a slow-learner, and also for the sake of my friends - many of whom seem to regard Obama as some sort of post-modern Messiah (I think they're idiots for thinking like that and completely lack any rational or critical thought),but for their sake I'll give him another 6-12 months of hope on the Obama front (at a maximum and assuming everything doesn't blow up before then) which would obviously be his fault for a complete lack of leadership. Real leadership not just sound bites (which is another thing many people can't seem to differentiate between - ignorance is bliss for these libtards).

I am not hopeful, but I am looking forward to how this whole thing plays out. I have a strong feeling many of these neocon (and European fellow travelers on the whole venture) are going to have their asses handed to them over the next 12 months.

The imminent fall of Baghdad to a ragtag army of Sunni fascists might just be the tipping point.


On Turkey

A few years back when a Kurdish state being established in Northern Iraq was a rumoured outcome of the US invasion of Iraq, Turkey was threatening to take military action against any such newly established state. The reasons for this was Turkish fear of Kurd "terrorists" acting to undermine Turkish dominion of her eastern provinces which have a large Kurd population. Since the population spans the border the fear was that any new Kurdish state in Iraq would ultimately result in a conflict which would see the Turkish provinces with a high kurd population moving to join the new state.

This would seem to remain a threat to the Turkish state. Not sure why Erdogan is not repeating his prior bellicose statements unless it is to avoid drawing any attention to Turkey's weakness and potential eastern problems.

Turkish support for Syrian rebels is understood to be done in quiet alliance with Saudi Arabia. KSA supplies the money, Turkey provides geographic access. Suspect KSA sees its future lies with Asian markets, not with a USSA which promotes non-existent energy exports. Plus China exports quality low cost military hardware but appears indifferent to its end use while the USSA puts client states on a short leash and threatens to cut off access to required spares.

On Germany

Agreed on the puzzle that is Merkel. One would almost thing that the NSA has managed to obtain some form of blackmail to ensure she holds the party line. What is known is that the German industrialists and commercial sector are very conscious of the possibility of being cut off from the growth markets in Asia while being saddled with support costs for a sick EU economy.


UK actions presage a shift in EU relations. UK faces: 1) Cameron's antagonism against Junker; 2) Scotland's threatened vote for independence; 3) Domestic unease over EU internal migration policy; 4) Need to avoid antagonizing the expatriate Russian fund holders; 5) Stay on the right side of the bed with Uncle Sam.

What is truly interesting is the the ISIS "occupation" of Iraq creates a significant area devoid of air defenses. This provides Israel with more or less direct access to Iran if they wished to act against Iranian nuke installations. But at the same time Israel now shares an interest with Iran in inhibiting further gains on the part of ISIS. The same goes for Saudi Arabia. If you were one of the Saudi princes happily living a dissolute lifestyle while supporting the rebels in Syria would you sleep well at night if it turns out that "Your" rebels may have minds of their own and have no qualms over hoisting heads on a stick to warn against failing to conform to strict Islamic beliefs?

My bet is that in the capitals of much of the world the heads are spinning as they try to calculate where their interests lie and whose side do they want to be on. I suspect this leads to a fundamental questioning of the true value of USSA hegemony or the insanity of entrusting any decision making to such an inchoate and powerful state as the USSA. For that reason I suspect that whatever other outcomes result one of the core results will be weakening of USSA global position.

As to your last point regarding members of the elite getting their asses handed to them, I could not agree more. There are two many variables in play, too many highly conflicted interests, too many potential flashpoints, for all of this to be tamped down and papered over with some propoganda. May we live in interesting times!


Either the US is running out of capital and losing dute to inability to finance wars, or existence of the internet is completely destroying our ability to distribute unilateral propaganda - a crucial component in any military campaign.

For the first time in many years "this" feels different. Very different.

We've been fighting wars non stop for 100's of years. Never have we been losing on all fronts simultaneously. Total collapse of the empire seems imminent. I better revisit Dmitry Orlov as his predictions seem to be right on the money.

Sirius Wonderblast
The Russians were never going to let Nato near Sebastopol, happily it did not require much shooting to maintain that assert.

Nato/Us (as usual) totally overlooked that people will fight far harder for their home than for booty, hence the situation in East Ukraine.

Had the US and West generally (including UK) kept it's snout out of places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, the world would now be a far better/less unhappy place. But, some businessmen who sponsor politicians wouldn't be so rich.

The Vineyard of the Saker June 13th Combat SITREP by Juan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for update on what's really happening in Ukraine. Western-controlled media (including Irish media, where I am)is keeping quiet at present about the Ukie punitive military operations and war crimes against civilians - just the usual propaganda about the "confectionary billionaire" calling for de-escalation, Russia refusing to reduce gas price, and continuing unrest after "Russians annexed Crimea"

Nora said...

VERY interesting, detailed and informative review of the situation in Iraq from the Cultural Advisor at the US Army War College. "Adam L. Silverman is the Cultural Advisor at the US Army War College. He served in Iraq in 2008 as the Cultural Advisor to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team/1st Armored Division as the Human Terrain Team Iraq 6 Field Social Scientist and Team Lead. The views expressed here are his alone and do not necessarily reflect those of the US Army War College and/or the US Army."

He appears to know his stuff -- and boyoboy, did we ever step in it!

Anonymous said...


In the first place, thank you for this blog.

In the second, I think it would be excellent if you and our commenters began to hypothesize what is going to be the situation when this is all over.

Obviously, one hypothesis would be that it would never be over. A smoldering civil war into eternity, not unlike Iraq. But there are many other possibilities. I think it would inform our discussion of current events to think what the possible outcomes might be.

And if this is in fact a game of chess between Vladimir Vladimirovich and the CIA, then without question, both sides have thought about possible outcomes a very, very great deal.

In the chess game so far, the CIA has lost at least a rook when they failed to see the threat to Crimea. They are playing a rook down. And they do certainly seem to be playing desperately. What will happen?

Oh, and I do not for a moment believe a possible outcome is nuclear war. My own reason for not believing in that, in addition to your wise and informed analyses, is that it is not an outcome. It is an epiphenomenon akin to catching cancer. If one of the players catches cancer, that is not the outcome of the chess game.

So what will happen?

I would add that I think that everything that is going on right now, all the activities of the CIA, are exactly what VV desired to occur. Think Sitting Bull.

Mohamed said...

Nora said...

"VERY interesting, detailed and informative review of the situation in Iraq from the Cultural Advisor at the US Army War College."

Dearest Nora,

ISIL or ISIS is a Tafkiri group. Means, if you don't agree with them, they will call you a Kaffir (apostate) and then they will become God, Judge, Prosecutors, Witnesses, and untimely the Police who will carry out the death sentence.

Al-Nusra Front is another Tafkiri group and they both (ISIL and al-Nusra) are branch of al-Qaeda, but they both are now on each other throats calling each other Kaffirs.

Thus, what is going on in Syria and Iraq is not sectarian, but the Takkiris are against Sunni, Shia, Christians, Kurds and/or any normal being.

So, both Obama and Putin are in cahoots. Including Iran, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, UAE .... to get rid of these Tafkiris once and for all. Good luck to them. Unfortunately, Ayatollah Sistani has been duped into it, as this is a "False Flag".

Only Turkey is resisting to join these countries. They are have still not woken up to Mursi (Muslim Brotherhood) lose in Egypt. Thus, the capture of Turkey's Consulate in Mosul.

The reward from Obama to Putin for all this is Crimea and rest of the Ukraine as per Putin's wishes. Plus getting rid of Russian Tafkiris at the same time too.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting take on the cause of the Ukraine crisis from a Canadian ex-infantry off icier.

[Jun 14, 2014] Ukraine rebels shoot down military plane

the most interesting feature of this discussion is the number of people who became "immunized" to Western propaganda (which Washington RP specialists dismissively call "Putin trolls")

The Guardian

wimberlin, 14 June 2014 1:09am

President Petro Poroshenko is turning out to be nothing but a flabby pudding.

He promised he would visit eastern Ukraine as his first priority - instead he is increasing the military stand-off.

Ukraine needs to solve its internal problems through dialogue - it is easy to start an internal war but difficult to end once started. Look at Syria.

The US should tell the Kiev government there is no military solution available in east Ukraine.

Longasyourarm -> wimberlin, 14 June 2014 3:05am

The Kiev government should tell the US to F off and abandon their ridiculous attempts to join the EU and be part of NATO. Who wants a bankrupt, American stooge country with strong streaks of fascism.

They need to establish some stability and credibility on their own.

Ragneur -> wimberlin, 14 June 2014 7:35am

The evil empire know they have lost the east and are demolishing it to be as costly as possible for Russia to rebuild. This is how they work when couping.

Blame the victims, fund the pre-trained right wing oppressors to try to brutalise the county into submission, use the puppet leader of the country to sign agreements for evil empire companies to financially rape said country and if its people rise up destroy it by any means possible. Evil empire profits made, other peoples problems to rebuild. All the while trying to portray themselves as attempting to peace keep.

This is the seminal global research documentary into the Ukraine coup. It's the blueprint they have been using for centuries. There's also a fascinating part detailing their reactions to losing the information war (which we didn't even know existed) to Putin the great:

Quite the humanitarian interventions...

NWObserver wimberlin, 14 June 2014 7:37am

The US should tell the Kiev government there is no military solution available in east Ukraine.

That is a funny suggestion. Why would the US, which is practically forcing the Ukraine government to use "anti-terrorist operations" in the east, tell the Ukrainian government there is no military solution available in the east?
The US doesn't care about Ukrainians, whether they are in the east of the west, they only care about their interests. It doesn't hurt the US as long as those dying are only Ukrainians and the country being destroyed by the current policy is Ukraine. It probably helps their cause and that is why they are so vigorously pursuing it.

TheWindsOfFreedom wimberlin, 14 June 2014 9:49am

CIA advisor: First, you need to bomb them.

That said, they probably did not expect them to retaliate. What a president, he no longer understand, he is paid by the taxes of these people too. Sending soldiers to risk their lives in the fight with their brethren instead talking to them. Of course he needs to do something about these rebels, but to drop the bombs and to fire grenades next to the homes of the armless citizens...

Wonder how many Ukrainians still think of him as their representative. This Ukraine doesn't seem to me as a democracy.

AMHants Ragneur, 14 June 2014 12:49pm

Thanks for posting the video. I have watched it before, but it is well worth returning to. The articles from the Global Research Centre are also well informed, interesting and worth reading. Is Global Research Centre a non-Government Canadian organisation? I do not know if you have also had a look at Information Clearing House, Vineyard of the Saker, Veteran's Today amongst others?

Helena Pigott wimberlin, 14 June 2014 2:55pm

Nobody is mentioning the human casualties, they bombing of civilians, they are using helicopters gun ships to bring the communities in to submission. Woman and children are fleeing to the Russian borders. Is there going to be another Syria? Perhaps the Guardian should get Mr Philips who was the Journalist in the east to inform the west what is happing in the east of Ukraine. The west has put all the blame on Russia, but it takes two to tango. Do not forget the third party US/EU, do they not take some blame as well.

FrankPoster mattijoon, 14 June 2014 3:41pm

Funny that. When the right-wing US funded revolution started in Kiev the Ukrainian democratically elected president was extremely restrained, because NATO demanded him not to respond, or else. So NATO overthrew him anyway and now the hypocrites cry when the Russian-speaking half of the country don't like their new, self-imposed overlords. Only a federated solution will keep Ukraine together, otherwise the NATO-seized country will split with the east joining with Russia, inevitably, but not Russia's plan nor fault.

zchabj5 VernonWithers, 14 June 2014 1:28am

The Kiev regime are not one amorphous blob, but a spectrum of many factions, a small part of which is the far right, which were very involved in the coup de tat, not without the Western Ukrainians sympathy.

Life is rarely black and white. Aand the US is not an honest broker in anything, it rarely helps wherver it steps in, whoever it arms ends up killing many many people.

Shelling civilian areas, cutting off water into Crimea, using allegedly white phosphorous, these things are not the actions of half decent government when faced with a large section of their populace unhappy at their rule. Unlike ISIS or Al Nusra, they are not trying to take over all the country.

I support neither side, just the side of scepticism at every word that comes out of a US official's mouth.

The US population are well aware of how devious, and full of lies their government has become, which a Yale paper describes as an oligarchy.

In short US citizens cool, US government bad, very bad.

zchabj5 senya, 14 June 2014 1:17pm

The authoritarian nature of Russian government does trouble me. Russia has had an economic collapse since market liberalization, which has meant it has not subjgated countries all over the world like the US, EU and IMF via their loans.

The treatment of gay people by the general Russian population which is strongly Orthodox Christian, will change with time one hopes.

The smearing of the entire Maidan movement as fascistic is very sad and wholly untrue, though they may have been instrumental in the actual violent acts, the overthrow did have popular support in the West, but not the east, and all sides should acknowledge this.

Ultra Russian nationalists are equally bad as the Svoboda elements in the west of Ukraine, to me. Any cults of supremacy always make me sad. Like the Dugins of the world or successive US administrations constantly talking about the exceptional people or indispensable people, or even the extreme Al Qaeda takfiri groups that view Shias as all apostates, liable for extermination.

Such supremacy always leads to violence and suppression of those deemed inferior.

BTW, it's really good to see you on the forums again.

zchabj5 senya, 14 June 2014 1:28pm

I think the EU should shoulder some blame for not allowing tripartitie EU association and Russian talks. Such an agreement was stopped by Barroso of the EU, which seems a very sensible comprimise to have avoided this violence.

VernonWithers, 14 June 2014 1:19am

Putin's trolls have stopped the blatant lies and now use petty excuses.

What a complete basket case of a country!

LeDingue VernonWithers, 14 June 2014 1:33am

ah... the Russian troll operation is simply pathetic compared to the widespread use of "cognitive infiltrators" by the US and UK who always have a good few avatars on relevant threads here.
But in fairness to Russia the US and Uk do devote enormous resources to "perception management" so you could hardly expect Russia to be able to compete.

MikePilgrim, 14 June 2014 1:23am

Obamas threat to bomb Iraq and Syria will result in Russian taking the gloves off in Ukraine. Obama will give Russia the best excuse to resort to violence.

LeDingue MikePilgrim, 14 June 2014 1:39am

Nah, Russia has resisted the provocations to intervene thus far, despite the atrocities committed against civilians by Kiev. There's no way they're going to suddenly decide to make that gift to the US operational planners at this stage.

Russia is doing a good job assisting the refugees and injured though, there's several thousands that have fled the siege and bombardment of Slavyansk. Hopefully Russia will assist the ICC investigators when they're collating the war crimes evidence. Kiev can't be allowed to commit atrocities against its own citizens and get away with it..

zchabj5 MikePilgrim, 14 June 2014 1:41am

The US lecturing anyone on resorting to violence, given that their Saudi puppet state and Qatari allies have been bankrolling ISIS fro a decade and the US captured then released the ISIS leader in 2005.

wellbeingb4dolla MikePilgrim, 14 June 2014 12:11pm

Poor Jerome Fryer was only quoting USALith.

Thus we see how hostility can start through misunderstanding.

The Eastern Ukrainians and the Kiev Government should be helped to sit down together and TALK.

Jerome Fryer wellbeingb4dolla, 14 June 2014 2:05pm

Looks like an honest mistake.

Warmongering loonies do seem to abound whenever conflict occurs. I wonder what such people do in real life.

The quickest way to get results by negotiation would be to pressure Kiev. A legitimate government should seek to ensure the safety of all of its citizens, and not wage war on those who do not consider the state to represent their interests. If sanctions are appropriate for the Syrian regime then they should be considered here.

(Recall that NATO bombed Yugoslavia for alleged behaviour no worse than what Ukraine's government is presently pursuing.)

YouLiar, 14 June 2014 1:31am

Those are T-64BV

Ukrainian tanks, made in Ukraine and have never been in Russia

YouLiar YouLiar, 14 June 2014 1:35am

But the media will never report that Ukrainian military crossed into Russia yesterday.

YouLiar UnevenSurface, 14 June 2014 2:00am

I don't really need to prove anything lol T-64BV is a Ukrainian tank and looks nothing like T-64. You can google it yourself.

richie9000, 14 June 2014 1:45am

The US Wolfowitz doctrine states they must maintain their hegemony over all other nations around the world, using its nefarious propaganda outlets to dictate public opinion and distract the masses when necessary.

They were willing to ignite the cold war to its worst with their orchestrated coup d'etat ion Ukraine and Washington is pulling all the strings with its endless flow of cash from the federal reserve to pay off the corrupt Western politicians. Governments of the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan are bought out and willing to support the neocon agenda in the face of destruction.

NATO has maneuvered from Germany through Eastern Europe regardless of their promises in 1990, the US will place its anti ballistic missiles defense on Russia's border. The United Stasi of America believe they can win a nuclear war, not only dismantling Europe as they did with WW1 & WW2 but the world. Corporations and the Elite believe 7 billion on Earth is too many and they're willing to risk the end of humanity to reset the game.

Ragneur richie9000, 14 June 2014 9:01am

People need to open their eyes to their bought and paid for Western Leaders. How which ever party in charge nothing changes with policy. Pro America, pro American controlled EU, pro imperialism, pro austerity, parroting American propaganda on any subject and countless other examples.

I'm voting UKIP. I disagree with most of his policies but I'm voting for UKIP. As long as there is such wealth concerted in some hands democracy will always be a sham. Farage is a self made man making him (and us) independent.

The way I see it we have a once in a generation opportunity here. So we can't allow ourselves to be divided by left wing/right wing, pro/anti Europe and other relatively irrelevant (to the bigger picture) differences

There's a wealth of interviews/speeches/European parliament arse kicking which I implore all to watch on Youtube to educate yourself of this charismatic leader of men. There's nothing more glorious than watching him lay into the people a whole continent wishes they could.

Some of the worst documentaries I've watched on the EU. So bad I bookmarked them for future viewing:

Putin the great will take down the evil empire alone and liberate a planet. Farage the great will do the same to the EU. He is single handedly educating the masses.

ID817744, 14 June 2014 1:54am

"Russia will claim...""

What was it Churchill said about the UK and the USA?*

'Two nations separated by a common language.' I think it was.

My my, but the speculations, guesswork and faux certainty are being pumped into Ukraine like there was no tomorrow.
Maybe soon some 'overflow' news will begin to trickle back out, and again we will see pictures of the city squares a-throng with jubilant democracy-junkies.

AMHants Reduced, 14 June 2014 1:09pm

1994 ABM Treaty, before NATO had expanded into Eastern Europe and at the time Russia was promised that NATO would not move an inch closer to Russia. The same treaty that gives Russia permission to defend her territory, dependent territories as well as the people. Again, did that Treaty not state that Ukraine was not to be financially enticed to work against Russia?

1995 NATO bombs Bosnia, which leads to Kosovo War. 1997 NATO Russia sign an agreement, again NATO will not go near Russia. 2001, President Bush Jnr, turns away from nuclear defensive MAD 1994 ABM Treaty, in his pursuit for the nuclear offensive First Strike Missile Shield. 2010 twelve Eastern European and Ex-Soviet Union countries have joined NATO.

NATO wants Ukraine, to place a missile shield that should America use a nuclear offensive missile (bearing in mind they are the only country to have used plutonium bombs against citizens, Negasaki and Hiroshima), the missile shield is 5 minutes from Russia and will be able to block her capability to cancel out an incoming ballistic missile.

Check the Daily Star - Lebanon, 3 September 2013. Quite an interesting article concerning missiles on their way to Damascus.

KTBFFH, 14 June 2014 2:24am

The wording used in the US statement is pretty careful in that it explicitly avoids suggesting that Moscow is directly complicit in this shipment of arms. By the same token, the absence of immediate and vehement Russian denials that it ever happened suggest that there has been some local skullduggery going on that retains some elements of plausible deniability.

Most likely is that Russia has turned a blind eyes to some of its obsolete militiary hardware going walkabout while the US has tipped them the wink that it knows perfectly well what has happened. Since three old tanks and some rocket launchers hardly amount to much in the way of creating a war machine, both sides have tacitly agreed that the last thing they need right now is another major hullaballoo when they are trying to re-establish some kind of working relationship.

The cynic in me reckons that for the moment it suits both the US and Russia for Ukraine to remain unstable. Events have not gone as planned in either Washington or Moscow so some kind of mutually acceptable end-game is required. So the longer they keep knocking seven bells out of each other the more amenable the factions will eventually be to whatever solution eventually emerges from the rubble. My guess is federalisation with partition as a last resort.

MisterAnderson, 14 June 2014 2:26am

President Petro Poroshenko, "Our Ukraine Insider" for the U.S. State Department
Is he still working for his former masters in Washington, DC?

Artem Rubtsov, 14 June 2014 2:32am

"Russia will claim these tanks were taken from Ukrainian forces, but no Ukrainian tank units have been operating in that area. We are confident that these tanks came from Russia."

Sooo, we should believe that Russia found three out-of-service tanks, that it's been destroying since 2013 BTW, smuggled them through Ukrainian border (without being seen, there is proof that those tanks actually crossed Russian-Ukrainian border) and all for what? That the US could blame Russia for that?

But, no, God forbid, we should not think that might be those tanks are Ukrainian, and the fact that that type of tanks is in active service in Ukraine and the fact that Ukraine is in active ATO and using tanks right now, those facts are all strictly coincidental.
Also, what this article does not say is that the US admitted that actually relied on information provided by Ukraine. But am I talking about, who can suspect Ukraine in lying!

Oilyheart Artem Rubtsov,14 June 2014 5:09am

Why not blame Russia for anything and everything. Germany was blamed for eating babies, resulting in the Versailles Treaty.

wellbeingb4dolla Oilyheart, 14 June 2014 12:31pm

See this false testimony about Iraqi soldiers taking newborns out of incubators and leaving them on floor to die

She was later found out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US

richarddelightful, 14 June 2014 2:40am

I heard that two of these were sent to attack the Ukranian special forces along with 2 APCs and 2 trucks mounting 12.7 mm HMGs. The special forces took care of the lot of them but also lost a few men. The other one and the Grads, nobody is saying where they went.

The T64 isn't really very well able to withstand modern infantry anti tank weapons. More of a death trap than an offensive weapon I would think.

Peter Lapso, 14 June 2014 2:50am

"A convoy of military vehicles, including three tanks, were transported from a Russian depot into Ukraine this week, the US state department said on Friday."

How they know this? They read this blog
It can be truth but also misinfo. I like The Saker but in many things it can be just subversion.
What that means? It is not provable info at all and is not come from NATO inteligence sources.

I personaly think NATO get trapped once again. Kremlin will ask proof soon. There is none except this blog.

On other hands. It is clear that western oligarchy knows that their massmedias are piece of scrap, worthless junk, beause they do not stand on this type of journalism which they produce for masses

Oskar Jaeger, 14 June 2014 2:52am

Meanwhile, the situation in Irak has suddenly changed to such an extent that Iran, Russia and USA all seem to have found themselves to be on the same side for once. Wonders will never cease.

RudolphS Oskar Jaeger, 14 June 2014 4:23pm

Yep, isn't it ironic. The iranians must come to the aid of the US-backed iraqi president, and to clean up the mess the yanks left behind in Iraq. Another PR black eye for Washington.

retsdon,14 June 2014 2:56am

I can't think it's that important either way. Either someone in Russia donated 3 obsolete tanks to the cause across the border, or three old tanks were captured from/ gifted by the Ukrainian army. From the pictures, nobody seemed to know how to drive the thing, let alone load and fire the gun - assuming there was any ammunition.

A red herring distraction on CNN and such, from the shelling of civilians

TheNorman, 14 June 2014 3:10am

Enough of it already! The Us sold weapons to the entire world for Christ sake ( or any prophet for that matter)! And they go on and on blaming Russia for the situation in Ukraine. I don't suppport russian moves but please stop treating people like fools because we are getting fed up with it! They can't hide anymore ( thanks to internet) but they go on calling any state in there way a "rogue state". Facts? The Us (lets not forget the Uk, France and most of the so called "western states" ie NATO) are guilty of torture, wars, massive population movements (hello Iraq) and so on. When will you ever represent the (mostly) peaceful people who elected you? So much hypocrisy..

Cloudcuckoolives, 14 June 2014 3:26am

I do so want to see the US choke on its own hubris. I really could not care less what the US has to say about anything at all. The entire place is rotten from top to bottom.

My advice to them would be to go home, stay home and evolve for a thousand years....then get back to us. Maybe two thousand?

Robert Sandlin misanthropicus, 14 June 2014 7:44am

I know you think by that stupidity you gain some kind of points.But in the real world you don't.Russia doesn't need any other country to support them.Though they have far more support than you claim,China in particular.But Russia has materials the world wants and needs.They feed themselves.They can if they choose product almost anything produced anywhere in the world.And what they can't or don't want to,China or India can sell them.They have enormous military power.And could and surely would,defeat any invasion attack by NATO forces.And retaliate with the full force of their nuclear weapons.Turning you and your homeland into fiery ash.The US seems to think this is some popularity contest and the more lies and propaganda they put out the better for them.But people here and throughout most of the world aren't buying it anymore.It looks like in a day or two the gas for Ukraine is going to be cut.And with the pipelines in other parts of Europe the Europeans will get by until September with that.And if the EU ships gas to Ukraine so will they.But from September on,it will be crunch time.Either Ukraine will get off the high-horse and make the deal.Or they and the EU will begin to freeze,and their economies crack.Now for some reason,that seems to concern the Russians.They don't want that to happen.Me personally,thinks its a great idea.You messed with the bear you need to feel the claws so you never do it again.But I guess they have a soft spot,that I'm missing.If Russia wanted to (and should) they could send dozens of ta help the East.But t

hey haven't and sadly,probably won't.With those weapons the East could defeat the rag-tag bully boys the Ukraine calls a military and liberate the whole of Ukraine from the neo-nazis and end this mess.So I keep hoping Russia will change its mind and help.I figure we are doomed to endure this for a while instead,however it ends.

Steve Ennever, 14 June 2014 3:39am

The T-64's came from Russia. This is what we hear from the same lips that told us Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.
OK, well...The Ukraine army has T-64's and as yet, or should I say, as usual the Americans provide no proof whatsoever for this claim.
But I think there's a much more poignant question to be asked here...

Ragneur Matthew Moss, 14 June 2014 10:31am

US Claims "Video Evidence" Shows Russia Providing Tanks To Rebels In Ukraine
Tyler Durden's pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 06/13/2014 17:02 -0400

While the atrocious videos of ISIS killing civilians show the worst of human extremism in action, it seems the US wants to keep the message alive and well that Putin is still a very bad man (thanks to YouTube). Claiming "internet video" evidence, NY Times reports, the US State Department confirmed on Friday that Russia has sent tanks and other heavy weapons to separatists in Ukraine. "This is unacceptable," Marie Harf exclaimed, "Russia will claim these tanks were taken from Ukrainian forces...we are confident that these tanks came from Russia." There will be "additional costs," she added.

Via NY Times,

The State Department confirmed on Friday that Russia has sent tanks and other heavy weapons to separatists in Ukraine.

A convoy of three T-64 tanks, several BM-21 "Grad" multiple rocket launchers and other military vehicles crossed the border near the Ukrainian town of Snizhne, State Department officials said. Reports and images of the weapons' presence circulated on Thursday, but there were conflicting claims about where they had come from.

"This is unacceptable," said Marie Harf, the deputy State Department spokeswoman. "A failure by Russia to de-escalate this situation will lead to additional costs."


"Russia will claim these tanks were taken from Ukrainian forces, but no Ukrainian tank units have been operating in that area," the State Department said Friday afternoon. "We are confident that these tanks came from Russia."

"We also have information that Russia has accumulated multiple rocket launchers at this same deployment site in southwest Russia, and these rocket launchers also recently departed," the State Department added. "Internet video has shown what we believe to be these same rocket launchers traveling through Luhansk."
Distract... focus on what is really important...



Damn the graph didn't show up. Open this:

to see a graph of how the ruble has increased relative to the dollar since the sanctions began. The world finally having a person to unite against the evil empire under?

Allseeingguy, 14 June 2014 4:12am

I'm really not sure what to make of all this sometimes. It's clear that disinformation is being flooded in from both sides.

I am not a "Putinbot", I am from Britain but more often than not find myself siding with Russia on this. We lost the right to look down our noses at anyone after Afghanistan and Iraq, let alone Libya.

The Ukraine are not part of the EU, or NATO and when given the chance have voted to side with Russia. Isn't that how that wonderful idea "democracy" that we're constantly trying to impose on everyone supposed to work? I can't see any reason for this to be any of our concern other than money.

We get told by our politicians that there's no money to spend on basic things like schools and hospitals, yet there's seems to be some sort of money cheat they can use for stuff like this. How much have we wasted on backing these idiots?

Given that both sides have enough weapons to wipe out the entire planet, it worries me that our politicians are so happy to push us to the brink. Maybe they're afraid of the consequences of not reading from the USA's script, but history has shown that the US only has allies when it suits them.

Huggorm, 14 June 2014 4:24am

Who really cares what the USA has to say. This is none of their business.

All the rest of us can see is that the US is up to something yet again, playing their little games.

How many armed convoys and tanks does America drive into other nations? How many American military Drone aircraft invade other nations and kill people they dont like?

The main issue is that the US sees everywhere on the planet as its own, a bit of a problem really for the rest of the world.

Ragneur Huggorm, 14 June 2014 10:46am

Global Research Editor's Note

This important analysis and review of US military might by distinguished Canadian geographer Professor Jules Dufour and CRG Research Associate was first published by Global Research in 2007.

US military presence expanded around the World has expanded dramatically in the course of the last five years. This study is largely based on data for the period 2001-2005.

Reference :

Bavony, 14 June 2014 4:28am

Good for Russia to defend the east. Otherwise, the east would be flattened by Ukrainian white phosphorus bombs.

USALith Bavony, 14 June 2014 4:32am

Your propoganda didnt work during a Soviet times, so what makes you think it will now?

Bavony USALith, 14 June 2014 4:39am

You should read mainstream media alternatives. There are videos on white phosphorus bomb from Ukraine. Just search the net and youtube. P bomb is distinguishable by virtue of the chemistry of phosphorus. If you want to say that I'm lying, prove it.

Lovecake, 14 June 2014 4:30am

3 tanks crossed the border we have it all over the news. Ukrainian army using heavy artillery and white phosphor do not bother even to mention.

Seriously I understand Americans bought revolution for few 1-2 billion or something like 10-15$ per ukrainian head... cheap but their politics never negotiate then someone pays.

But worse part that Obama and Co. did it in Europe we suppose to be allies or something I understand more mess is in Europe better it is for American financial domination.....really friendly gesture.

And for whose who still talk about democracy...especially american democracy just have a look on Syria, Iraq, Afganistan and many other ..... Americans are crookes only thing they bring is blood and slavery but it have very sweet name "American Democracy".

lesnouveauxpauvre, 14 June 2014 4:31am

The late Dr. Wernher Von Braun's 1976 warning that …after the fake war on terror, the US government will fake an attack from outer space…As America's Shadow govt weapons and computer technology explodes, we WILL see an 'alien attack', with some sort of pulse-beam, laser, or scalar weapon used to kill more innocent-but-gullible-and- Americans + the world,so everyone will panic and beg the government to save them.

Von Braun knows what he is talking about and whistleblowed the truth about America before he died in 1976. His prophetic words are haunting in retrospect. A brilliant but sociopathic mind who was used by America to build it's space program.

"In the closing days of the war, von Braun and a group of his rocket scientists surrendered to American forces. Although he had been a member of the German SS and had used slave labor at Mittelwerk, the Nazi underground rocket facility, von Braun and his colleagues were embraced by the United States government and began working for the Army on rocket technology. In 1960, von Braun became the first director of NASA's new Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. During his 10-year stint at Marshall, von Braun spearheaded the development of the Saturn rockets, including the Saturn V rocket that launched the crew of Apollo 11 toward their historic landing on the moon".

Von Braun died on June 16, 1977.

Kal El, 14 June 2014 5:02am

3 tanks, yet Ukraine has freely admitted its forces crossed into Russia near Rostov on Don because they were surrounded by anti-kiev forces, and wanted to rendezvous with the rest of their unit who were elsewhere.

One of their APC's broke down and is still in Russia. Absolutely no mention (or condemnation) of all this from the state department.

borisbadenough Kal El, 14 June 2014 5:09am

Ah, don't get your panties in a twist. The State Dept is busy with a Stratego tourney. They'll get around to it.

WatchEm, 14 June 2014 6:43am

A convoy of military vehicles, including three tanks, were transported from a Russian depot into Ukraine this week, the US state department said on Friday.

The "US state department"??? Is this the same "state department" who "warn", "threat" and systematically lie on a daily basis??

Is it the same "state department" who troll their way around the world looking for turmoil and hoping they can use it to their advantage?? Is it the same "state department" who claimed that their helicopters were not involved in an shooting incident which killed several innocent people in Honduras?? Is it the same "state department" who sat in the UN and blatantly lied about WMD in Iraq?? Is it the same "state department" who requested extra funding to pay "sock puppets" to lie for them?? It is the same "state department" who lied, as is the inbred custom, that "Saddam Hussein bakes babies in the desert"??

If so, try and get a cure for sickness in the head - it's obviously a severe infliction - and don't be so backward to expect the world to believe anything you spew forth. Have a nice day John...

lids, 14 June 2014 7:00am

Tragic for the troops in the transport plane. This is quickly turning into a full scale war. It is worth mentioning one thing though. Back in the day when Russian forces occupied occupied Afghanistan a proxy war was going on between UK/US and Russia. The mission was to supply Afghan Muj with MANPADS and teach them how to use these missiles. In those days russian troops did several months in country before being rotated out for well earned rest at home in russia. During the tuition phase, allegedly, western specialist troops would teach the Muj about the importance of psychological warfare. So, they'd (allegedly) sit and watch a larhet transport plane come in and land with a contingent of brand new troops and on turn round, with an aircraft full of tour ex, russian troops desperate to get home after completing their tours, promptly shoot it down.

Tragic and very effective. My mind wonders back to Afghanistan and our own involvement in this proxy war. History never repeats but it does rhyme...

Lord Tyrion lids, 14 June 2014 7:07am

That being said, the anti-fascists do not have the luxury to return home for resting,
their homes are being targetted,
and they are trying to defend them from fascists, neo-nazis and mercenaries,
so they need all the help that they can get.

etatsunique, 14 June 2014 7:03am

I dunno. Putin has warned Portoshenko hundreds of times to call off his armored dogs in the East. Now we hear about Russian tanks darting back and forth across the grenze. We know there are scores of Iskander on the Russian side.

Wonder what is driving Poroshenko to challenge Putin's juggernaut?

Does the name Nuland ring a bell?

christopher22, 14 June 2014 7:06am

Another western media distraction to the real story
Ukraine owes Russia $4bn in unpaid gas bills
Negotiations have collapsed because the Kiev thugs 'demand' gas at a lower price than all the other European customers ( a discounted price they were granted under the previous administration)
Now who is advising them in this course of action and why ?
Step forward the USA of course -- in their desperation to set Europe against Russia (while they hold the coats) the Americans are quite prepared to have gas turned off to those European countries being served by the Ukraine pipeline. (thereby blaming Russia for denying service to those countries and all the cold and starving children)
I can hear the Washington press briefings already

Gingalain, 14 June 2014 7:18am
Can we have some balanced reporting instead of this BS propaganda? Ukrainian tanks were captured by anti-Kiev self-defense forces. Yet without evidence you claim they were supplied from Russia.

But why don't you report about Ukrainian armored vehicles that crossed Russian border?

Where is report about Ukrainian army using white phosphorus bombs against eastern Ukraine population?

Why don't you report that according to Wikileaks current Ukrainian president chocolate oligarch Poroshenko was an agent for US State Department?

Using violent coup CIA brought "democracy" to another country. Now dozens of CIA agents "assist" new Kiev regime, while Ukrainian army kidnaps journalists they don't like, Ukrainian fighter jets bombing civil targets along with artillery shelling hospitals, schools and infrastructure of eastern Ukraine. These are just a few facts among thousands.

Why is western society deaf and silent about civil casualties in the eastern Ukraine and multitude war crimes committed by this CIA-installed fascist-oligarchical Kiev regime?

Oscar_Lynch Gingalain, 14 June 2014 7:21am

without evidence you claim they were supplied from Russia.

The Guardian is "all seeing" and "all knowing"...
They take their cues from Jen Psaki... LOL.

Chironomo, 14 June 2014 7:41am

"cynically and perfidiously" shot down the plane

I guess the Ukrainians have a learnt a thing or two about propaganda from their US masters. What should they have done? Waited for them to land and start attacking them?

Reminds me of yanky slogans like "illegal combatants" or "the cowardly act of suicide bombing". LMAO

juster, 14 June 2014 9:31am

Another example of the UA basically defeating themselves.

You've got a surrounded airport with opposing forces claiming air control warning they will shoot down any landing aircraft. So you decide to load up your largest and slowest transport plane and send it to that airfield. That's brilliant, just brilliant. Those troops were dead when they boarded the bird and what killed them was another example of Ukrainian leadership idiocy.

jonsid juster, 14 June 2014 9:36am

Well they are being trained by Americans now. Thinking's never really been their strength.

Kal El, 14 June 2014 9:33am

Hmm, with so many Ukrainians on both sides killed it would be fair to say that the new President's first week in charge has not gone well at all.

ID7340157 Kal El, 14 June 2014 9:43am

Heard of chocolate fire guards, teapots and soldiers. Now the west has its own chocolate president. Looks like a stooge.

Lord Tyrion, 14 June 2014 9:36am
Amazing, a comment about a false flag got censored, so let us watch out, this false flag must be indeed imminent if it gets removed, as why remove a prediction of it is blatantly inaccurate.

Now who is controlling who?

I will not re-include the comment as it will be probably censored again, but will redirect to the source:

The Saker Blog

[Jun 14, 2014] Cohen on Ukraine civil war 'Lincoln didn't call Confederates terrorists'

"I am convinced that the most essential partner for the American national security in all of these areas from Iran to Syria, Afghanistan and beyond is the Kremlin, currently occupied by Putin. And the way the United States has treated Putin – I would call it a betrayal of American national interest."

RT Op-Edge

Historical analogies may be inaccurate, but Americans may need to look at their own civil war and compare it to what is happening in Ukraine now. Today the US supports a murderous criminal adventure that has little to do with unifying the country.

This assessment came from Professor Stephen Cohen, prominent US scholar of Russian studies and author, who advised George H.W. Bush in the late 1980s. He spoke to RT about the mistakes of the consecutive American administrations in their Russia policies, the worst crisis in decades that they led to and the deterioration of political discourse in America that prevents things from changing in Washington.

Cohen challenged the narrative of the Ukrainian events dominating in the US, calling the military crackdown by the government an "unwise, reckless, murderous, inhuman campaign that Kiev is conduction against what are admittedly rebel provinces."

"Lincoln never called the Confederacy terrorists," the scholar pointed out. "He always said, no matter how bad the civil war was, fellow citizens he wanted to come back to the union. Why is Kiev calling its own citizens terrorists? They are rebels. They are protesters. They have a political agenda. Why isn't Kiev sending a delegation there to negotiate with them?

"Their demands are not unreasonable. They want to elect their own governors – we elect our own governors. They want a say on where their taxes go – 'no taxation without representation.' We know what that is," Cohen said. "There are extremists among them, but there are also people who simply want to live in a Ukraine that is for everybody. And instead the Kiev army, with the full support of the United States, is supporting this assault."

'Kremlin an essential ally Washington pushes away'

What the US doing with Ukraine now is alienating arguably the best potential ally it has now, Cohen said.

"I am convinced that the most essential partner for the American national security in all of these areas from Iran to Syria, Afghanistan and beyond is the Kremlin, currently occupied by Putin. And the way the United States has treated Putin – I would call it a betrayal of American national interest."

Russia helped the Obama administration save its face in Syria, where the president was pushed into bombing the country over chemical weapons. It helped make bridges with the new leadership of Iran to start the first serious negotiations in decades.

"Obama had within his grasp at last – because it was a failed foreign policy presidency for Obama – two achievements that would have been in American national interest. And they have slipped away almost in proportion to the degree that Obama pushed Putin away. Pushed Putin away so far that over Ukraine we [the US] could be on the verge of war with Russia."

Cohen blames the US, particularly the Clinton administration for setting the world on a path that led it to the current confrontation between the West and Russia.

"This is the playing out of American policy of expanding NATO to Russia's borders – for whatever reasons. It began with Clinton, was continued under the second George Bush, has been pushed by Obama. And that is the rooster that has come home to roost."

"Some people in the 1990s… warned that this was going to happen. Now that it has, and the people would not take responsibility for it," he said. "They would not say 'OK, we were wrong, we have to rethink policy.' Instead they say to people such as myself, 'You are an apologist for Putin. You are serving the Kremlin, you are not a patriot.'"

'Obama isolated himself on foreign policy'

This lack of ability to change policies is evident in the current administration, the scholar believes.

"I had lunch with two men much older than me, who had served many presidents and who've known them personally. And they were agreed that this president more than anyone in their lifetime isolated himself on foreign policy."

One anecdotal example Cohen cited is Obama's refusal to talk to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

"I have heard – whether it's true or not I don't know – that President Obama has declined to meet privately with Henry Kissinger, who sees Putin twice a year. Kissinger probably knows Putin better than any American statesmen alive today and who has been consulted by so many presidents. Think what we might about Kissinger's past, but he has already declared his criticism of American policy towards Russia. And Obama wouldn't want to spend an hour with him, asking 'Are we doing something wrong? Are we misperceiving the situation?'"

It's no surprise that a leader, who doesn't take into account various viewpoint on a problem cannot take a rational decision on tackling it, Cohen said.

"I ask for a president to be a person, who solicits the best and most diverse learned views involving an existing crisis, that's all… A president has to bring in people with conflicting views whose legitimacy is based on their knowledge, their learning. A president who doesn't do that is going to get us into a crisis that Obama and Clinton got us into."

'The only way to break orthodoxy is with heresy'

Unfortunately for America, it's not only the White house that discourages debate now, but also American society in general, the professor said.

"There is no debate of public opposition in this country about this, unlike the situation 20-25 years ago, when we had real debates and public fights," he said. "I don't know if they [the mainstream media – RT] know the truth and therefore are not telling the truth, or that they are just caught up in the myths that had been attached to Russia since the end of the Soviet Union."

"An orthodoxy about Russia has formed in this country over 20 years," he added. "And it's not only wrong, it's reckless. It led us to this crisis in Ukraine… The only way you can break orthodoxy is with heresy. Some of the things I say are regarded as heretical, treasonous, unpatriotic. But heresy is a good thing, when it's needed."

This situation is a sharp contrast to what happens in some other democracies, which don't hush a public debate on foreign policy issues and don't try to push opinions not liked by the political establishment into the 'fringe press'.

"Germany, a relatively new democracy with a past as bad as Russia's, could develop a democracy, where people can speak openly and feely without fear of failing to get a promotion or getting on an op-ed page. Two of three former German chancellors have blamed Europe for the crisis in Ukraine – not Russia."

"Where are our former presidents? We know why President Clinton wouldn't speak out, because he began that policy. But where is President Carter? Where are the former secretaries of state who pursued other policies? Why the silence? We've developed, I fear, a political culture within the establishment that is conformist. Even though the penalty of dissent in our country is cheap, unlike in many other countries."

[Jun 14, 2014] Russia bashing is anti-American by Bruce R. Marshall

June 11,2014 | Rutland Herald Online

As a contributing author to the pre-nomination book by Webster Tarpley, "Obama: The Postmodern Coup - The Making of a Manchurian Candidate," I am uniquely disappointed to watch that book's warning - that the election of Barack Obama would lead the world to war against Russia and China - unfolding in our present time.

The fact of the matter is that President Putin, Russia and China are not threats to the United States, but that we have become a threat to ourselves. In a betrayal of our own national mission, we have adopted the economic program of our enemy, British "free trade," monetarism and militarism, and rejected the American system of political economy (to use Henry Clay's term) of internal improvements, and protection of agriculture and industry.

The threat Russia and China pose is not to the people of the United States, but to our bankrupt financial system, typified by Wall Street, which has hijacked our national economic policy, our political parties and our major media organs. In writing "Obama: The Postmodern Coup," we knew that a financial crisis triggered by the collapse of a quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble was looming, and that Wall Street would push a candidate to serve its desperate interests, and not a true national leader in the mold of FDR or JFK we sorely need.

On learning that Zbigniew Brzezinski served as a senior campaign adviser to candidate Obama, the strategy of this administration became clear. In contrast to the Mideast-oriented outlook of the neo-cons, the grand chessboard of Brzezinski has always been about ruling the world through controlling Moscow and Beijing, a fact known too well by Putin.

It was also understood that the modus operandi for this would not be the overt war of the neo-cons, but covert operations, such as "color revolutions" like the neo-Nazi overthrow of Ukraine, financed with $5 billion from the State Department and billions more from Wall Street cut-outs like financier George Soros's International Renaissance Foundation.

Infamously, it was Brzezinski under Carter who in essence launched al-Qaida in Afghanistan to lure the Soviets into a trap. More recently, it was Brzezinski who pushed the Bush administration to give asylum to Chechen terrorist asset Ilyas Akhmadov, still on the State Department payroll, which Pravda declared to be like Russia giving asylum to Osama bin Laden. So much for the war on terror! Indeed, Putin would state, "We can not have double standards when fighting terrorism, and it cannot be used as a geopolitical game."

Obama, following the Brzezinski script, is playing the "Great Game" of British imperialism, utilizing perpetual war to control the world, as is the case with the war against Libya, Syria and now the Ukraine. For Bush it was "bombs away." For "leftist" Obama it's color revolution, tribal terror proxies, asymmetrical warfare, regime change - and if all else fails the type of direct bombing visited upon Libya.

Thank God so many Americans said no to a planned attack on Syria predicated upon a faked poison gas story, and that some in Congress were willing to impeach Obama, or this game might by now have moved to the brink of thermonuclear confrontation.

"But," some protest, "Putin jailed Pussy Riot - he's a tyrant!" Well, if a group of Wall Street-funded "artists" were filming their group orgies or masturbation with frozen chicken parts at the Rutland Hannaford, some leftists might have a different view.

Of course, Rutland is in the same situation as Russia when it comes to the flood of heroin. Most comes from Afghanistan under U.S. and British oversight. Perhaps Gov. Peter Shumlin should join with Russia's call to have the poppy fields destroyed. Drugs are big money, and big money needs laundering, which takes big banks, and is easy to hide with the quadrillion dollar derivatives market swirling around.

And this is the point. The central choice we have to make as citizens is about our own economic system. The reason the American Revolution and Civil War were fought was to free America from the bondage of the British free trade economic model and to institute what became known as the American system of political economy, based on public control of money and credit, massive infrastructure projects, and the protection of manufacturing through tariffs.

Today we know "free trade" has not worked, yet the political system remains silent. Even the new black solar billboards around the state are certainly not made in America, but with cheap labor, because both parties sold the American worker and manufacturing out. Russia and China know better. We let cheap Chinese goods cross our border tax-free, but the Chinese auto industry keeps out Fords and Chevys with a 25 percent import tariff.

If it were not for Russia, the Union may have lost the Civil War. Yes, few know the fact that Russia pledged its fleet with an implicit threat to attack the British should it intervene to stop the Union blockade of the "free trade" confederacy. Russia was America's friend in our war against imperialism, in our war against slavery, and in the war against fascism. Today, they can be our friend in economic development. We should learn to recognize a friend when we see one.

A few years back, Vermonters did call for the impeachment of President Bush, but I am afraid the principle of that call has been betrayed by politics, racism, and consent to the treason of our elected officials. Something must be done, to prevent the spark that could send the ICBMs flying, to prevent another president from inheriting this dictatorship, and to bring our nation and the world back from the brink.

[Jun 13, 2014] Alexei Pushkov has accused Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the intentional derailing of negotiations about gas price
Chairmen of the State Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov has accused the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the intentional derailing of negotiations about gas prices, so that the USA were able to recreate the atmosphere of the cold war.

"As a puppet of the USA, Yatsenyuk consciously leads to derailing of gas price negotiations. I think both Europe and Ukraine will lose from such a behaviour "

[Jun 13, 2014] Over 7,000 Ukrainians Flee to Russia's Rostov Region in Past Day

09/06/2014 |

More than 7,300 Ukrainian citizens have fled to neighboring Russia's Rostov Region, since Sunday, the region's government said on its website Monday.

[Jun 13, 2014] ANALYSIS US Refuses to Consider Kiev's Responsibility for Atrocities Against Civilians

June 10, 2014 | RIA Novosti

It isn't too surprising that the US refuses to even look into the fact that the government in Kiev is responsible for committing atrocities against civilians in eastern Ukraine, said Michael Hughes, a Washington D.C.-based journalist and foreign policy analyst.

"The administration and State Department continue to redefine reality on the ground to justify their actions in installing a fascist-dominated regime," Hughes told RIA Novosti Monday.

"In addition, they are adhering to the narrative that Russia is behind all of the instability in order to implement counterproductive sanctions against key Russian officials," he asserted.

Despite the calls of the new Ukrainian president for a ceasefire, the Ukrainian army continues to shell the cities in Eastern Ukraine.

Kiev authorities have been conducting this special military operation in the Eastern Ukraine to suppress the pro-independence movement since mid-April. The violence intensified after the Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics declared independence from Ukraine in May. Hundreds have died in both regions over the past months.

The new round of violence in Eastern Ukraine is in contradiction with Petro Poroshenko's promise to end violence, says American journalist in France, Diana Johnstone.

"Obviously, ongoing military assaults on Slaviansk are in total contradiction with Mr Poroshenko's promise to end violence," Johnstone told RIA Novosti in response to reports of Ukrainian army shelling resuming in Slaviansk.

"The die has been cast and Russophobes in Washington have won out, yet again, and are steering American policy. So we can expect the government and American media to downplay the mess we've made all because we chose to interfere in a region in which we have no legitimate interests," Hughes concluded.

[Jun 13, 2014] Wikileaks: Piotr Poroshenko in detail informed the U.S. Ambassador John Herbst on the progress of consultations on forming a coalition government in spring 2006

In a telegram to the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv in the Department of state on April 28, 2006 published by Wikileaks, Poroshenko was was called to be an insider of the party "Our Ukraine", but American diplomats questioned the truthfulness of the information provided by him, RIA "Novosti" reports.

"Poroshenko complained that she cannot be trusted, and said that she was not honest and principled"
In particular, they suspected Poroshenko in the intrigues order to arrest associate Yulia Tymoshenko, Oleksandr Turchynov, which was the predecessor Poroshenko for the post of the acting President of Ukraine.
Poroshenko was elected to Parliament in March 2006 on the list of the electoral bloc "Our Ukraine" President Victor Yushchenko. At this time there were negotiations about creation of the government of the "orange coalition", and between "Our Ukraine" and Yulia Tymoshenko bloc (BYUT), there have been serious tensions that eventually left them without representation in the government. In August 2006, the "anti-crisis coalition" formed a government headed by Viktor Yanukovych.

In the Wikileaks document describes a meeting of Ambassador Herbst with Poroshenko 28 April 2006 at the U.S. Embassy, during which the Ambassador was interested in the differences of "Our Ukraine" and BYUT, in particular, information about what Poroshenko sought the arrest of a close ally Tymoshenko Oleksandr Turchynov." the meeting on 28 April with the Ambassador of the insider "Our Ukraine (NU) Petro Poroshenko denied that he was behind the recent decision of the Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko to issue a warrant for the arrest of the Tymoshenko Deputy Oleksandr Turchynov," the telegram states.

"Poroshenko protested, saying that he had no motive to put pressure on Turchynov," according to a document. During the meeting Poroshenko also shared details of his conversation with Yulia Tymoshenko said, where she was offered to create a government of Our Ukraine-BYUT, but then refused the idea.

Poroshenko said that demanded Tymoshenko to be more flexible and less rigid" in the coalition negotiations. "Poroshenko complained that she cannot be trusted, and said that she was not honest and principled," reads the document. Poroshenko said that progress in the formation of the "orange" ruling coalition yet, but expressed his "90-percent confidence" that the coalition of "orange" party with Viktor Yanukovych Party of Regions will not happen.

Telegram shows that the US Embassy accepted the information Poroshenko with doubt. "As in many cases, when we hear about the motivations, goals, characters, etc. the "other side" in the coalition negotiations majority statements Poroshenko on his salatom the enemy Tymoshenko and his protest with a Declaration of innocence regarding the measures of the Prosecutor General against the Deputy Tymoshenko Oleksandr Turchynov should be taken with great skepticism, even more than in other cases", the author writes telegrams.

Noting that evidence does not exist, the U.S. Embassy is still suspected Poroshenko in the effort to create a coalition with the Party of Regions", and that, according to the Ambassador, he was not exactly a reliable source.

[Jun 13, 2014] Russia will investigate crimes against Eastern Ukrainian population committed by Ukrainian leadership

Jun 13, 2014 |
"None of those who committed and commit crimes in the South-East of Ukraine will get away from the deserved retribution. We'll get them even, as stated in the Declaration of 1943 the allied States, even from the bottom of the ocean, and they will sooner or later, face the moral, political, and criminal responsibility for the acts that they commit today against the people of Ukraine", - quotes ITAR-TASS statement Bastrykin during his speech at a meeting of the Foundation for military leaders and naval commanders on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of Marshal Fedor Ivanovich Tolbukhin.

The head of the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the facts of crimes of an international nature in the South-East of Ukraine and created a special Department for investigation.

"We will be guided not only criminal law but the norms of international law, which gives us the legal and moral right to pursue every member of the Ukrainian army, every commander, every commander, if you can call it generals and officers of the tanks and installations "Hailstones" firing on civilians," said Bastrykin.

"This is an unprecedented event in the history of the wars of man, when the aircraft bombed hospitals, children's and maternity hospitals, civilians only for the fact that people want to be heard, I want to Express their opinion about what is happening regarding the future of themselves and their children and grandchildren," he stressed.

He also reminded that Russia has initiated a number of criminal cases, including against the head of the organization "Right branch" Dmitry Yarosh (and "he declared in the international search"), as well as against members of UNA-UNSO.
"Depending on the role of each of them, they are suspected of committing crimes, envisaged not only criminal law but the norms of international law". In particular, noticed Bastrykin, "conclusively established "that a number of these persons participated in combat actions during the events in Chechnya on the side of the militants.

"These facts are documented. But this is only the beginning of the history of the investigation. Today we document, including by means of space technology, everything that happens in Ukraine. Together with special services and law enforcement authorities, we will work as long as each from the ordinary soldier of the Ukrainian army and to top executives, including Avakov, will not appear before international justice," said Bastrykin.

Recall that on 4 June it became known that the Investigative Committee of Russia created special unit for investigation of crimes of an international character against civilians, committed on the territory of Ukraine.

The office already investigated a number of criminal cases involving crimes against the Ukrainian and Russian citizens on the territory of Ukraine. In particular, the investigated criminal cases against members of UNA-UNSO - Mazur, Period, Yarosha, Korchinsky, brothers Tyagnibok, Hominy and others, on the fact of the injured Russian journalist Russia Today, Ukraine and others.

In addition, the Investigative Committee of Russia intends to receive from independent sources data from satellites of different countries, showing the pattern of destruction, their number and locations of the Ukrainian military formations.

With regard to persons involved in crimes against the civilian population, the IC of Russia intends to bring to criminal responsibility to both the government officials and the military commanders is directly involved in punitive operations, as well as to persons who gave orders and funding to killings of civilians. In this regard, the Investigative Committee of Russia intends to give a legal assessment of the actions Arsen Avakov, Igor Kolomoisky and other.

Defence minister of Ukraine promised to level Slavyansk with the ground

10.06.2014 - YouTube

[Jun 12, 2014] Guest Column -- Russians are sub-humans in the eyes of the West

Dear Readers:

Here is an eyewitness report of the violence that the Washington-backed government in Kiev is inflicting on those protesting against the anti-Russian regime that Washington has installed in Kiev. This is not information you will hear from the presstitute media or from "your" government.

You can ask, "Who is this reporter? How do we know we can believe him," or you can say, "We know that we cannot believe "our" government and its presstitute media, so let's give the reporter the benefit of the doubt."

The reporter uses the German word Untermenschen, which means "under men" or lesser beings. The Nazis applied this term to most of humanity, while referring to Germans as Ubermenchen which means, in effect, overlords or superior men.

The US neoconservative ideology parallels the Nazi ideology. Americans are the Exceptional People, the Indispensable People. Everyone else is unexceptional and dispensable. Apparently the American people are convinced of their worthiness over others. Perhaps this is why there is no remorse over the millions of Untermenschen that Washington has murdered, maimed, and displaced in seven countries so far in the 21st century.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Russians are sub-humans in the eyes of the West

by "Juan"

Untermenschen. That is what we are in the eyes of The West. Untermenschen. Subhumans.

I have watched the unfolding coup d'etat in Ukraine from it's very beginning in late November 2013 in Kiev. I have watched a steady stream of western dignitaries and politicians parade through Maidan Square in Kiev, each and every one of them publicly and vocally expressing their open support of the coup d'etat. I find it appalling that the sitting ambassador of the United States of America to the Sovereign Country of Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, actively and publicly supported a violent coup d'etat against the sitting and legally elected government of Ukraine and to this day actively and publicly expresses open support for the illegal coup d'etat installed government in Kiev.

On 01 December 2013 my wife and I watched the Right Sector and Svoboda Party operatives attempt to take the Presidential Administration Building on Bankhova Street in Kiev under the active and visible command of Vitaly Klitchko and Petro Poroshenko, two sitting deputats of the Ukraine Rada (parliament). After that 3 hour riot ended with Bankhova Street being finally cleared by Berkut riot police who were under orders to not go beyond the end of Bankhova Street, I told my wife President Yanukovich would lose against the coup d'etat. She told me I was crazy. 2 1/2 months later we were shoveling sand in to bags in the middle of the night at the new block post just above Belbek Aerodrome as our Self Defense Forces in Sevastopol and Krimea built and manned block posts at the Krim/Ukraine border and the 5 roads in to Sevastopol. The victors of the Maidan coup d'etat, Oleg Tyagnibok (a sitting deputat of Ukraine Rada) and Dmitro Yarush, leaders of Svoboda Party and Right Sector Party respectively, had stated, during a live interview on Channel 5 TV in Kiev on 27 February 2014, that they were going to lead their combined 5500 fighters from Miadan down to Krim and Sevastopol and 'kill every Russian there' combined with 'we will put every Russian in Krim to the knife'. We took them seriously and we knew they were heavily armed with AK 47′s and RPGs, clearly seen in videos of the end and aftermath of the coup in Maidan. Those first two days and nights on the barricades we had only clubs for most of us.

Long story short, we seized our two governments from the Kiev appointed administrators, formed new governments for Sevastopol and the Autonomous Republic of Krimea and shortly thereafter activated a treaty signed with Russia in 1993 wherein Russia guaranteed the safety of the Autonomous Republic of Krimea and the City of Sevastopol. Russia honored that treaty and 3 days later the Russian Army arrived to protect us from the coup government in Kiev. The screams from The West were heard all the way to Mars. The screams were heard in the Andromeda Galaxy when we voted to join the Russian Federation and were excepted in to the RF.

Shortly after the coup d'etat in Kiev several eastern and southern oblasti (districts) in Ukraine expressed dissatisfaction with the 'new' illegal government installed in Kiev. Right Sector operatives immediately began to infiltrate in to those oblasti. Demonstrations turned sometimes violent and people died.

On 02 May there was a football match in Odessa on the south coast of Ukraine. We all know what happened in Odessa with the massacre of the anti Kiev demonstrators, unarmed demonstrators, in and around the Labor Union Building in Odessa as they were beaten, shot and burned to death. What you don't know is the true number of dead that day and evening. 297 anti Kiev demonstrators AND innocents died that day. Over 50 were in hospital. Some of those who jumped from the entrance hall stairway at the fourth and fifth floor levels were beaten to death as they lay on the ground. Others were made to crawl away, severely injured, and were kicked and beaten as they crawled to the pile of wounded.

To this day not a single western government that I am aware of has expressed the slightest sympathy or condolences for any of the wounded or dead in Odessa. The overriding comments from what little was said about Odessa in The West was the fact that the 'anti kiev activists and agents' accidently set the building on fire as they were throwing molotov cocktails at the football fans around the building. Why should they care? After all, the men, women, and yes, two children, who died in the massacre are Untermenschen. WE are Untermenschen.

In the weeks before and after the massacre in Odessa the situation came to a head in Donetsk Oblast and Lugansk Oblast. Both declared their indendence from Ukraine and set up their own governments. The West screamed bloody murder as they are wont to do with their double standard and blamed everything on Russia and Mr. Putin including the drought in Mexico and the outbreak of teenaged acne in Australia.

The two oblasti set up self defense units as Kiev mobilized their army and formed a large 'national guard' unit from Right Sector fighters from Maidan and western and central Ukraine. On 9 May there was a massacre in the city of Mariupol in Donetsk Oblast, now the Donbas Peoples Republic. Over 100 unarmed citizens and Militsiya (police) were shot down, often right on live camera. Yes, many of the citizens were screaming great obscenities at the Right Sector unit that entered the city. The police where slaughtered in their headquarters for being 'disloyal' to Kiev Government. Some were burned alive, handcuffed, in the police headquarters as it was burned by the Right Sector unit.

To this day not a single western government that I am aware of has expressed the slightest sympathy or expressed condolences for the murdered men and women in Mariupol. After all, the dead citizens are Untermenschen. WE are Untermenschen.

In the following days and weeks the Ukraine Army began to bombard villages, towns and cities starting with Slavyansk in Donbas. The first 'bombardment' was one single 82mm mortar round. With no reaction from either The West or Russia, the next day a heavy bombardment ocurred. In the days after the first heavy bombardments the toll of wounded, dead, maimed civilians mounted as the artillery was fired at patently civilian areas, we call them 'living areas'. Over 100 civilians have died in the last two weeks. A like number were wounded.

To this day not a single western government that I am aware of has expressed the slightest sympathy or expressed condolences for the murdered men and women and children in Donbas nor has a single western government asked Kiev to cease the bombardments. After all, the dead citizens are Untermenschen. WE are Untermenschen.

Yesterday, 03 June 2014, shortly after noon local time there was an attack on the Lugansk City Administration Building in the center of Lugansk by a single Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi 25 ground attack airplane. He fired a single volley of missiles at the front of the building. Yes, the building is the titular headquarters of Donbas Republic but 95% of the offices and workers in that building are city administration workers, civilians doing their work for the citizens of Lugansk and most of whom have worked there for years. Ukraine well knew that fact and attacked. The impact of the rockets are well documented in many videos extant on the internet as is the aftermath as the area is being policed up and the fire in the one burning office on the fourth floor is extinguished.

The first two attached videos are of the area immediately after the attack. They are graphic to an extreme and are not for those with a weak stomach. The woman in the red blouse with her dying breaths asks "Excuse me please, give me a telephone." Those words are an exact translation, she did say 'Excuse me please' before she requested the phone. The young man in the park whom they start CPR on died. The old man lying face down in the street is dead. The man face up with his head on a tyre died. The four women at the base of the entrance steps, three died instantly and the fourth, the lady with the red blouse, died in moments after her request. The man screaming as he takes the video of the carnage is screaming 'sookhie'. 'Sookha', singular, and 'sookhie', plural, is the Russian word for a female dog. Like in English, in Russian it also has the second meaning, as in bitch. Here it's fighting words.

The west media did mention this senseless slaughter after a fashion. They said in their very few 'articles' yesterday refering to this slaughter that the 'terrorists and rebels of the Donbas Army fired a Manpad that accidently hit the building'. This in spite of dozens of videos showing the missiles impacting in the park in front of the building and walking right up to the base and front facade of the building and the death and destruction in the park and in front of the building. Even the much vaunted BBC told the Manpad story.

The third video is of the artillery bombardment of Slavyansk at dawn and shortly after today, 03 June 2014. I do not know of the extent of the civilian casualties this morning in Slavyansk but I do know one 9 story flats building was hit square on the roof and was burning as of 06:00 local time as are other structures in Slavyansk. slaughter in Lugansk admin bldg. 02 June death in the park in front of admin bldg. 02 June Bombard Slavyansk 03 June

To this moment not a single western government or government official that I know of has expressed either sympathy or condolences for these dead civilians nor have any of them asked Kiev to cease these terror attacks. After all, the dead citizens are Untermenschen. WE are Untermenschen.

I urge you all, each and every one of you, to flood your embassies, your ambassadors, your politicians, your presidents, your prime ministers, every government functionary you can find, with these videos. Perhaps their army of minions will not be able to stop all from getting through to them. Use email, use facebook, use twitter, use whatever you can. Show them WHAT THEY DID. Not that they will care. After all, we are Untermenschen.

But one thing they should understand. We, the Untermenschen, will fight them. Ukraine died in Odessa on 02 May 2014. Any chance of negotiations about Donbas died on 09 May 2014 in Mariupol. After Lugansk yesterday it will be a fight to the death. We will win. We Untermenschen will defeat you. We have no choice. We will fight you to our last breath and die fighting before we kneel in subservience to a single one of you.

For you politicians behind the coup d'etat in Kiev and the war against the citizens of Ukraine, you disgust me. I have only this to say to Merkel, Torchinov, Poroshenko, Holland, Cameron. Swift Boat John, Nuland and Obama, whoever the 'president' of poland is, each and every one of you, your minions and hangers on, the west politicians, ALL of you.

Damn your eyes, damn your souls, damn you to Hell, back to where you came from. You are beneath contempt.

June 3rd combat SITREP update by "Juan"

No sleep from 05:00 02.06. Please excuse spelling mistakes.
During a protest near Lviv in west Ukraine by women demanding the return of their conscripted sons and husbands the women were beaten by Tyagnibok's Svoboda Party operatives. Two women are in hospital.
Artillery fire commenced against the town of Severodonetsk 04:20 local time.
Slavyansk and Kramatorsk heavy fighting resumed dawn today. 3 enemy BTR's destroyed before dawn 03 June 2014 Kramatorsk area. Casualties unknown.
Lugansk fighting and artillery bombardments started dawn in outskirts. One flats building hit by artillery and on fire. Casualties unknown.
27 children including some milk babies were successfully evacuated from Kromatorsk after dark 01 June. Destination unknown.
Intense fighting around Kramotorsk Aerodrome from dawn today. The distinctive sound of a German MG3 was clearly heard. This weapon is known to be in Nats armories in small numbers and some rechambered for Russian 7.62 x 54 round from NATO 7.62 x 51 round. High cyclic rate of fire.
Ukraine Army is blocking all traffic in and out of Donetsk City and Slavyansk. No medical supplies are allowed in to either area. The prohibition of evacuating children from both cities is still in effect by Junta. Sick and severely wounded evacuation is prohibited.
Reports of very heavy fighting suburbs of Slavyansk 08:10 local time. Reports of tank cannon fire in the area of fighting are unconfirmed. Tank cannon have a distinctive sound different from artillery of the same caliber.
09:29 local time column of tanks and BTR's have fought their way in to Slavyansk with right sector infantry. Very intense fighting extant in actual city.

About Dr. Paul Craig RobertsPaul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

[Jun 12, 2014] 'White phosphorus' reports Ukraine military 'dropped incendiary bombs' on Slavyansk

RT News
Residents of Slavyansk and its suburbs were awoken overnight on Thursday by what they say were incendiary bombs that were dropped on their city by Kiev's military. Witnesses and local media reports suggested that the bombs might be phosphorous.

Much of the village of Semyonovka, located in the Slavyansk suburbs, was set ablaze. Local residents told RT that the ground didn't stop burning for some time.

"We all saw what happened here yesterday. They used rocket launchers as well as incendiary bombs against us. The ground was on fire. How can the ground burn by itself. It burned for about forty minutes," resident Roman Litvinov told RT over the phone.

"Starting from 2 a.m. everyone I've met has a sore throat and is coughing all the time. I think this is because of the burning. I think we'll feel the true consequences later. There are still a lot of people here, a lot of children we haven't managed to get out yet," resident Tatyana told RT.

The use of incendiary bombs – designed to start fires using materials such as napalm, white phosphorus or other dangerous chemicals – is strictly prohibited by the UN.

He also voiced concern over reports of the use of prohibited ammunition, including incendiary bombs, during the military crackdown.

The draft resolution calls for an immediate end to all violence and for a lasting ceasefire.

"The draft resolution will aim to stop the violence and support the political efforts the OSCE has been undertaking in vain so far. We urge the UN Secretary-General to support them," Churkin said, adding that its adoption would demonstrate the UNSC's support for the crisis settlement efforts.

[Jun 12, 2014] Russia Sees American 'Adventurism' in Iraq Behind Current Conflict

Is Ukraine the next Iraq?

Expressing alarm over the conflict in Iraq on Thursday, Russia said it had long predicted that American and British "adventurism" there would end badly.

"We warned long ago that the adventurism the Americans and the British started there would not end well," said Sergey V. Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, according to the Interfax news agency.

Without referring to President George W. Bush by name, Mr. Lavrov said, "The situation in Iraq has been deteriorating at an exponential rate" ever since the American president declared a victory for democracy in Iraq 11 years ago.

[Jun 12, 2014] Gasprom CEO Miller said that Monday, June 16 is the last date of switching Ukraine to pere-payment mode
Switching Kiev to prepayment was again postponed at the request of the European Commission till 10.00 Monday, June 16. This is the last postponenet and we will not postpone it again", - said Miller, RIA "Novosti".
"The position of the Ukrainian side is absurd, when the Ukrainian side goes against the sovereign rights of the Russian Federation to regulate the price of gas supplies through the mechanism of export customs duties. It is the sovereign right. The Law Of The Russian Federation. This position of the Ukrainian party otherwise than absurd, it's impossible to say. The Ukrainian side put an ultimatum to us," said Miller.

"The statement of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mr. Yatsenyuk was made during the tripartite consultations, the European Union, Russia and Ukraine. And actually this public statement of the Prime Minister of Ukraine tore tripartite consultations," said Miller.

"When on Wednesday, October 11, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mr. Yatsenyuk says that there is no basis for reaching agreement, this reflects strange and absurd position of the Ukrainian side. There can be no agreement unless it reached only on Ukrainian conditions. While such statements, according to the European Commission, are absolutely inappropriate. We agree with that," said Miller.

Miller believes that Ukraine's position a "blatant blackmail". Miller noted that the current situation in Ukraine is different from the position of 2009. In 2009 "Ukraine paid for gas, and now she does not pay, and is not going to do that", reports ITAR-TASS.

"The Ukrainian side must fully pay the debts for November and December 2013 is 1,451 billion dollars, and show progress on payment of debt in April and May which are $ 500 million. Thus, Gazprom should see the money on Gasprom account until the morning of Monday, 16 June, in the amount of 1,951 billion. Otherwise, we enter the mode of advance payment", - said the head of Gazprom.

He stressed that the mode of payment is not disabling of Ukraine on Russian gas supplies or any restrictions. "It's the supply of gas to Ukraine in volumes of gas that Ukraine paid. If no amounts of Ukraine will not be paid, then, respectively, the supply of gas to Ukraine will be zero," said Miller.

Let's remind, Russia has proposed to set the final price for gas at $385 per thousand cubic meters, including the the debt for April-May, taking into account discounts and will not intorduce prepayment if Ukraine up to June 16 will repay $ 2 billion and then, up to 26 June, the remaining part of the debt.

But Kiev did not agree and said he intends to appeal to the Stockholm court, although the parties have agreed not to do it. Until the court Kiev offers to set price within 268,5 dollars per thousand cubic meters.

[Jun 12, 2014] Noninterventionism A Primer by Daniel Larison

Jun 11, 2014 | The American Conservative

Americans have grown understandably weary of foreign entanglements over the last 12 years of open-ended warfare, and they are now more receptive to a noninterventionist message than they have been in decades. According to a recent Pew survey, 52 percent of Americans now prefer that the U.S. "mind its own business in international affairs," which represents the most support for a restrained and modest foreign policy in the last 50 years. That presents a challenge and an opportunity for noninterventionists to articulate a coherent and positive case for what a foreign policy of peace and prudence would mean in practice. As useful and necessary as critiquing dangerous ideas may be, noninterventionism will remain a marginal, dissenting position in policymaking unless its advocates explain in detail how their alternative foreign policy would be conducted.

A noninterventionist foreign policy would first of all require a moratorium on new foreign entanglements and commitments for the foreseeable future. A careful reevaluation of where the U.S. has vital interests at stake would follow. There are relatively few places where the U.S. has truly vital concerns that directly affect our security and prosperity, and the ambition and scale of our foreign policy should reflect that. A noninterventionist U.S. would conduct itself like a normal country without pretensions to global "leadership" or the temptation of a proselytizing mission. This is a foreign policy more in line with what the American people will accept and less likely to provoke violent resentment from overseas, and it is therefore more sustainable and affordable over the long term.

When a conflict or dispute erupts somewhere, unless it directly threatens the security of America or our treaty allies, the assumption should be that it is not the business of the U.S. government to take a leading role in resolving it. If a government requests aid in the event of a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis (e.g., famine, disease), as Haiti did following its devastating earthquake in 2010, the U.S. can and should lend assistance-but as a general rule the U.S. should not seek to interfere in other nations' domestic circumstances.

... ... ...

The U.S. would also refuse to take sides in the internal quarrels of other countries. The sovereignty of other states would be respected much more consistently than in past decades. The U.S. would refrain from destabilizing foreign governments or aiding in their overthrow, and it would not make a habit of siding with whichever protest movement happened to be in the streets of a foreign capital. Likewise, it would refrain from propping up and subsidizing abusive and dictatorial regimes and would condition U.S. aid on how a government treats its people. While there may be a need to cooperate with authoritarian states on certain issues, governments that torture or violently suppress peaceful protests, including the current Egyptian government, shouldn't be supported in any way by American taxpayers.

War might be necessary at some point, but if so it would be waged only in self-defense or the defense of a treaty ally. A noninterventionist U.S. would never wage a preventive war- which is contrary both to international law and morality-and would generally be wary of using force even when it could be justified. The U.S. should always avoid giving allies and clients the impression that they have a blank check from Washington, since that will tend to make them more combative and unreasonable in disputes with their neighbors. Allies and clients that wanted to pursue reckless and provocative courses of action would be actively discouraged, and it would be the responsibility of the U.S. to pull these states back from avoidable conflicts. A noninterventionist U.S. would manage relations with other major powers by seeking to cooperate on matters of common interest and by avoiding unnecessary disagreements on those issues where the U.S. has relatively little at stake. The U.S. and other major powers are bound to have conflicting interests from time to time, but these unavoidable disagreements shouldn't be compounded by picking fights over every issue where we differ. As long as the U.S. has allies on the borders of other major powers, there will always be a certain degree of mistrust and tension in our relations. However, the U.S. shouldn't make this worse by seeking to enlarge our alliances or increase our influence in countries that have historically been in the orbit of another major power. The goal here should be to keep tensions with other major powers at a tolerable minimum and to reduce the possibility of renewed great power conflict in the new century.

As George Washington also said: "In the execution of such a plan, nothing is more essential than that permanent, inveterate antipathies against particular nations, and passionate attachments for others, should be excluded; and that, in place of them, just and amicable feelings towards all should be cultivated." For that reason, a noninterventionist U.S. would be one that doesn't seek to demagogue or exaggerate foreign threats, nor would it cultivate either hostility towards or adoration of any other country. Above all, it won't seek to make the U.S. the champion of any other country's interests at our expense.

Noninterventionism is a rather clunky and unappealing label for a set of very appealing ideas: that the U.S. should mind its own business, act with restraint, respect other nations, refrain from unnecessary violence, and pursue peace. If future administrations took just a few of these as guiding principles for the conduct of foreign policy, America and the world would both be better off.

Senior editor Daniel Larison blogs at

[Jun 12, 2014] The Moor has done his duty. The Moor can go

As we mentioned before, EuroMaidan did the trick the US wanted from it and now can go to hell. The rubber product, that it represented, was used and nobody now is interested in supporting those dwellers from their own pocket, even Timoshenko. Therefore, during the last few days we saw the picture that is tragic and funny at the same time: the former heroes of the revolution now are equated to homeless bums, their allowances were cut (as well as free food they enjoyed all this time) and Ukrainian media started treats them like human trash. So ugly neoliberal reality, for which they fought came to Maidan.

On 7 June Maidan protesters who occupied the Kyiv city hall on Khreshchatyk 36 were evicted by cruel and cynical way. The rich experience, obtained in Odessa by junta was applied in Kiev, the development that was hard to imagine as those methods were used against yesterday's allies in the "revolution" that brought Choko Pete to power.

Here is how subservient to authorities Ukrainian media describes the event. This is a kind of literary masterpiece, quoted verbatim:

"The Maidan activists living in the building, barricaded themselves in offices and MADE a LITTLE FIRE. Then they began to look out of the window and shout that that Samooborona forces are burning them alive", -Ukrainian journalists reported.

"Some time later, the activists opened the door, as it became difficult to breathe in the smoke-filled rooms Self-defense ordered them to leave the premises. Those obeyed running for their lives. But somehow simultaneously stealing monitors and computer parts from the building".

"Samooborona detained activists, seized the property owned by the city administration, and is currently waiting for the police to those recorded the theft of property and arrested them."

Translated from this absurd official version it looks like not only junta replicated Odessa experience in the Kyiv mayor's office, it did not even bother to create some plausible justification for their actions. Immediately after the inauguration of Chocolates oligarch with curly hairs unlucky "Maidan gardeners" were set on fire from the inside, and when they started shouting for help from window, they were arrested and bogus criminal cases were bestowed on each. Now they probably will be send to rot in prisons.

Unlike the citizens of Odessa, they were not cut in pieces, raped and tortured in the building. But those former fierce street fighters with police were probably clearly hinted that everything is possible, and that singing the national anthem of Ukraine will not save anyone, and their blue-yellow Ukrainian flags should be put away. In retrospective shouting "glory to heroes!" on Maidan videos looks especially funny. Here is the glory. After such a stunning, really extraordinary cynicism, it can be stated that Maidan is over. And parsley that they grow on Khreshchatyk street, will be weeded out in a matter of days, if not hours.

[Jun 11, 2014] As shelling of Slavyanks continues anti-Ukranian centiments in Russia grow dramatically

There is now distinct pressure on Putin to use force...
Mr. Sergey Glaziev, the advisor to the President of Russia proposed to do with the Ukrainian army the same as d the U.S. did with the Libyan army. As UNIAN reported, such he made this statement during the round table in Moscow.

"I would like to remind the words of Winston Churchill: "whoever between shame and war selects a shame, receives and war, and shame." This is a modern war. This does not mean that we have to move our tanks to Kiev, but, at least, we have the right to stop the genocide of the population", - Agency quotes Glaziev .

The U.S quite persistently and consistently are pushing Ukraine to war with Russia under the pretext of Crimea, and the goal of Poroshenko is the war with Russia, because otherwise they can't return the Crimea, which he announced as his goal", he said at the round table "About the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine and Russia's position," Sergei Glaziev. "The Americans and their Kiev proteges took a course on militarization on the formation of the dictatorship of the Nazi regime, in full mobilization of the population against Russia... Ukraine has a large army, it was put in reserves, but now the industry of Kharkiv works full time, restoring tanks, armored vehicles. Today there are not less than 200 units of armored vehicles that are used in the civil war agains Donesk population, and every day the number of vehicles increases; and the same applies to the aircraft,"

Sergey Glazyev proposed to close the sky above the South-East of Ukraine, by the example of American operations in Libya, and disable the Ukrainian armored vehicles from the air. According to Glaziev now it can still be done, but six months later will be too late. "It's enough to close the sky and use the same mechanism of suppression of military equipment, which was used by the Americans in Libya, which initially gen full control over the airspace, then shot from the air armored vehicles, artillery, aviation, and the regime with which they fought, became unfit for combat. We still have the opportunity to do so, six months later, this opportunity will be gone," said Sergei Glaziev.

"Look dynamics - if in December of the Nazis was 2 thousand people in Kyiv, in February - 20 thousand, in may they already 50 thousand together with soldiers in the middle of summer they will be 100 thousand, in September they will be 200 thousand by the end of the year they will put under the gun with 500 thousand people," continued Glaziev. "We get most powerful military machine, oriented against us, led by the Nazis, ideologically charged against Russia... the Ultimate aim of all actions is the war with Russia. If Donbass will be lot to "pacipiers' without a fight, to keep the peace, the next target, which is declared is Crimea", - he concluded.

[Jun 11, 2014] Ukraine Rejects Gas Offer as Talks End Without Deal

lUkraine rejected a Russian proposal for the price of future natural-gas deliveries as European Union-brokered talks in Brussels ended without an agreement.

Russia offered to supply gas for about 20 percent below the current price, a level Ukraine said was still more than it's willing to pay, EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said at a press conference after the three-way meeting. Russia's energy minister said the country also wants $1.95 billion for past fuel supplies before June 16 or it may cut shipments.

[Jun 11, 2014] Exclusive: Ukraine's President Seeks 'Understanding' With Russia by Simon Shuster

Of course Simon Shuster is a well known Kiev presstitute, and that lower expectations ;-). But even in this sense it's pretty disappointing interview as country faces real problems and those two guys talk about punishing Russia. Generally Poroshenko look like a political clone of Victor Yushchenko. Might end the same way.
Jun 09, 2014 | TIME

In his first interview as President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko tells TIME that he has no choice but to keep Russia at the negotiating table, as no country is prepared to guarantee his country's security from further attack

Ukraine's new President Petro Poroshenko wants to see Russia punished for what he calls the "tragedy" that befell his country this year. But even as Russia has annexed one region of Ukraine and encouraged a violent rebellion in two others, Ukraine does not have the option of breaking off ties with the Kremlin, Poroshenko told TIME in his first interview since taking office. His government has no choice but to seek "an understanding" with Russia, he says, even if for no other reason than the hard reality of Ukraine's geography.

"Maybe some Ukrainians would like to have Sweden or Canada for a neighbor, but we have Russia," he said on Monday inside the Presidential Administration Building in Kiev, fidgeting with a set of rosary beads throughout the interview. "So we can't talk about a firm sense of security without a dialogue and an understanding with Russia." That is why Poroshenko spent the first full day of his tenure on Sunday in marathon talks with the Russian ambassador to Ukraine, Mikhail Zurabov. Their positions remain miles apart, at best leaving Poroshenko room for "cautious optimism" for restoring civil relations with Russia, he said.

But whatever progress they will make toward a cease-fire between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian rebels in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, Poroshenko has no intention of making nice with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "To be honest, I'm not very interested in what Citizen Putin thinks of my state," he said. If the Russian leader doubts Ukraine's right to exist within its current borders, the best way to convince him otherwise is to build a powerful army and a thriving economy, Poroshenko said. "No one would allow himself to doubt the existence of small countries like Singapore," the Ukrainian President said, "because when a country is strong, effective, comfortable, monolithic, such doubts would never enter anyone's minds."

Achieving that will require support from the West, he told TIME, not least of all the kind of military aid that he has been requesting. "We're talking about assistance that will be able to stop this aggression" from Russia, he said of his discussions last week and this weekend with U.S. and European leaders. "The help can take all kinds of forms, from intelligence to military technology, from blocking our airspace to enforcing a maritime blockade" in case of attack.

Poroshenko said he discussed these kinds of support last week with U.S. President Barack Obama, and brought it up again with Vice President Joe Biden, who attended Poroshenko's inauguration on Saturday. But no Western nation has agreed to provide any security guarantees to Ukraine, nor have they made any firm pledges to renew the so-called Budapest Memorandum, the 1994 agreement between the U.S., Russia and the U.K. that was supposed to guarantee Ukraine's territorial integrity.

With the annexation of Crimea in March, Russia violated that agreement, and Poroshenko has since become convinced that even the U.N. Security Council is no longer capable of preventing conflict between major powers. "When one of the veto-holding members of the U.N. Security Council has in effect become an aggressor, that shows that the old system isn't working," he said. This argument came up in his talks with Western leaders last weekend in France, and he said they agreed "without question" about the need for the "global security architecture" to be revised. "The struggle for Crimea is a struggle to prevent such precedents from repeating themselves in the future," he said. "We can't allow unpunished aggression."

But punishing Russia is not an option for Poroshenko at this point. The best he can do is to build a military that can prevent a future Russian attack and, at the same time, stay at the negotiating table with the country he calls an aggressor. His goals are modest. Apart from stopping the bloodshed in eastern Ukraine, he wants Russia to offer a new "model of behavior, a model of guarantees" that would restore a sense of stability. So far, he doesn't have anything close.

[Jun 10, 2014] 'Masterly' Russian Ukraine operations leave Nato one step behind

FT propaganda... In reality it was people of Donbass who revolt against Kiev Junta... People who fight against "pacification" death squads usually fight well, because they have nothing to lose. On the other hand Turchinov (aka Trupchnov) government wants to get rid off as many Maidan militants as possible too ("The Moor has done his duty. The Moor can go.") So sending then into meat grinder at Donbass can be a Machiavellian strategy too.
Jun 10, 2014 | FT /

But while Russia's strategic thinking might recall the ruthless geopolitics of the last century, its tactics have been a model of warfare in the 21st, artfully employing everything from small groups of unidentifiable specialist personnel to cyber warfare.

In more than a dozen interviews, planners, security officials and members of the intelligence community have spoken of Moscow with universal, if grudging, praise.

Tactically, they say, Russia has waged a dexterous and comprehensive campaign, and has been one step ahead at every turn. The Kremlin's operations on the ground have been "masterly", said one.

"I have been impressed. The eminent deniability of it all - this has been an exactly and beautifully calibrated operation . . . silent but deadly effective," said Jonathan Eyal, international director of the Royal United Services Institute in London. The west "has been off-guard from day one".

... ... ...

Russia has continued to be strident in its denial of involvement. The foreign ministry said accusations of Russian arms making their way over the border were "the work of the devil".

... ... ...

A senior Nato bureaucrat said the sequencing of separatist attacks suggested a guiding hand. Militias first targeted government buildings and communications centres, followed by key supply points and then harder targets such as military installations.

Ukrainian forces have been outwitted several times. In Konstantinovka last month, during an attempted ambush of Russian paramilitaries, the pro-Kiev Donbas militia was ambushed. This week, separatists seized control of two Ukrainian military bases in Luhansk.

Ukraine: Human Rights Watch Letter to Acting President Turchynov and President-Elect Poroshenko

June 6, 2014

Nevertheless, criminal conduct by the insurgents does not relieve the Ukrainian forces of their obligations to act in accordance with international law in the conduct of their law enforcement and military operations. This is particularly the case with respect to use of lethal force. In Ukraine the obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), such as those which protect the right to life (article 2), bodily integrity (article 3), and liberty and security (article 5), as well as the inviolability of the home (article 8), remain in force during all law enforcement and military operations. (See for example the cases of Ergi v. Turkey, judgment of 28 July 1998, Reports 1998-IV and Isayeva v. Russia (2005), in which the European Court of Human Rights articulated the scope of the state's obligations in the conduct of counter-insurgency operations.)

Article 2 of the ECHR provides that deprivation of life is not a violation of the right to life "when it results from use of force which is no more than absolutely necessary" in among other things, "action lawfully taken for the purpose of quelling a riot or insurrection." Requiring that use of force be no more than "absolutely necessary" means the force used must be strictly proportionate to the achievement of the permitted aims. It also requires an examination of whether the operation was planned and controlled by the authorities so as to minimize, to the greatest extent possible, risk to life. The government's responsibility will be engaged where they fail to take all feasible precautions in the choice of means and methods of a security operation mounted against an opposing group with a view to avoiding and, in any event, minimizing, incidental loss of civilian life (see Ergi para 79).

[Jun 10, 2014] Ukraine must correct its chaotic response


The yellow and blue stripes of Ukraine's national flag are designed to symbolise a happy union between golden fields and the summer sky. At the moment, the sweeping plains of Donetsk do indeed resemble this vision of idyllic harmony – until, that is, you run into a checkpoint manned by pro-Russian rebels or Ukrainian soldiers.

You might expect the insurgents to be tense and fearful, but I've usually found the army to be more on edge. At one roadblock, a suspicious soldier with blazing blue eyes inquired where we had come from and where we were going. Then he abruptly asked my driver: "And what is your opinion of separatism?" When a teenage member of a national army demands to know the political views of the people he is paid to protect, then you know things are going wrong. And the signs are that the "anti-terrorist" operation mounted by Ukraine's security forces to recapture the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk is coming off the rails.

That has important consequences for the West's response to Ukraine's crisis. Put bluntly, we cannot simply place the burden on Vladimir Putin to end the killing. Petro Poroshenko, the newly elected president of Ukraine who took office on Saturday, must also correct his government's mistakes.

... ... ...

Privately, Western diplomats in Kiev acknowledge that the military operation is flawed. On some days, the objective seems to be containing the rebels and stopping them from seizing any more ground. On others, the security forces go on the offensive, but often abandon their gains.

They have won some victories, notably by retaking Sergei Prokofiev International Airport in Donetsk a fortnight ago. But the price has been the profound alienation of many local people.

One young and educated woman – exactly the sort of person whom Mr Poroshenko should be winning over – describes feeling "infuriated" whenever she sees Ukrainian troops. They are not liberators, but "occupiers", she adds.

At one roadblock, the evidence of fear and suspicion between the security forces and the people they are supposed to protect was even starker: some soldiers from the national guard were wearing black masks. So Mr Poroshenko should not feel that the West's pressure on Russia will let him off the hook. He should be told to conduct this offensive sensibly – or cancel it altogether.

The Box Not Seen

UCG's Blog

When this is taken into account, there is only one possible option: Finlandization in Ukraine, with a nominally independent Ukraine under Russian control. This deal will have the following conditions:

  1. Crimea to join Russia and be internationally recognized; DonBass to either join Russia, or receive autonomous republic status in Ukraine, like Crimea had
  2. Federalization of Ukraine
  3. Autonomous status for Southeastern Ukraine and Zakarpatiya, if the voters approve it
  4. Russian to be recognized as the official language of Ukraine
  5. Truly popular and democratic elections by region, with no candidates being beaten up or not allowed to run for office

Yes, these conditions are harsh. However, they are the only way to prevent the most devastating outcome: Southeastern Ukraine joins Russia, Rump Ukraine ends up demanding funds from the EU, as that is an option where Russia takes a $14 billion tab, whereas the EU ends up stuck with a $110 billion tab, while looking defeated to the rest of the World.

Ukraine Ministry of Defense Announces Cessation of Military Activities

moscowexile, June 9, 2014 at 12:20 pm
News just in!

Минобороны Украины анонсировало прекращение военных действий

Ukraine Ministry of Defence Announces Cessation of Military Activities

moscowexile, June 9, 2014 at 12:23 pm
From (above):

"Interim defence Minister Mykhailo Koval has informed that armed confrontation in East Ukraine, where the Ukrainian authorities have been carrying out a police operation against militias, is being phased out."

who now remembers the International Brigade in Spain?

moscowexile June 9, 2014 at 12:45 pm
Yeah, who now remembers the International Brigade in Spain?

Well, clearly very few nowadays, because the Spanish Civil War Ended over 80 years ago. However, I met several old International Brigade veterans in my youth because of those UK volunteers who went off to fight for the Republicans, the largest contingent consisted of coal miners. The British miners' union at the time (The "Fed" – The Miners' Federation of Great Britain) had a very strong Communist Party of Great Britain presence and, furthermore, because of the Great Depression, many miners in the UK were either unemployed during the '30s or working "short time" and only earning a subsistence wage.

There were other volunteers as well. In a Manchester pub many years ago, I fell into conversation with an old bloke who began reminiscing about his experiences in the Spanish Civil War. I mentioned that I was acquainted with a couple of International Brigade vets, whereupon he told me with a chuckle that he had fought on the other side. He must have been a member of the British Union of Fascists – one of Oswald Mosely's "Blackshirts".

Russia and Ukraine Meet on Natural Gas Pricing Dispute

Russian and Ukrainian officials failed to reach a solution early Tuesday to a dispute over energy that has exacerbated tensions and led to concerns about cutoffs of natural gas to the European Union.

[Jun 10, 2014] Russians Find Few Barriers to Joining Ukraine Battle

It's the same ANDREW E. KRAMER ,the voice of State Department.
Jun 10, 2014 |

A Facebook eulogy to a Russian nationalist who died in Ukraine, Aleksandr Vlasov, cited the young man's posts before leaving, and his plans. "We should receive assault rifles" on the Ukrainian side, he said. He planned to buy a uniform and a rucksack in Russia, then slip across.

"Sure, I don't want to die and leave my children and wife and living mother," he wrote. "But it would be worse to someday have my son ask, 'And what did you do while the Nazis killed people?' " He finished by writing, "Russians forgot how to die. And we die marvelously. Like none others."

[Jun 09, 2014] Ukraine launches dual talks with Russia to end fighting in east and avert gas cut

The Guardian
MeldrewInTraining, 09 June 2014 1:22pm
I fear that, sadly, a peaceful resolution will not be so easily forthcoming.
Aleksandr Romanovich Podgaets -> MeldrewInTraining, 09 June 2014 2:24pm
There is a problem in that nationality that was constructed in Galicina, Lviv, etc. some time ago. Basically, they build the notion "Ukrainian" on rejecting everything Russian. They don't talk to Russia. Just watch some tavern youtube movies from some years back - those patriotic songs "kill the Russians, crush Russia", etc. I don't recall even the most crazy of our nationalists saying that about a foreign country.

That was fine while they were not in power. Somebody more moderate did the talking as a pres, and those folks from Lviv hopped on the train and happily came to Russia for work cause there they could earn money.

Now they are afloat, and everybody can see what they say. No dialogue.

They can't start a dialogue with their East because that would mean that their national idea is wrong. Who would say that about their own nation? Well, mature nations admit when they are wrong and have no trouble, they even find pride in a moral high ground, saying: I was wrong - but that's why they are called mature.

If Western Ukraine starts talking to Eastern Ukraine - those they call "pro-Russian", that would mean for their citizens that they failed as a nation. And if they admit they failed as a nation, then everybody can declare a new national idea. And the country will break up into cities, not just two parts.

So, I'm afraid, Western Ukraine is going to push it's war and hope for God's sake that they conquer the East. Otherwise - see above.

The escape from this linear logic would be an appearance of a sane statesperson, somebody with brains and guts, who can look at the situation from above and talk to both gangs of extreme nationalists without submitting to either of them. That is the only possibility of this unholy war ending anytime soon.

Some things Ukraine has to do itself. The world already tried to help - look at 16th of March for instance. Nobody can save Ukraine except Ukraine.

cookiesforbreakfast -> Aleksandr Romanovich Podgaets, 09 June 2014 3:50pm
"The escape from this linear logic would be an appearance of a sane statesperson, somebody with brains and guts, who can look at the situation from above and talk to both gangs of extreme nationalists without submitting to either of them. That is the only possibility of this unholy war ending anytime soon."

Putin? :) Irony is as much as they hate him, somebody similar to him would be useful for them.

RuStand, 09 June 2014 1:23pm

>double its neighbour's rates
Lie. Removing dual discount to the price agreed and signed and doubling the rate is not the same thing.

Rinnero -> RuStand, 09 June 2014 1:48pm
Germany pays 380, while Poland 480.

Ukraine had two $100 discounts that reduced the price from 480 to 260.

First discount was about Sevastopol lease since 2017 and Russia ALREADY PAYED FOR 4 YEARS FOR IT. It was an advance payment for 2017-2020 years of lease. So basically Russia started to pay its part of the deal 8 years before the Ukrainian part of the deal would have kicked in. Obviously now this discount is no longer due, and Russia may even ask for a reimbursement of this discount for these 4 years, amounting to $11bln dollars.

The second discount could have still stayed working if Ukraine had payed in time. It was a very simple clause which stated that you get $100 discount if you pay in time. Again, its totally in the contract and totally according to contract. But what we see? Russia pays 8 years in advance meanwhile Ukraine does not pay a dollar even for 6 months ago gas priced with previous discounted price.

Its ridiculous how especially Yatsenyuk can be so blatant. As if I come to shop and ask to buy on tick for discounted goods, then come again and after noticing that there is no more discount, I DEMAND it or else I wouldnt pay for my previous goods. Ridiculous.


I can see it, Poroshenko wants to end the fighting by killing the rebels and not by engaging in negotiations with them. No matter what Poroshenko would like it to be, the rebels do not report to Putin and might not stop fighting even if Putin tells them to do so. All Putin can do is to unofficially supply (or not supply) the East with volunteers and guns. It is in the best Ukrainian tradition to solve the problem by creating a new one.

As for the debt, Ukraine must pay for the gas at the market price unless the EU wants to subsidise them. This is what free market capitalism is all about.


Ukraine had a huge discount on Russian gas. Did they expect to keep that discount with a nazi infested, US puppet, anti-Russian government?

And our media insist on calling any human beings who are against the new government "pro-Russian" gunmen or militants. So the thugs and army killing civilians in the east should be referred to as pro-US militants.

atavistic -> gbroment

well said. let's not forget that the ones calling for a humanitarian corridor were the Russians! the Ukrainians and the EU refused!

it was then the separatists that organised the mass evacuation of ALL women and children who wanted to go!


This article is well-written and balanced. This is so unlike AFP, which usually serves NATO propaganda. The following statement in the article is incorrect:

Ukraine has refused to pay the bills in protest against Russia's decision to almost double the amount it charges for its gas following the toppling of Kiev's Kremlin-backed president in February.

In actuality, Russia lowered the price only after Yanukovych rejected the EU free trade pact at the end of 2013. This low price lasted for several months and went back up after the coup d'état.


Let's wait and see. A first gesture of goodwill should be a unilateral ceasefire from the Kiev forces. Without the ceasefire, I doubt if anything can come out of it except more bloodshed.

riggbeck -> Zenotaph

A first gesture of goodwill should be a unilateral ceasefire from the Kiev forces.

No. The separatists started this insurrection, aided and abetted by Russia, and it's up to them to lay down their weapons. Ukraine is only doing what any country would do in the event of an armed rebellion.

An amnesty, certainly, but no surrender to terrorists.

wellbeingb4dolla -> riggbeck


The separatists started this insurrection, aided and abetted by Russia,

So the Maidan insurrection that brought down a legitimate government didn't start it aided and abetted by the EU and US?

LeDingue -> riggbeck

what any country would do

And what would "any country" have done when the Maidan protests very suddenly turned extremely violent? What would "any country" have done if a private militia had been been raised who then looted state arsenals? That the people in the east sought to defend themselves was wholly predictable

You can't fight ideas and cultural identity with bullets, all you do is kill, injure, traumatise and destroy.

it's up to them to lay down their weapons

No sane person expects this to happen whilst Right Sektor "national guard" units are laying siege and shelling civilian areas.

Only government withdrawal and direct negotiation will stop the violence. Which begs the question: why would you be opposed to the cessation of violence and suffering?

BeatonTheDonis -> riggbeck

Ukraine is only doing what any country would do in the event of an armed rebellion.

Did you have the same opinion when Yanukovych tried to put down the Maidan rebellion?

no surrender to terrorists.

No surrender to empty rhetoric.

Hottentot, 09 June 2014 1:30pm
After that meeting Poroshenko said the fighting must end this week. "For me, every day in which people die, every day in which Ukraine pays such a high price, is unacceptable."

He and the US should have thought about people and the 'high price' of death before the US overthrew an elected president and government. It is unlikely that unless the people in East Ukraine get the independence they are seeking, Poroshenko and the US nightmare will only increase.

Poroshenko confirmed that Kiev would sign a historic pact with the EU that would finally wrest it from Russia's orbit as soon as the end of the month. This is going to make matters worse, because the next thing will be a fleet of US warships sailing up the Black Sea. The US is completely mad, if it thinks it can intimidate or push Russia around.

Aleksandr Romanovich Podgaets
Ukraine makes the same mistake as Georia in 2008 - it demands from Russia to return what Russia didn't take.

In order to return Crimean land, inhabitants will have to get physically killed or moved away. If that's not going to happen, then it's impossible to return Crimean land.

It's as safe as blaming Putin for F=mg and E=mc2.

So may be that's the plan? To demand something impossible, so that Ukraine can blame Russia and be safe because it's impossible to do anyway?

The man is a jerk at leas the equal of Obama. the two have been jerking off by killing people in the East. Obama jerks off by killing all over the world. So do 'Americans'. The Ukrainians who allow such a little boy team to lead them are jerks.

Ukraine did not pay its bills and the USA gave it reason to believe the bills could be revoked or that the EU would pay. Poroshenko acted on this. It is crystal clear.

Any human who believes the 'Americans' and the Anglo-Saxon controlled West needs 24 hr psychiatric nursing. Nothing is more obvious.

Any who have ever supported this human rubbish needs to be carefully examined and kept under observation for at least ten years. Daily visits to the local police station must be required. Any failure to do so must result in a SWAT team storming their house.


...ending a bloody separatist insurgency by the end of the week.

Timetable's slipping, a couple of weeks ago it was going to be a matter of hours to finish it.

Given there is now @ 130km hole in the border (closing the border being a euphemism for abandoning all control points to the rebels), whilst the rebels managed to down an AN30 artillery spotting plane on Friday, and continue to hold Slavyansk despite the use of government artillery against it, I'd say that if he's really expecting to finish this by the end of the week, then he's in for giving serious concessions, and not a military victory.

DontMakeSense, 09 June 2014 2:22pm
1. West to Russia: Ukraine is now ours, back off

2. Ukraine to Russia: We don't want you, go away, we hate your guts

West and Ukraine to Russia:

Notwithstanding 1&2, we DEMAND Russia sells cheap gas, subsidised raw materials and well as allow tariff free imports of Ukrainian goods to Russia

Masterplan = We will take over Ukraine, but Russia must pay for it ( since we are all broke anyhow)

Everyone, including President Poroshenko, knows that Ukraine needs a new constitutional settlement. There is no armed solution. So far he has made only militaristic noises about combating terrorism and ending an armed uprising within days of being inaugurated. He has given us no future vision of Ukraine. He seems to want to recreate the old, failed Ukraine.

The citizens of eastern Ukraine have been quite clear in what they want. More devolution and a more federal style of constitution. President Poroshenko now needs to respond to that and tell us how he sees a way forward - and not at the wheel of a tank we hope.

Aleksandr Romanovich Podgaets -> tiojo
If Poroshenko doesn't want federation, he still needs to change constitution.

Chapter 46 of Ukrainian constitution is what Crimea used to leave - any region of Ukraine can organise a vote on "any regional matter" up to and "including leaving mother-state". They probably copy-pasted it from our constitution. Nobody guaranteed that what works for us will work for them. if they are so desperate for united Ukraine, they should delete that chapter ASAP.

When will constitutional reform start?

rezevici, 09 June 2014 2:25pm
Ukraine army continues the bombardment of civilians. Now it's time to remind the US, the UK, The French and the German governments about what they announced when Serbian forces were shelling Kosovo villages: "Serbia has lost its legitimacy for governing Kosovo and people there".

Or are we taking some immoral sides here?

Larry144, 09 June 2014 2:33pm
Poroshenko faces an impossible task regarding the separatists. He understands that a ceasefire cannot be reached without negotiations with the separatists (whether Russia is present at the table or not). Unfortunately, negotiations with separatists will be an admission of defeat and may send a message to other Russian-speaking regions that they too can declare independence if they want to. Such a turn of events would spell the end of Ukraine as we know it. Realistically, the military action is the only effective way to combat separatism, there are no other options. History shows that negotiations with separatists usually lead to more separatism, not less. But the Kiev government is bankrupt and doesn't have money for a large-scale prolonged military operation. This is a really tough dilemma for Poroshenko.

The claims by Obama that there are Russian troops or agents in Eastern Ukraine are not supported by any proof. Nonetheless, Obama, NATO, and some Kiev authorities continue making false accusations. There are some Russian volunteers, who are acting on their own, but they represent only a tiny minority of the armed rebels. The East Ukrainian rebels consist of Ukrainian citizens. Thus, Russia has only limited influence on the separatists. Last week Putin rejected the offer by DNR to join Russia; he also rejected the request by DNR and LNR to send in Russian troops. (He did not send a formal response to DNR or LNR; instead he gave an interview on this subject to Russian and French TV.)

What can Putin do to help Poroshenko? He and Poroshenko may arrange for a safe passage of the armed rebels to Russia, with guarantees that they will not be prosecuted in Russia if they lay down their arms and leave Ukraine. Putin may lower the gas price, if Poroshenko guarantees that Ukraine will not join NATO.

VxVendetta, 09 June 2014 2:38pm

"For me, every day in which people die, every day in which Ukraine pays such a high price, is unacceptable."


A thief, a liar and a hypocrite. The day he "won" the presidency he ordered an all out attack on Donetsk and announced the conflict was going to be finished "within hours." Now he's promising the fighting "to end this week." Wonder what his CIA masters told him to do, that's going to speed the massacre on Easter Ukraine.

He's now changing his tune after calling Eastern Ukrainians "terrorists" and "bandits," to caring about "every day in which people die." If Chocoshenko would have been a real statesman, he would have ordered the Ukrainian death-squads out of Eastern Ukraine, and started negotiations immediately, mediated by the OSCE, the UN, or any other body with legitimacy.

He's just another US/NATOstan puppet, ready to kill his own people to gain the favor of their Western criminal masters.

Cosmopolit VxVendetta, 09 June 2014 3:16pm
It looks like he is now told by his Western masters to change the tune as it has become a little too embarrassing for our leaders to stand by the killings of people in E Ukraine. And that is why there are almost no reports by our media of the bombings, artillery fire and other horrid crimes against Ukrainians in the East - despite having journalists on the ground. It seems that the "party line" is now not to report any details, show as little as possible. Disgrace.
LeDingue Cosmopolit, 09 June 2014 3:46pm

there are almost no reports by our media of the bombings, artillery fire and other horrid crimes against Ukrainians in the East - despite having journalists on the ground. It seems that the "party line" is now not to report any details, show as little as possible. Disgrace.

It is absolutely a disgrace. The UK media silence on the Slavyansk siege and other operations is now almost total. And yet it has been going on on a daily basis.

The EU will not be able to ignore the legal ramifications.
Several documented actions are in breach of the Geneva Convention. Serious investigation, arrest warrants and extraditions for prosecution must follow, though of course it will take them an age.

The evidence is public. Just because it has gone unreported in some countries does not mean that the atrocities are not common knowledge thanks to the internet.

betelguese, 09 June 2014 2:39pm
Killing by a "Chocolate king/crook" continues.

A refreshing point of view:
Marine Le Pen: The National Front (Front national) interview:
EU political world indifferent to people dying in eastern Ukraine


"his commitment to Europe"

Why is he committed to an Europe that would not offer the Ukraine a membership? What a syncophantic sell out.

mauman Nobul

Europe doesn't really want Ukraine (they don't qualify anyway) but they just want to make sure Russia doesn't get it either. Europe and US actions have not been for Ukraine. Rather against Russia.

TedMorgan38, 09 June 2014 3:06pm
Poroshenko achieving an end to military incursions in East Ukraine is as likely as Cnut ordering the tide not to come in. It is not Poroshenko who is in charge; his election is a democratic fig-leaf. Private militias and mercenaries are orchestrating the violence against the rejectionists in Donetsk and Lugansk. Poroshenko, ultimately, is nobody.
LeDingue -> TedMorgan38, 09 June 2014 4:17pm

It is not Poroshenko who is in charge; his election is a democratic fig-leaf

You can be sure that US agents are liasing with the west Ukrainian power-brokers who do count, like Kolomoisky.

On the "other side" there's Firtash, still on bail in Austria I guess, and of course Akhmetov from whom no sound is heard.

And of course the media has forgotten all about Yanukovych...

Given that all four of these (and others) control such enormous wealth and assets perhaps their US equivalent oligarchs are all in private negotiation together. Dollars override political allegiances, nationality even.

stephanblack 09 June 2014 3:13pm
well it is now a open secret that america is at war with russia….america is not happy with the rise of russia…and seeks to contain if not destroy russia…on both sides conventional warfare s just too destructive….

so economic war is in progress….and a war of proxies in the ukraine…both sides lie so much that the truth is hard to discern…but the real war front for russia is not the ukraine but the petro dollar… can ask how does a person go about destroying the petro dollar…

well the destruction of the dollar to some extent is done by the americans themselves by printing ….running huge deficits... piling on their national debts ... by creating even more unfunded liabilities

  1. step one….persuade more countries not to use the dollar in trading…think of the brics….
  2. step two create trading blocks that are not overly friendly to america
  3. step 3 buy up huge amounts of gold so that when the dollar is dumped the value of gold reserves goes up to make up for the loss of dollar holdings.
  4. step 4 create a wedge between america and its friends in europe by charm and subtle threats….
  5. step 5 find alternative markets for russias only big export energy….like with china india turkey establish another russian export in addition to energy… is a good idea
  6. step 6 the killer blow….wait until the dollar slumps or has a stock market crash….

then together with china flog dollar treasuries and watch your gold holdings shoot into the stratosphere….short the dollar to say 60 on the dollar index…and the markets will do the rest….the dollar will collapse petro and all….and because the dollar has been printed to oblivion the dollars flooding back to america will create havoc to america…bye bye petrodollar and the american empire….not atomic science….

Ciarán Here stephanblack, 09 June 2014 3:22pm
be careful you might give someone ideas!

3.... buy gold with the the dollars you hold as US debt otherwise you end up worthless dollars after your plan comes to fruition

JULIA1234789 stephanblack, 09 June 2014 3:23pm
And in order to mitigate this:

The USA with every invasion, every occupation, every bombing, every Regime Change they organise; they conspire to steal the foreign reserves, the gold bullion reserves and other natural resources of the country in which their puppet has (will be) been installed!

DespyRik stephanblack, 09 June 2014 3:40pm
As Almost 25% of the world's total GDP was generated by the USA in 2014. Do you really think one years of debt is a problem?!?!

If you truly believe that this is a War then surely you must admit that Russia (GDP about one tenth of USA) is loosing that war.

Oskar Jaeger stephanblack, 09 June 2014 3:51pm
Competition? Yes of course, that is the nature of capitalism. War? No. A real war would look very different.
LeDingue DespyRik, 09 June 2014 4:43pm

Almost 25% of the world's total GDP was generated by the USA in 2014

25 years ago it was. It's down to 19.3% (2013 latest figures).

The risk (one of the risks) the US faces is the huge size of foreign owned debt. It's a much more fragile situation than you would probably want to admit.

US rulers have gambled on a strategy of threat and violence instead of cooperation and mutual benefit. Meanwhile the US social infrastructure continues to decline as the military-security behemoth consumes ever more and the elite offshore both jobs and profits.

It's not a winning hand and the stake the rulers are going "all in" with is the future livelihoods of millions of Americans. Most people outside of the American media bubble can see the gigantic bluff for what it is, including observers in Moscow and Beijing.

blabla32, 09 June 2014 3:23pm
Only people who are insane believe and trust this charlatan and a murderer.
Vince Noble, 09 June 2014 3:33pm
Sorry, but this man is not to be trusted.

Only when the neo-nazi thugs are reined in and back to West Ukraine will any of what he says mean anything.

For now, an ethnic genocide is happening in East Ukraine, and it has become his responsibilty, and he should be brought to account for it.

Defenseur, 09 June 2014 3:33pm
Unbelievable but true. Worrying about Russia, Putin takes out Europe of the loop draped US!

In conversation with Obama, Merkel and EU leaders he bluntly stated that Russia has its own interests in Ukraine:

  1. Do not allow the entry of Ukraine into NATO.
  2. Anti-fascism development in the country and the struggle against Russophobian ideology.
  3. Preventing Genocide of the Russian population of South-East.

Suppose immediately after the referendum in Donetzk the Kremlin would introduce troops to the South-East of Ukraine . This immediately caused consolidation the EU with the U.S. and Russia would get a kick awesome power.

Today, the situation is fundamentally different. The U.S. is trying to bend the EU, under its own interests, and the EU is trying to sabotage the orders of Washington.

Moreover, the European business elite put tougher pressure on the political authorities, demanding to abandon anti-Russian sanctions.

America really wanted to see entering the Russian troops in Ukraine that would allow Washington to force the EU to sign the American version of the Transatlantic trade and investment partnership. This trade pact would turn the EU into an appendage of the U.S. economy.

As a result, after entering the Russian troops in Ukraine we would get the following political configuration:

Russia weakened by the real sanctions, Europe is the U.S. semi-colony, America is the master of the situation in the European economic and military-political space.

U.S. is well aware that time is on Putin. Therefore they provoke Moscow to reckless escalation of the situation.

Poroshenko was wrong about federalization

07 June 2014 3:11pm

The Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, has used his inaugural address to stress that the country would not give up Crimea...Poroshenko said: "Crimea was, is, and will be Ukrainian." He was greeted with a standing ovation.

In related news, millions of women proclaimed they would not give up George Clooney to Amal Alamuddin.

He stressed the unity of Ukraine, which is fighting a pro-Russian separatist uprising in the east, and said it would not become a federalised state as advocated by Moscow.

Perhaps Poroshenko is unaware the official name of Crimea, when part of Ukraine, was The Autonomous Republic of Ukraine?

iow, Ukraine already was "federalised".

There are two kinds of leaders I don't like: those who are stupid, and those who think everyone else is.

[Jun 08, 2014] What's Next for Ukraine

Jun 3, 2014 | The Nation | Video

Dr. Stephen Cohen, a Russia scholar and longtime contributing editor at The Nation, laments what he perceives to be the absence of debate over US policy towards Ukraine. "The mainstream media has deleted people such as myself who are arguing for a change of policy," he says. Appearing here on The Thom Hartmann Program, Cohen reviews the competing narratives as to what sparked the crisis in Ukraine and what it would take to end it. He argues that we should desist from Manichean posturing and engage with the possibility that the US does indeed bear some responsibility for the ongoing violence. Forcing the question of US culpability into public discourse is essential, he says, "because if we're half at fault, and Russia's half at fault, that's the beginning of a negotiation."

-David Kortava

[Jun 08, 2014] Ukraine's new president calls for an end to war

The Washington Post

On the still-gritty streets of the Maidan, the epicenter of the anti-government protest movement, activists still live in tents and tourists light candles at makeshift shrines to dead protesters. But several people there said they believed Poroshenko would be different from previous leaders.

"I trust him to find a compromise with Russia. But if he lies to us, people will be really disappointed," said Oksana Petrulyak, an elementary school teacher who was ushering her 13-year-old son past an array of photos of fallen protesters.

Petrulyak said she was discussing politics recently with a friend who opined that Ukraine has had the government it deserves.

"No," she said with anger, "we're a hardworking, intelligent people. It's shameful what we've gone through. Pity our people."

Victor Moscow, 3:26 PM EDT,

Poroshenko is eager to satisfy expectations of all high ranking visitors to Ukraine who are dictating him how to act. For the moment the Ukrainian army is still bombarding Slavyansk by aviation, artillery, hellfire destroying and killing hundreds of civilians. See Alvis Internet quotation below. In Internet you may find air raid by the bombers. WP nothing says that all refugees (around 10,000) rush to Russia for a shelter and food and medical care as the city is blocked and no supply comes in.

Texas Elvis

Considering that the Washington Posts own headline for this article reads "Ukrainian President calls an end to war" I think we can definitely say that either the Ukrainian President is full of BS or the Washington Post this video from yesterday shows the results of fresh shelling of civilian areas in Slavyansk by that very same president and his Right Sector pro-nazi forces.

Obviously someone is not telling the truth. How can these people and media outlets continue to attempt to get away with blatant lying when video evidence is all over the internet proving the truth of the matter? It's dumbfounding and proof that the US needs to wake up. We are the ones being manipulated by our media.

Paroxisia, 1:57 PM EDT

What they do not say here and show is that Kiev is bombing East Ukraine indiscriminately at this point and this is not from RT. Ukrainian soldiers are executing people even in hospitals and Kiev is lying through their teeth

Texas Elvis

Read em and doesn't matter what voting percentages were when the Ukranian government is outright parading these gyuys in front of the cameras. They proudly wave their pro nazi flag in this video. This is their new US paid for Swat tactical outfits complete with nazi ceremony and nazi lightning strike flag at the 2:34 mark. Who would think the US and EU would be paying to outfit these guys on the anniversary of D-Day 70 years later? We truly have gone down the rabbit hole.

DELewes, 10:40 AM EDT

It never ceases to amaze me when Putin apologists ignore the facts to blame anyone and everyone other than Putin and his AstroTurf separatists for the bloodshed in Ukraine.

They ignore the fact that Russian nationals are killing Ukrainians on Ukrainian soil, using civilians as human shields by taking up firing positions on apartment buildings, on behalf of Putin's AstroTurf Separatists at Putin's behest. They ignore the fact that the government of Ukraine has been in dialogue with the people in the East regarding their concerns and desire with regard to Constitutional Reforms before the AstroTurf uprising.

IjonTichy, 10:43 AM EDT [Edited]

Do you have any proof that Putin is sending Russian nationals- to fight in Ukraine? The link you've provided doesn't confirm this allegation you make.

Kleonid, 11:40 AM EDT

Do you really want get proofs where is not? If there would be some solid proofs, then West already in all newspapers from day to day replay the facts, but there is not such facts.

Some anti-Russian troll very like their picture of the world, so they prefer do not see facts.

For them if is no fact that Crimea was separate and join to Russia bloodless and on will Crimean's people, they without facts continue name it annexation.

The peoples just murderous they seat on the forum and protect killing peoples by Kiev's government, so if the people support killings in Ukraine, they also are murderous, only in less degree.
It is their nature, just see how it was in Iraq, Afganistan, Kosovo, Livia.

Texas Elvis, 1:03 AM EDT

What's Next for Ukraine

Professor Stephen Cohen discussing Ukraine with Thom Hartmann. Two of America's most enlightened intellectuals go through the US involvement in Ukraine and what it means for the world.

[Jun 08, 2014] Ukraine president vows not to give up Crimea

Poroshenko proved to be an average, clueless, jingoistic politician, more akin to US marionette that to a person who managed to amass huge fortune. Quote "Rich middle-aged people who will never have to do any actual fighting themselves are always the most belligerent." "All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting." -George Orwell. "Yes here's an example of US and EU Doublethink: Assad bombs his own people. He is a very bad man; Poroshenko bombs his own people. He is a very good man.
Jun 07, 2014 | The Guardian


Rich middle-aged people who will never have to do any actual fighting themselves are always the most belligerent.

AfroJoe dawkinsbulldog

Absolutely right: Nixon, Regan, Thatcher, Blair, Bush, Cameron, Putin... I see no exceptions to the rule.

The more things change, the more they stay the same!

ocixem2 dawkinsbulldog

"All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting." -George Orwell

wellbeingb4dolla ocixem2

Yes here's an example of US and EU Doublethink

Babeouf, 07 June 2014 11:17am

The Chocolate Soldier speech is just a restatement of the previous regimes reasons for their war on the East. It offers 'Peace' if the rebels in the East surrender. Now perhaps this is just a negotiating position. But if the attacks by the Ukrainian military on the rebels continue then this is evidence that a negotiated peace is not the aim but victory is . And perhaps a Chocolate Soldier is likely to find this illusory idea of victory initially attractive.

adognow -> Babeouf, 07 June 2014 12:05pm

Naturally, Poroshenko and his coup lackeys find it difficult to defeat the eastern Ukrainian militia on the field of battle, so he's resorting to demands of surrender.

Which is patently stupid. Why would the eastern Ukrainians surrender and be at the mercy of the Ukrainian junta's rightwing paramilitaries?

jgbg -> Babeouf, 07 June 2014 12:14pm

The shelling and air strikes have continued during and since Poroshenko's inauguration. As with previous talk of peace by the Ukrainians, it is just talk.

Why don't they understand that every shell, rocket or bomb landing in Slaviansk, Donetsk, Lugansk, etc. simply pulls the people of Novorussia together and brings more recruits to the militias? Even if they can win these battles, the Ukrainian side will never be safe in Novorussia - they would be seen as occupiers by the population and could expect could expect ongoing attacks against their authority.

They cannot win.


There are so many things wrong with this Petroshenko/Ukraine situation.

It should be none of our business but the Ukraine is now a US/EU client state and Mr P another client stooge who simply has to read the CIA scripts.

The US/EU/NATO axis knows that this will lead to war with Russia as Mr Putin is not the guy to meddle with.

We know that Obama is not really in charge coming to the end of his second term but this is warmongering on a global scale.


"Petro Poroshenko uses inaugural address for pledge on Crimea and offer amnesty to separatists and nationalists"

And what about prosecutions against those behind the atrocities in Odessa, and elsewhere by the regime's thugs and death squads? Obama, Barroso etc and their supporting media channels are silent


His inexperience shows. If there should be the slightest chance of recovering Crimea, it's not through megaphone diplomacy. Proshenko's has publicly thrown his lot in with the West and given that the Ukrainian situation is from done and dusted, I'm not sure whether that's a wise move. Perhaps, like the unelected rulers of Kiev, he's effectively weakened or even compromised himself to the West, especially the US. If that's the case, it's a position from which he'll never be able to extricate himself without losing his presidency.

His public statements in recent days don't augur well for a diplomatic solution. One only hopes that he's not taking instructions from Washington or Brussels. If he is, we're probably in for a very long war of attrition in which there'll be one loser, Ukraine.

NWObserver third_eye

Poroshenko can't act too fast or the West will find an excuse to replace him. Crimea is a closed chapter. But he has to make all the noises of no consequence while taking concrete steps to defuse the situation in Donbass. Russia won't be worried about empty rhetoric like getting Crimea back. If it earns Poroshenko some brownie points at home, no problem.

Sooner or later he will be faced with the task of replacing the government. At that point of time he needs the support of as many Ukrainians as he can get, because the West is not going to make it easy for him to do so.

third_eye NWObserver

NWO...Good analysis. Well done!

I think he's in a no-win situation. If he tow's the western line, Ukraine will find the road to recovery long and hard. If he compromises with Russia and endangers the West's geo-political goal of securing Ukraine for the West, he'll be engineered out of his presidency in the blink of an eye.


If Proshenko persists with his hawkish position in regard Crimea, he'll only force Russia to ensure that eastern Ukraine becomes a buffer zone between Crimea and western Ukraine. This chap seems rather prone to shooting from the evidenced by sending troops into eastern Ukraine and now making uncompromising public statements which leave little to no room for a diplomatic process. I think someone should quickly tell him that running a country at war is different from running a chocolate factory.


So now the Western NeoCons are going to use their Crimean 'Ace' to drive the poor people of the Ukraine into a Syrian-style mass murder Project for profit. These 'people' will flatten the Ukraine to get what they want and will murder poor people in their 1000's.

How can the Civilized, reasonable People in the West Allow this? They will be using your taxes and blood to drive their Hostile Corporate take-over of Ukraine forward, and only the Western taxpayers and voters can stop their Public Employees/Servants from committing this premeditated crime against Humanity. The law won't.

EbbTide64, 07 June 2014 11:49am

The Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, has used his inaugural address to stress that the country would not give up Crimea

He's delusional if he thinks Russia will hand back Crimea, including the huge Sevastopol Russian naval base, to a US-owned Ukraine.
So is he going to declare war on Russia, for not handing Crimea back?

loveminuso EbbTide64

There's a fucking huge war coming...and no Western NeoCon and their families will be hurt in the making of this production. That's the problem with war...there are no direct personal consequences for those cowards who create and manage them from behind the scenes.

Hottentot EbbTide64

Agree, and as Putin said some months ago to Kiev, 'are you mad' - they are, and they will lose.


Poroshenko is held up by strings, the West working his left hand,Fascists working his right hand and Washington working his voice box.

His free will and spine have been removed at the gates of power.Ukraine is officially a financial and political basket case.The Crimean's will never want to return to the abomination that Ukraine has become and who can blame them.

Sergei Konyushenko

Poroshenko also said he intended to sign the economic part of an association agreement with the European Union, as a first step towards full membership.

It's quite a questionable step,this means economic slavery. absolute takeover on resources, fracking, austerity without any serious obligations from the EU side. And as far as i know there's a bunch of associated states, that never has any chance to become a member. EU needs no Ukraine, it need it's resources, making German trashcan consumer out of Ukraine.
If you could look at conditions Poland was invited, and what was proposed to Ukraine in comparison, it's appalling.
Ukraine is not even capable to pay for the gas it consumes, almost 60 percent of it's GDP is dependent on trade ties with Russia, it has no resources to adapt to EU norms and standards, and have no access to a cheap financial sources, hence it has no opportunity to make any breakthrough, like Poland was allowed to.


Behind all of this seems to be a huge plan to weaken Europe in order to boost the dying Empire. Russia, backed by China, simply cannot be brought to heel. Even the biggest tool understands this. The only aim here seems to be to wreak destruction in central and probably Western Europe so that American goods can be flogged afterwards.


"Citizens of Ukraine will never enjoy the beauty of peace unless we settle down our relations with Russia. Russia occupied Crimea, which was, is, and will be Ukrainian soil"

Ukraine needed a conciliatory president but Poroshenko has set back the prospect of there being a peace process and continued down a political path that can only end in open civil war. There is no realistic possibility of Ukraine regaining Crimea from Russia militarily and NATO would not help.

Federalisation would have been the only way to contain the rebels in the eastern regions. By failing to distance himself from far right Ukrainian nationalists in positions of power-or remove them-and by deciding on a military solution to defeating the eastern militias the civil war is set to continue.

With the Ukrainian air force using non guided rockets to attack the regional administrative building in Luhansk, killing eight civilians, attitudes are starting to polarise with opinion in the eastern regions hardening against Kiev. With no constitutional settlement, Kiev is determined to use force to crush 'separatists'

The next mistake Poroshenko made is to go ahead with signing the economic part of an association agreement with the European Union. All membership of western economic and military organisations should have been off the table until the new constitutional position of the eastern regions was agreed.

Miners and workers in the Donbass region know that IMF and EU reforms could mean the destruction of their livelihoods and a break with the economic ties with Russia that provide guaranteed markets would mean penury and being thrown on the scrapheap.

The reason why the referendum on independence for the Donbass was rushed through in May 2014 was in response to the fear that Kiev was trying to ram through 'reforms' without their consent and without considering the economic interests of the workers in the east.

The double standards are plain. Whereas the western regions of Ukraine, where far right nationalists rule, were able in February 2014 to gain a measure of regional autonomy when it feared Kiev was not pursuing policies in its interests, any such autonomy for the east in a federal Ukraine is rejected.

Poroshenko by trying to move Ukraine decisively into the west -and the EU-is only going to alienate eastern Ukrainians even more as it seems that western Ukrainian ultra-nationalists are pandered to but those whose economic interests are connected to Russia are not important in any 'new' Ukraine.

As Anatol Lieven puts it, since Ukrainian independence 1991 it was obvious that 'Ukraine contains different identities, and cannot be ruled unilaterally by one of them alone, or pulled in a single geopolitical direction, without risking the breakup of the country itself'.

Since the Odessa Massacre, in which Right Sector paramilitaries played a role, and the growing determination of Kiev to use military means to crush eastern militias it has become apparent, that a good number of eastern civilians would not tolerate a Ukraine defined as only pro-West and anti-Russian.

President Poroshenko has as yet failed to get rid of senior officials in Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council such as Andriy Parubiy or Right Sector's Dmytro Yarosh. Without that, civilians in the eastern regions are not going to feel that a Ukrainian army would not be one of occupation.

Should the Ukrainian army kill scores more eastern civilians, then the possibility of the majority of civilians in the Donbass wanting to remain as part of a federal Ukraine could evaporate and the demand for independence gain traction. Then the way would be open to a Yugoslavian scale civil war.


The Ukrainian language will remain the only official language in Ukraine, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said.

"Living in a new way means that you cannot ignore the people's will, and living freely means speaking freely in the native language and being guided by Article 10 of the Constitution, which stipulates that the Ukrainian language is the only official language."

Didn't take long for Poroshenko to let S.E. Ukraine know what he thinks of their language rights.


"Why don't they understand that every shell, rocket or bomb landing in Slaviansk, Donetsk, Lugansk, etc. simply pulls the people of Novorussia together and brings more recruits to the militias? "

I believe that it the whole point. If you look at the track record of the Nato/US aggression around the world on behalf of their masters, they need to create an enemy to retaliate against. Then they can complete the Ukrainian land grab, the IMF can do ongoing looting, pillaging and military bases can be built next door to Russia - ready for the next step.


Fairly obvious what is going on here. Europe wants an end to this nonsense and an end to violence which requires an accommodation with Putin, whereas Neocons want Putin's head on a stake. Poroshenko is a puppet of the CIA/Neocon agenda.

This can only mean one thing folks. Putin will be forced into military action, because the supine european leaders are not prepared to stop Obama and his warmongering advisers.

NWObserver -> lids

Poroshenko may not be the Western puppet that many imagine him to be. He may keep barking to keep the West and their puppets happy, but unlikely to bite.

The West has no choice to but back him as long as he keeps saying the things they want him to. It will be interesting to see their reaction when he dismisses the Western appointed interim government and appoints his own, to consolidate his hold.


As ever Saker sees it for what it is;

Poroshenko's inauguration speech has sent a message to Novorossiia and Russia:

  1. No federalization
  2. No state status for the Russian language
  3. No recognition of the Novorossian political leadership
  4. Full and unconditional surrender of the Novorossian Defense Forces
  5. Crimea will forever belong to the Ukraine.

He could not have been any clearer: that is basically a declaration of war and an ultimatum. This is also a full endorsement of the "Banderastan project".

Clearly, the US has prevailed over the hoplessly spineless EU leaders like Merkel or Hollande and the AngloZionists will have their way.

I must leave my computer for the next 12 hours and I cannot write a full analysis of Poroshenko's decision to fully follow the US line, but I will say that two things appear inevitable now: a Russian military intervention in Novorossia followed by the Cold War v2 the AngloZionists wanted so badly.

Up until this moment the European colonies still had a chance to avoid a future which will hurt them much more than it will hurt the US or Russia, but they could not even muster the willpower to protect their own vital interests.

I am disgusted beyond words.

Oilyheart lids

VineyardSaker is right, if the Chocolatier really means it, then this is a recipe for ethnic cleansing, which will force a Russian intervention.

Vlad Tatarsky

Considering the fact that the percentage of Russian population in Crimea is even higher than in Donetsk and Lugansk it would be difficult to separate it again from Russia. After all that experience of being ruled from Kiev the local Russians won't be so passive as in 1991 during the next attempt. Also the language of cannons used by Kiev on the East would hardly encourage anybody in Crimea, even Ukrainians and Tatars.

BTW it is quite a time since the last Guardian news from Lugansk region! Nothing happens there, or it is better not to mention hundreds of killed civilians, destroyed homes and schools, tens of thousands refugees with children having crossed Ukrainian-Russia border since the elections won by Piotr Poroshenko? Such a drastic difference in coverage compared with Russian war in Chechnya!

ExuroPythonissam 07 June 2014 12:59pm

"Crimea was, is, and will be Ukrainian."

The administration of Crimea was transferred to Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic only in 1954, hardly making it part of Ukraine.

1954 transfer of Crimea

There is much doubt over the legality of this transfer as there was a requirement for a referendum which was never carried out and the Supreme Soviet was inquorate.

Khrushchev said that those who signed the document must have been suffering from sunstroke or hangovers.

This would mean legally Crimea was and still is a republic and is part of the Russian Federation. Ukraine has no legal claim.

USSR's Nikita Khrushchev gave Russia's Crimea away to Ukraine in only 15 minutes

If NATO controlled the Crimea, Washington would get the prize of the Russian Black Sea Fleet's port of Sevastapol.

Within 200 nautical miles of the Crimean shoreline there is an estimated 45 trillion cubic meters of gas reserves and hydrocarbons. The Black Sea shelf could yield as much as 1.5 billion cubic meters per year. Which could also explain Washington's sabre rattling.

GuyGagne, 07 June 2014 1:00pm

The refusal to renounce a territorial claim to Crimea is perfectly understandable. The seizure of Ukraine military bases and infrastructure by Russian troops, who had left the bases where they were entitled remain, was an illegal action. The outcome of the Crimean secession referendum may have represented the will of the people, but it was conducted during an illegal occupation.

Of course, there was an anti-constitutional violent coup in Kiev, supported and encouraged by America and Europe (who turned a blind eye to the fascist thugs, acting as the Maidan footsoldiers.) And yes, Crimea was historically part of Russia. But none of this matters, because if we wish for international law to exist in reality, rather than as a weapon to be wielded only by the corrupt West against its enemies, then Russia must always respect the borders of other sovereign nations. Russia didn't respect Ukraine's territorial integrity, so we are left with no ideals or principles being defended on either side, which is very sad.

Anyway, beside his refusal to accept the new status quo in Crimea (which anyone could have expected), Poroshenko appears to be trying to escalate the conflict, not defuse it (again, not a surprise when you understand those who are his masters, and their agenda for the world.)

He will move towards full membership of the EU. He hasn't announced a cease fire, and he refuses to talk with the separatist leaders. Wonderful.

GuyGagne GuyGagne, 07 June 2014 1:06pm

Oh and he says no to federalisation also, so absolutely no concessions or compromises on the table whatsoever.

lids GuyGagne, 07 June 2014 1:07pm

Putin's occupation/referendum of Crimea took Washington completely by surprise because in their view only they are allowed to ignore international law. In all reality international law does not count for much if you take a look at everything that has happened in the last 15 years or so.

Putin could always use Kosovo as a precedent and that is the danger of US/Nato ignoring international conventions for human rights....

Take a look at Libya otherwise known as Mad Max World, Nato intervention there for yuman rights over international law. You'd think someone in the West was strong enough to stand up to Obama, but no, now we are headed for Cold War 2.

johnnydoe, 07 June 2014 1:02pm

In his inaugural speech he did not say anything new, just repeated what Turchinov and Co have been saying (no amnesty for the DNR rebels, no federated Ukraine, no state status for the Russian language). The civil war will continue.

AndreyR2008 putin_the_fabulous

The only state language in Ukraine is Ukrainian. All other languages are foreign languages and are limited in use according to Ukrainian laws (should not be used as language of instruction during teaching, TV broadcast and other mass media). All TV channels in Russian language are banned. All radio channels in Russian language are banned.


"Russia might pretend try to get a UNSC resolution supporting a peacemaking operation of the CSTO in the Ukraine, if only just to make sure that all legal options have been exhausted. Then I would expect to see a no-fly zone declared over the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, combined with the opening, by force if needed (it will), of humanitarian corridors towards these regions. At this point I expect the Ukie junta to fold and run, but if some units do not, they will be destroyed. The purely military phase of this intervention will take no more than 24 hours and will more or less stop at the administrative border between the Lugansk and Donetsk regions and the Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhie regions. If directly threatened, of course, Russian forces could strike deeper inside the rest of the Ukraine, targeting missile/artillery positions or enemy airpower (in the air or on the ground). At this point I would expect some EU leader to do what Sakozy did in 08.08.08 and travel to Moscow to agree to a ceasefire which Moscow would accept. Once the situation in the Donbass is more or less stabilized, I would expect Russia to pull out most of Russian forces, probably "forgetting a few "goodies" here and there, not unlike what happened in South Ossetia. Finally, and especially if the EU continues to allow the US to imposed its insane and counter-productive foreign policy (or what passes for it) on Europe, I would expect Russia to recognize the People's Republic of Novorossia and provide it with security guarantees (again, the model of Ossetia and Abkhazia applies).

Again, I would prefer if a solution could be found without an overt Russian military intervention, but obviously that does not depend on me. The Americans are stuck, they have failed at everything, and they have no other choice than to engage in a idiotic media campaign to convince the world that "Putin has blinked" and that "Obama is a tough President". This is quite ridiculous, of course, as this is not about a John Wayne style "blinking exercise" but about the future of the European continent. But the European politicians are so corrupt, so spineless, so mediocre and so incompetent (remember how Boris Johnson, Mayor of London called some of them "great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies"?)


Interesting backdrop to the proposed sanctions that will harm Europe just as much as Russia. ECB dropped bank interest rate to negative this week because EU economy is tanking still.. There is going to be a hell of a fight between Obomber and Europe about agreeing these sanctions.

Economic suicide even. Wonder what EU leaders will get for their "cooperation"

ColdPenguin, 07 June 2014 1:32pm

Poroshenko also said he intended to sign the economic part of an association agreement with the European Union, as a first step towards full membership.

Who wouldn't?

Poland to get nearly EUR 106 bln from 2014-2020 EU budget pool,dok.html

Rozina, 07 June 2014 1:40pm

Barely a few weeks into his presidency and already Willy Wonka is promising far more than he can (or is willing to) deliver to Ukrainians.

Crimea has bolted and there is no way Crimea will return to Ukraine if the majority of Crimeans have any say in the matter. The fact that the Kyivsters have turned off the water supply to Crimea has dissipated any remaining positive feeling the Crimeans might have had for their former government.

Poroshenko is disingenuous about Crimea being an essential part of Ukraine. The peninsula was given to Ukraine in 1954 to mark the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Pereyaslavl when Bohdan Khmelnitski agreed to form an alliance with Russia against the Tatars and Ottomans, to draw Ukrainians away from aiding former Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera still at large and to make administration of the (then recently constructed) canal supplying fresh water from Ukraine to Crimea easier. The transfer was done without debate or a referendum taking place in the Soviet parliament of the time.

If Poroshenko is unwilling to consider a federal Ukraine and to include pro-Russian separatists in a dialogue to resolve the crisis in eastern Ukraine, then he should reconsider whether to continue as president or not. Unless everyone has a place at the negotiation table, all efforts to deal with the crisis will come to nothing.

Poroshenko should know also that the EU does not intend to offer Ukraine full EU membership unless and until Ukraine adopts all the conditions and accedes to all demands by the EU and IMF to adhere to an austerity regime, throw open its markets and drop all tariffs to EU imports, and change all its regulations and standards at the cost of several billion euros that the country can ill afford. He has in effect committed Ukraine to running on an endless hamster wheel in a cage the parameters of which will be changed continuously by the EU so no matter how hard Ukrainians are forced to run, they will never quite catch up.

For their part, The Guardian staff have already forgotten recent history: Russia did not annex Crimea, the Crimeans ran to Russia; and Yanukovych was never pro-Russian - his weakness was to try to play the EU and Russia off each other in a way that he could benefit from - nor was he forced to leave Ukraine by street protests but by violence from mysterious snipers shooting at both Berkut and Maidan protesters. The Guardian does itself no honour by deliberately whitewashing Ukraine and blackening Russia with such po-faced writing.


Leaving morals and legalities aside, I don't see anything optimistic.

Kiev will not get Kiev back. It is just an "excuse" stick to beat Russia with. The people there would prefer to stay as part of the Russian Federation as they proved when they voted. As far as I can see no-one is occupying buildings, police stations and city administration buildings. And no-one in Crimea is calling for a referendum to rejoin Ukraine. The only people who want Ukraine back are the Kiev government and their US backers (its now night vision goggles, radios and body armour, not just MREs). Notice how by paying for all the non violent stuff the US frees up the remaining Ukrainian budget to be spent exclusively on ammunition.

Next, Donetsk and Lugansk. Contrary to the absurd and wildly optimistic claims coming from Kiev, it seems that they are in the process of losing complete control over the Eastern Ukraine and a lot of military hardware. Its difficult to know the precise situation but it is clear that the Ukrainian Border Guards haven't "closed" 8 border crossings, but run away from them leaving control to the separatists. Poroshenko has effectively given them an offer of "amnesty" if they (a) haven't "got blood on their hands" (whatever that means) and (b) they lay down their arms. Poroshenko gave no undertaking to stop Kiev's military operations. The separatists have been constantly attacked and no-one can seriously expect them to put down their arms with loads of rabid western Ukrainian National Guard and mercenary (paid for by Kiev's oligarchs) units roaming around. Only a few days ago Poroshenko was saying that he was going to crush the separatists and that the operation would be accelerated. It doesn't look like compromise and dialogue to me. The Eastern Ukraine will never be the same again, and, I suspect, will forge its own way in the world, separate from Kiev. If the Eastern Ukraine stays in a Unitary Ukraine, it will be devastated by (a) auterity (it can't compete with European efficiency) and (b) losing its membership of the CIS customs union which allows goods to flow without duties both ways. If it get duty free trade with the EU then Russia will be forced to implement the same duty regime for Ukraine (to avoid goods flowing to Russia "import duty free"). This will also devastate Eastern Industry. The East would, economically, be better off with Russia because this will preserve its most important export market.

So, in summary, the Ukraine has been bankrupted by its oligarch political class, and will be economically destroyed by the EU/US encouraged Kiev "government". I've seen Greece and Spain. Ukraine will be next but 10x bigger.


USA's delegation to Porochenko's inauguration:

The Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Vice President of the United States, will be the head of the delegation.

Other participants:

The Honorable Geoffrey R. Pyatt, United States Ambassador to Ukraine, Department of State

The Honorable John McCain, United States Senator, Arizona

The Honorable Ron Johnson, United States Senator, Wisconsin

The Honorable Chris Murphy, United States Senator, Connecticut

The Honorable Marcia "Marcy" Kaptur, Member of the United States House of Representatives (OH-9)

The Honorable Daniel B. Baer, United States Representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Department of State

The Honorable Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, Department of State

Need one say more ?

lids, 07 June 2014 2:18pm

In the absence of adequate journalism/news blackout here is the sitrep for June 5. How many people were aware that nazi death squads murdered dozens of already injured Donbas soldiers in their hospital beds?

June 5th combat SITREP update by "Juan"

Красный Лиман Krasni Liman was taken by Ukraine Army and national guard 04 June 2014.
Replacement Mi24 attack helicopters have arrived in Ukraine as replacements for the Ukraine Army losses in Donbas. Confirmed.
Strong bombardments Slavyansk City and outlying towns and villages commenced 05:00 local time 05.06.2014. Civilian casualties unknown.

National guard/right sector entered Railroad Hospital Krasni Liman and shot dead 37 wounded Donbas Army soldiers and civilians and at least 1 hospital worker. Confirmed.

Air and artillery bombardments Krasni Liman cause strong civilian casualties 04.06.2014.
List of dead air attack on Lugansk Administration Building:

Kostjukov Vladimir Andreyevich,1971 (regional administration)
Corn Inna (regional administration)
Giza Alexander (regional administration)
Unidentified woman
Dolzenko Nina 1955 (regional administration)
Polezhaev Sergey 1964 (regional administration)
Natalia Arkhipova (regional administration)
Cerkez Galina 1967 (regional administration)

Confirmed reports national guard/right sector random shooting civilians Krasni Liman and searching residences.

Border Guard Headquarters and one military base taken by Donbas Army 04.06.2014. Large amounts of weapons and ammunition captured in both bases. Border Guard HQ prisoners allowed to change to civilian clothes and leave base. Prisoners from military base unknown if allowed to leave after surrender.
Name, rank and unit of Ukraine pilot SU25 attacked Lugansk Administration Building known. Complete conversation of pilot with control before, during and after attack recorded by Donbas Army.


If the EU/Americans opt for stage 3 sectoral sanctions ... Well Putin is not backing down. Did you see the look on Putler's face during the group pictures yesterday. It was a look of revulsion, utter contempt. The only time I saw him somewhat interested was during the group photos, on the steps, and he was watching the Queen trip nearly to her death. He had a slight break in his lips. I think Prince Charles may have been drunk. I've never, ever, seen him have so many robustful belly laughs.


Yesterday Putin was quoted as saying "he welcomed Poroshenko's call for an end to the bloodshed and liked his approach to settling the crisis but wanted to wait until the Ukrainian leader could deliver it in detail to the nation." ( )

Now that Poroshenko has delivered his speech, I find this curious. Was Putin misinformed about Poroshenko's "approach"? Or was Putin providing misinformation, as a way to set expectations? I can't imagine that Putin or others in Russia find much to like in Poroshenko's speech.

RT's coverage seems subdued. ( ) Much of the language we see here in TG are absent from RT ("combative speech"). RT doesn't even mention Crimea, which is obviously providing a lot of fodder for the Comments here. TG doesn't mention that Poroshenko broke into Russia at one point.

All very curious. Wondering what others think.


07 June 2014 2:34pm

We'll after this declaration of war by the Candy Man on the poor People of Ukraine (I'm not Russian or Ukrainian – Mr Dad is an American Expat), I humbly beg the awesome People of the most powerful culture on Earth to reign in their Elected Public Servants/Employees please - the American Patriots, the Firemen and Women, the First Responders, the Brave American Veterans and serving soldiers, the small business owners, the American workers and teachers from everywhere, the American Christians and those who have the freedom of other thought, the American Celebrities and lastly, the American Poet. Help these people…they are not criminals and have a right to life like you and me…Give them a voice! In God I trust…Amen.

Tom Hatcher

The position on Crimea is a negotiating position only, it is not going back.
The repatriation of Crimea with Russia was a logical step to the Kiev coup.

The USA's own research after the referendum shows that Crimeans are happy with the result:
"For their part, Crimeans seem content with their annexation by Russia. Overwhelming majorities say the March 16th referendum was free and fair (91%) and that the government in Kyiv ought to recognize the results of the vote (88%)."

If Crimeans want to be part of Russia, who cares what Obama, Cameron, Poroshenko, or even Queen Victoria Nuland think.


Poroshenko language is not different than the leaders from
Svoboda .

No federation -nationalistic approach,nothing to do with
the reality on the ground or the will of the people in the East. Even before the referendum they consistently voted in all 5 independent elections for Pro Russian candidates.

He offers amnesty without guarantee of the rights of the Russian
people to use officially their own language,to have their schools
and institutions. All these were reduced dramatically under
Svoboda control of the Education Ministry. They also introduced taxes on Russian cultural products as books and arts- Wiki

Poroshenko appears sad . He has enough experience as a former Foreign Minister and Chair of Defence to know that an independent from Russia and NATO federation is the only solution of the crisis. Then he can invite Crimea to join.

However his power is limited . There is to much nationalistic and outside pressure.

DrKropotkin irgun777

I think his lack of independent line is very telling. The thugs (Right Sector, Svoboda, etc,) hold the true power in Ukraine. They got no more than their own membership to vote for them in the election, but they still hold high level government posts. And now the new president speaks their words. I saw an act were Tyahnybok drinks a glass of water while the president outlines Ukraine's new policy for cleansing the West of "organised-mosovite-jewery".

Corrections , 07 June 2014 3:11pm

The Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, has used his inaugural address to stress that the country would not give up Crimea...Poroshenko said: "Crimea was, is, and will be Ukrainian." He was greeted with a standing ovation.

In related news, millions of women proclaimed they would not give up George Clooney to Amal Alamuddin.

He stressed the unity of Ukraine, which is fighting a pro-Russian separatist uprising in the east, and said it would not become a federalised state as advocated by Moscow.

Perhaps Poroshenko is unaware the official name of Crimea, when part of Ukraine, was The Autonomous Republic of Ukraine? iow, Ukraine already was "federalised".

There are two kinds of leaders I don't like: those who are stupid, and those who think everyone else is.

[Jun 08, 2014] Volunteers or paid fighters? The Vostok Battalion looms large in war with Kiev

The Guardian

Stewby, 06 June 2014 7:07pm

Obama has learned nothing it seems. Last time it was a redline, this time its a deadline. While Obama's issuing threats he can't back up why doesn't he demand Russia disband it's military and offer one of Biden's other sons a position on the Gazprom board? I mean why not go for a big ask since it's a bluff anyway? When the president keeps making silly ultimatums the enforcement of which do nothing to advance US national security he shouldn't later be able to claim that failure to fulfill his chest thumping threats will result in the decline of US credibility. It's Obama's credibility in question, but for me his credibility was dead and buried long ago.
LeDingue Stewby, 06 June 2014 10:01pm

the president keeps making silly ultimatums the enforcement of which do nothing to advance US national security

Re Obama's - and others such as Rasmussen, Cameron/Hague's - bullish statements, deadlines, redlines etc.

The reality of such statements changes subtly depending on who one thinks the target audience is.

[As an aside: one of the Wikileaks cables is from Kissinger to Pinochet along the lines of "Don't worry about the negative things I said about you (iirc it was in the UN) that was just for the media"]

Given that until recently many articles used to refer to the frequency of contacts between Kerry and Lavrov I really don't think that the anti-Russian "bullhorn" from Washington is genuinely intended as a message to the Kremlin. It is us, citizens of US-UK, who are the intended audience. The management of our perception as regards Russia is an ongoing and very well resourced operation.

"Public opinion" is the target and, more broadly European political attitude to both the economic damage that will result (to Europe but not to the US) from escalating the economic war on Russia as well as to the impending TTIP agreement. A schism in EU-Russian trade and the reduction in democratic regulation of US corporations are the objectives.

Absolutely the last thing that the leaders of US-UK and their "national (corporate) interests" want is a de-escalation of the violent factionalism so carefully nurtured in the east.

Poroshenko could have instigated instant de-escalation by withdrawing the heavy armour in the east, gradually reducing the military presence of the Right Sektor "national guard" by direct negotiation with the anti-Kiev rebels.

Poroshenko did precisely the opposite. No one can seriously claim that his actions, or instructions, could ever have had a different outcome than more violence and civilian injury.
Also, any rational person would easily have predicted that Poroshenko's escalation of the "Anti Terrorist" operation would also result in strengthening the resolve and numbers of the anti-Kiev rebels (who ever is funding, arming and/or advising them).

Following this interpretation it appears that Russia, as in policy from the Kremlin, is doing very little but observe events in Eastern Ukraine.

The action, the drivers for action including support and technical advice, is coming from Washington and London whilst our ears are filled with our leaders' cries of "Stop it Russia, we're warning you!".

It's quite surreal when viewed impartially.

Collins R. Gibson, 06 June 2014 7:28pm

Hush! None of you here is wrong. What is "Good" in one's "Eyes" is never the same as what is "Good" in another's "Eyes". That is why in some Eyes of a race, 'Slavery' was 'good', and to other Eyes of "exact same race", Slavery was 'evil".

Just remember that actual Good always must win, though.
And even this whole Ukrainian crisis and all opinions around it boils down to just that:

And for the rest commenting here, by heart, you belong in the family of the side you support (even if you don't practice what they practice) this includes support of homosexuality. So, even you Russians commenting here should not discriminate against our homosexuals! Always Love everyone, but choose your words carefully. Everyone has a right and it must be respected. Many times, though, all that's needed of you by evil schemers is 'not to do or be something', but 'simply' to '"Support" that thing (it's a criminal trick). Always choose alternative words if your gut feelings tells you a question posed at you might be a trap to draw your spirit-self into a family you might not want to belong in - withhold your 'opinion' all together if you are unsure!).

That said, NATO has always meandered throughout the globe, recognizing and aiding self-determinism of factions seeking independence from their central governments. it's how the disintegration of the Soviet Union was orchestrated. During the crisis in Yugoslavia, US said this, in defence of Kosovo's push for self-rule, "...the declaration of 'autonomy' often happens to violate domestic legislation, but it doesn't mean there's a breach to the International Law!"

Well, why does this ideology now cease to apply in Ukraine's Crimean and Eastern regions?
It is like marriage; at divorce, you divide the wealth in half. so, US and NATO should do as they've always done and support Ukraine's divorce fairly like they have supported divorces of other nations around the world. Except, they always have to then marry one of the divorced, through enticement with wealth and power (it is prostitution!).

Just never forget this: you are in the beginning of war between GOOD and EVIL. Each side is marshalling it's soldiers. Each side is right until proven wrong! Each side believe it is the good and the other is the bad...

Do not insult each other, each of you is right for each of you is only being your true self. Humans are perfect, let no one tell you differently! Each of you here, through "West's amazing democracy", is accorded freedom of speech to freely testify which side you choose to belong in.

Some of you don't even belong in the sides you are playing right now, just been misled by deceptive medias etc, which is why hiding Truth, in my Eyes' is the greatest of all Sins

midnightschild10, 06 June 2014 7:35pm

I suppose it's just for show that Obama is laying down terms for Russia, when the real leader of the US foreign policy is Cheyney's protégé, and the Obama Administration's "handler" Victoria Nuland. Obama reads her scripts well.

Evidently the Volstok Battalion has come to the aid of the Eastern Ukrainians since they are facing planes, tanks etc. Nuland acknowledged the US provided 5 billion to Ukraine and will continue to supply lethal weapons. I am sure the Kiev government has benefited from the US mercenaries (people were calling Blackwater in Maidan) and Nuland's friends in Svoboda and the Right Sector. Even the US Confederate flag and what it represents had been flown along side the Celtic Cross in Kiev's Town Hall.

Hopefully there will be a cessation of violence on both sides, and if the new President is not Nuland's hand picked puppet,Ukraine may stand a chance and will negotiate with the Eastern Ukrainians.

Don't know what Obama will do if he can't read Nuland's toxic scripts while beating his hairless chest. Oh wait! Next on the hit list is Iran. "WMDs, mushroom clouds, smoking guns" are right on the tip of the Administration's tongue. We'll wait to see how long it takes for the EU to line up and follow the US once more.

Beckow, 06 June 2014 8:25pm

Who paid for Maidan "volunteers"? Are the pro-West oligarchs paying for militias?

In these situations all sides use any means available. To report on one side and to downplay or never mention what happened before is in effect half-reporting, or lying.

What really matters is that first Maidan rebellion (funded by whom?) and then the eastern rebellion have created a political schism in Ukraine.

This division - between two roughly equal regions - will mean that Ukraine will only be governable via a compromise. That will mean that NATO wet dreams will turn out just that, dreams. Is that what Nuland and US wanted? A chaotic, divided Ukraine after billions invested in "civil" society groups? After all that effort, Ukraine is back to its old divided self. Except much more radically divided and without te jewel of Crimea.

I am sure Victoria Nuland and Carl Bildt will get rewarded for this cosmic f...-up....

ocixem2 Beckow, 06 June 2014 9:10pm

I am sure Victoria Nuland and Carl Bildt will get rewarded for this cosmic f...-up....

Neocons always get rewarded, if not by winning any of their perpetual wars at least by the trillions of taxpayer dollars lavished on their MIC contractor buddies.

aLaGuerreComme, 06 June 2014 9:01pm

Summary of the Ukrainian losses, May - 06.06.14:

SBU National Guard and foreign mercenaries – over 1000 killed:
600+ Natinal Guard and Right Sector;
200+ Ukrainian mercenaries by Kolomoyskiy;
200+ soldiers of 95, 25, 89 airborne brigades, etc.;
32 Specnaz of the Interior Ministry;
88 SBU officers;
25 CIA operatives;
72 Foreign mercenaries: "ASBS Othago" lost 8 (all snipers), "Greystone", "Hello Trust", "Academi" - 64;
40 Border guards

exiledoffmainstreet -> aLaGuerreComme, 06 June 2014 9:05pm

Thank you for the documentation. I forgot the name of the oligarch involved in the Odessa affair. I think it is the one you mentioned. It is also a good time to remind people that Andriy Pardubiy apparently controlled the building from which the Maidan shootings occurred which directly led to the success of the yankee-backed putsch in Kiev on Feb. 22.

exiledoffmainstreet, 06 June 2014 9:03pm

Russians fighting for their own ethnic group, with direct or extremely indirect aid from the Russian government, are qualitatively different from hostile occupying forces acting for a quisling regime imposed as a result of foreign machinations, particularly since it is documented that anglophone mercenaries and fascist paramilitaries play a major role.

Even the election staged to legitimise this regime was limited to those who would accept the parameters set down by the dominant forces. Other candidates were literally beaten into submission.

The presence of fascists like Parubiy in the security apparatus of the Ukrainian regime and actions like the massacre at Odessa a month ago belie the legitimacy of the Kiev forces.

LeDingue -> exiledoffmainstreet, 07 June 2014 12:53am

The presence of fascists like Parubiy in the security apparatus of the Ukrainian regime and actions like the massacre at Odessa a month ago belie the legitimacy of the Kiev forces
I sincerely hope that some legal office within the EU will be mandated to compile a charge sheet naming Andriy Parubiy (amongst others).

At the moment it is being quietly talked about...

And the charges will be very serious charges.... the media may have airbrushed the well video-documented Odessa Massacre and ceased to mention the contentious issue that Hotel Ukraine was the location for at least one of the Maidan snipers... but the evidence was abundantly published including on BBC video. The UK government had a forensic ballistics team on the Maidan within 36 hours...

The Americans must be urgently discussing their exit strategy from this failed operation because the closet is getting very crowded with skeletons, real as well as metaphorical. Unless they are completely blinkered...

I think that the the US, and to a certain degree the UK, are going to struggle to contain the utter mess of this operation as soon as the violence in the east is negotiated towards resolution as at some point it will have to be.

That will be a very interesting new chapter in the (dis)information war. Here's hoping that there are people within the EU able to stand their ground.

aLaGuerreComme, 06 June 2014 9:12pm

Ukrainian losses, hardware, continued:

54 APCs of various models;
2 mobile artillery Acacia;
2 T-64 tanks;
20 trucks;
4 D30/74 howitzers;
5 120 mm mortars;
2 23mm antiaircraft guns;

34 APCs various degrees of damage
32 APCs captured by self-defense

Kiev Specnaz Sokol sent to the front lines changed sides and joined Donbass self-defence with all the equipment.

grimpeur, 06 June 2014 9:20pm

What is encouraging is that this article by Alec Luhn is one of the few 'even-handed' and relatively impartial analyses that I have seen in the Guardian, which has generally acted as a propaganda arm for the USA State Department. I have criticised the Guardian in the past for their abandonment of impartial investigative journalism so credit where it is due. Congratulations Mr Luhn for a fine article!

you might also want to read the following two links on the crisis.

ocixem2 -> grimpeur, 06 June 2014 9:39pm

Yep. The following from Luhn, for instance, flies in the face of the propaganda barrage we've been subjected to from Big Brother, INGSOC and The Ministry of Truth:

The Vostok Battalion does include Russian fighters, and the bodies of 31 members were sent back to Russia last week after a battle at Donetsk airport. But more than a dozen interviews over several visits by the Guardian suggested Vostok is largely comprised of Ukrainian volunteers with nicknames like "Forest Lord," "Psycho," "Wild Man" and "Beaver". Although its sources of funding and weapons are not entirely clear, it does not seem to enjoy large-scale Russian military support, with kit that ranges from sophisticated surface-to-air missiles to battered hunting rifles.

On a recent afternoon, members of the battalion's mechanical section were welding an anti-aircraft gun to the back of a lorry to create a vehicle straight out of Mad Max. "If we had Russian military hardware, you would see it," said "Mamai," a garrulous Vostok member from Russia's republic of North Ossetia. Vostok commanders said they had taken their weapons mostly from captured Ukrainian military facilities.

zaciyor, 06 June 2014 9:48pm

The people of eastern Ukraine stood up to defend their right to speak Russian, to preserve their identity, historical memory and mind-set and to avoid forcible assimilation. There was no other way to secure their legitimate human rights BUT through establishing a federal state. This is exactly what they originally demanded: to have more rights within Ukraine. Instead of heeding them, the Kiev junta accused them of "separatism" and attacked them with tanks, artillery and aircraft. Donetsk and Luhansk Regions were just bombed and mortared into declaring themselves independent republics.

Doug Salzmann, 06 June 2014 9:55pm

Good job, Alec! We appreciate the ongoing effort to write straightforward news.

For the Graun editors: We also appreciate it, immensely, when you let the good reporting stand without too much manipulation.

For everyone, more good work from Mr. Luhn:

On the other hand, I knew they were right to a certain extent, given Western media's tendency to vilify Russia and, by extension, the pro-Russian protesters. The ubiquitous use of the word separatist, for instance, ignored the fact that the majority of protesters said they wanted to remain part of Ukraine. Meanwhile, although statements made by the Ukrainian president and interior minister usually diverged wildly from what I was seeing on the ground, my editors seemed to treat them like the word of God.

aLaGuerreComme, 06 June 2014 10:12pm

Humanitarian disaster:

* Ukrainian artillery is pounding the chemical plant in Semenovka, the suburb of Slavyansk, second day in a row. It caught fire yesterday but local fire department was able to put it down. Sulfur is a highly toxic material and may be able to suffocate the city if they manage to start the fire again.

* Slavyansk is into the 3-d day without water and sewer.

* Today electricity in Slavyansk was knocked down by the enemy fire. The city is now under the siege.

Old_Donkey, 06 June 2014 10:43pm

Before you look for the "hidden hand" of Moscow behind the Vostok battalion, it's important to remember that lots of British militants have popped up in all kinds of countries (Yemen, Syria, Pakistan) and no one could possibly believe that the British government had sent them there.

With Ukraine you have a long, porous border with Russia and a lot of Russian guys who sympathize with the insurgency in the Donbass and want to help the rebels. It's rather like the situation in the Spanish Civil War when Frenchman crossed the frontier and fought for the Republic as volunteers.

Basically officials, or professors like Galeotti who are very focused on bureaucratic institutions, have an inherent tendency to imagine there must be some kind of Macavity in the Lubyanka pulling the strings of the revolt. The American government seems to imagine that the rebels are "nothing more than agents for the cat who all the time controls their operations".

This is because Western "experts" imagine that the rest of the world must operate in the top-down way their own little bureaucratic or academic hierarchies behave. But it doesn't. Intellectually it is very difficult for officials to "process" a popular revolt because its dynamics are so outside their own realm of experience. As a result of this kind of thinking, Western intelligence services completely failed to predict the Arab Spring.

The way Western "analysts" are making frantic efforts to unearth "links" between the rebels and Russian intelligence reminds me of Tony Blair and his "definitive" intelligence on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. At least Alec Luhn doesn't push it or confuse speculation with hard fact

[Jun 08, 2014] Poroshenko sworn in, but can he steer Ukraine away from abyss
Alexandr Popov 08.06.2014 02:57

rocky Fjord 08.06.2014 02:54

I'm ready to see Russia cut off the gas to Ukraine and to the EU until that gas bill is paid in full. And then I would still make them pay in advance, since their credit has been no good. But that's just me being a hard butt.

I agree with one caveat: that Ukraine not only pay their gas debt in full, but that they turn the water back on that supplies Crimea.

Poroshenko's message to Novorossiia and Russia

The Americans are willing to fight to the last Ukrainian. Rephazing Churchill "it might not be the end of the beginning, but the beginning of the end".
Poroshenko's inauguration speech has sent a message to Novorossiia and Russia: He could not have been any clearer: that is basically a declaration of war and an ultimatum. This is also a full endorsement of the "Banderastan project".

Clearly, the US has prevailed over the hopelessly spineless EU leaders like Merkel or Hollande and the AngloZionists will have their way.

I must leave my computer for the next 12 hours and I cannot write a full analysis of Poroshenko's decision to fully follow the US line, but I will say that two things appear inevitable now: a Russian military intervention in Novorossia followed by the Cold War v2 the AngloZionists wanted so badly.

Up until this moment the European colonies still had a chance to avoid a future which will hurt them much more than it will hurt the US or Russia, but they could not even muster the willpower to protect their own vital interests.

ahI am disgusted beyond words.

The Saker

lostinukr serguey:

When you are a master of communication as Putin, you try to anticipate opinions. I think he already knew the Poroshenko speech and "opinions". He said already about him "don't listen his words, just see his actions".

Then.. Nothing surprising today about his words.

He is following the USA/NATO dynamic, word by word. And Putin new this. And his short feedback after yesterday meeting, was only to show to " thinkers" how much Ukr gov is only a puppet's island.

I think is was some manipulative resume yesterday, to say good words about Poroshenko... giving some hope, then... reading the declaration of war today. I'm just not surprised. This is the game of manipulation, anticipating the narrative.

Second point I want to bring to your attention, is for whom who can observe at the soul level, what is happening in many leaders speech. They are "absent". They speak, they use words, but there is a full disconnection between the "human consciousness" and some " demoniac presence".

I invite you to hear Hollande president. He seems speaking as a virtual character, some 3D being, without "human soul" inside. Since centuries, from Buddha, humanity had access to force of compassion and suffering. And many in this blog are connected to this stream. Leaders are the obvious example of how you do compromise with the "beast".

Power doesn't make you bad... Power, somehow, in our time, if you don't have heavy morale force, makes you Ahrimanic creature. Looking for power, serving destruction and fears. Poroshenko is finally showing to the world, and I guess, European community, whom he is serving.

150 000 dead in Syria. How many in Ukr? Putin now, probably played a nice coup. A coup in advance.

Anonymous Pete:

Various American politicians have been patronizing the Kiev regime people, assuring them of support. There was a story the other day that military advisors were also to be provided. Apparently they've decided to ramp things up and push for confrontation. The Kiev people must be feeling emboldened now with their new backers. The Americans are willing to fight to the last Ukrainian.

It's the 100th anniversary of WWI and again we have some of the same things happening, an aggressive move to the east and attempted annexation of territory. It's another disaster in the making if the leaders miscalculate as they did the last time around. I'm starting to become rather pessimistic about how this whole thing is going, thanks to the war-dog politicians we happen to have.

Anonymous Observer

Take a break Saker.

Everything will work out, a political solution will materialize (in the end) and things will balance out in the end.

You're in a marathon, not a sprint, you keep pushing yourself like this and your health is going to get affected. If burn out (emotionally as well as physically), will that serve your cause?

It's undeniable that in the end, one way or the other, this will be resolved politically.


I actually thought Poroshenko might be reasonable & capable of negotiating but it's crystal clear now he's the same as Yats, Turchinov, Tyanibok and all the other scumbags associated with this Junta.

Still though, I pray Russia doesn't directly intervene. And there is no way Crimea is re-marrying that diseased Ukrainian whore. It's incredible that Poroshenko thinks it could happen. Is he that stupid or is he just talking tough?

Anonymous Anonymous

"No state status for the Russian language"

As a Finn I very much understand hardline minority language policy. Over here the Swedish-speakers (5.5% of the population) have managed to lobby for Swedish to be a compulsory language in schools and universities. Reflect on the latter especially - how appropriate is it for a nuclear physicist to waste their time learning a language? In case you still don't get it, imagine a situation where welsh were compulsory for all university students in the UK. And not only university students - all public servants too. That's what we have in Finland and that's what they should want to avoid in the Ukraine.

Best wishes

Anonymous in Finland

[Jun 07, 2014] Ukraine: Poroshenko's Hope For "Western" Help Is Deluded

Poroshenko was and is the member of junta, the financial backer of Maidan and major Pro-Maidan propaganda force with his Fifth channel. Politically he looks like Yushchenko II -- another puppet. So about what changes in policy can we talk? Quote: "God Bless the Ukrainian people in their fight against the psychopaths in Washington and Brussels. "
Jun 07, 2014 | M of A | Comments (14)

This means a lot of trouble for the people in the Ukraine, east AND west:

Ukraine's new president Petro Poroshenko said his country would never give up Crimea and would not compromise on its path towards closer ties with Europe, spelling out a defiant message to Russia in his inaugural speech on Saturday.
Poroshenko stressed the need for a united Ukraine and the importance of ending the conflict that threatens to further split the country of 45 million people. He said it would not become a looser federalised state, as advocated by Russia.
Poroshenko's speech drew an ovation from guests at a ceremony attended by Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and senior EU officials.

The Saker calls the speech a declaration of war. That may well be right.

Russia will need to tighten the screws a bit. Be polite at the outside, concede in public but make sure that Kiev will feel more and more pressure through secondary channels.

I doubt that the "west" will take any real risk over Ukraine or even put up enough money to save it from ruin. In the end Ukraine will be alone facing a rather angry bear. If Poroshenko, as it seems, thinks different, he is clearly deluded.


Poroshenko's speech is just a bluff and a quest for legitimacy in the eyes of the EU and USA and some of his desperate population.

He is a shrewd business man, he needs all the money he can get from his new found allies. Therefore he has to say what they want to hear.

Once he gets the money then he will surely change his tone. He can't afford the continuation of a civil war that may destroy Ukraine. NATO will never get involved in any military confrontation with Russia.
Poroshenko has no choice than to turn to Poutine for everything else than money. The EU and the USA are here for that. So he is exploiting them all. Poutine knows that very well and will deal with it as shrewdly while idealist Europe and naive USA will discover it later. While they all backed down from the disaster of the regime-change they executed in Libya, they wont be able to back down so easily from their responsibility in Ukraine.

Poroshenko's Ukraine will be a new burden to ailing Europe.


Anonymous...I don't agree that "Poroshenko's speech is just a bluff and a quest for legitimacy in the eyes of the EU and USA."

Poroshenko is a US stooge who says what he is told to say by his handlers.

And why would he be bluffing?

The US wants escalation, in fact, it cannot achieve its goal of deploying NATO without escalation. Here's how it works: If killing civilians in the East doesn't work, then they'll burn them alive in Odessa. If that doesn't work, they'll bomb schools, orphanages, hospitals etc.

It doesn't stop until the US gets the reaction it wants, which is retaliation from Putin.
These guys don't give up. They never give up.


Let's just add this shit to the list of US-driven propagandistic nonsense along the lines of Assad must step down, this here's a red line bitches, Iran has nukes, Israel is a beacon of democracy blah blah blah that and all the other shit that the US minions are forced to mouth for more cash/power.

Members of the Billionaire Elite are called upon to say the stoopidest fucking things everyday here in the US and 9 times out of 10 they're simply just mouthing crap meant to propagandistically frame the faux "debates/discussions" for the chattering classes as they disseminate information to the peons.

Now that Poro has staked out the "insane" cop stance the US will look more "reasonable/good cop" when they propose their own "rational" alternatives which will obviously include the murder/maiming/displacement/endangerment of many innocent people just not on as large of a scale as the original Poro "solution".

Again, this shit happens daily here in the US. Some member of the elite will say something totally fucking crazy with no chance of the idea being implemented but it is consciously said anyways to make the ensuing seemingly less fucking crazy ideas seem more rational.


Crazy fucker (insane cop): I want to gas every US citizen over 65 because they are a drain on our resources!!

Peons: That's fucking crazy!!!

Crazy fucker's associate (saner cop): That gas idea IS crazy. Instead, I rationally propose that we just totally eliminate Social Security and Medicare instead!

Peons: How reasonable!!!Thank God cooler heads prevailed!!!

So, instead of retaking Crimea like Poro says the US war criminals can now - just riffing here - state something like:

While we think engaging in active combat over Crimea is an untenable solution we will compromise and put a forward NATO base outside of Kiev where US troops will train the fledgling democrats on our latest missile defense system.

Peons: Whew! At least we avoided at hot war! Obama, you so 11 dimensional!!Hillary 2016!!!

So while it's obviously still not a good thing for Ukraine and the innocent people involved I believe this is just the war criminal elite setting - once again - the stage for what's really to come. \



Instead of this "just not on as large of a scale as the original Poro "solution" I would change it to read:

"just not on as BLATANT as the original Poro "solution"

The US war criminal elite have ZERO compunctions against how many people they kill/main/threaten/endanger they just would rather do it sneaky-like if at all possible.


Those are just words from Poroshenko. No one would expect him declare that Crimea was no longer part of Ukraine. To this day Georgia has not conceded S. Ossetia and Abkhasia, but we all know that they will never be part of Georgia.

Right now, Poro has to put together a new government. If he wants to accomplish anything he will have to get rid of the Svoboda Party and Right Sector people. It is not clear how the neo-nazis will react to that development. One problem Poro has with calling an immediate cease fire is that all of the neo-nazi fighters in eastern Ukraine would return to Kiev. Now that would be a problem for him. If a peaceful and negotiated solution is his goal he has to worry about the reactions in western Ukraine and well and the east.


@11 ToivoS

Thanks for bringing some sanity to these hysterical postings. The chocolate oligarch is what he is and his bluster is without substance at this point. Sounds like he uses the same speechwriter as Kerry doesn't it? If he does not end the killings his reign will be short.

The reality on the ground is that each civilian death in eastern Ukraine and each piece of the area's infrastructure destroyed makes real civil war that much more likely. The average Ukrainian's traditional passivity is being ripped from them bit by bit and they are starting to get really pissed off. Hardball starts soon. Military intervention by Russia gets closer by the day as well, but on Putin's terms, not the western puppet-masters'. Note that just as the Ukrainians are getting angrier, so are the Russian citizens. The media is beating the war drums in Russia and Putin's support is unwavering. Only idiots would believe that Putin is weak. Even Europeans are waking up. Only America sleeps on.


God Bless the Ukrainian people in their fight against the psychopaths in Washington and Brussels.

The IMF said that the current conditions attached to the loans are based on a scenario maintaining Ukraine's territorial integrity and specifically on a strong central government (i.e. no federalization). If this scenario changes, then a new set of conditions - likely more draconian - will be imposed. That is probably what is driving Poroshenko's rhetoric.

Right Sector strength: sources close to journalist Robert Parry said the hasty recognition of the coup regime last February was based on a need to stabilize a government lest the Right Sector take over entirely. A Frankenstein monster enabled by the West, and probably beyond control still. Confirmation of the report that Right Sector militia was being trained in Poland last September will establish whether this mess has been improvised or plotted.

[Jun 07, 2014] New Ukraine president defiant toward Russia in inaugural speech Al Jazeera America

June 7, 2014 |

Poroshenko says Ukraine will never give up Crimea; calls for a unified, pro-European country and rejects separatists

Ukraine's new President Petro Poroshenko said his country would never give up Crimea and would not compromise on its course toward closer ties with Europe, spelling out a combative and defiant message to Russia in his inaugural speech on Saturday.

The 48-year-old billionaire took the oath of office before parliament, buoyed by Western support but facing an immediate crisis in relations with Moscow as a pro-Russian separatist uprising seethes in the east of his country. He called for dialogue with the east, but said he will not talk with rebels he called "gangsters and killers."

Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula in March, weeks after street protests ousted Poroshenko's pro-Moscow predecessor, Viktor Yanukovich, in a move that has provoked the deepest crisis in Ukraine since the end of the Cold War.

"Citizens of Ukraine will never enjoy the beauty of peace unless we settle our relations with Russia. Russia occupied Crimea, which was, is, and will be Ukrainian soil," Poroshenko said in a speech that drew a standing ovation.

He told this to Russian President Vladimir Putin when the two met on Friday at a World War II D-Day anniversary ceremony in France, he said.

Poroshenko, who earned his fortune as a confectionery entrepreneur and is known locally as the "Chocolate King," said he intended very soon to sign the economic part of an association agreement with the European Union, as a first step toward full membership. This idea is anathema to Moscow, which wants to keep Ukraine in Russia's sphere of influence.

Poroshenko stressed the need for a united Ukraine and the importance of ending the conflict that threatens to further split the country of 45 million people. He said it would not become a looser federalized state, as advocated by Russia, but he did call for early regional elections in the east and promised to push for new powers to be allotted to regional governments.

"There can be no trade-off about Crimea and about the European choice and about the governmental system. All other things can be negotiated and discussed at the negotiation table. Any attempts at internal or external enslavement of Ukraine will meet with resolute resistance," he said.

Hours after the speech, Putin ordered security tightened along Russia's border with Ukraine to prevent illegal crossings, Russian news agencies said. Ukraine claims that many of the insurgents in the east have come from Russia; Poroshenko on Saturday said he would offer a corridor for safe passage of "Russian militants" out of the country.

Pro-Russian rebel leaders in the east dismissed Poroshenko's speech.

"This statement doesn't concern us," said the self-declared prime minister of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Borodai, according to the RIA Novosti news agency.

Poroshenko offered amnesty to rebels who "don't have blood on their hands." But this has been met with skepticism. "I don't believe it," said Valery Bolotov, the insurgent leader in the Luhansk region. Rebels in both Luhansk and Donetsk have declared their regions independent.

"I will bring you peace," the new president promised, but did not indicate whether Ukrainian forces would scale back their offensives against the insurgency.

Russia has insisted on Ukraine ending its military operation in the east. Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov, representing Moscow at the inauguration, said Poroshenko's statements "sound reassuring," but "for us the principal thing is to stop the military operation." He added that the insurgents should also stop fighting in order to bolster the delivery of humanitarian aid, RIA Novosti reported.

In his inaugural address, attended by U.S. politicians including Vice President Joseph Biden, Sen. John McCain and Democratic Rep. Marci Kaptur, Poroshenko called for dialogue with "peaceful citizens" in the east. "I am calling on everyone who has taken arms in their hands - please lay down your arms," he said.

He also said he would seek early parliamentary elections because "the current composition of the parliament is not consistent with the aspirations of the nation." The current parliament, elected in 2012 with a large contingent from Yanukovich's former party, is to stay in place until 2017.

Poroshenko insisted that Ukrainian would remain the sole state language of the country, but promised "new opportunities for the Russian language." He did not give specifics.

Al Jazeera and wire services

[Jun 07, 2014] What is true: "Putin lost everything" or "Putin implements some cunning plan"?

The author is way too bellicose. I wonder to what extent he reflects the sentiments of the Russian society?

In the blogosphere and social media today is dominated by two main lines explain the behavior of Russia towards the resistance of the population of the South-East of aggression Kiev junta: a) Putin lost everything; b) Putin implements a cunning plan.

On the first point, which implies complete reset to the scrap the South-East (under the pressure of the USA and NATO), these lamentations ahead of the events, because according to my information (details of which are still couldn't open), some assistance is provided, although c my point of view, it is enough only for a limited maintaining resistance. Regarding the second point, all that is happening now is explained in this way that the US wants to involve the Russian Federation into the war, and Putin understood and avoided war, leading a fine game that aims to capture all or parts of Ukraine.

In fact, both views are only part of the picture of Russian policy in Ukraine. I would be, can be, and believe in "stealth" Putin's plan and even forgot about the recently famous for social media "cunning plan Yanukovich, if not studying previous events. The fact that the study of the policy of the Russian Federation in Ukraine demonstrates a number of strategic foreign policy failures.

Already under Putin (let's omit the Yeltsin presidency, consisting of various betrayals), Russia suffered a major defeat in 2004, when the rate on Yanukovich and Party of Regions" (which openly supported Putin personally) was bit by the Americans, who carried out a coup and which brought to power a puppet government of Yushchenko (with many members of the current fascist junta). For 5 years Russia has suffered the results of this defeat; then the "orange" went bankrupt and power was overtaken by all the same "Party of Regions" with Yanukovich. It is in Russia was treated as a revenge. Kharkov agreements and the extension of the agreement on the basing of the black sea fleet was seen as a strategic success, providing for the accession of Ukraine to the future integration projects on the basis of the Russian Federation.

But in 2014, Russia once again suffered a major defeat in the Ukrainian question, when Americans realize its plan to bring to power the next puppet government, totally dependent on Washington. Together with a "cunning plan of Yanukovich," the Americans flushed down the toilet Kremlin plans related to the non-aligned status of Ukraine and Yanukovich regime, coupled with the gas contracts and those loans that he was given in the framework of the Kharkov agreements. Plans to include Ukraine in the Custom Union were also flushed down.

But fortunately for the Kremlin Washington strategists are also not very good, and the US plans to establish control over the entire territory of Ukraine, contained significant errors related to underestimation of the level of possible resistance, and the idiocy of key players on which they rely (including the Ukrainian fascists). Rushed seizure of power, scaring the population raids fascist troops and floating of the hysterical idea of banning the Russian language let to the situation in which the Americans actually sponsored the rebellion on the part of territory of former Ukraine, creating for the Russian Federation easy ways to compensate for damages. Some believe that it was part of the Jesuitical cunning plan of the USA to ignite civil war, which moves in Russia and then decimated it in a new Cold War.

But the history of the Crimean spring shows that the uprising in Sevastopol was unexpected for all participants of the conflict, developed it in the beginning without the participation of Russia and its consequences became unexpected for Washington, where after the coup Yankees saw the whole territory of Ukraine including Crimea and Donbass as an integral property of the regime, which was brought by them to power in Kiev.

The uprising in Sevastopol, multiplied by local separatism, was essentially ignored by the city, which did nothing to actually hold the city. The Kremlin saw this cute opportunity to carry out the "RAID on the Pristina №2", the benefit of the local population there is most loyal to Moscow, and have the military units in the place. Was planned and carried out a brilliant operation (no joke) for the transition of the Crimea to Russia. It inevitably will be taught in textbooks for specialists of narrow profile. She looked even more spectacular than the defeat of the Georgian army in 2008.

Americans, and especially Kiev, missed it. The inertia of this success has created not only the effect of the time consolidation of society, but also created in ruling circles certain euphoria, which looked very strange on the background of what happened a little earlier political disaster. It was announced that after years without ideology" and of the national idea, finally, the idea found is the reunification of the divided nation and de facto "gathering the lands." In opposition Patriotic society (and even in parts of society left-Patriotic) taking place started to be perceived as a gap template - say, for years we were talking about the anti-popular regime of Putin, and he -- Crimea is our! Catalyst hurrah-Patriotic enthusiasm (in the spirit of the first world war) and was seen taking place in Donbass.

Previous political catastrophe of the collapse of the regime was perceived as a mistake. But if in the Crimea, the Kremlin was in a most-favored - Americans do not have time to react, and Kyiv junta does slept over the events, the Donetsk and Lugansk Ukraine presents the certain difficulties.

Now fashionable among the Pro-government political analysts attribute it to the wrong population, saying "my house c the edge" and "only there was no war, so all the bad, why they say Putin must fight, if all at home. It is true, but it is only part of the truth that such authors are trying to say so to cover a number of failures of Russian policy in Ukraine, including the failures of Putin's and Lavrov as foreign Minister.

The fact that the self-organization of people in the South-East for years, was suppressed by the Ukrainian authorities, including the "Party of regions" which put Russia and that the elimination of the Pro-Russian organizations have achieved even greater success than the Yushchenko government. The Kremlin on it all looked c Olympic calmness. Consul of Russia in the Crimea Andreev, for example, called the local separatists (largely due to which happened Crimea is our!) provocateurs, undermine the territorial integrity of Ukraine. With Bandera marches on the streets of Kiev, in addition to the CPU and Mitrinkova, almost none put a fight with those thugs. Organizations for these tasks have never been created.

In the Kremlin believed that economic and political levers of pressure on the regime is more than enough for realization of their interests in Ukraine, but a coup 20 February revealed the failure of this policy. Symptomatic recognition Puchkova (jpg) tell more about some of the causes of the disaster. Such lessons are usually paid for by the blood.

While the Russian capital had illusions about what price onerous contracts (which have become due to the "orange" - if anyone forgot, the revision of the rates started it "orange") to implement the questions basing the black sea fleet, the control over strategic enterprises and influence on the political system. Cheap gas, close eye on his re-export, various economic preferences, cheap loans and other - in fact lay in the Foundation of a purely anti-Russian and Russophobic public education, for until Moscow still subsist primitive quackery by Chubais on "liberal Empire" and economic control over its former republics of the Soviet Union, Americans for years was brought up anti-Russian elite and young people. For 23 years, they have raised a whole generation of politicians, oriented towards Washington and Brussels. Has brought up a whole generation of young people for whom Russia is the main ideological and ideological enemy. Were created extensive information networks controlled media, agents of influence and control of part of the power unit of Ukraine.

We like to mock servility of Bandera junta before the American ambassadors who by telephone give instructions to Ukrainian officials. But in reality there is little to laugh at. Americans do what they are good at and what they probably Chernomyrdin and Zurabov should do too. Compare, say, the level of influence of US ambassador and d Zurabov to Ukraine. It's one of the answers to the question, why do Americans took Ukraine, and Russia only Crimea. Who is responsible for what Zurabov vs. Geoffrey R. Pyatt looks pathetic molecule in terms of influence on what is happening in Ukraine.

Russia if it even tried to do the same as Americans, did it so clumsy style that money were mostly wasted (and then some of the money were plundered the local so-called "patriots"). Duma allocated $ 100,000 for the development of the "Russian world", of which 20-30% was stolen in Moscow, about the same amount by local "leaders", and the remains are going to ineffective meetings, exhibitions and other events good for reporting in media, but which are just a simulacrum for creation of a real Pro-Russian movement.

Same about appealing to already faded concepts of "Slavic brotherhood", "friendship of peoples" or amorphous idea of "integration in Custom Union". As a result, when I started up to the case, as in 2004 or 2014, Moscow simply not do not have the necessary tools against the US color revolutions. They did then not out of thin air - they prepared then and trained trench solders and agents of influence for years. This actually is one of the secrets of success of Americans in the organization of such coups - they firs prepare the soil for years.

...Russian policy in Ukraine was inadequate to the threats that was quickly growing (although about the danger of the idea that Ukraine exists exclusively as the antithesis of Russia, wrote many, including me). And it was dangerous not only for the local population, but for Russia itself. Now this blunder are trying to swipe under the carpet silting "extreme circumstances", but the truth is that no real work to counter color revolution is Ukraine was done. But the Americans in Western Ukraine and Kyiv c elite did such a work for decades, so now we have a sad picture, when they, pulling the right strings over can easily put the government they want in Ukraine, and self-organization of the population of the South-East is enough only for a very limited resistance.


So when they speak of "clever" Putin's plan now, this does not well correlate with rather mediocre results in Russian global strategy for Ukraine for the past 14 years. We can remember is that a joke about Chapaev and clay. ...The euphoria in the Kremlin gradually begun to drop amid increasing sanctions by the US that are not as dangerous in themselves, but meant a rise of the direct conflict with frail, but still very dangerous world hegemon. Inertia "Crimea is our!", however, caused the Kremlin to pursue actions aimed at separation of Novorossia.

There was a certain media campaign (in sizes smaller than in the US) But by the end of April in this line have been some fluctuations associated with increasing pressure and the real threat of economic sanctions. Some forget that in 2013, according to the official statements of the government of the Russian Federation, the economy was poised somewhere between stagnation and recession. And Crimea did not change and cannot change serious economic problems in the Russian economy (not less significant than in the economies of the US and the EU). Sanctions and their consequences, means that the government can't even get a foothold on the boundary of "stagnation" and the recession (see the experience of Iran). Therefore, politics is politics, Russian world, Russian world, but the threat of economic downturn that could lead to the scrapping of the political system, clearly beginning to emerge despite the temporary consolidation of society.

A crucial day apparently was April 24, when on a background of storming Slavyansk columns of Ukrainian army began to move Donbass from Raisins and Zaporozhye. On the same day, the movement of the Russian army to the borders of c Ukraine also started. After lunch in Moscow the security Council meeting started with participation of Putin, which addressed the issue of troops on Ukraine. And if anyone remembers the history of the failed presidential speech, it was not held because the decision to deploy troops, not accepted as due to the withdrawal of the Ukrainian troops, and in connection c threatening calls from Brussels and Washington.

That is, at least until April 24, the question of the actual move of the Russian armies existed and was considered one of the possible reactions regardless of the "extreme hard and third levels of sanctions." In the period until the 24th in Russian propaganda there was popular the thesis that the Russian army easy reach of the Dnipro river that don't care about US; if necessary we'll get to Lvov and so on. Then followed a reversal in the direction of "why we should not fight".

After April 24, external pressure on the Russian Federation was growing, and the support of the population in the Donbass region was not growing fast enough. At the same time, after the US realized the pressure on Russia works, Kyiv junta was able to start real punitive operation in Donbass in much more cruel forms than April 24, when Russia moved troops to the border.

Therefore since may, despite the horrific atrocities perpetrated by the Kiev Nazis, the Kremlin behaves very reserved, restricted to informal support and public discontent. When in Kiev was convinced that the U.S. could just push the Russian Federation and the rejected the idea of an immediate deployment of troops, the junta immediately started full-punitive operations, which are already applied illegal arms against civil population including aviation, tanks, heavy artillery and multiple rocket launcher.

And Russia was forced to swallow all of this, because the circumstances have changed. So instead of the movements of troops - we see concerns diplomats, and instead of slogans on the topic of reunification of the people and lands, reflections on the existence of some cunning plan. Yes, and a wide rallies support DND and LNR (a La Crimea) is not observed...

the trick of the "new information policy", in addition to covering the failures of 2004 and 2014 and attempt to save face before the open threats of the West, is that the tacit support will not allow military junta crush the rebellition in Novorossia, but does not change the overwhelming superiority of the junta in military technology and arms.

Therefore, the current scenario is the most convenient USA, as the conflict drags on (which is allegedly what Putin is trying to avoid), forming near the border with Russia chronic wound (you can't stop acivil war; and the Americans had already unleashed it), simultaneously providing the prerequisites for the deployment of American and NATO troops in the Ukraine (the NATO base in the Kharkov region, if junta keeps the power is a matter of 2-3 years).

Americans have advantages as in the case of introduction of Russian troops on the terrirory of donbass, and in the case of Moscow obstain from using troops at all.

They, despite the loss of the Crimea, and no matter how the situation with Donbass evolved already gor serious dividents. They managed to destabilize Russia because now Putin iether enganged his political stability, by watching how junta kills people in Donbass, or he will be forced to get involved in the war on left-Bank Ukraine, through its section, not peace, but a military way that the US is quite satisfied in terms of designation of "enemy", under which the US military industial complex can raise the budgets of the Pentagon and intelligence agencies.

As the weaker neoliberal then the US, Russia naturally seeks to avoid direct clashes c hegemon, as it economically stronger China is sucsssufully doing. Donbass in this issue becomes a hostage of this "policy of "under certain circumstances" ...

... ... ...

Therefore, instead of draining or explicitly declaring war, the Kremlin is trying to stay in an intermediate position between underlined peacefulness and covert assistance, which is the current "cunning plan". As "cunning plan" by Yanukovych, it has only one, but a fatal flaw - it is too obvious and against it easy to play. That is why the fascists are so boldly and cynically kill people, and Americans are equally cynical approve of it, because there is an understanding of the positions of Russia and understandable steps against this position.

Russia loses in any case. If it invades - excellent, the USA get comfortable war the borders of a competitor, where you can earn money and to weaken the enemy. Does not introduce troups - gets the growing internal tensions and the collapse of the right-conservative illusions, as well as formation of aggressive Russophobic state on its borders.

Hopes that the economy will catch up and people take to the streets against the junta, understandable, but ignores the fact that the regime has already moved to open terror against opposition, which the Americans will close my eyes, as it did in Egypt, allowing the military to kill hundreds of Islamists. Kiev, to the extent possible, will lend money (as last dose for heroin addict) and will close eye on any atrocities. In case of capture of Donbass, the junta natural to write off all the troubles on Russia and Putin, pulling its inevitable end. During this time, all more or less Pro-Russian and anti-fascist organizations will be eliminated under all scenarios, Russia will be extremely difficult to rely even on this very shaky foothold. Therefore, the continuation of the existence of fascist junta is clearly in favor of the USA, for each day of its activity - is another day of separation of Ukraine from Russia. The consequences of these days then will be felt for many years and even decades.

In the end, the Kremlin will have to choose: where impacts would be smaller, and, from the point of view of self-preservation of a mode of Putin, both has disadvantages of approximately equal value and the basis of the decision is just a matter of the "developing events". All this is not part of some evil intent, associated with the Putin's reluctance to accept the Donbass in Russia (it would would love to, but there are a number of foreign policy challenges). All these are consequences of the earlier policy of Russia in the Ukrainian question. For it is now paying the price as the lost militiamen and Putin himself who has to make decisions in situations where positive for Russia steps doe not exist. So don't be surprised if in the foreseeable future, Putin did move troops, but as no surprise would be if Moscow will continue to "Express concern" about crimes of the Nazis agaist civilians.

Someone will say: that's too pessimistic? No, this is an objective reality, which must be considered, so as not to entatain excessive illusions. Does this mean that our cause is lost? Of course not. I believe that the junta will be defeated and the perpetrators of the bloody crimes will pay for them, including with their lives. When events in Sevastopol started they have led us all to where we are now. In this case we have acted without regard for consequnces for Russia, because we had to stand up and fight. Just sitting on sofas it is difficult to change the course of history. As classics used to say, only in the struggle you can secure your rights.

Media rage in Russia - how long can the Kremlin resist it?

So what does that all mean for Putin?

Contrary to some of the "armchair strategist" who post comments here about Putin of selling out, being a coward or a hypocrite, something in the range of 80% of Russians support him and his handling of the events in the Ukraine. So far, his personal position and authority are as rock solid as ever. However, watching the amazing evolution of the Russian TV over the past few months, I come to one of three possible conclusions:

1) If hypothesis A above is correct, then the Kremlin is engaged in a massive PR campaign to prepare the Russian public for a military intervention in the Ukraine.
2) If hypothesis B above is correct, then there is a very influential segment of the Russian elites which is engaged in a campaign to force the Kremlin to militarily intervene in the Ukraine.
3) If hypothesis C above is correct, then there is such a groundswell of outrage and disgust in the Russian public opinion that the Kremlin will have no other choice but to militarily intervene to stop the terror operations of the junta.

As I said above, my personal feeling that the reality of Russian media today is a mix of A+B+C, in which case there is a gradual coalescing of anger and determination taking place on all levels of the Russian society which will eventually result in a Russian military intervention against the Ukrainian death squads in Novorossia.

All this is to make the following point: when I wrote yesterday that the "crazies", as I called them might, well get what they want (a Russian military intervention) - I really meant it. I still think that this would be very bad for Russia, the Ukraine and Europe, but that does not mean that I am oblivious to the fact that it might happen, very soon in fact.

My sense is that Poroshenko or, more accurately his puppet-masters in Washington, have just a few days left to stop the so-called "anti terrorist operation". From the recent meeting in France, I get mixed messages. Merkel and Hollande probably would prefer that this insanity stop now. But Obama and his puppet-masters? Simply put, and no matter how hard Putin might try, there are provocations which the Kremlin simply cannot ignore.


I think Putin's strategy is very smart. He is trying to do everything he could not to intervene and letting the Ukraine government to do the stupid things. So in case he does intervene, he will have the most of the support from home and sympathy from Europeans. If he is lucky and plays right, this could be the end of NATO.

I think there are probably two major reasons that He doesn't want and shouldn't to intervene.

1, Economic burden of owning the Ukraine is too big.

2, Alienating Germany and other European.

If military intervention is to inevitable, he should wait until enough European public feel disgust by what Ukraine government's behavior and enough outrage in eastern Ukraine at their Kiev government.

As for the US government, owning the Kiev government is too big economic and political liability, the only way out for them is to get Russia involved.

Soarintothesky :

My sentiment on looking at Russian language satellite TV via Hotbird is that Russian news media (as opposed to the current affairs prgrammes you quote) changed a gear after 21 February. It went into war mode. RTR had a regular round up on the Ukranian crisis which was wholly focused on creating an aggressive mood. The Ukranians did give them ammunition, of course but there were things that went the other way that RTR ignored. I think RTR did this on instructions from some faction in the Kremlin. Let us not think that the Russian government thinks as one about the Ukranian issue (Medvedev made a strong return for a while). However, when in Russia I live in the provinces, far from Moscow. I am the only non FSU foreigner my monoglot Russian friends have ever met. They are mostly from families that had higher social rank in the USSR (former town clerk for community of 50k people now works as jobbing builder for example). They are dying for a fight. Like the Grannies in Donetsk, they seen to think that a fight will give them the USSR back. They make A satelite and chaos (Sputnik i Pogrom) look very liberal. Most vote communist. The news feed for the younger ones is SaveDonbass and Russkaya Pravda. I think they represent most of Russias underemployed and disappointed. Those in good jobs with a future ahead do not want conflict in Ukraine.

Taking over the D & L oblasts in their entirety is foolish. The countryside is Ukranian. Donetsk and the surrounding cities are half Ukranian. Only in Lugansk and the surrounding cities is there a large preponderance of Great Russians. Can there be a population exchange between D & L? At least of the Grannies and the underemployed retired officers? It's a thought experiment not a recommendation.

Anonymous said... seem to be heading in the direction of Russian intervention. When Right Sector and National Guard thugs are rounding up male citizens between 18 and 40 -- and shooting wounded in hospital -- then the rubicon has been crossed. (Bet those guys rounded-up wish they'd joined Strelkov, rather than waiting around for Junta to find them...). That said -- it's all very VERY sad. The blood is on Obama, Nuland, EU and Anglo-Zionist Neo-Con filth. AGS

N. Solntseff said...

Currently using his black-belt judo skill to feint in order th draw the Anglo/US/NATO/CIA/GCHQ (AUNCG) elements into action. After this happens, Russian forces will be morally justified in a warlike reply.

Let us hope that sober minds prevail in the West!

Soarintothesky said...

Crossvader, Russia is facing a big recession. Putin has more substantial issues to deal with than romantic nationalists in another country. He is the President of the Russian Federation not the Fuhrer of the Great Russian folk. Stopping Ukraine taking the Russian economy even further down is the biggest concern. The second fastest growing big economy right now is the UK, not a developing country and its manufacturing led (China's still ahead).

The climate has changed. Russia is at full employment and full capacity. What's left of its technical base is still in the 1970's. Productivity has to go up. The means to achieve this is foreign investment. Putin is damned if he doesn't (mount a useless symbolic invasion of Lugansk) and damned if he does. It's the price of annexing Crimea. There's always a price.

@EVERTYBODY: Putin has just made a cautiously optimistic statement about Poroshenko. He said that Poroshenko wanted to stop all combat operations in the East and that he had a plan to do so. He said that Poroshenko has shared this plan with Putin but that it would be for Poroshenko to make it public. Still, Putin cautioned everybody by saying that it is one thing to present a plan in France, and quite another to present it in Kiev . He concluded by saying that if such a peace plan was implemented then this would open the way for a comprehensive reassessment of Russian-Ukrainian relations including their economic ties.

So it appears that Poroshenko, Merkel and possibly Hollande are trying to do something to stop the US plan, but that Putin is very dubious about whether they have what it takes to go from words to concrete action.

A lot of well-informed sources say that Poroshenko controls nothing anyway, and that the local CIA station chief is taking all the decisions. So if, like I think, Obama and his puppets will over-rule Merkel and Hollande, then a Russian military intervention will happen.

"Anonymous" above quoted Dugin as saying that the intervention will happen in 10 days. I am not a big fan of Dugin, but that sounds about right to me.

The Saker

Anonymous said...

"Donetsk and the surrounding cities are half Ukranian."

The Donetsk and Lugansk regions are overwhelmingly Russian-speaking. I'd say over 95%. When the census asks people what ethnicity they belong to, a Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizen can go with either Russian or Ukrainian based on his current opinion of local politics or just his mood that day.

24% of Crimeans called themselves Ukrainians in the last census. Yet according to Pew, an American polling firm, 88% of them recently wanted the Ukrainian government to recognize their referendum (the one that reunited them with Russia). Only 4% did not want their referendum recognized. The rest were undecided. I guarantee to you that in the next census the percentage identifying themselves as Ukrainians will be at least halved.

If a person feels himself split between two identities, or belonging to both of them, what sort of events can push him into a single identity? Attempts to ban and demonize his native language, airstrikes against civilians like him - stuff like that.

The idea that only economic losers in the former USSR are nostalgic about Soviet days is a Western fantasy. You'd love if that were true, so you just assume that it is true. Trust me, there js a lot of nostalgia at all levels.


Putin shakes hands with Porosenko (piggy son in Russian - my own nickname for him), the news from today hint that Putin somehow managed to influence the situation positively and maybe there won't be an intervention after all.

But in all cases, this right to intervene will be used only in the worst case scenario. Which has not yet kicked in.

I guess the only observation worth adding is this.

The atrocities being committed by CIA-financed Neo-Nazi criminals can only, realistically, have one goal: drawing in Russian troops.

There can be no other goal. Uniting Ukraine? Obviously not. Putting Ukraine on its feet economically? Obviously not.

No, this is the bully's provocation. But bully's don't do well when someone stands up to them.

Putin's intelligence, I believe, is excellent. He knows where everything is and where everyone is. He can act. I don't know what he wants to do.

Daniel Rich said...

War bleeds a country to death. Be it financially, physically or otherwise. One can defend oneself and be morally right, but in an attack, the defense of righting a wrong does not equate a win. The dustbin of history is littered with the carcasses of those who have tried.

I don't know Putin and I most certainly can't read his mind. The only option left [to me] is to geustimate his [in]action/s. I'm not good at chess, but I most certainly would not move my queen [the combined armed forces] out into the open and expose them to attacks from all sides.

I would use the Ukraine as a 'boat fender' [for the time being] until the USS 'We Keep FF-ng U Over' has sailed home.

Crossvader said...

Soarintothesky (20.00),

Russian economy doesn't have to stagnate because 50 Russians cannot travel to Riviera.
It started to stagnate well before Crimea, because the price of oil is stagnant. Russia's near total dependence on the price of oil is its biggest problem.

And joining WTO - Putin's crowning blunder - is what cemented it.

Historically, there never was a single country in the world that became fully developed without shielding its industry from onslaught of cheap imports, sometimes for a very long time. Russia is no exeption. Either it exits WTO and resorts to bilateral trade agreements that benefit it directly - or it will forever remain just a supplier of hydrocarbons with some auxiliary indusries, and not much else.
I believe Putin's calculation was that Russia would attract whole bunch of chemical plants because of the abundance of cheap feedstock, but since that didn't happen and won't happen, WTO membership is worse than useless - it's harmful.

UK, of course, is NOT growing. The nominal GDP may be rising, but since Brits cook their inflation statistics (just like Americans do), the growth is way overstated. Real GDP deflator is around 5 percent, not 1 percent the official data suggests. Therefore even 5 percent headline growth number is just a stagnation. Everyone in Britain, except for Cameron and Osborne, know that. There is not enough lipstick in the world to make that pig look good.

UK finances are a horror show, and the main reason why Brits are so reluctant to put kibosh on inflow of Russian money. Total stock of debt of 600% of GDP is unprecedented for a major country, and a perfect chokehold on British economy. It's not going anywhere.

jo6pac said...

Here's what we in Amerika see from the so-called liberal press.

Saker I do believe you are on the right track and it's not going to be long before Putin does step in. The bombing of not only citizens and destruction of power grids and water systems is what Amerika has done all around the world. If you can't win the whole prize then leave nothing behind that's usable. The neo-con cycle-0-paths war cry.

Thanks Juan for the update

June 6th combat SITREP update by Juan

The Vineyard of the Saker

14. Personal conversation by phone mid day today with person living near Krasni Liman. Person states right sector is looting shops, confiscating cars, trucks and buses. A few civilian men shot down in local streets. Some young women have been outraged. Person says no food allowed in to their living area location. Person states person and children eating porridge made from stored cattle food using water from local stream. Porridge is not cooked, barley soaked in water until soft, eaten cold. Water and electric cut off. Right sector going door to door checking documents and confiscating computers and cell phones. If no one answers door right sector breaks door down. If anyone in house or flat they are beaten and sometimes shot. Citizens with Russian passports are arrested and taken away. Fate unknown. Could hear screams and shouts at not great distance from cell phone, person stopped phone in mid sentence. I did not call back for fear of endangering person.

Anonymous said...

"Krasni Liman. All males ages 18-40 being arrested by right sector. Those arrested are being taken out of town. Fates unknown."

Have people already forgotten the lessons of the Great Purge (1937)? Why do they let anyone arrest them? Everyone who has not yet read the Gulag Archipelago should read it.

Larchmonter445 said...

Krasni Liman looks like it will be the scene of Right Sector massacres.

DIana M. CNN had a camera crew and interviewed a woman. CNN reporter said only the hospital was hit by air attack. Showed the strafing, the blasts. Naively, she wondered why the hospital was the target.

All men taken out. No cell phones, no photos. But women reporting last twenty-four hours of dozens executed in homes and in the hospital.

This is the blood lust we all feared.

They are "cleaning" the evidence of their ethnic cleansing.

Pray for Krasni Liman men. Pray for all the embattled Russians of the East.

I pray for just enough brotherly help to come across the border to save the others.

New Insight said...
Link to youtube videos showing families leaving Slaviansk:
Славянск эвакуация детей

Anonymous said...

Sorry to respectfully disagree with you, but this has not been tried before:

A federation or confedracy traps those scumbag morons in Western Ukraine from carrying out any further Foreign Policy decisions while cutting them off from any subsidies from Eastern Ukraine: putting those deluded lazy 3rd worlders in their rightful place forever.

If the EU gets Western Ukraine, they will not stop destabilizing Eastern Ukraine at a later date; you cannot compromise with NAZIs only crush them.

Anonymous said...

BBC ran an interview with 3 people from Kharkov - 2 women and a man - that pretty well sums up the divisions of opinion (and the intransigence and dislike for Russia amongst the Euromaidan crowd). The reporter was there in the city. Can't find it on their website or I would post a link. They broke it up into pieces - maybe they will post it entire at some point. As another commenter said Russia has done little to help themselves over the years since independence - tended to look down on Ukrainians, perhaps with a kind of ambivalence: "So you want to be independent? Have at it" and then watched in bemusement at mess that was made but did little to foster reconciliation. Yes gas subsidies, but that is a bit abstract and did nothing to soften attitudes. Not that Europe did more, but like a family squabble bitterness tends to be harder to dispel among those who are closest. As a consequence the majority of Ukrainians are very divided in their opinions and don't have a clear sense of where they want to go either.

Moscow Exile said...

As regards the Kharkov interviews, it's hardly surprising that there exists petulance towards Russia there: it's only 20 miles or so to the nearest Russian city, Belgorod, and the difference between the standards of living in Russia and the Ukraine are apparent. When you cross the frontier by train, at all the stops in the Ukraine the platforms swarm with folk trying to earn a crust selling home-made pies, bottles of beer, crayfish, smoked fish from local rivers, pastries, fruit etc., etc. Of course, this happens at Russian stops in the provinces, but in the Ukraine I reckon that the numbers hawking their wares at stations is at least five times larger than what one sees in Russia. I first noticed this in 2004 whilst travelling to the Crimea in order to spend our family summer holidays there. And the trains were also packed with money changers as well, desperate to buy rubles.

Andrew said...


Svobodaland (Galacia, Volyn, Kiev City) clearly wants to go EU/NATO/Austerity, with big majorities supporting this path. Its not possible for this to be reconcile with what the rest of Ukraine wants, which is why Ukraine is being torn apart.

The best thing for everyone would be to saw off the west half of the country at the border of Vinnitsia and Zhitomir and let Ultima Banderastan try to go and become part of the EU. Its not a reward for the EU to take these people in, its really a punishment, and it would be a blessing for all the rest of Ukraine to wave goodbye to them.

Mulga Mumblebrain said...

In the local MSM sewer, not a word is allowed to be uttered concerning the growing Banderist atrocities in Novorossya, and they are actively denied as 'fabrications'.

One particularly odious voice is the sham 'Human Rights Watch, a New York Jewish front group, dedicated to Imperial agit-prop, and another the hideous Navi Pillay, the US stooge at the UN human rights organisation.

The sheer extremity of the lying is quite unprecedented, because the situation, the terminal decline of Europe's 500 year reign of terror over humanity, is unprecedented. This will end in war or Putin's overthrow then the dismemberment of Russia. The Real Evil Empire is allowing no other outcome.

[Jun 06, 2014] Ukraine's Tymoshenko The U.S. and E.U. 'underestimate the real threat of this situation' by Lally Weymouth

April 25 | The Washington Post

I asked Mr. Poroshenko about how much you two argued after the Orange Revolution, which people say is one reason the Orange Revolution failed. Have you learned anything from this? Are you going to argue again?

The reason why the Orange Revolution failed was not because the leaders were fighting with each other but because the president who was elected on the wave of the Orange Revolution took over all the corrupt schemes that existed during the previous presidency. Within a couple of months, the oligarchs had adopted a new president. Clearly, with this background, we [Poroshenko and I] had a clear conflict. A few months later [then-President Viktor] Yushchenko made his choice by staying in contact with oligarchs and by dismissing me from the position of prime minister. Today there is a big threat that the consequences of this revolution will not be what we want them to be if the de facto oligarchs stay in power and retain their control.

Are you referring to Poroshenko?

I am not against big business. I am against politics and business being in corrupt connections with each other. Poroshenko now continues this story. The most powerful corrupt group that was near Yanukovych was [businessman Dmytro] Firtash, [former fuel and energy minister Yuri] Boyko and Serhiy Lyovochkin [former chief of staff to Yanukovych].

And they are still around?

Now they have adopted Poroshenko. The FBI had initiated a criminal [bribery] case against Firtash [and] found him in Vienna. Poroshenko and [politician Vitali] Klitschko went recently to Vienna and met Firtash, Lyovochkin and Boikin there. They agreed on strategic cooperation. After that, Firtash came out and made a public statement that he supports Poroshenko. Firtash owns one of the biggest television channels here. This channel starts transmitting the election campaign of Poroshenko. Lyovochkin makes a public statement about supporting Poroshenko. Lyovochkin de facto becomes the campaign manager of Poroshenko. Now there is the question of, what has the revolution changed

[Jun 05, 2014] Russia asked the OSCE to investigate the legality of the using of aviation by Ukrainian military

The Russian delegation at the session of the OSCE Permanent Council raised the issue of the use by Kiev's military heavy weapons and aircraft in the East of Ukraine, said Russia's permanent representative to the OSCE Andrei Kelin.

"Punitive operation of the Ukrainian law enforcers has all the features of violations of international humanitarian law, particularly the Geneva conventions of 1949," said Kelin, RIA "Novosti".

According to him, it is about the reported use of the Ukrainian party exploding bullets, cluster bombs and artillery. "There is information from the OSCE observation mission about the use of tanks, artillery and aviation," said Kelin.
"We asked a lot of questions, but Ukrainian Ambassador was unable to answer any, other then to the usual attempts to transfer the responsibility to Russia," said Kelin.

Let's remind the readers, that since mid-April, the Kyiv authorities conduct in the East of Ukraine punitive operation against supporters of independence of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics, which declared the desire to separate from Ukraine after the coup d'etat occurred in the country on 22 February after several days of clashes in the centre of Kiev.

Active hostilities have been suspended for the time of the may 25 presidential election, but resumed the next day. Poroshenko, who won the election, in the categorical form has demanded that the security forces "clean up" before the his inauguration including the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Security forces are actively using heavy artillery and combat aircraft. Reported numerous civilian casualties and the destruction of houses and infrastructure.

In Moscow power in a special operation in the East of Ukraine called punitive and demand from Kiev to immediately stop it.

[Jun 05, 2014] No Returning to G8: Russia

Aletho News

Russia said Wednesday that it was open for cooperation with major Western powers, but ruled out a return to the Group of Eight (G8), made up of the seven most industrialized nations, known as G7, and Russia.

"Such a format does not exist for now," Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told a Russian radio station.

Russia would, however, continue to participate in the Group of 20, which includes the most developed and major developing countries of the world, Peskov said.

Leaders of G7 declared in March that they would boycott the G8 summit in Sochi, where they were scheduled to have met with Russia this week. Instead, they gathered in Brussels for a two-day G7 summit.

[Jun 05, 2014] Ukraine: Kerry Urging For "Evidence" Of Russian Involvement

Jun 05, 2014 | moon of alabama | Comments (48)

Somewhat funny.

April 8 - U.S. and NATO Warn Russia Against Further Intervention in Ukraine

Secretary of State John Kerry accused the Kremlin of fomenting the unrest, calling the protests the work of saboteurs whose machinations were as "ham-handed as they are transparent." Speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he added: "No one should be fooled - and believe me, no one is fooled - by what could potentially be a contrived pretext for military intervention just as we saw in Crimea. It is clear that Russian special forces and agents have been the catalysts behind the chaos of the last 24 hours."

Russia (recommended reading)

QUESTION: But, Mr President, the United States and the White House claim they have evidence that Russia intervened in the conflict, sent its troops and supplied weapons. They claim they have proof. Do you believe that?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Proof? Why don't they show it? "Any evidence?" ...

June 5 - Obama, Seeking Unity on Russia, Meets Obstacles

Secretary of State John Kerry also spent time talking with Mr. Poroshenko, privately urging him to provide evidence of Russian involvement with separatists with which to confront Russian officials.

What a lying piece of shit.


from saker's - "National guard/right sector entered Railroad Hospital Krasni Liman and shot dead 37 wounded Donbas Army soldiers and civilians and at least 1 hospital worker. Confirmed."

isn't going into a hospital and doing this a war crime?



I particularly liked this bit of commentary from earlier:

"We're seeing ridiculous stories to that effect, like one in the New York Times headlined "Russians Revealed among Ukraine Fighters."

No kidding-Russians are among the members of an ethnic-Russian militia in a Russian-majority area of Ukraine, bordering Russia? Scary stuff!"

Strangely this relatively reasonable piece appeared in the Times:

"Any government has the right to assert its writ on its own sovereign territory. But this "anti-terrorist operation" is being conducted in regions where the population was already overwhelmingly opposed to the government in Kiev. A mid-April poll found that over 70 percent of the population in both Donetsk and Lugansk consider that government "illegal."

A separate survey indicated that 80 percent believe it does not represent all of Ukraine."

Mike Maloney

This seems part of a campaign for increased sanctions that had mixed results yesterday in Brussels at the G-7 meeting. Russia must be blamed for a legitimate uprising by Donbass citizens. How else to rationalize further sanctions? Also, as the ATO atrocities mount -- the junta will attempt to make an example of Slovyansk -- they can be dismissed as Russian provocateurs hiding among civilians.

All of this is reminiscent of how Israel treats the Palestinian Authority. But Russian is not the PA, and Putin is not Mahmoud Abbas.


Mild but possibly useful in waking people up:


Yes, the American Government and Corporate Media are lying. Lately the news is getting hysterical.

Corporate media cannot talk about the Nazi Coup in Kiev, the Right Sector rampage through Eastern Ukraine, or the likelihood of nuclear holocaust if NATO and Russia get in a shooting war. Instead, the reporting has been about Veterans dying because they could not get appointments and lately the return of the only prisoner of war from Afghanistan. Politicians of both parties said he should have been left there.

Nobody is saying how crazy this is. No sane persons would join the military now with a European War threatening and the contempt the Elite hold for soldiers. The only people who will fight for the flailing American Empire are Nazis and Jihadists who will in the end turn around and happy kill any Americans left they run across.


Hoarsewhisper #9 that's beautiful, I might even repost that an other sites, with attribution of course. Anyways, two good pieces concerning the real ham-handed hypocritices and the double standards of US foreign policy

It absolutely drives me crazy hearing Obama and Kerry lecture the world about human rights and democracy and foreign intervention and on and on you all know the drill, while the distance between their actions and their words can only be measured in light years. Many, many, many light years.


for updates on South Stream and other gas info.


i took years and years of spanish in high school and college. In my last class, we had to read cervantes in the original medieval spanish... completely useless if you're ordering ia beer in a tijuana bar

but the light came on, and cevantes was a miracle. maybe if enough people learn english, we can realize how alike we are, all of us

[Jun 03, 2014] 'US wants to make Ukraine anti-Russian state' – senior Duma MP


The head of the lower house Foreign Relations Committee believes Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko tends to work on instructions from Washington, and these concentrate on making Ukraine an anti-Russian state.

"I get the impression that Poroshenko is completely oriented toward the United States, that the European Union is a second priority project for him. He connects his political ambitions mostly with Washington," MP Aleksey Pushkov said in an interview with the mass circulation daily Izvestia.

He elaborated that European leaders mostly want the situation in Ukraine to stabilize, while the United States seeks to turn the country into "an openly anti-Russian nation, in future dragging it into NATO."

Pushkov noted that Poroshenko's behavior can be explained by the current political situation in his country.

"Today the country is run by forces that see conflict with Russia as a self-sufficient objective. The conflict helps Kiev to establish the national identity that is not being formed from within, but results from the standoff with Moscow. This is the identity they intend to use to gain ground in the international political arena," the MP said.

According to Pushkov, all recent statements from the new Ukrainian leader are far from reality. In particular, the promises not to buy natural gas from Russia, relying on reverse supplies from Europe were unfounded as not all countries could organize the reverse traffic and the reserves of the gas are not sufficient for Ukraine's needs.

"Such hopes are nonsense. Poroshenko will have to deal with Russia," the legislator stated.

Pushkov also said in the interview that Russia will not be taking part in the June session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. This was a reaction to recently introduced sanctions – PACE deprived the Russian delegation of the voting right, denied participation in monitoring missions and ruling bodies of the organization till the end of the year.

In reply, Russia decided to completely suspend the cooperation with PACE and State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin informed the assembly's chair, Anne Brasseur, about this decision in an official letter, Pushkov told the newspaper. He added that participation with no rights had hardly any benefits and noted that Russia was among PACE's largest donors, with 23 million euro (US$31.4 million) transferred to the assembly's budget.

"The assembly sees the emergence of a new united front of people who do not want to know the truth and who reject even the obvious facts. Their task is to launch an Inquisition process against Russia and to substantiate the western support of the Kiev regime," Pushkov said.

In was Aleksey Pushkov who first called upon the Russian delegation to PACE to leave the body's sessions in protest of sanctions.

"We admit the possibility that the anti-Russian passions could prevail in PACE, but in this case we consider it necessary not to allow the vote to strip the Russian delegation of its powers. If we see that is likely the Russian delegation would walk out of the session before the actual vote and thus there will be no one to deprive of powers. We will not give our opponents the pleasure to vote for our exemption," Pushkov said in a parliamentary speech in early April.

[Jun 02, 2014] Barack Obama to urge European leaders to keep up pressure on Russia

The Guardian
President Barack Obama will press European leaders this week to keep up pressure on Russia over its threatening moves in Ukraine, while seeking to assuage fears from Poland and other Nato allies that the west could slip back into a business-as-usual relationship with Moscow.

Obama's four-day trip to Poland, Belgium and France comes against the backdrop of successful national elections in Ukraine and signs that Russia is moving most of its troops off its shared border with the former Soviet republic. Yet violence continues to rage in eastern Ukrainian cities and there remains deep uncertainty about whether Ukraine's new president-elect can stabilize his country.

US officials contend that, even with some signs of progress, Russia has not taken the necessary steps to ease tensions and could still face additional economic sanctions. Obama will look for western allies to show a united front during a meeting of the Group of Seven major industrial nations that was quickly arranged after leaders decided to boycott a meeting Russia had been scheduled to host this week.


If Obama doesn't get his way, and Europe refuses to fall on its own sword to further US full spectrum domiance, will Obama gather up his marbles and go home?

bootboys -> ocixem2

I think he lost his marbles a while ago.

whyohwhy1 -> ocixem2

Hopefully he will stay in the US for the rest of his term; doesn't he have problems to solve over there? Unfortunately "lame duck" presidents often try do something big on the international stage, perhaps Obama will send useless Kerry to the Middle East again (to distract from Israeli crimes).

01 June 2014 6:18pm


Monday March 24th - President Obama arrives in The Netherlands, tours the Rijksmuseum and holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Rutte of The Netherlands, before participating in a bilateral meeting with President Xi Jinping of China at the United States Ambassador's residence before arriving at the World Forum to participate in the Nuclear Security Summit.

~~this is the beauty of the diplomacy~~
well it is time that people put pressure on america by simply throwing out their ambassadors….because america is a threat to world peace and have been so since the americans overthrew the government in iran and installed the shah pahlavi….hell the americans are so rotten they even spy on their friends like merkel…as for pressurizing russia ….hah,,,,,what crack has obama been smoking…america is so bankrupt that it is now a question of when not if america collapses under its unpayable debt….should interest rates go to a measly 5% america collapses….

should russia china and india sell off their ever value losing american treasuries…..interest rates could easily climb to 10% ….when will this happen….when russia china india have hedged their reserves in gold bullion….wake up people….. already russia china india are in discussions regarding closer energy and trade agreements….

already russia china and india are buying massive amounts of gold…..

Sergei Konyushenko -> stephanblack
There's a lot of sense in your comment. That's exactly why they're so desperate to spread chaos and violence everywhere.

EU had deliberately participated in a very dangerous game over Ukraine and I guess it suits the US goals, too.


Only fools trust Obama. From a book about all the presidents


ocixem2 -> manner

I don't understand all this partisan hatred.

New boss same as the old boss, and this regarless of party affiliation.

gwp3 -> manner

What book is that then? The Big Tea Party Book of Presidents?


Oh the irony. A few years ago the EU member states and many in Europe were calling the UK the poodle of the USA, now the EU is the USA poodle. Just wait until the Eu signs all EU countries trading over to the USA and takes our trade away. It will be a one way USA benefit.

Of course the USA with Kerry is trying to get the EU to go to economic war with Russia over Ukraine, to get the economic spoils. Are people so naive? What would make the USA the most fed up? A UK, EU, Russian and Chinese trade pact! The USA can see this and is trying to stir up trouble between the EU and Russia.

diabolus -> magicspoon3

Tell that to the Pols, because they are very, very concerned about Russias involvement in the Eastern Ukraine. Invasion by states, or clandestine invasion are a real and serious credible threat to sovereignty. This is far larger than some ridiculous plan which sees the US profiting and the formation of a new Euro/Sino/Russo customs union.

ocixem2 -> diabolus

Invasion by states, or clandestine invasion are a real and serious credible threat to sovereignty.

Gosh, I wish somebody would have thought about that before US/NATO inflicted all that "shock and awe" on Iraq.

hfakos -> diabolus

Ok, so the Pols can pay Ukraine's gas bills, nobody stops them if that's what they wish to do. We Hungarians, on the other hand, are not that worried about a Russian invasion.

We would like to be able to do business with them, upgrade our Russian nuclear power plant, and also benefit from South Stream.

I hope saner nations in the EU will prevent Sikorski from becoming a higher-level EU functionary. The last thing we need is waging war against the Russians on America's behalf.

Obama should shut down the Guantanamo gulag first, before giving lectures on morality.

alsojusticeseeker -> magicspoon3

US suggestion to NATO to break the deal between Paris and Moscow to supply 2 navy ships and to buy out both for NATO!

Fantastic move - European taxpayers will be more than happy to pay for increased military budgets and for the rest of this political stupidity.

palindrome -> hfakos

Great post. Any war with Russia (economic or shooting) is completely against the interest of the European countries. This is the USA using the EU to divide and conquer again. It's up to us to say no to the EU and no to this stupid game of antagonising Russia with nothing to gain a lot to lose for Europe.

Nonfundee -> diabolus

Russia is not threatening anyone else anymore. Poland/Baltics just want to have more attention to themselves.

Who can think that Poland is threatened by Russia ? And who cares about the Baltic states .. Just a noise

annette83 -> diabolus

Have you already forgotten 1940s, and Volyn massacre when Ukrainian nationalists (UPA party) drew up a plan to exterminate all the Poles, Jews and Russians? Among the leaders were Stepan Bandera, Klim Kavur for example.. And in the process murdered thousands of WOMEN, CHILDREN in Poland, just like Hitler did? The Poles seem to have forgotten that too soon....

And today Ukrainians even have monuments to Bandera, Kavur and some other people in charge of mass murders in that period.

And today's Svoboda party in Ukraine in the successor of the UPA.
Why are European politicians still keeping silent about all of that??

If Europe stops supporting the Americans with their promotion of fascism in Ukraine and Europe, this fascist movement in Ukraine will just stop, piano piano. If not, it can get really ugly in here.

Sergei Konyushenko -> hfakos

It's completely bullshit, I mean the Poles paranoia. First of all, it's not going to happen and Russia needs no Poland land. And Europe should not sacrifice it's economies due to the poles disorders. Poland has to admit it's failed to play the most desirable role as Ukraine EU conductor.

hfakos Sergei -> Konyushenko

I can tell you that most Hungarians are not very keen on footing the Kiev gang's gas bill, when its first act was to ban minority languages, including Hungarian.

I know Turchynov didn't sign it, but still. The poles are still a bit angry because Nord Stream reduced their blackmail potential. Once South Stream is online Ukraine's blackmail potential will also be reduced. Will be good for stability.

indoorain -> diabolus

Poles have their calculation crying : "Wolf, Wolf, ..." where wolf is nowhere near and pretty disinterested in Poland at all. Poland calculates to squeeze political points,rise their own political position/power in the region and snack some $.

Mutually agreed somewhere in the past they are now doing well planned favour to the big brother. That's what is all about. Pretty miserable out of Poles.

ocixem2 -> diabolus

The rise in nationalistic sentiment may be lamentable, but it is understandable. It arises because Europe is ruled by an unelected, supranational technocratic elite which could care less whether everyday Europeans live or die.

As Hannah Arendt noted in The Origins of Totalitariansm:

The Rights of Man, after all, had been defined as "inalienable" because they were supposed to be independent of all governments; but it turned out that the moment human beings lacked their own government and had to fall back upon their minimum rights, no authority was left to protect them and no institution willing to guarantee them.


Some think Obama is stupid, or crazy - I don't think he matters at all.

US Military block making brilliant work on destabilizing both EU and Russia, breaking business links and trade agreements, while creating long-term neo-liberal-nazi regime in Ukraine which in 5-10 years of receiving military and financial help will be able to go war at any chosen direction. Reminds me of creating of nazi germany with the help of UK and US.


Europe should send a simple message to Obama: No You Can't!


It seems that Obama is under tough pressure now to declare more and more sanctions. He and his friends from the schoolyard can't understand that world has changed a lot and it's time to make it more peacefully if their intention is not to start the WW3.

Maybe all of them live in Psaki world. If so I regret it


How about Obama pressurises his clients in Kiev to stop shelling and bombing civilian cities?

Reiner Torheit -> twiglette

How about Obama pressurises his clients in Kiev to stop shelling and bombing civilian cities?

Because there is no stigma in murdering civilians - once obliging newspapers have labelled their corpses as "gunmen", "insurgents", "rebels" and so forth.

If these people were true Ukrainian patriots, they'd stop trying to dodge the missiles fired at them by the Ukrainian armed forces, wouldn't they?

After all, as William Hague says - if they've not done anything wrong, they have nothing to fear. And the Graun is a tenacious supporter of Mr Hague these days.

hermanmitt 01 June 2014 5:46pm
The US is desperate to promote an atmosphere of conflict with Russia, and is trying to use every opportunity and every excuse to isolate Putin and escalate a culture of 'cold war'.

Every time it happens more and more people are forced to wake up to the reality that it's not Russia stirring the pot, it's the US, and for no reason other than the fact that the West is bankrupt and the US needs a major war to prevent the total collapse of the dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Well Mr Obama (Nobel Peace Prize winner) - you are no longer fooling anybody any longer!


Jeez! Will the Grauniad never give up on this rubbish? Nothing at all about the fascists and neo-nazis in Kiev who have been aided and abetted by the said Obama and his CIA spivs.

Does Grauniad think we have no memory?


Pressure absolutely needs to be maintained on Russia - Russia has already claimed Crimea to be its own and its destabilisation of Eastern Ukraine continues. Europe relies more on Russia for fuel and trade than the US but to discount action against the Kremlin purely on the grounds of short term economics would be a mistake.

When I read the majority of posts on this forum, I feel I've stepped into an alternative universe in which conspiracies are rife but I enjoyed the article.

Skywithclouds -> Alderbaran

That's because money don't fall from the sky, you know.

People are always want to make someone else to sacrifice their hard work and benefits for them, not pay themselves.

So if someone is not motivated enough to freeze and starve for your behalf, it's understandable.

I suspect you yourself wouldn't want to give up your life, food and money to "put pressure on anyone". Or would you?)

edwardrice -> Alderbaran

Russia has already claimed Crimea to be its own and its destabilisation of Eastern Ukraine continues.

The EU/US backed coup in Kiev happened BEFORE Russia annexed Crimea and people in the east opposed to the coup regime in Kiev took up arms.

bibi62 -> Alderbaran

Crimea did happen as Russia has to react to an aggression. Furthermore already in 2008 Putin warned that he could take back Crimea if NATO was to come close to its borders. US was warned, they proceeded the same with the coup in Kiev, they knew what they were going against back then already, they thought they'd be superhero but actually things didnt turn out the way they planned so now they put the blame on Russia.

Doug Salzmann

"Putin may not get to host the G-8 but if he gets to go to Normandy with everybody, it begins to diminish the appearance of isolation," said Steven Pifer, the former US ambassador to Ukraine. . .

Astute observation and analysis from one a distinguished diplomat.

The whole thing sounds like a bunch of teen-aged mean girls scheming to punish "outsiders" during party planning.

Shameful and pathetic.

CookiesForMaidan, 01 June 2014 6:10pm

Barack, can you put some pressure to stop this?


Hi there, it's me. Sweet little Vicky Nuland, your friendly next-door neocon with the magical cookie oven!

Look, I just don't understand what &**#& Osama is doing swanning around Yurp when he should be in the Youcrane. I bet it's that $%@$#% wife of his who needs a new Parisian outfit to compete with Angelina at the anti-Bozo Harlem Free Our Girls fundraiser.

I was going to go but I got a urgent call from the Choclogarch cutting me in big time on a chocolate-coated cookie joint-venture complete with EU guarantees and a tax hiatus until 2075 provided we launch a full-scale air assault on Moscow. Frankly it would be easier to teach Pussy Riot how to sing but the State Dept.'s motto has always been Challenges R Us so rev up the engines, load up those cruise missiles and bring out the baking trays!!! Yeeeeeee-hah!!!!


Bombama, corporate prostitute, doing the bidding for USA energy exporters


Obama has been a terrific President. I would vote for him again.

He is patient and prudent -- not excessive nor rash in judgment.
Compassion for others is not a weaknesses.

Doug Salzmann -> oz7com

Sarcasm, I sincerely hope.

FulanoZutano -> oz7com

He is not a terrific president. He never stands up to Israel. He was nearly dragged into war with Syria. He provided support for the overthrow of Ghadafi which has left al-Qaeda with a new base in Libya. His done attacks have killed hundreds of innocent people.

As if that weren't enough, now he is interfering in Ukrainian politics.

He is a foreign policy numbskull, just like Bush.


Obama will be rallying the European elites in his project to isolate, contain, and eventually, perhaps, engineer a regime change in Russia.

Western European masses are kind of alienated from their poodle governments, as the recent PE elections have demonstrated. They may not want to make sacrifices to help a bankrupt, exceptionalist, and belligerent Uncle Sam maintain the unipolar world order. In spite of the best efforts of the MSM, the whole world knows that the US is the one stoking tensions and that NATO is the true aggressor and the greatest danger to world peace.

As for Poland and the other Eastern Europeans, their enthusiastic support for the US in its quest to destroy Russia and conquer the world, is folly of such great proportions that you have to question the sanity of their leadership.


Great American strategy:


David Cameron has slammed Brussels for asking for taxpayer's cash for crisis torn Ukraine. Brussels are demanding an extra £500 million from Britain to help Ukraine and to cover youth unemployment projects there (and they are not in the E.U.) With things spiraling out of control it is going to cost us a lot more than that.

Perhaps he should have realised there is no such thing as a free ride.

Marqus -> Popeyes

Poroshenko and others in Ukraine are ready and hungry for all extra money to use except for those to pay debts.

They know how to use your money, that's why they become billionaires

Ed Bighi

I have had enough of Bush and now Obama. As an American expatriate living in Europe, I can only dream about the day European leaders have just half the cojones Putin has in order to send Obama or whoever else is the next idiot to go packing. Enough already.

Go mind your own business already. Hell, fix the US for starters.

But nah. Instead this mook keeps telling the world what to do.


Russia can rise to power with the East. There is no reason for Russia to beg the West for acceptance....

The 21st century belongs to the East, to China and India. The enormous expanse of Russia sits above both of these most populous of all countries))

It would have been nice if we had managed the Russian relationship better over the last decade, but we did not.....

Marqus -> johnny66

It's true and it's the envy of USA


Maybe Mr. Obama will finally urge the newly-elected Ukrainian President Poroshenko to sell his privately owned TV-channel?

Eager to see that...yet, being afraid he won't, just because some animals are more equal, than the others...and there is a also a nice tradition of USA started from Somosa's support as Mr. Roosevelt put in once and forever.

Some words about a poor son...)))

Doug Salzmann -> AfinaPallada

As far as I'm concerned, he can keep his TV station, for now, if he'll stop the attacks on the people of the east.


How does the US think; that getting Ukrainian Nazis to murder Ukrainian civilians is likely to persuade Russia to ease tensions when Russia is so obviously not the country trying to create the tensions in the first place?

Russia, from what I can see, is not carrying out outrageous acts: instead, it's blatantly evident (from all the gory photos and videos) that rampaging Nazis are the ones creating tension by carrying out macabre and indiscriminate killing on their own country's civilian population.

US backing of these extremists is hardly prudent: it is Ukraine's civilian population getting hurt and to what end? What can possibly justify the means being used?


The US is led by some of the crassest ideology, which has no place in the emerging new world, despite Obama recently saying,

"I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being."

The idea that any US citizen, black or white, is inherently and manifestly better than a black or white person elsewhere in the world suggests to me that Obama is an American exceptional racist who is in charge of a Nazi rogue state. LINK


Actually it's very difficult to meet with Putin in private. That's why the g8 or 7 leaders didn't want to come to sochis summit. They just haven't had nuts to face and listen to the truth backed by Putin.

And that's why all the bilateral talks with Obama always were so tough. He might understand that Putin is right but he's abide by his warmongers from fascington.

He cannot do more than Nuland and Psaki have written for him

Sergei Konyushenko -> Marqus

Ah... So it might be Psaki, who has written that there was referendum in Kosovo...

Then it's no surprise to me...


This is a moment of truth from Obama - abandon Russian gas and buy American, twice or three times more expensive. Disgusting.

Meanwhile, on the 27th of May, WaPo publishes an article about Poroshenko asking for American military aid, comparing it to lend-lease. Oh, it's so common to compare Putin to Hitler, so why not call it lend-lease?

As usual, the comment section is more interesting than the article. The general tone of the comments would be best summarized by a post from christianmiller-

"No. No weapons, no money, no involvement."

By the way, not so many comments there - 145. As well as this very article is not being commented on very fast. No surprise, though. When it's about YOUR money, Europeans, you suddenly became deaf, exactly like Americans.

Please don't think I support giving these Kiev thugs even a halfpenny.

Poroshenko promised hungry Ukrainian soldiers a hundredfold salary compared to the miserable one given before. But where is the promised money? Poroshenko can easily refund some of the costs from his pocket. He has been in the governments before - together with Yuschenko and Yanukovich.

So his startup capital roots into the same source as Yanukovich's.

DennisP 01 June 2014 7:35pm
The Chocolate King Who Would Be President

and who became one.

Note: In the Western media, Poroshenko is a "tycoon", not an "oligarch".

Money Laundering, Graft and Corruption: Who is Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko?

Someone whom Barry can do business with?


Obama "presses EU to keep pressure on Russia." Wow, it looks like the EU is being pressed and forced to do something. Some good partner they found in the US.


President-elect Petro Poroshenko

Dead fascist walking !!


Seriously though, WTF. Why the corner stone of Obama's policy is to do something against Russia? Russia isn't doing anything wrong. They are calling for dialogue and cease of violence in Ukraine, they are working together with Europe, they become a reliable and stable trading partner. But Obama's goal seems to be picking up fights with Russia no matter what and strong arming other countries to do the same. WTF!


There is little hope for a peaceful settlement in Ukraine when President elect Poroshenko takes the well worn and shamelessly exploited line that those in the East of his country who don't support him are 'terrorists'.

PullingTheStrings -> tiojo

Slight correction. Anyone in opposition to the US is a terrorist because when the US supports them they are rebel freedom fighters.

Vocalista tiojo

Communism was for decades the West's bogeyman.

Unfortunately for the powers that (should not) be, communism collapsed in 1989. A new bogeyman was needed to continue the massive spending on defence, spying and the 'military industrial complex'.

Terrorism is the new bogeyman...terrorism is the new communism.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

H. L. Mencken


We all known the Ukraine unrest was directly due to the US trying to corner the gas and oil market. And who is their main rival for Gas and Oil Russia and where does the Russian pipes run through? ... The Ukraine !! Da Da!

Kamik11 -> PullingTheStrings

The funny thing is that they recently called Russia a gas station with a shade of a mockery but at the same time they are obviosly trying to become such a gas station for Europe instead of Russia.

Sergei Konyushenko

We very much admired that the people of Ukraine have turned out in huge numbers to elect President-elect Poroshenko," said Ben Rhodes, Obama's deputy national security adviser. "We've admired his commitment to pursue dialogue and to aim to reduce tensions and put Ukraine on a positive path."

Fifty percent turnout, and a bit more than fifty percent of the populace given their votes for him. What a huge number!
It has to be noticed that the large part of the voters who did not support maidan had no candidate to vote for. Those who were representing the Southeast, beaten by Nazi crowd and signed off the pursuit. For the first time in history,there's no communist candidate

Sergei Konyushenko -> Sergei Konyushenko

Shelling is a positive path, yeah, Ben Rhodes.

znaika -> Sergei Konyushenko

For the country where the President can be elected by minority of voters it is a beacon of democracy.


So Poroshenko, The US's lastest puppet


I don't like Putin at all but I dislike the criminal state the US has become even more.

There on a warpath looking for a fight. There hypocrisy is so blatant you have to think they just don't care. This is a state that out of control and the world needs to do something about it before they do something really stupid.

Caroline Louise

Hmm...don't you get the impression that when they war-gamed this little Ukraine scenario they assumed that by now Russia would have been goaded into doing something they could describe as aggressive? Don't you get the impression that by now Russia was supposed to have sent troops into Donbass so that Obama and his puppets could all get together to condemn Putin as a new Hitler at the D-Day celebration.

Sadly, Russia hasn't obliged, which leaves the actors all floundering. Their script about Russian aggression and "danger" makes no sense, yet they stick to it, because no one has a better plan, or maybe any plan at all.

Where's this going? The answer seems to get no clearer.

Larry144 -> Caroline Louise

The likely outcome is that Ukrainians will get tired of the IMF austerity and extreme poverty and will negotiate a deal with Russia, where Putin will ask them to stop the civil war and leave the Eastern Ukraine alone.

Ukraine seceded from the Soviet Union peacefully. Nobody was trying to reign them in using an "antiterrorist operation." It's time for Ukraine to thank the regime-changers in Washington for destroying the Ukrainian government and economy and to move on with what's left: the Donetsk and Lugansk regions are gone and it's no use crying over spilt milk. Most residents there are now against the Kiev rule. The total population of those regions is about 7 million. Thus, the Kiev army will have to exterminate 2 or 3 million people in order to regain control over those regions. Unrealistic.

Ed Bighi

Hey Obama, want to get the Europeans to keep pressure on Russia? Try some goodwill towards Europe. You want to send Monsanto seeds over as a sign of goodwil you say? Nah, that won't work. Do this instead. Start by sending Germany its gold back. Considering how much risk Germany is taking with regards to energy by helping in your little geopolitical game, how about a show of support with the gold. That will go a long way.


The US needs to stick a sock in it, continually blaming Putin is a nonsense, the US interfered where it should not, and their plan has gone pear shaped. The EU hopefully, will not play Obama's or the US game. Mature people will always enter into dialogue, but there again, the US administration, like the bully boys in the UK, are not adults, hopefully some of the leaders in Europe will explain to the US their folly, and be professional towards Putin.


In the circumstances of a civil war a 30% mandate is not a unifying statement of a nation's will. It's marginally OK in peacetime but not in the least convincing with a country as violently split as Ukraine. Poroshenko, like Abraham Lincoln, needs to win a war to actually demonstrate that a unified state exists. However in this case the parallels end there Poroshenko is no Lincoln and the nationalist bigots running the Kiev rump government are not the Union: The more diverse and outward looking part of Ukraine society may well in fact reside more so in the South and East despite the reductioinist media fantasy that the 'EuroMaidan' throng = Modern Europeans who must be supported to bring enlightenment to the benighted Russophile East.

It's not a resounding mandate if you are at war internally and intent exactly upon fomenting more conflict with your fellow country people. In such a case Poroshenko needs not only a supposed mandate from an uncertain electorate (for the time being) but he needs to win the war as well. Or stop the war. But he dorsn't want to do that. As it is he will need to kill a lot of people before he could possibly claim an indisputable mandate. And he probably will not succeed in ever getting to that conclusion, giving him the final victor's position. There are too many powerful nations sticking their nose in the pot with too much to lose for Poroshenko to get what he and his cronies would like. And even after the line up of external players have wrought their worst, he still has the angry divided festering nation of all those 45 million Ukrainian people to deal with. It will be instructive to see how the Ukrainian armed forces disintegrate, and what they will eventually do in their various formations.


"US ... contend that, even with some signs of progress, Russia has not taken the necessary steps to ease tensions and could still face additional economic sanctions."

So, Russians calling all parties for dialogue and cease violence is not "taking steps to ease tension." On the other hand, US call for sanctions is the step to ease tensions. I thought it's the other way around.

Am I totally confused her or has Obama stopped making sense all together?

Doug Salzmann 01 June 2014 9:06pm

Over a thousand people rallied in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on Sunday demanding that children be protected from Kiev's assault, with posters reading "Save Donbass kids from the Ukrainian army!"

The "Protect Donbass Children" rally saw several hundreds come out on Sunday to the city center, many holding banners reading "No to the Ukrainian army," "Slavic world without fascism" and "We are for peace". Mothers with their kids, some injured women among them, demanded an end to the offensive in the region.

The military operation has not stopped after the Ukrainian elections, but has, in fact, intensified. Several children were reported injured in Slavyansk on May 30, after the Ukrainian military shelled the town's residential area, with one of the shells hitting a children's hospital. A couple of days earlier a school and a kindergarten were damaged by Kiev's fire in Slavyansk.

Women rallying in the region say they want to attract the international community's attention to the fact that civilians are being targeted by the Ukrainian army.

"Snipers shoot at our children. We don't have words to express it any more, just emotions, tears and pain," one woman told Mir24 journalists at the rally.

MORE -- with photos and video


What it appears to be is that Obama is concerned that right now it is Russia who is calling for dialogue and proposing solutions and as a result Russia could be the one taking the positive leading role in resolving the conflict, leaving the US diplomacy and influence in dust. And it looks like Obama is building anti-Russia campaign to prevent them on taking positive role and overshadowing the US.

Canadianidol vr13vr

With sanctions ransacking the Russian economy who needs diplomacy?

Ernest Jacques

Putin is no saint but it is a truism that whenever and wherever Obama's America and his European poodles interfere in foreign affair, the end result is chaos, civil war, death, destruction and misery and wasted billions on weapons of mass destruction. Usually in the name of big money and in the interests of big multi-national corporations.

The same politicians who glibly talk about Western values remain silent when Russian speaking Ukrainian are burnt alive by right wing thugs and neo-Nazis.

What a bunch of self-serving hypocrites and what a big disappointment Obama has turned out to be.

BangTheDrums Ernest Jacques

Yes he's a disappointment but do we expect any different from successive US presidents?

The CIA/ NSA/ Military / State department / Neo-Con hawks are the people pulling the strings.

If they advise him that regime change is required in Libya / Syria / Venezuela /Ukraine he just goes along with what he's told. He has little influence on US foreign policy.


Europeans like Russians, remember that 20 million of them died in WWWII. We owe them big time.


Right now, the USA and Poland shouldn't be plotting revenge against Russia. Instead they should be thinking much harder about how they can stop the violence in Ukraine. Ever since Yanukovich was overthrown in the American-backed revolt, the country has been tearing itself apart.

Now the Americans are obsessively trying to blame Russia for the insurgency in the Donbass. But it's clear from the TV footage that the revolt is a grassroots movement and enjoys widespread sympathy from the local population.

The Ukrainian counter-insurgency campaign is completely unprofessional as it is relying on undisciplined and poorly trained Right Sector fighters who have been legalized and turned into the National Guard. Not surprisingly, the result is a rising number of civilian casualties.

Since the revolt enjoys widespread local support, civilian casualties will not frighten the civilian population into submission but instead will only encourage more local men to take up arms. If you don't believe me, remember the British experience in Ireland over the past century.

All the talk of sanctions and isolating Russia is a small-minded, inadequate response to the tragedy in the Donbass. The overriding priority must be to prevent the deaths of innocent civilians. So rather than encouraging this destructive counter-insurgency campaign, the USA and Poland should be trying harder to find a diplomatic solution.


The EU and Obama seem to take it in turns encourage each other to do very stupid things. The result of their regime change in Libya has so far resulted in:

1/ No more UN mandated intervention ever again. Russia and China will not trust the West which used a resolution for humanitarian intervention to topple the government.

2/ Massive flows of illegal immigrants into the EU- - as witnessed this week in Melilla.

3/ Islamic genocide followed by anti-Islamic counter-genocide in Central African Republic.

4/ Boko Haram running amok.

5/ Chaos in Mali.

And now we hear that the Brussels Jewish Museum killer is a returned Syrian jihadist.

Be prepared for thousands of Wahabized "British" Pakistanis retuning from Syria to wreak havoc on these shores.

But have our wise leaders learned anything? Of course not! Another crisis arises - another opportunity to display spectacular idiocy.


If anything Poland should be worried now, it is not Russia but the borders they are about to open to their Ukrainian neighbors, with thousands openly fascistic Western Ukrainians entering their country. Poland has a huge problem on its hands, and it is not the US that is going to help it.

PekkaRoivanen -> vr13vr

Poland could have been involved in training Right Sector activists months before the February coup


Maybe the secret US/EU plan is to split Ukraine up into pro-EU and pro-Russia halves, in an attempt to make what's left of the country politically manageable. Everything they have done so far looks to have been done with that aim in mind.

Crimea is gone. Donbass is going. Odessa and other parts of the south and east can't be far behind. My money is on Russia having land access to Crimea by the end of this incredibly stupid bit of EU/US meddling.

Dzjebe -> EbbTide64

This was not a US/EU plan. There is no EU body that could/would plan such a thing. This was a US plan, that went wrong, then the EU was asked to clean up the mess.

EbbTide64 -> Dzjebe

The deal that Yanukovytch refused to sign was with the EU. The EU bigwig, Catherine Ashton, was in Kiev cheering the protesters on before Yanu