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Family of Secrets The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years (9781608190065) Russ Baker Books

Richard Cummings (Bridgehampton, NY) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)

An Essential Book, December 18, 2008

French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre said that "words are loaded pistols." In the hands of Russ Baker, they are hydrogen bombs. On each and every page of his masterpiece, "Family of Secrets," he exploses the myths and lies that powerful forces have perpetratred on the American consciousness. He digs beneath the surface in a form of journalistic archeology to reveal the hidden history of one of America's most powerful families, leaving no stone unturned. Moreover, he names all of his sources and documents the materials he relies on to unmask the hypocrisy behind the myth. From Prescott Bush's ties to Nazi Germany to Poppy Bush's secret role in the Watergate scandal that ousted Richard Nixon, which was, in fact, a "silent coup," to George W. Bush's deceit in launching the war in Iraq, Russ Baker unmasks the truth with a relentless brilliance unmatched by his peers. His publisher, Bloomsberry, is to be congratulated for its confidence in Russ Baker at a time when most publishers are hedging their bets and looking over their shoulders in acts of self-censorship. Baker's revelations about George W. Bush's private life is worth the price of the book alone. Here is Bush, forcing himself on a Danish beauty, stripping to the nude, while getting another girl friend he knocks up an abortion, and then later, as president, opposing abortion and cutting funding for organizations that provide information about birth control. How he managed to get the Danish beauty to go on record, as he does with other key players in Watergate and the Kennedy assassination, is nothing short of astonishing. He traces the true history of Poppy Bush's career, from his early ties to the CIA he pretended never existed while declaring himself "out of the loop," to his strange phone call from Dallas to the FBI on the day of Kennedy's assassination, pointing a finger at a suspect who was in fact totally innocent, to his manipulation of Watergate to get rid of Nixon, is a secret story forced out of the shadows by the powerful documentation by Baker in this tour de force that keeps you turning the pages in asonishment. What he discloses is America's War of the Roses, as powerful families fight to the death for ultimate power. The history of Lee Harvey Osward in the world of wealth, power and intelligence that was Dallas, Texas at the time, is amazing. The anodyne courses in political science and history at American colleges and universities need very much to inject Family of Secrets into the curriculum so that young Americans can be more able to understand what America is truly about as a new president strives to change and reform it. It puts the dots together in a way that makes any further naivety amongst Americans impossible. What he tells us simply cannot be ignored. One can fully expect the Establishment media to go after this book in typical fashion, as they make their usual attempt to cover up what can no longer be denied. Family of Secrets takes to what Cyril Connolly so aptly descibed as the "blood crossroads of literature and politics." After Family of Secrets, neither will ever be the same. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse | Permalink Comment Comments (15)

Christopher K. Halbower "Christopher Halbower" (Muskegon, MI) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)

Tantalizing clues of covert operations, oil and America's position in the world, March 16, 2009

Russ Baker's book "Family of Secrets" takes the reader on a tantalizing journey into the Bush family. Baker's unabashed goal was to answer the question "How did Bush happen?"

As Baker began his intensive research into George W Bush, he found that in order to understand George Jr., one must first look at George Sr. This led him to inquire about the Bush clan in general, raising the blinds on this most secretive of families.

The book is comprised of 23 chapters. Of these, Baker spends the first 16 discussing George H W Bush (called Poppy by those close to him). The remaining 7 chapters are about George W Bush and those in his specific orbit.

Russ Baker makes a strong circumstantial case that George H W Bush was involved in intelligence work long before his 1974 CIA stint appointment. The actual evidence that would verify this is unavailable to the public in general as the CIA does not like inquiries.

Those who surround Poppy Bush seemed to be tinged by covert, intelligence operations. A few examples are: his father Prescott Bush, Neil Mallon and George DeMohrenschildt. The intelligence apparatus that evolved from WWII (the OSS) would become known as the CIA. And many in Bush's orbit were somehow connected to the OSS, the CIA or to covert missions in WWII.

Building upon this, Baker argues that the world of covert operations, including propaganda and psyops, is able and willing to suppress information and diseminate disinformation. The gatekeepers of knowledge tend to have ties to the CIA--including the Watergate journalist Bob Woodward.

The world of covert operations goes hand in hand with the oil industry and the world of international finance. The oil industry has acted as a kind of vanguard for US covert operations. This includes Poppy's oil rigs in the Caribbean that would be the training grounds for Cuban exiles before the Bay of Pigs. To fund covert operations, an intelligence agency needs funding. This is where international financial institutions play a role. The motivation: when a covert operation topples a regime, the financial institute gets first crack at exploiting the resources of the country.

Baker discusses the forces that brought Poppy Bush into the Nixon White House. Prescott Bush, he suggests, was the one who arranged for Nixon to first run for the open Republican Congressional seat in California in 1946. And George and Prescott are visible in the shadows during Nixon's rise to power--Prescott as a US Senator from Connecticut and George as a covert operative in several strategic regions around the world.

During his two terms as VP under Eisenhower, Nixon was in charge of several covert operations. And those in George Bush's close knit circle left their fingerprints all over these operations.

When Nixon became president, the name George H W Bush was considered for the VP slot. Nixon went with his own choice instead. Then Nixon wanted Helms at the CIA to give him all the materials regarding the covert actions Nixon had taken during the 50's. Helms balked. The result: Watergate.

The Watergate scandal, which undid the Nixon presidency, was perpetrated by CIA agents. All the major books on Watergate to come out in the past two decades confirm that Nixon was set up. And Baker concurs. But Baker goes on to implicate Bush as being complicit in this. Bush, along with Kissinger and Haig, was one of the few to survive the scandal. And with Nixon gone, the US got a new president: Gerald Ford.

The Ford adminstration saw the commission of what was to be called the "Halloween Massacre"--the elimination of several staffers and cabinet members who were loyal to Nixon. And Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld oversaw and coordinated this "massacre".

How do you explain many strange events in American history without resorting to covert/intelligence operations? Bush's fingerprints can be found on the Iran/Contra scandal: a covert operation if ever there was one. Bush support for 3rd world dictators (Noriega, Hussein, Marcos) can easily be explained if you look for the web of intelligence.

And riding on his dad's coattails is young George W Bush. Where Poppy went wrong, George W seemed to correct: managing the media to spin all inquiries; politicizing every government agency; handing out juicy contracts to cronies.

Baker's book is filled with innuendos and suggestions. This is its greatest failing. The circumstantial evidence in many cases is compeling. However, in some cases it is lacking. The true value of Baker's research will be seen in the years to come. Future researchers can use his book and fill in the gaps where he was only able to provide circumstantial evidence.

Baker's narrative is fun but difficult to read. His prose is strong but this is not a book to be taken lightly. It weighs in at over 500 pages but reads like a book twice that length. If you are interested in American history, the Bush clan or the power of covert/intelligence operations, Baker's "Family of Secrets" receives my firm recommendation.

F. Baker  (Golden, CO United States) - See all my reviews
(REAL NAME)     

Conspiracy Theory Textbook, September 26, 2010

The book is interesting even though it is written as a "got you" piece. He brings up many unrelated ideas and innuendo to try to paint the Bush family as the grand masters of a multi-generational conspiracy. For instance, George H. W. Bush was in a suburb of Dallas on the day that John Kennedy was assassinated. So were about 1 million another people! But he spend about twenty pages trying to prove that Bush was in town. Therefore, Bush had to have something to do with Kennedy's death! Most of what he says implies that the Bushes are somehow involved with all of the sinister events of the last half of the 20th century, but most of it is pure conspiracy stuff. If one of the Bushes ever met or was in the same room with someone that later was involved in anything untoward, then Bush must have had a hand in it or have planned it as part of his grand plan to do something bad.

Russ Baker is fanatical in his persistence to try to blame the Bushes, the CIA and the Republican Party for most of the ills in the world. Many of his facts are not new and the few new discoveries he reports are not very meaningful or do not prove the interpretation that he assigns them. Some of it sounds made up and much is the result of an over active mind working in isolation, trying to get his hatred out. Baker does bring up a few new angles on historic events but much of it is already known.

Baker obviously hates the Bush family, the CIA and Republicans. He must have a wall at home covered with newspaper photos and clippings connected with arrows and strings to weave such a cobweb of conspiracy. It is too bad he did not expend this much effort on a truly useful struggle, like finding out what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa's body. All we really know from this book is that Russ Baker hates the Bushes and everything they stand for. He could have said that on a single page. But who paid him to write this book? That is the question to answer. We know why it was published. All the Bush haters must have bought a copy.

Baker obviously hates the Bush family, the CIA and Republicans. He must have a wall at home covered with newspaper photos and clippings connected with arrows and strings to weave such a cobweb of conspiracy. It is too bad he did not expend this much effort on a truely useful struggle, like finding out what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa's body. All we really know from this book is that Russ Baker hates the Bushes and everything they stand for. He could have said that on a single page. But who paid him to write this book? That is the question to answer. We know why it was published. All the Bush haters must have bought a copy.


How about 9/11?, May 20, 2009

The author spends hundreds of tantalizing pages developing facts concerning the Bush's involvement in so many intelligence operations for so many years; he makes "Poppy" Bush out to be a sort of cloak and dagger Zellog who seems to be on the fringes of not only the Kennedy Assassination--which he considers, correctly, to have been a conspiracy involving the CIA, big oil, etc-- but Watergate too--to mention only the biggest; he shows us how in bed the Bush's were with the Saudis--especially the bin Laden Family; he lays the case that there is a state within the state that runs the show comprised of the Pentagon, the CIA, Wall Street and big Business. He thoroughly convinces us what a moral and mental cipher "W." is and what equally repugnant scum he surrounded himself with; and then 9/11 rolls around and--!!!!!-- he falls back almost unquestioningly on the official government story about 19 hijackers and a grudge. Mind boggling.
Michael Shoen  

There is zero question that the WTC Towers 1,2 and 7 came down as a result of explosive demolition and not just as a result of aircraft impact and resultant fires. Google "active thermitic material discovered", google "securacom" and Wiki "PNAC" and then visit a website like "", "" or "". The 911-Bush story would require more than one book itself. The best ones so far are "The New Pearl Harbor" and "The New Pearl Harbor Revisited" by David Ray Griffen.

Lanlady (Woodbridge, VA USA) - See all my reviews

Excellent but incomplete, December 12, 2010

The author has clearly done a lot of research into one of this country's most secretive and, doubtlessly, nefarious families. But ultimately I'd rate it 3 1/2 stars, primarily because the contents don't quite live up to the title. Sure enough the book focuses on the connections, nepotism, and creepy modus operandi of #41 and #43. But it accords no treatment *at all* to other shady members of the family (e.g. Neil, Jeb). Much else is left out besides. For example, it does not say a word about the interesting relationship between Bush Sr and Reagan (the Reagan years barely merit a mention, in fact), and omits all mention of the Savings and Loan debacle of the late 80s. It pays too little heed to the BCCI and Iran-contra scandals in which the Bush famiglia was up to its neck.

Much is made of Salem bin Laden's ties to the Bush circle but, bizarrely, it fails to mention Salem's death in a suspicious plane crash in Texas.

Instead, the book dwells at length on the Kennedy assassination and Watergate but--despite offering a good deal of previously underreported or unknown information--it does not establish what the author himself really believes. Did Bush Sr. have something to do with the events of November 22, 1963? Did he mastermind the downfall of Richard Nixon? These conclusions are insinuated but not stated outright. This failure, in my view, detracts from the author's case.

If you believe something and you have evidence to back you up, why not come right out and say it? That said, the author is to be commended for the wealth of sheer information that he brings to the table on important figures that are long since forgotten, such as Bush Sr. friend and Lee Harvey Oswald "caretaker" George de Mohrenschildt. I only wish that he would author a second volume to address the historical gaps in Family of Secrets.


P. J. Barille "pattibar" (Lake Worth, Florida) - See all my reviews

 Smell the coffee stupid...., December 14, 2010

This family is about as vapid as you can get. Their power comes from connections, (ie: the right wing conspiracy) and a sense of entitlement. H.W. never had a job for more than two years, but has his name on the CIA building. W. is a wildcat wannabe, hanging with the boots, hats, cattle crowd. These folks have been rustling our country for decades. There is so much that we don't know, because the family's handlers run roughshod to protect and cushion their every move. Seriously, they are used by the crowd of "wildcat" millionaires as proxies. They could never rise to power because they are so ruthless and have so much dirty laundry that reeks, so they buy their power through the channel of politics and especially the White House. Their promoters have the power to control the country without revealing their national back room deals. Their candidates don't have to have "smarts" just engaging personalities and gravitas. There is a lot to learn, if one wants to. Most people don't care. I do. Cheers! 
 Klare Klare "Editor Extraordinaire" - See all my reviews

Must-read for All American Citizens, December 5, 2010

There are many excellent reviews here about this book. There is not much I can add except to say that I have not one doubt anymore who was really responsible for the death of John F. Kennedy. The whereabouts of many of George H. W. Bush's cronies on that day are very revealing.

Much research went into the writing of this book. No, some of it does not lead to a conclusive end, but much more of it does. I feel that every American citizen should read it, then contact the powers that be in Washington to ask them what they are going to do about the already-come-to-pass resulting repercussions of the glaring facts of truth contained herein. All of it makes perfect sense to me. I knew intuitively what W. was long, long ago, when he first thought about running for the governorship of Texas. I despised him then. I just about died of consternation when I learned he was running for president. It was all too obvious how rigged his campaign was as well as the outcome of the 2000 election. God knows how anyone could have voted that failed excuse for a human being back into office in 2004!

In my opinion, George Herbert Walker Bush should have been arrested, convicted and imprisoned when the Iran-Contra affair came to light. That would have helped to remove him from the national sphere of influence for a few years at least and would have changed the course of our country's history. George W. Bush should have been arrested, convicted and imprisoned for his many, many lies that led America into the war in Iraq. Why so many citizens of this country could not see what W. was all about will forever be a mystery to me! He should be imprisoned for the rest of his life for war crimes and crimes against humanity; for all the deaths caused in Iraq and the destruction of that country, as well as the deaths and/or permanent damage done to American soldiers and their families; and to those soldiers who participated from other countries as our "allies" in this most hideous of actions perpetrated by Bush. I will never give up hoping that justice will still come to G. W. Bush in our lifetimes. He is one of the last people on earth who should EVER have served in the capacity of the highest office in the world, the presidency of the United States.

I commend Russ Baker for his monumental undertaking in bringing to light all of the information regarding how the different levels and branches of misguided power apparatuses in this country work together to destroy governments and nations in other parts of the globe, whether it be oil companies, government officials or the CIA. There are naysayers giving reviews here, but the truth is apparent to all those who realize just how far off course America has veered. My first introduction to politics came with the campaign and election of Dwight D. Eisenhower. I don't think much has been right about this country since Ike left office.

Someone commented that the book reads like it is a thousand pages rather than 500 or so. I found every word and every page to be extremely captivating. My only regret was having to put it down each day to tend to other things in my life. I even read all the footnotes at the end of the book. I also found Mr. Baker's very few ironic remarks to be refreshing. They were insinuating in nature and usually occurred where it was apparent he was speculating, but that did not happen very often. I did not find them out of place.

This book was recommended to me by a progressive Democratic group online as a counterpoint to W's new book "Decision Points" (read: "Derision Points," "Division Points"). I immediately contacted my public library and went to get one of their two copies. Now I need to own this book. I am buying a copy of it for my local Democratic Party headquarters' library as well. I cannot recommend it enough. The revelations are astounding. Also, anyone who is interested in reading more can go to [...] for further updates on the research. As Mr. Baker states, it is a work in progress and not finished by any means. He has invited others to help supply additional information.

Buy this book for your home library and share it with everyone you know. The very foundations of OUR government are at stake right now, as we all can witness daily as our Congress debates and stalemates over crucial decisions, many of which seem only to serve the destruction of the middle class and our American Republic. We all need to be asking ourselves WHY this is happening, whose interests does it serve, and what can we do as citizens to oppose and stop it. Reading Russ Baker's "Family of Secrets" should fire up every American citizen to take action to make their voices heard in Washington and to let government officials know we will not stand for the continued destruction of what could still be our great nation. I urge you to make your displeasure known.
5.0 out of 5 stars Unbelievably Believable, April 21, 2010


Eddie Kasica (New York City) - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years (Paperback)

One of the great pieces of journalism of our time. Yes -- JOURNALISM. Not tabloid-oriented Kitty Kelly-type gossip bilge. And certainly not the useless pieces of Establishment-sucking stenography we get all-day everyday in such dens of corporate pimpery as the New York Times, the Washington Post(which has descended to a level below the New York Post), MSNBC, Fox, Newsweek, ad nauseum.

What is most shocking about "Family of Secrets" is how much fresh, detailed evidence Russ Baker provides in areas decades-old and seemingly with cold trails. Think you know about Lee Harvey Oswald's best friend from 1962/63, George de Mohrenschildt? Think again. The job Baker does on this fascist intelligence/oil agent is worth the price of the book. Ever heard of Poppy Bush's long-time pal and business associate Jack Crichton, the man who organized the disappearance of Marina Oswald in the year after Dallas? Or how about Crichton's creation of a COG (continuity-of-government) command post (operative on 11/22/63) below the streets of downtown Dallas? (An idea later used to hijack our Republic by the Cheney/Rumsfeld team, post 9/11.)

Did you know that Crichton himself admitted there was an Army Intelligence unit of 100 men stationed in Dallas during 1963, and that half of them were members of the Dallas Police Department, including all the members of the Kennedy motorcade's pilot car?

Did you know about the background of Albert Jenner, chief counsel for the Warren Commission? On and on. And this is just from the first 100 pages of the book. . .

One example:

Poppy Bush owned an "oil drilling company" (actually a CIA front) called Zapata Offshore. Even though there is no offshore drilling site within 150 miles of it, Bush opened an office in the early 1960s in Medellin, Columbia -- yes, the same city that is the cocaine capital of the planet. Who did he get to lead that office? A man named Judge Manuel Bravo -- the same "judge" who fixed LBJ's first election to the US Senate in 1948.

BTW, the morons here who dismiss this great book with remarks such as "So what, Bush was in Dallas on 11//22?" or "Bush's fingerprints are all over the team arrested at Watergate? What next -- the Bushes were behind Pearl Harbor too?" are. . .well, morons. (And btw morons, why did Bush and the family go to such extreme efforts to prove Poppy was actually in Tyler, Texas when his associates blew Jack Kennedy's head off back in Dallas? WHY? Why go to such efforts beginning immediately after the hit succeeded? And why did Bush contact the FBI about a harmless fellow named James Milton Parrott, claiming he may have had a hand in the assassination? Was Parrott a potential other "lone-nut" in case the Oswald set-up fell apart? If not, why would Bush bother trying to get a harmless Republican campaign worker involved? WHY, morons?)

An absolute must read.

Exposing the Bush branch of the Power Elite, March 31, 2010


Prof. CJ "The Eclectic Professor" (North FL, USA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America (Hardcover)

In FAMILY OF SECRETS, Russ Baker has compiled an underground history of the Bush family focused primarily on Poppy (ie, George H.W.) and W. Much of it centers around Poppy Bush's longtime connections with the covert intelligence world, starting long before his brief stint as CIA head in the Ford Administration, and on W's rise, which is almost totally due to family connections, privilege, and deception. Baker connects Poppy Bush to such important events as the Kennedy Assassination and Watergate. This isn't speculation, either -- all of Baker's claims are well-documented.

In the case of W, we get a lot of damnging information, such as the mountain of evidence Baker presents that A) W got his spot in the Texas Air Guard entirely due to family connections despite being unqualified and B) W did in fact go AWOL, and never completed his required Guard service. (The evidence the Bush campaign produced to back up their claim that Bush did honorably complete his service is shown by Baker to be EXTREMELY questionable, despite the fact that it resulted in Dan Rather being fired and most of the media and the people accepting W's story.)

Along the way, we get lots of interesting information and connection to other American Power Elite families, such as the Harrimans and the Dulleses and many more. Personally, I would have liked to see more on the earlier Bushes, such as Samuel and Prescott, Poppy's grandfather and father, respectively, and their Power Elite/military-industrial complex connections, but since FAMILY OF SECRETS is already so large and extensive, covering those earlier generations would probably more appropriate for a seperate book.

Baker deserves a lot of credit for doing a lot of old-fashioned research, reporting, and muckraking. He also deserves credit for adopting a largely neutral, nonpartisan tone throughout the book. (His progressive partisanship comes through in a few spots, but for the most part he's remarkably even-handed in his delivery.) This book is exensively documented, well-written, and more than anything, eye-opening.
5.0 out of 5 stars Metanoiesete, March 19, 2010


zenhole (Minot,MA) - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years (Paperback)

I am horrified to have read "Family of Secrets" and to now realize that so much of what has happened over the past sixty years, has been a series of schemes that have successfully duped the people, bought the legislators, judiciary and media in order to profit the wealthy beyond anyone's wildest dreams, and to have everyone believe that cheering this evolution is the wholesome and patriotic duty of all onlookers.
Wars, assassinations and even depressions have worked to the successful emergence of an oil-gas-military profiting oligarchy whose consequences still haven't dawned on the subscribers to right-wing "conservative" talk show hosts who seek solely the conservation and enhancement of the wealth of the already superrich. The Kennedys, Jimmy Carter and now Barack Obama have been inundated by the vitriol of these, while saying "no" to all and every program to correct the abuses and end spending which solely seeks the magnification of the wealth of the already "haves".
I would require every legislator, Judge and executive to read this book and apply to themselves the realization which Nathan helped David see when he said to the King those devastating words, "You are that man!" [2Samuel 12:7]
It is imperative that these wrongdoers not be allowed to "get away" with these deeds through Macchiavellian maneuvers by Rove and Cheney, or even by Limbaugh, Murdoch and FOX NEWS.
Secrecy and clandestine behaviour is frequently the ambient cover for evil doers, of whatever political persuasion, whereas bringing the secrets out into the light have always been the best conditions for the sustenance of LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

5.0 out of 5 stars A lot of new information, February 7, 2010


John R. Urban (Low, Quebec, Canada) - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years (Paperback)

Why did Bush want to hide the fact that he was in Dallas on Nov. 21 and 22? He said he couldn't remember where he was the day JFK was assassinated, but this book shows a newspaper ad that proves he was at least there the evening of Nov. 21, and the afternoon of the 22nd. Inbetween, he and his wife briefly left Dallas in a private plane, to speak to a Kiwanis luncheon on Nov. 22 in Tyler, 90 miles east of Dallas. Interrupting this luncheon speech was the news that JFK had been shot, and seven minutes after the news came that JFK had died, Bush phoned the FBI office in Houston, where the FBI's logged report established a record where Bush had phoned from within minutes of the assassination, proving that he was not in Dallas then, and then, according to his wife's memoirs, they flew back to Dallas, where they took a commercial flight back home to Houston. That's not something Bush would forget. Why did he want to hide the fact that he'd been in Dallas just before and after JFK was murdered?

The following day, Bush was in Washington, meeting with J. Edgar Hoover, and in 1988 a researcher unearthed a memo from Hoover, stating that he had met with "George Bush of the CIA". This reveals that Bush's CIA connection went way, way, back.

There are many more such revelations in this outstanding book. The writer, Russ Baker, also has enabled tipsters to contribute to his still-continuing research at [...]



Hitler's Silent Partners: Swiss Banks, Nazi Gold, And The Pursuit Of Justice

Pack Of Thieves", by Richard Chesnoff

The Vatican Exposed: Money, Murder, and the Mafia [Hardcover]

Great history book, July 26, 2005 Newton Ooi (Phoenix, Arizona United States) - See all my reviews


This review is from: The Vatican Exposed: Money, Murder, and the Mafia (Hardcover)

Growing up in America, one of my favorite topics in school was history, be it American, Western, or world history. Never in all those classes did I come across anything like the tales told in this book. The author is a historian of Christianity, and in this book he gives an inside history of the Vatican, with an emphasis on the 20th century. Specifically, he tells the facts that the Vatican would not like people to know. The major events covered in this book are:

1. The Vatican's treaty with Mussolini and the Fascist Party in Italy whereby the Vatican would get its own land and country from Italy. In exchange, the Vatican would support the Fascists publicly and privately. This occurred in 1929, I think.

2. The Vatican's agreement with Hitler in the 1930s whereby the Vatican would pressure Catholics in Germany to not oppose Hitler. In return, the Nazis gave money to the Vatican in the form of a church tax levied on German Catholics.

3. The Vatican covering up for some of its officials who took part in the Holocaust.

4. The Vatican helping Nazi scientists escape to the US at the end of WWII. In return, the Allies kept secret knowledge about the Vatican's complicy in the Holocaust and private arrangements with the Axis powers.

5. The Vatican aligning itself with the Mafia after WWII to help secure inroads into foreign governments, and get good deals on investments world-wide.

All in all, this was a very impressive book. It is quite short, and probably as easy to read as a Harry Potter book, though shorter than a Potter book. The book is written in chronological order, and there are a lot of references to various primary and secondary sources.

I highly recommend this book.

Classified Woman-The Sibel Edmonds Story A Memoir

Well-written biography of an FBI translator hired 3 days after 911 who quickly discovered one of her co-workers was spy for Turkey and actively sabotaging investigations into narcotics trafficking, 911, and even the stealing of American nuclear secrets. When she reported this to her superiors, instead of prosecuting the spy, they viciously attacked Ms. Edmonds. Part detective novel, part spy-thriller, Ms. Edmonds subsequent investigation uncovered a network of corruption that implicates the White House and congressional leaders of both parties. A must-read for any American concerned about real espionage which goes unpunished and unabated today. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse | Permalink Comment Comment

John Conlon  - See all my reviews

Read this important book, June 2, 2013

Put down the keyboard and the remote - if you read one book this year, read this one. But before you do, know that it will require of you the reader, the fortitude to follow the author through her courageous yet heart wrenching metamorphosis from 'true believer' to a modern individual.

What Hannah Arendt gave us in her 'Eichmann in Jerusalem', the any man and the Banality of Evil; Sibel Edmonds has given us Americas polar opposite - the individual fighting for the truth amidst the banal anymen and anywomen of the group.

Perhaps the book should have been titled 'Edmonds in Washington - fighter for the true American Spirit.' ?

Our truest Americans have always been our immigrants, like Arendt and Edmonds, those individuals that know the importance of holding fast to universal truth and ideals. 

*THE* Book to Read on 9/11, Ten Years After

By Dennis P. McMahon on December 8, 2011

For anyone not up to speed on 9/11 Truth, as well as for those fully versed in the topic, David Ray Griffin's "9/11 Ten Years Later" is (as of this writing) *THE* book to read. And it almost wasn't written, for Professor Griffin--the premier researcher/author/spokesperson for 9/11 Truth--had to recover from a series of life-threatening crises before he could begin writing this superb work which highlights and summarizes the overwhelming evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt, that 9/11 was an inside job.

A most intriguing segment of this excellent book involves Professor Griffin's addressing the issue of why "otherwise rational journalists" have endorsed the official story which is so riddled with what the author labels as "miracles," uniquely defined therein as events that contradict the laws of science. As to why journalists have failed us, the answer depends on which journalists are being discussed, but the reasons are, in sum, the fear of being discredited by their (mainstream) colleagues, and the fear of being distracted from "more important matters," according to Professor Griffin. I would add that another reason is because the most prominent news media personnel continue to work "hand in glove" with the government, as Carl Bernstein originally observed some 34 years ago in the October 20, 1977 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Or as former CIA Director William Colby once put it: `The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.'

In a separate chapter, Professor Griffin asks, "Why have Bill Moyers and Robert Parry in Particular Endorsed Miracles?" and then pays tribute to the good work these journalists have done. Later, Professor Griffin concludes that a major reason for Moyers' and Parry's abysmal failures re: 9/11 is their "nationalist faith--the mythical belief that the American government would never deliberately do anything [so] terrible" as murdering their own people on 9/11--despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. But according to Professor Griffin, also key is that Moyers and Parry have failed in their job to "follow the truth, wherever it leads," and also "have fallen for the Big Lie." (See postscript on the "Big Lie" in the final paragraph, below). To be sure, Professor Griffin's assessment would tend to explain Moyers' and Parry's "abysmal failures," however, this assessment strikes me as overly generous. In my view, Moyers and Parry appear to be nothing more than left-wing gatekeepers, carrying out the work of true reporters most of the time--thereby establishing credibility and gaining trust with the American people--and then falling in line with the State when it comes to issues of the greatest importance, e.g., what really happened on 9/11, all in a concerted effort to conceal the truth about matters the State deems absolutely essential to its existence.

In the chapter on "Building What?" - which discusses the mysterious collapse of Building 7 and how SCADS (state crimes against democracy) can be hidden in plain sight - Professor Griffin duly notes that two Fox News journalists, Geraldo Rivera and Judge Andrew Napolitano, did have the courage to challenge, on-the-air, the government's untenable position on how Building 7 collapsed. However, neither journalist followed up on this extraordinary story or its implications, probably, as Professor Griffin later notes (on page 235), because the Fox news heads "likely did let [Rivera and Napolitano] know that, unless they said no more about the matter, one or both of them would be let go." As of this writing, neither journalist has dared to speak out any further about the government's cover-up of what really happened on 9/11.

In chapter 5, Professor Griffin discusses what has become his most controversial position, the "Phone Calls From the 9/11 Planes [and] How They Fooled America." In short, Professor Griffin makes a good case for the fact that the reported phone calls--which led the public to believe that the 9/11 planes had been hijacked by Middle Eastern-looking men--were faked. Here, I was somewhat surprised to see Professor Griffin address and thereby dignify with a response, arguments made by one Erik "Loose Nuke" Larson, a prominent presence on the heavily infiltrated 9/11 Blogger website. There, in early 2011, when Professor Griffin was seriously ill and near death, Larson viscously attacked Professor Griffin and his phone-call analysis. That unprovoked attack on Professor Griffin pretty much reduced Larson's internet persona to rubble in the eyes of many, and he became in the process someone to ignore. However, in "9/11 Ten Years Later," Professor Griffin takes the high road and addresses the substance of Larson's rambling arguments, revealing them to be specious at best.

In another somewhat surprising presentation, in chapter 7, Professor Griffin calls for "a consensus approach" among 9/11 Truth activists who have long debated over what actually struck the Pentagon. The author states that the answer to this question is "quite unimportant," because the resulting friction among 9/11 truthers "allows the [State controlled] press to portray the 9/11 Movement as absurd, with members being more concerned with their battles against other truthers than with their differences from the government's account." Although I would like to have seen Professor Griffin address whether this debate is being fueled by cognitive infiltrators posing as 9/11 truthers, it's still hard to argue with his conclusion (on page 197) that "regardless of what hit the Pentagon, the Pentagon was not struck by [Flight] AA 77 under the control of al-Quaeda. And given this consensus, the 9/11 Truth Movement now has the same kind of agreement with regard to the Pentagon that we have with regard to the World Trade Center."

Chapter 8 covers "Nationalist Faith: How It Blinds America to the Truth About 9/11," and it is here that Professor Griffin is at his most insightful. The author effectively and efficiently discusses the history of false flag attacks, and presents the overwhelming evidence indicating that 9/11 was perpetrated on Americans by Americans who were (and remain) intent on blaming Muslims. For those with eyes to see, this should be most obvious. Unfortunately, not many people in this country even bother to look, for they are too invested in a nationalist faith that blinds them to the truth, Professor Griffin states. (I would add that the American people are also too involved in their own little worlds, and way too distracted by sports, entertainment, and electronic devices.) In short, Professor Griffin duly explains in a most compelling way, how and why the nationalist faith phenomenon occurs and persists.

In the final chapter on SCADS, Professor Griffin focuses on the "Professionalization of the 9/11 Truth Movement," listing many of the esteemed professionals who publicly have joined organizations, signed petitions, and indicated "their judgment that the official story is indeed false." These organizations include intelligence officers, journalists, lawyers, medical professionals, pilots, political leaders, veterans, and firefighters--all standing up for 9/11 Truth.

Despite this formidable array of professionals, Professor Griffin observes that the 9/11 crime has thus far succeeded. Why? Professor Griffin persuasively discusses the reasons from three key perspectives:

(1) Psychological and Sociological (involving shock and rallying around the flag, trusting the president, nationalist faith, the Big Lie, and the power of salary and status);

(2) the Press, "by virtue of the fact that the [State controlled] media, rather than giving the public the available facts, have concealed such facts" (page 230); and

(3) the Academy (i.e., Academia), which "has devoted virtually no attention to the apparent contradictions of the official account with scientific principles" (page 236).

As Professor Griffin points out, the failure to reveal the truth about 9/11 has not only generated perpetual war, but has also triggered an unprecedented assault on the U.S. Constitution in the form of military and secret tribunals, extraordinary rendition, warrantless surveillance, the "justification" of torture [and murder], states secrets privilege, suspension of habeas corpus, and the authority of the president to initiate war. "It is impossible to see," writes Professor Griffin (on page 241), "apart from revealing the truth about 9/11, how American political life could ever again become more than [the] hollow shell of a democracy" it is now. No doubt. But can this dire situation ever be rectified?

Professor Griffin offers some hope with the idea that more insiders will have to come forward and be willing to speak up (as a few have). And, he says, leading journalists will have to be converted. In closing, Professor Griffin warns that "If the perpetrators of this crime are not brought to justice, then they will believe that they can get away with almost anything. So unless we want continued false-flag attacks, we should do our best to uncover the truth about 9/11."

My take is that the 9/11 masterminds already believe that they can get away with anything, and sadly, it appears, they are probably right. 9/11 is proof of that. Still, it is vitally important for each of us to learn and recognize who we are and where we are, speak truth to power, and do all we can to bring about justice. No one has done more in this regard than David Ray Griffin, whose courageous and ongoing quest to discover and reveal the truth about the most horrific unsolved crime of our era has produced yet another extraordinarily powerful book, "9/11 Ten Years Later," a must-read for anyone interested in the truth about 9/11, and the land we call America.

Delving Into Darkness: A Decade's Pursuit of Truth

By Thomas C. Fletcher on September 7, 2011

Format: Paperback

David Ray Griffin in his new book, 9/11 TEN YEARS LATER: WHEN STATE CRIMES AGAINST DEMOCRACY SUCCEED, takes stock of what we know, after the passage of a decade of intensive grassroots research and analysis, about what really happened that day, and of the present state of the 9/11 truth movement - its strengths and its weaknesses, and how it can move forward most effectively. The book is a combination of important lectures given by Griffin in the last few years, revised and updated for publication, and of completely new essays on key topics, such as the strong evidence that the phone calls from the hijacked airliners must have been faked, and the powerful consensus about the Pentagon events that has been achieved by the movement.

The first four chapters highlight the strongest evidence that 9/11 was an inside job and the clearest implications of that evidence: the lack of evidence that Muslims attacked the US on that day (making clear that the ten-year-long series of wars on Muslim nations is morally and legally unjustified); the multiple occasions on which the laws of physics were miraculously inoperative in the destruction of the World Trade Center, if the official account so ferociously defended by erstwhile critics of government like Bill Moyers, Robert Parry, Alexander Cockburn and many others is to be believed; and the extraordinary case of WTC 7's classic demolition, which has been assiduously covered up by the mainstream media and government agencies (its collapse was never even mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report, and the final report on its destruction issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in November 2008 was fraudulent).

Chapter 5, "Phone Calls From The 9/11 Planes: Why They Are Not Authentic," examines all the evidence that has been discovered regarding phone calls from the hijacked airliners. The phone calls have been a crucial part of the official story of the day's events, purportedly establishing that the planes were hijacked by Arab Muslims and that Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. But after a careful, critical analysis Griffin is forced to conclude that the phone calls were not made from the planes. First he shows that there is no evidence that the alleged hijackers actually were ever onboard any of the planes, and further, that the failure of any of the eight pilots to "squawk" the hijack code into their transponders is "strong evidence that the official story about the 9/11 planes -- that the cabins were taken over by hijackers - is false." He then shows that the calls to Deena Burnett, which registered on her caller ID as calls from her husband Tom Burnett's cell phone (he was a passenger on board Flight 93), could not have been completed because cell phone technology in 2001 was not capable of completing calls from airliners at high elevation. Griffin concludes the calls had to have been faked, and suggests that they were faked by voice morphing, already a well-established technical capability at the time. After examining the claims made for many other calls, including those for Barbara Olson, wife of then Solicitor General Ted Olson, which were the basis for the claim that Flight 77 was still in the air and subsequently crashed into the Pentagon, Griffin concludes that "the evidence that the `calls from the planes' were faked is strong, ... far stronger than the evidence for the view that the calls were made by passengers and flight attendants, describing the activities of Middle-Eastern hijackers."

Chapter 6 discusses Vice President Dick Cheney's changing account of his whereabouts and activities at key times during the morning of 9/11. After admitting on national TV five days later that he had been present and in charge in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center in the basement of the White House before the Pentagon was attacked, he changed his story in November and claimed he did not reach the PEOC until after the Pentagon attack. Griffin shows that the 9/11 Commission Report upheld Cheney's otherwise unsupported second account, which absolved him of responsibility during two key incidents, the Pentagon attack and the destruction of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. He shows further that much evidence, ignored by the Commission, contradicted Cheney's second story, including Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta's testimony before the Commission, Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke's published account of the morning, and reports from ABC News on the first anniversary of 9/11, all of which the Commission buried without mention.

The gem of the book is the seventh chapter, "The Pentagon: A Consensus Approach." In this very detailed analysis Griffin shows that the 9/11 truth movement has developed a complex, broad-based refutation of the official story of what happened at the Pentagon (that "the Pentagon was attacked by American Airlines Flight 77... under the control of al-Qaeda"). He examines fourteen facts which have been established by independent researchers, upon which there is universal agreement, and any one of which is enough to demolish the official account. Griffin argues that the movement should concentrate its Pentagon energies on further strengthening and advocacy of these points of agreement, and avoid dissipating time, energy and trust on a question which has taken up much of these resources in recent years, the question of "what hit the Pentagon?" He shows that this question is unanswerable with the evidence available; only a genuine investigation of the 9/11 attacks will enable it to be answered.

Chapter 8 illuminates the psychology of resistance to the truth about the 9/11 events which is so widespread, arguing that the real faith of the nominally-Christian US is "nationalist faith." The critique of the official story laid out by the 9/11 truth movement is literally unthinkable for many, even for devout Christians whose religion calls upon them to avoid all kinds of idolatry, including nationalism. Griffin concludes that "[w]hen Christian faith is subordinated to faith in American goodness ... it becomes a blinding faith, producing Christians with eyes wide shut."

The subtitle of the book indicates that the 9/11 attacks, in being a false-flag operation carried out by elements of the US government, were a "State Crime Against Democracy" or SCAD, with the primarily political purpose of imposing policies by force upon the country, and that the failure to carry out a genuine investigation, arrest the perpetrators and reverse the policies adopted by the government after 9/11 means that the operation has succeeded. But only to this point in time: the future is still open. Griffin provides in a powerful conclusion (Ch. 9, "When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed") suggestions for how the 9/11 truth movement can continue to press forward to the necessary investigation of the 9/11 crimes and the reversal of the tragic course taken by the US while under the control of the criminals.

This superb book is written with the usual clarity, logic and argumentative power readers have come to expect from David Ray Griffin, which he has now employed in ten books on the 9/11 attacks. 9/11 TEN YEARS LATER continues his advance at the cutting edge of 9/11 truth, and should be read by everyone who wants to take stock of what the movement has achieved and how to press on into a future in which illegal, immoral wars have been stopped and the country's democratic ideals reaffirmed.

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Another tour-de-force

By Martin Hanson on October 3, 2011

Format: Paperback

When my son told me, in 2004, that there was strong evidence that explosives had demolished the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, I reacted reacted in a similar way to most others -- with derision. He then waved a copy of The New Pearl Harbor under my nose, and said: "Read that!"

I did so, and it stood my previously held view of the world on its head. Even after ten years, I find it difficult to get my head round the enormity of this crime but one has to follow the evidence -- no matter how painful the destination.

Since then, David Ray Griffin has published numerous books on 911, each piling on evidence as more comes to light. By the time he had published The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, the evidence that the government account of the events of 911 was so overwhelming that anyone with an open mind, who was prepared to examine the evidence, could not fail to realize that 911 was a monstrous inside job.

When David Griffin was taken seriously ill, it seemed that his 911 role as one of the leading intellectual advocates against the official conspiracy theory was in jeopardy. However, he has not only recovered, but has bounced back with yet another tour de force.

As previous reviewers have written so eloquently on the contents of the book, I'm left with my overall impressions.
The early chapters summarize some of the most powerful evidence that the official account is false in every respect. His ability to marshal evidence in a systematic and compelling way is simply brilliant. Though he does, necessarily, revisit some well-trodden arguments, he often brings in details that were new to me.

I believe his treatment of the Pentagon issue to be particularly useful. Discussing the diversity of opinion on the precise details of how the U.S. military pulled the wool over people's eyes, he wisely counsels a conservative approach, as division of opinion within the 911 Truth Movement is potentially useful to detractors. Better, then, to stick to what we all agree on -- that the Pentagon was not attacked by AA77 piloted by al Qaeda fanatics. The evidence for this is overwhelming, and in a genuine democracy would be sufficient of itself to prompt a genuine inquiry into the events of 911.

Why, after ten years, are people so incapable of bringing themselves to look at the evidence before expressing their `opinions'? Griffin's penultimate chapter deals with this, explaining how the majority of Americans put their country before all else, including their belief in God. The threat to the comfortable view of America as a benign force for good in the world is so great that most simply cannot contemplate the ghastly alternative.

Even to non-Americans, the threat posed by the 911 Truth movement to the conventional, comfortable, worldview is enormous, for it implies a terrible truth about our own governments and media. One is forced to the conclusion that many other `democratic' governments, for reasons we can only speculate on, are also complicit in the cover-up of mass murder. One is forced to the view that the U.K, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and most other `democracies' are little more than vassal states in the American Empire.

Extreme Prejudice The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9-11 and Iraq

Michael Herzog on January 30, 2011

Sometimes the truth is just too shocking for the masses

Being a certified investigator & talk show host, I did my 'homework' on Susan Lindauer as her book 'Extreme Prejudice,' reads more fascinating than any Ian Fleming Novel. My conclusion...

Ms. Lindauer's story is credible, easily verifiable & conveys in explicit detail just how far the 'Powers that Be' will go in perpetrating a lie to achieve their goals. This book blows the doors off any conceived idea that our Politicians are 'For the People.'

Definitely a MUST READ for anyone that dares step out of the box & wants a good dose of American Political Reality.



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