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queue_conf - Grid Engine queue configuration file format

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This manual page describes the format of the template file for the cluster queue configuration. Via the -aq and -mq options of the qconf(1) command, you can add cluster queues and modify the configuration of any queue in the cluster. Any of these change operations can be rejected as a result of a failed integrity verification.

The queue configuration parameters take as values strings, integer decimal numbers, booleans, or time and memory specifiers (see time_specifier and memory_specifier in sge_types(5)) as well as comma- separated lists.

Note, Grid Engine allows backslashes (\) be used to escape newline characters. The backslash and the newline are replaced with a space character before any interpretation.

The list of parameters below specifies the queue configuration file content.

For each parameter except qname and hostlist, it is possible to specify host-dependent values instead of a single value. This "enhanced queue configuration specifier syntax" takes the form parameter parameter_value[,[host_id=parameter_value]]... where host_id is a host_identifier, as defined in sge_types(5), and parameter_value is of the correct form for each parameter, as described below. Spaces are allowed around "," but not inside "[]", except within list-valued parameter_values.

An entry without brackets is always required as the default setting for all queue instances which don't override it. Tuples with a hostgroup_name (see sge_types(1)) host_id override the default setting. Tuples with a host_name host_id override both the default and the host group setting. As an example, PEs with different allocation rules may be specified according to the core count of different node types:

pe_list NONE,[@dual=all-mpi mpi-4],[@quad=all-mpi mpi-8]
The queue configuration is rejected if a default setting is absent.

Ambiguous configurations (those with more than one attribute setting for a particular host) cause the relevant queue instances to go into a "configuration ambiguous" state and not accept jobs. This is reported as "c" by qstat(1) and qhost(1), and may be diagnosed with qstat -explain c. Configurations containing override values for hosts not in the execution host list are accepted as "detached", as indicated by the -sds argument of qconf(1).