Gives the location of a Kickstart file to be used to automate the installation. Locations can be specified using any of the formats valid for inst.repo. See Specifying the Installation Source for details.
Use the option multiple times to specify multiple HTTP, HTTPS and FTP sources. If multiple HTTP, HTTPS and FTP locations are specified, the locations are tried sequentially until one succeeds:
inst.ks=host1/directory/ks.cfg inst.ks=host2/directory/ks.cfg inst.ks=host3/directory/ks.cfg
If you only specify a device and not a path, the installation program will look for the Kickstart file in /ks.cfg on the specified device. If you use this option without specifying a device, the installation program will use the following:
In the above example, next-server is the DHCP next-server option or the IP address of the DHCP server itself, and filename is the DHCP filename option, or /kickstart/. If the given file name ends with the / character, ip-kickstart is appended. For example:
Table 2. Default Kickstart File Location
DHCP server address Client address Kickstart file location