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Hammer and Scorecard

If we assume that intelligence agencies became a political tool on the Democratic Party, and the faction of US neoliberal oligarchy that controls it (billionaires from Silicon Valley  and FIRE sector of the economy), the use of voting machines in the USA should be strictly prohibited

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  US House candidate, AZ-4

1. I am calling on @dougducey to call a special session of the AZ Legislature under Article IV of our state constitution to investigate the accuracy and reliability of the Dominion ballot software a

2. No election results should be certified until a complete audit of the Dominion machine tallies is made.

Paul Gosar @DrPaulGosar · Nov 6

It would be stupid for intelligence agencies not to try to exploit hole in foreign or domestic election networks. This is true both for the USA and  for other nations who are reckless enough to allow such networks.

In the USA the main pusher for electronic voting is the Congress, who actually allocated billions of dollars for this scam. The Congress is staffed mainly with mediocre, second rate politicians, but none of them is a complete fool, or a clinical idiot; so there should be a system in this madness. The question arise: is the idea of allowing intelligence agencies to "participate" in elections was adopted as a way to compensate for some unknown threat to the rule of the  current neoliberal oligarchy and MIC?   But it definitely comes with the possibility of abuse by the intelligence agencies as a side effect. It is a package deal.

There are rumors that CIA under Obama administration developered two tools:

Again it looks like SCORECARD is an exploit -- a specialized application for voting fraud written for HAMMER, which was commissioned by Obama administration in 2009.  But it looks like in 2020 they might do not need Hammer at all, as CISA might be able provide the necessary level of access  under the disguise of increasing cybersecurity (Yes, Election Fraud is Real. And its a Longstanding Tradition on Both Sides of the Aisle: )

In 2020 with CISA firmly in place, DHS’ cybersecurity division implemented a “24/7 war room” to ostensibly guard against election hacking. CISA’s Krebs, a former cybersecurity policy director at Microsoft, led the effort to “monitor a network of every state’s election system simultaneously until every vote is counted,” according to News Nation, which was allowed to bring a camera crew into the operation in Fort Meade, Maryland.

As WaPo reported CISA shrewdly used the fear of Russian and Iranian attacks to get access to state systems:

The Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity division is mounting the largest operation to secure a U.S. election, aiming to prevent a repeat of Russia’s 2016 interference and to ward off new threats posed by Iran and China.

On Election Day, DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency will launch a 24/7 virtual war room, to which election officials across the nation can dial in at any time to share notes about suspicious activity and work together to respond. The agency will also pass along classified information from intelligence agencies about efforts they detect from adversaries seeking to undermine the election and advise states on how to protect against such attacks.

“I anticipate possibly thousands of local election officials coming in to share information in real time, to coordinate, to track down what’s real and what’s not, separate fact from fiction on the ground,” said Matt Masterson, CISA’s senior cybersecurity adviser, who has helped lead election preparations. “We’ll be able to sort through what’s happening and identify: Is this a typical election event or is this something larger?”

The operation will run for days or weeks until winners are clear in most races — and potentially until the election is formally certified in December. “We’ll remain stood up until the [election] community tells us, ‘Okay, we’re good, you can stand down,’ ” Masterson said.

The wide-ranging operation is the culmination of four years during which CISA has grown from a backwater agency that was largely unknown outside Washington to the main federal government liaison to a nationwide ecosystem of officials running the elections.

... ... ...

Georgia’s top election official at the time, now-Gov. Brian Kemp (R), even erroneously accused DHS of hacking into his state’s election systems. A DHS inspector general later determined there was no hacking and that the Internet traffic Kemp cited likely came from state employees visiting DHS databases.

...A drumbeat of new details about Russia’s 2016 operations that continued to trickle out via the media during the following years, and the release of the special counsel report by Robert S. Mueller III in 2019, also convinced many states to work collaboratively with the federal government.

... ... ...

Other key turning points, according to Warner, included a series of high-level threat briefings CISA gave state officials during the 2018 midterms and shortly after the U.S. drone strike that killed Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani in January.

“That same day the federal government gave us a warning saying if the Iranians put a worm inside your [election] systems, this might be the catalyst for them to turn it on,” he said. “That was such a change from just two years earlier when the federal government wouldn’t share anything with us. Now they’re sharing within 24 hours.”

Again the fact of the matter is that the purchase of hackable and badly secured electronic voting machines, produced by definitly infiltrated by intellignece agencies companies,  is directly financed by the US Congress. Why nobody tryed to ask the simplest question: are voting machines necessary at all? What is they represent one step forward, two steps back?

Waht you gain with electronic infrastrcture is the speed of coutring the voted (althouth in 2002 this was not the case; on the controary it took much longer than manual countring even would) The question to the US Congress is: Is the speed which which election results are published really matter or just stimulated fraud providing the feedback loop for injecting fraudulent bulletins into the stream?

But the train has left the station and it looks like lawmaker are happy with the result and want more of the same. Why? Why all conclusions of bipartisan Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform were blatantly ignored?

The panel suggested 87 recommendations in all in its 91-page report. Implementation of all suggestions would require congressional action for some measures, as well as a total expected cost of $1.35 billion. A major point was the commission's call for nonpartisan professional and state oversight over elections. The panel noted that both the 2000 and 2004 elections were marred by partisan, campaign-affiliated officials who held roles in the Bush campaign and Florida and Ohio Secretary of State positions. Because the Secretary of State is responsible for certifying votes, these conflicts of interest were deemed by the panel as damaging to "confidence in elections".[2][1]

The panel made a variety of other recommendations, including:



Anyway, additional funds allocation are in the pipeline:

...Lawmakers have delivered more than $1 billion to help states improve election security and safety since 2018.

Democrats have argued an additional $3 billion is needed to make elections sufficiently secure. “I have high confidence that our elections are more secure, but we need to continue to have an all-hands-on-deck approach,” said Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.), co-founder of the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus. “Congress stepped up and provided millions for election security, but that’s only a down payment. Clearly more money is needed in the range of billions of dollars.”

Move to electronic voting machines and network based election infrastructure  gives intelligence agencies the keys from the kingdom and makes them the post powerful political players in elections. The working hypotheses is that they are capable of hacking into election netwroks and redistributing votes dynamically in such a way that the desirable candidate eventually win, but that the process was not detectable to the observers and percentage-wise changes are very small (under 3% or even less). So it is designed for a very close elections.  The first information about its existence came from  CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built THE HAMMER.  (, Nov 7, 2020)

Congressional testimony by Dennis Montgomery in 2015 stated that Joe Biden and Barack Obama used the system in 2012 to secure a win in Florida. Biden knows the system well and would have had it in his back pocket to flash in front of the DNC during his “miraculous” ascension from the bottom of the pack to the Democratic nomination.

While we know very little about this exploit indirect evidence point in the direction that it exists and was used in not only during 2020 elections but also during Democratic primary to ensure Biden win and probably in 2018 midterm elections as well  (Conservative Daily Post, Nov 7, 2020)

Sidney Powell is not some clickbaiting queen… she announced that there is evidence that the CIA tools were used to alter election counts on software systems in the swing states.

Last week, CDP posted a story about how democrats were conspiring with rouge agents in the Central Intelligence Agency in order to utilize a tool called SCORECARD, which has the power to alter voting machine numbers.

And now, Sidney Powell (attorney for Michael Flynn and part of the president’s legal team) has announced that they have evidence that this tool was used, in conjunction with THE HAMMER to rig the election for Joe Biden.

In fact, there may be evidence that the tool was used to elect Obama.

Here are some relevant links:

Even within definitely flaws idea of using computers for voting there are best and worst scenario. For example, one thing is usage of Trusted Solaris (the workhorse of the US military), and yet another to use Microsoft Window OS. And guess which operating system those voting machines use.  That alone makes them  extremely vulnerable.

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Old News ;-)

[Dec 05, 2020] turcopolier

Dec 05, 2020 |

| 02 December 2020 at 05:31 PM

sbin , 02 December 2020 at 06:43 PM

Perfect example of peter principal on steroids with splash gender bias.
However with such examples of CIA leadership as Brennan, Pompeo perhaps it is past time CIA was disbanded.

fakebot , 02 December 2020 at 08:25 PM

Biden is supposedly looking for a replacement. Tom Donilon was lined up, but he passed on the offer and it seems the Biden team are looking at other options. Trump himself was mulling to replace her only a few weeks ago. She's out the door one way or another.

I saw a report published yesterday that she is "intimately involved" with Abrams and Pompeo in clandestine operations against Iran in Trump's remaining weeks in office.

The officials say Trump has been more passive in overseeing Iran policy and point to Pompeo and Iran envoy Elliot Abrams as the two advisors heading the last-ditch effort to hammer the Islamic Republic. The officials say both Pompeo and Abrams are in favor of quietly backing covert actions carried out by other actors. One official said CIA Director Gina Haspel has been "intimately involved" in the administration's clandestine strategy against Iran.
TV , 02 December 2020 at 08:32 PM

Snopes is pretty well known as another left wing "fact" checker.
The founders are Democrat activists.
Are there any so-called "fact" checkers that are not left wing?
Politifact obviously gets their "facts" from Schumer and Pelosi press releases.

Deap , 02 December 2020 at 08:59 PM

I only care what "Snopes" is saying because this is what the Bubble is hearing and believing. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Snopes for, some reason, has already "gotten ahead" of this rumor - so even that is interesting. Not that they are accurate, but that they are out there running defense and are even expanding the topic ( gratuitously debunking election fraud and German raid for bonus points ) for whatever in fact is their own agenda.

No, these links were not presented for their truth; just for the wider discussion since the other side puts a lot of credence in them for their own purposes. Brain-washing the "progressive set" with dismissive denials is part of their agenda. Which personally bugs me. So I put their weapons of diversion on the table up front.

Rick Merlotti , 02 December 2020 at 09:11 PM

Snopes is most definitely a part of the perception management apparat. Along with several others who get prime Google News real estate to tell the sonambulent sheep what to think.

[Dec 05, 2020] A search of network showed a subdomain which evidences the existence of scorecard software in use as part of the Indivisible (formerly ACORN) political group for Obama

Dec 05, 2020 |

Barbara Ann , 04 December 2020 at 02:44 PM

Deap, courtesy of Kraken:

"12. A search of network showed a subdomain which evidences the existence of scorecard software in use as part of the Indivisible (formerly ACORN) political group for Obama" (page 9)

[Nov 30, 2020] CIA Partners with Google, Amazon and IBM in Latest Big Tech Procurement Drive

Nov 30, 2020 |

AWS currently holds the sole contract to provide cloud computing services to a number of intelligence agencies, including the FBI and the NSA. That contract is set to expire in 2023 and this new award – managed by the CIA – will further weaken Amazon's once privileged position in the federal money sweepstakes, which had already taken a hard hit when Microsoft was unexpectedly chosen over Bezos' company for the Department of Defense's own cloud services contract for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) program.

The Central Intelligence Agency will take full advantage of its access to money without oversight to disburse the government funds at the agency's discretion. Although speculated to rise into the tens of billions, the CIA has no plans to disclose the real value of the C2E contracts. The Commercial Cloud Enterprise (C2E) procurement program was unveiled in February by the premier U.S. spy agency in a bid to establish a cloud computing service platform for the country's intelligence agencies separate from JEDI, which remains enmeshed in a protracted legal contest with AWS and is two years behind implementation.

... ... ...

In fact, such practices are an intrinsic part of the military industrial complex and its historical origins at the height of the British empire. The start of the Glorious Revolution in 1688 marked the beginning of 125 years of constant war for the global superpower of the day and the slow but inexorable rise of an industry of war made up exclusively of freelancers who would make the guns, rifles, and bullets their bloodthirsty Queen required.

As the empire grew, the processes for the production of weapons underwent a dramatic change from artisanal modes to full-fledged factory-style production; all spurred by the biggest army and navy in the world, which was pillaging and extracting resources to fuel the burgeoning enterprise of capitalism.

This period also fine-tuned the relationship between the state and independent contractors, with the former establishing laws governing them in order to leverage their overwhelming advantage. Other strategies were also employed to both suppress the price the Crown paid for materiel and to make sure that no single contractor held too big a stake in the supply chain.

In her book "Empire of Guns," Priya Satia details this entire process and destroys the myth that the Industrial Revolution was the result of a cotton-picking machine when even a cursory look at the history shows that it was guns and a state engaged in perpetual war that laid the foundations of our current economic paradigm.

Now, we stand on the threshold of the so-called "Fourth Industrial Revolution" in a world that has perfected weapons of war to atomic levels. New 'cyberweapons' are being forged and it is only fitting that the war industry, led today by the United States, would return to its origins to maintain its own monopoly on human suffering and devastation in the name of profit.

Return to the roots

The public-private partnership has been another significant trend that also mirrors a ubiquitous trend in Victorian England. But, in today's world, a parallel legal system has grown alongside the state's war industry and is also now at the disposal of the corporations who wish to dispute any deal, leading to considerable delays in the execution of contracts.

Cases like the JEDI suit affect the military readiness goals of the national security state if it cannot move forward with a particular initiative due to litigation. Another recent case is holding up the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency's (CISA) efforts to centralize inflow and outflow of data regarding cyber-threats.

In October , the Government Services Agency (GSA), awarded a $13 Million-dollar contract to a company called EnDyna to "create a centralized database that agencies can use to report, discover and take actions against cyber threat information." A much larger competitor, HackerOne, filed a protest questioning the award on grounds of failure to meet eligibility requirements and the smaller company's competence to carry out the work.

Technicalities like these can hold up a project in court for years, so it makes perfect sense for the state-run war industry to return to its roots and apply the tried and true principles of divide and conquer against the people making their guns, whether real or virtual. By taking the first few spots on the Big Tech pecking order and putting them in a room to duke it out for a government contract, the war establishment is recognizing the growing power of these firms and is unleashing the CIA to curb it and diminish threats to the supply chain of the twenty-first century's permanent war economy.

Feature photo | The Central Intelligence Agency flag is displayed, partially cast in a shadow. David Goldman | AP

Raul Diego is a MintPress News Staff Writer, independent photojournalist, researcher, writer and documentary filmmaker.

[Nov 28, 2020] Roger Stone on His Conviction, Trump, Election Fraud, and Faith

Nov 28, 2020 |

MA: On Nov. 14, the Palm Beach Post reported that you spoke at a "Stop the Steal" rally attended by 500 Trump supporters in Delray Beach, Fla. [an upscale community 20 miles south of Palm Beach]. Here are some quotes from the Post's report:

"Stone suggested the CIA changed vote tallies to benefit Democrat Joe Biden."

"He [Stone] then hit on how the CIA used a supercomputer called the 'Hammer' and a program dubbed 'Scorecard' to alter the vote."

Can you elaborate?

RS: As I wrote in , I believe there is both overwhelming and compelling evidence of extensive election fraud of the old-fashioned variety to include abuses in the mail-in ballot system; ballot harvesting; dead people voting; people voting multiple times; and the wholesale manufacture of ballots after the polls had closed since Democrats knew the margins by which Trump won.

I believe that there will also be substantial hard evidence of cyber manipulation of the 2020 vote. I raised the question of the "Hammer" and "Scorecard" programs, which [CIA] whistleblower Dennis Montgomery – who designed the [latter] program – specifically said was created for the purpose of voter manipulation in foreign countries. In fact, confidential audio recordings released by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow in November 2015, revealed that this computer program was used by the Obama campaign on Florida state election computers to steal the 2012 presidential election for Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

I believe there is also substantial evidence of cyber manipulation of the 2020 vote by Dominion Voting Services, among others. The company has been subjected to substantive allegations in the past. It's funny to see Democrats who told us for four years that our elections were being interfered with through the cyber efforts of the "Russians" now insisting that such a thing is impossible.

MA: Why have Trump's lawyers been unable to confirm a single example of voter fraud?

RS: I reject the premise of your question. The president's lawyers have produced multiple examples of voter fraud in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and elsewhere. Don't give into the mass hypnosis of the fake news media. If you want to see proof of this evidence you can go here .

[Nov 27, 2020] Projection of the US intelligance againces interference in election on Russians

Nov 02, 2020 |
How DHS and FBI officials spun a dubious Russian election threat days before voting by GARETH PORTER ·
A Department of Homeland Security election alert spawning new Russia fears was so incoherent and inconsistent with previous findings, it suggested a state of political panic inside the agency.

Just days before the 2020 election the bureaucratic forces behind the original claim of Russian hacking of state election-related websites in 2016 launched a new drive to spawn fears of Moscow-made political chaos in the wake of the voting.

The new narrative was not consistent with information previously published by the the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security's new Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), however. It was so incoherent, in fact, that it suggested a state of panic on the part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials worried about a possible transition to a Joe Biden administration.

On October 20, Christopher Krebs, the head of CISA, issued a video statement expressing confidence that "it would be incredibly difficult for them to change the outcome of an election at the national level." Then he abruptly changed his tone, adding, "But that doesn't mean various actors won't try to introduce chaos in our elections and make sensational claims that overstate their capabilities. In fact, the days and weeks just before and after Election Day is the perfect time for our adversaries to launch efforts intended to undermine your confidence in the integrity of the electoral process."

Krebs' warning of a possible Russian announcement that hackers had succeeded in disrupting the result of the U.S. election was so removed from reality that it suggested internal panic DHS over the failure of Russian hackers to do anything that could be cited as interfering in the election.

Two days after Krebs' dubious warning, the FBI and the DHS's new Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued an "alert" reporting that "a Russian state-sponsored APT [Advanced Persistent Threat] actor" known as "Berserk Bear" had "conducted a campaign against a wide variety of U.S. targets."

Since "at least September," according to the DHS alert, the DHS warning claimed that it had targeted "dozens" of "U.S. state, local, territorial and tribal government networks." It even claimed that the supposed Russian campaign had compromised the network infrastructure of several official organizations and "exfiltrated data from at least two victims servers." At the same time, it acknowledged there was "no indication" that any government operations had been "intentionally disrupted."

The report went on to suggest, "[T]here may be some risk to elections information housed on SLTT [state, local territorial and tribal] government networks." And then it abruptly shifted tone and level of analysis to offer the speculation that the Russian government "may be seeking access to obtain future disruption options, to influence U.S. policies or actions", or to "delegitimize" the "government entities".

On October 28, Krebs elaborated on the latter theme in an interview with the PBS NewsHour . Referring inaccurately to government warnings about "Russian interference, some of which targeted voter registration," which the FBI-CISA alert had never mentioned, PBS interviewer William Brangham asked, "Do you worry at all that there might be infiltration that we are not aware of?"

Instead of correcting Brangham's inaccurate suggestion, Krebs responded that "infiltration" into voter registration files was "certainly possible," but that "[W]e have improved the ability to detect compromises or anomalous activity."

Krebs then homed in on a scenario he obviously wanted the public to focus on: "[Y]ou might see various actors, foreign powers, claim that they were able to accomplish something, [that] they were able to hack a database or hack the vote count. And it's simply not true."

Although the October 22 alert did not assert any deliberate Russian government hack of election-related sites, Krebs sought to keep speculation about both Russian capabilities and intent alive.

The buried alert that undermined the frightening official assessment

Eleven days before Krebs debuted his speculation about Russia claiming to have hacked U.S. elections, the FBI and CISA issued a separate alert that seriously undercut his questionable claims.

The earlier document was clearly referring to the very same efforts by hackers to break into various websites addressed in the October 22 alert. It not only referred to the same state and local government networks and to the wider range of targets affected but also mentioned precisely the same technical vulnerabilities that were targeted in the series of hacks.

The alert further stated that, "[I]t does not appear these targets are being selected because of their proximity to elections information ." In other words, the two US agencies conceded they had no basis for attributing the hacks in question to any election interference plot.

The most striking difference between the two alerts, however, was that the October 9 alert did not refer to any "Russian state-sponsored APT actor" as the October 22 one did. Instead, it simply pointed to "APT actors" in the plural, indicating that the U.S. intelligence community had no evidence indicating a single actor was at work, let alone one that was "Russian-state sponsored."

Contrary to the impression that U.S. officials may have conveyed in referencing an "Advance Persistent Threat," or APT, it is now widely understood by cybersecurity specialists that this term no longer refers to a state-sponsored actor. That is because the sophisticated tools and techniques once associated with state-sponsored hacking have now become available to a much wider range of cyber actors. Indeed, the codes for such high-end tools have been identified in the Shadow Brokers and Vault 7 leaks, and the tools have been marketed widely at affordable prices on the dark web.

The October 9 alert firmly established the dearth of evidence on the part of CISA and FBI about a Russian state-sponsored hacking team planning elections-related operations in the U.S. The sudden pivot days later to an unqualified claim that a single state-sponsored APT had been responsible for the same very large range of operations should have been accompanied by claims of substantial new intelligence, or at least a reference to the evidence underlying the dramatic new reversal. But no such proof ever arrived.

Scott McConnell, the spokesman for CISA, promised the Grazyzone on October 29 that he would provide someone to answer questions about the October 22 alert by the close of business Friday. In the end, however, no one from CISA responded, and there was no answer on McConnell's line.

The peculiar reversal by the DHS and CISA on the hacking claims raise questions about the institutional considerations taken by these agencies. Did indications that President Donald Trump's campaign was faltering inform their decision to issue a more stridently anti-Russian assessment in hopes of surviving a political transition?

The US officials who drew up the initial pre-election alert seemed keenly aware that despite that drumbeat of over the past two years, no state-sponsored Russian hacking of election institutions was underway. But as the Trump campaign sputtered, they had their own careers to consider. Days later, DHS and CISA declared the wily Russians guilty of yet another malign operations -- one that would not require them to have slightest evidence to support, and that would be impossible for them to explain.

[Nov 27, 2020] Obama and Acorn using Scorecard on page 8

Nov 27, 2020 |

Ron_Mexico , 12 hours ago

Just noticed that the lead story on 60 Minutes Sunday is furthering the "there was/is no election security problem. So, I'd say somebody is over the target somewhere. Resist . . .

RC2 , 12 hours ago

The Kraken is alive and hungry

Exhibit 105 from King vs Whitmer

The Real Kraken

Iran and China in on the steal

Obama and Acorn using Scorecard on page 8

Xena fobe , 12 hours ago

They'll parade a few "experts" who will lie and tell us how safe and secure electronic voting is.

[Nov 26, 2020] Spook Paradise

Nov 26, 2020 |

With the extremes of the American political spectrum lighting up in deep reds and blues, whatever emerges out of the ashes won't resemble much that came before it, and regardless of the election results, America's inexorable march towards techno-fascism is moving right along.

Watch | America's Election Debacle Highlights Anti-Democratic Hijinks of Both Parties

Actual voter and election fraud takes place in every national American election and is just as prevalent in state and municipal elections, as well. From vote splitting to voter suppression tactics to direct manipulation of election results, both political parties have usurped the electoral processes to lie and cheat their way into power more than once.

But with the advent of digital voting systems, even the scandals we always seem to hear about far too late will vanish from sight, as well. The most straightforward aspect of democracy – voting – is disappearing behind a curtain of ones and zeros that only technocratic lackeys will be able to pull back. Trump, who was plucked from the reality TV screen like Jeff Daniels in "The Purple Rose of Cairo" and inserted into the national contest for the highest office in the land, will do nothing to change that.

Publically available FBI documents show the sitting president has been an FBI informant since the early eighties and his rise to the highest office in the land was not the case of a brash, independent billionaire who decided to run for president to "Make America Great Again." After all, Donald Trump's long-standing ties with the very "deep state" many of his staunchest supporters are convinced he is dismantling, actually reveals a factional war among the ruling class behind the scenes.

With a president who is as deep state as it gets, if there's something we can take away from the last four years and these last few days since the election, it's that the American establishment's over-the-top partisanship has been a ruse undertaken to hide the fact that they are united in waging a class war like never before.

[Nov 26, 2020] Jimmy Carter warned 15 years ago of serious 2020 election problems

Nov 26, 2020 |

Jay Stephen 2 days ago • edited ,

This election proves that our Department of Justice, the FBI, CIA, and all our intelligence agencies are controlled by the deep state and the military industrial establishment so that they can install the candidates of their choice in every election, otherwise they would have exposed the totally unsecure Dominion voting machines years ago. They didn't manipulate the 2016 presidential election because it was a foregone conclusion with them all that Hillary was a shoe in. It has been proven that they were able to access the software to flip votes in 2018 from Bevin to Beshear to install him as governor in Kentucky.

HongryHawg 2 days ago ,

So now the question becomes, why bother to vote at all, Republican or Democrat. The fixers are gonna choose, regardless of who gets the lever pulled for them the most. "Every vote matters" no longer matters.

IrishMailey HongryHawg 2 days ago ,

NO, always vote. The reason there is such obvious cheating on a national level is so many voted for Trump the leftist had to dig up pre-print4d "Biden" votes in the middle of the night in PA, WI, NV, and MI to counter the real vote. And their fear and mammoth cheating has displayed for the world how criminal and anti-American the left is. And for that blatant felony, we are going to win the election legally.

[Nov 26, 2020] Yes, Election Fraud is Real. And its a Longstanding Tradition on Both Sides of the Aisle

Nov 26, 2020 |


Part of the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency's mission centers on assuring compliance with DHS dictates surrounding election security protocols. The standalone federal agency with oversight from the Department of Homeland Security was formed two years after an embarrassing incident involving DHS occurred during the 2016 general election, when Georgia's then secretary of state,­ – now governor – Brian Kemp, announced that cyberattacks on its voting systems had been traced to the federal law enforcement agency.

Washington Mulls National Guard at Polls as Obama-era Russiagaters Profer Election Advice A neoliberal think tank filled with Obama-era national security officials has been advising State District Attorneys Offices on how to prepare for election violence. MintPress News | Raul Diego | Nov 16

In 2020 with CISA firmly in place, DHS' cybersecurity division implemented a " 24/7 war room " to ostensibly guard against election hacking. CISA's Krebs, a former cybersecurity policy director at Microsoft, led the effort to "monitor a network of every state's election system simultaneously until every vote is counted," according to News Nation , which was allowed to bring a camera crew into the operation in Fort Meade , Maryland.

In the lead up to the 2020 election, warnings about Russian and Iranian cyberwarriors running roughshod over the electoral contest were everywhere in U.S. media. Dire warnings of an existential threat to democracy by foreign actors that never materialized were leveraged to implement new security measures in partnership with the private sector. Krebs floated the excuse for a conspicuously absent horde of Eurasian hackers, that America's enemies chose to "sit out this election" in a recent New York Times article .

The fact is that neither Russia nor Iran have anywhere near the level of access to America's election system as the handful of private companies who are part of an electronic voting machine cartel, which currently controls over 92% of the elections market in the United States.

[Nov 22, 2020] The Scorecard potentially intercepts the data on the way to server and changes it. The NSA has access to all internet traffic and most likely a back door that allows them to defeat encryption in private virtual networks.

Nov 22, 2020 |

Dystopian , says: Next New Comment November 18, 2020 at 3:25 pm GMT • 4.1 days ago

@Mish S

You misunderstand how scorecard works. It intercepts the data on the way to server and changes it. The NSA has access to all internet traffic and most likely a back door that allows them to defeat encryption. Recently, some hackers discovered a back door in RSA keys which are used to encrypt internet traffic. It was patched but I'm sure there was either another way in or a new one created. Since all data is transmitted to a known server they would intercept all traffic to the server and modify it. TCP/IP is a protocol that has nothing to do the originating operating system. By the way, although not necessary for scorecard to work, many voting machines are connected to the internet. In a recent independent audit the machines examined, which run Windows 10, were unpatched and open to many know vulnerabilities. Windows 10 a virus in it's own right, connects to Microsoft hundreds of times a day and transmits god knows what information. They also had unauthorized software installed indicating that local users had administrative rights to the system. Another little known fact is that modern Intel processors have their own cell modem. So even without an internet connection it is still possible to hack into a computer. Since the connection is low level, intrusion prevention software is unaware of the unauthorized entry.

Agent76 , says: Next New Comment November 18, 2020 at 7:09 pm GMT • 4.0 days ago

Apr 27, 2016 US elections, RIGGED Computer Programmer TESTIFIES Congressional Meeting.

If anyone can provide any details as exactly when this took place, where and any detail as to who the people are in this video please comment and I'll fill in the details.

[Nov 17, 2020] 'Hammer' and 'Scorecard'- Lt. Gen. McInerney explains the election hack by Democrats - The Wentworth Report

Nov 17, 2020 |

'Hammer' and 'Scorecard': Lt. Gen. McInerney explains the election hack by Democrats . By JD Rucker.

The Democrats are either cheating or powers above them are cheating on their behalf. Either way, the election is in the process of being stolen if we're to believe Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney during his most recent interview with Two Mikes.

The General described "Hammer" and "Scorecard," a pair of programs initially designed for the CIA before being privatized by Deep State players from the Obama administration. We explained how they work in an article last week, but the gist is this:

" Hammer " or "THE HAMMER" is a counter-intelligence surveillance program used to spy on activities on protected networks (like voting machines) without detection

" Scorecard " is a vote-manipulation application that changes votes during transfer. It's the least detectable form of election manipulation because it works during data transfer between voting stations and data storage hubs. Unless both sides are looking for irregularities, it's impossible to catch. If nefarious forces had people on one side or the other (or both) during data transfer, it cannot be exposed.

What we're seeing happening in Michigan and Wisconsin have all of the trademarks of a "Hammer" and "Scorecard" operation.

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney exposes 'Scorecard,' the Democrats' voter fraud superweapon . by Scott Boyd.

Voter fraud is happening right now. We all know it; one would be hard pressed to find a single American on either side of the aisle who would not acknowledge that it's taking place. Around half the country realizes (or is willing to admit) it's happening in favor of Democrats, but very few realize just how deep this particular rabbit hole goes.

A CIA program known as "Scorecard" allows its users to change voting outcomes by hacking into the transfer between local reporting stations and state or national data centers.

According to McInerney, it's a small amount, under 3%, to keep it from triggering any alarms. He would know. He served in top military positions under the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President of the United States.

Using software for elections is a grave error, if you want a honest and reliable count. Paper ballots filled in under supervision at a polling place after an ID check are relatively secure and can be recounted.

UPDATE: Sidney Powell discusses Hammer and Scorecard with Lou Dobbs here . Explosive.

UPDATE 12 Nov: Scorecard probably works via the "weighted race" feature of vote counting by computers, which allows fractional votes to be transferred from one candidate to another. See Michigan: MIT PhD Shows Trump's Margin Was Reduced by 138,000 Votes in Just Four Counties by a Counting Computer with the "Weighted Race" Feature Turned On, which Transferred Votes from Trump to Biden!

[Nov 17, 2020] PolitiFact - Debunking the 'Hammer and Scorecard' election fraud conspiracy theory by Jon Greenberg

What Dan Greenberg forgets is that the existence of Hammer was established by WikiLeaks, and can't be classified as a rumor.
I especially like "appeal to authority" argument: " The head of the government agency created by Trump to protect against cyber attacks called the Hammer and Scorecard theory, "nonsense.""
Nov 10, 2020 |
See the sources for this fact-check

Some fans of President Donald Trump are sharing the theory that a package of CIA computer programs have hacked the 2020 election. One program, called Hammer, cracks into protected networks, while another, called Scorecard, changes vote totals.

Pamela Geller, a right-wing activist and Trump supporter, has posted more than one piece about Hammer and Scorecard. On Nov. 9, her website Geller Report offered an item headlined, " HAMMER / Scorecard Voter Software Fraud in Real Time ."

Geller offered a video clip taken from CNN's 2019 election coverage of the Kentucky governor's race that she called, "Vote switching right in front of your eyes."

Geller's post was flagged as part of Facebook's efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook .)

Before we dive in, let's be clear that independent election security researchers see no evidence that Hammer and Scorecard exist, and the head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency , a government body created by President Donald Trump in 2018, has said this theory of election interference is " nonsense ."

With that, let's look at the CNN evidence that Geller takes to be telling.

Dissecting CNN Kentucky election coverage

The video consists of a man giving a running commentary on shifting result totals in the 2019 Kentucky governor's race in which Democrat Andy Beshear defeated incumbent Republican Matt Bevin. At one key moment in CNN's live broadcast, the vote totals change inconsistently.

A large graphic shows Beshear with a total of 674,508, while a smaller running total at the bottom of the screen gives him 673,948. According to the man giving the commentary, the total at the bottom of the screen runs behind the more current one on the larger graphic. In that light, a difference of 560 votes makes sense. The one on the bottom has yet to catch up.

But at the same moment, Bevin's totals show 661,675 on the large graphic, while the one at the bottom shows 662,235. That's 560 votes less than the most up-to-date one on the big graphic. In the view of Geller and the man speaking on the video, the fraud is obvious.

"You have just seen 25% of the loss amount of this race happen in front of your very eyes," the man giving the commentary said.

In the final official tally , Beshear won by over 5,000 votes.

Is this proof of shenanigans?

Two election security experts we reached were unimpressed.

No sign of Hammer and Scorecard

"The broader issue here is that the election night results are not official," said Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Charles Stewart III. "There's a post-election canvas period when results are checked and mistakes spotted and corrected."

Stewart said there's a key flaw in the theory that the purported software package of Hammer and Scorecard could intercept the digital transmission of vote results and change them. He said the states that do send data that way also keep the data tapes of votes from the original machines.

FEATURED FACT-CHECK Tweets stated on November 3, 2020 in a tweet "Only sign outside Bucks County voting place. Democrats shown, republicans blurred out. More scamming in Pennsylvania!" true false By Jon Greenberg • November 3, 2020

"The results only become official after the election department has compared the paper tapes -- which are immune to supposed hack -- to the initially transferred results," Stewart said.

The CNN election night results are "the sports aspect of elections, not the binding results," said statistics professor at the University of California-Berkeley Philip Stark.

Stark cautioned that no election system comes with 100% ironclad protection against hacking.

"Nothing is perfect, and they are all vulnerable," Stark said. He advocates for greater use of paper ballots and careful post-election audits.

But that said, Stark sees no evidence that any results have been altered in this election or past ones. Regarding the CNN inconsistencies, he noted that CNN contracted for the data feed from a third party vendor. That puts CNN's number even further removed from the official tally.

Stark said nothing in the CNN example holds up.

"That's not how anyone would hack an election," Stark said. "If you really wanted to change the total, you would not change it on election night, where everyone could see it. You would change it in the voting tabulation system."

And for those who think Hammer and Scorecard were deployed in the 2020 election, Stark said that raises the question of why skeptics look only at the presidential race.

"If the motivation was to put the Democrats in power, why didn't they flip the Senate?" Stark posed. "Biden will have a hard time without the Senate. Why would you leave the job half done?"

One of the main promoters of the Hammer and Scorecard theory is a discredited military contractor who claims to have created them.

We asked Geller to respond to the issues raised above. She didn't address the specific matters but said that she sees ample evidence of fraud, including "eyewitness accounts of tens of thousands of ballots coming in the back door (that) should give even you pause, despite your baked-in far-left bias."

We have debunked multiple claims of fraud, including 14,000 dead people voting in Michigan, and poll workers in Pennsylvania filling out ballots.

Our ruling

Geller said that a 2019 CNN video clip shows the work of purported CIA-built hacking software Hammer and Scorecard in action. The clip shows a momentary glitch in election night totals.

The head of the government agency created by Trump to protect against cyber attacks called the Hammer and Scorecard theory, "nonsense."

Election security experts said election night totals are distinct from official results, and post-Election Day vetting by state officials catches discrepancies between local results and totals calculated at the central office. They also noted that if someone truly wanted to steal an election, the example Geller cited makes no practical sense.

We rate this claim Pants on Fire.

CORRECTION: This report has been changed to correct the description of the narrator's discussion of the winning margin in the Beshear-Bevin race.

This fact check is available at IFCN's 2020 US Elections FactChat #Chatbot on WhatsApp. Click here , for more.

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[Nov 17, 2020] These NSA/CIA toys were made to modify foreign elections, only now Brennan, Clapper and Mueller had turned them 180 degrees onto the US. Clever, modifying local vote tally files send upstream over Internet on the fly. A few percent from A to B usually does it as it doubles up.

Nov 17, 2020 |

Antonym , Nov 17 2020 3:23 utc | 79

OR as Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney said live it were Hammer and Scorecard that flipped the vote tallies. These NSA/CIA toys were made to modify foreign elections, only now Brennan, Clapper and Mueller had turned them 180 degrees onto the US. Clever, modifying local vote tally files send upstream over Internet on the fly. A few percent from A to B usually does it as it doubles up.

That same trio was quite busy collecting leverage / compromat on the domestic who-is-who, including bankers, anchors etc.

[Nov 17, 2020] 'Hammer' and 'Scorecard'- Lt. Gen. McInerney explains the election hack by Democrats - Geller Report News

Nov 17, 2020 |

What's happening with the election? As one might normally say, "it's anyone's guess." Except, it isn't. We have a very good idea of exactly what's happening. The Democrats are either cheating or powers above them are cheating on their behalf. Either way, the election is in the process of being stolen if we're to believe Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney during his most recent interview with Two Mikes .

The General described "Hammer" and "Scorecard," a pair of programs initially designed for the CIA before being privatized by Deep State players from the Obama administration. We explained how they work in an article last week, but the gist is this: "Hammer" or "THE HAMMER" is a counter-intelligence surveillance program used to spy on activities on protected networks (like voting machines) without detection while "Scorecard" is a vote-manipulation application that changes votes during transfer. It's the least detectable form of election manipulation because it works during data transfer between voting stations and data storage hubs. Unless both sides are looking for irregularities, it's impossible to catch. If nefarious forces had people on one side or the other (or both) during data transfer, it cannot be

What we're seeing happening in Michigan and Wisconsin have all of the trademarks of a "Hammer" and "Scorecard" operation. As I noted earlier, the fix is in . The General talked today with Two Mikes once again to give an update and to call on the White House to act immediately before the election is fully stolen.

This is the type of blockbuster information the left and even many on the right refuse to report. We see with our own eyes how "Hammer" and "Scorecard" are being used in Wisconsin and Michigan. Will the President let it fly?


The day before the election, General McInerney spoke to Two Mikes about the details surrounding "Scorecard" and called on the White House and the Trump campaign to take action before voting started.

[Nov 13, 2020] Some additional information about Scorecard

Nov 13, 2020 |

Gen McInerney first broke the story on March 19th, 2017 on Dr Dave Janda's Operation Freedom podcast, including the fact that John Brennan, James Clapper, Robert Mueller and James Comey were directly involved with Barack Obama in operating The Hammer as a means of leverage and blackmail their targets. Within moments of this broadcast, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were texting each other about it, as seen in their declassified texts!

The following day, on March 20, 2017, Comey perjured himself when he testified before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that the FBI Counterintelligence Division had "no information" to support Trump's tweet claiming that President Obama had "wiretapped" him.

The Deep State is completely desperate to keep a lid on The Hammer. Since November 2019, former CIA officer, Kevin Shipp has been using platforms like Greg Hunter's USA Watchdog to claim that The Hammer is a fraudulent psyop that pushed its way up to Gen Michael Flynn's the defense team, with the potential of jeopardizing the credibility of his case.

Also, Shipp recently started telling everybody that Q is a nefarious psyop, coinciding with the exact moment when Congress voted to condemn QAnon and its believers – and at just the same moment that YouTube de-platformed dozens of our favorite creators and that Twitter and Facebook terminated thousands of users' accounts.

Here's how nuclear it is on Facebook: When someone asked me about QAnon, I answered with 3 words: "Q is real" and I was instantaneously locked out of my account for 12 hours for making a post associated with "domestic terrorism"!

I always liked Shipp but sadly, I can only conclude that he is a disinformant. Maybe they used The Hammer on him

On September 21, 2020, 30-year NSA veteran, Bill Binney tweeted, "@Kevin_Shipp posted a message today implying I changed my mind about the Hammer program. he did this without talking to me. point is I have not changed my mind on this subject. it still needs to be investigated by AG Barr and Durham."

As for James Comey, we know that he's been aware of The Hammer since at least August 19, 2015, when Montgomery gave 47 hard drives containing over 600 million pages of documents to his office. Montgomery had become a whistleblower upon seeing firsthand how the Obama administration had turned The Hammer against Americans. He received two limited immunity agreements in exchange for evidence production and testimony.

Montgomery says the Obama White House provided 1,200 preloaded Blackberry devices to trusted Obama insiders, including to Hunter Biden and that the FBI and DOJ are in possession of this body of evidence. This would indicate that they have long been aware of Hunter and Joe Biden's espionage activities, such as the sale of a US military technology manufacturer to the CCP via Hunter's private equity company, Bohai Harvest.

Montgomery says the 1,200 BlackBerry devices, similar to those used by Obama and Hillary communicated over a closed encrypted secure network, known as PIN-to-PIN messaging that did not traverse the Internet, operating directly off The Hammer network. Each of those devices could access The Hammer Vault, a secret database of The Hammer's illegally-collected data, including corporate and military intellectual property and US Defense secrets, accessible only to Obama team insiders.

Montgomery's 600 million pages of documents show that for more than four years before the 2016 election, four contractors working for the Obama Administration's FBI illegally surveilled American citizens. Moreover, the FISA court was made aware of this and has communicated its findings to the Justice Department.


Yesterday on the War Room, Gen McInerney revealed that the Obama administration added an application to The Hammer called Scorecard, which he says, "Changes votes at a certain point in the voting stream – and by the way, the Obama administration used it in the 2012 Elections in Florida and both Obama and Biden are very familiar with this.

In their article published at on October 31, 2020, Mary Fanning and Alan Jones report :

"The Obama administration illegally commandeered The Hammer and Scorecard. They moved The Hammer to Fort Washington, Maryland on February 3, 2009. The Obama White House had an encrypted VPN in order to access The Hammer at will.

"On December 20, 2015, as part of a summary of information disclosed in The Whistleblower Tapes, The American Report revealed the following on The American Report's official Facebook page:

"Florida voter registration disk removed and new disk inserted for redistricting via "The Hammer" computer system in Fort Washington Maryland via Navy Intel cover (they stole the Florida election via re-districting in Florida? How many other states did Brennan and Clapper do this?)"

Gen McInerney continues, "They used [Scorecard] in the Primaries and Bernie lost to Biden So, it is ready to go. I just found out about this yesterday. Sidney [Powell] played a very important role in assisting me and [journalists] Mary Fanning and Alan Jones in trying to get the word out, so the American people know all this enthusiasm you're talking about in Pennsylvania gets changed very quickly with this software program [Scorecard] that switches 3% of the votes."

McInerney was in the US Air Force for 35 years, where he had an extensive operational career and retired as the Number Three man. He says, "I'm currently in the cloud business now and that's why I'm so intimately familiar with what Hammer and Scorecard can do. And nobody knows it."

Bannon then says, "Hammer was the single most important and the single most sophisticated, basically system that came up after 9/11 for intelligence or really counterintelligence about Radical Islamic jihad and the ability to monitor that. Is that the beginning of how this started? It was a foreign surveillance system that allowed the National Security and intelligence apparatus to watch our enemies. Is that how this thing started?"

McInerney replies, "That's how it started, Steve. Very sophisticated. Very, very capable. It was then adopted with the software packages, like on your iPhone, to the voting business. And it was used in foreign countries. It was then moved over to the CIA and they started looking at US Citizens. That is illegal. The CIA cannot look at US Citizens. Only the FBI, with the proper FISA warrants, etc. Sidney knows all about this. You know all about this.

"And it is extremely important, that this was taken out of the CIA when the Obama administration left. They used some kabuki to get it out. They still have it up and running. We know where it is located. It's active tonight, it's active, they've been looking at a whole host of things – as has the DNC, using false IPs – and they are looking around and they are trying to set up this voting thing that happens on Tuesday night.

"It's gonna look good for President Trump but they're gonna change it. And that's the danger that America and everybody must realize."

Bannon asks Gen McInerney, "Dennis Montgomery he was being rounded up at his house. He had 47 hard drives I think, he had taken from Fort Meade. How does Dennis Montgomery fit into the story?"

"He's a genius," Gen McInerney responds. "And he loves America. Dennis invented The Hammer. Dennis invented Scorecard. He's the programmer that made all of this happen. And he's on our side, at great personal risk, as well as he hasn't benefited financially from it. He's an absolute genius. So, he's extremely important to what's going on.

"It would have happened in 2016, Steve, except something happened to it that night, when the Obama crowd and the Democrats tried to use it. I can't talk about that."

Bannon responds that when he first heard of it, Project Hammer was so compartmented that just the name of the project, itself was classified. He says, given that Gen McInerney is claiming, two days before the 2020 Election, that the DNC is going to try to steal it and given the large amount of Left Wing media watching the podcast, he asks Sidney Powell why this isn't a 'tinfoil hat conspiracy theory'?

Sidney replies, "Well, Gen McInerney has been talking about it for at least three years. A separate source came to me, completely unconnected out of Dallas, that had identified computer replacement of votes and there's a story out about that, from more than a year ago. And then, now, it's coming up again. We've got more verification.

"The point is, the reason this is all happening is because there are trillions of dollars at stake. The Globalists, the Communists, the Marxists, the Chinese Communist Party want to control the world and the power and the dollars that go with it. And hey have to destroy the independence of We, the People and the freedom and leadership of the United States to do that. That's their last big target. We are the end of the line for liberty and freedom and any semblance of justice.

"They will spend any amount of money. They are willing to do absolutely anything to try to continue the graft and corruption that all of the evidence that's now just coming out against Joe Biden exemplifies. It wasn't just Joe Biden. It's probably 80% of our public officials, at least in the Federal Government and many in the States, too

"Look at General Flynn's Twitter feed and look at the articles he's written recently, about how important this election is. And it's not just to this country, it is to the entire world. It is anybody who has any hope for freedom anywhere."

Bannon comments that when Dennis Montgomery gave 47 hard drives with over 600 million pages of documents to James Comey's office at the FBI and he asks Gen McInerney "What was he trying to expose? What should the American people know today on the eve of this election that 250 Flag Officers sent a letter to President Trump, including my old boss, Tom Hayward, that said, 'It's the most important election in the history of the Republic.'

"What is Montgomery trying to tell us? What is the message we need to hear today?"

"Well, he's telling us right now, Steve that we are on the verge of being compromised through cyber warfare. Which he is a master of, he's the most brilliant person in our country on cyber warfare and they have used this. They moved it from the intelligence – a very highly-secure program – and they've moved it from there over to political treachery. And that's what it is.

"When they moved it out of the CIA, they moved it for their political use, as they have politicized the intelligence community, as we saw in the Russia Hoax and what they've done to General Flynn. All these things that you and Sidney have been talking about, that want to change America from what it is. It goes back to the Electoral College, to the Supreme Court. All these things are bundled to change America from being a Democratic Republic to a Totalitarian regime.

"That means a Socialist country, the next step is Communism. That's why there can be no agreement between this Democratic Party and the Republican Party. One choice is freedom. One choice is Communism. It's that simple It is an either-or. If we don't win the election, that will be the last free election this country ever has."

Bannon then says, "Just want the DNC to know that we're going to pull the plug on Scorecard. You're not going to use cyber warfare to steal this election They're not going to steal it because we've got Patriots, like Gen McInerney, Sidney Powell and others, that are on watch, that are on the ramparts 24/7, OK? And we're going to be relentless in this We're gonna get the plug pulled on Scorecard and Hammer. Sorry Brennan, sorry Comey, sorry DNC, sorry President Obama, sorry – not sorry!

" This is the fight of a lifetime. This is the inflection point of the Republic. McInerney's right. We lose this. It's over."

Bannon asks Sidney Powell again, why The Hammer is not a woo-woo conspiracy theory.

She replies, "Well, there's multiple sources that this exists – an absolute confirmation of it. It's even moved off its original site into a private company But Obama, Biden, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Mueller – all know about it; helped create it and know how to use it against the American people.

"There's evidence that any number of judges, I think over 100 judges they collected information on. A lot of lawyers. Thousands of lawyers, including me, I'm told was collected on by it. And businesses, particular businesses, churches. They've gotten names and addresses of people from certain churches, anti-abortion groups. They're using it for their social and political issues."

Bannon asks, "When you're FBI Director, you're gonna clean all this up? Can the American People get your commitment that you're gonna do this?"

"Yes. Regardless of political party. I will be a very Equal Opportunity offender."

"Sidney Powell. You heard it here first."

[Nov 13, 2020] "Scorecard" was developed using the intrusion capabilities of Hammer to focus upon election software.

Nov 13, 2020 |

Joe Pete KaZAamM 2 days ago ,

Dennis Montgomery Developed Hammer after 9/11. Hammer and Scorecard were used in 2012 for Biden and Obama. Just as you say and also used to STEAL from Bernie Sanders this year. Complete Election Fraud

"This software is a CIA spy program designed to use on protected networks
(like voting machines) without detection. It is important to note that
Montgomery claims that in 2009, under then-President Barak Obama, this
software was "commandeered and repurposed" by John Brenan and James
Clapper into a "private and parallel domestic surveillance system."

KaZAamM Joe Pete 2 days ago ,

Brilliant Joe!

Dennis Montgomery is a genius, a real prodigy who worked with the NSA to develop "Hammer".

"Scorecard" was developed using the intrusion capabilities of Hammer to focus upon election software.

It definitely appears that the Dominion computers all had this program running.

Vote switching is its primary feature. The sure-fire telltale signs of Republican totals DECREASING is rampant. It's an impossibility for votes to decrease for any candidate.

The fact that the totals at that given point in time, are universally decreasing for Republicans ONLY and given to Democrats with identical totals is truly alarming.

Many videos are circulating showing these vote switches in real-time. All these videos are proofs. Irrefutable evidence that votes were manipulated to swap votes from Republican votes to Democrats.

Impossible to deny.

Scorecard was used in many elections and Democrat primaries.

Joseph Mack KaZAamM 2 days ago ,

Wish someone would post at least part of the actual malware code. If written properly,the vote tally for the victim would continue to increase, just switching an occasional 'random' vote to the opponents' tally. There would never be an actual decrease in the tally, and there would be no real 'pattern' to discern - very hard to detect by itself unless the actual code was available. I could write more, but there might actually be a 'Non-brain-dead' liberal reading these comments!

Glen Batterham yak_disqus 12 hours ago ,

Would that mean any legislation that those elected by fraudulent means would be put to review?
I mean that if this software fraud investigation goes retrospective and it's found that over time local, state and the federal government's have had illegal candidates sitting will the votes of the illegal candidates be struck from any legislation that they voted on?
Everything should undergo a review. Especially any act that passed by a narrow margin. If say 3 ineligible candidates sat in any particular legislature all bills that passed by 3 or less votes during their term should be reviewed.
Any legislation which only passed because of the addition of ineligible votes could be deemed null and void.

grizzle 2 days ago

I've seen those videos. Showed them to many people personally.

I have a couple co-workers who are hardcore Democrats that always call my arguments as being; "conspiracy theories".

Not this time. They were literally floored. Undeniable, irrefutable evidence tends to do that.

It's real. It's definitely hard-core.

Nothing is going to prevent this from going mainstream.


America's Voice Fan DeplorableWoman 2 days ago • edited ,

Seems to be a theme by the "serious conservatives" at Fox News: downplaying the scope and severity of the election fraud. Solomon actually said there was only one glitch in MI and it was resolved in a friendly manner with the county officials. He said there were no other problems with Dominion software as far as he was aware, WHILE Sidney Powell was reporting the same thing as Gateway Pundit - that it was across the country and there is evidence of millions of votes impacted positively for biden because of the software. Hannity didn't challenge him either when the opposite was being reported in other outlets.

5MMs DeplorableWoman 2 days ago ,

He seems to be taking the paper ballot used to stuff the ballot box route based on the statistics along with the data showing large numbers of ballots cast by people who had previously submitted change of address requests yet had not been removed from voter rolls. Seems those type of people would be ripe for targeting for submitting an illegal ballot in their name. Those number is the 100's of thousands....

[Nov 13, 2020] THE HAMMER is the Key to the Coup -The Political Crime of the Century-- How Obama, Brennan, Clapper, and the CIA spied on President Trump, General Flynn ... and everyone else, by Fanning, Mary, Jones, Alan

The book is mixed. Good information often is intermixed with absurd statements. And often authors overplay their hand.
Still if read with a grain of slat one can find interesting, systematized information about Flynn prosecution and Russiagate gaslighting. This information is presented via the prism of Hammer, the newer surveillance system similar to Prism, that supposedly was used by Obama administraqtion to spy on the US citizens including General Flynn, supreme court judges and even members of FICA court.
In February 2009, the Obama administration commandeered a powerful supercomputer system known as THE HAMMER. THE HAMMER includes an exploit application known as SCORECARD that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote, according to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built THE HAMMER.
This is a blatant attempt of CIA to steal functions of NSA. Which strongly suggests that Obama was a CIA-democrat.
Nov 13, 2020 |
On March 19, 2017, General Mclnerney and Admiral Lyons dropped The American Report's expose 011 The HAMMER, the illegal surveillance operation overseen by Obama, Brennan, and Clapper with which they spied 011 Americans and targeted their political adversaries. The radio show is a Live show, and fifteen minutes before General Mclnerney's segment he emailed me that he would be coming forward with time-sensitive information provided with the support of Admiral Lyons.

The information focused 011 an illegal surveillance operation which utilized a platform, THE HAMMER, developed by Dennis Montgomery, which Obama, Brennan and Clapper, with the support of Comey and Mueller, had "privatized" to illegally-surveil political opponents. Their "operation" violated the rights of many hundreds of Americans, including citizen Donald Trump, General Flynn, government officials, and Supreme Court and District Court Judges. General Mclnerney then came on the Live show and delivered the information noted above to the American public. This was the first time this information was presented 011 Radio or TV. I would like to say that the information of the illegal "operation" shocked me .... however, having been involved in health care policy for years and having had "time in the swamp".... it angered me but did not shock me.

The credit for exposing the illegal "operation" THE HAMMER and bringing it to the attention of General Mclnerney and Admiral Lyons should go to investigative journalists Mary Fanning and Alan Jones of The American Report and military intelligence officials who confirmed the illegal "operation." Mary Fanning and Alan Jones have presented information in at least two dozen well researched, well sourced, and very thorough investigative articles on the illegal surveillance parallel platform.

The reaction to the segment was significant. The listening audience demanded that the illegal "operation" be investigated, Deep State operatives expressed displeasure over the information being made public, and for some "reason," my computer immediately after the show malfunctioned and would not allow me to send emails. The screen repeatedly seized. This was not a common occurrence -- this was rare.

Of note, several years after the segment, the Department of Justice released text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, which Tire American Report exposed and built a timeline around. Included in those texts were messages between Strzok and Page on the evening of March 19, 2017 referencing the information General Mclnerney brought forward on the show. Over the ensuing years, there have been those who thoroughly researched the illegal "operation" who are also well-versed and experts in information technology.

The two most well-respected surveillance experts in the world, Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe, have been supportive of the existence of the illegal parallel platform of THE HAMMER and they in fact have come forward stating that they had also participated in parallel platforms.

Admiral Lyons was an incredible Patriot and a friend who also regularly appeared 011 my show. From March 19, 2017 until his death in December of 2018, he repeatedly told me .... "David, continue to focus on the Hammer surveillance .... it is the key to the coup, the key for General Flynn's Freedom, and the key to Save Our Country.

-- David H. Janda M.D. Host, Operation Freedom

... ... ...

(7) Brennan and Clapper ran THE HAMMER computer system out of a secret Fort Washington, Maryland facility beginning on February 3, 2009, after President Barack Obama took office;

(8) Florida voter registration disks were removed, and new disks inserted by Brennan and Clapper via THE HAMMER supercomputer system, whereby they stole the Florida election via redistricting;

[Nov 13, 2020] The 2020 election- -Scorecard-, Veritas, fraud and coming coup-

Nov 13, 2020 |
Operation "Scorecard" reveals shadowy interference at the polls.According to According to NOQ Report , Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney exposed "Scorecard." The Dems' alleged superweapon for voter fraud. "A CIA program known as "Scorecard" allows its users to change voting outcomes by hacking into the transfer between local reporting stations and state or national data centers. According to McInerney, it's a small amount, under 3%, to keep it from triggering any alarms. He would know. He served in top military positions under the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President of the United States," says QMN.The covert technology "was built by the CIA to surreptitiously steal elections in targeted countries. Now, that technology is being turned against the United States of America and is about to be activated on Tuesday to steal the election for Biden," The covert technology "was built by the CIA to surreptitiously steal elections in targeted countries. Now, that technology is being turned against the United States of America and is about to be activated on Tuesday to steal the election for Biden," McInerney boldly claimed . "This might also help explain why Joe Biden told voters at a recent (small) rally that he didn't "need their vote" to become President, and why Nancy Pelosi says Biden will win no matter what the votes say on Nov. 3rd." Operation Texas Scorecard.Project Veritas is at it again with undercover work to show ballot harvesting. Project Veritas is at it again with undercover work to show ballot harvesting. Newly released footage reveals an operation in San Antonio, Texas, collecting votes for Democrats, a pollster saying to a voter,

Dems' ballot harvesting Minnesota.

In the first of a series of reports, Project Veritas investigators reveal a ballot-harvesting racket in Rep Ilhan Omar's (D) Minneapolis district involving her campaign workers and political allies, In the first of a series of reports, Project Veritas investigators reveal a ballot-harvesting racket in Rep Ilhan Omar's (D) Minneapolis district involving her campaign workers and political allies, reports QMN News . "Whistleblower Jamal Osman, a Minneapolis community leader and chair of the city's Somali Watchdog Group, alleges Omar's involvement, and says that his brother, Liban Mohamed, is one of Omar's "many people." "It's an open secret. She [Omar] will do anything that she can do to get elected and she has hundreds of people on the streets doing that," he told Veritas in an on-camera interview last Tuesday. "Whistleblower Jamal Osman, a Minneapolis community leader and chair of the city's Somali Watchdog Group, alleges Omar's involvement, and says that his brother, Liban Mohamed, is one of Omar's "many people." "It's an open secret. She [Omar] will do anything that she can do to get elected and she has hundreds of people on the streets doing that," he told Veritas in an on-camera interview last Tuesday. "Whistleblower Jamal Osman, a Minneapolis community leader and chair of the city's Somali Watchdog Group, alleges Omar's involvement, and says that his brother, Liban Mohamed, is one of Omar's "many people." "It's an open secret. She [Omar] will do anything that she can do to get elected and she has hundreds of people on the streets doing that," he told Veritas in an on-camera interview last Tuesday. "It's an open secret. She [Omar] will do anything that she can do to get elected and she has hundreds of people on the streets doing that," he told Veritas in an on-camera interview last Tuesday. "It's an open secret. She [Omar] will do anything that she can do to get elected and she has hundreds of people on the streets doing that," he told Veritas in an on-camera interview last Tuesday. Dems deceit fracks election in Pennsylvania.


My polling place in Philly was handing these out. And no, no one handed out a GOP or any other party option.

-- Rosa (@rebellions) November 3, 2020

James Woods:

An individual holding this Certificate was turned away physically at a Philadelphia polling place. That is a crime.

-- James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) November 3, 2020

Terrance K. Williams:


ILLEGAL Democrat ballot sign has been taken down in Pennsylvania.

This is why we fight for President @realDonaldTrump #Election2020 #ElectionDay #ElectionNight #Trump2020

-- Terrence K. Williams (@w_terrence) November 3, 2020

TIPers knew the groundwork was in motion with mail-in ballots and all the other tricks that would tip close states to the candidate with no chance of winning on his own. That would be Joe Biden. They don't know Trump, America's top warrior, yet.

Featured Image: GETTYSBURG, PA, April 2019. Detail of Pennsylvania state memorial, Gettysburg Battlefield Photo Bubba73,_Pennsylvania,_US_(81).jpg.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Attribution: Judson McCranie

[Nov 09, 2020] It s possible that CIA was able to monitor and change to votes on election night

Nov 09, 2020 |

Doug Sweetman an hour ago

Since the CIA wrote Scorecard and Hammer, and since there are a few computer forensics folks working for Trump, it's possible they were able to monitor and log changes to votes on election night and beyond.

If Trump was smart enough to catch these activities and proves fraud to reverse the States he needs to win, he deserves another term.

If he was not smart enough, he'll lose due to the lack of evidence.

There would be a good reason for Trump not to mention any of this yet. They still might be using the software to change votes in some States.

In the words of Sun Tze: "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

Founders_1791 an hour ago

Dominion must be compelled under oath to divulge what updates, when, and what they entailed (logs) for all election machines in states under suspicion

Dominion must surrender source code used in machines for analysis

Dominion must divulge the names of all donors in their organization to campaigns

[Nov 09, 2020] Hammer is a machine in the CIA, perhaps a server unit, and Scorecard is one of the programs. The system was designed to hack into and interfere with foreign country voting elections results.

Nov 09, 2020 |

Greene Cynicles 14 hours ago

Hammer is a machine in the CIA, perhaps a server unit, and Scorecard is one of the programs. The system was designed to hack into and interfere with foreign country voting elections results. Expect more to be reported on it this week.

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