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Univa is a privately held software company that sells data center optimization software products (Wikipedia). Due to Oracle incompetence is managed to aqure Grid Engine which Oraclke got due to Sun aqusition but completly neglected after it.  along with Univa grid engine Univa sell other products which are much less impressive:

Univa was founded in 2004 under the name Univa Corporation by Carl Kesselman, Ian Foster, and Steve Tuecke and was at that time primarily known for providing open source products and technical support based around the Globus Toolkit. On September 17, 2007, the company announced that it would merge with the Austin, Texas-based United Devices and operate under the new name Univa UD. UD was soon dropped from the name. On Oct 22, 2013 Univa has announced that it had acquired the intellectual property as well the copyrights and trademaks pertaining to the Grid Engine technology from Oracle and that it will take over supporting Oracle Grid Engine customers:

Effective October 22, 2013, Univa, a leader in Grid Engine technology, will assume product support for Oracle Grid Engine customers for the remaining term of their existing Oracle Grid Engine support contracts.

For continued access to Grid Engine product support from Univa, customers with an active support contract should visit support.univa.com, or contact Univa Support at [email protected] or call 800.370.5320.

For more details on this announcement or future sales and support inquiries for Grid Engine, please visit www.univa.com/oracle  or contact [email protected].

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Old News ;-)

[Oct 18, 2013] Oracle Grid Engine

Effective October 22, 2013, Univa, a leader in Grid Engine technology, will assume product support for Oracle Grid Engine customers for the remaining term of their existing Oracle Grid Engine support contracts.

For continued access to Grid Engine product support from Univa, customers with an active support contract should visit support.univa.com, or contact Univa Support at [email protected] or 800.370.5320.

For more details on this announcement or future sales and support inquiries for Grid Engine, please visit www.univa.com/oracle or contact [email protected].

Univa Grid Engine Truth

What is Grid Engine?

Grid Engine is a job scheduler that has been around for years and it's FREE!! If you are already using it under an open source license you certainly don't need to buy it. Grid Engine started out as a Sun Microsystems product known as Sun Grid Engine (SGE). After Oracle purchased Sun it became Oracle Grid Engine.

Why is another company trying to sell Grid Engine if it is Free?

A small company called Univa has essentially taken away some of the Grid Engine development staff from Oracle is selling support bundled with what they feel is an upgraded source code that is no longer Open Source. This company wants to sell you Grid Engine support instead of you going to Oracle and buying it for essentially the same price. You can even get free Grid Engine Support here with the open source community, and here with the Oracle community. And you can get the Oracle version here for free which is being developed just like the small company version is but WITH the blessing of Oracle who actually bought this product from Sun.

If you are looking at buying the univa company version of Grid Engine you might ask yourself what you are buying? Is there a free product that is the same? Yes, from Oracle and Source forge. Is there another more reputable version of the same product? Yes, from Oracle. Are there other schedulers out there that are more robust that you can buy? Yes, Platform Computing has an excellent product called LSF that can often be purchased for much less than univa grid engine can be. PBSWorks offers a scheduler that is very good as well as RTDA. There is even a new company that is developing the free Grid Engine source code as well as the core and is actively supporting the free community with support and upgrades called Scalable logic. They have even now come out with an upgraded free version of Grid Engine as Univa has attempted to but this version from Scalable Logic is free and totally open source. It has support for many Operating Systems including even Windows.

Are there risks in going with this version of Grid Engine from Univa?

It's possible that univa may tell you that you could be risking violation of software licensing agreements with Oracle or other parties by using certain versions of Grid Engine for free. They may try to use fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) to scare you into buying with them in thinking that it will protect you from Oracle. It may, but before you buy you may want to check that out with Oracle and the open source community and find out for yourself because that may not be the real risk you face. What you may face with this small company is potentially more operational than legal.

If you think about it, they are essentially trying to make money off of a free open source product. This is not the most lucrative idea in the software world and makes the prospect of making money as a company doing this very difficult if not impossible. You might ask yourself if you think they are going to make it. They have carved out a software product and a team from one of the largest software companies in the world, trying to make money on a free product that Oracle bought with the Sun acquisition. If they do not make it and fail as a company, where will you be with your paid software subscription and product through them? If they do make it and then happen to gain the attention of Oracle and its Lawyers, where will you be if Oracle decides to take legal action against them, or just decides to shut them down? Do you really think that a small company with possibly faulty management and financials would have the resources to remain, let alone still be concerned with your support contract? Would your company be protected or could that liability extend to you as well? These might all be questions you would want to pose to Oracle or at least another party besides Univa if you decided on purchasing Grid Engine.

Either way, univa and its pay version of Grid Engine could be in a tough spot. No matter which way they go they may have a good chance of ending up insolvent or worse. If this happens where would your support contract with them be. Or worse still, what position would you be in with to Oracle at that point? Again, a very good question to ask Oracle. With all these risks it might be better to again look at the free version which even Oracle is offering as they themselves are showing commitment to Grid Engine and the enhancement of the free version.

8.2.0 and the Art of Version Numbering

Submitted by Fritz Ferstl

on Fri, 09/05/2014 - 07:28

Univa Grid Engine was released in its newest version 8.2.0 delivering a whole set of exiting enhancements. Two prominent developments, the Microsoft Windows native native support and the Qmaster Read-Only Thread Pool, mark both, major feature improvements and a fundamental evolution of the code base. This drove our decision to award this release with the 8.2 release number.

In fact, a 9.0 would have been justified as well but upgrading from an 8.1.x release to 8.2 is still a well contained process and we have further developments on the roadmap which will deserve the 9.0 at least as much.

UNIVA Grid Engine 8.1.7 is available for downloading

Marco Donauer
posted this on Jan 15 12:14 AM

Dear customer,

A few minutes ago we released the next version of UNIVA Grid Engine: 8.1.7.
The new release contains many bugfixes and enhancements. 8.1.6 is available for downloading.

The following bugs will be addressed with UGE 8.1.7:

GE-2675 After installing the xterm is not found because the wrong path was set 
GE-3429 use linux control groups (cgroups) for resource management on execd 
GE-4188 qstat man page discusses invalid "-cp" option 
GE-4507 Linux Cgroups support for Univa Grid Engine. 
        Add functionality to support Linux cgroups subsystems in Univa Grid Engine. 
GE-4609 Bad paths printed in installer when installing UGE 
GE-4615 Extend sync option of qsub/losub 
GE-4618 Qmaster terminates when KEEP_ACTIVE is enabled and the faulty_jobs 
        directory cannot be created 
GE-4628 Installing the qmaster with postgres spooling fails if 
        install-user == admin-user 
GE-4630 builtin qrsh creates tty which is owned by root instead of job user 
GE-4642 Installer prints error messages when using -start-all switch 
GE-4646 client side JSV scripts are waiting too long (min. 1 sec) when they finish 
GE-4651 The scripts 'install_qmaster' and 'install_execd' should only 
        support command line options for qmaster or execd host installation 
GE-4663 Install script (inst_sge) does not backup sge_request file in cell 
        directory with -bup 
GE-4665 adding Makefile to Intel Xeon Phi load sensor
GE-4667 make Phi load sensor more robust 
GE-4669 SGE_HGR_ environment variable is not set under some circumstances 
        for array tasks 
GE-4674 Wrong online sharetree usage calculated for task array jobs 
GE-4676 Check for duplicate queue instances when reading in configuration 
        at sge_qmaster startup 
GE-4677 Wrong booked sharetree usage for deleted task array jobs 
GE-4681 wrong XML output in escape sequence for "<" character 
GE-4682 lothread is failing when running a tight pe job, which leads to a 
        qmaster crash 
GE-4683 after qmaster restart m_topology_inuse is not reset and 
        re-accounted correctly 
GE-4684 add support for Mac OS Maverick 
GE-4685 in rare conditions core accounting in m_topology_inuse is wrong 
GE-4687 accounting is not complete after rescheduling a job 
GE-4706 dbwriter installation prints "infotext: too few arguments" 
GE-4716 SGE_BINDING environment variable does not appear on 32 bit Linux 
GE-4718 The built-in PLPA core binding is not working on linux hosts 
GE-4720 Fixed memory leak when reading in sgepasswd file 
GE-4724 unexpected sge_qmaster daemon shutdown with exit state 100

8.1.7 also includes all fixes and enhancements we have provided with all previous releases of the 8.1 family.
A full list can be found at the Release Notes, also provided with the binary packages.

If you have questions regarding the buglist or if something is not clear, please let us know.


Univa Announces Grid Engine 8.1 to Further Evolve the Popular Software


Univa, the Data Center Automation Company, announced today the release of Univa Grid Engine Version 8.1, the most widely deployed, distributed resource management software platform used by enterprises and research organizations across the globe. Univa Grid Engine is the industry-leading choice for workload management and integrating Big Data solutions while saving time and money through increased uptime and reduced total cost of ownership. Corporations in the industries of Oil and Energy, Life Sciences and Biology, and Semiconductors rely on Univa Grid Engine when they need mission-critical computing capacity to model and solve complex problems.

Key features include:

Jeppesen has implemented Univa Grid Engine to support their Crew & Fleet management products for distributing optimization jobs, RAVE compilations and Studio sessions. "Jeppesen has selected Univa Grid Engine as this was the most appealing alternative looking at both cost and Univa's ability to make future enhancements to the product," said Pete Catherall, Business Operations Manager, Jeppesen. "This is another example of that."

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