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You can use the following command line parameters on TTSSH.

read teraterm.ini(file)
If this value is not a full path, it is understood as a relative path from ttssh.dll.
read teraterm.ini(file)
If this value is not a full path, it is understood as a relative path from ttssh.dll.
After teraterm.ini file is read, it is erased.
If this value is not a full path, it is understood as a relative path from ttssh.dll.
disable SSH connection
disable SSH connection
connect to server with SSH1 protocol
connect to server with SSH1 protocol
connect to server with SSH2 protocol
connect to server with SSH2 protocol
try to autologin with empty password
try to autologin with empty password
try to autologin with the authentication method that is specified by <mode>.
your username is specified
your password is specified
your private key file is specified
When the file name is not the absolute path, the file is identified as the relative path.
disable autologin and ask for password
'/auth=<mode>' means only authentication method
port-fowarding from local port(<port1>) to remote side host(<host>) port(<port2>)
if ':1' exists after the port number of remote side, this setting accepts connection from other hosts.
port-fowarding from remote port(<port1>) to local side host(<host>) port(<port2>)
X11 port-fowarding
Local forward ports accept connections from other hosts
setup the log level to VERBOSE mode


ttermpro.exe server1:22 /ssh /ssh-L30025:smtpsrv1:25 /ssh-L30110:pop3srv1:110
ttermpro.exe server2:22 /ssh /ssh-X
ttermpro.exe server3:22 /ssh /2 /auth=password /user=guest /passwd=guest
ttermpro.exe server4:22 /ssh /2 /auth=publickey /user=admin /keyfile=pathofkeyfile /ask4passwd

Example: Pageant collaboration

Setup Pageant in the startup folder.

C:\usr\pageant.exe c:\usr\Identify.ppk

How to connect with the public key authentication by using Pageant is shown as follows.

ttermpro.exe /ssh /auth=pageant /user=yutaka

2009.3.22 (Ver 2.50)

2008.12.16 (Ver 2.49)
--added AES128-CTR, AES192-CTR, AES256-CTR, Arcfour, Arcfour128, Arcfour256 and CAST128-CBC symmetric key cipher algorithm for SSH2 protocol. Security fix: CPNI-957037.
---added "<", "=", ">", "?", "@", "A" and "B" to CipherOrder entry in teraterm.ini file.
--added support for agent forwarding.
---added the check box on SSH Setup dialog.
---added the check box on SSH Authentication dialog.
---added //ssh-A and /ssh-a command line option.
-Bug fixes
--Bug fix: The general protection fault would occur on SSH1 connection. Enbuged at 2.48.
--Bug fix: When the CheckAuthListFirst is enabled on SSH2 connection, TeraTerm disconnects after pushing the OK button of the dialog before the valid authentication method receives.
--Bug fix: X11 forwarding does not work when DISPLAY environment variable configures.
--Bug fix: History checkbox has not been enable or disabled on a new connection.
--Bug fix: A file with the SCP protocol could not send the remote host when the file name includes the space character.

2008.9.23 (Ver 2.48)
- added support for VisualHostKey feature with OpenSSH 5.1.
- added a `200' number to LogLevel entry in teraterm.ini file. This logging level enables a user to caputure the SSH RAW packet data in a local file.
- Changed the error message of SSH2 RSA connection when the host key length is too short.
- Bug fix: TeraTerm would stall when a existing host key replaces on Windows Vista.
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8i

2008.6.25 (Ver 2.47)
- added the destination address of a received file on SSH SCP dialog.
- added support for port number of ssh_known_hosts file.
- updated to new TTSSH icon file(ttsecure.ico). Special thanks to Tatsu Sakamoto.
- Bug fix: memory leak problem
- Bug fix: The sending file with SCP could be locked.
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8h

2008.2.29 (Ver 2.46)
- added silently ignoring the Protocol Version Exchange line before sending the version string. (RFC4253 compliance)
- added the user interface for receiving a file on SSH SCP dialog.
-- The source address is fixed in the 'current directory for file transfers'.
-- Directly input the receiving file name
- added support for the public key authentication with Pageant(an SSH authentication agent for PuTTY, PSCP and Plink).
-- added "pageant" value to "/auth" command line switch.
- deleted a workaround for application fault when pressing ESC key at "SECURITY WARNING" dialog.

2008.1.15 (Ver 2.45)
- added support for sending a local file with SSH2 SCP(Secure Copy Protocol). Also, added SSH SCP menu under file menu.
-- The destination address is fixed in the home directory.
-- Not supporting for receive a file.
-- Only support for SSH2 protocol.
-- Not supporting for SFTP(SSH File Transfer Protocol).
- Bug fix: TCP disconnection was mis-detected in the packet sending. This bug is regression in TTSSH 1.01 because SSH heartbeat thread is not thread-safe.
- Bug fix: SSH is disabled when "/ssh1" or "/ssh2" is included in hostname on New Connection dialog.
- Bug fix: Twice sending SSH2_MSG_SERVICE_REQUEST packet when the user default is not specified and the user authentication method is challenge, /ask4passwd is specified at commad line parameter.
- Bug fix: TIS authentication dialog would not appear when CheckAuthListFirst entry is off and the user authentication method is challenge, /ask4passwd is specified at commad line parameter.
- Bug fix: The user authentication would not work after OK button is pushed when CheckAuthListFirst entry is on and the user input box does not focus.

2007.12.4 (Ver 2.44)
- added AES192, AES256 and Blowfish symmetric key cipher algorithm for SSH2 protocol.
added "9", ":" and ";" to CipherOrder entry in teraterm.ini file.
- added support for SSH2 delay re-transmit packet when remote_window is not available by using port-forwarding(local-to-remote). X11 applications such as emacs and xterm would not work fine by using Xming server.
- Modified the fature to invalidate unsupported authentication method.
The default value of "CheckAuthListFirst" is changed to Off.
Added the feature to configure "CheckAuthListFirst" from a checkbox in "SSH Authentication" dialog.
- Modified the feature in SSH forwarding connection from local to accept connection request from any host other than localhost.
Added the feature to configure it from a checkbox in "SSH Forwarding" dialog.
Added the feature to configure it as a command line option of "/ssh-acceptall".
Modified to enable it for each forwarding setup from "SSH Forwarding" dialog.
- Changed for " /ssh", " /nossh", " /telnet" specified as Host in "New connection" dialog to be given priority over "validate/invalidate" of SSH by radio button.
- Bug fix: TTSSH crashes when all server supports encryption algorithm that is not supported by TTSSH.
- Bug fix: SSH2 packet was ocurred as "Bad packet length". This bug is enbuged at TTSSH 2.42.
- Bug fix: A big size packet could not send to the client application by using SSH2 port-forwarding(local-to-remote). This is TTSSH original bug.
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8g

2007.10.14 (Ver 2.43)
- added challenge-response(keyboard-interactive) authentication method to autologin.
added "challenge" value to "/auth" command line switch.
- Security fix: TeraTerm would temporarily halt server communication for the user confirmation when the server public key trys to add in known_hosts file.
- add support Ctrl+d, Ctrl+k shortcut key in "Host" drop-down on "New connectin" dialog. The former is deleting the character at point and the latter is - killing the text from point to the end of the line.
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8f

2007.9.30 (Ver 2.42)
- deleted displaying in-use serial port on "New connection" dialog.
- deleted using keyboard-interactive authentication when password authentication is selected. And deleted keyboard-interactive checkbox on Authentication Setup dialog. You have to choice "challange/response" to use keyboard-interactive autentication.
- add support Ctrl+p, Ctrl+n, Ctrl+b, Ctrl+f, Ctrl+a and Ctrl+e shortcut key in "Host" drop-down on "New connectin" dialog. Shortcut keys are compatible with up-arrow, down-arrow, left-arrow, right-arrow, Home and End key.
- Bug fix: TCP disconnection was mis-detected in the packet sending.
- replaced internal string functions to secure functions.
deleted _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE build option.

2007.8.8 (Ver 2.41)
- deleted unconditional login retry with password authentication after keyboard-interactive authentication is failure.
- added to disable the serial port in New Connection dialog when there is no available COM ports.
- stopped displaying popup error message when port-forward cannot start because already the socket is opening.
- Bug fix: BOF(Buffer Over Flow) problem at the command line parameter.
- Bug fix: disconnected SSH connection when a port-forward connection from remote side is fail.
- Bug fix: socket of SSH channel was not closed when SSH channel cannot open.

2007.5.7 (Ver 2.40)
- added parsing double-quoted key filename in the command line parameter.
- Bug fix: When keyboard-interactive authentication enabled with plain password authentication, plain password authentication is displayed with the rhosts authentication in SSH authentication dialog.
- Bug fix: SSH2 port fowarding memory leak when the channel connection is closed.
- Bug fix: TTSSH crashes when new channel is not able to be opened.
- added support for getting the user authentication list on SSH2 connection.
* TTSSH can try to login with keyboard-interactive method at the first time when the user selected the password authentication.

2007.3.10 (Ver 2.39)
- added workaround(WinSock) that send() could have been regarded as success when the return value of send() is minus and the return value of WSAGetLastError() is less than WSABASEERR(10000).
- Moved the focus to passphrase dialog when the user mistook the passphrase of SSH2 private key.
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8e

2007.1.22 (Ver 2.38)
- changed the handling of SSH2_MSG_IGNORE to do nothing. The data from Cisco router seems invalid.
- Bug fix: TCP disconnection was mis-detected in the packet sending.

2006.11.20 (Ver 2.37)
- added workaround(SSH_BUG_SIGBLOB) that generating the symmetric key is failure on Extreme Networks switch.

2006.11.1 (Ver 2.36)
- Bug fix: Could not connect Tectia server with SSH2 protocol. Changed the timing of both MAC and packet compression method are enabled from user authentication to SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS procedure.
- Bug fix: Aborted when receiving the stderr data from Tectia server on Windows. Added a procedure for handling SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_EXTENDED_DATA packet.

2006.10.28 (Ver 2.35)
- Bug fix: TTSSH settings wasn't read from ini file which is specified by /F parameter of ttermpro.exe. Enbuged at 2.34.
- Bug fix: Couldn't start a telnet session from 'New connection' dialog when main windows is connected with SSH protocol. Enbuged at 2.34.
- Bug fix: invalid freeing DH memory in KEX_DH_GRP1_SHA1 or KEX_DH_GRP14_SHA1 sequence.

2006.10.09 (Ver 2.34)
- added /ssh1, /ssh2, /telnet command line options.
- added /ask4passwd command line option.
- Bug fix: an error occurs at new connection from a window which is port-forwarding.
- Bug fix: differentiate the case of command line parameter name.
- Bug fix: parse the filename which includes white space.
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8d

2006.9.16 (Ver 2.33)
- added parsing double-quoted filename in the command line parameter.
- Bug fix: Free the user password on heap memory after user authentication.
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8b

2006.8.9 (Ver 2.32)
- Bug fix: Title bar didn't use the small(16x16 dot) icon.

2006.8.5 (Ver 2.31)
- added the checkbox on SSH authentication dialog whether the user password string would be stored on heap memory. You can configurate the its function enabling flag by "RememberPassword" entry of TTSSH section in the 'teraterm.ini' file.

2006.7.26 (Ver 2.30)
- updated to new TTSSH icon file(ttsecure.ico). Special thanks to Tatsu Sakamoto.

2006.6.29 (Ver 2.29)
- Bug fix: Using SSH2 protocol, changes of the TTSSH setup dialog could not feedback on next ssh session. Special thanks to NAGATA Shinya.
- Bug fix: The 'ssh_known_files' file might not be saved in TeraTerm installation directory. Special thanks to NAGATA Shinya.
- changed Copyright string.

2006.6.23 (Ver 2.28)
- added support for SSH2 delayed compression(OpenSSH 4.2 later). Special thanks to NAGATA Shinya.

2006.6.14 (Ver 2.27)
- Bug fix: TeraTerm enabled SSH compression could not connect to the server when OpenSSH 4.3 later was configured as delay SSH compression.

2006.6.11 (Ver 2.26)
- Bug fix: Alt key was not available for SSH Port Forward dialog. Special thanks to NAGATA Shinya.
- Bug fix: Message box dialog doesn't been quickly shown when TeraTerm does not connect to the server for SSH Port Forward dialog.

2006.5.7 (Ver 2.25)
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8b

2006.4.7 (Ver 2.24)
- Bug fix: disconnection of SSH2 protocol after X11 forwarding failure on HP-UX.

2006.4.4 (Ver 2.23)
- added the user dialog option that delete the old entry in known_hosts file contains the multiple entrys including the different host key type. Special thanks to NAGATA Shinya.

2006.3.29 (Ver 2.22)
- Bug fix: application error when known_hosts file contains the multiple entries including the different host key type.

2006.3.27 (Ver 2.21)
- added support for known_hosts on SSH2 connection.
- added showing the server's fingerprint on known_hosts dialog.

2006.3.6 (Ver 2.20)
- Improved SSH2 communication throughput by changing the window size adjustment.

2006.2.24 (Ver 2.19)
- changed the compiler to Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition.
- replaced stricmp() to _stricmp().
- replaced strdup() to _strdup().
- added support for "command=" in authorized_keys file.
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8b snapshot

2005.10.21 (Ver 2.18)
- added the host history check button on connection dialog.
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8a

2005.9.5 (Ver 2.17)
- added minimizing the SSH authentication dialog with autologin mode only using '/I' option.

2005.8.27 (Ver 2.16)
- added minimizing the SSH authentication dialog with autologin mode. Special thanks to Tomoo Takahashi.
- upgraded zlib to 1.2.3

2005.7.24 (Ver 2.15)
- added support of SSH2 port forwarding
- added support of SSH2 packet compression
- added sending TTY information(VERASE) to server with SSH2 connection.
- Bug fix: The user can't login to the server since the second times when first user authentication is failed with SSH1 protocol.
- Bug fix: The accelerator key(Alt + P or Alt + C) doesn't work on connection dialog.
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8
- added the security fix(CAN-2005-2096) to zlib 1.2.2

2005.5.28 (Ver 2.14)
- added three file filter on private key saving dialog.
- added zlib version information on TTSSH version dialog.

2005.4.24 (Ver 2.13)
- added SSH key generator dialog (Setup - SSH KeyGenerator).
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.7g

2005.4.9 (Ver 2.12)
- added SSH2 channel lookup mechanism for port forwading.
- fixed the bug of application fault at DH key re-creation (degradation at TTSSH version supporting SSH2 2.10).
- added SSH autologin with "Duplicate session".

2005.3.31 (Ver 2.11)
- added the accelerator key at 'Use challenge/response to log in' on SSH2 authentication dialog.
- added the focus COM input box when you open new connection using COM port.
- added SSH log data(TTSSH.LOG).
- added NetScreen(HITACHI) workaround. Sending SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_REQUEST message to server is disabled wantconfirm entry.
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.7f

2005.3.13 (Ver 2.10)
- upgraded ttxssh.dll version information from 1.5.4 to 2.10.
- changed SSH client ID(SSH-2.0-TTSSH/X.XX Win32) including TTSSH version information.
- added Tru64 UNIX workaround. Special thanks to Miguel.
- added SSH2 dump logging
- fixed the bug of being not able to get rid of CR when CR+LF code is included in SSH server ID.
- changed TTSSH don't send SSH2_MSG_SERVICE_REQUEST to server once the client try to login.
- changed the default value of [TTSSH] KeyboardInteractive to 0 (disabled) because SSH connection is closed by server then the invalid method is used in OpenSSH 4.0. And also the password authentication label of SSH authentication dialog is dynamically changed.
- added support of challenge/response login on SSH2 connection.

2005.2.22 (Ver 1.09)
- fixed the SSH2 public key problem that TTSSH can't read the private key file in the directory starting by the dot.
- added the configuration of HeartBeat(keep-alive), SSH2 keyboard-interactive on TTSSH setup dialog

2005.1.30 (Ver 1.08)
- added support of keyboard-interactive authentication. You can configurate the its authentication enabling flag by "KeyboardInteractive" entry of TTSSH section in the 'teraterm.ini' file.
- added show of Project Homepage URL and OpenSSL version at version dialog.
- fixed the application fault of pushing enter key before be grayed at rhosts and TIS in SSH2 authentication dailog.
- added support of public-key authentication auto-login. And also added /auth=publickey and /keyfile command line option.
Limitations of current release
- does not support packet compression
- does not support port forwarding

2005.1.6 (Ver 1.07)
- fixed application fault when changing terminal size on telnet connection (degradation at TTSSH version supporting SSH2 1.06)

2005.1.5 (Ver 1.06)
- added support of changing terminal size
- fixed application fault at DH key re-creation (degradation at TTSSH version supporting SSH2 1.05)

2004.12.27 (Ver 1.05)
- fixed the bug of can't connect the server after disconnecting when 'Auto window close' function is disabled
- fixed the memory leak of SSH2 KEX procedure
- upgraded the error message string when reading the SSH2 private key is failure

2004.12.23 (Ver 1.04)
- added support of public key authentication method

2004.12.18 (Ver 1.03)
- added checking HMAC at received packet
- added support of HMAC-MD5 message authentication code
- added verifying the key of RSA and DSA at KEX procedure

2004.12.16 (Ver 1.02)
- fixed application fault when using SSH autologin mode
- fixed application fault when pressing ESC key at "SECURITY WARNING" dialog

2004.12.11 (Ver 1.01)
- added support of SSH heartbeat(keep-alive). You can configurate the heartbeat interval "HeartBeat" entry of TTSSH section in the 'teraterm.ini' file. A measure of heartbeat is per second(default 60 seconds).

2004.12.8 (Ver 1.00)
- added support of SSH1/SSH2 autologin (only password authentication). And also added /auth, /username, /passwd options.
- changed SSH default version to SSH2
- fixed tab order of connection dialog
- changed the focus of connection dialog to hostname
- added SSH2 autologin sample macro(ssh2login.ttl)

2004.11.7 (Ver 1.00 beta1)
- added support of encryption algorithm AES128
- added support of KEX algorithm diffie-hellman-group14-sha(OpenSSH 3.9 later version)
- added support of KEX algorithm diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1
- added support of server host key algorithm ssh-dss
- added show of SSH2 information in version dialog
- upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.7e
- rewrote README(English). Special thanks to Boris Maisuradze for his cooperation.

2004.10.25 (Ver 1.00 alpha4)
- fixed the bug of window size control flow
- added support of DH key re-creation after data-communication establishment
- in addition, fine bug fix

2004.10.17 (Ver 1.00 alpha3)
- added support of window size control flow
- added send SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_CLOSE to server on disconnect.
- terminal type is now passed to the environment variable TERM.

2004.10.11 (Ver 1.00 alpha2)
- added support of SSH1
- fixed the bug of suddenly disconnecting SSH session (the message
"Oversized packet received from server" was appearing in dialog box)
- added /1, /2 command line options
- added SSH protocol version related entry in TERATERM.INI file

2004.8.8 (Ver 1.00 alpha1a)
- replaced DLL release build version

2004.8.5 (Ver 1.00 alpha1)
- first release


Copyright owners

TTSSH is free software.

Copyright of original TeraTerm Pro belongs to T.Teranishi.
Copyright of ANSI color change & concatenating multi-line patch belongs to N.Taga.
Copyright of UTF-8 code belongs to Yutaka Hirata.
Copyright of IPv6 version of TeraTerm Pro belongs to J.Kato.
Copyright of Cygterm belongs to NSym.
Copyright of original TTSSH belongs to Robert O'Callahan.
Copyright of original TeraTerm Menu belongs to Shinpei Hayakawa.
Copyright of LogMeTT belongs to NeoCom Ltd.

This program is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind, either expressed or
implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness
for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program is
with you. Should the program prove defective, you assume the cost of all necessary servicing,
repair or correction. In no event will any copyright holder be liable to you for damages,
including any general, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or
inability to use the program (including but not limited to loss of data or data being rendered
inaccurate or losses sustained by you or third parties or a failure of the program to operate
with any other programs).

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