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Bill O'Reilly a classic bully you can observe for free live on TV

Like any classic bully he varies his behavior and behave pretty politly with people who easily can hurt him. Note the difference:

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Bully O'Reilly Takes On Sister Simone and Loses (VIDEO)

Veracity Stew

can only take Bill O'Reilly in small doses because he's such a tool and he makes me want to break out in hives, and he is not above bullying anyone, including a nun. Hell, I think he'd bitch slap his own Pope if he disagreed with him. He's a first class a-hole, plain and simple. And boy, did he prove it Monday night when he "interviewed" Sister Simone Campbell. Of course, in Bill-O's world, "interview" is a very loose term which usually equates to shouting over his guests the minute they try to make a point.

Sister Simone, of the National Catholic Social Justice Lobby and leader of the Nuns on the Bus movement, which recently took a trek to Washington in protest of Paul Ryan's craptacular budget, appeared on the O'Reilly Factor and tried to explain poverty to the thick-headed buffoon to no avail. So, she headed across the street for friendlier fare with Lawrence O'Donnell on The Last Word.

WATCH how O'Reilly treats the good Sister (story continues below the video):

During her interview with O'Reilly, she basically told him to take a flying leap when he insisted that raising taxes on the wealthy would crash the economy, and whilst visiting with O'Donnell, who mentioned that O'Reilly must have been absent during the 90s when tax rates were higher, she finally had a chance to make her point, uninterrupted:

"He also lived through a number of other lessons. I believe one is that people should make a living wage, they should be able to support their families with what they earn, and also the very real concept that families deserve to eat, to have housing, and in our richest nation on earth, we're not bankrupt, we can afford this, if we're responsible."

She then spoke about the Ryan Budget and pointed out the less than charitable aspects of it:

"The other thing that he doesn't understand as a Catholic, which really saddens me, is the fact that we are community, that we are in this together, we need to have each other's backs. Only wealthy people can ever begin to pretend that they can live in a gated community all by themselves, and not be reliant on everyone else. In the places where we visited, on our fabulous bus trip, we were in low-income communities everywhere, where we saw amazing community built, where people know how to share, where their lives are better because they know each other, and where they can engage in service to the community and in that way create a better life for their families. Paul Ryan doesn't have a clue about that. We would really love to show both he and Governor Romney the reality of hard-working folks at the margins of our society, making a difference."

Indeed. I might be wrong, but I think that adds up to a sound knuckle rapping with a ruler from a mean ol' nun.

Listening to her speak, you really begin to realize that dealing with Republicans, like the infantile O'Reilly, is truly akin to dealing with a bunch of screaming, five-year-old brats, their world view is that immature and small.

Just like their sociopathic heroine, Ayn Rand, who has trumped Jesus across the Tea Party world. Sister Simone addressed her, too, and it was enlightening.

Bill O'Reilly Has Had It With the Name-Calling

By Peter Hart 25 Comments

On his Fox program Monday night (12/10/12), Bill O'Reilly declared:

We are living in a country that is rapidly changing. Rules of civility are pretty much finished. While America has always embraced robust debate now there are elements on both the left and the right which are using disgraceful tactics to demean those with whom they disagree.'

Both sides are doing it–now, that's exactly the kind of refreshing honesty one expects from the No Spin Zone, where O'Reilly provided a list:

Some examples: The Supreme Court is now going to hear the gay marriage issue. Some of those who support expanding the definition of marriage are accusing those who oppose it of being human rights violators, bigots, homophobes. So, if you hold the belief that traditional marriage should have a special place in society, you're a hater, according to the haters.

Alright, I guess those are left-wing "haters." Next?

Likewise in criticizing President Obama, there are fanatical left wingers who say those who disagree with Mr. Obama are doing so because he's black, it's a racial deal. That kind of tactic should be condemned by all Americans.

OK, more left-wing haters. Maybe the next one?

Let me give you a very vivid recent situation that is simply unacceptable. This man, sports writer Jason Whitlock, who actually works for, injected race into the Kansas City Chief's murder suicide.

Whitlock said that unnamed forces in America want guns in the black communities so that people of color could destroy each other. Whitlock went on to call the NRA, quote, "The new KKK." That, of course, is insane. And the only reason anybody ever heard about it is because Bob Costas mentioned Whitlock in his gun commentary on NBC.

Huh. Attacking the NRA–I guess that makes him sort of like a left-wing hater. But that's not the most important problem with Jason Whitlock. The bigger problem is that he says means things about Bill O'Reilly:

So we called this Whitlock guy and invited him on The Factor. Here's what he wrote, quote. "I was summoned to testify before speaker of the big house, Bill O'Reilly, the Fox News entertainer. I don't have to shuffle off to the big house when summoned. O'Reilly is not Boehner, Pelosi or Obama. He's a TV entertainer who has spent the weeks after the election crying about the end of white establishment America. The end of the days when an upstanding white man felt entitled to summon whomever he wanted, whenever he wanted, to the big house to dance. I don't dance," unquote.

Now, that is pure racism, nothing else. Whitlock implying that I'm some kind of slave overlord, and he gets away with that kind of garbage. In fact, he gets paid to spout. Way beyond disgraceful.

So maybe the next night would bring some examples of right-wingers haters? O'Reilly carried the theme over to the December 11 broadcast:

The Factor is now going to out media people and others in the public arena who use hate speech. Enough is enough. That includes anti-Christian bigotry which is now rampant in parts of the secular media.

His examples this time? A comment on Saturday Night Live by comedian Jamie Foxx, which some found offensive. Talking about his new movie, Foxx complained that he had to wear chains, but "I kill all of the white people in the movie. How great is that?"

O'Reilly give this a pass because he was "obviously being satirical"– and "Foxx has some latitude because his ancestors were slaves."

Uh, OK.

O'Reilly says he is making this a "campaign." But he seems to be coming up short on examples of those on the right who demean and bully people with whom they disagree. This is easy–all O'Reilly would need is a mirror.

About Peter Hart

Activism Director and and Co-producer of CounterSpinPeter Hart is the activism director at FAIR. He writes for FAIR's magazine Extra! and is also a co-host and producer of FAIR's syndicated radio show CounterSpin. He is the author of The Oh Really? Factor: Unspinning Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly (Seven Stories Press, 2003). Hart has been interviewed by a number of media outlets, including NBC Nightly News, Fox News Channel's O'Reilly Factor, the Los Angeles Times, Newsday and the Associated Press. He has also appeared on Showtime and in the movie Outfoxed. Follow Peter on Twitter at @peterfhart.

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Last reply was 2 months ago

  1. Doug Latimer

    If O'Reilly can be viewed as an avatar of civil discourse

    Can the Kochs be seen as the embodiment of empathy?

    Only through the looking glass, darkly …

  2. Ex Pat

    He's a senile fascist git, working for Fascist News. Is that 'civil' enough for him?

    Who care's what he thinks.

    We know his standards of decency after Terri Gross asked him about being beaten by his father. Which he acknowledged. A minute later he stood up and announced "this interview is over." Was he even aware that he was a clod who apparently couldn't deal with his abusive relationship with his father?

    Terri Gross being about the most inoffensive of interviewers on the planet – nay milque-toast mild.

    Never mind that he was a Reich-wing clod working for a station – Fascist News – promoting murder, genocide, illegal war and torture-to-death. See the last eleven years for details.

  3. RasmusXera

    View 3 months ago

    You know, I like that FAIR is usually above talking about the idiocy on Fox, leaving this type of takedown to Media Matters and the like.

    Having said that, this was pretty damn funny.

  4. Eddie

    View 3 months ago

    There's enough calm, rational voices out there (some even expousing conservative views) that make it unnecessary to listen to someone doing playground histrionics. It's too easy to lose what little objectivity we in the human race can muster up when listening to someone screaming, taunting, and being an obnoxious sychophant, so I stay away from those characters.

  5. Padremellyrn

    View 3 months ago

    O'Reilly says he is making this a "campaign." But he seems to be coming up short on examples of those on the right who demean and bully people with whom they disagree. This is easy–all O'Reilly would need is a mirror.

    No self respecting mirror image would be able to look at O'Reilly without feeling ashamed. There would be more humanity in that reflection than in the original.

    The problem is we need to just do the 'corrections' grammatically.

    If O'Reilly can be viewed as an avatar of civil discourse
    Can the Kochs be seen as the embodiment of empathy? _ doug

    Oh you came so close to getting it right. LOL

    O'Reilly is the Avatar for Un-Civil discourse;
    The Kochs are the Dis-embodiments of empathy.

  6. stlbrz

    View 2 months ago

    Bildo Oh'Really, the original pinhead.

  7. Dennis Hall

    View 2 months ago

    After all the vicious,vitriolic slurs right wingers have been spewing at the President for the last four years,O'Reilly can't come up with one wingnut example?That's a perfect display of fox's fair and balanced.

  8. R Morris

    View 2 months ago

    O'Reilly and his ilk are whores for right-wing corporate criminals who want almighty power over the country and its people. Despicable fascism, disturbing, repugnant and disgusting. The FCC would do this country a favor by shutting them down forever.

  9. Anna Galvin

    View 2 months ago

    Dear Bill-O,
    Pundits can tell,
    But never teach.
    Unless they practice,
    What they preach.

  10. Fr./Dr. Larry Stockman

    View 2 months ago

    I pray for Bill & Rush!

  11. John Adams

    View 2 months ago

    Given that Benjamin Franklin's grandson called George Washington a traitor during his second term, , it's hard to conceive of a time there ever were rules of civil discourse .

  12. Lawrence Nannery

    View 2 months ago

    Bill should turn in to the homilies of that bogus Christian, P. Robertson, who pleads on a regular basis for the assassination of this and that and the other guy who is a president or otherwise a leader of another nation, because he doesn't like him. Hmm … Bad manners on the right. And, I hate to bring it up, what would Jesus say?

  13. ajamu chaminuka

    View 2 months ago

    Thank you Fair, i love it! As Mr. Whitlock said, O'Reilly really is an entertainer but what he doesn't realize is that the joke's on him.

  14. jennifer t. schultz

    View 2 months ago

    Bill o'reilly has a past after working at entertainment tonight or whatever the show was and they had to pay a pretty penny for sexual harrassment. he also would yell at employees just as steve jobs did..

  15. Caroline

    View 2 months ago

    O'Really is the essence of un-civil discourse, not only that but he shows no evidence of repenting. Being one of the most vocal right wing haters of all time, he must have a special morality book than the rest of us. In any case, he's going to hell.

  16. eaglesfanintn

    View 2 months ago

    You know, if he stopped after the first paragraph, the vast majority of the country would agree with him. But, he just has to go on and prove that he truly is a moron. Tides come in, tides go out and Bill O the Clown doesn't know how that works either.

  17. Newsletter (November 23, 2012) " e-alias

    View 2 months ago

    [...] Bill O'Reilly Has Had It With the Name-Calling [...]

  18. billywingartenson

    View 2 months ago

    Fox News iss banned from the airwaves in Britain and Canada for telling horrible lies.

    Free speech is great, but when it comes to extremism the Germans and Israelis have learned their lessons well.

    Hate speech sends people to the slammer.

  19. KitKat

    View 2 months ago

    Its funny, because if the comment had been "i kill all black people" by a white person, the left wing media would be ALL over that…

  20. michael e

    View 2 months ago

    Well Im a conservative tea party constitutionalist.I go to the rallies.BUT….I also go to the liberal rallies.My experience has been on the right side of the coin complete hatred of the presidents policies.On the left complete hatred upon the "persons" of those on the right.You can almost see the gnashing of teeth.How many times have I heard the sentiment at tea parties that having a beer with Obama would be great.Him as a private citizen.At a left rally ask that of lets say….Bush.Look at the rallies where FOX reporters were attacked(prez says nothing)I have seen Democracy now tents at tea party rallies.They are handed pamphlets, and a cup of lemonade with a slice of apple pie(yes I saw that).You hatred on the left is massive.In victory or defeat.My lord look at you hatred of ALL conservative woman.Sarah Palin and her girls are whores.Remember Alex rodriguez on David Letterman was banging Sarah's 16 year old? You dont want to play this game of he said she said.We on the right will win 100-1 every time.We hate your policies.You hate us!Plain and simple.Remember we are those who HATE woman.I often wait to see when Mitt takes his next job where ever it may be- your thronging crowds protesting this man who hates woman.Hatred and the game of personal destruction is what you always leave in your wake.Then you in your fashion hold out an olive branch when you need votes.An olive branch over a sign that reads "our way,or the highway.

  21. Caroline

    View 2 months ago

    Michael e, your post is an indication of your thought process, very confused and rambling. We don't hate Palin as a person, we don't like her because she was not qualified to be the representative of the country, nor did she have policies of any use. Basically the same with Bush, but we had to tolerate him for eight years, and he and his administration ruined this country, and we're still trying to fix it.

    As for people like you, I don't understand why you don't see that conservatives basically serve corporatocracy, unregulated capitalism which leads to abuse by big money. As for liberal, why don't you Google, "Joe Republican" and you'll have the contrast of the two groups.

    That is not to say that Conservatives in the past have not had their day of glory for the good of the people, for that I recommend seeing the movie "Lincoln."

  22. DeeLemon

    View 2 months ago

    Great piece! I lived in Kansas City for a long time, and Jason Whitlock is one of the best sports writers out there. I really respect his opinions and thoughts. I'm so pleased that he refused to dance for O'Reilly. Because you know, if he went on The Factor, Bill would have just yelled at him during the whole segment and never let him get a word in. Not worth playing that game.

    On another note – did you see that last night Geraldo Rivera was using his show to accuse Secretary Clinton of faking or exaggerating her concussion to avoid testifying about Benghazi. Nice. Civil.

  23. TimN

    View 2 months ago

    What on Earth is the troll yammering about now? This whole Obama re-election landslide thing has really hurt him, no? I think he needs a hug. He should really go to one of these leftie rallies that he's always lying about and ask for a a big old hug from the biggest lib he can seem to find (Hint: he'll be the guy with the beard and the sexy wife). Good luck, and have fun!

  24. michael e

    View 2 months ago

    Caroline you are not a good representative.Those on your side do hate Sarah Palin for instance.And Bush to Boot.As far as her policies of course you have every right to disagree with them.And as far as her being unqualified- i agree with you(and i thought Bush under qualified as well by the way, though no more so than Clinton).The sad thing is she was MORE qualified than Obama- who had no qualifications at all for the Job.Or smiling uncle Joe the drunken gaffe a minute fool.By the way corporotacracy is a something i don't believe in.Just another class warfare thing Dems have tried to slip in to announce the science is closed.They try to create a template.Have people accept something that never was.Its Bull.It creates a conspiracy that only one force can save us from.And what is that force?Why a stronger government of course, what else?Unions are people.Corporations are people.

  25. michael e

    View 2 months ago

    Well Tim you must be psychic.I just went to a liberal rally(2 months ago) with an old old friend.He is 6"3.Has a mountain man beard,lives in upstate New york,and yes has a very hot wife.He has a company that reclaims old wood and makes beautiful furniture./kitchens etc.I don't recall we hugged,though we do shake hands.And yes I had a fine time.Always informative to see how the other side hangs.Neat guess.Seriously

Bill O'Reilly is a Dispicable, Cowardly Bully - Politics, Philosophy, and Religion

I've watched Bill O'Reilly interviews and they are all basically the same. Bill O'Reilly bullies the person he is interviewing and then ends the interview when the person begins to say something especially smart.

O'Reilly angrily bullies female guest, claims he can judge fitness of octuplets' mom Crooks and Liars

Bill O'Reilly was in prime form last night with nearly a week's worth of weird video. But the weirdest had to be his discussion with two women attorneys, one of them a California prosecutor close to the case of the California mom who bore octuplets recently. O'Reilly is clearly of the opinion the state should intervene -- and he gets downright nasty about it, especially when one of the two women attorneys he brings on as guests, Courtney Pilchman, tries to bring him 'round to reality:

Pilchman: You know, I don't think it's abuse. And with all due respect, I think that there is nothing to indicate that this mother is substandard in any capacity. I've seen interviews in the local media where there's a nanny or housekeeper who says she's a wonderful mother. Now, adding the eight kids, that's gonna be a task. I wouldn't want 14 children -- most people wouldn't want 14 children. But unless those kids are not receiving the proper medical attention, they're not receiving food, there's no abuse.

O'Reilly: OK, but Ms. Pilchman, I have to challenge. You're gonna sit there and you're gonna tell me that a woman with six young children at home -- allows herself to give birth to eight more, and she's a wonderful mother?

Pilchman: She could be, there's nothing --

O'Reilly: With a three-bedroom apartment, with no father, and no -- and can't afford anything -- you're gonna say she's a wonderful mother, madam? Don't you know how s-- ... outrageous that sounds?

Pilchman: You know, Bill, what evidence do we have that she's not a good mother?

O'Reilly: We have 14 human beings! One of which weighs a pound and a half! Isn't that enough evidence, counselor?!!

Pilchman: No. No. Premature births happen all the time.

O'Reilly: Oh. It's not. Then we're living in a twilight zone, we're not living in America anymore! If a pound and a half baby, and 14 babies in a three-bedroom apartment, or house, is not enough evidence, we're not living in America anymore! We're living in 'do whatever it is you wanna do, we don't care about the kids'! That's what we're living in!

Now, I'm not a woman, but I wonder how women who view this video feel about Bill O'Reilly afterward.

Eric Segall What Bill O'Reilly's 'The Factor' and Professional Wrestling Have in Common

As a liberal leaning law professor, I thought it might be a good idea (for my career, not my blood pressure) to watch Bill O'Reilly over an extended period of time and see what all the fuss is about. I watched for a couple of weeks until Wednesday, November 28, when O'Reilly called the head of an atheist organization who was unlucky enough to be sitting right next to him a "fascist." This insult preceded O'Reilly decrying the War on Christmas and arguing there is absolutely nothing "Christian" about "Christmas" trees. The scene (and the prior shows) reminded me of professional wrestling and this essay was born.

1. Bill O'Reilly is a 60ish tall white male who plays a character called "Bill O'Reilly," who bullies people on the air to make a living or pays other people to bully people on the air to make a living.

Vince McMahon (The owner of the WWE) is a 60ish tall white male who plays a character called "Mr. McMahon" who pretends to bully people on the air to make a living or pays other people to pretend they are bullying people on the air to make a living.

2. Both "The Factor," and numerous WWE shows, follow the same format to hook their audiences. O'Reilly starts by reading an opinionated set of talking points. This is done matter-of-factly so as not to arouse his audience too quickly.

Most wrestling matches begin with one of the wrestlers coming out to the ring holding a microphone, and calmly stating his beef with his soon to be opponent. This unfolds slowly building to a crescendo of emotion so as not to arouse the audience too quickly.

3. Both the Factor and the WWE rely on a predictable set of characters acting exactly as the audience expects. On "The Factor," Dennis Miller will appear for his weekly monologues of bizarre references, humor, and exasperation, while Charles Krauthammer will appear wise beyond his many, many years almost whispering the anachronistic pearls of 1950s wisdom he drops slowly and calmly, as if we should pay a buck for every word. The formats of these diatribes are meant to complement each other and provide a rhythm to the show.

Similarly, in the WWE, there are good guys and bad guys who the audience knows will act in preordained ways meant to look spontaneous. Although the actors on "The Factor" and the actor/athletes in the ring act out preconceived plot twists, there is also a significant amount of improvisation which takes significant talent. It is crucial to the enterprise of both, however, that the improvisation does not detract from the central messages of O'Reilly and McMahon.

4. Both "The Factor" and the WWE know that ratings soar when women are mostly blonde, busty, and provocatively dressed. Compare Meghan Kelly, Dana Perino, and Kimberly Guilfoyle, with the Divas of the WWE. The resemblances are striking. Enough said.

5. Both "The Factor" and the WWE rely on an adversarial interview format to build their audiences. Once or twice a show O'Reilly will interview an adversary (such as the aforementioned president of the atheist association) and eventually bully him with righteous indignation and even name calling, and prior to almost every WWE match there is the spectacle of two alleged warriors yelling insults and life stories at each other to fire up the crowd.

6. Both "The Factor" and the WWE are incredibly lucrative. For the week ending November 25, 2012, the WWE had three of the top eleven highest rated cable shows, a regular occurrence. "The Factor" is, of course, as Mr. O'Reilly seems to mention almost every night, the highest rated "news" show on television, by far.

7. Finally, the explanation for number 6, is that when good writers prepare scripts for good looking actors and the entire point of the presentation is to provide an effective illusion, expect good results. For the WWE, the illusion is that the men and women in the ring are really fighting and actually hate each other. Neither is true but that does not detract from the brilliance of the spectacle. Hamlet isn't really a troubled young man but we are willing to suspend disbelief for the entire play.

Similarly, Mr. O'Reilly announces at the beginning of every show that those watching are entering the "No Spin Zone." That is a patently false claim. Everything about "The Factor" is spin, spin and more spin. Republicans are almost always right, Democrats almost always wrong, the "mainstream media" always slanders conservatives, big government is bad, small government is good unless we're talking about abortion and same-sex marriage, taxes are bad and entitlements are bad unless we're talking about the low capital gains tax or the entitlements received by most of America's large corporations, and so on. What is truly amazing about "The Factor" and the WWE is their ability to bring their illusions close enough to reality so that millions of Americans find each show entertaining enough to suspend belief for one or two hours.

Alas, there is one significant difference. The WWE bills itself as producing shows and admits its matches are entertainment not sport. The Factor bills itself as "news," though of course it is really a look at world events though Mr. O'Reilly's strongly held preconceived notions of right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral.

Recently, Mr. O'Reilly has been ranting about the War on Christmas but at no time has he discussed the difference between people worshipping as they please and the government spending taxpayer money on a few favored religions. As a constitutional law professor, I have to admit the issues surrounding religious symbols on government property are complex and reasonable people can disagree on how such issues should be resolved. But you would never learn that from watching Mr. O'Reilly's "The Factor." Just as, if you want to really learn how to fight, or even just want to watch a true fight, you won't learn anything by watching the WWE.

'Bullying' Or 'Righteous Anger' O'Reilly And Guests Debate His Outburst Against Alan Colmes Mediaite

It's been nearly a week since Bill O'Reilly shouted down Alan Colmes for "lying" about President Obama's willingness to cut spending, but Monday night the showdown was still the top story on The O'Reilly Factor.

O'Reilly continued to explain the confrontation in his Talking Points Memo segment, this time chalking it up to "righteous anger" on his part, all part of a larger plan to draw attention to the issue or spending. "The sad truth about life," O'Reilly opined, "is that there are some things you cannot change without over-the-top action." He added, "In order to get everybody's attention, I got angry with Colmes. I believe my anger was absolutely justified." O'Reilly revealed that Colmes will be returning to the Factor Tuesday night, one week after the initial incident, where the two men will either reconcile or go at each other for round two.

After his opening monologue, O'Reilly brought on Fox contributors Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams to get their takes on the "righteous anger" concept. Williams said he sided with Colmes on this one and told O'Reilly "I don't think it helps you when you yell 'liar,' when you call people 'B.S. agents' and all of that. i think it diminishes attention to the substance of what you have to say."

... ... ...

"I get accused about this bullying thing all the time," O'Reilly responded. "We don't invite any guests on here that we don't think is intellectually equipped."

For all the criticism hurled at O'Reilly for his outburst, Colmes did hold his own and did not back down off the points he was trying to make. Now that we've heard O'Reilly's explanations, tomorrow night when the two men are face-to-face for the first time, we may get the chance to hear Colmes' side of the story.

Watch video below, via Fox News:

Bill O'Reilly Confirmed bully - Erik Wemple - The Washington Post

By Erik Wemple

You know that guy on Fox News who brags about how great he is? The guy who shows scorn and nastiness for those who hold contrary views? The guy who delights in bullying people?

Now we have video proof that Bill O'Reilly isn't putting on an act.

By Erik Wemple | 04:00 PM ET, 12/08/2011

O'Reilly bullies his own cohost, cuts her mic off

  1. 'Bullying' Or 'Righteous Anger'? O'Reilly And Guests Debate His ...

    It's been nearly a week since Bill O'Reilly shouted down Alan Colmes ... not necessarily O'Reilly in her opinion, can use "emotional bullying" to ...

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The Last but not Least Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage and those who manage what they do not understand ~Archibald Putt. Ph.D

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