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[Jun 28, 2015] US Department of Imperial Expansion by Land Destroyer

Deeper down the rabbit hole of US-backed color revolutions.
by Tony Cartalucci

Believe it or not, the US State Department's mission statement actually says the following:

"Advance freedom for the benefit of the American people and the international community by helping to build and sustain a more democratic, secure, and prosperous world composed of well-governed states that respond to the needs of their people, reduce widespread poverty, and act responsibly within the international system."

A far and treasonous cry from the original purpose of the State Department - which was to maintain communications and formal relations with foreign countries - and a radical departure from historical norms that have defined foreign ministries throughout the world, it could just as well now be called the "Department of Imperial Expansion." Because indeed, that is its primary purpose now, the expansion of Anglo-American corporate hegemony worldwide under the guise of "democracy" and "human rights."

That a US government department should state its goal as to build a world of "well-governed states" within the "international system" betrays not only America's sovereignty but the sovereignty of all nations entangled by this offensive mission statement and its execution.

Image: While the US State Department's mission statement sounds benign or even progressive, when the term "international system" or "world order" is used, it is referring to a concept commonly referred to by the actual policy makers that hand politicians their talking points, that involves modern day empire. Kagan's quote came from a 1997 policy paper describing a policy to contain China with.


The illegitimacy of the current US State Department fits in well with the overall Constitution-circumventing empire that the American Republic has degenerated into. The current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, gives a daily affirmation of this illegitimacy every time she bellies up to the podium to make a statement.

Recently she issued a dangerously irresponsible "warning" to Venezuela and Bolivia regarding their stately relations with Iran. While America has the right to mediate its own associations with foreign nations, one is confounded trying to understand what gives America the right to dictate such associations to other sovereign nations. Of course, the self-declared imperial mandate the US State Department bestowed upon itself brings such "warnings" into perspective with the realization that the globalists view no nation as sovereign and all nations beholden to their unipolar "international system."

It's hard to deny the US State Department is not behind the
"color revolutions" sweeping the world when the Secretary of
State herself phones in during the youth movement confabs
her department sponsors on a yearly basis.

If only the US State Department's meddling was confined to hubris-filled statements given behind podiums attempting to fulfill outlandish mission statements, we could all rest easier. However, the US State Department actively bolsters its meddling rhetoric with very real measures. The centerpiece of this meddling is the vast and ever-expanding network being built to recruit, train, and support various "color revolutions" worldwide. While the corporate owned media attempts to portray the various revolutions consuming Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and now Northern Africa and the Middle East as indigenous, spontaneous, and organic, the reality is that these protesters represent what may be considered a "fifth-branch" of US power projection.

CANVAS: Freedom House, IRI, Soros funded Serbian color revolution
college behind the Orange, Rose, Tunisian, Burmese, and Egyptian protests
and has trained protesters from 50 other countries.

As with the army and CIA that fulfilled this role before, the US State Department's "fifth-branch" runs a recruiting and coordinating center known as the Alliance of Youth Movements (AYM). Hardly a secretive operation, its website, proudly lists the details of its annual summits which began in 2008 and featured astro-turf cannon fodder from Venezuela to Iran, and even the April 6 Youth Movement from Egypt. The summits, activities, and coordination AYM provides is but a nexus. Other training arms include the US created and funded CANVAS of Serbia, which in turn trained color-coup leaders from the Ukraine and Georgia, to Tunisia and Egypt, including the previously mentioned April 6 Movement. There is also the Albert Einstein Institute which produced the very curriculum and techniques employed by CANVAS.

2008 New York City Summit (included Egypt's April 6 Youth Movement)
2009 Mexico City Summit
2010 London Summit

As previously noted, these organizations are now retroactively trying to obfuscate their connections to the State Department and the Fortune 500 corporations that use them to achieve their goals of expansion overseas. CANVAS has renamed and moved their list of supporters and partners while AYM has oafishly changed their "partnerships" to "past partnerships."

Before & After: Oafish attempts to downplay US State Department's extra-legal
meddling and subterfuge in foreign affairs. Other attempts are covered here.

Funding all of this is the tax payers' money funneled through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the International Republican Institute (IRI), the National Democratic Institute (NDI), and Freedom House. George Soros' Open Society foundation also promotes various NGOs which in turn support the revolutionary rabble on the ground. In Egypt, after the State Department's youth brigades played their role, Soros and NED funded NGOs began work on drafting Egypt's new constitution.

It should be noted that while George Soros is portrayed as being "left," and the overall function of these pro-democracy, pro-human rights organizations appears to be "left-leaning," a vast number of notorious "Neo-Cons" also constitute the commanding ranks and determine the overall agenda of this color revolution army.

Then there are legislative acts of Congress that overtly fund the subversive objectives of the US State Department. In support of regime change in Iran, the Iran Freedom and Support Act was passed in 2006. More recently in 2011, to see the US-staged color revolution in Egypt through to the end, money was appropriated to "support" favored Egyptian opposition groups ahead of national elections.

Then of course there is the State Department's propaganda machines. While organizations like NED and Freedom House produce volumes of talking points in support for their various on-going operations, the specific outlets currently used by the State Department fall under the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). They include Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia, Alhurra, and Radio Sawa. Interestingly enough, the current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sits on the board of governors herself, along side a shameful collection of representatives from the Fortune 500, the corporate owned media, and various agencies within the US government.

Hillary Clinton: color revolutionary field marshal & propagandist,
two current roles that defy her duties as Secretary of State in any
rational sense or interpretation.

Judging from Radio Free Europe's latest headlines, such as "Lieberman: The West's Policy Toward Belarus Has 'Failed Miserably' " and "Azerbaijani Youth Activist 'Jailed For One Month,'" it appears that hope is still pinned on inciting color revolutions in Belarus and Azerbaijan to continue on with NATO's creep and the encirclement of Russia. Belarus in particular was recently one of the subjects covered at the Globsec 2011 conference, where it was considered a threat to both the EU and NATO, having turned down NATO in favor of closer ties with Moscow.

Getting back to Hillary Clinton's illegitimate threat regarding Venezuela's associations with Iran, no one should be surprised to find out an extensive effort to foment a color revolution to oust Hugo Chavez has been long underway by AYM, Freedom House, NED, and the rest of this "fifth-branch" of globalist power projection. In fact, Hugo Chavez had already weathered an attempted military coup overtly orchestrated by the United States under Bush in 2002.

Upon digging into the characters behind Chavez' ousting in 2002, it
appears that this documentary sorely understates US involvement.

The same forces of corporatism, privatization, and free-trade that led the 2002 coup against Chavez are trying to gain ground once again. Under the leadership of Harvard trained globalist minion Leopoldo Lopez, witless youth are taking the place of 2002's generals and tank columns in an attempt to match globalist minion Mohamed ElBaradei's success in Egypt.

Unsurprisingly, the US State Department's AYM is pro-Venezuelan opposition, and describes in great detail their campaign to "educate" the youth and get them politically active. Dismayed by Chavez' moves to consolidate his power and strangely repulsed by his "rule by decree," -something that Washington itself has set the standard for- AYM laments over the difficulties their meddling "civil society" faces.

Chavez' government recognized the US State Department's meddling recently in regards to a student hunger strike and the US's insistence that the Inter-American Human Rights Commission be allowed to "inspect" alleged violations under the Chavez government. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro even went as far as saying, "It looks like they (U.S.) want to start a virtual Egypt."

The "Fifth-Branch" Invasion: Click for larger image.

Understanding this "fifth-branch" invasion of astro-turf cannon fodder and the role it is playing in overturning foreign governments and despoiling nation sovereignty on a global scale is an essential step in ceasing the Anglo-American imperial machine. And of course, as always, boycotting and replacing the corporations behind the creation and expansion of these color-revolutions hinders not only the spread of their empire overseas, but releases the stranglehold of dominion they possess at home in the United States. Perhaps then the US State Department can once again go back to representing the American Republic and its people to the rest of the world as a responsible nation that respects real human rights and sovereignty both at home and abroad.

Editor's Note: This article has been edited and updated October 26, 2012.

[Aug 9, 2014] Collapse of every pillar of an international order that served us well over the most recent decades

Al, August 9, 2014 at 3:15 am

A hilarious article from the Daily Fail's warmonger in chief, Max Chicken Bastings

MAX HASTINGS: Barbarians, genocide and a terrifying lack of Western leadership


…"And I cannot forget that when David Cameron's government was so schoolboyishly eager to give support to the rebels attacking the tyranny of Syria's President Assad, a very senior British soldier friend said to me: 'This is the first time in my career that I think the Russians have a point. They keep waggling their fingers and saying to us "be careful what you wish for". They believe the anti-Assad jihadis represent a threat to us all, and they may be right'….

…Professor Sir Michael Howard, Britain's most distinguished historian and strategist, now 92, lamented to me last month the tottering, if not collapse, of every pillar that has supported international order through his lifetime. By that he means the UN, Nato and a strong America…."

Don't these idiots ever learn?

marknesop, August 9, 2014 at 9:24 am

Actually, I am in perfect sympathy with Michael Howard, bless the old codger. I too lament the collapse of every pillar of an international order that served us well at least part of the time over the most recent decades. The crisis in Ukraine marks the end of even the pretense that international law is anything other than a tool of the western powers – they made it, they staff it and they disobey it when they deem it is important enough. Oh, they will cover themselves in sackcloth and ashes after their victory and say how sorry they are, blame it on Russia and try to recover and go back to the way things were, but the day when you could pull that off is gone because of instantaneous reporting around the world, and it's harder for a prefabricated cover story to hold up. Most people who are paying attention at all know we now live under the law of the gun, and might makes right, and the western alliance will wipe its ass on every principle it espouses if it means that's what it must do to maintain its bankster corporate empire. Those who are content with the extension of this world order are lulled by the promise of the national dream.

Fern, August 9, 2014 at 1:01 pm

What we are seeing In the Middle East, courtesy of ISIS or IS is an enacting of the Yinon Plan, originally published in the early 1980's. This proposed that Israel needed to 'reconfigure' its regional 'architecture' by breaking up neighbouring Arab countries into smaller statelets predicated upon ethnicity. US neocon thinking coincided with this in 'Clean Break' and 'Project for the New American Century'. The destruction of existing states was key – mini ethnic statelets would find it much harder to defend their resources against predatory outsiders and, Israel, by virtue of their existence, would no longer be unique as a state predicated on ethnicity but as one such state amongst a number and, because of its overwhelming military force, would be the numero uno in the region.

Now we have some new Islamic kids on the block who're achieving exactly what Israel and a certain strand of US foreign policy has long held as a strategic goal for the Middle East. Which probably leads most thinking people – and I'd include Hastings here who must know the history – to realise that the ISIS/IS story is suspect. So I'd say his job is to direct attention elsewhere – 'we' need to ramp up the army, rally for a 'strong' and 'confident' America etc.

Jen, August 9, 2014 at 3:22 pm

@ Fern: What makes you think ISIS or ISIL are the new Islamic kids on the block?

Try Googling Shimon+Elliot+ISIS and see what you get.


Послы США и "цветные революции" Геополитика






В.Одинцов - политический обозреватель

Неуклонно снижающийся в последнее время авторитет США на международной арене из-за непопулярной, а подчас и откровенно провальной политики, вынуждает Белый дом перетряхивать сундуки со старым поеденным молью реквизитом, который использовался в прежние годы в создании у внешних наблюдателей видимости привлекательности и благополучия этой страны. Уже не одна страна обожглась на навязанных Вашингтоном "цветных революциях", да и за "демократией по-американски" с печеньем, раздаваемым Викторией Нуланд вместе с Маккейном и иже с ними, мало где есть желающих встать в очередь с протянутой рукой.

Однако косная политическая машина США не любит обновления и предпочитает использовать, по аналогии с национальной юридической системой, "принцип прецедента", повторяя уже опробованные варианты "воздействия". И совсем неважно, были это положительные "прецеденты", или не очень, но они все используются и используются…

Взять хотя бы театрализованное шоу с "пробирками ОМУ С.Хусейна", показанное с трибуны ООН госсекретарем США К.Пауэллом с целью оправдания американской военной агрессии в Ирак. Для Белого дома не важно, что никакого "ОМУ С.Хусейна" и в помине не было, но этим же путем недавно решил пойти и следующий госсекретарь – Джон Керри, в явной надежде получить международную поддержку для развязывания новой агрессии, но уже в отношении Сирии.

Такая практика "прецедента" уже стала традицией в Белом доме и помимо госсекретарей к ней стали подключать послов США, показавших свою "эффективность" в организации смут, социальных конфликтов и последующих за ними "цветных революций". Некоторых из них даже после выхода на пенсию возвращают в строй, несмотря на их возраст!

Так, для создания "условий революционных преобразований" и использования уже накопленного личного опыта развязывания "цветных революций" Белый дом в 2014 г. направил послом в Москву Джона Теффта, снискавшего себе "славу" отнюдь не симпатизирующего России дипломата, а мастера устраивать "оранжевые революции", в частности, в Грузии и на Украине, где он ранее работал.

Другой пример подобной практики "прецедента" прослеживается в действиях Белого дома в отношении Киргизии, куда, вместо не справившейся с задачей создания "революционной ситуации" и отрыва от России посла США Памелы Спратлен, Вашингтоном принято решение "временно" направить в феврале с.г. послом 78-летнего Ричарда М.Майлза, уже давно сменившего службу на пенсионный покой. Указанное назначение притягивает к себе внимание не только в силу возрастных факторов Майлза, но и тем, что он уже снискал себе популярность как "архитектор и идеолог" грузинской революции, имеющий неоднозначную репутацию. Для большей части стран периоды, в которых этот "специалист" работал, оказались весьма печальными, а его настоящая специализация - это силовая смена правительств.

Как следует из официальной биографии Майлза, в 1954-1957 гг. он служил в морской пехоте, и этот воинственный потенциал затем усиленно пытался реализовать, даже занявшись дипломатической деятельностью. Получив университетское образование, он поступил в Русский институт армии США в Гармиш-Партенкирхене (Германия), где для разведки и армии США готовились "специалисты-советологи". Дипломатическую карьеру он начал в 1967 г., поработав в американских диппредставительствах в Осло, Москве, Белграде, Берлине, был даже генеральным консулом в Ленинграде.

Впервые в качестве посла Майлз выехал в Азербайджан в 1992 г. и там стал свидетелем перехода власти от националистического правительства Абульфаза Эльчибея к Гейдару Алиеву.

Затем, в 1996-1999 гг. при Слободане Милошевиче он был послом в Югославии, став свидетелем уже других событий: войны в Косово и истребления косовских албанцев, покинув эту страну в год ее бомбардировок силами НАТО. Дальнейшие события в этой стране хорошо известны: Милошевич объявил себя победителем президентских выборов, однако, из-за непризнания их результатов оппозицией во главе с Воиславом Коштуницей, Милошевич был вынужден подать в отставку и вскоре, по распоряжению премьер-министра Зорана Джинджича, он был силой отправлен в Гаагский трибунал.

В 1999-2001 гг., когда Майлз возглавлял посольство США в Болгарии, "по странному стечению обстоятельств", болгарский премьер-министр Иван Костев проиграл парламентские выборы проамерикански настроенному Симеону Сакскобургготскому – наследнику болгарского престола.

С апреля 2002 по август 2005 гг. Майлз возглавлял американское посольство в Грузии, затем вышел в отставку, однако в ноябре 2008 г. его вновь пригласили на работу в Госдепартамент и в качестве временного поверенного в делах США на год отправили в Туркменистан для наведения там "порядка по-американски".

В 2004 году он стал обладателем премии Госдепартамента США – "за мирное разрешение конфликта" и, что примечательно, именно на эти годы приходятся расцвет "грузинской демократии" под руководством М.Саакашвили и сама "революция роз", режиссером которой признают именно Майлза. Ему же приписывают и разработку "мягкого" сценария грузино-абхазского противостояния. Как тогда писали авторитетные грузинские и американские издания, под гарантии Майлза на смену власти в Тбилиси Вашингтоном было выделено $1,2 миллиарда.

И вот теперь один из авторов "цветных революций" направляется Вашингтоном в Киргизию, чтобы возглавить диппредставительство США весной 2015 г., как раз к пятилетию апрельских событий и накануне выборов в парламент страны. Кроме того, в мае с.г. предстоит завершающий этап вступления Киргизии в Таможенный союз (особенно ненавистный Белому дому!) и, как следствие, присоединение к Евразийскому экономическому пространству, что бьет по геополитическим интересам и болезненным амбициям США в Центральной Азии. С учетом хрупкого межнационального согласия на юге этой страны, наличия там ваххабитской поддержки (появившейся, как мы все знаем, не без активного участия Вашингтона и Саудовской Аравии), а также нестабильности на ее границе, наряду с проблемами в национальной экономике и во взаимоотношениях национальной политической элиты, в Белом доме уже распланировали поэтапность проведения в Киргизии в ближайшее время политических и социальных потрясений, режиссировать которые поручено именно Майлзу.

Примечательно, что Майлз будет иметь статус "временного посла" и в агремане киргизской стороны, согласно Венской конвенции о дипломатических отношениях, он в принципе не нуждается. А поэтому нетрудно догадаться, что в Вашингтоне хотят использовать это обстоятельство для направления такой скандальной фигуры, как Ричард Майлз, в Киргизию для реализации не менее скандальных планов Белого дома в отношении Бишкека.

В указанных условиях вряд ли стоит ждать отказа Вашингтона от инициирования новых "цветных революций", различного рода провокаций в отношении России и евразийских объединительных процессов. И не исключено, что Белый дом задействует не только уже известных своей враждебной позицией американских послов и политиков, но и другие уже опробованные в прошлом "инструменты".

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Last modified: October 02, 2020