Keywords: CIA corrupted, fasle flags, FBI, inversion, kellyanne conway, Left wing protest, legacy of ashes, Obama is CIA, Obama spying, Pompeo, Snowden, Tillerson, Vault 7, wiretapping

H. Clyde Disney March 9, 2017 at 12:54 pm

Dr. Pieczenik, I tried watching this interview on the InfoWars site. It was Un-watchable. Alex interrupts you and all his guests so often that I am embarrassed for both him and his guests. I do enjoy InforWars, but it is getting hard for me to sit through a show, even when he has people like you and Roger Stone. Very distracting

Have you, or anybody else ever diplomatically brought this up to him?

Dr. Steve, you should make your own videos more often.

Kathleen Rossi March 9, 2017 at 6:55 pm

I absolutely agree. With all due respect for Alex, he can't keep quiet long enough for you to finish your sentence. He takes you off point and on to other things that DON'T MATTER or have been long past discussed and we leave your video's knowing no more then when we started. I can barely stand watching any of his videos any longer. This is NOT about how great Alex and InfoWars is, it is about getting this important info out to the public.

There are MANY outlets out there that paved the way for where we are today and many would love to interview you and actually let you talk! Please do more personal video's if you are serious about getting this info out there.

InfoWars is fast becoming unbearable and I speak for a lot of people. Thank You.

Paul Garozzo March 9, 2017 at 4:18 pm

Doc, you are an inspiration to us and by far the most credible & knowledgeable person speaking in the alt media or of course anywhere. Your the right stuff! Would love to hear you interview with Shaun at

He has a growing following and said he would love to have you on uninterrupted. Please consider and thanks for all you do.