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ArsClip is an excellent free utility that can greatly enhance functionality of Windows clipboard. The current version (3.1.3) is very stable. Program can have icon in Widows icon tray from which you can edit permanent items (see below). The program is written in Delphi 6 (now Turbo Delphi) and requires no installation.

The key functionality is associating test strings with macros: It can be done is three ways:

Press a configurable hotkey (I use mainly Win-<key> combinations as many of them are unused) and the preprogrammed macro (or simple string) will pasted into the current program window. Macro capabilities currently are limited to pressing several keyboard keys, inserting DATE macro and what is the most powerful capability running a program. The latter actually provides full blown macro capabilities if you use Win32 Unix utilities and then NirCmd, sfk, clip or other similar utility to put the resulting text into Windows clipboard.

ArsClip is a lightweight and support all current version of Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7). You can edit your clippings to include key stroke emulation (Enter and some other keys are supported). ArsClip also supports switching between groups based on the program. If you only use a certain set of clippings while editing your website, for instance, you can set them to only appear when you're active in FrontPage. The other set can be used when use work with Unix command line via Teraterm. ArsClip also supports multiline fragments, allowing you to create you own library of fragments right in ArsClip. For example commonly used Perl fragments can be collected and stored under program group corresponding to your Perl editor.

ArsClip also remembers the last 15 (by default) cut entries which you can convert to permanent entries anytime you find them reusable.

Key Features

Create a permanent item

  1. Right-click the system tray icon and choose "Permanent Items".
  2. The "ArsClip - Permanent Items and Groups" dialog box appear. Click on the "Default" group and then the "New Item" button.
  3. Type in a caption that will be displayed in the ArsClip menu for the item, then type the item to paste.
  4. Check the "Use Keystrokes / Commands" box to add keystrokes to the pasted item such as cursor keys. You can also clear the clipboard contents, run a command, wait 100 ms during the pasting, insert the date, or insert the current contents of the clipboard.
  5. If desired, click the "Set" button next to "Global hotkey" to select a hotkey to paste this text.
  6. Click "Save" to save your new permanent item, then close the "ArsClip - Permanent Items and Groups" dialog.

Permanent Items now support keystrokes and commands. For example you can insert date into the text of your permanent item you are typing using DATE macro. For example, to produce date in the format used in Softpanorama new items timestamps, you can use (Month as a three letter abbreviation currently needs to be put manually):

[KEYS][ENTER][UP] [ Mar [DATE="dd, yyyy"] ] [SPACE] [DEL] 

Capabilities provided are enough to produce automated login to the Unix server. For example, if you enter a user name, press tab, enter your password, and then press Enter. To insert Enter into you string click on the "Use Keystrokes" checkbox and click on the key button "Enter".

There is also a possibility to run a program, but in the current version the output is not piped into the clipboard.

In the new Permanent Item dialog you can import current content of clipboard by clicking the "Get Clipboard As..." or by CTRL+Clicking and item on the Popup and selecting the "Make Permanent As..." option.


ArsClip automatically saves the last Permanent Item group you last used with each program name. To change a group associated with a program, just switch to the group using the Popup (Use "Full Mode" if permanent items groups are not visible on the popup). The current list can be seen at "Permanent Items->AutoSwitch".

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Old News ;-)

JoeJoe's freeware utilities - [ArsClip]

Changes in v5.00


[Mar 15, 2010] JoeJoe's freeware utilities - [ArsClip]

May 20-09

Changes in v3.1.3 Download



[Jan 12, 2009] Changes in v3.1.2

New: "Search" popup item
New: Recently Clicked popup submenu item [only shown when not empty]
New: Full/Configured Icon open "Show Order" configuration window
New: "Edit Permanent Items" added to submenu of All Items submenu and Switch To submenu
New: Edit button show on Popup for currently highlighted Permanent Item
New: Sound Enable is now a configuration item (requires registry write when enabled)

[Apr 16, 2008] Changes in v3.1.1

New: Marker for the current text item on the clipboard
New: Experimental 'Clipboard Bar' system tray menu option
New: Configuration option to disable the 'Copy Selected' operation for non-standard text controls [enabled by default]

[Feb 17, 2008] Changes in v3.1.0

New: XP/Vista Theme Support
New: Updated look for the main popup and the system tray icon popup
New: Option to replace new formatted text clipboard items with plain text
New: "Edit Clipboard" system tray icon command
New: "Edit Selected" popup menu item

[Jun 11, 2007] Changes in v3.0.3

New: Permanent Items edit window
New: added Help/About tab to Permanent Items

Changes in 3.0.0

New: Right-Click menu item to show Menu (woohoo!)
New: Improved tooltip (hint window) graphics and positioning
New: Updated visuals for highlighted popup items
New: Program icon can be clicked on popup to Edit current item
New: "Program options" item on popup
New: "[CLIPBRD]" keystroke/command that inserts current clipboard contents into a Permanent Item when pasted - making it a template.
New: added "-data" command line option to store data in the current user's profile
New: "Edit" button on preview window

[Mar 18. 2006] Changes in 2.8.7

Fix: text truncated when pasted twice and "Last:" Show Option enabled

[Feb 26, 2006] Changes in 2.8.6

New: Popup rewritten
New: Clickable cliptype icon to paste as formatted text
New: Complex text items configuration option for HTML, Unicode, and RichText
New: Improved ellipses (...) for URLs and filenames
New: Flush Everything system tray option
New: Automatically generated shortcut keys for all main popup items, including Permanent Items [when option enabled]
New: "SPACE" keyboard emulation option

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