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Famous Russian proverbs and saying

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Russians have a unique, very diverse and often self-contradictory set of old proverbs and sayings in wide use.  The collection below is what a typical Russian instantly recognizes as a proverb.  They are often quoted in speech, although not always in their literal meaning. Often they are used as sarcasm too.

Most of then (probably 90% are at least 200 years old.

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[Oct 12, 2019] Proverbs and Sayings. Familiar Quotations, Russian writers

A silent man is not a conquered man….Russian Proverb.

A spoken word is not a sparrow. Once it flies out, you can't catch it….Russian Proverb.

Every sandpiper praises his own swamp….Russian Proverb.

A man should be judged by his deeds, not by his words.

A drop by drop the stone is hollowed….Russian Proverb.

Do not try to make an elephant out of a fly….Russian Proverb.

Some day the sun will visit our corner too….Russian Proverb.

At night all cats looks grey….Russian Proverb.

Every seed knows its time….Russian Proverb.

All is well that ends well….Russian Proverb.

It's not all gold that glitters….Russian Proverb.

The appetite comes during a meal….Russian Proverb.

What you cooked you must eat….Russian Proverb.

The evil person may make up a soft bed (for somebody), but still it will be extremely uncomfortable to sleep in it

It is a bad workman that has a bad saw….Russian Proverb.

Better late than never….Russian Proverb.

Beware of a quite dog and still water….Russian Proverb.

A bird are recognized by its flight….Russian Proverb.

One fisherman sees another from afar….Russian Proverb.

Take the bull by the horns….Russian Proverb.

Idleness is the mother of all vices….Russian Proverb.

There will be trouble if the cobbler starts making pies….Russian Proverb.

A wolf won't eat wolf….Russian Proverb.

Do not look at gift hourse's mouth….Russian Proverb.

Do not strike the opponent when he is down….Russian Proverb.

You do not swap horses while crossing the river….Russian Proverb.

A drowing man clutches at straw….Russian Proverb.

It is good to be visiting, but it is better at home….Russian Proverb.

The end is the crown of any work….Russian Proverb.

There is no evil without good….Russian Proverb.

If you are a host to your guest, be a host to his dog also….Russian Proverb.

He who doesn't take risk never gets to drink champagne….Russian Proverb.

The hammer shatters glass but forges steel….Russian Proverb.

One who sits between two chairs may easily fall down….Russian Proverb.

To ask is no sin and to be refused is no calamity….Russian Proverb.

The wolf will hire himself out very cheaply as a shepherd….Russian Proverb.

the wolf is fed by the speed of his legs.

The offender never forgives….Russian Proverb.

A kind word is like a spring day….Russian Proverb.

An enemy will agree, but a friend will argue….Russian Proverb.

Devils usually are plentiful in quiet pond….Russian Proverb.

Tomorrow usually comes without calling….Russian Proverb.

No matter how well you feed a wolf he will always seek to run to the forest….Russian Proverb.

In the kingdom of hope there is no winter….Russian Proverb.

No one should be dragged to the heaven by the hair….Russian Proverb.

Happiness is not a horse, you cannot harness it….Russian Proverb.

All roads lead to Rome.

Once burned by milk you will blow on cold water.

Idleness is the mother of all vices.

You cannot pull a fish out of a pond without labour.

If one would like to eat fish, should not afraid to get into the water.

A fly can't get in if your mouth is closed.

Where something is thin, that's where it tears.

People usually do not value what they have, but cry when it is lost.

Do not dig a hole for somebody else; you yourself will fall into it.

You need a sharp axe for a tough bough.

The devil is not so frightful as he is painted.

Do not praise yourself while going into battle; praise yourself coming out of battle.

Chickens are to be counted only at autumn.

Do not measure (others) by your own yardstick. Eggs should no try to teach a hen.

An empty barrel makes the greatest sound.

There is no evil without good.

There are dark spot even on the sun.

If you don't know how deep the river is, don't step in."

One does not have a time to sharpen the axe when he need to use it

God gives to those who get up early

There is enough traps for every wise man.

One fool may ask more questions that ten wise men can answer.

For fools no written law exists.

One wit is good, but two are better.

The stolen fur hat might burn a thief

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