Black raven

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rockable554 years ago

Magnificent! Sends shivers down your spine and squeezes tears. Been looking for this rendition for years, thanks for uploading! A friend of mine brought a vinyl with that kinda music from a trip to the then USSR back in the early 80's. I fell in love with this song once I heard it. How come there are so many different lyrics to this melody?

A Penandroll5 months ago

Respect for those who didn't make it back.
Юрий Тимчук6 years ago
Oh black raven, Oh black raven What you hover just so close You donít wait of my head plunder Oh black raven Ė Iím not yours What you claw on, what you claw on Over head of mine so close Or else plunder wish to found Oh black raven Ė Iím not yours I tie up my mortal wound By my scarf - my loverís gift Then I will to talk with raven Talk about my last wish

Old News ;-)

[Apr 20, 2020] Black raven (Russian song, English subs) - YouTube

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