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by Anonymous Coward on Friday December 17, @01:06PM EST (#47)
fat-time waddled down the sidewalk with his lubricating midget rapid fire pellet gun tucked firmly under arm. ahead, he noticed a well-dressed man leaning against a building reading a paper.

"howdy sir, " fat-time nodded.

"hello friend."

"whatcha readin' there, sir?"

"i'm reading about this evil tool of the devil, my friend. they call it open-source software. it's a new software development paradigm brought over here by the communisses."

fat-time reddened with fury, "bastard communisses!"

"yes, friend. the communisses are a blight upon our democratic way!"

the rapid fire pellet gun began to grow impatient, "come on, fat-time, i want some cheese!"

"sorry, little buddy. thank you for the heads up on them communisses, sir!"

"go easy, friend!"

***** the cheese stand *****

the rapid fire pellet gun's ears twitched as he savored the fine pepperjack, "wow, this is some good cheese, fat-time!"

"wait what's that?!"

"i don't hear nuthin' fat-time!"

"quiet, my dear super hero weapon!"

a loud screaming could be heard coming from a building just across the street, "eureka! i've done it!"

"i think we may be needed, fat-time, better fire me up!"

fat-time tightened his grip on the rapid fire pellet gun and took hold of it's legs as he leapt across the street. he barely noticed the sign painted on the door, "masslinux", before he kicked it in, "do not fret, my friend, fat-time and lubie have arrived!"

a young man sat at a desk at the back of the otherwise empty room. his wild eyes focused, as best they could, on a glowing laptop screen, "i've done it! i have perfected the copyrighted undistributable open source natalie portman and open source drew barrymore!"

fat-time exploded in a violent rage, "cursed communisses!"

with a few firm squeezes of his trusty rapid fire pellet gun, fat-time pummelled the young open source developer with a plague of death pellets.

the open source developer collapsed to the ground, "oh, natalie, i barely knew thee!" with his final gasp he crumpled into a heap of unviable flesh.

fat-time blew the stream of smoke rising out of the pellet gun's ass, "democracy is safe again, lubie."

"let's go get some cheese fat-time!"

thank you.