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Distributing Assigned Policies

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After you have defined a new message source policy and assigned it to the managed nodes, you must distribute it to the managed nodes. To find out how, see “Updating the HPOM Configuration” on page 286.

NOTE If you delete a policy, or if you remove a policy assignment for a specific node, you must distribute the new configuration to the affected managed nodes. Otherwise, your changes will not become active. If you want to temporarily disable a policy on a managed node, use the opcpolicy command-line tool. For details, see the opcpolicy(1M) manpage.

Distributing Message Source Policies After defining a message source policy, you distribute it to the managed nodes, where it intercepts messages and monitor values. You can distribute message source policies by using the following command: opcragt -distrib -templates For more information, see the opcragt(1M) manpage.