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Teacup is a web-based trouble-ticketing system. Implemented in Perl, with a PostgresSQL back-end. GPL'ed. Includes basic support for work estimation, time-tracking, and billing of work to an account. Two live demo pages: the customer (originator) interface and the responder database (requires username test password test). (This system is still in development: e.g. There seems to be no way for a customer who opened a ticket to add additional material to the ticket, or otherwise edit the ticket, or cancel it. Another missing feature: problem descriptions are not properly logged: a malicious or incompetent technician could erase or mis-modify the original problem description.)
ReqNG is a email-based trouble-ticketing system. Written in perl, flat-file(?) backend. Traces its lineage back to the original Req (see below). GPL'ed. Seems to do a good job handling all the basics, and since this system has been around for a while, it should be comfortable to use. There are many adjunct developments that include a WWWReq, a web-based interface (screenshots), TkReq, a tcl/tk client front-end (screenshot), and xreq, a Motif front-end.


eXtropia free downloads  -- downloads of Selena Sol scripts


Selena Sol Digital Soul


HelpdeskMail System

The Helpdesk::Mail System is a Perl application intended to assist Helpdesks and Support Centers in organizing their email communication with their customers. Especially if there is one email address (for example <[email protected]>) and several people who reply on those emails and answer questions, Helpdesk::Mail can come in handy.

But Helpdesk::Mail is not just another webmail application, one can assign a "user-id" for a mail (for example an account number) to track down how often one user asks for help (and what your coworkers answered), plus an additional "Knowledge Base" feature: if your customers ask the same questions over and over again, you can save the answer in the Knowledge Base and prefill a reply with this answer, just by typing in some keywords and click on a link. (Of course, there's a public interface to this Knowledge Base, too, so your customers can search for answers on their own, if they want - and if you filled the Knowledge Base with answers :-) ).




Download from here.

The INSTALL document (Updated 21/10/1999)

A SQL job tracking system with an web frontend, released under the GPL.


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