Scripts And Agents: The New Software High Ground


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Table of Contents

Scripts And Agents: The New Software High Ground


Programming The Internet?

Current Approach

Problems With Current Approach

A Better Solution: Scripts And Agents



Tcl: Tool Command Language

Factorial Procedure

The Tk Toolkit

Wish: Windowing Shell

Other Uses For Tcl

Why Tcl And Tk Are Good For Agents

Security Problems With Agents

Protecting The Environment: Safe-Tcl

More On Aliases

Resource Consumption

Protecting the Agent

Pitfalls For Tcl/Tk

Alternatives: Telescript

Pitfalls For Telescript

Alternatives: Visual Basic

Pitfalls For Visual Basic

Alternatives: Java/Hot Java

Java/Hot Java, cont'd

Visual Basic For The Internet

Will OSes Become Irrelevant?


Author: John Ousterhout