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Shaking Eclipse"
Hi everyone . I have a huge problem with my Eclipse and hope to solve it through this site. I have Eclipse 2003 GS (automat trans)

the car is shaking like crazy when in drive and stopped. NO problems when driving but lets say when I stop and the is in drive it srats to shake, if I put it in neutral it's not shaking or shaking but not so much. What I've noticed that it shakes mostly when cold but when it warms up it's not so bad. Please if anyone know what can it be let me know. BY the way I've been to dealership twice they charged me 300$ but never fixed the problem . Looking forward for some help. EUGENE PUTIN

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Hi! I hope this help you, I found this in my auto tech. EXplanation: Each of your engine's cylinders must fire properly and in the correct order for the engine to run smoothly. if one or more of the cylinder isn't firing as it should, the engine's balance is thrown off. This causes the engine to shake and thus, the entire vehicle to shake as well.

Remedy: Start by remplacing the spark plugs an spark plug wires and hold off for now on the distributor cap. New plugs an wires may be all that's necessary to cure the misfiring. But, if this doesn't correct the problem, then go ahead and remplace the distributor cap. because the most common causes of misfiring are : bad spark plugs, spark plug wires and, a worn distributor cap. Any of these will adversely affect the firing of the air/fuel mixture in the engine's cilinders.

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Thanks a lot. By the way I already replaced spark plugs and wires didn't help so i will definitely try to replace the distributor cap.
Hope it will make any changes. By the way do you know if it's a difficult process???
Appreciate your help Eugene.

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let me know the fix too cause my eclipse is doing same thing i switched coil ran good for a week or two then went back to running the some sometimes it will idle but it will rarely hold one and when i take off down the street its almost as if its lost power cant make it more than a block. thanks appreciate the help


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Written by: batman47 on Oct 13, 2008 3:05:51 PM

You may find the problem by causes elimination. (1) Balance the 4-wheels (2)-You may conduct 4-wheel alignment i.e. toe-in (3)- Brake disc (rotor) may be deformed (4)- Caliper may be seized, etc.(5)- wheels may be skewed (6)-suspension arms may be loosed, etc. When taking your vehicle for alignment ask for pre and after computer listing of alignment values, i.e. camber, toe-in, caster, steering angle, etc. Also ask for Outlander 2008 data. ... Read More  

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Sep 27, 2008 (3:42 pm)

I have similar problem. The vibration starts when the car goes about 80km/h and higher on a high way. I am still not sure, what causes it, and would be interested if anybody has the same problem and already fixed it.
What I noticed is vibration started after tire rotation at dealer service station. However, according this link it could be more complicated problem
Any suggestion?