ProLiant Support Packs (PSP) - ProLiant Support Pack - Key benefits

ProLiant Support Packs (PSP) represent operating system (OS) specific bundles of ProLiant optimized drivers, utilities, and management agents. These bundles of software are tested together to ensure proper installation and functionality. PSPs are released concurrently with HP's SmartStart CD, and can also be released outside of the SmartStart cycle and available to customers from the HP Proliant Support Pack download selection pages or at HP Insight Foundation suite for ProLiant web site.

Each PSP consists of a deployment utility, setup and software maintenance tools designed to provide an efficient way to manage routine software maintenance tasks. IT administrators can select PSP updates from a central software repository for deployment on local or remote server systems Windows or Linux. These deployment utilities remotely deploy driver and management agent updates to network attached servers and can be operated from an IT administrator's workstation, where remote servers are selected for software updates.

PSPs provide customers with a ProLiant system software baseline that has already been tested and verified by HP. In addition to the baseline capabilities, HP provides tools that make deploying the software updates to ProLiant servers throughout the environment easy.

ProLiant Support Packs are delivered concurrently with each release of the HP Insight software Foundation Pack and can also be downloaded via the HP ProLiant Support Pack download selection pages of HP provides ProLiant Support Packs for the following operating systems:

For more information on PSPs, review the HP ProLiant Support Pack User Guide.