M4001T FDR10 40Gbps IB Switch

JP9G6 - Dell M4001T FDR10 Mellanox Switch 40Gb-s 16+16 Port for PowerEdge M1000E - Nexthdd.com

Switch_For Dell_user_manual.book

Looks like this switch does not have built-in subnet manager

Network Management and Clustering Software

Download and install, on all nodes, the Mellanox OpenFabric software package for Linux, Windows, or other operating systems from the Mellanox software website: http://www.mellanox.com >Downloads > InfiniBand SW/Drivers.

This software package provides connectivity for server and storage systems utilizing High Performance Computing (HPC) or enterprise data center (EDC) applications across an InfiniBand fabric.

It also provides a Subnet Manager for simple network configuration, network administration, and diagnostic tools for network management.